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4-4’- * ! : ‘ >
un-g 36tey CHORISTIANSTED, LGRDAGEN den Sdie APRIL 1880 No. 97,
— e R Ly s
6 Dollars per aanum, payable
‘half-yearly in advance.
| 4_‘?“8&1316 copies to non-subscribers, 8 cents
Parties desirous of withdrawing their
übscription to the Awis are required to
ive 3 meonths ndtice
Approved by Government 25th JunelSso.
For an advertisement of 8 lines or under,
one to three inse: tions— s
SMALL TYPE (Brevier) Itoß lines. .21 60
swnrß livgesa pr1ine.............. 2U
LARGR TyYPE (Lcag Primer, Small
Pica, Pica and Columbia) 1 to 8 lines &1 00
ENER s e e ... ......... T 3
For a line of the largest type....... 10
For one to three subsequent insections, the
half ameunt of these charges will be made.
All advertisements for insertion mmst
be delivered at this Oflice on TUBSDAYS
and FRIDAYS not later thon onc o'clock
p. m. The poestage on letiers to this Uinice
from West End or £t Thomas must be pre
paid or no notice will be taken c. taem.
=2 Special confracts will be made Witk
rarties who may be desirous 10 adrorlis by ins
year, half-ye:rly, o quarterly.
On Sunday the 4thinst there will
be Divine service held for both Con
gregations, with Confirmation for the
English Congregationin Christiansteds
Lutheran Church.
s —————————
The Tunne!l of Moot Bt. Gothard, the
greatest engincering work of the kind ia
the world, has just been finished. The
vhjeet of it is to conncct the railroad
eystem of Germany, Switzetland and Iraly,
and its construction was ; ceemed necessary
in order to offset the commercial advan.
tages that were acquired by Fraece in the
building of the Meat Ceuis tunnel, and
Austria with ber road across the Semmer
ing, which ara the connectivg raiiread
links for those two countries with the same
portion of Europe. The chief works of
this kind in th-jworld are four'in cumber—-
namely, the Hoosac ard Sutro turnels in
the United States and thejabove mentioned.
The Mont St. Gothard is the lougest of al',
its length being more than eight miles ;
the Sutro is the shortest, being less thaa
four miler. Toe Hoosac tannel is 475
miles in length and the Mont Cenis about
seven miles. All of thess great works
have been constructed in the interest of
trade and commerce, and with the Atlan
iie Cable, the Pacific railroads, the Suez
Caval and the Panama Cauzl, when it
eball have been built, will be among the
great industrial monuments of the century.
If'the tunoel between France and England
is ever. built, it will, of course, surpass
anything of the kind ever attempted. Our
own’ lé)fl‘h'_River work, if pushed to
completion; will hold po insigmficant
plage, beside the works we have mea
tiooed, nmor ia such; an epumeration
should our great bridges, like those of St.
Louis, Niagara Falls aod Brooklyn, be
lorgotton.'%’i) works of practical utility
more bgs been accomplished in the uive
teénthi eentury than perhaps in all the
ceuturies jthat have preceded it.—N. Y.
Herald, quoted in the St. Thomas Times.
s S
ARI - Sy
: wnfilmoh von - Treitschke, the
*Mhuton;u. politician and
SL wum«mmm exigts ia bis
country a ¢ Jewish question.” In the
last number but one of the Preus
sicke Jahrbucher of which he is the editor
he conciudes a most janteresting paper on
the prospects of Germuny with a troneh
ant attack en the German Jews, aud this
attack he justifies Yand develops in the
current namber of the same periodical.
The position which he takes up is as
follows: Germaoy is a newly formed
couttry, and though in Prussia it has
fouud a strong and comparstively oid
State to serve as nuec'aus or leaven to the
whoie,Zhe moral unificatiou of the peonle
cannot be said to be yet completed. Buth
the iuternal stats of the coantry, in face of
tL2 socialism of the artisan clsss, and its
extorua! policy, in view o' the two dsngors
wiiich meoucs it from the east and from
the weset, m.Ke the firmest uoten mora! ad
bome indianensable. Now there are sever
reasons, he argues, wiy the Jew, horviless
avd even useful, in some countilvs—is 8
source us duncer to Germavy. The ficst i 3
thal the Jews are mueed more vumercus
there than in aay otaer countries of tha
west. In 1871 thers wore iy Spain 6200
Jews ; in Italy, 40,000 ; in Frauce, 45,200
in Great Britaio, 45,000 ; in Germany,
512.000. The rata at wnicu they have
ncreased during the pressat conovty s
very wstriking. In 1816 there w..c
Prussia 124 900 Jews ; in 1546 there wers
215.000; ia 1875 thera wero rgarly
340.000. Notwithstaudivg 3000 couver
#ious to Chejstianily. “the nrunortion ol
rJdews to thy” whols boly of intabi
tants in Prussin rose between 1815
and 1946 from lin 83 to 1 1675, At Beilin
there was in 1816 1 Jew (o evgrv 69
inaabitaots ; in 1846, 1 in every 49 ; 1
1871, 1 in every 25, and now there is
probably 1 in every 20. Nor do thesa
fignres give any adequete notion of their
influence. T'ue w.crag >of wealth » mong
tkem is verv higu, and the aver. e of
education among them is still more remark.
able. In 1875 the proportica ¢t Jews in
the Prusian Gymnasien wus 11 9.5, and
in the Realschulea of the drsc-class, 1 1u
10.26. It is notorious that quite & Jispro
portionate number of Jews are mambers of
the learned protessions, and that tha press
in Germany is almost wholly in their
hands.— Saturday Review quoted ta the St.
Tl.omas Tines.
s s§() § e
The Roman correspondent of the Globe
states that Socialiem has its ageots in Ituly
us well a8 in Germany, Fraoce, and Russia.
Tae Ris orgimento of Turin relates that on
the night of the 19th the streets of that
industrious and loyal city were covered
with notices of the Inreruationalist Society.
In Vie Rotero, cn the walls ot the Cliucch
of the* Martyrs, was written, ¢ Brothers
work not oo the festival for a great tem
pest must burst.”” In Via Morte di Picta,
on the wail of the Church of Saen Tom
masn, was iescribed, * Death to kiogs
aud priests;;” ¢Death to kings ard to the
gentry’® was written on the corver ot Via
San Maurizio, Opposite tha shup of Boe
coni was “Viva Passanante,” aud *“Viva la
Republice” was written on the corper of
the appeal Court. Count Alexis Wara
towski, member of the Hungsrian Parlia.
ment, and travelling in Icaly for his
pleasure, wss robbed of bis haad-bag,
coutaining a large sum of money, at the
Verona Railway Station. The thief was
discovered. He was walking on the
platiorm, and findiog the deor of a first
cluss cariiage opep, eutered tbe emp'y
compartment aand found the hand-Yag
under the cushion. The Count became
aware of bis loss between Verona and
Brescia, aod the telegraph was employed
to give notice to the station masier at
Verova. Five policcmen had observed the
thief entering the carrisge,and suspected
bim of felonious intentions. When arrest
ed all the woney was found on his person.
~st. Thome Tid¢nde. ;
New York, 20th March.—~The “‘rimes” in
an editori<] promouaces the oplnion that all
cotjoctuies a8 to the vesalt of the fortheoming
Pacliamentary elections are at preseut worth
Parie news reports that Prince Orloff, the
Russian Ambassador, will immediately present
his letters of recall, and will be succeeded by
General Ignatieff.
New York, March 22nd.—The leading Jon.
don newspapers are attackiog the Monroe dous
trile in its bearing upon the Panama Canal
scheme, declaring that it has never been scoep+
ted as international law.
The “Times” io a leading articls says thas
Amurida can cont:ol the undetaking by sube
gunoing foe a majorily of tha stock. :
Liadon vews staies that the Liberals are
boastivg of their cortainty of victory ai the gene
eral electionr,
The “Tlaes” Viesna coircspoodert baving
report3d that e Kwperor of Auvetria is apxious
for the success of Lord Beaconcfielc, Mr, Glad
stoue has published in reply a latier couobed in
briter terms,
16 West India and Panama Telegraph
Compainy's vew ropairiug steamer ¢ Guapnler”
is eXpcoed o witvs au S, Loomas from Enyge
lapd at the end of Apii.
New York,23rd Marea—The Juiversity boat
race Was wob by Oxford,
News from Saloniva annoueces that Culonel
wynge and wife have been lansumed, aud releas
ed hy the brigands who receutiy captured them,
Lo tho house of Lords the Sceretary of State
for lodia i renly waa snquiry denied the axe
istence of an agreamont wit Perata bus adait
ted that circastanoes migot periwit her vocupas
tivn oi Ylerac,
At a dinner given at Corl in honor of Mr,
Paruell, Mr. Digzar io the esarse of a speech
said thot if a cunstitationa! vourse failed Irve
lacd wizut produca anotber uwtmann with
ba'ter resulis than those at Moscow.
News from Eoypt asnounces the murder of
the Grand Siac of Mecoa by a Persian fana
New York, - Tuch 23:d.
Flour per vurie, =O, Lawr. brand, $6 75
“Lual, vest Beaady wina, per barrel. 831 to §.
Heavy Mess g, pee oarrel, 812,
{ Crystals por 1b.,83 . to §
Su;_rar I'air to gn;)d ret ;ng ey Ib, 72 to 8,
Goghish Islands M-lasses per gallon 33 *¢ 43cte
.";.‘lClld“gLf Nevy York and LL’UdOn. 455,
L\)Ddull I\chh 23:d.
s l):fil“. Sc'y“‘a.fi {_‘or UW’\\ ;£l- 73- 0" du"
s');'l. free. nluscovado. do £1 18, 04d
Z Clayed Havana, No 12, £1 65, 34, sfloat
Denerare Kuw per gellou 1s 31d. in boud.
Trinidad CUocoa yper cwi. £4 U od,
Cou-0s 98 to 93;,
Bank of Ko land Rate of Discount, 3.p cont
Liverpocl Cotton Middling Uplauds 7§ (0 §.
3 percspt KRentes in Pacis 82,70,
Andreas, DRichar.; Chenery, Ri
chard ;Danalley, Dorothea; Dix ,Ro
bert ; George, Lonisa; Green, Cathe
rine ; Jonas, Charles ; Josevh, Annie;
Mayers, Lowis E. M ; Peterscn, Elis
zabeth ; Poierson, Federica ; Steward,
Ferdinand ; Sweansen;
Baptist, Emanuel ; Charles, Eli za
beth ; Christensen; Edwards, C hare
. ay
lotte ; Wivers, Matthew ; KEmanuel, Fra;
Flynt, Mary ; Griles, Cornelius; fenaq
Norah ; James, Susannah; Jour gain
son, W ; Leeavy, Hanarater; Linquis;
Marques, Elizabeth ; Millen, Caroline
A; Modt, Catherine; Nully, foha de;
Parson. Sarah ; Patrik, Franky : Pear
tersen, James: Petcrsen, Fredricea;
” -
Robert, Andrew ; Roherts, fare; Sim
monds Mary, Ann; Taasie, Rosa
mon ; Wiiliam, Jeremiah; Williams,
Johana ; Williams, Matilda ; Williams,
Samuel ; Williamson, C. L.
_Froderiksted’s Post Office, st. Orofx the
27th of diarch 1880, .

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