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death. After shooting &' deer, and while
in the act of assisting some one in con
veying it home, the other loaded barrel of
his fowling 'piece went off ‘and the ball
entered his forehead and passed through
his brain. He died in a few hours after
S ———————
( From the London Times, January 2.)
( Reuter's Telegrams.)
Paris, Jan. 1.
The Emperor received the Diplomatic
Body and the Ministers of State at the
Tuileries at 1 o’clock to-day. |
His Majesty is stated to have made the
followis g rep'y to the cougratulations of =
the Diplomatic Body :
“I receive with pleasure your congratu.
lations, and | am glad to testify to the
conciliatory spirit which animates the
d fferent foreign Powers, and which al
lows difficulties when they arise to be re
I hope that the year 1869, like 1868,
will remove alarms and consolidate peace,
which is so necessary to the civilized
ConsTANTINOPLE, Dec. 30.
A telegram, dated the 29 h of Decbr.,
from the Governor-General of Crete, cou
veys the following intelligence :
_ “The military measures taken to des
troy the remains of the Volunteer bands
who still existed in the part of Sphakia
called Calicrati have just been eutirely
crowned with success.
“Petropoulaki and all the foreign Vo
lunteers in the island have laid down their
arms and surrendered to the lwmperial
troops. The members of the so-called
Provisional Government, and all the
chiefs of the Sphakiote bands, have de
cided to quit d« finitively the island. They
will be sent oo board steamers to Greece.”
At a Council of Ministers, held here
yesterday, the Porte finally decided to join
the Couference on receiving satisfactory
assurances from the representatives of
England, France, and Austria that the -
five points of the ultimatum are to form
the basis of the discussion.
The Tuarkish representative will with
draw in the event of the introduction of
other questions at the Conference.
.~ General Ignatieff has applied to the
Porte to suspend the measure expelling
- Greek ships from Ottoman ports and
. Greek subjects from the empire. ‘The
_ other represeuntatives here of foreign Pow
%en decfiqg. to support the Russian re
~ quest, but generally recommend modera
-3 ;;_'f!.w;fi;g;[email protected] replied ~t,1;.;% ego v
__erniment; could not suspend (e above
- &“&cfi%”'“"**
Janvary 1.
The Porte received the imitation to
the Conference yesterday. -
It is asserted that ' Fa.ad Pacha will re
present Turkev. T'he diy of the meeting
of the Conference is not fixed.
. (By Atluntic Tetegraph ) .
MNew Yoßk, Jan. 1.
To-day being New Year’s-day there is
a holiday on the Exchange,
Armed bands of negroes are plundering
the plantations near Navannah. They
have rescued some negro prisoners from
the custody of the Sheriff, and are pick
eting the roads and defying the authori
ties. : ;
The citizefis are organizing to rein
force the Sheriff and procecd agaiust the
The National Company’s steamship
Erin arrived out to-day.
(per the Java, via Queenstown.)
Dee. 22, Noon.
Mr. Sumner has presented to the Se
nate a memorial asking that the word
“white” be struck out of the Naturahza
tion Laws.
A SNpecial Congressional Committee
has arrived in New York to investigate
the alleged elec ion frauds.
‘The Arkansas refugees allege that the
State Militia pamper the negroes and
murder and plunder the whites. Gen-#
eral Upham, commanding the Militia,
asserts that the Militia only enforce the
laws and quell rebellious demonstrations.
Martial law continues in several coun
Mr. M'Culloch has instructed the Col
lector of New Orleans not to s.ize or
detain Pernvian iron-c¢ ads, as their trans
fer 10 the Peruvian flag had been proper
ly made.
Mr. Raas'off, the Danish Minister of
War, has arived at Washington, and has
been cordially received,
The Governor of British Columbia has
announced to the Legislatare that the
Coufederation project will be held ia
abeyance prnding the settlement of the
Hudson’s Bay guestion.
The Canadian Ass mbly has adjourned
until the 6rh of January. ;
The Toronto Court of Queen’s Bench
has refused to grant Whelan a new trial.
Ati-Confederation Leagues are being
organized in Nova Seotin. -
General La Tree and E:ping, with
Spanish reinforcements, have arrived at
Havannah. '
- December 23
It is reported that Mr. Caleb Cushing
‘has left for Now G enada 10 negotiate on
behalf of the United States’ Government
for a grant of the right of way for the
putpose of smaking an interocranic canal.
G uneral Grant has sen! two nembers
of the st.ff to investigate the late disturb
ances in Louisiana and Arkansas. |
i -MEXICO. , ,
~_l’._r,elsid.ent Juarez has veloed the Bill
JEt o, fbe, fron shporiution of Mex-
1o CUBA. _ ¥
The Spanish troops arriving at Havan
nah are immediately despatched to the
insurrectionary distriets. =
MAbpßip, Jan. 1.
The Guzette of to day does not contain
anything ¢oncerning the reported insur
rection at Malaga, -
‘l'he Correspon lencia states that tele
grams have been received here, dated
vesterday evening, announcing that a
committee of the Provincia! Deputation
h d had an interview with General Ca
ballero de Rodas. The General issued a
proclamaion, which proved fruitless, and
afrerwards published «a bando declaring .
the town in a state of sicge, at the same
time informing the foreign Consuls that
he intend-d - attacking the insurzem:s.
According to the latest reports the volun
teers, numbering 700, were prepated to
face the Government forces, and had for
tified the Trinity quarter of the town.
It is stated that, after an engagement
in the strects of Malaga to-day, General
Cabaliero de Rodas succeeded 1o restoring
T'wo battalions of the National Guard
remained faithful to the Government.
The new municipality of Madrid has
elected Senior Rivero to the post of
Alcalde. .
NEUsATZ, Dec. 28.
An appeal has been issaed to the inhab
i6ants of Servian nationality, calling upon
them to rénder assistance to the Hellenes
in their confliet with the Turks, :
AgrAM, Jan. 1.
The Conference convoked by the Ban
of Croatia has decided in favour of ¢s'ab
lishing a responsible Government similar
to that existing in Hungary. : 4
From the Packet Edition of the Gleaner Dec. 24.
During the greater part of the peripd
that has elapsed since the emancipation
of the slaves in the British West Indies,
the existence of the slave-trade and
‘slavery, by which the Spanish colownists
in tlas quartew of the globe have leen
enabled to secure continuous labour in
the furtherance of their industry, has
been regarded as the great bar to the
prosperity of the British sugar producers.
Os late years, however, the slave-trade
has been greatly reduerd and may be
said now hardly 1o exist, and it is a ques
‘tion whether, without a continued re
newal of supplies, slave labor: has any
material advantage in point of cheapness
over free labour. Be this as it may, .
long ere the free labour producer could
settle the question so his own satisfaction,
his mind became engrossed by the dan
ger to his welfure menaced by the beet
reot graowers, a more active competitor
and more’ formidable -antagoenist:‘than
ever the Spanish slav.eholglvtfihas‘_;g,m._, ;
Evidence of this fact is afforded in the
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