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Who Sold You High-grade
for 25 Cents?
The Ronceverte Ice and
Produce Company;
who has alway saved you
and will save you more in November
than ever before.
Special Prices for Purchasers in
Large Quantities.
Seivice day and night. We will contract
your winter s coal at special price
Specialists in Many States Now De
vote Full Time to Management
Extension Work.
Twenty-four northern nud western
wtotet- now tin \ <? .'to specialist* io de
vOte full lime t *? furui uiiinngetnout
orfientdon work. County agents in ND.ri
counties report that they distributed
$1,068 fjirin iwcoum hooks in 1H21 :
Klft counties reported 1S.44S hooks
sept, mid 444 reported thm {>,454 farm
ers were Hssisted In smnnjariaiug their
accounts. County agents lg[ ?9? cpun
Mes repori that 2,y?2 farmers made
cnanges in their business ns t? tv?ult
?f keeping accoufffy. Wore than S00
farm -account schools, with -am at
tetidance of 20,000. were hfclfl in l$v2V
the United States DepflrttfieW of Agri
culture reports.
Good Plan to Remove Windows Frcrr,
Houses and Substitute Muslin
or Fine Meshed Wire.
In tin- fciiiiiuwr Time it is well to re
int've 1 1 1 ?- v.!r,;Io\v9 from the ppulth !
houses :.inl substitute muslin-covered
frnrr.es, <r tfrie meshed wire. The wide!
mesh wire Hilyws the entrance of soar
tows, and with sparrows come mite?
and often cljfckenpox. They tire rob !
bers of Ute mash box, and pests.
The Simple Life.
"What defense have you to offer?".
"Your honor. 1 couldn't resist the
lure <if the bright lights."
"A common weakness. I'll send you J
to an institution where the lights are^
i turne<1 ofT promptly every night at
j nine o'clock therje Is no induce
ment to sit up tan/* ? Firm Ingham
Rolling Cutter Makes It Easy to
Keep Strawberry Plants Con
fined to Allcted Space.
Tliln device will l>e found hnnd.v In
keeping the Kirn wherry bed In older
through the nuiwuer seaeyu. It I* ??
ro]Ung cutler vjied to cdt the run
ners wJUcfi Q{h<U wine JftttW spread
out Em r^wf J|d lit pl?t>t?
where they ?r& noi write#
Rolling Cuttor for Borri??.
D. K. Van Horn In the Nebraska
J>'arm Journal. By running l his ??ut
ter up aud down the rows one csn
very easily keep the plants confined
to ?he sp'aee desired. Such u devtee
Ik made of I wo colters from mi old
disk mounted on ? homemade frame,
? k shown.
H??vy Coatings of Roaidwo on Fruits
and Veeotab<9? Romovod by
Good WaahlnQ.
Poison sprays on frulto and vege
tables \t III not be found by consumer*
In harmful quantities if growers who
use iliPin against pests and diseases
follow the spraying schedule recom
mended by the I 'lilted Stntes l>epprt
hient ??f Agriculture. In some In
stances. because of heavy spraying or
spraying late In the season, Inxesti
Kill or s for i he department have found
comparat ively large quant Mies ? > f
ypray residue on fruits anU vegetables
ni harvest time, especially on prod
ucts grown in dry climates. Wli -n
heavy coatings of residue were found
washing and wiping reuio\ed iiiikIi of
it. and peeling all of It.
Kxjierimeiits along this line were
undertaken , by the department be
cause of i lie possibility that spraying
of fruits and vegetables might leave
enough arsenic, lead, of copper on the
surface to he injurious t? the con
sumer. The results, "obt<Jiied by an
alyzing spray^T frultjf^ata.yegetablea
from virions parts of tmiutry and
presented mostly in tmf fflriu 3 \a?
mes. are given in PopaHjniJ\ Bulle
tin 102t". Poisonous Metuls on fcpriTyed
?Jruite and V'egetableg. Copies may
W^Ritalned by uddr&siMQg the depart,
at Wasfilhgton. D. 0.
W anted? Dealers.
Increased production at the
The Hupmobile Plants
has enabled us to add a number of Good
Dealers. Greenbriar county has not
been developed and should be
profitable territory.
Hupmobile Dealer's Propoiition
is Liberal.
Hupmobiles all Models
and a Complete Stock of
Replacement Parts
are carried in Huntington.
Write, wire or telephone us for full
4th Ave and nth St.. HUNTINGTON. W VA.
Terrorized Workers Afraid to
Haul Him Out Until He
Is Dead.
A bull Ml into ? magazine of uitio
glycerin in the Osage oil field of east
ern Wyoming ami starved to death be
fore employee*; mustered up enough
courgge to haul out the body.
The magazine, owned by a torpedo
?'dfcipany, wan constructed in the Ride
of a h!U ?everat years ago. A small
cache was scooped out and the top
covered -with wood and corrugated
iron roofing. This made the roof
n#?rly on the name level ax the
ground itself. To protect the Iron roof
from heat It was covered with dirt
several Inches thick.
As in many oil regions, the Osage
field is not fenced off according to
leasee, and in this field in particular
the rat lie and live stock roam peace
fully among the <>11 derricks.
This scroti nls f,T the fact that one
da> a black bull villi his entire
"hHiiin" wandered dose to the site
of the maga::'ne.
With the usual indcpt ndent air
which miuht jjo iilnnu with his ofllce as
chief bull in ihe herd, he slowly
tripped across the roof to the maga
zine riiiher than go around It. The
result? onv Sultan?* hull foil Into the
"soup." There he stu<-k. Pespite all
efforts the animal could not release
Because ?>f tlie dancer of attempt
iug to gel him nut there was nothing
to do hut allow him to starve to
death. K\?t.\ImmI\ was afraid the bull
might carelessly kick o\er a can of
nitro iti the efforts to release him
from his prison, and this would spoil
both the hull and the resetter. There
were about quarts of the high ex
plosive in the magazine and no opera
tor or iriend. tnueh as he wanted to
aid t lie animal. eared to mix hull and
high explosive in such careless quan
tities. The animal starved l" death
in about tifteen days.
Ohio Youth Has Long String of Ad
venturous Experiences.
Clarence Myers, eighteen years old,
of Klyria, O., has had a more adven
turous experience than any other
youth of his age in these parts.
When a mere lad he was sent to the
state reformatory. Two years ago lie
shot a hoy companion with a rifle.
Three mouths ago his motorcycle col
lided with an auto, as a result of
which the autoist took a vacation In
a hospital.
Two months ago Clarence was
Scorched when a government mail
pliine lost in ? Tojj. wa? wrecked while
landing and w:.s damaged hy lire when
the viisoline tank exploded.
Now Myers faces a charge of reck
less drltlng. His motorcycle crashed
into a bicycle. 1 hiring the collision
John Schociifeldt, rider of the bicycle,
sustained a fractured skull and was
taken to Memorial hospital in a dying
The police decided to hold the ad
venturous > oung Mr. M.\er>%
it Was Spent Years Ago and Cam*
Back in Change.
A dollar spent twenty-seven years
ago l.anea st er. M?i. returned to its
original owner in Montesano, W#*li.,
\YI ??it Mrs. Torrence Hagennan was
seven years of age her fa i her gave
her ii ri ?1 her sister each a dollar coined
in ilrt1 y?ars of their birtli. Mrs. Hager
man's dollar was eoined in 18K7. The
sinters carved each other's initials on
the <Joildess of liberty's hend on the
dollars and the dollars were spent.
Since tl.en Mrs. Hagerninn has been
looking for b? r dollsir.
She made some purchases here this
week and a dolhtr she received as
change was identified by the date,
1SS7. and her Mister's initials. "I. l'\"
to he the dollar her father pave her
tw enty-se\ en yejirs !>? fore.
Mrs. Hagorimtn says she "ill never
spend the ?l?'!l?r again.
* ? rrr?r^^y^ , & 7">*~
Mother Built N*}t in a D,-.rperoue
Place and Cares for Them.
? Mi 1 1 ? hrake rigging underneath
the passenger coach whieh with a lo
cotnothe. i otnpr'ses the "I ?oodlebug,''
? shtuile l rain making lhree daily
trips frotn the Itailroad Voting Men's
Christ >a n association, in Klk Hnn. to
Hikers. I'a.. two tulles distant on the
Ruffs lo. K<M-he*.ier h Pittsburgh rull
ro?d. is p robin s ne*t containing three
small robin*.
Mother Itoblu began building her
nest 'r this 'pre< minus place some
weeks ngo. she started her eonstrue
ilon work early lb th# morning, and
when ihe train pulled out left the nest
and flew with the train to Hikers.
There the coach wa? placed on a sid
ing umII noon and In the interim the
nest building was continued.
A f?w days ago three lusty robins
were hatched from the eggs, despite
the migrations of t^e roach.
Splinter In Foot Cause* Baby's Death.
A liny ple? e of a ?plinter in her
foot, whieh caused |o< kjaw, ? aused the
death ?if Hefty, the thirty-month-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 1.. H. 1 'i|?**i
of Klkhnrt. Ind. I'art of the splinter
bad been removed but an unsuspected
part remained and was not discovered
UTttll the child b?ri me seriously 111.
One of Most Useful Discoveries
Recently Made.
Mfsrs Provided in Salacting S??4
That May Do Away With Nacaa
?ity of Testing C??h Eur ?
Hov% to Distinguish.
(Pr?p*r?tl b> th* United li?tM Department
?r An (culture >
In the study of root, stalk, and ear
rota of corn, oue of the most useful
jHeoovevle# that ban beep made is a
very i\ot!ceoble difference between
starchy ear* aud horny ears In the fre
quency or Infection and in the vigor
or plant* produced. These differences
are discussed in Department Bulletin
106*2, Relntlou of tlie Character of the
Endosperm to the Suscepliblity of
Dent Corn to Hoot Hotting, by John
F. Trost, assistant pathologist. The
Investigations were carried ou Jointly
by the United Stales Department of
Agriculture and Purdue university
agt (cultural experiment station.
Ears of the dent varieties that have
starchy kernels have been found to
be Infected with root-rot organisms
more frequently than ear* in the same
seed lots that have horuy kernels.
This provides a means of selection
that may help to do away with the
necessity of testing every ear U? deter
mine whether from the standpoint of
root-rot Infection it is desirable to
plant. Starchy kernels are easily dis
tinguished from those with horny
endosperms. The horny kernel Is
more or loss translucent ; that Is,
lets the light pa^s through in <he
same way that oiled puper does.
Starchy kernels are opaque? like a
piece of chalk.
Starchy cars of dent varieties pro
duce larger numbers of weaker grow
ing plants, more susceptible to root
rots in tbe Held, than <!<> ears of more
borpy composition.
There is an impression among corn
growers that the depth of the dents
Is an indication of the sturchiness of
the kernels, but this has not been
shown to he true. Chaffy kernel* are
usually very starchy, but starchiness
is not liecejgflrlly associated with
normally-matured ears that are rough.
The bulh tin may be obtained by aJ
dres-ing i lie department at Washlng
r ?. O.
Federal Wool Specialists Are Mak
ing Careful Study of Output
In Texas.
invest igstlons looking toward the
establishment of grades for mohair
are now being n.ade by the United
States Department of Agriculture.
P'ederal wool specialists are making a
careful survey of the various kinds of
mc.hair produced In Texas. <?
How Children Taka Cold.
Children are burdened with exces
sive clothing and In the city home*
kept In too warm rooms. These tvyc
things are among tbe most frequent
reasons for their taking cold so eas
There's a Satisfied User
Near You.
There's a satisfied De)?*o
Lightuser near. Talk with
lii 111 and learn whether Del
co-Light will do for you the
tilings claimed. If your
neighbor hasn't Delo-Light
ask for name of the nearest
EverUser a Booster
Write foi Catalog.
Renick, W. Va.
Why delay?
Once you realize how
easy and convenient it
is to own a Victrola, you
will have one.
Call up and tfell us to
6end it out. Our pay
ntent plan is made for
mason Bell
Bookseller and
FIRE writes in figures >ou
cannot rub out. It always
leaves its red record of loss
caused by property destroyed,
revenue stopped, production
halted, time lost, while com
petitors secure a foothold.
The Hartford Fire Insurance
Company through this agency,
provides sound indemnity.
Get this protection here.
The sooner the safer.
Bass -Nays lnsui
ance Agency.
Don't delay See Them t
day in Bank of Lewisburg
I j A
to nr
jeu i
F? O
s rsT
r>j i .
A. H. JARRETT. President
O. D. MASSF.Y, Cashier.
C. H. HEDR1CK. Asst. 9ashier.
| Bern an Produce Co,:
| WHOLESALE produce.
(Dcnninp Livery B'lildicp.) |
Roncevrrte. \V. Va. |
Offers the Best Market
and the Highest Cash
Price tor your Produce.
fiuttrr, Fjfjjs, ('hirkenn, T ? rkej?,
J Wool, Hi dw, Kurs, nn*J GuiwW#
1 _
J. R T. CUMMIJfGS, M. t>
If In ton HonpltMl
Special Ut Kat, None and
Fitting of GUim?.
IJinion. >\>st Virginia
figuring on Building or Repairing ) can Save you
pi , JOHN J- T . A J
rk:,.-,v M>!] Prdourlt AJde>s( i. '^;eM ? fr'l

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