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St. Croix avis. [volume] (Christiansted, St. Croix [V.I.]) 1844-current, April 10, 1880, Image 4

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lEET bekjendtgjåres herved, at
) .Dlester Wiiliam F.Moore her as
Stedet Dags Dato har opgivet sit Bo
til Skiftebebandling.
Alle og Enhve;, der have Naoget at
fordre pan overnævnte Miunter Wil
liam I. Moores 80, indkaldes herved
med 6 Maaneders Varsel til at anmel
de og beviisliggj"re deres Krav for un
dertegnede Skifteret,
Frederiksteds Skifteret St. Croix
den Gtø April 1880.
1 o
E-FT E R Begjæring as Præsident-
P skabet for t. Croix vil. den. St.
Croix Colonialkasse tilhérende Suk
kerplantage -
boliggende i denne Oes Nordside
Kvartéer Litra: B. sub No. sad 6,
metd Tilbehor as Værker og> Bygnin
gerblive udbudttil Salg ved eenoftent
lig Anciion, som afholdes paa Thinz
stodet i. Chrisiiansted L6verdagen con .
17de April 1880 Kl. 1 Eftermiddågen.
; Conditioner og Øvrige Salget ved
| r.ör?nde', Documenter ere til Eftersyn
paa Procurator'A. Hinschells Kontor
" iChristiansted.
Christiansteds Auctionskontor dem
31te Maris 1880, F; T

the Bgr{ec 'co;zg}nggs¢gi¥ ;{s;pl;,pfr place,
At that very mpwgept Ifaw & mau with
bleeding hend, to which his Lands were
cEasped} emergs from tie broken reof of
the tur f(. whence also,’ almost immedi.,
ately alterwards, issved wreaths of emoke;
pot’by soy méans dense, but very like the
firsd,t’sfw‘-fninc curis which spring from .
a newly:-lighted fire, At the neéxt instant
there was a cry of * Fuoeo!” ond whilp
some of the sailors mouutcd. the roof of |
the turret to essist any comrades who
might be in danger” within, others rapidly
brought a hose and asmall hand fire-en.
gine, which directed a stream of water
into the turret. By this time I bad been
ablete make some slight examioation, and
found that while the roof of the turret was
-raised and broken, the back wall -behind
'the guns, with its 22-inch solid steel plates
:showed a rift which bad been torn open by
‘some resistless power within. Meanwhile
-all alarm of fire ceased, and wounded men
were brought out of the turret one by one,
JTtappeared that no one was killed, but
that two officers and seven men were
‘wounded, two of them dangeronsly. Still
it was difficult to know exactly what had
bappened. The muzzle of the gun, though
'degpresged, had not moved forward at all,
mor was there cny mangling of the men’s
ibodies. The only dangerous wounds were
ithose on the heads of two men, and the
only broken limb was that of 2 men
who, being on the top of the turret, nad
been struck by a loose stanchion, The
idea which first cccurred to more than one
mind was ihat the bydraulic press had fail
ed, aad not for some time wasit known that
the gnu itself had gone. The Italian officers
never lost the gentle courtesy of their
menners, and no difficulty was made to
hicder complete examination of ths scere
of the accident, which was unique, so far
at least. as the expcrience of any ove
predest assfsted him to judge.
The gun bad not burst, in the ordirary
acceptation of the term ; the interiorsteel
tube bad been entirely fractured across at
the puint where the enlarged powder chamn
ber bégins to slope towards thas lesser
part’ of ‘the bore—~the shouvlder of the
powder ' chiamber, &3 it may be callod.
The rest of the gun, composed of varions
tubes made of coiled wroughi iron, had
simply disengaged itself as a glass stop
per might be drawn out of a bottle, and
the tubes were not broken in the slight
est degree. Each one appeared to be
as sound as when it had been gliruok
on ‘to 'its: fellows. The whole of
the.-muzzle, together with the trunnions
and the coils immediate!y behind the trun
niope, even including the ivuer one which
snrrounds the steel tube, remaioed fixed by
the trunnions ty the carriage. The only
movement of this mass bad been the de
pression of the muzzle, which has been
previously mentioved. The rest of the
gun, ineluding the whole of the breech,
coutaining the rear part of the steel tube,
from the shoulder of the powder chumber
backwards, had separated itself from the
muzzle, portioo, and, being unsupported,
had, yieided to the forcs of the discharged
powder and been dashed backwards against
the wall of the turret, displacing two of
the plates, cracking the steel lining like a
mirror, and crushing the heary wooden
baeking through the gep made between the
two plates.
This extraordinary accident has showa
that, the guo as it exists \Jossesses, an_ele
ment of weakness in its lougitudinal con.
struction, also that the enlarged powder
chamber is, at least in its present forin,
liable 'to longitudinal strain which has not
been sufficiently provided for. It is how
ever, on'y fair to remember the history of
these guns. The contract was thet they
should be abla to produce a certain effect,
whigh they did easily with an ivitial velocity
some, 300 ft. or 400 ft. less than that which is
now, giyen to the projectile. I: is now a iong
fiii ncq, the guos were ordered, and since
th‘g‘q,mq of gnzif_ged powder chambers has
bees introduced. . The tubes were bought and
f“di!h‘»'x;w"'?- rmrg manufacturad before there
wag auy, idea of erlarging the powder chamber.
It @ay well be, therefore, that tha stepl is not
thmg{l:n the breech end, and the idea
may. 9gpßr td constructors of ariillery that the
prfl? of shrinkage over the tube whore it is
thigned by the powder chamber may have a
unfioy} pp;ppj;%‘xs it more than at the thick
er part, s‘l‘9. ereating noequal - tengions, which
'owtg LBt }h?.ghqq!get.gf tbe chamber, and
prepare she tube for rapture at that point. The
" fractare 4(1? tlje steel ifnbe is por?eotlly olean,
eld has occurred jnat at the commencsment of
ths front cone of the ocbamber; and as the
gius, Were not originaily wade for ohambers,
but altared afterwards *o nieel the latest deve!- '/
opments of scienoce, the acoident mayy perhaps, }
ba of use in showing “that great caution moet '
ba observed in' chamberiog old gues not de.
signed for the purpvse. I hope that I have
made it plain to your readers that the gun bas -
not burst ioto fragments, but separated into -
two parts’ evoryining else remaining intaet. J
There can be little doubt that the shot was out |
of the muzz!e an appreciable time'befora the . |
two parts of tho gon separated, otherwise not 1
a man ie the turretcould bave lived; while
the actual resultis that not one has beeun killed, .
and that two &t ieast who were standing at the
forther side ot the turret have escaped with a ]
fright and a little singeing of hair,
The Italian ofiicersare showing a fine spirit
on the oceasion. Signors Mattei and Brig, on
the part of *he commiesion, sad Captaic Albis
niy Director-General of Nava! Ordoance, say
ihat in spite of this accident they are willing to l
remain in the turreis whils practice goes on
witl: the other guns, 2nd they bave telegraphed 1
to the Minister as Kome requesting that the |
trials may be allowed to proceed by contiou
ing the fire both from the damaged aft turret
and the sound fore turret.
S oot e
S ——————————————————————————————————————————————,———
NflTI E E !
| ROSENKRANTZ will thauk
all those who were present at the
"“Easter Monday’s Pic Nic¢” at Golden
Rcek, to send to her, all things which
by mistake, have been taken away
with theirs :—such us : Plates—Dishes
Knives—Silver Spoons and Forks.—
"Table Cloths and Napkins—Cork
Sciews.— ¢
The Baroness herself misses sevo
ral ‘things—as also o silver desert
spoon marked W. R.—All those who
have not got their things are requested
to send to the Baroness, for perhaps
they might be armong some strauge
things . which already have been
sent to her, such as. 2 pr. of Gloves.
1 Veil—Knives—Dßaskets—Towels
Napkins, and can be seen daily after
12 o’clock ‘
Bassin, April 1880.
et S e et e e . <
[q T the request of the Presidemcy:
ir) of Bt. Croix the Estate ~** ' -
belonging to the Colonizl Treasury
of St. Croix and situated in Northside
Quarter Ltr. 5. - sub No. 5 ad 6, with
appurtenances of works and buildings
will be ofiered f-r sale at one public
Auction to be held at the Court fiouse
in Christiansted on Saturday the 17th
April a. ¢. at lo’clock p. m.
Conditions and other Documents
concerning the sale aré to be seen at
Lawyer A. Hinschell’s Office in Chris
tiansted. _
Vendue Office Christiansted the 31st
March 1880. L
" H. A. JURS.
E- S 8 0 Rl
A L uiJ
:11 :!F H £ HOUSTS and LOTS
28 J No. 24 Market Street, and
Nos. 1 and 2 Hospital Street.
For terms please apply to
Attorney to the Executors of the late
Christiansted, St. Croix 31st March
= For Hent
Witk possession on Ist April.
at present oceupied by C. R. JACOBS
IFor particulass apply to
e i it i
Andreas, Richard; Chenery, Ri
chard ; Danalley, Dorothea; Dix ,Ro
beri ; George, Louisa; Green, Cathe
rine ; Jouas, Charles ; Joseph, Annie ;
Mayers, Lowis E. M; Petersen, Lli
zouoth ; Peterson, Federica ; Steward,
Ferdincnd ; Sweansen;
Daptist, Emanuel ; Charles, Eliza
bett ; Christensen ; Edwards, Chax- i
lotte ; Eivers, Matthew ; Emanuel, Fra; .
Tlynt, Mary ; Griles, Cornelius ; Isaac, *
Norah ; James, Susannah 3 Jourgain-«
son, W ; Leeavy,Hanarater; Linguis; -
Maranes, Elizabeth ; Millen, Caroline !
A ;- Modt, Catherine; Nully, foha de-.
Parson. Sarah; Patrik, Franky: Pear; -
tersen, James: Petersen, Fredrioca;
Robert, Andrew ; Itoberts, fave;Sims
mends Mary, Arn; Taasie; Rpsa-'
mon ; William, Jeremiah ; Wilhams.
Johana ; Williams, 17atilda;; Williams
Samaunel ; Williamson, Ci Lo« vas
Frederiksted’s Posi Oflice, St. Croiz the '
27th of March 1830, cnp gued ot
b const: 1
: 4 L. FABER. 7 i = u&‘:
‘ 2is oln zanil ossili vd besld
{ OF LONDONu« "v =

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