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FB1DAY. MAY 11)22.
Owners n ltd Publishers.
Taxi service. Phono No. 220. Dun
For lirst-class taxi service call
picrcy's Restaurant, phono 271.
? w i shin g. t
For prompt Taxi service with
.-.ireful drivers, call Phono 213. Day
,r Night. H. II. CofTman.
When you want a TAXI call Pat
: en's Slore. You will receive projupt
attention; two nice cars and very
?areful drivers. Phone No. 215.
\ cordial invitation is extended lo
^ . .11 lo visit our Spring and Summer
Millinery Opening. Mrs. B. K. llink
Y. I'liiis. W. Va. 1 l-,S\v
Wanted. ? i>0 to 7."j yearling oat
;',o to graze. Good grass, well
, need and line water. See or
M-ito It. B. HOLT, Henick, W. Va.
Dr. John D. McCorkle, recistcrod
?vc Sight Specialist, of Hinton, W.
Va., at the Greenbrier Hotel, Ron
ccverte. First Monday of each
tconth from nine to live o'clock.
with a snap ? Saxaphones, piano,
;>anjo, traps. Open for all engage-!
meats. Write to K. N. Sampson,
Honcevertc, W. Va. ij-~>-2t
Do you want to sell your far.m?
;f so, write all about your place.
Would you like to buy on easy
terras a small far.m on th'e hard
road between Charleston and Hunt
ington? ' ,
~-21-4t Charleston, W. Va.
The charter for Cain]) Dick John
'ton Sons of Confederate Veterans
? :as been received and a meeting of
he camp is hereby called to meet
;,t the Court House in Lcwisburg
on the 9th day of May, that being
'he first day of circuit court.
For Sale. ? Ford runabout, owned
!?> the Greenbrier County Chapter
American Ked Cross and formerly
used by Miss Mcliicliamp, County
Nurse, Ls for sale and may be seen
:it TuekwiJler's Garage, Lewisburg.
Demountable rims, special closed
to]), motor in first-class condition.
For fu|-ther information call Mr.,
Mason Bell, Chapter Chairjnan, or
Miss Mellichavmp, County Nurse.
The May meeting of the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy lias been
postponed on account of the chick- i
?n supper at the Community House
until the third Tuesday in May. The
neeting will be held with Mrs. C. !
S. Conner, with Mirs .F. II. ('?un;j- j
lie 1 1 :ind Miss Kittie Harrison as]
Miss Grotlic and Miss Henderson
-ill present the Seminary girls in
I ne operetta "The (iypse.v Queen,', |
in Carnegie Hall on Monday even
ing. May 8th. It will be given in
?'?ostium* with attractive scenery.
?Jiss Adena Hass will sing the lead-'
?ng role and will be assisted by a
splendid chorus.
Admission 35 cents.
Ross Tuckwiller and Harvey I
Wilson, a few days ago entered in-j
*o a bargain with II. C. Jackson,
t?.e popular meat dealer of Lewis
burg, to eat live pounds of steak
to be cut from a heifer which Mr.
laekson purchased from Mr. Tuck
?viJler. Should they succeed Mr.
.'ackson was to furnish the live
pounds of steak free; should they
?ail, they were to pay double price,
'.ast Monday evening the young
nen appeared and, after prcpara
'ions at tli'e l.ewisburg Restaurant,!
they ate two and one-half pounds
?t surloin steak each, two rolls
each, drank three glasses o'f water,
< ne bottle of pop each, and finished
'villi! two Eskyno pies. Thef were
'live and at work is the last ro
iK>rt we have from them.
A Ixjdge'of Modern Woodmen
was organized in Lewisburg last
'uesday evening. -About forty-five
members were iniated. Hie- organi
zation was perfected by - R. L. |
Keadle, Deputy Head Council for
West Virginia, and O. K. Johnson,
Special Deputy Head Council.
O. B. CofFjman was elected Ven-l
rrablc Consul; C. H. LowTy, Past
Consul; W. R. Matheny, Worthy
Advisor; T. A. Jeffries, Clerk; II.
A Hartsook, Ranker; Guv II. Dyche,
Escort; J. Walter Dy.clie, Watch
man; John s. McWhorter, Jr., Sen
tfy; Trustees Henry C. Jackson,
Ernest F. Livesay and Mason C.
?'rack man; Physicians, Drs. H. L.
'(,{,|"d and W. il. Parker.
'his order had in operation a
r>dge here some time ago but was
noved to Caldwell. Resides the
degree work and social features,
tnere is excellent insurance con
eeted with the institulion which
s good and ;it a cheap rate. There
1 no reason why a Woodman lodge
should not flourish in l.ewisburg.
j llu* imm-s Scwcll Valley B\.
, Co. vs. 1-Jla Rupert et :ils ami same
^ s* S. '? Rlark ii.t V** been set l'nr
ttiial on Ma\ "Jit. 1 U'2'2. iAdv't.)
Tin- County Court, at its recent
I session, took the preliminary steps
I to establish live new voting pre
l emi ts in Meadow BlulV district,
notice of which is pnblised else
; where in thie issue.
0. R, Graham, of llinton, has
been appointed as chief claim
clerk of the workmen's compensa
tion bureau, to succeed Hoy Regcr.
who resigned to accept the posi- 1
tion as secretary to the State Board
of Control, 'l'he new claim clerk I
took over his new duties Monda>.|
In making an effort to bind Un
files of The I ndepcitdenl for the
past two years we lind that the
issues of July i)th and H?th. 11120.
are missing. If some reader has
t.!ii' so numbers and will let iu have
same il will be greatly appreciated.
greenr;hkr man.
Wr have a complimentary num
her of the ( iile> County liccord,
published at Pulaski, Tenn. This
tssne is a "Booster edition" of that
pap or and in il is a cut and favor
able mention of l>r. James A. l-a
iuc, who is well and favorably
known to many ?>f the older citi
zens of Greenbrier.. He is spoken
of as one of the best citizens in
that section and he stands high in
his profession as a physician.
l'Jie lirst Quart. ily Conference
for Blue Sulphur viivuit, M. E
Church, South, will be held at
Fort Spring on Saturday. May 13th,
following the 11 o'clock service.
1'reaching 011 Saturday evening at
N o'clock and on Sunday at 11 a.
m., followed by the Sacremcnt of
the Lord's Supper.
These services will all be con
ducted i>y the Presiding Elder, (Rev.
\Y. O. Talbert.
A reception was recently tend
ered Rev. H. I. Stephens, the new
pastor of Central Method 1st Epis
copal (Uiurch, South, Cumberland,
Md., and his family. Rev. Stephens
had been presiding elder of the
Lewisburg, W. Va., district prior
to his transfer here. Addresses of
welcome were made by Rev. J. 11.
liillingslv, pastor of Trinity M. E.
Church, South; Rev. II. L. Seblinke,
pastor of the First Methodist Pro
testant Church; Rev. R. W. Meeks,
pastor of the ('.enter Street M. K.
Church; Rev. T. M. Dickey, pastor
of Kingley, M. K. Church, and Hev.
.1. H. Light, presiding elder of the
Moorefield district.
Mrs. R. L. Moreland, Mrs. Chas.
L. Fay and Miss Mildred Twigg
gave vocal solos; Miss Virginia
ScJ.'ultz a violin solo and Mi's. K.
G. Shirley a piano solo, while a
quartette, composed of Mrs. More
land, Mrs. Frazee, Mrs. Ada?ms, and
Mrs. McFllish, gave selections. Mrs.
Stephens was presented a bouquet
of cut Mowers. ? Baltimore Xcins.
county corirr.
Greenbrier County Court met in
regular session on Tuesday, May
2d, present, President Shields and
Commissioners Sydensirieker and
Williams. iSegistrars for the vari- 1
ous precincts were appointed to I
register the voters for the August
primary election. We will publish
a list of tiie registrars next week.
The usually monthly claims were
approved and directed paid.
G. C. Collins and \Y. F. Knight
qualified as constables of Falling
Spring district.
County /toad Kngineer was di
iretid to view road leading from
('line's bridge to Matic's Church,
in Blue Sulphur district, and make
an estimate of the proposed changes
and improvement and report to
the court.
On petition of the property own
ers on the route from K idler to
H. T. Deitz's court and county en
gineer to view the road May 17th.
Court and engineer will also'
take ui> tiic matter of right of way
of project No. 11122, national high
way, from Crawley to Clintonville 1
and reach an agreement with pro
perty owners.
On last Tuesday night Geo. E.
Sprague, of White Sulphur, accom
panied by Walter Bryant, of l.ewis
burg, and Mess:\>. Adkins and Mc
Allister, of the state prohibition
oftlcc of Charleston, went up the
"big. hollow,' about Jive mi-lcs from
Tuckaihoe, and made a raid on nine
different joints. They captured W.
M. Thomas and Russell Grijumctt
and found 180 gallons of peach
brandy mash, which was destroyed.
These ancn were Weld to answer in
dictments by the grand jury.
D. E. Alexander was arrested for
?having liquor in his possession and
was given a fine of $150 and costs
and thirty days in jail. It. I.. Fury
was arrested for a similar cause
and a like line and sentence im
posed. These cases were tried be
fore Squire N. A. Reckner, of While
Sulphur. They were brought to
Lewjsburg and placed in jail. The
foot hills of the Alleghany is said
to be a thriving center for moon
shine liquor and these men deserve
credit for the haul they have made.
It is also said some of the liquor
made in this section is of the worst
Iff deli verm! daily. Terms cash
i on delivery. I'hunv 2111. II. H.
Jenkins, Lewisburg. .V.Vtf
Hubert Hoke, who, with others,
j was arrested about two weeks ago
and l.ound over to the grand jury
under bond, ;?s again arrested on a
charge of selling "white lightning"
and brought to jail here, lie gave
bond in the sum of *500. George
K. Sprague made the arrest. Hoke
seems to be a determined law
Mrs. E. M. Barnhart, of Evanston,
| 111., has secured from the Dickson
j liros.. a sile lor a suiiune;* home.
The land lies 011 the lower side of
the .1. H. & K. pike between The \
I'ines and "Mountain Home." The
I clearing made for the house is on
a Hat on Ihe hillside, which slopes
down to Howard's Greek and it
commands a view of great beauty.
I The home, of the bungalow type,
I will be hiiilt from the lield stone
I w hich is abundant on the land.
Miss Nela Hedrick, daughter of ]
Mr. and Mrs. (i. I., llcdrick. of
Clintonvillc, and Jesse E. Beitz, of
Crawley, jrotored to l.ewisburg
and were quietly married, by Hev.
\V. (>. Talbert.
Miss Elsie Hedrick, also a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hedrick,
and Guy A. Hobinson, of Kiecer,
motored to White Sulphur and
were married by Kev. J. G. Hooks.
M>.\ and Mrs. Beity. will make
their home at Hainelle, while Mr.
and Mrs. Hobinson will make theirs
at Kieller.
ahbcckle school news.
Please note the following dates:
Saturday evening. May Ulh. All
who feel an interest in the school
are asked to be present ? especially
the parents.
Tuesday evening, May 0th, the
upper grades will give a play,
ou will enjoy it. He present.
Wednesday evening, May 10th,
the closing exercises will be held.
An address will be delivered by Dr.
John 1. Armstrong. Also an ex
exhibit of the school work. Deliv
ery of diplomas, etc.
Mrs. .J. H. SI a n sbcrrv is now at
the springs preparing to take care
of tin- trade. While the oHieial op
pening will nol take place until
about Decoration Day, the hotel is
ready right now to take care of its
guests. We will feature good eats,
chicken dinners, and a -place where
you can send your wife, daughter
or family and everything will be
congenial. Wc ask our friends to
make their reservations early, as
we have a good booking this year.
For rates writes the Stansberrys,
Minnehaha Springs, W. Va.
The Frankford district health]
center opened formally on A foil- i
day. May 1st, with the first dental
clinic in charge of Dr. Win. Nelson,
of Lewisburg. Miss Mcllichamp. j
county nur.se, reports a most grati
fying response to the work on the
part of parents and teachers. Sev- 1
cnteon children were treated. Each
of these had all teeth cleaned. Ten I
permanent and two dccidduous!
teetl. were lilled. One permanent |
and nine deciduous teet.li were ex-!
traded. Some treatments were j
given to others in an ell'ort to save
six and twelve year jnolars.
The next clinic will he held on
Monday, May 8th. All patrons of
the schools should realize the im
portance of this work and send
the^r children, particularly those
in the first and second grades, to
the clinic while the schools are yet
in session.
We are informed that the prices
published last week will remain
unchanged for the present.
At the regular meeting of tin
town council on Tuesday evening,
the 2d inst., the week beginning
i Moday, the 15th, was agreed upon
as the time for a general ?nd thor
ough clean-up week of aL;. streets,
private premises, stores and other
business places in own and tin
grounds around and about them,
and the Mayor was instructed to
give due noticc of the time and to
urge the people in every part of
the town to a hearty and cnthusias
tice co-operation with the street
committee and the committee of
ladies acting in co-operation with
it and with Dr. Arhuckle, county
health officer , and Miss MellLcliamp,
the county nurse. The street com
mittee? W. E. Nelson, H. F. Hunter
and S. P. Preston ? was given plen
ary powers to direct what shbuld
be done, the council agreeing to
furnish a truck to haul away all
trash, etc., that may be gathered by
the property owner and placed at
sonic easify accessible place on the
premises in barrels, baxes, sacks,
or other receptacles so that it
may be gotten by the truck at any
time on Thursday, May 18th. By
offering this direction the trash
gathered can all be hauled away
duickly and the town will save
much in truck hire. '
For clean-up week let your shib
boleth be thorough cleaning, hearty
co-operafioii. Thus all' will eon
tribute t ? ? the cleanness and hcalth
fulnesc of the town.
ii.r.ri.it i:u.
J. 1>. Fletcher. ;i well known ?- 1 1 i
? /.ell of the I nus ciinviuinilv. died
oil April 2tith, IM'1'2. lit- was born
in Mcrccr county, this state, Feb.
IMh. IX."),"). ami runic to Greenbrier
jibout 31 years ago.
Mr. Fletcher is survived by his
i wife and nine children. Also a
host of friends. He was a loving
father and most excellent neighbor.
We were unable to learn where
i lie was buried.
1 :Vt' family ask us to thank the
many friends for their many ex
pressions of kindness" during his
'llio Secretary of State has is
sueil a charter to the Greenbrier
Oil Co., of White Sulphur. The
capitol stork is <5,000. The incor
porator are I*. I*'- liuddlestun, J.
I.. HiiiMlestun, A. E. Iluddiestun.
Maiul M. Huddlcstun, Mabel. B.
1 luddlestun. all of White Sulphur.
We were unaule to learn where
the held of operation will he.
A eharter was also issued to tile
Greenbrier Military School, of Lew- j
ojui .liuoo .>(dood .wait <>\' ?Jf.mqsi
the school charter. It is only a
eorporation by the present owners,
the Moore Brothers and members
of* their families.
The death angel visited the home
of Mr. ami Mrs. Thomas Hilton,
on Sunday morning, April 30th,
1022, and claimed as its reward
lli'elr little infant daughter. The
little remains were laid to rest in
the Adwell eemetery to await the
resurrection day. The Independent
extends a sincere sympathy to this
bereaved family.
.las. ('.o:ncr spent a few days here
with his sister, Mrs. B. I). Bennett.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Hefner re
turned to their home al Beekley,
after a pleasant \isit in this neigh
bor]. ood.
Misses Krma and Laulct Ben
nett spent Saturday and Sunday
with their aunt, Mrs. N. M. Holes
apple, in Monroe. /
The all-day service held at High
land Park recently was a most pro
fitable alVH'air.
\V:!i. I.ong, of Gauley, spent the
week-end here with his mother,
Mrs. Nancy Long.
The prospect for fruit this year,
we are afraid, has gone glimmer
ing during the cold spells the last
few days.
David Legg, who spent the past
winter in Florida, returned to his
home here last week, accompanied
by his friend, Hobcrt Bourguin,
who, after visiting Mr. Legg for a
while, will go to his home in North
Misses Sadie and Captola Legg
spent the week-end in Lewisburg.
Little Mr. Jesse Viers, who has
been in the Greenbrier hospital at
Ronccverte, is, we are glad to note,
able to be at h'omc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Legg, of
Richwood, spent Sunday here with
his mother.
Mrs. S. B. Gilkeson spent Sun
day at F. W. Bryant's.
Albert Viers delightfully enter
tained a number of his friends
Monday evening with a musical.
Mr. and Mrs. Wheat Pollock spent
Sunday at Bernard MeClung's.
Miss Edna Walker, who is at
tending sch'ool at Alderson, spent
Saturday and Sunday here.
David Legg and Robert Bourguin
and Miss Tcxie Legg were pleasant
guests at W. T. J. egg's Thursday.
John A. Littlepage recently sold
his interest in the .1. C. Boggs Mo
tor and Light company, here in
Lewisburg, to Ernest Watts, of
Lewisburg, and Mrs. John D. Puck
ett. Mr. Watts, who travels for
the Clifton Forge Grocery com
pany, will not be with the firm
in person for several .weeks. He
is well known io the people of
Greenbrier and needs no introduc
tion. lie ii; a son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. G. Walls, of Binchlands.
Mrs. I'uekcM is originally from
Virginia, but later from Beekley,
where -she, as Miss Virginia Warren,
held a position in the posl-oflice
for some time. While in Beekley
.she married John D. I'uckett. who
was connected with the ollice of
the Winding Gulf Collieries Co., j
and the W. M. Bittcnncnc 1. umber
Co. He later came to Greenbrier,
settling at Jhiincllc, where he held
the position as manager for the
Rainelle Lumber (>>., and was con
templating entering the firm of
which his widow is now a member,
but was taken ill and died after a
lingering illness. In his death
Greenbrier lost the prospect of a
most excellent citizen, because
John I'uckett li'ad been with us
long enough to know his honesty
and sincorety. Mrs. Puckett is a
lady of excellent business ability
as well as social qualities.
Mr. Littlepage, we understand,
has .purchased the mercantile busi
ness of II. C. Hogsett at Alderson,
where he will reside. Lewisburg
regrets the lose of Mr. and Mrs.
Littlepage and their son, Lawrence.
Litlcpagc and their son, Lawrence,
who arc most excellent people and
who have made a host of friends
during their residence in Lewis
Mrs. I'uckett is already with the
firm, having charge of the clerical
work, which she is most capable
of handling.
| An error \v:is made in a iii'ws
i iii i). l.ssJ wit-!; when it. was stated
| that .1. \Y. MeClintic, of Williams
jburg district. had purchased CJO
| head < f eattle from A. I>. IJassell.
I of l.ost (".reek, Harrison county. In
stead Mr. MeClintic bauxht for Mr.
liassell IHli head of cattle in Creeil
hrier county and shipped them to
l.ost Creek.
Attention is again called to the j
meeting of Camp Dick Johnson i
Sons of Confederate Veterans at the
court house, Lcwisburg, Tuesday.
May l)th, at 2:30 p.m. Very Im
portant business to be looked after.
All turn out.
Tin* cold spell we had last week
has about killed all tlu* fruit in
?'.iiis section.
II. I*". Flcshman, of Norfolk. Va..
who has been visiting his brothers
and sisters at talis, and other points
for tiie past few days, lias returned j
to his hotm*.
Robert Lewis, who was op- !
perilled on for appendicitis last j
winter, iias not been doing so well
i since- He went to Beckley hos
pital a few days ago to consult the
physicians. They found nothing
serious with him and he has since
returned home. ,
Miss .May Flack left this week'
for Aldcrson, where she will attend
school foe a while.
Mrs. Annie B. Loury, of Glen
Morgan, is visiting her (laugher,
Mrs. Jas. (). Kelly, at Dawson.
Dr. C. A. Farren, of Lewisburg,
is iiv re spending a few days with I
his father, Hufus Farren.
Mrs. M. N. Hobbs, who h;is been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. N. H
Hanna, at Quinwood, has returned
Earl Hutsenpiller and Chas. Shep
pard left last week for Huntington
where they expect to work for the
Doughcr Construction Co.
Lloyd Nutter, son of Mrs. Lucy
Nutter, who had his leg broken by
a fall last week, is doing nicely
at this writing.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Hoiiner
Hundley, on last Sunday, a daugh
Lstill Simms, road supervisor, is
busy getting th.e roads in his ler
litory in good shape. They lvave
been unusually bad this winter.
The High School class, under the
management of Miss May Honaker,
is in progress now and is doing
good work. New pupils are coin
ing in every week.
Chas. Re/nley, of KielVer, has
moved to the farm of Prof. L. 0.
The home of Ed. Crane, near
Crawley, was destroyed by lire
last Saturday morning. The origin
of the fire is unknown.
A number of candidates arc
announced for the House of Dele
gates. It is high time for the peo
ple of Greenbrier to begin select
ing the best men possible for the
next legislature, if they are to he j
relieved of the burdensome tax .
laws of this state.
The 103 anniversary of the 1 . < )- 1
<). F. was celebrated at th'e Odd j
Fellows llali at Dawson last Salur- 1
day evening. Rev. C. ('.. Lambert j
delivered a splendid address on .
Odd Fellowship. A large attend- |
ance. refreshments were served,
and all present report a good time. I
Hev. Lambert also preached an an- 1
iversarv sermon to the Odd Fel
lows of the Meadow Bin IV Lodge
on Sunday morning at 1 1 o'clock
at the M. E. Church, Sou'.h. sit
Smoot. A number of Odd Fellows
from other lodges attended.
Mrs. Clarence Zimmerman, of
Huntington, is visiting her fid her,
j Lock Martin, and her sister, Mrs.
I Fstel Simms.
Mr. and Mrs. Broaddus C.h cavil
ing, of Roanoke, Va., were week
end guests of Mr, and Mrs. F. II.
iCa.mpbell. Mr. Chcwhing is a
j brother of Mrs. Campbell.
Rev. C. C. Lambert and \V. T.
I Sbeppard, of Smoot, and M. J.
Austin, of Meadow Bluff, were re
cent visitors in Charleston, where
they took part in the district con
ference of the M. E. Church. South.
J. E. Bass, who visited his wife
in Jacksonville, Fla., has returned
to Lewisburg. He rcposts Mrs. B.
as greatly improved. She is con
tinuing her stay in Florida.
R. E? L. Wood, who has spent
several weeks in Florida, has re
turned to his home in Lewisburg
greatly improved in health.
Miss Martha Campbell ami ne
phew, Thornton Campbell, of Lcd
ington, Va., were recent guests of
Mrs. Mollie E. BcJl here.
John B. Sydenstricker and Dr.
John I Armstrong were business
visitors in Charleston this week.
E. F/? Caraway, of Warn's, on the
Greenbrier division, who h'as been
a patient in the Greenbrier hospital
id Ronccverte, where he underwent j
a serious operation for after-eHfects
of flue. His uncle, Mr. and Mrs.
R. E. Hanna anil son, Alex. If., of
Esty, were down to see him Tues
day and reported liim as doing
Frank R. Hill, of the Marlinton
bar, was a professional visitor in
Lewisburg Tuesday.
Dr. C. S. CofTman, of Lewisburg,
and I>r. A. C. Albert, of Roncevcrle,
j have been attending I !n? Maryland
| I > t* lit :i 1 Assoc iat ion in Baltimore
' 111 is wi ck.
Major and Mrs. Claude N. Fcam
i ster ami two little sons, Felix ami
; Bobby. art* bursts in the hojiie of
i Major Fea, Ulster's sister. Mrs. Hicli
j aril H. Wood. They have just re
turned from (iermany where the
Major has been stationed for three
i years with the army of occupation,
his family being witii -hi i - 1 during
the lime. He h'us been granted a '.l
months h-aw of absence, at the ex
i piration of which he will report
I to Omaha, Nebraska, for duty with
the organized reserves, Seventh
Corps area.
Thos. I.. Price and S. M. Mc
Corkle made a recent visit to Lex
ington. Virginia.
Miss Ivspic, of Louisville. Ken
tucky. was a recent vsilor with her
brother, Allen Kspie, who is a
student at the G. M. S.
Dr. Farfax Fulton of Staunton,
Virginia, joined his wife in Lewis
burg. who is visting her brother and
sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. It. P. Hell
John (!. Dice, of Hieh,mond, Va.
joined li is wife over Sunday, who
is visiting her aunt. Miss Jeiine
Price, and other relatives.
II. II- HIrck burn, J. Wade Hell,
John Nuttail, W. L. Mines and Mr.
Lambert were in Lewisburg Tues
day on business before the County
C.ourt relative to the improvement
of Hig Mountain road and other
matters. They report the six
mines in Western (ireenbrier run
ning regularly and that they are
in no way held up by the strike.
J. E. Dougher, of Smoot, has gone
to Cabell county where he has a
contract building roads.
Mrs. A. J. Wilson is visiting h'er
son, Prof. Charles Wilson, at Mor
gan town this week.
J. W. Wilson, who has had a po
sition with the Watkins Drug Store
in Heckley, has formed a partner
ship with S. O. Blair, of St. Albans,
W. Va., to enter the drug business.
Mr. Wilson expects to leave Heck
ley for St. Albans June 1st. He is
an old Greenbrier boy and we
wish him success.
(). K. Johnston, of Charleston,
has been in Lewisburg for several
days assisting with the organiza
tion of the Modern Woodman
Lodge. He leaves today for Alder
son to assist the Woodman Lodge
at that place in some work.
Mis. Geo. Fuller, of Charleston,
is here spending sojuie ti,me with
'her parents, Mr.and Mrs. Thos. A.
Sydenstricker. Mr. and Mrs. Ful
contc.i?V|ihite criming back lo (ireen
brier, Mr. FuMei contemplating
taking over the management of
the (.ireenbrier Laundiy at Konce
Miss Marion Peck, a student of
West Virginia Buisness College,
Huntington, W. Va., came up to
day to spend a few days with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Peck,
The weather has been unusually
cold, the lust week. We think the
fruit, except on hi^.i elevation, is
all killed.
Frank Cochran has been in Char
leston on business for the past
Isaac Cochran lias been taking
medical treatment at Charlottes
ville, Va.
Our Sunday School is progress
ing nicely undir !iie supervision of
Mis. I!. !?*. (lee. She is a most cap
able lady.
.1. Steel Me<!i.m.4 I. is been in
liiiiimond, Ya.. receiving treatment
for cancer. His condition is some
what improved.
sMrs. Flora llumf recently visit
ed her daughter at Athens, this
state, who has been quite ill with
I inllucn/.n.
Miss Frma Hume, ??f Kicll'er, is
| visiting friends and relatives here
this week.
Frank \V. Dolin and dau^l-ior.
Miss Ina, of Leonard, spent last
week-entl at the home of .1. K. Mc
Million here.
C. \V. Annenlrout, of H icli wood,
moved into one of Noah l'ayue's
houses here this week.
Miss Susie Lewis spent last Sun
day and Monday with her cousin..
.Miss Maymie Lewis, at Fsty.
Notice is hereby given that
sealed bids will be received by the
Hoard of Education of Lewis-burg
Independent School district, (ircen
brier county, West Virginia, until
noon on Saturday, the Kith day of
May, 1922, for the re-modeling of
the present school building in said
duvtrict, and. the erection of an ad
dition thereto, according to the
plans and specifications, with ad
denda thereto,* fded therewith,
which can he seen and examined
at .th'e office of FinJey M. Arbuckle,
secretary of said Board of Educa
tion, in >the town of tawlsburg,
West Virginia. All bids must con
form lo said specifications, whether
the same be for the whole or part
of said proposed improvements,
and based on said plans and speci
Said bids will be opened on Sat
urday, the 13th day of May. 1022,
at. the office of S. I'. Preston, Presi
dent of said Hoard of Education,
in the said town <>f l.cwisburg,
West Virginia, and the right is re
served to reject any or all bids sub
mitted, if the said Hoard of Educa
tion sees lit so to do.
(liven under my b'and this the
20lh day of April. 1922.
1-21 -4 1 Secretary.

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