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[[DET bekjendtgjøres herved at
Præsidentskabet har tilstillet
undertegnede Foged Listen over
übetalte Skatter til Colonialkassen
for Aaret 1875 med Ordre atfore
tage Execution for disse Skatter
saafremt Qvittering ikke er foreviist
inden 3 Uger fra Dato.
Byskatterne for de Eiendomme
der ikke cics as Plartageeiere ville
fremdeles blive modtagne her pan
Frederiksteds Fogedcontoir den
Ade October 1876.

alongside that schooner. Then thera were
active, nimble hands to get that rum out quick
into the small boat, and there was a certain
Custom House officer there to help and see
that it was done right, but, singular as it may
seem, he has nuver taken occasion yet to report
that as among his official duties. Some alarm
was occasioned, and the unloading of the
schooner was stopped when she still had on
board 200 five-gallon demijohus filled with that
obhoice rum. A little before daylight she ran
off down shore past Savin’s Rock, and these
200 demijohns were thrown overboard one after
another at a littlo distance apart. While this
was going on, when the water was just lighted
up by morning, a Custom House officer
happened to be looking down that way through
a big spyglass and saw the long line of things
that bobbed up and down on the waves in the
walks Afi \he schooner. Ile went right down
thers va a tug to sce what those things were.
He gota few of the demijohns, but the water
was pretty rough that morning and the tide
was coming in, so that pretty near all of them
were smashed together on the rocks. There
was nobody on that scnooner when the tug
caught up with ber that had noticed any
“ Has there been any smuggling since then 1"
“Not that I know of 1f there is any,
nobody comes around to tell me aboul it.
But T don’t think there is much any more.
When a fellow is caught smuggling nowadays
be is put in jail, and that’s uncomfortable.”
Tis hereby made known that the
Presidency has transmitted to the
undersigned Sheriff the list of arrears
of taxes due to the Colonial Trea
sury for the year 1875 with order to
levy for said taxes if receipts are not
produced within 3 weeks from date.
The taxes for town properties not
owned by estate owners will as
hitherto be receiyed at this Office.
Sheriff’s Office, I'rederiksted Octo
ber the 4th 1876.
500 GLS. Lamp, Paint, Lard and
Kerosine Oils, in One and Two
Gallon qus, Kegs Nails, Tallow, Tur,
Oakum, Pitch, Paints, Canvass, Twine, &
other Estate necessaries.
Halifax Herrings, 3 barrels Family Beef,
Tins But‘ter and Lard, Hams, Starch,
Vinegar in demijohns, and all the usual
supply of Groceries, Provisions, Liquors,
Malt, Wines, etc,
Frederiksted, Ist QOctober 1876.
OR SA L—E—by the Under
’F signed
40cts. per Bbl. delivered upon
oocte do. do. do. in town.
Work & Rest Oct. 6th 1876.
8 7T. iRO 1 = 5. ¥ .8 .
October 2nd.
New York, October 2nd.—A telegram from
London announces that the Right Hon. Robert
Lowe, ex Home Secretary, has delivered a speech,
in which be vehemently represented the necessity
for the immediate reassembling of Parliament to
consider the course the country ought to adopt
with regard to the Eastern question.
PrymoutH, October 3rd.—The R. M. S. “Tas
manian’’ from the West Indies arrived here at
five o’clock this morning.
The correspondence will be delivered too late to
admit of a reply by the outward steamer.
October 3.
NEw York, 3rd October.—The Czar of Russia
has written an autograph letter to the Emperor of
Austria in which he proposes that Rusria should
occupy Bulgaria.
The London * Times' commenting upon the
Czar’s letter says that his Majesty has misread the
mind of Europe.
The Right Hon. John Bright has expressed his
opinion that an extra session of Parliament is
October 4.
- DemERARA, October 4th.~The cricket match
was resumod yesterday morning by Demerara
going in to finish their first innings which was
concluded in about half an hour for fifty four runs.
After a short interval Demerara was again sent to
the wickets, but owing to the very effective bow
ling of Penalosa were all disposed of by 2 o’clock
for eighty two runs.
Total in both innings 136 thus leaving Trinidad
the victors in one inning with 28 runs to spare.
An arrangement to play aroturn match having
been made Trinidad went to the wickets at 3
o’clock and when stumps were drawn had a score of
84 runs to their credit 8 wickets having fallen.
Play willke resumed to-day.
New York, 4th Oct —ln reply to the mediating
Powers the Government of the Sublime Porte offers
tc agree to a suspension of hostilities, and promises
to prant national reforms, and toremove the disa
bilities of the Christlan subjects.
This offor bas been refuscd by the Servian Go
vernment who will not treat for peace except on the
conditions at first submitted.
In France the bullotings to fill up vacancies in
the National Assenibly have resulted in the re-elections
of fuur-Republicans and two Bomapartistg, Messrs,
Peyrusgo for Auch in thie department of Gers,and M.
Tron for St. Gardens in the Haute Garonne,
eAy e
(From Dagbladet of lith September.)
The Minisiry of Finances has appointed
Civil Engineer C. E. I. ANDERsEN, and
Colonel of Artillery P. C. BoECK so super
intend on behalf oi the Ministry the eree
tion of the Central Factory in St. Croix.
The two gentlemen will arrive in St
Croix at the close of this month. Ow their
arrival the work of erection which is ex
pected to extend over 14 years, will be
immediately ¢)mmenced.
e D B R
The Ezport Mercantile Advertiser and
British Prices Current gives the Prospec
_tus for subscriptions for shares in the St.
Croix Central Factories with the following
introductory remarks :
“In our July No.we made some re
marks on these interesting possessions of
the Davish Crown which we are glad to
observe have been highly appreciated aud
CORIC(] by the St. Thomas newspapers.
Ve know the difficulty ina tropical
climate to get people to bestir themselves,
80 as to accomplish any given end that
requires exertion, yet we trust that the
“SveAr CeNTRAL Faciories” Company,
whose prospectus we give below, wili be
only one of the efforts that our friends
will make to raise the present condition
of these Islands: and we shall be all the
more glad if they are able to do it without
the aid of Euglish or French capitalists.
Should, however, help be needed, we
have little doubt but mortgages or prefer
eoce shares could be floated here, seeing
that the matter is dona fide and must com
mand respect.
We 'hear on this side, with what truth
we know not, that the island of St. Croix,
where the Factories are proposed to be
carried on, has been somewhat impover
ished by continuous erops. This is a cir
cumstance that cai easily be rectified by
a cargo ortwo of Peruvian Guano. The
system of a Joint Stock Company is par
ticularly suited for making improvements
in the manufacture of sugar assuch a com
pany by an expenditure of a portion of its
capital, can become the possessors of the
newest and most approves methods of the
machinery, both tor the cultivation of
the cane and the manufacture of sugar;
which will both increase the quantity and
quality of the produce at a reduced cost
—a circumstance that small planters can
rot afford to do.
It becomes the resident plauters at oncer - -
to put their shoulders to the wheel.
“ Providence helps thos: who help them
selves” ; and, doubtless the success of the
scheme lies in a great measure in their
His Excellency, Governor Garde, Gov
ernor-in-Chief sinca 1872 of the Danish
West Tudies, by last accounts had just re
turned from a visit to Copenhagen, where
he prosecuted with energy the furtherance
of this Company. lle is deservedly popu- .
lar, as one who I:as the best interests of
the Possessious at heart; and our best
wishes are, secing the ¢ right man in the
right place,” that these may culminate
in what is locally called « The one regeff*
erating p'an ftor the island of St. Croix.*
e A e
(From the Bt. Thome Tidende )
Tur following is an extract of a letter,
dated Moutserrat, September 25th,
addressed to us by G W. Westensy, the
well known M-teorologist :
® ® e = k] e £
“ Some account of the late storm as
experienced in this Island may interest
many of your readers.
“About 11 & m.on the 18th of
September, the wind which had been
blowing very moderately from the N. E.,
during the morning, veered to the North
with squalls of wind and rain, thd-Baromtter .
slowiy falling. In the aftrrnoon the force
of the wind increased, changing to West
of North, with a rough sea. At sunset
the squalls of wind became more violent
with occasional showers, and the
sppearance tothe N. West was dark and
threatening. Up to this time tha
Barometer had fallen three tenths. About
7 p- m. there was a decided lull, but not a
calm, indicating that the centre of the
Cyclove was passing at no great distance
to the North of the Island. About 7.30
the wind began to blow in heavy squalls
from the Wex~t, changing during the night
to South West, and early on the morning of
the 13 was blowing moderately from the
S. Llast, withalmost a clear sky, and a
calm sea. No damage was sustained in
this Island. During the latter half of the
storm there was vo rain, and no thunder
and lightning, and no swell or heavy sea
preceded the storm at this Island.
From our experience in Montseirat, and
from the reports received from other
Islands, I gather—that this Cyclone
originated not far to the South East of
the Leeward Islands, as it was not
preceded by a heavy sea—that during the
carly part of its course it was of small
cxtent, and by no means violent—that as
it progressed to the N. West it rapidly
increased in size and force, and became a
destructive Hurricane in the neighbourhood
of the Danish Islands—that 1t progressed
in a right line at the speed of from 10 to 14
miles per hour.
From want of iiformation respecting
the changes of the wind at the various
Islauds dwiing the Storm, we are unsble
to trace the cour-e of its centre; but it
appears to have passed to the South of
St. Thomas, nearly over St. Croix. over a
part of Porto Rico, and to the North of
Hayti, and would probably be felt at
Turks Island before turning to the
We learn from Cape Hayti that the wea-_
ther there on the 14th ultimo had been
very bad. The hurricane which visited
us on th= 14th havinga'so reached that place.
It has caused very much damage to the
coffee erop ; destroyed and damaged about
30 houses in the town, and amongst the
shipping there has been soms injury. A
Dominican Government sciooner has been
lost with all hands.

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