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The Clarksburg telegram. [volume] (Clarksburg, W. Va.) 1874-1926, February 03, 1893, Image 3

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.... 789
letter sheets, size SJxoJ, with your name, business and address neatly
printed on each sheet for ONLY tt 50 at the TklkgraJi office for the
next 30 days. 500 sheets will only cost $1.00.
Merchants,School Teachers, Blacksmiths. Justices. Constables, Car
penters and Farmers should have their letter heads printed. It prevents
mistakes and gives dignity to one's avocation.
"Hi :t ii "?Bnnr'??~-~i?i
Is Hea,cio|tjLeLi'tfei'SB for
Plain, Fancy and Chromatic Printing.
;i ml
Fine Corumeroial
Printing a specialty.
II?w to Mnktt h Cliil<l Orow.
To niu tho growth of a child try the
following, and yon will fee astonishing
results: Lot the child stand by a door
a*?'l turn out tho toes at an angle of 60
(1"Ks Now gee if lips/chin, chest anil
lr>> touch the door. Is tho abdomen
bfcld back several inches? If ho the
CM<1 is standing perfectly erect, and
^11 measure its full height. This will
really seem hard work, as, it makes one
fci-1 v, rv Ktiff, but practice It several
s a day and it will soou t>e easily ac
c<Wnplished. While in school a child is
dually stooping over one sort of work
or another, aud it is well to help the tig*
Jfe i ' k into good shape by this simple
1.. Malis usg |)H?k for Rlok Rtomaeh.
i fresh egg for twenty minutes,
'd'l u pmt of water, ft pint of milk, and
"W to taste; then boil. Drink when
"Id as lung as the mixture remain* thin.
When in need
' of Posters. Circulars.
Cards. Letter Meads, Wed
ding Invitations, Funeral Notices
or Fine Printing of any
kind It will pay you
to try the
Telegram office.
ing to size Kill tne center with the
brown velvet and work it in stitches of
various lengths A strip of ribbon is
fastened across the back to 'hold* the
broom in its place, and at each side the
susjKMision ribbon is tacked, being pret
tily bowed at each of these points The
flower may be mude of paper, but cloth
or felt is more desirable.
How to Cut or (lore Hiililter,
Dip the borer or knife iuto a strong
solution,of caustic |K)tash.
How to Keep tho limine llewltliy.
l)ou't ueglect your cellar. It 1^usu
ally the place where are thrown old rags,
bottles, ashes and boxes of all kinds.
For the wiuter use ' ?**1 anA
ll??w to Maktt a Wlilnk Holder.
?Many designs have been Used for this
Purpose (jQe 0f the newest is a large
?onttower made of yellow felt, brown
Velvet and brown ribbon. Cut th? petals
from the yellow felt ip various sizes aud
the LoWer end so as to form a ful
061,1 Hlace them in position on n
???teboard background in rows accord
have the coal and
ror luc ,
wood jiiaUe iU? appearance in the month
or August. Cleanse anrt whitewaab ceil
ings und sides, and once in awhile nse
disinfectants Tor health and cleanliness,
to free the place from insects and ver
min. This much despised room is of
iutlnite value to the mistress, whose busi
ness it is to see that it is set in order
Tor it Is the storehonse where are kept
warmth, light and comfort for th# family
iri winter. ... ?
Uow u. M?k? ?1ot? fl?.?o* Powder.
Dry castile soap and powder it finely
in a mortar
S500 will be Given
For nnJ case of Rheumatism -which can
not be onred by Dr. Drnmmond's LigUt
'ning Remedy. The proprietors do not
hide this offer, but print it iu bold type
on nil their circular*, .wrappers, printed
matter, and through the columns of
nowspapers everywhere. It will work
wonders, one bottle will oure nearly
every uase. If the druggist has not got
it, he will order it, or it will be sent to
any address by prepaid express on re
ceipt of price tr>. Drummcwd Medicine
Vo? 48-Sii Maiden Lane, New York.
Agents wanted. tt-2t
When Bol)y mu nfck, we gare her Casto'ria.
Whea she was a Child, she criod for Cfuaorla.
When she became Miss, she flung to. GsstoHa. ^
When she luul Children, she gave them Costoria.
A friond in need is a friend indeed, and
not less than one million people have
found just such a friend in Dr. King's
New Dioovery for oonanmption, cough,
colds. If you have never used this
great oougn medicine, one trial-will con
vince you that it has wonderful curative
powers in all diseases of throat, chest
and lungs. Each bottle is guaranteed
to do all that is claimed or money will
be refunded. Trial bottles free at Clay
ton & Dent's drugstore. Large bottles
50o and *1.00.
"?, 'Mm,.
Against Marriage. .
MARRY or uot
to marry, "is rapid
ly becoming ?|?rm
tioal question in
thin age of specula
tive theories. It is
n serious question
for the unmarried
oc that should always be seriously
tiered. The ambitions young man
?y is aakiug himself whether he
i-nu atford to impede his pi ogress (?) on
the r?>tid to distinction and eminence hy
en taring intoau alliance so uncertain.
Thei ?. .onj for one to oouclode that
ourma Clarksburg baa many young
i : ) men who are ia sympathy with the
neutpfillosophy. On our tableTs an ex
i*haU:.;B which says:
^ modern developments are, it seems,
in Jwuc against wedlock. The latest
moti in this direction Is the institution
of lucking classes for men. Patent
buttons have been fashioned that pre
elutl . the necessity of a needle. Depots
.^ffii'palrjs are established from which
issue bid lied handmaidens t6 go Into
the bachelor's home and reduce the
rent in hose and the fractures in linon
sit. ?ninhnum~fcost. The trainee^ nurse
has monopolized the most tender of
wifely devotions. Indeed, the wife Is
summarily dismissed from the hus
band's sick-room if danger is Imminent.
A lid the trained nurse is a most engag
ing. low-voiced, gentte institution in
pictnreaquo cap and apron. Her hands
claims one who has undoubtedly had
experience in this line, are like velvet
to the touch, but strong and wondrous
deft. She knows h?w to coax and how
to command, without irritation or
fussiness. Obedience is delicious
when in accord with her sov
ereign will, ller dress never rust
les. She never cries over
poor fellow when he is too ghastly siclc
t<f*|mluro it. She doesn't get her pre
feelings Injured when his heajl
ps bo he is obliged to call on his
Itflpter with undue unction and famll
itmiy. Apartment houses and clubs
galore are luxuriously appointed for
^?;bachelor's comfort. (I en tie women
and fresh young maidens sympathize
with his ideals and ambitions, and vex
him not with talcs of the cook's deliu
fl|ncles or bills for millinery. The
Hfllng dish hn.s been evolved to give
[t.to his lonely estate. And now the
pring class. ? Beccptlons, high teas I
luncheons successfully given with
out a hostess. Beefsteak always rare |
and to one's liking. Quails broiled to j
a turn, and terrapin divinely seasoned.
"All this and lleaven, too," ^s'the old
&>ng Island deacon *aid when ho saw
tiyniiin Berf^s parlor, with its rag
carpet and six ornately decorated
wooden chairs.
Tin* kindergarten is no lon#&r an ex
periment. It is uot now on the defen
sive, either on its educational or on'Its
philanthropic side. It is rather for
those who i^norantly oppose the kin
k to show cause for their oppo
h fjiee of the almost unan
imous approval of experts, and the en
thusiastic Indorsement of all that part
df the general pulSic Ayho have had the
opportunity of becoming familiar wtyh
its methods and results. That it is a
thoroughly - accredited/ successful, sci
entific Und rapidly spreading education
al device, and no mere fad of the mo
ment, seems to Ih? an established fa<?t,
as may be gathered from inquiry among
the leaders of education everywhere
in America, and from all the teachers
whef whether klndergartners or -not,
liavc come into contact wltli the sys
It> is reported that near C'urrizo
Springs, Tex., an oval topped mound,
covered wjth petrified human skulls,
has been discovered. The mound is cir
cular in form and about one hundred
feet high and on one side is joined to a
short range of hills of about the same
height. On the summit and for some
distance down the sloping side it is cov
ered with what appear to be smooth,
spherical l>ones, which, upon close ex
amination, prove to bo. it is said, -petri
fied''human skulls distorted into gro
tesque shapes. It is further stated
that, by removing the loose dirt and
sand from the orifices of the face, the
unmistakable human countenance is re
vealed. Bones of other classes arc also
said to be founcVthere, and from all ap
pearances tho whole mound is formed
of human skulls.
Not in the history of the present
generation has Lake Erie been fro
zen as .it has been th'^ winter. There
has been an unbroken field of ice from
Detroit river to 1 ?ut-in- Bay. Fishermen
have driven fifteen miles out from Mon
roe, ;and returned with the statement
th&t the ice was solid all the way, and
that it extended as far as they could
see.; The entire Lake Erie archipelago
warfrozen up and -teams were crossing
th<?imoutb of the Detroit river. Fisher
men were compelled to suspend busi
ness." Considerable uneasiness has been
felt, because if the winter breaks up as
it usually does there can scarcely' fail to
be a very serious flood.
Aj/niouon in very common use among
us the very expressive and convenient !
term "Crank" is not an American Word, i
It has been in common use in Derby- j
shire for a generation, and it is stiU ;
often heard. It is used to describe a ]
man who has fads, fancies and notions |
outside the "common run of those of his
neighbors. A man with a bee in his
bonnet is cranky, and so are those who j
ride hobbies of any kind.
Anteloj'K must still be very numer- j
ous in the fetate of Washington. At ?
Blackfoot mount, near Spokane, a few
days ago the locomotive of atraih was
thrown from the tmck by running into
a large herd of antelope, of which sev
en were killed.
One of the fast trains on a western
railroad is known as "Eli." The "be
cause" is plain, even though its plain
ness does Imply a knowledge of slang.
Fresh'fish on sale.
Poultry bought.
Your patronage solicited.
Pike Street, | Clarksburg, W. V*.
rvik-I ami Is an lutulliMe
< ?rfft.rlMlrv ITt.vJL ?r
PnwiMKormnH. Snmpl. *
Imx SIM. Now Vurk Uljr.
Fit*, FiUltof Sickness, Hjste*
is, St. Titos Daaco, Nervousness
Hypochondria, Melancholia, In
ebrlty, Sleeplessness. Dli
zlncu, Brain and Spi
nal Weakness.
Till* medlclno his direct action upon
the nervo centers, allayinR all Irrltablll
ties, and Increasing tho tlow and power
ot norvo fluid. It Is perfectly harmless
and leaves no unpleasant effects.
rnr ts? irtJass
i KILL BHSnR&sur*
XOENIG MEO CO.. Chicago, Ml.
Sold br DmmttU at SI r-r IUit|l?s Oft"
t?r*?i<u?.*i.7S. ethnic
Clarksburg,, W. Va,
Wr hnvr recently refitted our
Mill nid put in the full roller
sva'em Will guaranteequality
ol flour i.i?d'- t?y us equal to any
muoufaciurnd in the Stale, or
brought here from adjoining
Bolted Corn Meal,
Choice Seed Oats,
Corn and Oats Chop
Gustom Grist Work
A specialty. Satisfaction
highest market price paid for
We are buying wheat and payisf
the highest cash price.
Wanted I
Goods Delivered Free in the City.
Steam Pumps for use in Mines,
Fresh water. Special Boiler Feed
ers, Heavy Presure Pumps and
for all kinds of duty.
Steam and'
Water . >'
Pip.C,. r>?
Brass" and
Special pumps built to order for all kinds of duty. Speriul al
| tent ion to supplies for mines and coke works. Write for catalogue.
Dealt!''* in
I Fresh and Salt Meats.
W. H. FowcU.
Various shade* of Taney Dying ou
Wool, Silk or Cotton. Sjwviul attention
given to Cleaning Fine Goods. Near
West End Depot, Clarksburg, W.Va.
Bus Line and Express.
Splendid .conveyances to meal
all trains.
Passengers called for in nay
part of thft city.
Elegantcarnages for weddings,
funerals, &c.
Accidents Unheard Of.
Only careful driYers employ#d.
White Oak Planks,
Walnut, Poplar, Ash Logs and Lum
ber, Staves, Etc.
PRICE & CO."".
Oflioo and Yards near It. 4 O. Depot Clarksburg. W. V*.
Hursev >* Insurance * A pcncy
LEE. H.VANCE, Proprietor. M
All the Best Companies Prompt Payment oi

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