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fthc (DIatbsburg (frUgraw
Kiudat. Januaby 27. 1808.
Church Directory.
M. E. Ciiuiicn, 8ooth-Bov. Duviil
?on, Pastor. Bunday serviwn
10:80 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Chuu
Meeting, 0:80a.m. Sunday Soliool
2 p.m. Prayer Meeting, Wednee
day, 8:00 p.m.
Phkhhttkhian Cddroh?Bev. 8. O
Board man. Pastor. Sunday Ser
vioee?10:80 a.m. and 8:00 p.m
Sunday School, 9:80 a.m. Y. P. 8
C. E. Meeting, 6:4S p.m. Prayei
Meeting. Wednesday 8:00 p.m.
Bobinaon, pan tor. Sunday wrv
ioea?10:80 a in. Sabbath School, 9 a.
m. Praj er meeting. Wednesday even
ing at 7:80.
PaorraTAKT Episcopal Chcbch?Dr.
Donglass F. Forrest, Presbyter.
Divine Servioe on Snndujr at 10:80 a
m. and 7:40 p. m Holy Communion
celebrated on the first Sunday each
month. 8ervi?? every Wednesday
Baptist Ohwvib?O. M. Thompson).
Pastor. Sunday Servioea?Sunday
Sohooi, 9:80 a.m. Preaching,
1040 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Prayer
and Oonferenoe Mooting, 8:00 p.m.,
Wednesday. Y. P. 8. O. E. Dovo
tional Meeting,8:00 p.m? on Friday.
Gofp Udatel, M. E. OittJBcn?B. B.
Evans. Pastor. Sunday Services
Class Meeting, 9:80 a :m. Preaching
10:80 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Sunday
School, 2 p.m. Prayer Meeting,
Wednesday. 8:00 p.m. Epwortb
League, Sunday, 6:80 p.m. '
Obituary of Mrs. Mary Xenlon Hurl.
This estimable lady departed
this life at her family residence
in this city, on Friday, Jan. 13th,
from the effects of heart trouble.
It was in the fall of the year
1841. when tho writer of this
article spent a night at the home
of that good man, Malhew Neoly.
on Morgan's Run, of Middle Is
land Creek, and there, for tho
first time, met and became ac
quainted with his children, of
whom Mrs. Hart, then a beauti
ful. bright little Miss, was one.
Upon further acquaintance with
her in after years, as she grow
up to womanhood, she became,
if possible, moro beautiful. She
was a swoet tempored, amiable
young lady, as fair as a "Lily of
the lawn," gentle, retiring and
modest. In October. 18-19, sho
married Mr. Ira Hart, an indus
trious, sterling young man of
After their marriage they set
tlod down happily together, in
the West End. where life's strug
gles were begun, whoro the
ambitious young husband, by
close application, hard study and
industry, achieved a marked suc
cess and came to the front rauk
us a skilled artisan?a master of
his profession
Verily, it seemed as if the cup
of Mrs. Hart's joy was full. Her
lovely home aud surroundings
were all that she could wish for.
The star of her hope had arisen
and a happy, joyous future
awaited her. when, in 1870, her
husband was thrown from a
buggy, sustaining injuries
from which he unfortun
ately died. How awfully sad
and crushing was this blow! It
-would have shattered tho hopes
and crushed the spirit of almost
any other woman than Mrs.
Hart. But benefited by tho ex
ample and teachings of her
lamented husband, her resources,
her courage and vigor, were
equal to the sad and sorrowful
emergoncy that surrounded her
by death and gloom. By her
advice her two sons formed a
partnership to continue the busi
ness their father had so success
fully inaugurated, and in which
they have not ouly made a suc
cess. but have developed into
two of Clarksburg's most re
spectablo, substantial, public
spirited citizens.
The children born to Mr. and
Mrs. Hart were the two sons
above named, and three educated
and accomplished daughters.
Mrs. Charles J. Go?f, of this city;
Mrs. Henry Wilson, of Pueblo,
Colorado; and Miss 1,/iUie. who
remains at home with her broth
ers. Few families, if any. have
ever lived moro pleasantly and
happily together than has this
family. Mr. Hart, the husband,
frequently told the writer, a
former schooimato and friend
of the joys and comforts of his
home, that in their early married
life his wife joined him in his
studies at night, and as a consc
qeucehadacquired much familiar
ity with scientific subjects, and
upon one occasion, especially,
when he was puzzled over a device
looking to some improvement in
machinery, that a single sugges
tion from her, enabled him to
solve the difficulty and reach a
satisfactory result.
Mrs. Hart was a devoted wife, a
fond, gentle, patient mother, and
was highly esteemed by hei
neighbors. Her life was with
out sin. and now that she has
passed away from earth to join
the trreat majority beyond the
grave, she will be missed and
mourned by her jrrief stricken
children and by many sorrowing
relatives and friends. May she
rest in peace.
"There Is noKlvlPtc bsck.
llmlh take* hisowij; wud keeps It, takes
all ihlnss.
Thenars die In their courses Ilka tbedew,
ThwtsUnes. and Is uoi; the containing
Willie' like leaves In Auttim; nil tbe
And Mil the creatures that Inhabit them.
Vanish like smokeofInoeose?which tbey
From the beginning offered up to I>? ath."
An Old Friend.
A cure for twenty cents
Any roo edy sold at one dollar a bottle
which claims to oure Rheumatism, is
lirnplj an imposition for. when all ex
pense* are deducted it leaves not more
than twenty cents to represent the medi
cine. Dr. Drummond's Lightning Rem
edy, which is performing such wonder
ful cures that it is being prescribed by
the medical faoulty everywhere, is com
pounded at great expense from rare
drugs, and cannot be sold for leas than
Five Dollars a bottle. But it always
cures. Heut prepaid to any address on
?receipt of price. Drumrnond Medicine
Co., 48*50 Maiden Lane, New York.
Agents wanted. 10-2
tho flours Whm Pish Illte Boat at Dif
ferent Seaaonii.
January?Pike, chub and roach in
clear water in the middle of tho duy.
February?Carp, perch, roach, chub
and pike if weather is mild.
March?Thoso of February; also gud
geon and dace in middle of day in shal
low places.
April?All under March; also trout in
rivers, flounders and eels in shallow |
May?All fresh water fish. Eels bait
night and day.
June?This is not a good month for
any except trout, becanse most others
have recently spawned.
July?All fresh water fish tnko baits,
but not freely.
August?Fish bito more freely, espe
cially at morning and evening.
Septemlier?Roach, chub and dace gc
to deep water until spring.
October?^Trolling and bottom fishing
for roach and chub.
November?Roach, chub and pike in
middle of day.
December?Same as November.
How to Take Care of Plnno Kcyn.
Opening tho piano every dry, bright
day will prevent their turning yellow.
If thej-do turn they can be whitened by
being washed with cologne water.
IIow to Make Knitted Worsted Shorn.
Using (tennan knitting yarn or any
courso wool nnil coarse steel needled,
cast on forty stitches and Imit plain un
til you havo a Rtrip whose length and
width will together be the measure
around tho cork or lamb's wool sole se
lected. When the btrip is done, sew it,
beginning at tho toe, where is fastened
ouo of the angles, slightly gathered.
Sew tho sides adjacent t this angle on
the Sole, holding them perfectly plain.
By following tlieso directions the shoe
will shapo itself. Fasten the unsown)
end to tho part of tho Btrip that it meets,
thus making tho seam come at the side
of the foot. Elastic ran aronnd the top
opening serves to keep them up as high
as low topped shoes. If fancy in color,
trim with bows, but plain' black, nn
trimmed, enn bo worn with a house dress
and will pass unnoticcd as regular shoes.
How to Always Have Green Food for Itlrds.
Plant birdseed in a saucer of earth.
When it has sprouted and grown quite
green it may be pulled up by the roots
and given to the bird.
How to Prepare a Soap nubbin Solution.
1 A soap bubble solution from which
strong bubbles can bo blown is easily
made. Partly fill a pint bottle with wa
ter and put into it an ounce and a half
of finely shaved while castile soap.
Shake until the soap is dissolved, adding
more hot water if necessary. Then put
in half a cupful of glycerin. Shake
?well, let tho mixture settle, then drain
off tho water, when the preparation is
ready to bo used.
How to Make a Lotion for an Oily Skin.
Mix six ounces of carbonate of soda
and one ounce of borax in a quart of
water. Stir this well into the bath. |
How to ConNult a Itarometer.
In very hot weather a fall of mercury
denotes thunder; in frostv weather a
thaw. Wet weather following fall of
barometer does not last long, but its
fall in wet weather denotes much wet.
In winter a rise of tho barometer de
notes frost; iu frosty weather it denotes
snow. Fair weather followiug a rise of
barometer does not last. An unsettled
conditiou of the mercury indicates un
settled weather.
How to Make an Kmetlc.
It is frequently asked how m.uch mus
tard should lm given if it is desired to
make a patient sick in case of croup or
poisoning. A tablosjjoonful of ground
mustard to a tumbler of warm water is
the rule. Salt is almost as cflicacious in
mustard if the latter is not at hand. If
the first tumbler has no effect, give
more and tickle the back of tbe throat
i with a feather.
How to Clean Nulled HedtlrUft.
Rub starch over it thickly with a w?4t
cloth and put in the sun to dry. Then
rnb with the hands, repeating the whole
process if necessary.
llow to Play Alphabet leal Travel*.
Auy number may play, but they must
sit in a row. Each chooses a letter of
tho alphabet, then one begins by saying
where he is going and for what purpose.
Ue must have all tho nouns, and adjec
t tives and verbs begin with his letter.
For example, one whoso letter is R could
say, "I am going to Rome to raise a
riot." All who fail give forfeits.
How to U**pollith Tortolno Shell.
Pound and sift rotten stone to the
i finest powder, mix with good oil and
rub on. Wheu scratches are gone polish
with tsoft leather and jeweler's rouge. *
^ How to Save Hook* from Hookworms.
Generally the binding is attacked by
the pests. Grind alum and fine pepper
b into a powder; put it in tho books and
[ on shelves. Twice a year rub the cov
ers with a woolen cloth that has been
steeped iti a solution of powdered alum
and dried.
flood A<lrle? to Men Who Wish to Drm
Tb? arerage life fa suit of clothe* li
two yearn, rnntl the l>e*t way to k*pp it
in good shape and condition is to wear it
on alternate days. Of course it depends
altogether on the quality of the Inateri.il
os?i in a irait of clothes. Gm?1 wool
cloth will not wear aa long aa wik.1 with
a little cotton in it, bat it always has a
better appearance and will look bott.r
at the end of the period mentioned. -
Tronsers should te pressed at least
once a week in order that the baggy ?]>?
pearance at the kneea can be avoided.
The average tailor presses a pair of
trousers for twenty-five cents, and with
due care and provided they are not worn
each day the trousers will look well for
two weeks. Some young men press
their own clothe* or have it done by
their home folks. This is a good idea?
an economical one?but the tailor can
do it better.
Clothes, like shoes, should be worn al
ternately. They keep their shape better
and will last longer. Hanging clothes
in cupboards and wardrobes gets them
out of shape. It is better to shake them
ont when changing and after folding
them carefully placo tburo in a clotoes
press, where they will lie fiat and not
get? chance to sag.
The best way" to keep clothes In good
order is to nse ammoniated water sprin
kled on a whisk and give them a good
brushing now and then. A fresh grease
spot ran he taken out with a hot iron and
a pieceof blotter or common brown paper,
or any paper that ittjiorons. Place the pa
per over the spot ami apply tho hot iron.
The grease is absorbed by the paper, and
a brush and some ammoniated water
will cleanse tho spot nnd put color and
tone to the cloth, particularly if it is
llow to I>rrpare ? Good Up Kalvc.
Melt equal parts of best oil and white
wax, melted in a cup set in hot water.
A little alkanet root tied in muslin and
pat in while the mix turn is hot will color
it pink. Perfume with oils of lwrgainot
or lavender.
Hood's 8srsaparilla stands at the head
in the medicine world, admired in pros
perity und envied in merit l>v thousands
of wottld-be competitors. It has a larger
sale than any other medicine. Huuh
success could not tie won without posi
tive meri'.
Hood's Pills cure constipation by re
storing tho peristaltic aotion of the
alimontafy canal. They are the best
family cathatic.
How to Make a Mantel Ornament.
Tako two cow horns of graceful
shape. gild them and sprinkle with bro
cades. Tie with pretty ribbon in large
bows. Set them on each end of the
flow to Tiny Crumlin.
Slips of piper are given to each per
son, on one of which a question, on' the
other a noun is to be written. Thtfslips
are dropped into u hat, and every per
son draws out one of each kind. The
questions are to bo answered on paper
in rhyme, each one introducing into his
answer the noun ho lyis drawn. The
rhymes are read last of all and usually
cause much fun.
KIow to Allay Swelling froin limine*.
Apply a cooling lotion frw|uenily.
Tincture of arnica ami water is a good
one: also a mixture of four ounces water
and one ounce each spirits of wine and
How to Wa*h China Crape Scarf*.
Make a strong lather with boiling
water and soap, and when nearly Cooled
dip the scarf in and wash quickly.
Rinse in cold hard water and salt, th6n
in clear water; squeeze and hang in the
ojien air, pinning it to the line to avoid
folds. The more rapidly it dries the
cleaner it will be.
How to Clean White Feathers,
Draw the feathers through a thick
lather of white soap. Repeat several
times, then wash in tepid water, lastly
in cold. Dry by the fire, curling as it
dries. _
How to ExtlnpiUh a Fire.
A solution of five ounces of ammonia
in a gallon of water will put out a fire.
Clarksburg is about 5,000, and we -would
say at least one half aro troubled with
some affection of the Throat and Lungs
We would advise all our readers to call
on their druggist and get a lx>ttle of
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and
Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottles
50o and $1. Sold by all druggists.
llow to Make a Tansy Ten wiper.
A Bilk or velvet pansy can bo bought,
or one can be made from cloth, properly
marked with paint or embroidery silk.
It is laid on several pieces of flannel or
(lark chamois skin cut the same shape
and fastened there. A gilt cord pro
ceeds from lietween the pausy and the
chamois, and to its end is fastened a let
ter opener.
How to lllearli Yellow Flannel.
Flannel yellowed by use should be put
for fifteen minutes in a weak solution
! of bisulphide of soda, to which has Inen
| added a little hydrochloric acid.
How to lleiuovo Small Ol^ecta
in the Windpipe.
Vv hen a child has swullowed some
thing that chokes it, hold it, head down
ward, by the legs and strike several
sharp blows on the back. Generally
this will dislodge what is in the wind
pipe. If not, send at once for the nearest
How to StIfTen llritttlm.
Irnmcrne them for a short timo in cold
tlum water.
now to Revive a Dull Fire.
Sprinkl? over it a little powdered
llow to Make an Umbrella Staml.
Get a joint of sewer pipe, gild it and
Hpriukle with brocivdes. Very pretty
aud useful for the hall.
Published on behalf of Hood's Harsapa
rilla are as reliable and as worthy your
confidence, as if they came from your
best and most trusted neighbor. They
state only the simple facts in regard to
what Hood's Sursaparilla has done, al
ways with truth and reason.
Constipation, and all troubles with
tho digestive organs and the liver, aro
cured by Hood's Pills. Unequalled as a
dinner pill.
Cures Dyspepsia, In
digestion & Debility.
i How to Milk* n <"h?-efc?:lotl? Comforter.
j Prepare tho checscclo: li into sheets
1, large enongh for Ihc tpread. Lay to
gether and seam on two sides and one
1 end by bond; tjben, leaving it wrong
? side out, place the cot ton batting evenly
; over it. Let two people, one at each
tide, beginning at tho unsewed eml,
grasp the ootUm and cheeaeoloth next it
I with one hand and mil it over, nsing the
I other bund to roll the other layer of
cheesecloth. By gradually rolling the
parte in opposite directions the cheese
cloth will at last be tuned right aide j
ont, with the wadding smoothly inside.
Sew np the open end, tack the comforter
with colored worsted, and it is com
How to Clean.* Old Cola*.
Red rant can be removed from silver
coins by vinegar or lemon juice; green
by a solntion of ammonia. The mat on
copper or brum coins ought not to be
diatnrlied, fur one of these coina which
cannot bo deciphered when rusty may
be spoiled by cleaning.
How to Make a Convenient Thread Holder.
Take an oblong piece of leather an
inch wider than a No. 80 spool of thread.
Cut a half inch square out of each corner,
so an edge that wide can be turned np
all around. Line and bind the leather,
ami fuaten the turned np sides in place.
In the shallow tray thua formed lay as j
many spools of thread as it will hold, j
from No. 80 to No. 60. say one of each.
Ribbon fastened at the proper places,
run through the boles and tied, will keep
the *iks>Is in place. One case for white
and one T r black t bread are convenient.
How to Harden Tender Feet.
Sponge morning and evening with a ]
preparation made of one tablespoonful
of carbonate of Boda and a half pint of |
cold water.
How to Tent tho Purity of the Atmosphere.
To find out if there is any carbonic
add gas in a room nearly fill a tumbler |
with limewater and leave it exposed.
The rapidity with which a pellicle forma j
on its surface and the water becomes !
cloudy is proportionate to the amount of |
tho carbonic acid gas present. Moist |
carbonate of lead turns black when
there is qulphim ted hydrogen present.
Is the bunt remedy you can find for
hoarseness, croup, (tough find asthma.
The 25 ceut Iwttles are monsters for the
money. Why cougbj hack, spit, sniffle
uud make a noisy nuisance of yourself
when so good a remedy is at hand?
Stop that cough! It may bring you
trouble. Take Boreman's Cough Syrup
uud do not be fooled into buying some
thing else called "just as good" be
cause the dealer wants a fancy profit
Sold bv all dealers.
How to Watdi Cut Gin**.
Wash it in very hot water without
sonp. If not clean, then apply whiting
with a clean brush; then rub with soft
paper. y ?
How to Matte a Mirror Motto.
Take a strip of ribbon long enough to
fasten slantwise across the mirror for
which it is designed, anil on it letter
I plainly in a dark color or black some
!, short quotation. Tho ends are fringed
jor cut in pointx, and the motto is fust
Lened by two pins slipped under tho
l.fr.'ime of the mirror. The quotation is
fcflenigned to lie a daily inspiration to
whoever receives the motto, and should
I be short and full of meaning.
How to Tell Iron front .Steel.
Lutadropof diluted nitric acid fall
jTLn the metal, washing it off after a few
' minutes. If steel, a black spot; if iron,
a whitish gray one will be left.
How to Renovate Artificial Flower*.
Silk poppies that have lost their I
crimped appearance can be crimped |
freshly by squeezing their petals gath
ered in a bunch between tho parts of a
heated curling iron. Faded flowers that
are not injnred in shape can be touched
np with water color paints. Even those
from cheap paint boxes will do if ap
plied with a fine brush.
How to Cure a Snike 1111..
Mil lard and sulphur to a paste and
rub on the bitton place. Onions and
salt is a good remedy; also give as much
brandy or whisky as the patient can
Attention Ladles.
Miss Maggie Tricket makes a
specialty of teachingthe National
Garment System and dress mak
ing of every description, The
ladies are cordially invited to call
at her rooms at the Chap'in home,
opposite the Episcopal church
on Main Street. Clarksburg.
W. Va. 53-ly.
Subscribe for the Telegram,
the best local paper in Central
West Virginia.
flow to I>i*po*o ot Garbage.
It is generally conceded that the most |
sanitary method of disposing of garbage
is to burn it. A good way is to dry the
refuse tirst, as its damp state often hurts j
the tire. If a pan the siae of the range
ash (mil be obtained, the garbage can t>e
pot into that, and set in the range when
there is a clear oright tire, t he ash pan
being, of course, removed. The intense !
heat from the tire above dries the gar
bage very quickly It is then ready to
put ou tho tire.
flow to Tell (loot) Hoof.
Good beef is of a reddtBh urown color
and contains no clots of blood. The
ilesb of well nourished beeves is marked
with s[K)tH of white fat and is Hrin and
compact Klesh that is dry tough and
dark, with yellow fat. ts furnished by
old, lean animals.
now to Make Violet Powrt.r.
Violet powder may be made by taking
?U parts by weight of wheat starch and
two parts of orris root powder Reduce
the starch to the tinest possible powder
mix it thoroughly with the orris root,
then perfume with attar of lemon and
attar of cloves This, when allowed to
dry out well, if put in sachet bags, or
used with a powder puff will tie found
"In buying a cough medicine for
children," says H. A. Walker, a promi
neut drucrgist of Ogden. Utah, "never
he afraid to buy Chamberlain's Congli
Remedy. Thero is no danger from it
and relief in always snrn to follow. I
particularly recoommend Chamberlain's
because I have found it to be safe and
reliable. It is intended especially for
colds, croup and whooping congli."
SO oent bottle* for sale by H. L, Wolls,
?v* *- -^???^ ?? ' - ? Xvwwvwi,
for Infants and Children.
** Cm to rla 1* no will adapted to children that
1 recommend It a* *uperior toanjr prescription
known to no.** IL A. Anriica, M. D.,
Ill 8a Oxford 8t, Brooklyn, 17. Y.
"The urn of 'Ciutoria b bo anirerwU and
It* merit* so well known that it mwqm a work
of mipererocatkm to cndorao It. Few ore the
intelligent farailie* who do not keep Castoria
wltlila eoqr reach.".
Gjjujo* BUaTYS, I). P.,
New York City.
"For Hrrrrnl yearn I have recommend*
your ? Ctatoria.' and tihall always continue u>
do to an It haw Invariably produced benefit
r.mn* F. pAawnc, M. D?
125th Htrect and Tth Ave., New York Cttj.
Th* CwTAt-a Goxtaxy, 77 Kcwuy Bnuarr, Naw Yoa* Ott.
It You Wish Health, Addre*? DR. C. B. Jl!l>D, Hetrolt, Mich.
ON 6 My Elcotrio Belte are the lightest, nimplest, most dar?l>k
MONTHS and generate five times more electricity than any other. Buperk
TRIAL to any Box Battery made. A battery and Belt combined, an
produces sufficient eleotricity to produoe a shock, and should be used by msi
and female, old and young. As innch of a household necessary as sugar, tea ao
coffee. Not oulv a eure for a disease, but also a preventive.
Hi'tthuity. Mont. Jan. IB 1WH-Wltbln the last eighteen month* we have taken I
over II.(NIO for Judd'n Klectrlc Hells nnd Tru-*e*. and never had a *lugie oomplaibt, tn
have Imd many compliment* p?M?i npon Ihem.
My reference, Bauks and Mercantile Agencies.
2" .y M. Newbro Drug Co.
A Specific
For Headache, Neuralgia and Khema
tism. Thirty-two doses lor Fifty
cents. Put up bj
Mew Life.
hvtM i
ppeoillo for Hynterla, Dlzzlnesn. Fit*. Neurnltjin, Head,
tushe, Nervous Prostration caused by alcohol or tobacco,
Wakefulneen, Mental Deprendon, Soften inn of Brain,
causing InMinlty.mtHery, decay, death, Premature Old
Ave, ItatrenneffLljOHaof Power ineithereex,Impotenoy.
Loncmrrhcea and nil Female Weakneeaea, Involuntary
Lo?;'cw,fi|iormntorrha?acauiied by over-exertion of brnin
{**1 Native, over-In?iulK*nce. A month'* treatment, 9L
6for 15,by'mail. >\e Guarantee *(xboxeetocure. Each
order for 8boxes with *5, will aOnd written unnranteo
to rotund if not cured. GuarunUws iiiiraod only by
Cunn'.nghnm Bros., A Co.
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?"JEMwhere for "HHBPP'rt PHOTO
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ahmh!* oanh or Installment*: mam
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ARD MADIHON. Lyon*. N. Y.. ?101 In 7
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Circulation over 121,000
Copies Daily.
Tlio Press is the organ of no faction;
pulls no wires; hns no animosities to
The Most Remarkable Newspaper
Success in New York
Cheap news, vulgar sensations and
trash find uo place in the columns of the
The Press has the brightest editorial
pago in New York. It sparkles with
The Press Sunday Edition is a splen
did twenty-page paper, covering every
current topic of interest.
The Press Weekly Edition contains
all the good things of the Daily and Sun
day editions.
For those who cannot afford the Daily
or are prevented hy distance from early
receiving it, the Weekly is a good sub
8ti) ute.
Is an jlbu^rlising
Tho Press has no Superior in New York.
Within tlio reach of nil. The best and
cheapest newspaper in Amcrico.
Daily ami Snndny. one yeat - ? $5.00
six months - 3.80
. " "" one month - 40
Daily only, one year 8.00
" fonr mouths ... 1.00
Htm .lay, one year ------ a 00
Weekly Press, one year - - - - 1,00
Send for the Press Circular.
Samples free. Agents wanted every
where. Liberal commissions.
Address, THB PRE88,
38 Park Row, New York.
On and after Sunday; Deo. 4 , 18M, P??
?en*tr Train* will run fui follow*: ?Dulljr.
tDally except Lunday.
No. a No. 4
a. m.
U 69
10 16
10 40
?Mount Ola re
Lout ('reek
June Lew
..We* ton
Trains ieavo Weston for Buckhannon
at 10:45 a. m. and 5:30 j>. m. and re
turn at V. 85 p. m. and 4:85 p. ra.
Leave Buckhannon for Nowlon at
6:15 a. m. and 12:40 p. m.
Trains leave Weston for Sntton
7:00 a. m. and 1:40p. m., and arrive from
Sutton IS:00 (noon) and 6:40 p. m.
Train for Oamdtn-on-Gauleyeonneota
with early Sutton train at Flatwoods at
8:45 p. m.
BOOT - and Shoe Shop. Re
pairing promptly done. Good
stock, rates reasonable A. S
Wells, One door east of Lowndes
?Why pay a big price for sad
dles and harness when you can
buy them so cheap at Wm. 8.
Sumner's tennery. west Hainst
IVavelei^ Gpiide.
b. <& o.
depart from firarksburg as follow";8 "
No. 008, Cincinnati and St Lnmsdw
Express, 8;58 8. m: No. 601, Miduigli
Express for St Louis, 13:2!' * n,
No. 071, P?rkerebnrg Accommodation,
6:50 a. m.; No. 647, Aooommodutioa.
o:o0p. m.
mNo'.S?7, N?w York ExPr??'. 5:04 a. m;
No. W0, Grafton Aocommodatiou, 11:0b
ii Grafton Aooommnd*.
bon, 5:42 p. m.; No. 004, New York Hx
press, 0:80 p. m.
Chas. O. Scull, Gen. Pass. Agt
T rn ? Baltimore, Md.
J. T. Odkll, Gen'l Manager.
?. A; Annox. Agent
Train No. j 1 I 8 | 9
Houth- Bound.
. Gypsy Grove
A rrl ve?Clark *b urg
No*. 1. 2. a, A 4 are passenger trains and I
and 10 way freight*.
Wh. n traveling b?twe?n Pllubam, Whwl
ing. Morgan town or Fairmont and 01*rk*
nurg, WbNton. Buckhannon. Pnrk??r*burg or
cimr lesion. the "Monongah Route" oilers
the Kbortest and quickest line, Oloee oou?
nectlon* inadeat for all. point* North and
WeRt, hiid at Clarksburg with K. & O.atid W.
va. p. k. ft- lor all point* Ka*t. Houth and
went Awk for throoeh ticket* via the
Monongah Route. HUGH G. BOWLEG
Gen'l Hunt. Monongah, W. Va,
?he no\n\(i,ui?;,.A k. h.
Train No. "
North Bound."*
Leave?Clark*h u rg
Gypey Grove
i j <r,

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