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Ceredo crescent. [volume] (Ceredo, Va.) 1857-1861, May 15, 1858, Image 2

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I; but let Jni
tine, mod mnil U dc
.mm lua Umm Mqsht, ad lak drafts *IG
V» i Hi mi iiubpnimd. Sow manjr of
M wTUI Inn, -im Me mart titan make
■li on An loi, If aog&iafi cropping.
by inattention te
the «oil to pnAm At crcg>
iiaiif aou ]« at Mtld contain only a
portion of Ae difieraart cleaeoti that
ansa enp vhiul f—— ordi
Xo«, jtitoiljnscriiar; la crap
pwa i<*f nad-w rib-hold masnrt.
1a «n, Out id ridbntN Las baton nb
aa 4m poor unprofitable jield, i nut cad
1UII hamit -will imwftnX It pave
orapaalaag aa it waa able, bat ii«
away aal arfliinj Loin; i»
**• mm, it Lad at laat to
|t M aU that it could and
CS Ihe ploughing Bod *be thioneae
that ia auljastal to aocb
of the aail aa the % bare •
that polo the
Lot thoac acx
rill phrc
Ml Oropa -will fail U> be prodaecd while juet
if Ike ploughing had
to bring op the faaab and un
ao21, there Iiea abundant material for
in«dh|a tandhar, alalia* plougbiug or one
of 4m anfaw and a thoo^hiltw »
of manure* Vc bo
eta tea of oar T)niun wo
ahow a graatar breadth qf bad rained for >aara
to aoaao by aatfb anaanlaM WaataMot than can be
foaad ia any athar civiiiard foaatrj. The bia
lory of this prneeaa baa baaa the fullow.nj;—
Frnt the brad baa baaa cleared aid aropfrod —
Orop afiar crop baa baaa pilhewd without at
tenOoa to aaaan. The aattir have Wwaa
mrr thataraa
ahaut the ban yard waa neglected
waa «leered aa iha cultivated portion
to flail,aad at length ia diagact the whole
aad Iha owaar naorad to aaothar plaee
•a follow the aaa«e aaafw ia • dMereat regton.
Wt are aaaioaa la draw the attention of land
•round MlullMtt b*M ndynneipl«fur
m Mi mmtm af our wmmnlrj m
m km mtkm tfiMnM IUr m mmmy vko
Iky fail to <iiitini tWr Amtj Ummtit tfc«ir
TIwj MlMllj «*t> iMribvhy mUik;
mm4 Ufj do tfc* tfblli Nm<j lure
la tktir Im4 af n* mW fm
Ute.Wllll tW «•!«■ «f tlMtr pripir
1y IWj aw aMfcNf tUa futon mmI
Mtpi oNmj «• qaalHM I* |>w W» wliwi
Mr T«t«l M»e*»sn l«tfc ««ll «• lfc«ir faf» y—4*
Mk UmmmIt*) mt
«Wk «f
It wruk Hi— ft«l4a
% ir«pfi<l lWy •** «Mk <—lay
Thea agaxa, vfat «e the <
of (W, tW ataJk, Ac tit ial dw grala «
tiwel Aaiiy T So2 but k*« ia it all thai k
to for* Ac teracl of <Wpaii wl vet
■ »i»li»j, the material to ywlwe tW
We ixiv a* ataij mm ie
lifteU xod max eleritn^ in At «iak mjt
nf utaral riexe ihn <Le wry oac to vkicl
tU Mm ni the ilUi i*t» of the '
cridcwtly vtihe it callii>~ him
'Iran fbodd dclrjfat to »
' mg CmiiLKr vitt sack ant^erta.
tract if aoila, tasaarci md lfrirakntal <
rj Amid be fWll >a their honadhnli
AS cahrratora AoaU vadantnl the jiriaci
! phi « vlw-li thry *l»un>d proceed in thteir la
hoia. It ia not eaniii to «alea «a a fmrmer
to tain that if fee casta roe da kit the prwtmi a
rmrnVr rf them just grvw. Be AvaU tu«
the hahxla of ]>h>uta, the aoik they are fitted for.
the food ia achich they aabtittaa 1 htrnmr Wrong
i tttttH they are fuIVy dndtpei!; and alacait
cf the ooil it oil he seen that lua can
of the man ore heap trill increase—for he kavn
that hia thaot annuar lies hidden there iMrj,
f ^uugL**!}, rick mmmmmm and mucrcainu ia <wj»
}"'np, ctrr ihrrr cgrdtmmltfiea cmnrinl to ntf
' ricmltnral wmectm.
I £.tg*s, Sotfulk, is an article designed to
nulea attention on the nabjwt nf connucrre
igriwihge, an<^ manufactures, in eonaectiaa
wrfh the ImilJmg up of £orfulk, prapotct some
practical i&ea* under Ibis subject of —asriae
tures. He -thinks that cotton and woolen man
ufactures could b« profitably carried oa on tlit
river* ia tbe ricinty of Vorfolk. and would five
employment to hundreds of boy* and girl# and
men and women, auto -would -but otherwise ever
learn any liabrts nf industry ; asd -that families
ought to ham tome kind or industrial man afar
tirriu- ia each, where children and aertaun
•Vacation X strong, earn eat effort ia thia di
rection, -would han » great influence for tbe
guod flf ihr individuals and tb: community gen
erally. The idea ia M( illustrated at length
but at preaum* -the writer bad ia mini some
thing like 4b ia:
Suppose a large manufacturer of boots and
sboeashould start business in {'-evado Toman
ufa enure cheaply and ia competition srrtfc man a
IsataKh in -the Hast, a small pert only of man
ual labor would be performed iu -the proprietor *
shop, fie would propure the stock far -the tip
per* of the shoes, say. and deal out six daaen
pairs to one family.another lotto anotharfamily.
and so oa, into thirty families -Girls and
bows can very soon he learnt to strtefa shoes,
aad they work on them and atildb up tbe ek
dux en pairs, take them to tbe manufacturer, be
pays them far tbe wtwk and giro* them another
lot to ds. Any of the family eould in thw way
! sera a great deal of money in tbe coarse of a
year, aad who eaa object to the benefits result
ing from -the -fixed habits of industry actjahrsd
by tbir mesne?
11m Won would be ndt to a aimilar torn*
mm. The upper a wnald be dealt ont id luta to
«•» ml rf aion who vatk on tbew aloar. Tbr
appata and ImMobm err given out togetlioT to
aaotber aat of a§«a. wbo pat llwa taytUr. pejr
tbeni and •m.wrtli tboai arf> Yiiia ia bar Jcr work
than atilcbinj; ibta. tlioopb bora can aaaitj
Warn to dtiir tbr pega A aiaa abo baa a amII
farm to aiaaagr aad (nib aaait- of bia tin* IdW
waatrd ra winter, would afflj to lb<- earn afar
tarar for aboaa m bo>»ta to "bnttoa." aad aarn
•1 to 91M par day boaidoa tanJw; to baa at id.
It Tba tool* eaat rerj Ittlk. aad tbr tiaa ra
qaiiad to km tn da Mm- wntk ia aotbtn* raa
paralinlt to a Ma, wbo baa otdinarj aklll ia
tbr uar of tawaioa too la Tbr at«n Stay li*a
Car or aaar tbr MaaUtimT Tiny aaa itW a
lot bawf aad do tbr wnafc tbari. making a (aitb
fa) ratara ia • reasonable U«k W't
kaoam tnwaa wW.r aaarkj araqj fcwil?
aaaaatbtof to dowitb tb» ■awafcataliof of baa
aad afcaaa aad lawiUaa bate ai
, bH, eay» nl <
til*• hasftf At %
: •»!/ a little U;f »'«j j
ni altick m(t« tW nAridaa1
ta *E cmm mler a3 rltn nwMffauuia ia «fw* ltfr
The •aeecaatal ^pkratiot of tkia prtaofk t».
«']uA the a rder ta the Arpa «m
tot ia wind «c call jwnpteaa. Mwj at
TW writer *elca*l *•, welll seys near the cUar
importmrt ta a aatiiia m tLr ambriarr <tf
•t»4 vumca nil tier jenpw adimm. nthcr
do ia Britain bat to trvdape Lib ta all t\i*i
contrtrtiAca the atililc it ntj W DuthiatL,
Hoc* —It is so Duluwi u) <rn4 vt our
we thiah, «h« jiriyi tkat umt power e^ua! U
thai of uid, •m cgaal ta fly porfumtor of the
art. would acid the wrist all diara ta tlic an ]
and that thrj the* -would *wa return Burr
■re hogs to lite right uT o*. hops So tin left of
as. and Log* aiw«3» in fruat of as furl i» •
-rest staple article uf food, it w true. out k is
nut tkcMfuic sent—tj that ««t stan «1»
don't nra Lnp should lie anotcd la swine be
lonrhig to others. *"c meet Lop* in *11 oar
outgoinp* aud incoming. mc (bca hnrt when wr
leave our dweliiu- jn tUt- uurniii* and run #vcr
the little pips when we go huate at siglit, and
stumble agnimct the hip grantors if -we m out
afli-r dark Thcj Tout apiiiMt ourfouee*. uLt
mod in our jisOm. and i.!D the prw all about
our habitations. They are fittLv di^rMtir;
creature*, uu&t to wauuer at will where
rtlxiuld gTuw and ibilQren play. Limitud range
d'^rusud is well enough f«rr them, but a* they art
But bcrbivorou* or prnuiuivoruu*. they uo nut
seed extensive taerhurr like eattir lsfued on i
Tliry do better cos&ned in ratal! Acids, if thy |
kM ■ - - ■ - b* atl soft Mil, wiake Latter *
park anfl arc 1Mb iuB&ato cbteaae accidenta, a^d
to hainf worried by dr~* fcverr pood fanMr.
anfl every house beeper, -whs ia earner afk
and has any self rewpoet, will ulgsit ta air&inp
with them and wall nut Allow hops ta associate
witb his dhildmt! Be -will therefore have a
jHav <fur hie bops, unless lie is ao indifferent to
the eouraion imem-ies of lrunianrty, that he a
willing his children and hogs should run topctb
er until he can scarrcVy drntinpnisb the diffur- ,
etice Wc suppose hi- has a right te permit hi*
hops to -ran mil o«er his own grounds. hut ihr
mar have forgotten tliat he has so right -to per
nit them to pa un to ojhcT meu's lauds, and
that when he does so he ia unlawfully iuterfcr
rap with un other s iutoraal* It issuer a care
leas habit, but it is a aery bad one and will he
scriounH injurious ta the health bare (bis sum
mer. Let the custom be reforuic-d ulioyetUrr
Wc shall strive ta have it tatproved uutil w<
aae some pood signs nf a regard for elcaulineas
bcaltbincs* aad reaped fur wai^hburs' right.
«*biokrj barrol wo» npaned in Dm Hudson ]ii«
rK K depot. >lnn- h bid krai wMliw and
tbc nntiiw df I woman fuund in it Tbr Urr
toI woo liwiid -to Ckiap), *buoai it Ind Inea I
aent bj • I'nMuiD n ravd Banrj JoarjMrrt* —
lanptrtt ni arreatad and upon rxaoiinatmu
atatad tLat tbr woniau bad ban lni({;ai(b bin
and bad -uomttird auieidr by ban;i«f biwulf
At owt (be b«<W in yiww and j.ut h in fW bar '
Ml and aont h to fitim Tank. o*ppoaiti£ tba<
would br IW loot df it Br aaid bf done it tram
tmr tbat tbr body, if dm o»niad to ba rmmm j
would OMtiK of mtlat, Mm mtory ia atraijrb'
fomoid but -not baliattl bf tbr owa>Hj
Booeralky tbo<^ti bio tmfl«jom apatffc wall M
btwi Br «w iiiiHt
& ooio»a ood aold ataro oioiaod
■a Mniiar ood Toudoy. Wb>ab witb tbr ra*•
■f boat waab rataad Mar eraoba ood tbr iHiio
koa^lwo W at aiM ^ . - §
aWw a* S^wa
pi* wwi woo qwaofcl? drtad So tbr

** ®-ty. w «r UU. m km Fmpimml. tmm
Rjrrrj • J*»ti -<|ik «f —'i<a>aj:
W ftfrr;»'Tli»r M mv fctw dial
"w |it| im lf»"m
burn t fc—tn ■ — iVn Irl Ml. m>4 tU f..1
l—i»y MnfiW i»»if of i^mtioi «w
i «tnf im to tlit fcfUrl tf tU ritii
fmnlrg. an J irmmu ..vrr tbr Aiiuk rifrlrt
Am. m*~r* n «. Wld i7 Mr <«A« Tb MH
Wf is tbea W<M m m It hrtm tW Vm/
ia — utort rrt 4m thick. mI tu»4r f»>* w tiwi
puortiu* l-y ■ «trn^ and bu"tlc Nr i'wilrTkii
l iknc tlw Trim ii iiw l«fl Van4 »•!
A* l>1 MwM to Ac » itTrU'g wt* a
auk uf laun'ti arem ttr mutual to waU. «a Li»
Am Vf» HuMrmc tW rna« ti^U ai>4 wt*
rfM-liur tin- Imr* a ir*4 to (Vr left tW Imtw t* |
r>ww4 to «ialr a jHuriirr tari><r ruund ihf nr
ro« AltLir titur lir rc lutih* *t prrml
rttkaaMtina. F>*+ <>a Itia Vt»»-r» und tihimat'-W
im* 4ara ia tb< Mtwrniivr maarr. Be
ta thru trlirvr4 friMi tl«c iun>iv ctin-vl and vt
MOMoaird rfatrirtiaat iw{Hw| u|«*«i lure \rj
Ci«c »»d fir <J»r >M<a u|*>a Litii i* in
ruuiii-.ti aud caaraati biui and i>t* |.nt
linfi *rr rrcrnW l>t the Imrw vitb *u' li iudi
mtiuna «if pratifi'-atiua aa to iuavr im 4<>ut>! tlurt
rttr nicot fiH-ndft rvUtiima arc c<jlil»ltrd 1»
Mnrt Cite finrtk-a.'
A firrttiru • nut w'<Tff»pd in ftiiUdt-Vjibta in
riiUTxlaT, la<< wrali Tin mi n.U r» «<f l.<~r r«>ui '
pan* WiMratui-nma? marr drivt-u fnm» tlicir tar- '
riasrand it «ra»taLi«n l«j tl»r ntluT |-artt and rati
nff »ui«' tl»r dw«l in d<«T>*r*lt* Tbe trcol>i- «ra»
not :lif»i crnlcd Ur at u.« ■ »»•• < urtU<t «!<•■>«•■
titration had Iwrt Miadt A \mrpr ]>atilir fur™
n« •uBimtxiod tu Ih it radiurw J.tr umlaut &•
tiou ultuuld tlifir wrvirw U uwlrd
f tti tHC wr Ml.** —TTir ruafaottj tUia «t(l
utartfd an ctMirtuuo* < in-ular *aw to »av
It anil.rittia; trrj ruj.'idW aatlattxx *i>
K. aad will turu out iiuiliiiu; luiilor in sri-«t
ibtratUtxT TUt ana ;• tbirtuca frflt in «-irruu.
feraa<-C. »_• tuuuuiartnr< d in %rw Y'tri. «itl
■U tlir njij.iirutua 1 >r Utum-tm mid fur ksn'm;
the h>~- uj< fruai ti>r rixcr It i» d< "i~wru fur
miwin- thr Wnt lnid» of jilauL and Utudm;
auotiior mi "ttf and dwva •mm.' lmi»; <l»«ifu»d'
fur thr aaataur aad «h«q> kinda «>f Juatbcr
—<4»ucWi-uk lrullJ nrxt
tlx- animal fjiriun rWrtiirt furK'umrtj uiwii*
taito* Jila«e Jli flat wait limr wc ielime. tLr
r-.hiaena will Ik nilM U)>ob to n1c fur Lwct.
Govern or.
TU* count jr ulLcer. t» W voted f«* trr aOlerl
lur tlte Countj >tid finnit Court*; a Cuirntj
Rurvryor; and twa Coixrtatilea iur «Hi dxtrint
E»:rr ♦»»:!! —A pethiM mmcruuatj nipned
iri>" pr«N>'-mcd Minr tbr mwitLljCiiurt ub Tar*
d»T, fur tlir cataMiahiaant uT a vutm; jifreml
in or near <\i»rdo. !br fireaeut jiliit uf twlw;
for tlir f«a)ilr of <'rwl«i Iwiur aowi- aicvre aaiio
JUtuiit lit wa» vefiMH'd on tUc pvuuad uf •wax
iirfurnialitj in tbr ymliuiiarr |irwnae4it>sa.—a
failure t« girr-jirnper mrtiw, »f Imlirw
fitn.Mir.iJ'uu Kiactiw,—The «WHiu« In
the ettj of 1'bilau<-}|thut a fern dmy «fv rtvmhad
in "tbr rliuirr uf DrtantW IIrun tii' «
<andiiLjt< over lli'-tiard V«im lite adnmiMtra
tiou candidate far 4^W» wjmit*. Tbo*r la
prrtrt trjuicin^ aui -tip |Ik npjMitiM
captain of a band of Ot)»•«■*» was ar
leati d in "fcr-wj.ort, St.. laar wank oa elarrpr of
foaioiittiiir a r>»l«»w^y in Wmi—rp). Uat Ajti
lo Ik*1 aaiouut nf|4U*w Me «raa laie* U4 to
Mmm —hfw» »a CiMiMMti car); tlm
wnk, wrc a* full<MM at wbol'vaW Fl<*rr
IT. T7» lujxtrtiw w» 8h»- Win 41 ryt 62
oat* I1T «kH> wl.»Trt ~ ra4 4* CM j*ataiu«« S«
but Mr. Un 2** )+* pound Wrd )* Ami
i^TW T*ad<rr will fci.d ar wturtfwt of
r«r,.l ttlanr-Uard i T* «r|»al«aak I«•(■"»• deal
•n aad CnaiiiMKit aimfam PadMMlwrf —
** Uw fbat Hrj 4«*p • Iwp' «mA w k»d
•ad a«tll at il*r li ■—» pti»w
TwSw nmrtw>-MilwA>hiwi»»»i
>fa?\ «U» )•]«• rf tW
xniUr Iwmnin wk.cS tkr »' AMaa
w. Tt**oMtr. M in i i»yi- fiyc«ulh Ln
auu. are aaSma- IV Nc«|li* Affral «4
tkr Sck U iwoacc. ptn tkr W3»««y |-t»u»
«f r*i« i»4 iiurai ll i» »iia* «* — | « at
gTfci ■ in »a. iWckk jftl« E«»—iBe.
ra frmm * Lu lirw. U( jiirt M|
Mr>«nl fMtiwUn mi tW ata£a af ibaft m iWtj
nk«J «• «W trap W tW bat to ikaa rat; — i
From Hilrait* VUt Rjm tW tract far aa tW j
ii««i mU io' irntk aaK aw »Wr« « f «.tw.
•• Ud w An at tic tnw. a» far aa <aaU W
•era tW »Lm« «< *kitt Kuirr f%* Nil;
mm a i wai1»r itmA *4 a«kf aart tlx ryr —
TV Ih«ti arc all »am«aic4 l a adtr. ak»h
€> a« Waca'k dm. VWr* tkr water rati i>
a i arrraC 'V aapycrta «/ tit itaaaiat fcitola
—4«fi—i. i iir tit fci —ri fctw Mta Itaa
•us H«t. nWj to UL TW taaldka *f tW
a»Hw t« aint iinuww. MfttitQ; aka Car
fr<« awl i« aai iif4w .>V TW
Uaa «C a«4 a ill W {«ni TV c»«V Lair ••
»|| wlaa«ty «tf 1*i*-ina* aai n»4«afrt faaaa
ijtiiitiaa if kirtf. aa wall at fna ararraffj afj
W Mta acre ana ia 4a: i a». ia p«at yJa
«» f•lUwea W tW «adi»c rank Tkc ara
•o* r»£«pd ia runa; Wa tW Tiaay <al
tvaa«*J tree* f.«r tlx rattle to Irtsx af ■■ —
1 a <-»»4»la:« a aiart af k -^» tan far aat it '
l»a* rf>rr tW kaal. niiratlf mum* liprta
tkr In iati. A aaaa a aa arra at UaWaa ta
kr aitf to fanimt a fit *aat. »)■— akak ,
•t fiwyartHa W kta t#or& to aarc tWa fraa
ftriiia- 11 r liir4 kart frwai X») nlma. Vat
a W«a3 a a* ta V p«t ia tirf o!» TW Ira- «
ara. af ttaw . arr < arrw4 «f fir wile* , ttrl -
••aJ a alaa rarari aaaa aa aark ai-aa4aar* I
tka* tkr l-'jrtt akradjr Cud -1 tam, aai lute
to jar aa adr*ar*-4 j«r« r.
OmtK —Visit 4.'»at<-a n
iW |maaraii ii»a uf iW HrrtiA »"M curtate* aid
itrt«*r*»«r 4aacriy*ja«a ad llirwrw lip- sail m
U"Ui« *rr ti«Ji»s tWl *«r i*t« eke L t>4««
jwifrt. Arnsrk tLr lrt*rn wrirun Wt tlx ti.«
<•«<>rr»|HH>d ut« » kt> ti»c bad ««f tW is
r»lm IV ritjuiwi rrsrarc fr.m iVr nrm
f'l'Tuictir* ul tic Luitlu* Ti»ti is a J«rtaa« is 1
(■ a ftBtrtrr *Wrt the ro*es Vnr m fn
CTali-T aad tk' vnam Ll' fxttK-vaU, iWf tW
Ulwrrr )i» *• SatAutli cud tic «i-—narati
■caw .<T L»«ur, rl«-tr tltc ru4> War »» trli
fir*. tW «k'r)» an iirtt; tIctt nil mm a il
III. " vli- rrli.- urrcflr ia tin t trt.La.tod
ikr •t^a .<f !•*•»«• r )-azx><-U t» a* scir? 4i ti»r auti
f'«-dc» tkr 1> -ad ; « L-rr tl»r }i1ikt <4 fcv»<* i>
•>a tin 1«A Imiid. litod lite »ract ««T itrtr'icrt M ia
tW ftinua Urrr la Ulr «f tr«.ur Lut a* n
•itaolnrt pr««t«rr. und la arrar stLrt- prwtr*a i*
»•' j«u: jubt*U ia «H»urtiiur—** fn;U a>*C t«>
Lc akt«iu*lir« 1« tui a irtrratmrr vxdMtst aa aJ
|«bkWt. utiil a ianraar^- a -rsa*«»rr, If
•>( add that far rutmtic** «-ttt«n<» tbt <-r»
Bit ul La* Wt ia tkr Luab «<f «*it jikilw*
|iltn> tL«- rrrttmrrimr^ diui—t- luur l>*n»
uLwliOoS'-d U• tilt iulaurjl>£ cl.siii» I :-Ui ki»"Ul
a* tLr ntxt fnr s.irtir ta rati f»rtL lW carrta
tii* i«f rwirt PramlM-ur <<f E«*rislid i«a.
»r B'u-t art kr rtotti'4 is itad t.L n ifei* (It'taw
hayaagt i ~
f*T. Lul l*, flat 4 —!ttajiir<Gei»-Tiil ?*u»rtii ha*
*—• urd el»Uir*ti Mirni tnlatxc 1« fias ant
•rut .«f train* and tfiwj* far tl>r flab furrr*
Jin tratn" triM ir tr]i«idi'4 tut* <frvniaM «f
two linirvd and t»cnJ_v -mnt va;i>w nnk. aad
the »T«»aj» frill ir ur^uuwrd iatu uuluw. «ark
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