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T ———
Christiaasted, St. Croix.
| camimedlahom Ui, iR A i
Wednesday, 25th May 1892.
At the Colonial Council’s meeting on Mon
day, at which His Excellency the Governor
was present, the Budget for the present finan
¢ial year was under discussion, and occupied
the attention of the members for several hours,
the business closing shortly before seven
o'elock, For particulars of this unusually long
meeting we must refer our readers to the
forthcoming official report.
NVS ——
The Committee appointed to take steps for
celebrating in this town, in an appropriate
manner, Tug GorLpeEN WEDDING Day of
Their Majesties Eiag
Christisan IX aad
Queen Louise
next the 2e6th instant.
Propose the following:
That from 7 to 9 ooclock a.m. there be a
Regatta in the Harbour.
That at 2 o’clock p. m. s grand Procession,
headed by the Military Band, formed by mount
od Riders, Chariots, Societies and Organisa
tions move from the head of the town and
march out, along the principal Street, to the
Parade-Ground; where suitable spseches will
ba made and amusement afforded, such as
Horse and Donkey Races, Greased Poles, and
Sack Races.
That on the Evening of FRIDAY the 27th
inst., there be a grand Torch-light procession.
In order to carry out this programme the
Public snd special Associations are hereby
cordially invited to partake, with the request
that they notify such intention to the Com
mittee. A List for signatures will be opened
and to be seen at “The Agency Bank of St.
Thomas”’ and at Lawyer Stakemann’s Office.
Christiansted, St. Croix, May 23rd 1892.
At the meeting held at St, Johm's School
Room on Friday Evening last the following
gentlemen were appointed Committee of
Management, viz:
W. CREAGH Esq., M. A. PRETTO Esq.,
Lawver STAKEMANN was appointed Chdir
man and J. (. CANEGATA Secretary,
S ——
To the Editor of the “Bulletin”
Dear Sir,
I beg for a little space to express my
yegret to learn of the depariure from our
rmidst of one whose usefulness had begun to
make itself felt inso many different direc
tions. I refer to Mr. E. Branch, who leaves to
day for Guadeloupe.
Although we have so frequently to part
with those whom we estzem, yet it is a thing
to which we can scarcely become so accustom
¢d as not to experience deep regret whenever
there 18 a recurrence,
Mr. Branch will be missed by almost every
body, but especially by the members of the
several institutions with which he has been
connected, and I am confident thet I am ex
pressing the sentiments of every appreciative
member of this community, when 1 say we
wish him God speed.
p For the members of the Choir of St. John's
Church I beg to express my warmest sympa
thy; and I trust their departing leader will
be leaving with them a large portion of that
zeal and whole-heartedness wgich has char.
acterized his management of the Choir.
1t will be interesting to the members of St.
John’s Church to be informed that a series of
concerts to be given for the benefit of the
funds of our Church, is projected, and that
Mr. Branch’s services were very largely cal
culated upon; his departure will, however,
only modify, not dastroy the scheme, a fuller
account of which will be given later on.
May Heaven's choicest blessings attend
onr young friend throughout his future life,
and may he fin!{ an ample field for his useful
ness and activity in the island whither he has
been called to reside,
I :m dear Sir,
Yours faithfully; .
23rd May 1592 .
|We havereceived a letter of similar tenor
flcm “An Acmier.”]
P B 2 a B X A YRa
Deaths. |
registered of persons buried in
public cemeteries. |
April Christiansted 1
2—Child, Louise Samuel, of this town, aged |
4 months, i
s—Pauper, Martin Petersen of Richmond :
of this town. 1
“—Child George Davis, of this town, aged 1
year, i
7—Child, Ilva Maria Williams of this town, |
aged lzlyvm'_ :
“—~—Child, Rosamond Jaocobs of this town,aged |
10 months. V |
13—Seaman, Andrew O’ Daniel of this town, |
aged 22 years, ‘
16—Child, Elizabeth Phillippus of this town,
aged 1§ year. fi
“__lnfant, Antoinette Powlis of this town, |
aged 1 day.
18--Child, William Alfred Pentlhieny of this |
town, aged 1 year. ; :
19—Invalid, Mrs. Nancy IHall of Est. Soith |
Gate Farm, aged 72 yeurs. |
20—Infant, Theodor Clendinen of this town, |
aged 2 days. |
“_lnvalid, Julia Williams of Frederiksted: |
21—Child, Maria Roberts of this town, aged 5 |
weeks. g
25—Invalid, Christian Petersen of I'cter’'s |
Farm Hospital. ;
“—lnvalid, Elizabeth Williams of this town, |
aged 76 years, e
28—Infant, James Alfred Parrot of [this town, |
aged 1 week,
29—Invalid, Busanna Williams of Richmond, |
80—O0hild, Joseph O'Rielly of this town, aged |
7 months,
“—Child, James Emmanuel Francis of this |
town aged 4 months. ,
April Frederiksted.
I—Labourer, Joseph Barnet of Jamaica, aged
30 years.
“—Child, Thomas Williamsof this town, aged |
4 month.
9—Blacksmith, Edwin Wallace of this town, |
aged 64 years. !
6 Child, Caroline Denersen of this town,
aged 1 year.
7—Child, PMay Alberta Eylets of this town,
aged 4 years,
1‘:)—]3\“(21101', (}t‘()l‘gt,‘ Bertram Woods of this
town, aged 8O years,
“—Child Clarence Lefhore of this town, aged
3 years. :
13—Child, Randahl Plaskett of this tow 1,
aged 9 months.
14—Pavper, Maria Abramsen, of this town, |
aged 78 years,
16—Child, Angeline Nicholson of this town, |
aged 10 months,
17—Invalid, Nathaniel Simmons of list. Ad
venture, aged 76 vears, '
22 Mrs Sarah Crafford of Christiansted, aged
60 years. |
“_Child, Lawrence Finegan of this town,
aged 1 year.
24 —Labourer, Mary Henry of St. Kitts, aged
48 years,
97—Labourer, Joseph Hinés of DBarbadog,
aged 46 years. ,
29--Cook, Julia Sasso of Vieques, aged 26
New York, May 2lst.—lt is stated that
the British Cabivet has decided to dissolve
Parliameut on June 20th. |
The Baron de Worms, in the House of Com
mons, read telegrams of the terrible difis
ter in the Mauritius; one third of Port Louis
has been destroyed. The Royal College |
and 24 Ohurches are wrecked, many sugar |
mills have been demolished, 1,200 persons |
were killed and others have since died of |
their injuries. ;
The “Times” states that Spain has can
celled the prohibition of American pork. |
New York, May 23rd—London ncws states !
that her Majesty has made the Khedive of |
Egypt a Knight of the Bath. |
The Prince and Princess of Wales have |
started for Copenhagen to attend the Golden
Wedding. The King and Queen of Greece }
have already arrived. ‘
In view of the recent speech of the Mar- |
quis of Salishury the Cobden Club have alop- |
ted resolutions to welcome all effrrts to draw |
closer the relations between Great Dritain ’
and her Colonies, being convinced that the |
Fisoal Union of the Empire by a differential |
tariff levied against the rest of the world f
would be disastrous, The only practical fe- |
deration of the Empire, must be bised on Free
Trade and the adoption by the self governing
Colonies of the non-protective policy of Great
Considerable excitement has been caused in
Paris by the discovery of a dynamite oar
tridee at the house of the Public Prosecutor.
It isreported that a Brazilian Turret ship
has been lost near the mouth of the Rio de la
Plata with the loss of 120 lives.
Demaerara, May 2lst.—A meeting of those
interested in the gold industry was held yes
terday to protest against the new mining
reulations recently passed, which will eome
into operation on the Ist proximo. It was
unanimously decided to immediately telegraph
to the Secretary of State for the Colonies pro
testing in the most emphatic terins against
the new regulations and asking tfor a suspen
sion of their operation, and also that a deputa
tion be sent to KEngland to interview the See
retary of State.
New York, May 24th.— The debate on the
Irish Local Government Bill has been resumed,
Two huge petitions were wheelod into the
House of C'ommong, one with 155 305 signs
tures, from the Protestant Alliance, and the
other with 101.406, from the loyal Protestant
League praying Parliament for the appoint
ment of a commission to enquire into the eon
dition of the convents and monasteries in the
United Kingdon,
Mr. Healy called the attention of the House
to the Marquis of Salisbury’'s speech at Hast
ings and asked for an explanation. The Rt.
Hon. Geo. J. Goschen in reply said that the
Government had no intention of Mhtroducing
any general system of ad-valorem duties,
Sir Charles Tupper, speaking at a meeting
held in London, said that Free trade was prov.
ing fatal to Canada and that Coblen’s theory
that all countries would follow Enzland in
adopting free trade had proved fallacions and
Cobden would not be a free-trader if he were
living to-day. Mr, Beckett said the Marquis
of Salisbury had struck the right note in de
claring that free trade had been carried too
It is reported that the] English forces in
West Africa have defeated the Jebu avmy kill
ing 400, inclnding 20 chiefs,
At Copenhagen the King and Queen and the
Duke and Duchess of Cumberland welcomed
the Czar aund Czarina, who while landing were
grected with salvos of artillery.
In his speech yvsh.‘l‘«ifl‘\' in the Council on
the question of retaining the Exhibition build
iy;u ['l;h l-:x(-pH.\,n(‘.\ the Governor stated that if
all the guarantors puitl up. the deficit would
not be more than £2,000, Illis Excellency
might have gone further and stated that if all
the cuarantors had paid up immediately after
the Exhibitoin and when they were called upon,
there would have been no deficit at all. Until
the guarantees are paid, with which the Com
migsioners will pay the sums borrowed, the
interestan the loans still acerues. The interest
amounts to fully £2.000, the amonnt the Gov
ernor stated would be the deficit.
s. IR RISt P
General Precialo, the Governor of the
State of Morelos, Mexico, writes in the most
encouraging way of the progress of the Ex
position work under his charge. He states
that bis State will appear at Chicago with a
large and varied assortment of its products.
A very able (‘ommission has been appointed
to take charge of the work, and one peculiarly
fitted todo this by reason of the experience
gained while engaged on the display made
by that Stite at the Paris Exposition. The
Governor is giving much personal attention
to the progress of the work at Cvernavaca,
the capital.
The Governor of Zacatecas, Mexico, writes
to the Latin American Department of the
World's Columbian Exposition that he has be
gun work on the preliminary matters relating
to the display of that state at Chicago, and that .
he is desirons that the state ghall appear t.o.the
best possible alvantage at the KExposition.
Letters of a similar character have been re
ceived from the Governors of several other
states in Mexico, in all of which strong cfforts
are being made to gecure a full display of their
resources and products.
Dr. Horacio Guzman, the Minister of Nioar
agua in this county, has been appointed Com
missioner General for Nidaragua to the World’s
Columbian Exposition, and has received in
structions from his zovernment to select a site

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