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Ceredo crescent. [volume] (Ceredo, Va.) 1857-1861, May 15, 1858, Image 1

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* *W*
vrMBnm i
—f Aa trwayk af the iatriew
WW M Ik* |lorioM ItUitf Palo iUa and
Bmmde la Thm, the TMtoriotti fore* harried
(MM Ik &ioO«aade aad occupied the Jiexi
M Im «f laKaont. But, ufortuuttljr,
Aw «»• Mt llw Ml; ipfidtn, For, marching
vifk Aa ralieat aoldiery, or following rapidly ia
ftairww, waiaaolh»f boat,of •mall mcrchanta,
of deeperudoes, of ^tntier*, anu orarj varialj
Of lautl— •dwaUrai*, iaeladia; >a*im of aa
Miai ari Aiert*. Any oo« aaa reodlly imag
liatka eoofaaioa, affruya, and mortal raacoan
MM vkab aaaulted from ta«k a hatoropeucou*
M oT ivflamiuable human atom*,
tke HMtow profeaaor* moat erudit*
to tke bialory of the four queen*. a* alao the
■Mat daaplj Warned to tba ascaaa of bair trig
ML Mn tbrec brotbara by tke name of Allan
Thai* art and dexterity, backed to aoeb cmer
0| by tba howie-kaiffe and revolver toon rcu
WM aOloriowe, and promised. in a brief
ad, M koaak every bank in the vicinity—
i of the kigkeet courage trembled at their
V *ad area oSeere, wearing the uniform
_4J, accorded to tbair deaperatinn an ox
oourteev aad reapect which belied the
apt aad hatred of their heart*.
At that tiaie (bare was a brilliant aaloon Lent
Open for public amaaument aad private pr«>fi'. by
oaa Fernando IUu, a wealthy bat ararieioa*
Hoaniord The dealer at the m^ntc table «u
h«a daughter, Maria a young sir! poa«e*«;*l of
that wild bewitching bciuty which *o often dia
liaguiahee tke laaciaating female* of her nation,
•ad. aa—ilhalandiagker unfavorable and doubt
fal eituetioa aa a principal ia the genteel gaui
Uiag-kouse. abc bore a fair fjui • for virtue a*
w*l> aa iatelligeaec. Indeed, report aaid. with
wkai truth I am uaablc to afirm. that abc dc
Uatad the poaitioa. aad filled it only from the
eem pule toe of percotal authority. Atallevoeia,
ahe praeided near the card* in al! the evolution* i
of lokla foituae with tke rareet j<racu of man
•era, aad tke utaaoet kouevty of conduct. A* I
might ke logically inferred, aueh \ariuu« anil
ovMewt attraction* eombiacj to reader the m
labltahaicut a pUee of general resort for the
rliu of the army, aad all the moat accomplished
rouaoieaeur*ef ahaace; aud toinaurc the exrlu
ak»n of the ptehaUa elaaa, the rule bed b«ca fist d
tbatthc Inweet hot oa the hoard rnuat amount to
A »ie«r oijilit, ft I he full moon of
llw lkr»g brvllun Ali«n, kaiia;'
®f all the ivftiiur UauLj lu.
^***^ryhl'ulL p»sk^a fall ofgo^'^K ,
'* * *tt^'t
6m tkvadarer^fc «r « far' * ,k* ^
*lur..tir. afr^f »•«•« -'".r?"
WrtllifBltM -^g" W»tli j«r«ml< linilintnti. i
«4« (ff)- MflraoiirjinJ ikeir heart* with wjmI
Jy Anil faeilUy. ••>•) i •* wrrj lu ravnvd it. h«i
UM fmtt im »<rertlu!raa Mrlitn. that Mt ■ ff*
l^atrta «f aider Md more tltllnl Mill jilltter
W -K Mm h«»i ;i ■»■» illmwioittnn of the »il«er
•toodaliera. and RKtifnlrJ »ju.]■••>»»« «f huui
aga br«R ll>« alarry »*iU-a »! ilw buatii'ul an.J
b^luliiuu M«b.
Willi (bat r»<lv, in»p<tuo«itv. arkiehj
Mara lk>* anything rl* mark* the i«ul of ikr
tkorou^L lin «i rutin. Ib« UM, k*d Lr« ilier«
m4* tkair way to ike ai »i>i« uU«. To aayr iIk
tiMtk, li>) found lilllf difficulty in duin^; mi. a>
Ike tkrouK kaalily rilrriioJ at tkair adva.tev,
wltk a* aittek trfpkkliu* if ikay Lad keen
Llkiaa lioa» fremh friMu Ike J-xrl
fall back fraai Ike kuard to a »afe di«tjrir*, atil
laft the caalf«t al««« t« ike llifee frii> rnil ^' itu
biara. K*#n Iko lovely dealer lined iwarully
pata at tkeir apfeariacv a*d Kar f*iiy tiu^rt•
^•Irtfad Mrtuatl; a* »kc »hufJcJ ika paittlcd
] War* atau*l Ik«t *11 Ike pr«fioa» planar*
«llUrr« tr*«M lW«- |«uU. kdl tka ~an«ralily af
tka rMMrl M««t bu 1 kv a anliury nttji
tk« Th«i* tn «ar tlrwxtr tl»*t h*«l l
I* l«w« tka tTMlax Wfjr«, wk-> mintjirt«<l hi*
Mud tKlwit m uttli *■ (,U»«i*K at iW Uin
4m !!• dUfrm r*«U l«'k «p<*» tLi« f»r«m
M<1 fall to Iw uriA villi Ik- tia^Ur prrMW*
•f k»« fMlHiinn< *••] ririttx* llo we» a tall.
Mtkar *W»4«r ak«pa4 win. >«■( III) j«<r< «.(
•fa. h irriMi or h an Indian. «ilh
rtrjr b««ii«o«« f**i«rr*, miIMt 4-«ilt«c af
vrlnkl#*, t*4 <«lr#w#ljr yoatkful i* tl.rir a-j« rl,
—mlj iidirtiini hair kia ya»r» Ilia »•«ap».
MllirM, i»d all kia 4««f«Mr, ittanl pan.
tlyakft'l 1*4 alwoat pranij and riklUlnl a
Mdiii ill tf iHtliiair ■•laatkaljr «kirh kai«kt
m*i tka l*Uml af kia fanltle»« fafw and facw
Kiaitwwm Mill, p**Hraliay. and <»f a «l
liMi ki»<*r. tHaraH, **-»«•». I Ilk* a*«
yli Waaalk tr«« af a.»)Mti 4i«aa*i«aa,
Hal taak'J alirv a ilk »atU lk .*„•(.«• 111.
♦in «■§ »taia Uaak. an J 4i«fl«H • Mraag
IMiMd wilk Ik# far raUra. rWl> r«fl«, aa<l
jkiWrtr MMMON •»» ika Iriaao Allm
Tka la<tar at »k* aataal iteknl a ikawtad
fellara m>' aa Ik' r|«aa« af kaarla a ad Uat.
vklta tka Uraaftf. katia* •J<p-»4ta4 a like aaiu
m tka aaa af ttidw. pw«rd ta ka a aiaaar
-By kaar#a Ikat tuck faal •windlta-.' '
Ika »UM I rttk»«, ia taaa» af krutal
Wa Mtt taaak ik#% riyktxanxa tl Ikr
A# ika - - -- P . 11-1 at- - A.J
•Tka ryarian *a<l ktr ptna»«f ai
|M Ik'rraa'" rrM ika wa>< AlWa
-Wa i |
Tka Mr af arary Wak«Mar trn Uataari) H»
* IHaJ aa Ik* rtaagii af Ika n»a»pr, »ki» f*ar
Haf tTM ImIm Mftlly aa ka 4t«ata4a4 ta «
ttafll kat mHWy dUtiaal vaira tk >ayk Iktk
I ftaaa kar i|llall I kaait
am from the State of Virginia the proverbial
chivalry of whoM mm » oarer faulted by aay
act of miae."
"Bo yoa mu this to bo a thraatT' cried oac
of the brother*.
'You may netift it aa »ach, if yoa foel to
disposod," replied Dagaa, without betraying any
emotion. "1 intended to convey the idea that
when I an iaaaltod, or My ripfcts are outraged.
I aa ready to demand, or exact, thai satisfaction
claimed by gentlemen throughout the world."
•Ton wifi fight?" cried the elder brother in
••All three if aeeeaaary !** waa the eool response.
'-Walt till we break thru iafernal cheat of a
bank, and yoa shall be accomodated to roar
►Hi art * content!" aaid the eldest Allen, wall a
| fiendish frown.
Again the young girl. with qairering fingtrs.
threw down the fonr leadiop cards; again the
trinity of wicked brothers risked their money,
and this time on the king of claim; but the
luck still run against them, and tbey lost, while
the stranger won his bet of fifteen hundred on
the mm of diamonds.
'-The ahe-rogo«* bn« played us false, and wc
will rake the table!** vociferated the Aliens,
•prikging to ihoir feet, and drawii»c their bowie
knives tr ••xeeute their menace, r! *1 irrmi*.
Hat i|uieker than their motion—quick as the
lightning's leap-—was the action of Dugan; for,
boauding four yards backwards.-he covered the
heade of the two boldest desperadoes with a I»c-1
ringer in caeb hand, which had 'wea ready curk
cd in his pocket, and shuated: ,|
•VilUiue! stir a muscle if yc dare and the
devil shall have hi" own!"
Atthe moment the bystander* interposed, and
an arrangement was effected for an immcdiaU
Interview of honor between Itogan and the eldest
brother. The parties, attend* d by a swarui of
eae'^ed spertatoM. pri»eeeded forthwith to tlio
bjuk or the llio Csrundt. opposite the site where
the city of Ilrownsville now stands, and were
placed in position by their respective seconds.
It waa the hour of midnight, and the great
meridian m<xin. like the niagie lamp of the par- [
eat cbrynoliic. brimming over with eel«->tial plo- •
ry. gave a luster nearly as vivid as tlut of day.
and ineffably more chaste, more em banting,
more divine—sueh as the sweetest smile or an
angel, the moat fcoly light of heaven.
nan a inmate. or ie»». before th<-dealU »tgual,
l»uran detained, in a calm, clear voieo :
••A»*a»»in and awindlar! I wilt ant kill jr«w.
for jrou are not fit to die; bat 1 will cripple jour
«jojiuiii tT.rcdjjght hand ahall
ST aiwi ttwuiWi, *«M<"
which iliould*
1 ■"■ ■ r-- t>ra iwtiifc^rj
The word w— given, aid rtt Ua tot ach***
the weapon «r the brave VlLjUiao roa nad on the
night air, a«d the bullat •KllmJ the othar'a I
arm at th« prr^iae point indioatad. while the I
mnrderowa daaliat l«d #'»t ti«^e to poll hi* trig- :
ger. and the Teaaau;!!^ <UUq<. shrunk from a '
similar earnestly proflcrrd ordeal.
Kinrc then, the vietor ha* Lewn a re«ident of
the Pio (Jrande. and lu» engaged in a dozen '
ntlirri'iiriMialfr*, I Kit alway< with ♦!»«• mwc h--.ii- '
derful h.T«>.«»u and forbeirjute. Strange, val
iant. u.i ?litv-niiinl«,«l Btan ! I'uriug a life of
almoai sixty •umtiifrt, he ha# fuuc'ut a hundred
fearful eonfiirl* r.u the wild frontier, and every
one, had he M>< ho«en. u.i_')it bare b«—n fatal to
hi* ant ig»ni*t« : but yet t.o weeping widow, 110
pal-mother, no moaning orphan, from ail the
grave* of ihi- perished { ant. roao to h^nnt hi*
dreamt, and lay the icr«taiiu« of a bv-reateuient
at hia door.
Tlia Tnwi'rijrt pirw tbr f-illoni:»s:
tUlu t of a Irrturr on M«rm«rr, br llalpb Wil
do KnffMin, w"ii< It waa •liwirilljr »uilr>l to
liriny jui Ike lr(lmr'»lat»«t More* of imdltfl
Aa a p">p«r prffif to I hi Krrtara, ooe «r l«o
rfnir'i«r«iifn of jMithfil day* «»rr willed.—
TK» aprAr reffftnl to tb«* riifrralUI pleasure
' witli t* birtj br iH'inl at that tiim- of Aaterira'a
S moat fl«|««nl dirin<-«. It ywd to lir thr fa*li
| ion in r oat pan j far <>n« iftrr anotlirr to detail
»• manj «.r the brilliant |>it>a^« of tbe famed
t di«r*»vr*r« at tk *v c««ld rarollaet —
\n of i«e waa prodwwJ «jmii Mr
KM*r>on bj Ibr cii'isfM ui mrm"Tj of* err
11 tiit prr#<in, tth'> ftHiIJ rorrert (br eitatioaa ef
Ilia fricad*
In another inaunca. Mr. Kiamon, vaa on
boirJ m ptrkel, for * twilrr daya pttnj« to
l'birlrM'>» Yor two day* be r<*»aiM*d i|«ir»
cant •• tbnaa a*an|«aint«d villi ant arr apt In
ba «b«n frit i•'«!inmiiav th< latitat**-* llr
■flit illy wtKiif-l diirinyr that iotarral »a<*riti»f
I If >a fntai Niltaa* l*ycidaa. nntil br b«a<l lb
•b«W |Mm vaa it bi> poaw-a«iov
Hn«r aaiatal* bat# tlraayvr iK»*rir< lb**
■•I. a»cb a» d<Jpa aitd barwt wbiU- »tb<»r», liar
tijffra a ltd baaat* of prry, lurrirM p'«'r *f f»
j »««ibr»it( Tb«y roHtinwjIljr b«it ajraiaat tbr
•>ar« of tbr rayra ranlliag tbrni witbo«t iirod
! imp tbr htjnrira I bay r.»o»t *ntly n~*rt
Tbr I rat fratt ijualitj ot MtllifJ ia (rmriljf
' I'ttllkr lb* ibtarnvotjft. Uataad of r*r«iti*f
'lb* iwprwio of tbr iMfr, tbr IMC itarlf ia
UtlttrtMj at tat pad mt» tbr platr Tbrrr it
r««i|n* natilrallr j apf.tr fntarr aaa Tbiaar
roaaiUHi^ ia tbo imaJ iapimit tl««»a'. hi a
ipawd (t«Mft,
Handily of ffwbta»rr W tbr diatla«ai«hiaj|
*aalarr •' tatnj bm Tbtaa Mark# linlltl
I'lttaa a ad Wabatff Mr tbair dWtikrttna to tbr
I abtitty ta Mat'rtla at lb* laalatl wlgbty aripi
dtiaa* by partUaat aandalM or farla Wbra
•bat »«* boa tad It appaarrd aa tbaoyb lint
"•id Mrrtla all ibay ant b>*« It ia lb<
ia ! A i I f # ibal maL a a ,
1 *r Wl Ml'* rW* IWpflt ItfVIHt
M>a|ap«ra lad Wwdwattb aaifbt bar* hitw
*>aad Ibatr fmmmm. ItNtiad of "•■vtttiac liatt
to yiptt. bad Mmt baa* tadaa^J .lib a. Afl
: t»mmm itWwMidati bar a tf*i I of afii)
i j tm a watitblbli liftn TV* j *at y piifcfi la
tba4r^M«d »ba« taybady aaa do aWwtj nd aa
1 baJtbTpi7..I^MdMlia»a i^piirTrtty ^"tbli
i «f#*«a» atad aAwt; aba*, kfmrbdft baa baaa
| able. School jjirln src fr^n.'Dtlv »toff.-J with
i nursery rkjan, and unstchn from fashionable
j poetry which they retain with so mucli ease, and
wear so loosely, as to ha almost marvellous, bat
I theoe acquire meat* only appear pitiful to the
old aehoUr, whose attiinuicnh are for service
As instances of prodigious mcmori—. the ram
of Theml'toclcs. tbt Athenian lUitaHMl, of Ln
ciua Scipio, who could t»ll the narnaa of his
whole army, were citod. Bonaparte, thoazh h«
1 eould not re lain a single Alexandrine line of po
etry would never foreet hi» army return*.—
1 (jrutidf was once present at a review of troops,
I when be wan asked by the prince of Oraagv if
| be eould repeat the name* he had jost heard at
. the call of the muster roll, lie went through
the list. Frederick the Great knew cTery mili
tary p-Kt ia his kingdom. the ranaoni in the
ablic arsenal*, sndlhc place or every bottle in
is ecllar. Sir Thoiuas Ilrownc had an Ejjp
tian memory in vistiiess.
When we see an individual whose memory
keeps pace with our own it excite* no notice;
bnl if Ik can remcmhor what we cannot, ws look
apou liifc with respect. It is inexplicable where
the fragment* of information, which come to
land when they are wanted, arc kept. Nobody
h*i yet been able to turu himself inside out
quickly euoijjh to decide the problem.
One striking provision of the memory is tlut
ixautifu'ly for~>-T what slmuiil m>t l»e recieiubcred.
And though the ccoaral rule has W» enunci
ated by the authority of <>uintillian that the re
collection is in proportion to the penius ye! a
defective memory i» »iot demonstrative pr->of of
a lack «»f penia*. Sir Isaac \ewt«>n. when ijsc
tioncd as to a po«t discovery of his own. hcsilatad
and was ruafocO; yet he eould iuvcut a r-»oti
on the spot, if demanded.
>oujc tluii?« everybody reuirnihcr*. A mod
itor i* in uli^lit danger nt' furpllin^ hit d«lrt>ir,
and mankind pem-rall'. keep nn inialt ir>4' — t
Old Beit Jitliiixtii u«> 11.< *.;y it «ji liirii tofor-^
the ! kick. It rt.iu.-d that tie l ounilj
rio Mem t>»wn* *cri- f irnt>.-r)y c«taLli»lic:! by
whipping a »~hoo| l»=»y on the *ite.
Tito memory i* nlire. It retain* it* power
durin•; il«ji A ui^ht« paxivitv of pity Meal
aeiiiity lrn|ui<at)y rx|>Uin< dia(ult>nil tin^'M
quortiuRr. TL»ni3< Mix.ro. tin- poet, wrote >-u a
certain nffaiion a poem, «UrL br carried al»iut
in Lin memory for i*reral «Uy» Wfore rojtjm;
it. lie •eea«ionaliy biiraiiu'uul iulrrwpcrtion
to ace if the rrm-. wer«> Mill retained. I'oet*
tt«uallv liave ritMlin win !«.
Mom dry depettd* upon tin- in»i~ht. If tiiM
Uttrr ijuality l<- ttrun^ and penetrative. tiwn
Ilk wind wilt u eorrc*p<»«wlini; tltjtnv of'
«*i'cativ«& IJ.-k.uJ ak-a aura lo U « •-- —i
If y *o«U kww Imw »Hort tb* «fj
tucCS p*opf« rt JIj U md ihc popular work* *f |
to day ot.r year frnw ihi» tin*, and yon will be'
regarded a perfect Sphinx of information.
Maotory like mu«ic. annihilate- tiw. It fi- j
t«*e in a wild atattf la ihlldrcu. I: eonneeU an - \
ri.-tit with modern c*i»t»n<-.-. ami ru»bl<» the in
dividual to live worthily on th<* rartli. Memory
b, »w f>ft i)h> «-(wnn' of p«'r«oii»l identity.
\V<• Miurtimr* iira^im that our thought* an
new. bccaUM' me cannot tell lifti tht*y hate keen
furd iu th«' intellect. lli't there i* very little
ncvaco unuvr -uu. Much of the »eienec
of the prr«onl tiiif In* it• r<«»t« far l«aek in the
pa«t. I.urard'* re«nrrhe« at Nin *veh filinmrd
a civilization of more ancient date '.ban thv Nin
M Y«rrnt; - «>»• .* !.t Mr —F»r jrara
n<» nlt»' tl».1t a JiifT of *rtfl f iril. do-.'
from ili amor- or ImsJ in iltv tartli. jk>«««■»«•■<I
jiiv oi!ki <|iulitv iL.iti < <>tnl<u*lil>!<- or
talusMi for any oiU.-r furf"? lit in »• fti»l
II mat ucxt ll;*t it aft->rd>-<l a w Licit i«
»l«i (ItrntWal imIpm |>iurnl it
to U mvk' of l»T>lr«»3^». lb p">rf•• «.f tinio
Mfrh^nirtl ami p|).'wi>n1 iiip^nultr d'riwil •
ut M>iiafi<*tiiriii.' lijia ami it
to ibr lljli'ii.,: of llic i«nl !.uv .Kill filar* • a
lirfc mvU. In tli(« othrr |»rtwliiet» ml
■li«tilliti'iii «rr« ti*T<'lnf>nl. nntil Iir »t*j<.
lite in;* in.'r.'«li«nu or tantrriaU art- cm
trjdnl frnai li I An oil tu ••appl*
' li.'lllKrtW*** c«Jiail to litr lc>l ipfrhi »il, al l««rf
f»"t It. Iii'«|ul( —J li;lll uill i>f i lliftrii lilliil
• kwL tta|<«ralr« iwllt, anil maul.in. I «iti< ri
pnr or •ir. if »« n*r*l f.«r li
heavy flut«l to 4i#w»l*c j. r« l« a In Im fit*
1 kr, etc. 4 An nil «•* -rll«»rit f>>r lalHrlwtUas
pnr[n>f< ft nki lti> a M^k •••li 1
avUlaiira ««*il in natkmv (arni*iw<, c iTrria?
rv>r< and <ra«ll>. l'ari .tin —*«bit>
ert • •a'"la*" rr»r»k|i»t^ I • wn,»liil.
nil an*!- into •««*>f«l max riri'ltr. if t«. H«
I at a ifMpfiilnf'" of I In ilr/rw" ami aHitdi
• nfrll^m liyki All Ikw •<•!■• tin<-n ara «.•«
«a»'lr fr*mt Ikr xifl •••al at K»«ia-k)f ami wan
nfartaarr I bjr a at ri«»r»j.«irt in tkat
Mtat* TWr hitr l«»(w rrt.ift« in operati-»«
' #far an«l afjkl ron» iw»in- ai-fit or frn Itn* il
n>«l »t»rj taaairMf iH»ar« On* <-«n kaMli
roalitf. a« le tik'« a laat|' of kMt ) •*4llf »«i!
'i» Ilka kan.l thi* Ik k .M» rwnlnlc I tkarain
all tWa»« illlar'tt in rniiraUaktiKnl ailkir aa»>l
vki'k a littf* beat j.r .j«»rl. a^liiii ailf IiWi
fX .rtl, Aii.'tktaa
WnrrrrMti r<* o<t Hi hm%<i« T-k»a
rletn 1 ift'l iWat k'»M arat»r l'*l it
half 4 W*WI •( —4 aU'k H l»t
^ri«n »w it water miIk t» •*«•<
|it fmr *r i«r m*I»m 4—y. oirim- |i «aill
>Uk"l WW* «|«4t' 4m*<I it «ifr
••4 I iwt • #f »(•«. mk!
m* of mmm *»li wbi.lt mjr W M M in
«f iWi 4rtffM« ««4 •fawli i» « f~w 4ij* «ii
i #»«§ IW «Mm»hI *»' k*r4r* Mt «Va «m4
wtk A U Mftwi t »M#r i* Wiag m ►» Ik
—p -j *f lln*k
To *«k ikf iU»» wa«fc »f a mm
>«Ur, UJ U IV. «kr*
IF f fan nla» *41 4 —fa>> I •> !«
-*J ' — I | M, ■ « I , .4
far ff*< •* tM^ajfar «4i A* fH
TW mW mm k f*«t a* •»«*• • •■■»
| It « only within the circle of Ur dot»ea lii
' assiduity that we eaa jndpv of tke true worth ol
a -woman, or utr a eon ct estimate of her far
bearanoe. her virtM, and hor felicity. Then
are displayed all the finer feelings of which tha
i pare heart of woman ia snsocptiblc. It ia id
the tuidat of trial and nflwiaf, misfortune and
anguish. that the nobler trait* of the true wifr
in displayed in all their characteristic pran
Jeur. Adversity only increases the ardor of bet
attachment; and the constancy and intensity ol
1 her deration arc »ueh aa no rbtnpi or chansc*
>ean cstranre or eufcdae. There are no roc rim
i mat ions to drive love away; violence to alienate
the heart; no acgloct to impel to desperation.—
Atl ia love, kindness, and persuasion." Oh, what
i« more sweet, more calculated to enhance the
ralae of domestic relationship, than for a man.
rait down, worried, almost driven to despair, to
tnrn his footsteps away from the busy world
and tuinjrlo with the loved once at home?—to
have a place where feeling and sympathy arc
manifested. where glance responds to gtanee,
and heart t< 'icwr:—where the sweet musical
voice of one utaiest and dearest to the soul, life
[inspired, yet nnobstraetive in its counsel, sends
him forth a^ain, with a stronger shoulder to ateai
thv^tide of adversity.
Mroret- arc »o important an that or know
ing how to make hamc hipM. Rwatj nf fc»
twrc- i« not amHrr. < trdinarv feature*, when
lit up with the atinbcau* of wwikilitj, gener
ally ex'-iu- theism-.' |Mi»iou« which they cxproa*;
•B4 the winning attraction of their amile ia
rcit« them with peculiar charm*, like the vurie
/*t*<l huca with which a brilliant rainbow tint*
tl%- loouty cloud*. The proud and dangarou*
w/ff of ^euiut n not nccc—ary. Lat a woman
« what m iuGuitely more valuable—good
(oaiuma n*o«, and intellaet nuficient to dirwet
lit in tbc n«<i appropriate manner to all the
(practical purpose* of life. Let there be truth
f«!no»« aud integrity in her nature,, strengthen
ed liy a thorough eourae of mental diaciplinc,
an 4 it will not fail to pi re beauty and power
to h«r thought* and character. It doe* not
(ouaiat ia I be ready flow of conraraation, capti
vating in it* vivacity, brilliant in it* frc*lt eoa
cptiom, rharming in it* poluhad aentcneaa,
duilin; in it* wittiet*u»«, aad inatructiva in it*
True, thc*c purification*, combined with those
ron*titut<-J tn rctj.k-r borne happy, may make a
woman the taMiarBt of all wbieb tha most
noble fend imaginative heart could wi*k or dm
•ire; but they an not caaaniiallv oeeaaaarjr A
woman with ordinary fimtmaa and ordt wary a Ml -
■«» Mtur hi>llwB8 w CSBB^—
puu on Ur imiln like Imt ornament*, n<
tlmacs her laiud, like hrr person. for company
in painted rolor*. tstitiow charity, and juneh
Urt IwwtoUllfP?
The Irw (wrrl or mail DC homo happy la to
/.»«r< /A- krtrrt «M thr rhjht jUttrr; to have the
charity lo over-look foible*: to Icaru to forjiivr
• ml to and O'-vw to he too proud to n«ke
eonec«*io»a—-ever. ii it wore, intuitively. with a
blind man « inatmct. detecting thoac thoooaad
little thin?* that evince, io ailence, a devotion
and atfcciion unapcakablc.
Hut. above all. the wife thottld {mmtm tint
rft'iioi.' fifty which lead* her to forpet hcraeir
in aeokin:; ibe ylory or tiod and the happinaa*
of Iter fcliow-t«iii?a. Thr u*eful attainment*
•»r lif • *hould be Ui^dtil with the higher ae
<-oin|.|i«hiu'nt»; and the attractive amenity of
her manner* • Would oprin? le»« from the poliah
of iali-rcuafM tl.au from the inborn awoameo*
of her disposition. Hhe mint be a woman tr«e
to lieraelf, hrr naturv. and her deatin)—owe
djrinr to break away I'rom fiaahion and the al
lurement* of ntooanrv. and to *oek her happi
!•»•»» in the with of duty alone. Hhe mwat be
•»n«itive in h«r <»rr'jmiatiou ardeul io her feel
iii'.'. «li'il» «'iiiW tn her attachment*, calm and
S'Btlr in her «i*dom tender in her aympatbj;
firm yet not oatewtatiow* in her pi*t*-« woman
■e!f poaaeaaed. bavins the tram|wii sir of wwe
tonaciooa ot her own moral atren^lh. and of thr
■ ti<li'irr of tiapolae. ami feeling- tw aa-red to
U lightly di«pl iyed to a worbl which ha« noth
in? in rom«*a with them and wbt- h. there
love, in the ark of love at home, itwah forth.
Ii«. a leaping fountain, in all thair fulneea and
their glory fh«- can he atronjc in the very re
eerve and »hrinkins delieaey of her character
and even whil«* appearing to ameer dtffo*e a
lran<|«ilii«tog mUtraw aver nil around her.
!ik< the fjlia,- of lb. t ore toft iiyrht felt but
n it h'-ard, awayin^ all by the ma^i-: power ol
J her lore. The pain* lb- wib lauk to than*
.the hwaband kef-.re mamiye ikoaid ho diuhled
•lierward* I root that period I boy booawao a
w..rbl of tiaeu own The tie that bind* tham
.1. u!-l he iaiataewlate strength — impossible la
withered by rtw fala* rota*west of ri.iaud
T" • IwiUri wilti I >il. M
V-i« mm4 »p»rll. (W« M Bolkiay —> wnl m •
■ «wnl. Ml *r IwtolM Hy «
jr**I Ii is Uk« 4am mm Um Am
• M like • I IT In IW lift of t »«tn
lf|i<IWr »t»f A<MI 4nlb lik* tk» mA
kan<< #f m iIm f»n«4 km *4 Ut<
ll«xr ml) • mm hhi r«*l in Um
»»• • «f • tiim U*» iWi n«mi
W ar niw'Hif HM •»••»<«< K# rkllto
■fc? wkl»«J bf lMt«HkiMM
4»ir*jr<l by wfriilni —• Im« Um| rw* m
, ptrtt u ik> iCtdww *f ■iAoan U«p>«;
Mi Ik' W«fi mf * ■■■!« fk- «bM «ll tk
«»rM f«mk' M« will W *11 ik wmtH i« Ma
• b < fy—**T H mil
L A ■Mtofi Pf »r aaf* ik«i Ikiw U m mmm mm
Ww, tW im mmmmm 4km <k« ttwmr <
wii4 m. foil mm »k~* k.-k« mm4 —mm Mm!
i«t» i—ly «" k* MS m4 ■frtd *» tk*
• i
j Awm«u
such • beading ta a mtcmk—Wmm, d
' mwm, newspaper bm witl adviae fMflt ta «i
••rtnc—-jest « a ftciutiag dly (oodt (M
I will Im« aad eaailc and "fm." wbea i.lilh),
u|»a mm U»if<ng Wit. Bat ««i<i trwm tka
j us lice of Mob a sapp iiitiw ofU utio w, it m
1 be Aova. «• tkitk, utcrat oat of the qatalina.
that dint ta a* Mhm vhidb will yriipw ■
well »itboat advortsiap ao with it. It
cijilc aa immutable aa aaj other etatnj
that publicity ia a aaor■ ■ i y ■ dd mm
' prfeeilcnt to patrooaft*'. FuLTiciIt .... •»«»*
neoneanly comc 00)5 tbrou—h tbr public prhrta
it tatg root through loop yean of pati—t
I waiting and toiiiag, bat it«omea tboa, aa %ae
aajr, "at the death." Publicity quite oftea
conn thron~h tome special knack or Jiwif
some poo pie have far petung^nowa tbonaoHraa
and getting cverythiag kwa^ilh wbi^ they
arc ia a03 war connected. Tka last, kuwia,
it ant now-a "day*. the tuoat repatsbW wy to
look up patronage. People look nwpialurfy
upon all aorta of "aazar I oafad bat" walwaL
The moat effective, the moat datable, aad Aa
C'otcst and least troublesome way ta eeaMBoad
attention of people, ta tbroagh the ttabtte
prints. Each day thousands of poopls wake ap,
6 ad lap tbeaaeelvea troubled with a waat of mm
kind. They have aa undefined aaoae of weal
ing often. They take ap the paper at or before
brmkfaat. aad they aeaa it* whole face, and bare
aad there they aort or •pick oat eometiiieg wbujb
they want. They naturally go whan ibay aae
the article advertised.
It ha* eotne to be now-a-dara, that tho ar
qairementa of civilisation are beiag mora aad
mere properly elsasified Taaa a roople at
haadred yeara apa, every man waa bia oaa
banker, never thought of depoeltiag hi* mew ay
anywhere, or of the tdaa of gettiaghL promiae
to pay teraed into aash. TV idea | imiaat of
fashion aad ikv idea aad institution rf a hawk
came in to All the vacancy. Ho with advsrtiaiaig.
A few year* ago. whoa aowapapata ware a Rood
deal scarcer and dearer than 1wy are aew, rary
few paoph comparatively • advartiaad. Coast
qeeatly, people aid not eepeet to M * eamaaa
ry of all (hair everyday waete ia tho daily, or
rather, aa they than were, tho weokW papara—|
Hut that ragime baa baea discarded la this oar;
day. Everybody almost either takes or nada
the dally ptpara. It ia ae rnaeh a habit aval! j
nigh, aa breakfasting. 31 ere baa ta aad tradete
haw found oat thie prevaleet,
or Ihcj «bu b*k* tt*r of iitt
tb« buainm. In lb* creMludt frun tb« rourt
o4tab!i*hr l firm*, in «hi! b iniwi aa Itnavjr,
of baoiaoao: firm (hot p.rem of.
Um MwjtMnt Of • poot |m«r*lMn
tborc mere M dalU paper* Wo mean
•■eli one* »- barr lUrttJ ia oton bondotl wltli
loiter or ntWr tiaim On into tbr atom
ol' a««b nnca. tbr retail oolibliobaaotita. and tb«
(•raeticol teal of tbr Ibeory of oaofjrelie au«J
liberal advoruaios will be aeea.
TllK Oak—To tkr oak - awigjed tkr ekief
rank am on 7 llw tnM of the Tatmt Tbk mt
jwlir Ipt rltiw pi»-•■line tier for I bp giMdow
<tf iu 4pfnn*M. it* prcat dinkiliK. ■ ad iu
oiMiiit uUlit; to Mti, iipwitHj
for baiMia; and ibippin; parpw If •» M
<*pl tk« rrtlar. i( M tW loan—I liml of
iht vegotaMo rmtiaa, *d<iaia( in tkr ig«
and »<»« IWu jaar* Tkn pinaaaliaa
after utMrttivn i* tvtpl from tkc faoa mf tit
oartk. drnntjr lulimlt djna«t v. MtidM aprin?
U|<. fl'mittli and d*ml. »l»ilr Ik* ■>—wh of
tkr wood*. bidding dliamrr- In tkf fmry of tkr
•torn, add brawn? tk« attar it* of UflM, mMmm
N*lnri#a apitn rrntOTM* an «m!h4mi
ll Mailt of radurin- mi/kt. Iu applira kit ilj t<>
tkr r> •|«ir*m«nt* of tk< *)>ipwriffk< iWMtlialM
|tk< oak oa* of ik< MMt important )*"d—»a of
tin* riraalry , for it M to W*r mtt IImH Ha|h»d
»• indaktrd for kor moat «arr and hradikk da
T-m*r, Our •Kip- «toti-»n<«1 armnd tkr ukad
forwiar at orrTT ttU-raM* palat an impaa*
Iribk Knhrark at* Mpitlioal^ Ufmm4 At
aoxitn »•!!• »l Krgland [*~»rjn
('•rljrk tprakiay of Makam»t «;• Im waa "a
t»«a ratkor tor it a ra in »p«»di •iKrnt iWx Ikrtt
1 woa iMatkiar to to aakl, »«' f^rtinMM »U ain
oar» wkon k» dad aaoak ahtty* llmaiai li*M
on tk- m«Itar " lie ikmk tin ika Ml/ Mrt
of afa-rfc wortk apMkiag
Mj f«f« cImU. I Im*« «• m«i |im ;•«,
S« Urk imH 4m* — 4«li *m«I ynj,
T«. m •»>*f' *•* f •« hm 7<a
r«f«in; 4*7
IB* ywd «Ml mU Im «U«lt Wltirrj
IhMUtikka mi <>■!■ U«|;
A*4 m m. Ml. (bum
|m4, mm Map. ^ ^
fh « l*nl kp
F«*l *• i
Im |m.
•r I f ^ •* «y~«

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