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Test the Three Branches of Our
Business- -
Cleaning--Pressing--Repairing. ;
?p, something for ycu !<> gain by doin^ so. Uncx* ,
celled Service. Callhcne No. ic5,
Sanitary Tailor Shop, j
,, i'. LI VKSAV.
The Man About the
)sV. r.-^2. by Western Nrwp|i?prr I'nlon.)
w for goodness' sake take Polly
mi: f. r a walk and give me a chain?
! t, vet things cleancd tip," said
lit ' -T
1 smoothed hark his gray hair
I iiiui r<'se. ll?' laid down the Sunday
.... j .. r. His wife was already beginning
In r housework. She had taken up the
| n;;> 10 shake, she was moving the
j fnn.it tire ahout tin* room in an aim
l,.s< sort of way. and there was a wor
j ri.ti look upon her face.
?Tome along, 1'olly girl,"' said
1 futlicr.
IN* took Ills little daughter's hand,
Kitijiprd on his hat, and they went out.
i 'pin' house was exactly like three
? dozen other houses along the street, a
j Himdl, wooden structure with a tiny
I |i:wl and seven rooms. There was the
[ wine strip of draggled lawn in front
of each.
Hut in the distance were fields and
Mils, crowned with green. The wild
country was all ahout thyin. They
strode down the street together.
"Father, I don't like Sundays, he
ciiuse mother's always cleaning," said
lolly wistfully.
"Cleaning? Oil, well, she's pot to
(jcim, I suppose," said father. He was
U?Dg of a gl^I hg had known be
fore ho was ^OrrledT who was rather
'untidy, ana \?oula never have both
ered about gleaning more than two
pV thr^p tlipef} a year. What good
ilai^S they ?ad had together! It was
Btrange how vividly her face came
back to him after ten years of mar.
"How'd you like us to run away,
Polly?" asked father.
"Really?" inquired Polly, clutching
hie hand more tightly.
"Really, Polly. Run away some
where where there's never any clean
ing." He tried not to show his bit
terness. ''Just you nnd me, wandering
niong tlie roads. Or maybe" ? a trnin
whistled In the distance ? "we'll take
11 train somewhere and never come
[buck. We'll go and see foreign parts,
[where the palm trees grow, and big
binlfi, all blue and green and yellow
an*! red fly through the branches."
"Oh, that'll be splendid!" said
Polly, clapping her hands.
"Or maybe we'll take a ship to Italy,
and see all the ruins and the picture
gnlleries. Then we'll go on to Egypt
in,(l see the desert, and the camels
j.'<>!ng by with packs of rugs on their
bucks. What d'you say to that?"
"Oh, wouldn't It be nice!" said
They had begun to ascend the hill
behind the town. They toiled up and
stood looking down. The houses
seemed isolated in a vast forest.
| "Mnylie we'll just walk on and on
Sill (lie forest's all about us. And then
we'll camp in the woods and light a
ifire, and catch some trout and cook
itheiii for dinner. And sleep under the
^Uirs. How about that?"
I "Wonderful," said Polly. "But sup
pose it came on to rain, father?"
I "The leaves will be so thick that
not n drop of rain can come through.
Besides, who cares for a little rain?
Not we. Anyway, it's nicer than stay- j
Inn nt home whero there's cleaning
g< r.? on, isn't it?' '
j ''Much nicer," said Polly,
-Wayne i ni taning you too far.
You're tired, dear?"
"A little bit," said IVilly. "Oh, fath
er, what a pity." I
"What's a pity?" 1
"Did you know mother has (luck
j and green pens for dinner?" I
"I )uck and preen |?eas? What do we
I care for duck and cr?*en peas?"
"N ? nothing." si.id Polly, a little
I wistfully.
"Mayhe we had hotter he getting
hack and start n?*xt Sunday instead." 1
suggested father. "It Is a little late,
isn't it. I'oll !"
"A litth*. father." answered Polly. '
Tliey started hack, very slowly and
wistfully, hut as thev neared t lie
house they went faster and faster, j
I Such a delicious smell came from the'
: dining room. And there stood mother
I at the door.
"Well, you have been for a long !
walk," said mother, sthlling. "And ;
you're just In time, for dinner's on
the table."
They went in. The interior was as
spick and span as a new pin. The 1
odors that came from beneath the
dish cover were simply indescribable. !
"Duck is nice with green peas, isn't (
it. father?" suggested Polly.
"You mother's a pretty good cook," |
j answered father. I
| Mother smiled. She knew all about ;
the man about the house.
Scene of Much Warfare.
Since tii*> Si. I.nwrence If? th<? boun
dary separating Canada and the Unit
ed States, It was only natural that in
the wars between the French and the
English, and between England and the
American colonists, the Thousand Is
lands were the scene of Important
Some of the early struggles be
tween the Iroquois and the Algonqulns
were fought in the neighborhood. In
the French-English war many battles
took place among the islands and on
the adjoining shores. In the Revolu
tion and in the War of 1812, the de
fense of the section was considered of
decided importance. In the Patriots'
war, with Its recurrent outbreaks in
1837 and 1839, many of the more im
portant clashes took place on this part
of the river. Notable among these
were the capture of the British frigate
Sir Robert Peel, near Well's island,
ami the battle of the Windmill, near
Prescott, In 1838.
Whisky Not Necessity of Life.
Whisky is not a necessity of life,
even for a Scotchman in the tropics,
according to a decision reached in the
courts of Nairobi. Kanya Colony,
East Africa, after lengthy legnl argu
ments. repftrts the London Express |
The question arose over a case in
which a grocery store sued a minor
for goods supplied. The law says
that the only debts which can be re
covered from minors are those In
curred in supplying the necessities of |
life. The debt in question included
an item of three bottles of whisky. It
was argued for the prosecution that
as the minor was a Scotchman living
In the tropics whisky was a necessity,
but his arguments were overridden,
and an order made for the debt, minus
the value of the three bottles.
Reward of Merit.
"What's the most attractive feature
of farm life?" asked the city dweller.
"Knocking off work on Saturday and
going to town in the flivver," said the
truthful agriculturist. ? Birmingham
"Blessings" cf Bolshevik Rule Brought
Forcibly to the Attent;on of
Newspaper Correspondent.
A Copenhagen correspondent gives
the following description ot daily life
in IVtrogmd, where the popnlatiun
passes the day in a con ti mums light
against death from hunger:
It was a Bolshevist hoy who taught
uie how to hunt. We met In the
Sadovaja street in Petrograd.
"Have you liud anything to eat to
day?'' he asked, as is the custom in
? starving city. I told him that 1
hud hud only an apple although 1 had
"Come along then, I know a place
where we can get some solid food to
day." This was for me the introduc
tion to u l-l days' course in the art
of procuring food during a famine.
We entered tirsl a chop-house quite
near, where we got pea-soup and por
ridge, though in very small portions.
My comrade then proposed that we
should return to the Nevsky Pr??spi*ct,
where meat and potatoes were to he
had in what was formerly an elegant
night restaurant. The uish. meat and
potatoes mixed, was served in square
pieces of ahout three indies.
"Now we have to walk a h?ng way."
my comrade said. "We have to cross
the river, and in the Boulevard Kron
veski there is a place whore we can
get a piece id* bread." After telling
me that he was a soldier in the lied
army, lie went on: "I am here now
on a fortnight's leave of absence, and
if you will meet me at 0 p. m. today
1 will show you a secret place where
you can get a satisfying meal of
potatoes, herrings and bread." 1 had
not thought it possible to >;et a square
meal in Petrograd, anil I became hun
gry at the thought of potatoes.
At 5 p. in. sharp he returned full
dress. t?ip-boots, fur cap with the red
soviet star, a ritle in a strap over bis
shoulder, and a leather belt with
cartridge pouches. He took uie far
away, and finally we stopped in front
of a large house. It was quite dark,
but down below our feet we saw a
faint light through the chink of n
We waited a little to make sure
that nobody saw us, and then went
down the stairs. We entered quick
ly, and found ourselves in a cellar.
By the light of a lamp I saw lted sol
diers and civlliuns sitting at small
tables with large dishes of steaming
potatoes. Tbe young soldier knew the
landlord of the place, and ordered a
dish of potatoes and salt herring
We afterward had some tea and rye
bread. When we paid, my friend rec
ommended me to tbe landlord, and
told me that 1 could come here every
night, which I did.
Will Be Mammoth Bridge.
The new Delaware river bridge,
which is to be built by the states of
Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the
city of Philadelphia, is estimated to
cost ahout $28,871,000. This bridge
will cross the Delaware river from
Franklin square, Philadelphia, to
Pearl and Second streets, Camden,
N. ,7. It will be the longest suspen
sion bridge In the world. The main
structure is to be of the two-cable
suspension type, crossing the river
with a single span 1,7.^0 feet long,
from center to center of the main
piers. The clearance above mean
high water will be 1H.*? feet over a
width of 800 feet in the center of
the span. The bridge and approaches
are to be bpllt to provide a single
deck carrying an unobstructed road
way for six lines of vehicles, lines
for surface cars and two lines for
rapid transit, besides which there will
lie two ten-foot sidewalks above tbe
roadway. The width of the main
roadway, from cuch to curb, will be
f>7 feet. Tbe total width of the
bridge will be 12f?,i? feet. It is ex
pected to have the bridge completed
by July 4, lOliO. In lime for tbe one
hundred and fiftieth anniversary of
the Declaration of Independence,
when a great international exposition
will be held in Philadelphia.
Boys' and Young Men's
School Suits
In Large Assortment.
^hoes, Hats, Caps and Hosiery
To Go with. Them.
Get Them Ready Before the Bell Rings.
Greenbrier Clothing House,
R. P BELL, Manager ,
Where Quality is Higher than Price.
onccverte to Wh;te Sulphur
Four Hound Trips Diiily Except
Leave Honceverle 7:45 a. ni.
Li'avc Honceverle 1 0:00 a. in.
Leave Honceverle 1 :-0 p. in.
Leave Honeevertc 4:10 p. m.
Station: (ireenbrier Hotel.
Leave White Sulphur . 8:45 a. m.
Leave White Sulphur 1 1 :30 a. m.
Leave White Sulphur . 3:00 p. m.
Leave White Sulphur . 5:30 p. m.
Station: Postotlice.
Roneeverte to Lewisburg 35c
Lewisburg to Caldwell 25c
Caldwell to White Sulphur 40c
Roneeverte to White Sulphur V 1 .00
( Smut* Hates Returning.)
For Klioumatism, Cout, Lum
bago. and Neuralgia of Kiieu
niatie origin.
l'ainjililet giving specific direc
tions and diet li-t of utmost iin- |
portanee to rheumatic people
mailed on request from ourollice.
I'rice $1 per Hot lie.
Your dealer can supply you.
Distributed by
6. R. WALLACE & CO.,
Wholesale Druggists,
Marlinton, - West Virginia.
Jas. II. Miller. W. 11. Garnett.
llinton, W. \*a. Lewisburg, W Va.
Announce thai they have formed
a partnership for the general prac
tice of Law in the courls of West
Virginia ? both State and FederaJ.
Offices, I^ewisburg, West Virginia,
Opposite Court House.
'Now Mother Markets by Motor? "
WOMEN who have never driven cars before,
find, to their surprise, that everything about
an Overland Sedan is remarkably simple. The
driver's seat is comfortable. The gears shift easily.
Steering becomes second nature.
Thousands of women who are driving Overland
Sedans wonder how they ever got along without
them. The Overland makes the fresh produce of
the farm as accessible as the corner grocery. Shop
ping, too, becomes a pleasure instead of a hardship.
For real quality, comfort, style and all-round per
formance, the Overland Sedan is without question
"the greatest motor car value in America."
Touring . . . $550
Ro*d*ter . . 550
Coupe .... $850
8ed?n .... 89S
/. o. b. Toledo
Over la, id. Alu.'ayt a Qood Inwrtmtnl, Now the Qreatttt Automobile Value in America
Lewisburg, West Virginia.
J. B. T. CTMMING8, M. D.
Hinton Hospital
Specialist Kye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Fitting of Glaasea.
Hinton, West Virginia
Lewisburg, West Virginia.
Gold Seal Congoleum
Jufttthe thing for the
Summer bungalow-'
Congoleum means economy
that results from Durability. This has been proven through constant use in
thousands of homes. There is a Congoleum Rug for every
room in your house. They are water-proof and can be cleaned
with a mop. Lie flat without fastening. May be had in many
wonderfully beautiful patterns.
rtMuvi m m wrm
. axm
Prices ? 6x9, $8.10; 9x9, 12.15; 9x10!, 14.15; 9x12, 16.20;
9x15, 20.00.
Luther E. Kramer,
Ronceverte. Furniture and Undertaking.

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