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u iscgular term of the Circuit
[,.[ ,,1 iireeiibrier West
held tlio 1 i tta\ 0f
f'01" ' '?
, ride and i'"101*11 ??>' tmsl
V? on* tin* nil day of April. 1022.
11 I Wii-kline ami one hundred
1 1 ..vniv-four other legal voters
v ?iiii-uu>bur? Magisterial District
P, l.| rier County, West Virginia
.iti'il their petition to this Court
Sl bv .said voters. praying this
h to' submit to the legal voters
. ? 1 1 \villiumsbisrg District m
?j.? the voters of the town of
lomsburg therein, at a special
Stob? called and held lor the
pose therein, the question of is
}? tin- bonds of said District in
Jnni of One Hundred and Thirty
Sid (!? 130,000.00) Dollars for
,uri>ose of establishing, locat
rc-locating, grading, regrading.
Ihin" draining, bridging and sur
? j rt v>ith plain waterbound mac
nT'the roads designated herein,
I it appearing to the court that
petition was signed by more
n *>S per centum of the legal vot
of said district, including the
prs of the town of Williamsburg
rein, as indicated by the total
nher of votes, cast at the general
?Hon held -in November, 1922, it
: ordered by this court by order
v made that the County Road
jineer make investigation, report
[ estimate in respect to the roads
itioaed and described in said
ition according to law and said
ition was ordered filed which
j petition is in tlie words and
ire> following: ^
??We, the undersigned who are
jl voters of Williamsburg Ma"is
jl District in said county, be
ins that the public interest de
[tds that the roads of -said Wil
nsburg District be permanently
>roved, do hereby request and
ition the County Court of Green
?r County, West Virginia, to sub
to the voters of said Wrilliams
g Magisterial District, including
town of Williamsburg therein,
i special election to be called for
purpose, the proposition of bond
the said Williamsburg Magister
District, including the Town of
lliumsburg therein, in the sum of
Ol'SAND DOLLARS ($130,000.)
proeeeds arising from the .sale
said bonds, in the event the is
nce thereof is authorized, to he
d for the purpose of establishing
atin.U. relocating, grading, ditch
, draining bridging and surfac
witli plain water bound niaca
II the roads designated heroin in
direetions and manner follow
IHST: Beginning in the Town
Williamsburg, thence from said
tnion point both north and south,
north branch extending by way
Piedmont School House, and
arx Hill to the Williamsburg-Fal
[ Springs Magisteral District line
Bit- .head of Corclirean Draft; the
lli branch extending by Corn
k 1o a point in the public road
r the residence of J. M. Skaggs
0 the Midland Trail, if the. said
land Trail is constructed on a lo
on within easy access to this
nt. Said road to be properly lo
?d. graded and drained in both
fetions from said common point,
work to be carried forward ap
ximately equal distances from
1 point in both directions at all
es until said road shall be located
ined, graded and prepared for
metal from said point in the pub
road near the residence of J. M.
iggs or the Midland Trail as the
e may be to said "Williajusburg
lins Springs Magisterial District
> before ?any surfacing shall be
bed, and when said work is com
ic (I as above set forth then the
facing composed of plain -water
mil macadam sh'all begin at the
Jral point of Williamsburg an<l
II proceed approxiimately equal
lances from said point in both
[?etions at all times until said sur
'ng of plain water-hound Mac -
III ihall he completed.
?aid work shall be done in ac
dance with legal requirements
I is to say, the route between said
initials shall he subjcct to such
t"f?es, revisions and relocations
nay be necessary for proper
distances and curves, and
. <tas| of const ruction, cost of
intenance and public conven
t's shall he cosidered in making
II locations .
J): 'be road from Trout
V;|v of the forks of the road ne.u*
' uiont School House to S1111
' the road from Williams
? 1 .0 the Williamshurg-Fira 11k ford
I. 1 'n the direction of
shall be located, graded, drain
.""V1 surfaced with plain water
'l Macadam of the same char
, ln, 'ike manner as that
1 th for the First proposition.
(I ; Tu? sba11 begin and pro
iii 'J.1'10, ""inner above set forth
lh? ? xvor^ 's completed or
en' "u> funds will
further petition the* said court
I, in the event the said bond is
is auhorized it shall take all the
*ssnry and proper .steps to sc
<" for use on said road, proper
norfcion of State and Federal aid
<ls and that necessary and prop
steps be taken in arid about the
struct ion of said roads for 4hc re
hon and use of said funds.
'{' further pray that the said
?Is be serial bonds maturing in
to exceed thirty-four years, sign
'!v H. 1,. Wiekline and one hun
il and seventy-four legal voters
'?'"I Williamsburg District.
;!Vl now. on this the 4th day of
l!)12'2. (he said petition was
in brought to the attention of
' oi" I jiihI the same being in
'' by I he court is found by said .
" 'o he j|) w.riting and signed I
'"ore thiin 25 per centum of the |
voU;rs of said William vburg :
including the legal voters!
'H- l irtvn of Williamsburg there- 1
voling at the jjeueral election
held in November, 1920, Tin?i the
co.?r was this day pi ^nieV vW th
all el gllleers report ami estimate!
11 n'W and estimate is in the I
words and figures following: I
'\Heport (?n Williamsburg |{o;:,| Bond I
f.iection- ?
iiui^,U?,nt ,,-?1VOlu' VtMl,:jl tnsU-ur-l
! .to is .it the I-ebruary I er;n of Court ;
i.e the improvement ?>t (Ik- roads'
Uh Vio U' Wls?? ,mr? IUku1 Ho,uI1
for IS V ,l. 'V,N l>et'n lH'-litioiu??l!
m-.L WFilor has proceeded to
make an inspection ?f the route set!
fordiui said petition in the ordei I
for whie.i the improvement is eali-i
poii an 111 1 t,K' lowing re- 1
The mileage of road which it is
proposed to improve in the order
in which they occur in the oelition I
lS as follows":
W iHiamsburg via Cornstalk to
wSr8*1*? m'i'es
W.ilhiunsburg via Piedmont
School House and Friars Hit!
to Falling Springs District
me -7-5 .miles
In carrying out the improvements
the petition specifies, that the road
ffaded equal distances from
Williamsburg first; after the com
pletion of which, it shall be paved
\wth ^ater:b?und Macadam, begin
ning at Williamsburg and proceed
ing about equal distances NorUi and
South. In carrying out this plan,
the writer estimates that the funds
to be provided will be exhausted be
fore the other roads specified in the
petition are .reached. For this reas
on, no investigation of them was
made at this -time. -
The writer's -investigation de
velops the fact that it will not be
necessary to make any radical
changes in the location of the road
Hughart via Williamsburg to
the Falling Springs District line,
ihe present grades and alignment
are very good. Several loeai
changes are necessary, however,
-and iUie approximate estimate given
below includes these. These
phages wtill not unfavorably effect
?the servicability of the completed
road, to those now using the present
W illmmsburg to Hughart, 6 miles
? trading $o,000. j)er mile 830,000.
Drainage, culverts & pipe,
$600 per mile 3, 000.
i>amage & Fencing
$000 per mile 3, GOO.
*ol*h $37,200.
Williamsburg to Falling Spring Dis
trict Line, 7.5 miles.
Grading ?5.000 per mile ?37,500
Drainage $000 ])er mile, 4,500.
Damage and Fencing
$1,000 per mile ' 750.00
.Total *12.750
Williamsburg to Hughart 0 miles
Paving Water Bound Macadam
Macadam, 9 ft. wide 80,000
1 if.r ""J*-*. $39,000.00
Williamsburg ito Falling Spring Dis
trict Line, 7.5 miles
Paving Water Hound Macadam
PtM' $19,000.
ol/MMAK i ?
Hughart via Williamsburg to Dis
trict Line, 13.5 miles
(trading. Draining & Paving $109,050
Hespectfully submitted,
(Signed j. w. RADER,
.... . County Engineer
And it appearing to the Court and
the Court does so find that the
amount of road levies upon the
property .assessed in said District
including State and Federal aid now
available is unsuflicient for the pur
pose of permanently improving said
roads so set out and described in
said petition and engineers report.
And it appearing to the Court and
the Court does so find, that (the total
valuation of the taxable property of
said Williamsburg District, inelud
1 Wnf,.1axaWe property of the town
of vvilliamsburg therein, according
thereof for the vear
M ?. is the last assesmeni for
rile State, County and District pur
poses is $2,058,884 and it further ap
pearing to this court and the court
does so find that the said Williams
burg Magisterial District li'as no
debt, bonded, funded or otherwise
?and that the County of Greenbrier
has no debt, bonded, funded or other
wise and that the town of Williams
burg has no debt, bonded, funded or
otherwise and that the total debt
whicW said district of Williamsburg
including the town of Williamsburg
therein, may incur under the Con
stitution, and Statutes is one hun
dred and thirty thousand (3130,000.)
dollars and which is the sum pro
posed in sand petition, and which
amount the court finds is the amount
of indebtedness for said District,
that this court may create at this
time for the purpose of improving
the said road or said Ditsrict as
hoi einbeforc described.
And it further appearing to this
Court that the Court may lay from
time to time such parts of the Class
A. Road Levy as may be needed
from time to time for the improve
ment and repair of Class A. Road
and may levy fro\m time to time cer
tain district road levies and th'at
Iherc wiiil be available from time to
time considerable sums fiOjm State
and Federal Aid Funds, ami it boing
desirable that Ibe said proposed
bond fund be supplemented to the
extent possible this court -will ap
propriate from time to time such'
available funs as supplemental to
said fund as .may be spared from
other work and demand.
And now this the 4th ay of April,
1022, after mature deliberation, and
after consideration of said petition
and engineers report th<e court is of
the opinion th'at said proposed work
is a public necessity and that the re
quest and pray or of said petition
should be granted, and the court
does hereby grant the same. And
dooming it desirable that the said j
district of Williamsburg including
the town of Williamsburg therein,
should be bonded in the amount of
?SI .'10,000.00 and th'at the proceeds
arising from the sale of said bond
should be appropriated and used for
Ihe purpose of establishing, locating,
relocating, grading, rograding, ditch
ing, draining, bridging, and surf. ic
ing with plain water bound maca
dam the roads of said district as
deseribed in said petition ami set ;
out in said petition and .set out in ;
said enginei r's report and the I lour t j
? l?>tii therefore, onler and direct j
that a vote In* taken by the legal vot- {
ei s of the Magisterial District of
Williamsburg, Greenbrier County, i
West Virginia, including the voters)
of ?!ie town of Wliiiainsburg there
in. on the question of issuing *130.
(Mill. no of the bonds of said district |
of Williamsburg induing the town :
of Williamsburg Iherein. the pro- j
cecds of said bonds to be used for |
the purpose of establishing, locating,
relocating, grading, ditching, drain
ing. bridging and surfacing with
plain water bound macadam the
certain public roads of said Willims
bur>; Distict mentioned and descibed
in ithe said petition and engineers
report in the manner and order set
forth therein and for 110 other pur
pose which said bond, if the is
suance thereof be authorized to bear
interest at the rate of not to exceed
?> per cent, per anniyn payable semi
annually on the 1st day of July and
?January of each year and which
bonds shall be payable serially and
not to exceed 34 years on the 1st
day of July of each' yearVommenc
ing in one year from date thereof,
anil shall bear date from the 1st dav
of July, 1922.
Said vote shall be taken on the
question aforesaid by the voters
aforesaid at -the voting places in said
district of WilLiajnsburg at the
special election hereby called and
held for ti.? purpose of taking said
vote and saiv special "lection is to |
be taken on the
9TH DAY OF M.V, 1922.
The proceeds derive* from the
sale of said bonds shall He used by
the court in establishing, locating
relocating, grading, regrading.
ditching, bridging and surfacing
with water bound macadam the
roads mentioned and described in
said i>etition and engineers report,
located in said district to the amount
of such funds in the order and man
ner set forth in said petition and
engineers report anil for no other
purpose. Said work shall be done
under the supervision and direction
of competent engineers and the State
Road Commission and this court as
to Glass A Roads, and this court as
to Class B. Roads as provided by law
For the purpose of holding "such
election tih'e court hereby appoints
the following election oflicers to
take the pole ?nd assertain and cer
tify the results of said election in
the manner and form prescribed by
law for holding, ascertaining and
certifying the election of County and I
District oflicers as provided by the
laws of the Stale of West Virginia:
Commissioners election.
Precinct No. 1 ?
(i. W. Dancy, I
10. B. Harrah,
Henry Sut tie.
Clerks. .
J. C. Henson,
J. W. Deitz.
Precinct No. 2 ?
Commissioners election.
Harry Cooper.
J. H. Bransford.
Porter Decker.
F. L. Wallace,
A- li. Hand ley.
Commissioners election.
Precinct No. 3 ?
R. E. Hanna,
J. E. McMillion,
J. W. McClung.
Alex Hanna,
Wm. Rifle.
Commissioners election.
Precinct No. 4 ? j
W. D. Brewster,
Jno. Boo the.
U. G. Gwinn.
Clerks. ? I
W. D. Moss,
Thos. Davis.
Said Commissioners of election
shall hold said special election at
the several voting places for which
they are appointed and and the j
votes polled at said several voting
places shall be taken, and the result
ascertained and certified according
to the laws governing said election
of county district olliccrs and the
ballot used in taking such' poll J
shall be of the quality used in vot
ing for County and District" Olliccrs
kind shall have printed thereon the
following: "BALLOT." "A spec
ial election authorizing a bond issue
for the construction and improve
ment of main County and District
Road and maximum levy for the
payment thereof, according to the
order of the County Court of Green
brier County, "West Virginia, entered
011 the 4tlr day of April. 1922, in
compliance with the petition of I7.">
legal voters of the District of Wil
liamsburg Greenbrier Couivy, West
Virginia, being 25 per cent of the
legal votes cast at the general elec
tion in November, 1920, filed with
the Court, petitioning that a special
election be called and held in the
District of Williamsburg including
the town of Williamsburg, authoriz
ing th'e issuance of bonds, and to
nrovide from time to time sufficient
levies on the taxable property of
said district including the town of
Williamsburg therein, to pay and
discharge the said funds an inter
est thereon ot th'eir several maturing
dates in the amount of $130,000.00
?to establish, locate, relocate, grade,
regrade, ditch, drain, bridge and
surface with water bound macadam
to the extent of said fund the roads
mentioned and described in said pe
tition set forth, in accordance with
the laws of the State of West Vir
and on flic reverse side th'erof shall !
he printed
Poll Clerks." j
If is hereby ordered Hint the Clerk
of this Court shall forthwith post
copy of this order in a eon spicuuis '
place in his ollice, at the front door
of the Court House of th'is county, j
nnd shall cause a copy thereof lo lie ,
published in the (ircrnbrier liulr- ,
pendent and West Virginia Xcie s, I
two p:spcr.s of opposite politics puh- 1
lishcd i this county ami of general '
circuation in said ' District tor aj
period ot four consecutive weeks t*? '
oe completed prior to said special !
election and the certificates of tliel
editor or publihcr of said newspaper 1
showing such publication under!
oai'h shall he copied in flic Order
Book of this Court.
It is t nr.". her ordered that s.iid I
Clerk do lorlhwith prepare mh 1i b.il i
lots, and etc.. as may be necessary |
for the biking of such polls anil
holding said special elections and [
the same .shall he delivered to the I
election commissioners according
to law.
It 'i> further ordered that in the
event the said electorate shall at
said -special election authorize the
isuance of said bonds then the Presi
dent of this Court is herebv author
ized and directed to execute the
bonds so authorized for and on be
half of said Williamsburg Di.vtvirt
and to sign his name as President or
said Court thereto when sold and
deliver to the purchaser or pur
chasers thereof upon receipt by
him of the proceeds thereof as pro
vided by section 27 oT chapter 00
of the Acts of the Legislature of
West Virginia, Regular Session
11)1/. Said bonds shall not be .sold
for less than their par value and
shall tbe issued as serial coupon
bonds, 130 of 81,000.00 each, and
not to exceed in the aggregate *130,
000-00 and shall bear date the 1st
day of July . 1022, and shall be pav
able to bearer at the Rank of Wil
liamsburg. Williamsburg, Green
County, West Virginia or at the
option of the holder at the Chemical
National Rank of the State and City
of New' York, in annual serial in
stalments 'and not to exceed 34 years
from the date thereof and shall show
on their face the serial numbers re
spectively and shall be pu4Id in the
or>der of the said serial numbers,
and the couri shall have the right to
take up and pay otr any and all the
said bonds on the first day of July
after 1928 and said bonds shall bear
mteresft at a rate not to exceed C per
centum per annum, payable semi
annually on the 1st dav of Julv and
January of each year at the Rank of
\\ tlhamsourg or at the option of th'e
holder thereof, at said Chemical Na
tional Rank and <--aid interest sliail
be evienced l?v interest coupons at
tached to ->aid j'- Mids to be executed
by -the facsimile signatures of the
President am'. Clerk of this Court.
It is furthir ordered that said
bonds shall he consecutively num
bered and respective! v become due
I as follows :
Ronds for 91.00.00 each.
Ronds from 1 to 5 inclusive, due
and payable Juiy 1. 1923.
Ronds from 0 to 10 inclusive, due
and payable July 1, 1924.
Bonds from i I to 15 inclusive,
due and payable July 1, 192f>.
I Ronds from lti.to 20 inclusive due
I and payable July 1 , 1920.
Ronds from 21 to 25 inclusive due
I and payable July 1 . 1927.
Ronds from 20 to 30 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1928.
Ronds from 31 to 35 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1929. '
Ronds from 30 to 40 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1930.
Ronds from 4i to 45 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1931.
Ronds from 46 to 50 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1932.
Ronds from 51 to 55 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1933.
Bonds from 56 o 60 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1934.
Ronds from 61 to 65 inclusive due
and payable July 1, 1935,
Ronds from 66 to 70 inclusive due
aivd payable July 1, 1936
Ronds from 71 to 75 inclusive due
and pavable July 1, 1937.
Ronds from 76 to 80 inclusive due
and pavable July 1, 1938.
Ronds from 81 <to 85 inclusive due
and pavable July 1, 1939.
Ronds from 86 to 90 inclusive due
ami pavable July 1, 1910.
Ronds from 91 to 95 inclusive due
and pavble July 1, 1941.
Ronds from *90 to 100 inclusive
due and payable July 1, 1942.
? Ronds from 101 to 105 inclusive,
due and payable July 1. 1943.
?Ronds from 100 to 1 10 .inclusive,
due and ipayable July I. 1944.
Ronds from 111 to 115 inclusive,
I due and payable July 1. 1915.
Bonds from 110 to 120 inclusive,
due 'and payable July I. 1910.
Bonds from 121 to 125 inclusive,
due and payable July I. 1017.
1 Bonds from 120 lo 130 inclusive,
due and pavable July 1. 1948.
Said bonds shall provide on their
face in the event said bonds are not
I presented when and as they be
come due and payable or in the
j event they shall not be presented
for payment after notice to the hold
ers thereof of th'e intention of the
I Court lo anticipate the due date
thereof as provided herein Mien in
| either event the said bonds so fail
ling to he presented for pavmenl
shall earn no further interest, and
notice of the intention to anticipate
the payment may he given bv letter
properlv addressed, stamped and
directed to the last known address
of the holder of said bond but such
letter notice shall be mailed at least
two weeks prior to the 1st dav of
.Tidy of the year when same is to he
?taken up and by publication in two
consecutive issues of the Greenbrier
The process of said bonds shall I
he nlaced in the hands of th-e Coun
ty Treasurer, who shall deposit same
according to law and shall collcct
and account for the interest accru
ing on such deposits and the said
Trcsuror shall receive no compensa
tion. disbursing and accounting for
? aid funds or the interest thereon.
The plan to meet the accruing in
terest on said bonds and to nay ofl'
and discharge the principal thereof
is as follows:
II shall he the duly of the C.ounlv
Court of Greenbrier Countv, al t h?>
annual levy term Iherecf, in each
\ ear until said bonds and interest
Ihereon accruing shall be fullv paid
and diveh irtfed. to lav a suflicicnt
lew "M J'1l the taxable nronrrtv of
said Williamsburg Magisterial 1>><
j iwinii j m " fj*e lovp f > f Wil
iMovbu-rg !he?'ein. In provide a !
rund 'to pav the inlorest on said j
b'W.d'. and to p;t\ mid discharge the
pricipal thereof as the same shall .
I>ecomc due ami payable as herein
provided. It appearingaud the Court j
so holding (hat Iho 111a \ ii! in lev\
which tlu* (!?nu*! may lay upon t.u*
properly of said district, and appli-i
Ciibii* for tl.i* purpose will not pro
duct* .sullicient funds to pay ? ? II and I
discharge {he interest and principal I
t,r vaiil bonded indebtedness of '
*130.000.00 herein -provided for. I
tile adniini* '.ration ot the atl'uir.s ??? I
s dd Williamsburg District and j
.maintaining the roads t'noreof :u%
provided by law and the Court finds
that 5he maximum levy each year
necessary to provide for the pay
ment of said interest and each' serial
sinking fund for said issue of si 30.
000.00 for said Williamsburg Dis
trict, (including the town of Willams
burg t heroin, is 4.S cents on ' eacJi
$100.00 valuation of all the taxable
property of said Williamsburg Dis
trict including the town of Williams
burg therein.
It is therefore provided, ordered
and directed that a vote of the Legal
voters of said Williamsburg District
including the town of Wiliimsburg.
be taken on the 9th day of May, 1922
at the special election 'hereinbefore
ordered and provided for on said
day and date on the question of
authorizing a special maxium, spec
ial bond levy of 48 cents on the
$100.00 valuation of the taxable
property of said Williamsburg Dis
trict, including the town of Wil
liamsburg therein, to pay the inter
est on and to provide a sinking fund
to meet each serial payment of the
$130,000.00 proposed bond issue and
the commissioners of election here
inbefore appointed to hold said elec
tion shall poll and ascertain the vote
of the voters aforesaid on the quest
ion of authorizing said special ;nax
ium bond levy and shall certify the
same -according to law. It is further j
ordered that at each subsequent term
the Court shall lay sufficient levy to
all times meet the interest and tserial
bonds as they become due and pay
able not to exceed the maxium auth
orized by said voters.
It is further ordered that the vot
ers of said District in the town of
Williamsburg be listed and register
ed by 'this Court as provided by law
in respect of voters for special elec
tion .and that th'is Court sit on the
5th day proceeding said speical elec
tion .for the purpose of hearing all
matters '.is to 'Mie registration of vot
ers of said district and town and
doing all necessary things pertain
ing thereto provided by law.
It is further ordered that in the
event said bond issue shall be auth
orized that th'i.* said C.ourt appoint
as soon thereafter as may be possi
ble, a committee of live volers and
freeholders of said District to advise
wiilih the Court in the matter of
engineers on said road location,]
routes, kind of roads to be -built, .ma
terials to be used, letting contract,
etc., inspection of work, etc. Said
committee to.be selected and recom
mended to this Court for appoint
ment at a convention to be held by
the citizens of said Williamsburg
District to be holden at the High
Sciliool Building at Williamsburg on
the 2nd Saturday after .said election
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m.
On the fifth day after said special
election (Sunday excepted) this
Court shall convene as a Board of
Canvassers mnd canvass th'e returns
of said election as provided by law.
A copy Teste: ? Paul C- Hogsett,
Clerk Greenbrier County Court.
Proclamation and Notice of Spec
ial Election by the voters of Wil
liamsburg District including the
town of Williamsburg, Greenbnier
County, West Virginia, on the 9th
day of May. 1922. On the question
of 'issuing .Road Bonds and of auth
orizing maximum special levy.
Pursuant to an order made and
entered by the County C.ourt of
Greenbrier County, West Virginia
on the 4th day of April, 1922, I,
Thos. W. Shields, President of said
Court do hereby proclaim and ap
point Tuesday, the 9th day of May,
192, between the hours of sunrise
and sunset of that (lav, at the regu
lar established voting places of said
Williamsburg District and -town of
Williamsburg of said County of
Greenbrier as the time and place at
which a special election provided
for in said order, shall be held by
the qualified voters of said Wii
liamsburg District, including the
town of Williamsburg therein, to de
cide whether they will ratify or re
ject the said order proposing an is
sue of bonds to the amount of $130,
000.00 and for the levies far the pay
ment of interest and principal for
the purpose of constructing roads
in said district.
County Court of Greenbrier County.
A copy test:? Paul C. Hogsett, Clerk
Women Can K??p Own 3?cr?t?.
"That's all bosh about women not
being able to ke?p a secret," said a
dentist the other day. "Perhaps (hey
talk about others, but when It's a mat
ter that concerns themselves they
keep mum.
"Take the case of the woman who
came to my office yesterday and asked
that I repair her broken plate. I told
her to leave the plate and return to
day, but she Insisted that the plate
be repaired Immediately. Asked about
her hurry, she told me that she had
been married six years and her hus
band did not know she wore false
Now a Heartless Wretch.
"|)id your husband really lose his
heart to you? before you were mar
"Yes, h<* must have, Localise I
haven't noticed It .since."
Can be made
more easily
and pleasur
able by the
of thi*
of your fuel bill. Keeps out cold and
draft, dust and soot, deaden1* noises
and stops rattle.
Ceco Metal Weatherstrips plaecd on
your windows and doors relieves yon
of the bother with storm sash. They
are cheaper thaa storm sash; far mors
effective, and last as long as the build*
in#. For both new and old houses
alike. Let us tell you more about -
'Th? lOOjt Efficient W*alher?lr1p"
Dutrioufrd by
J. C. Jones,
"The Man who will Show
you the Facts."
Lewisburg, West Virginia.
P. O. Box 2.
FIRE writes in figures you
cannot rub out. It always^
caused by property destroyS, 1
revenue stopped, production
halted, time lost, while com
petitors secure a foothold. . ;
The Hartford Fire Insurance
Company through this agency,
provides sound indemnity.
Get this protection here.
The sooner the safer.
Bass -Mays Insur
ance Agency.
Don't delay See Them to
day in Bank of Lewisburg.
I j A
3 ) T
1SKZ i
I v* CZ)
& W
]>ST I_
r. H. JARRETT, President.
0- D. MASSF.Y, Cashier.
C. H. HEDRICK, Asst. Cashier.
For Rheumatism, Gout, Lum
bago, and Neuralgia of liheu
matic origin.
Pamphlet giving specific direc
tions and diet list of utmost im
portance to rheumatic people
mailed on request from our office.
Trice $1 per Bottle.
Your dealer can supply you.
Distributed l>v
8. R WALLA.CK & 00..
Wholesale Druggists,
Marlintou, ? West Virginia.

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