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VOL. III.—No. 22.
Whole No. 126.
The “ Free Press” is published at two
dollars per annum, if paid in advance ;
two dollars and twenty-five cents if paid
at the end of six months ; or, two dollars
and fifty cents at the expiration of the
-No paper will be discontinued until all
arrearages are paid ; nor then,' unless at
least one week’s notice be given, previous
to the expiration of the term subscribed
***Advertisements inserted three times
for one dollar per square, or less ; and
twenty- S-. e cents per square for every sub
sequent insertion.
The postage must be paid on all letters
and communications, or they will not be
attended to.
1 Thursday
2 Friday
3 Saturday
4 Sunday
5 Monday
6 Tuesday
7 Wednesday
r1 "3 ^ £
g £. & »
% C w 3
iso ^ Q
W. d to I—■ .
to W O C3
to Ol W M
to m 05 M
4 41i 3 3 3 3
|Pj|N the 8th of January next, CHARI
Ur TY LODGE, No. Ill, at Harpers
Ferry, vvill bededicaied. There will be
no celebration on St John’s day, in con
sequence of the event being commemo
rated by many of the neighbouring lodges,
which will prevent their attendance.—
Brethren generally are invited to attend
on the 8th. The dedication will com
mence at 10 o’clock in the morning.
Committee of Arrcmgement.
The H arpe re -Ferry ROYAL \ROH
CHAPTER will also be constituted on
that day. Suitable provision will be
made for the accommodation of the Breth
JfrPec. 10, 1823. __
INFORMS the citizens of Harpers-Fer
ry,that his second quarter commenc
ed on Monday last. He flatters himself,
that, possessing the advantages of a libe
ral education, a practical knowledge of
business, and some experience as an In
structor., he will merit a continuance
of the very liberal support which he has
received. As to his attention, and the
system upon which he instructs, he refers
to those gentlemen who have honored
him with their patronage, among whom
are all the respectable and best informed,
(a few only excepted, who have never
sent to his school.)
In addition to the ordinary branches of
education, those which are taught in aca
demies will also be included in his course
of instruction, provided classes be made
up. Particular attention will be paid to
English Grammar and Geography, with
the use of the Terrestrial Globe; also to
History, Chronology, See. &c. upon the
Mnemonick plan; which branches have
not been heretofore made a part of the
course, except by way of task out of
school. The senior classes will, on every
Thursday, read a portion of the “ Free
Press,” and (when published) of the “Gar
land.” Premium tickets have been or
dered, of a beautiful description, to be
distributed as rewards of merit.
Parents, by sending- their children early
and regularly, and encouraging them to
perform their respective tasks, as requir
ed by the Teacher, have the power to con
tribute greatly to their advancement.
The school-room being provided with
lessons and slates, parents will save the
expense of books and paper, until their
children are sufficiently advanced to com
mence Arithmetic, Grammar, and Geo
graphy, or to write a legible small-hand.
In order that there may he uniformity
in the editions, Mr.Gallaher will procure,
on the most reasonable terms, a constant
supply of such copy and other books as
may, from time to time, be wanted in the
Dec. 17, 1823.
SK. WHITE lias just opened, for
0 sale, several cases of HATS. Some
of them are of Cox’s well known manu
factory, and are excellent in quality.
Dec. 24, 1824.
THE undersigned, having taken the
well-known stand lately in the occu
pancy of Mr. F. Beckham, respectfully
announces to the citizens of Harpers
Ferry and its vicinity, that he. has opened
a very handsome and complete assort
ment of
comprising almost every article which
convenience or comfort may require. He
invites the attention of the public, under
the conviction that his goods will be
found pleasing, both as to quality and
price. For the present, at least, his terms
are cash.
His stock consists, in part, of the fol
lowing articles :
Extra super blue Cloths and Cassimeres,
Super do. do. do.
Super black do. do.
Super and common Cassinetts,
Cotton Yarn,
Calicoes, (a complete assortment,)
Red, white, and scarlet Flannels,
Rose and Point Blankets,
Irish Linens and Linen Cambrics,
Mull, Book, and Cambric Muslins,
Plain and figured Swiss Muslins (a supe
rior article,)
Bombazetts and Bombazines, black and
English Black Silk Vesting,
Valencia and Toilenett do.
Counterpanes, Canton Crapes,
Gloves of all kinds,
Bleached and Brown Domestics,
Brown Linens,
Fancy Shawls, (a variety,)
Fine and common Hats,
Shoes of all kinds,
China Ware, of all descriptions,
Tin do. &c. &c.,
Which, with a complete assortment of
GROCERIES, may be had at prices truly
desirable, on early application.
Dec. 24, 1823.
Good Things for New Year !!
i rjpHE subscriber has just received, at
k§1 i— iZfl/i' tf « Z- 5 -<t 2i li jj p i G 1 C« h' •}
bought expressly for the accommodation
of those who wish to indulge in a few
GOOD THINGS, during the present
season of gladness. The goods are the
i best of their kind, and are recommended
as such. What follows, constitutes a
part, to wit:
Sultana Raisins,
Turkey Figs,
Soft-shell Almonds,
Imperial Tea,
Young Hyson ditto,
Best Green Coffee,
Loaf ScLumpSugar,
New Orleans do.
Best Span. Segars,
Small twist & Cav
endish Tobacco,
Scotch and Rappee
Cogniac Brandy,
Jamaica Spirits,
N. E, Ruin,
Wines, [quality,
Molasses, superior
Pearl Ash,
And, lor the accommodation of those
who are sick, and have no relish for the
above, the following approved MEDI
CINES, viz: Best Yellow Bark, Glauber
Salts, Calomel, Jalap, Gum Camphor,
Laudanum, Castor Oil, Lee’s Pills, Bal
sam of Honey, Bateman’s Drops, God
frey’s Cordial, Oil of Wormseed, Opodel
doc, Calcined Magnesia, Liquorice Ball,
&c. S. K. WHITE.
Harpers-Ferry, Dec. 24, 1823.
The Heirs of John Wager, dec’d,
V. fj 1HAT a petition will be presented to
1 the Legislature of Virginia, on the
5th of January next, for a law authorising
the erection of a TOLL BRIDGE across
the Potomac at Harper’s Ferry.
Dec. 3, 1823.
Portraiture of Methodism,
CONSISTING of their belief, and the
doctrines which they preach ; also,
a summary account of the Life and Tra
vels of the Rev. John Wesley. To which
is added a Defence of Methodism, being
an answer to some objections to the me
thodists, and some remarks on toleration^
with a vindication of the principle ©funi
versal and equal libettyTn matters of re
ligion. ForsMe^atThis office.—price 37£
cents. 'Dec. 3, 1823.
Wheat, Rye, Corn, and Oats,
And all other Country Produce,
117ILL be taken in payment for debts
v ¥ due to this office, or which may
hereafter become due. The highest price
in cash will be given for clean Linen and
Cotton Rags. > Nov. 26, 18.23,
Among brethren, a reciprocal and af
fectionate benevolence, an ardent concern
for each other’s welfare, and a constant
readiness to serve and promote it, are
peculiar offices of their mutual relation ;
and, though friends are to have their
share, yet the claim of kindred is prior,
and commonly the strongest.
Nothing can approach nearer to self
love, than fraternal affection ; and there
is but a short remove from our own hap
piness to theirs who derive their exis
tence from the same stock, and are par
takers of the same flesh and blc* d as
ourselves. Nothing, therefore, can be
move iiorrible than animosity and discord
be' .H,i members so -Aiijed ; and
nothing so beautiful as harmony, and
mutual concord.
Though all mankind derive their ori
gin from one common parent, and are,
therefore, bound to cultivate a brotherly
affection for each other; yet this general
duty is not so obvious and striking, as
that which is incumbent oh those who
have been born and educated in the same
, The friendship which subsists between
persons who have been united by a long
acquaintance, is but a slight resemblance
of that faithful and endearing affection,
which the hand of Nature has implanted
in the hearts of brethren.
Behold, says the sweet Psalmist of Is
rael, what a joyful sight, when brethren
dwell together in unity ! It is like the
fragrant oil that descended from the new
ly-consecrated head to the venerable
beard, even the beard of Aaron, our first
high-priestand from thence diffused its
sweet perfumes to the bottom of his gar
ment; yea, it is like the fruitful dew of
Hermon, whose pearly drops o’erspread
the hill of Zion.—[Psalm 133.
The appointment of George Graham,
of the District of Columbia, to be Com
missioner of the General Land Office,
made by the President during the recess
of Congress, has been confirmed by the
Senate.—[A at. Int.
Gen. Joseph Desha, is announced, as a
candidate for the office of Governor of
the State of Kentucky, at the next gener
al election, which will take place on the
first Monday in August next.
Dr. Buchannan, of Hopkinsville, is in
Lexington, Ky. making experiments on
his newly invented Capilliary Steam En
Mr. Conway, a gentleman who held a
high rank among the dramatic corps of
the Covent Garden Theatre, London,
came passenger in the ship Columbia, at
New York. During the interesting en
gagement of Miss 0‘Neill, Mr. C. was
considered the hero of the stage, and was
a great favorite.
—mm* •»>——
Extract to the Editor.
An act of Piracy has recently been
committed in the Mona passage, on the
schooner John of Newburyport, by a
small schooner of about ten tons, armed
with a swivel, muskets and knives, and
seven or eight men. She was robbed of
a thousand dollars worth of her cargo,
and some of her sails.
The privateer Scipio has been stolen
out of the port of Mayaguez by some of
her crew, and it is feared she will rob
every vessel she may meet. She is a ve
ry fast sailer, and mounts ten or twelve
gytrs. It is said she has no papers.
[Balt. Pat.
The Shooting Challenge accepted.—A
correspondent of ours wishes us to state
that there are three men in Coshocton
county, Ohio, who accept the challenge
of Daniel Marker, George Marker and
Thomas Malleory, to shoot for $500,
on condition that the challengers will
meet at Lower Sandusky to decide the
matter^at such a time as may be agreed
iW&til—\_Zanes~ville paper.
Remarkable Beef.—We saw, in the
streets of our city on Saturday, four
Steers, the largest we have ever seen, in
fine order, and of uncommonly fine pro
portions. They were raised, we were in
formed, by Col. Isaac Vanmetre, living
on the South Branch of the Potomac,
from which neighborhood this District
and Baltimore are supplied with so much
good Beef, and were bought at a liberal
price by Mr. James Moore, Jun. who
will, within a few days, bring them to
market.—f'Nat,. Int.
Lerida was occupied by the French,
on the 31st of October, and troops of the
garrison, to the number of 5,000, surren
dered prisoners of war.
I he Duke d’Angouleme arrived at
Madrid on the 1st of November, attend
ed by an escort of only 30 dragoons and
30 gen d’armes. He was accompanied
by the Prince of Carignac.
At Seville, the King of Spain elothed
the Duke with the distinction of the
Grand Crosses of Charles III. and St.
Ferdinand, without any limitation as to
There seems to have been some com
motion in Barcelona, but, by the latest
date from Mataro, (Nov. 1,) it would
seem that the troubles had been appeased;
and it was supposed the French would
enter the city immediately. During the
troubles, Mina, it is said, found rebels
among his old accomplices and was
obliged, himself, to take refuge in the
midst o| his troops, to save himself from
the militiamen. He had arrested the fa
mous Costa, a chief of that band. Mar
shal Moncey has sent to Paris the condi
tions of the capitulation, which are ap
proved and signed by the Commissioners
and Generals-in Chief of both armies.—
All the Constitutional Chiefs in Estre
madura have made their submission, with
the exception of the Empecinado, who
has not yet sent in his. The Brigadier
Laguna, took possession of the fortress
of Badajoz on the 29th of October.
Letters from Cadiz, says the London
Monitor, positively assert, that Ballaste
ros, Morillo, and Villa Campa, were
bribed to betray their country before the
French army entered Spain.
Gibraltar papers to the 14th of Novem
ber, containing Madrid advices to the
7th, were received by a mercantile house
in New York on Friday last. The only
intelliger.ee of importance, by this con
veyance, is an account of the execution,
of Riego, which event our previous advi
ces had led us to expect would soon take
place. On the 5th, the second Hall of
the AlcadesMe la Real Casa-Y Corte pro
nounced the following sentence: “ D.
Rafael del Riego is condemned to the or
dinary punishment of hanging, and he
shall be drawn on a hurdle to the place
of execution—his property shall be con
fiscated, and he shall pay the costs of
suit.” The sentence having been pro
nounced, the prisoner was then placed in
seclusion. On the following day, (Nov.
6, at noon,) the sentence was carried into
effect. The Madrid Gazette says, “ the
public, that held his crimes in such de
testation, has shown, on this occasion,
that it can distinguish between the crime
and the criminal: for not the least insult
was offered to him by the immense crowds
that filled the streets through which he
passed, and it was only at the moment of
execution that the shout of Long live the
absolute King was heard.”
A well informed person at Cadiz says,
under date of Oct. 16th—“ It is now plac
ed beyond doubt that the Duked’Angou
leme gained over Abisbal, Morillo, Bal
lasteros, and Villacarnpa, before he left
France, by the instrumentality of Don
Julian Sanchez.”
An eye witness at the siege of Cadiz
states, that on the night of the bombard
ment (23d Sept.) Arguelles, the celebrat
ed orator of the Cortes, was serving as an
artilleryman, at one of the guns on the
ramparts, greatly exposed to the enemy’s
fire, and that all the other Civilians were
at posts of danger.
We are assured, (says the Democratic
Press,) by a most respectable friend, re
cently arrived from Colombia, that he
has seen, in that Republic, on the coast,
several lovely women and children, of the
best families, whose arms have been
chopped off—their noses slit, and their
ears cut off, by order of those monsters
in human shape, Morillo and Morales,
The U. S. frigate Congress, Captain
James Biddle, arrived in Hampton Roads
on Thursday the 18th ult. Her officers
and crew are in good health, and she has
lost only two of the whole ship’s compa
ny since she sailed from Hampton Roads
on the 17th day of May last. After land -
ing Mr. Nelson, our Minister to Spain,
at Gibraltar, on the 2d of August, the
Congress proceeded for Rio Janeiro,
where she arrived on the 13th of Octo^
ber, and having landed at that place Cae
sar A. Rodney, Esq. Minister from this
government to Buenos Ayres, and his fa
mily, consisting of 15 persons, sailed.,
thence on the 25th October,

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