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tl>\ \Y. 11. S.wvvi us.)
At t!if earnest solieitaion of a
f t- \v local politicians Hon. Walter
S. Ilnllanan. Slate Tax Conunis
NioiH'i', lias puhli shed a "nply" t >
one of my recent articles on tlie
tax question. I wish to demur to
teli "reply" for the sake of argu
ment. The vital things I cn'arge
Mr. llallanan does not attempt to
answer, he cannot answer because
they are true ami lie knows they
are true. Tile Legislature of this
State of 11121 paid no attention to
the written Constitution in pass
ing a number or acts. We lintl sal
aries raised by :;,,t after act of the
Legislature including the salary of
the State Tax Commissioner in
Jlagrant violation of the Constitu
tion. In my articles 1 have said
not one word against the Republi
can party. The Republican party
is not running this country. North,
south, east and west, Yankee and
Rebels, Democrats and (Republi
cans 'have all just about petered out
so far as running the country is
concerned. We are run by "group
politics" operating thru Boards
and Bureaus and Commissions
whose duty is to graft the people
for the benest of the group french
man. These group grafters, anil
boards ar.d commissions and bu
reaus have already killed the rail
roads and every other business in
the country that they have been
permitted to touch. Nobody would
put up live cents to build a rail
road anywhere. Under the Consti
tution of the United States, and
especially after the Tenth Amend
ment, the government has no right
tc take over the railroads or the
mines or any other business any
more than it has to take over the
liogs and the cows and the crops.
In the opinion of every real Ameri
can who knows what Americanism
means the government (has just the
same right to take private property
or hold it or regulate it or control
it that the Arabs have. But the
trouble is that some people know
so little of the political history of
he world that they believe that the
controlling political psychology of
this age is modern. It is not, most
emphatically it is not? -it rep
resents a relapse from high politi
cal concepts; a return to the child
hood of the race, to barbarism and
savagery. The highest political
ideal of the human race is Individu
alism or Americanism. It is the
idea of Herbert Spencer. Washing
ton, .lell'orson, Adams, Lincoln. Mr
Kinley. etc., as opposed Karl
Marx and Carrie Nation. Ameri
canism means not only the separa
tion of Church and Stale hut it
.means the absolute and final scp
arationa of business and State, ft?r
the union of business and State has
been found to he as degrading and
reprehensible as th'e union of
church and state. The union of
church and state: the union of
politics and religion have always
meant the destruction o? both. Cod
has decreed the division of labor
and He has decreed the whole func
tion of government to be justice
and protection. The government
should be the policeman, tli'e pro
loctor and the dispenser of justice
?and nothing more. It should have
nothing to do with business or re- 1
ligion either by way of owning;
thorn, regulating them, directing
tlVem. or controlling them. It
should be absolutely hands oil'.
Oh, say some, if the government
docs not take charge of things the
little children will suffer and the1
people will freeze. This is pater 11
alisic baby talk, and il is this un
American limber jaw that is ruin
ing our government and killing
business. The government is pot
tering around from pillar to 'post
and cannot even protect the conn- j
try from ll\e criminals. Individu
alism means freedom and social
ism means slavery. Kvcry .man I
with any eyes at all can sec liberty.!
revpeet for lav. and religion, and ]
everything else that is good slip-!
ping away under the present sys-j
tvm. Americanism is the highest !
.ideal of government ever eon-!
ceived by man and every American ?
should swear by the altar of A I - j
mighty (rod that he will not per
mit a lot of brainless trash to de
face and ruin it. We can have,
business lircd up here one hun-j
died per cent in thirty days by a!
return to Americanism. Business
will simply di<? the deatli that it
died in Russia under the boards, j
bureaus and commissions of social
ism. It will take il a little longer |
of course but just as surely. No!
man is going 1o start a business, |
either now or forever hereafter;
and turn it over to a gang of brain- j
less politicians to graft and con-i
trol. 1 would be in favor of a law
declaring that cver> railroad here- 1
after built or every enterprise
hereafter started of any kind re
quiring the employment at wages
of twenty-five people," should be
guaranteed against government
ownership or control and taxes of
any kind, either state, municipal,
or national, forever. I am for
breaking up cominunionism utterly
ami without the tax graft commun
ism has to die.
I'nder Americanism wages would
go up to twenty dollars per day
and we would have to get out a
search warrant to find an idle man.
II you want to see a country pros
perous make it free and if you
wont to make men decent and hon-|
cs| make Mi cm free. The reason \
' u{ >onshining. hoi. Pegging. ami
ci Line arc s ? pro?pcrous is because
i ?lu > arc not under ^nvcnuiit'iil
'control. Take the automobile in
j diistry. N?? Lu-iness in the his
, tor\ c.f tlic world. has ever pros
pered like the automobile industry
in Llie I nited States. 11 you want
: to kill the automobile business; if
' \ on want to bankrupt l-'oril ami
i make "llivers" wortn two thousand
, dollars a j?iece ami put the coun
: try o walking again, just do with
; the automobile business like you
, did with the railroad business and
! the water works of the towns and
i the electric business.
Now, Mr. llallahan. I wl-h to say j
: this in regard to \our Republican
I party and .my Democratic party.
I "J hey are botn down and out at the
J present, ('.roup politics and social
! i?m have thc^n both by the nape
jot' the neck. Neither one of them,
under the present political sycliol
agy can luring prosperity. Social
ism and group politics have to go
? that 'means that your oOieev- -it
Amerieanisjii comes back, will 'have
to go. There will be no change
of laces ? there will never be a
Democratic Tax Commissioner or
member of the Public Service
(xMiunission in this state if 1 can
help it. But the socialism and pa
ternalism must continue its damn
ing blight on our country I want
the same gang that h'ave the of
fices now to ill a ve them for life. We
have enough bad people now with
out spoiling more. So you can see,
i llallannn. that I do not want your
I job and 1 do not want any other
Democrat to have it. The fault
that I find is in the system, Mr.
ilallanhan, not in you. My war is
! with the conynunistic tendencies of
the times and not with indiviuals.
I 'have no fault to find with you.
The moths and bats, and the aboin
inatioin of desolation is what I
would fill your office and all other
such' olfices with and not with
Democrats as you seem to suppose.
I am for the restoration of Amcri
ism and all that Americanism im
plies one hundred per cent with all
its prosperity, its ease and its free
dom. As long as group politics
and socialism run this country I
am wholly uninterested, but what
name the fellows that are respon
sible for it fool the people, whether
they fool the.ni by calling them
selves Democrats, Republicans. In
dependents or what-not. nor do I
care anything about the sort of ma
terial with which they operate the
j system, the "honricr ami crookcd
i er" the heller I should think, but
! my heart is set on a change of sys
: tems, of conditions and not of poli
I ticians.
I Hit 1J0 not fancy t one lain- j
tired pi' r cent Americanism con- 1
templates a supine or jobless gov-!
erninent. Far from it. It would
have more Majcr-Cienorals and Ad
mirals in it and fewer crooks and
j super-crooks. more big sticks and
I less stuffed clubs than his back
boneless socialism that is running
the country. It is a pretty big job
to coin money and run the money
system that real Americanism con
templates instead of having it done
by the Invisible Empire of Inter
national Bankers. Th'ere would be
some Teal big jobs there to (reward
the Faithful. Then another big jcb
that could with profit be turned
over to a real American govern
ment is this: Our ancient breth
ern taught us that when a man got
into a light with one of the Im
perial (iods that the result was
never in doubt, that the battle
would last just sis long as the man
| lasted. New. Hacr-ius. is one of
the Immortal (iods, and the result
of the battle, twist him and .lack i
1 Yoistcad. Pussyfoot John son. \V.
Wheeler, and Hilly Mry,an is not !
for a moment in doubt. The battle
will last just as long as the folks]
will pul up the long ? ) rccn fivr j
.Jack. Wayne. Pussyfoot and Billy. {
I would not say anything now to |
discourage these boys but when j
tlie last head is bald and the last |
shoulder is peeled and the last j
shekel paid in and they have been |
gathered together with the anci
ent Chinese and Indian, and Syri-;
an and Arab prohibitionists that i
i.aechus slew a thousand years be
fore Christ. I would make his'
worshipers pa\ tribute t < ? the gov- 1
eminent instead of to the bootleg- j
gors which would mean about five!
billion dollars in the treasury per:
year. I would supplant at least a i
million of the moonshine stills with
a few legal stills and the bootleg
ger with the dispensary. You see
there must he something wrong
where judged by their own laws,
the majority of the people and ;
ninety per cent of the legislators
ought to he in jail. Americanism I
contemplates smaller penitentiaries
and higger factories than we now
have. I'lider Americanism the po
pulation of the penitentiaries and
jails would decrease, not increase;
I it contemplates the scream of the
soaring eagle, not the croak of the
carrion crow. The business of
this country will not function und
er the present system no matter
who is in olliee and the thing to
do is t?? change the system, and
make il truly American. This i>
the rtyuedy for our ills and there
is no other. If nothing but a
'calamity will sullice to awaken this
nation I want my part\ out of of
fice when the boat hits the rocks.
I ndcr the union of church and
slale there was neither govern
ment nor religion nothing httl old
faggots and II res and racks and
tortures, a hell on earth and ill
will toward (iod and mail. Now .
since tin* separation of church and
state even politicians hit tnc "saw
dust trail." '1'iu* next great step for
w:ud for llie amelioration oi the
human i are is to get the govern
ment out of the business it should
not he iu and put it into the busi
ness that it should he in; viz: toe
governing business, instead of the
grafting business. (lod lias decreed
that man shall live by the sweat
of his brow. Socialism is trying
to live by the sweat of the other
fellow's brow. The scheme never
lias worked and it never -will work
in this country or any other coun
try. We will have peace and pros
perity just as soon as we get this
government out of the grafting
business and put it into the gov
erning business and then make it
attend to its own business and
quit (meddling with -the ipeople's
business, which under our written
Constitution is none of it* business
Under a truly American govern
jiicni ? there will be no tax ques
tion to settle. All these fellows
who are now hanging around ex
pecting the government to take
care of them will be in legitimate
enterprises and we will not need
much taxes. We can get all the
taxes we need for legitimate pur
poses without hounding the people
to death year in and year out and
strangling every struggling busi
ness in the country. 1 have sug
gested here one place where we
can get about live billion dollars
per year. Before the reformers and
cranks and communists, and the
socialists took charge of our Coun
try you never heard of any tax
troubles; did you? And as soon
as we put that gang out and put
real Americans in, your tax troubles
will vanish. And the Americans
are going to w in too. The Ameri
can Republicans mopped the earth
up with a couple of communistic
treasury raiderss over in Illinois
this week, viz: Copley and Ireland
and it 'has caused "consternation"
that such wonderful congressmen!
were beaten. Let consternation
continue to constern Washington
until the Americans capture their
own government and get it out of
the liogwash of socialism, com
munism and paternalism.
76 Kinds of Knots.
"You will often hear it person suiy."
an o!.| sea captain said, "that they
are going to tie a knot, but few know
there are seventy-six kinds of knots.
The simple knot is known to every
body, l>ut the other s>ven:y-tive are
not generally known.
"Some of the knots that llie pultlie
rarely hear of and yet are used daily
in shipping circles are the Knglishiuan's
tie. the Staffordshire knot, the slip
pery hitch, the Turk's head, the run
ning bowline knot, the harness hitch,
the surgeon's knot, the Hove hitch,
the magnus hitch, the rolling hitch,
the Spanish windlass and the wall
Development of Gasoline Tractor.
The present type of gasoline trac
tor finds its prototype In the old sienna
tractor. The intermediate step was
taken when owners of steam traelors
took off the steam holler and mounted
a stationary gasoline engine on the old
steam-running gear. There were a
number of these machines built around
18(H), perhaps some a few years before.
The first gasoline tractors manufac
tured from about 1S0." to 190" were
slight refinements of the combination
steam-aml-gasoline outfit. In 1003 a
special type of gasoline tractor ap
peared. and from that time on the
industry has had a rapid develop
ment. Probably no one man ran claim
the credit for having built the first
Radium Clears Through Bureau.
It is doubtful if many persons of
tin? ('tilted State* know that every hit
of radium In- rhe country clears
through the bureau of standards in
Washingiou, brii such is lite case. The
fact that t he- radium presented to Mine.
Curie reposed in the vaults of the bu
reau of standards until it was taken
to the purser of the S. S. Olympic Is
a secret which now may be made pub
V4G"a\V4T ADVERTlSm' fctCOT:
AlKJr OE.COZ WE A.\vir
I ?JfJAPief?
The Girl From
' <?>. 11)21. l?> McCtura N?wipai?.T SjiiiiUnl'.
Peter Bancroft surveyed tin* little
; party with critical blue eyes, ami at
i last his good-humored face crinkled
| into a wide suiile.
! "Some bunch ? didn't any of theiu
j know this was a picnic ? a boating
i party thai might turn into a water
i fete at any moment if any one should
I rocit the boat. Why, those girls are
I dolled up for a shindy!" No one
listened to Peter's mutterinss and he
grumbled still more us one girl used a
lipstick and another dredged her pret
ty nose with powder. "Good-night !"
sighed the practical voting man. "Don't
they want the sunshine and fresh air
to get ut their skins? There's one,
however ? the little girl from Goshen ?
she's got sense !"
The pretty girls and the stalwart
young men gathered on the pier wait
ing for Bon Hampton and his motor
boat had not paid much attention to
the girl from Goshen, who was the
country cousin of Adele Parks, the lip
stick girl. Adele was rut her ashamed
of Mildred Moore, who wore a wool
skirt ami a white middy blouse aud
rubber-soled canvas shoes.
"She looks u fright," thought Adele
as she teetered about on her French
heeled pumps ? "those lisle-thread
stockings are cheap looking aud there
isu't a speck of powder on her face ?
freckles on her nose ? mercy, what will
the girls think of her?" The girls
probably thought as did pretty Adele
? that the demure girl with the rosy
complexion and the powdering of
golden freckles across her charming
nose and the vivid red lips of perfect
health was a fright, while they, attired
in expensive silk sport clothes, spent
stray moments in renewing their hid
den complexions.
"Everybody ready?" sang out P>en
Hampton as his boat shot up to tlie
pier; "got all the lunch baskets,
sweaters, cameras, etcetera, and so
forlh? Pile in ? trim ship there? you
can't nil sit on one side, even if 'tis
more sociable! No room for lunch
baskets, eh? Put 'em in the skifl'
astern ami I'll trail it; you, young
J feller, moaning Mr. Bancroft, jest sit
i there and keep your eye on the skitt ?
Mildred Investigated the Pantry.
I know that'- luck when there's
50 many tvrciy ^irls about ? all
9-l>-o-in'-rt *"
The good launch r-'airy Queen puffed
her way ?>ut of the harbor ami otT ti>
ward I ln? long beach in the outer bay.
Beyond I.ong Bea<*h was their goal
for t ho day's out ins. I.itlb* Culf is
land ? young .Mrs. I'ay was chaperon
ing Hip en, and t ho picnic baskets would
furnish refreshment after the bathing.
Mi bl rod Fune, the girl from (Joshen,
sat beside Peter Bancroft, and because
I'otor was so busy watching the skiff
full of baskets that he could not talk
to her slip bad rather a dull time; the
<Mbor young people all knew each oth
er so well and were so merry over
their own interesting affairs that Mil
dred wondered if she had not made
it mistake in coming. But Adele bad
insisted, and Mildred had so longed
for the day's fun.
After Ben llampton had landed
them at the island and his boat bad
chugged away, not to return lint 11 sun
down, the picnickers scattered along
the beach. They did not have to gath
er driftwood for a tire, for they had
brought thermos bottles and cooked
foods in abundance? So they missed
half ! tie fun or u beach picnic.
It was Mildred Fane's eyes Hint dis
covered the loss of the lunch baskets.
"Where are the baskets'/'' she asked
the other ten as they tripped down the
beach toward the wafer, clad In bath
ing garments donned in the shelter of
some weather-beaten bath houses.
"Where have they gone, Mr. Ban
croft ?"
"Why ? 1 put them right I here." con
fessed l'eter. guiltily, pointing to a
spot entirely covered by the rising
l?isuial shrieks rose from the uirls.
while the men breathed deep accom
paniment of wrath.
"1, 00k cried Mrs. Fray, with u
I tragic g'*stuf 0.
Go to
when you need good, clean-cut
Merchandise. Big line of
Oxfords for Ladies
just in.
Floor Coverings and all sizes of
All kinds of
Garden Seeds, and fresh and
Fancy Groceries.
Phone 245. Lewisburg, W. Ya.
OFFICIAL, directory
Of Greenbrier County, West Virginia
Revised Januury 1, 1921.
Judge Circuit Court ? S. H. Sharp, of
Prosecuting Attorney ? S. M. Austin,
of Lewisburg.
County Comtiiissioners ? Thos. W.
Shields. Pres., Frankford; E. W.
Sydenstricker. Lewisburg: H. E.
Williams. Trout.
Circuit Clerk ? W. F. Richardson.
County Clerk ? Paul C. Ilugsett.
Deputy County Clerk ? Earl C. Watts
Sheriff ? L. L. Graybeal: Deputies:
S. H. McDowell. W. R. Hunt, J. W.
Surveyor ? G L. White.
Assessor ? K. B. Miller; Deputies:
\V. A. Biven.s, J. A. Brown. S. N.
Erwin. J. W. Crickenberger.
State Senators ? J. S. Lewis; R. H.
House of Delegates ? C. F. McClintic
H. W. Bivens.
Superituendent of Schools ? L. O.
Haynes. of Smoot.
Jus/ices of the Pence ?
Anthony's Creek District ? W. S.
Waid; J. X. Foster.
Blue Sulphur District ? A. M. Mc-j
Neer. j
Falling Spring District ? M. M.
Burr; W. P. McKeever.
Fort Spring District ? P. H. Mc
Grath; J. W. Fink.
Frankford District ? Theo. Brink
ley; A. E. Brant.
Lewisburg District ? W. R. Bur
dette; F M. Arbuckle.
Meadow Bluff District ? Alban Mc
Cluug; O. D. Ruckman.
White Sulphur ? R. Lee Harper;
N. A. Becknep.
Const nbles ?
Falling Spring District ? B. T.
Fort Spring District ? R. H. Brown
Fraukford ? -J. R. Fleshmau.
Irish Corner ? W. G. White.
White Sulphur District ? W. G.
Leach; J. E. Forren.
Overseers of Poor ?
Anthony's Creek District ? W. 3
Waid .
Blue Sulphur District-I. L. Bivena,
Falling Spring District
Fort Spring: District ? U. L. Coff
Fraukford District ? J. F. Bright.
Irish Corner District
Lewisbug District? -J. M. Cunning
Meadow Bluff District ? W. A. An
White Sulphur District ? J. E
Williamsburg District ? F. L. Wa!
| lace.
Commissioners of Accounts ? Join
W. Arbuckle. F. M. Arbuckle.
Samuel Price and A. M. Tressel.
I W. B. Blake, Jr., of Ronceverte.
General Receiver.
Times of Holding Courts:
Circuit Court convenes on th?
Third Tuesday in January: Secoud
Tuesday in May, Second Tuesday i;
Tlie County Court convenes on th
First Tuesday in each of the month;
of January, February, March. April.
May, June, July. September, Octohe:
I November and December; ami 0:
I the Second and Forth Tuesdays i:
Bsman Produce Co.
(Deuning Livery Building,)
Roncevcrte. W. Va.
Offers the Best Market
and the Highest Cash
Price tor your Produce.
Butter, Eggs. Chickens, Turkeys, I
Wool, Bides, Fura, and Ginseug. i
It's Easy enough to Learn the
At a Glance You will be able to Distinguish the Dif
ference between Our Method of Pressing Clothes and
the "Old Time Methods used by Others.
We give your Clothes the natural body shape, better
creases, and a thoroughly uniform finish.
Cleaning. Repairing.
The Sanitary Tailor Shop,
Lewisburg, West Virginia.
Breaxs (bids
i/i 24/fows
in J Dai/s
Pay Two
QI>'!CX?5T to i?';j fSfel ? Ibc laiejt ??<)
d-(i;:iJiS!- r.-mtdf fv>r HcH
?.'?wi, Colli 11J U Crippt.
New be witWit Kill j C. 8. Q.
H?/e ?ie-n Kv.iuy? pr*?Mt ilbtu by Ukin<
'hex* ?1 t'a.* of i Cjld ar HuJjcbr.
Hill ? C>scin Quinine TtUcti vt
;? t?V? *jd stirs la ict. No baJ ai*
tif cilecf j. No "Hratl nauti."
5?fejj?rd raruibu ol the Ub-i!/
ili?in?l wi.v.er :oios?l*<nt?. Dccoan-J r*i box
Waring Mr. iu J uguahiri.
A / A .7 l)ra*g:sti?30 Cm fx
V? II hill orrnoir. Mi'.it
? figuring on Building or Repairing I can Save you Mone}
J O H N J. T A I T.
Planing Mill Prdoucts Alderson, West Vgniir.a?

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