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?laifesbwrg telegram
Fridat. ^kbbuart S, 18#3.
?wxeuLZ. coxntrr-r tatib.
Pl'HMHHKU Whkki.y ur T1IK
gtuart^ Reed - - Qditor
(Payable in Advanoe.)
Single oopy. one year 11 50
Single copy, six months 75
Single oopv, tbree mouths . 50
SnbiurriWrii deairing tu discontinue
most jmv nil nriwi((?.
Refusing, to take tlie paper from tli?
post-office will upt stop charges from
A notice to discontinue not aooompa
nied by tliu amount ilue at the time will
not atop tlie paper.
Notice to change post-ufllce address
must give the old ax well ?b the new of
Wedding announcements and oblt
nariea will be published at reasonable
All matter intmidt-d for piiblicittiori
munt be accompanied by the author's
real name, not for publication, but na a
guaranty- of good faith.
All matter submitted subject to the
editor's approval.
{HEREBY announce myself as j?ndi
date for County Superintendent of
Free Schools at the eloctiou to be held
?n the 10th day of May.
A new city charter has been
prepared for Clarksburg and a
petition has been sent to the
legislature to grant a new char
ter. It will Rive the council of
Clarksburg enlarged powers.
We have not seen the proposed
charter. We understand that it
was prepared by two of our citi
zens and one of them is . now at
the capitol trying to engineer it
through. We are not prepared
to comment upon its provisions.
A gentleman who is supposed to
know about it informed us thai it
was mainly to take from the
county court the-control of the
liquor question and give the en
tire management of this prob
lem to the town council. Our
people will want to know what
the charter proposes before they
will be ready to accept it. The
legislature cau certainly go no
further than to leave its final
adoption with the' people of
Clarksburg after they have an
opportunity to know what it is.
The petition that people signed
did not ask for any particular
charter?simply a new charter.
If it. is a better thing for the
town than the one we now have,
it will doubtless be approved by
our citizens.
The TelEgram realizing the
great love of so many West Vir
ginians for James G. Blaine has
.neglected some other features of |
the paper this week in order to j
give a full account of his life and i
valued public services. On the ;
inside of this paper will be fo.ind
a history of the Blaine family
beautifully illustratqd.
?1 -- mm ? - ???
Several pr'ominetsociety ladies
of Cattlettsburg were indicted
last week for playing euchre for
The island of Zante. near i
Greece, was shaken early Mon- !
day morning by an earthquake, j
In the town of Zante many houses I
were wrecked and the occupants
ran in their night clothes into i
street. The roof of the prison I
fell in and many prisoners were 1
When a newspaper man asks
you about any matter that ,vou
do not w ml published request
?hiin not to mention it. No re
spectablu news gatherer will be
tray confidence. Don't lie about
the matter for if you do he sees
you are trying to hide some
thing and will get the facts else
where and will then feel at liber
ty to publish them.? /??>.
It will be a surprise to many
to learn that Dr. M. S. llolt has
sold the Weston lle/mb/iran to .1.
H. Edwards. What will Weston
be without Holt in its journalistic
realm? All must admit that the
Doctor has lost but few oppor
tunities for getting in a rap at
the Democratic party. And just
think! They say the Itr/mltUmn
is to become Democratic.
A fallow is now traveling
through the country trying to
swindle parties with a contract
for wire fences. He offers to
give enough wire to fence a ten
acre field il the party will sign a
contract to take the agency for
the wire. The contract is where
the swindle comes in, for if read
closely it turns out to be a promi
sary note for $150. after a few
words are erased with oxalic acid.
The grandest figure in the
group of great Americans of the
modern age is numbered with the
Nation's distinguished dead. The
mighty soul of the "Plumed
Knight" has ascended to the
throne of the living God. From
his early home on the Mononga
bela, where his life was as sim
ple and pure as the sweet brier
roses that grew in wild and luxur
iant beauty upon the river
heights.he went to New England,
that nursery of American intel
lect and cradle of American
patriotism, to develop into the
??foremost man of t'.e World.
There has been instituted no
great public measure, no policy
that tended to broaden the sphere
of American influence sincc the
days of reconstruction with which
his name has not been identitled.
Our intellect is too sluggish, our
imagination loo frail to pay a
fitting tribute to the life of this
great civil leader.
Mr. Blaine loved West Virginia
and took a deep interest in her
industrial development. While
he had friends everywhere, he
was not insensible to the fact
that the people of the Little
Mountain State, were among his
most ardent admirers.
Nis was a life consecrated upon
the altar of uncompromising
Americanism. He forged his
way amid obstructions and diffi
culties to eminence, to affluence
and to the fullest confidence of
the American people, wholly by
reason of his magnetic personal
ity and sound judgment. He
could not bo seduced by love of
power?was never weakened by
flattery? never overcome bj the
pleadings of fascinating sophis
try. In his towering diplomacy
there was a combination of hiippy
faculties. Like Gladstono lie
was a generator of enthusiasm.
He combined the discernment
arid sagacity of Jefferson with the
"tact of Seward and the dignity
of Webster." Like Greeley.
when he spoke to the common
people they understood and ap
plauded. To let him grasp your
hand once was to make you his
friend forever. Since Lincoln
fell.fighting for human liberty.no
other statesman has risen so high
in the continence of a great po
litical party. Illustrious, knight
ly, chivalrous spirit, thou art now
imid the visions and delights of
Jternity! Thy name and works
ire engraven deep on the altar
of thy country's glory. Thy life
is an inspiration before which
the diplomatic intelligence of the
age kneels '.n adoration and love.
The memory of our departed
great, ones is a rich heritage of
the American citizen. Their
tombs are the silent shrine.-, upon
which "fires of patriotism" for
ever burn. From these last rest
ing places tendrils of loyalty aud
love extend to the hearts of a
groat fill people. "Washington is
at Mt. Vernon. Lincoln at Spring
field, Grant at New York and
Sherman at St. Louis. Jefferson \
is at Monticello and Adams at,:
Quincy; Irving is atSleepy Ho'
low and Longfellow amid the in
spirations of his muse at Cam
bridge:" Whittier is surrounded \
J>.y the scenes immortalized In
nis pen at Amesbury. Garfield
rests at Cleveland, and on Oak
Hill, m sight or the capitol of the
Nation he loved and to whose
glories lie added a grander lustre
peacefully sleeps J amiss (?'
* YOU *
A husband in Chicago calls his
wife an Anarchist, because she
is always trying to blow him up.
The clerk of the Pocahontas
county court has advertised Ci, r
bids to build a court house at
Marlinton. Bids will be received
for the court house and jail com
| binea in one building and also
for separate buildings.
j The Harrisonburg Itei/isln- re
I P?rts that a man living near ,\lt.
j Meridian walking along the
river bank a few days ago saw a
muskrat hole just at the edge of
the water, and upon closer ex
amination found that it contained
some fish. He got a board and
stopped up the hole, and in a
short while had taken 17". white
suckers therefrom with his hands
He?"Are you happy, now that
you are married ?" She - ? Com ?
paratively. He ? "Compared
with whom?" She1? "Compared
with my husband."
Of The Town of ClarKsburg for the Year
Ending January 31, 1893.
Cash 011 hands coihinenei im nt year
general fund ?? ???:? * '
Railroad taxes, 1801 . 21?
Scales ... .?? oO
Fines ?? J?.. 002 27
Licenses .' ?*].
Taxes, 1892 ...??? 12 050 10
18i?2, Feb. 1.?Cash on hands com
mencement y'r credit Water fimil $ 433 70
Tupping;. 323 00
Water rents collected . , 1 823 05 2 579 i5
Rail Road tax 15 48
A. W. I'ritchard?cash.fjHR 12 50
pgji $16 892 99
Office rent(Nov.l, '91, ttf Jane iff'93) $ 291 07
Salaries ""
Regular police ... J; 9(10 00
Special police and janitor. 248 90
Limiting streets, 1 790 80
Printing ;4aHE? 75 85
Jail fees jpoB 241 25
Stone contr'ts, laying pav'm'ts, Ac. 778 00
Pay rolls?labor ...y3? 2 345 80
Bills, lumber, brickie. &<? I 022 29
Fee bills, office gas, clerks, fee. ,&<?. / 23 40
Erroneous assessment? 100 34
Election i'Mm 00 00
Error R.R. Tax, 1891,.,..Mt 78 50
Interest on Water loan bondn . . 2 125 00
Water loan bonds p'dNoSj 46 & 47 1 013 33
Delinquent list, 1892 189 55
Railroad tax, 1892, uncollected... 253 75
Salaries ..M $ 300 00
Pay rolls 844 30
Plumbers &jg| 411 89
Material, hardware, &c 170 77
W. Va. Pittsburg It K. Company. 47 23-1 774 25
1893, Jan. 31.?Cash on hands.
To credit general fund. . .. .*I 204 09
To credit Water fund... 805 50-2 010 19 $10 892 99
Balance on hands credit general
fund . $1 204 09
Bill, on hands credit Water fund. 805 50
Railroad taxes uncollected. 253 75
Tapping owed by Broaddus'l'id. j;-j 00
Total $ 2 270 94
I'kstk :
??'V Recorder.
A new passenger depot will be
built at Elkins by the West Vir
ginia Central railroad.
Parkers burg is discussing the
propriety of issuing bonds to
build a $38.000 city building.
Fire at Charleston Friday par
tially destroyed the Cotton block
on Capitol street; loss 812,000.
The Kavenswood papers aie
agitating the question of
ing natural gas to that town.
That industrious and unwaver
ing Republican paper, the Fair
mont Went Virginian, has entered
?pon its twenty seventh year.
- ... ___
There are forty-seven farmers
in both branches of the West
Virginia legislature and onlv
seventeen lawyers.
Ex.Senator H. G. . Davis has
tendered President Cleveland a
handsome cottage at Deer Park
for next summer. The President
and Mrs. Cleveland spent their
honey moon at Deor Park.
The champion married manor
the world was John Winsor, of
tVovidence. It. who diod {he
other day aged S-l. He left seven
wives living. Fro.n six he had
"blamed legal separations. Poor
man: at last he is at peace.?Ex.
V \1. Morris. formerly with
CoL I oope,.. ?? lhe aid <;uard,
"f Clarksburg, lias bought a sa
loon in Pa,-kersburgand is going
|n.o that business. He says there
is not as much f?n or glory in it
as in runnings country newspa
pci but lots more money. Par
kersburg Cor. Wheeling^.
Hamlin II. Davis, of .Salem,
i'? h,s f!lll,ur ?f New Miltou
OUT Dr. Louchery. and also a
| 'l f, ,ni'eBt ^ the Louchery
( block. We understand that Mr.
jranvilie Davis will S00n become
! iar?S ,6f f Salem' This is the
( largest dea! ever made in Salem.
, 1>nce Pai(i was *3,500.?
| ' i/flone.
]i'?H,ardy county- at Hanging
Willi im^0 fi?-nS men' brothers,
Ml rabh> ilCk0r D?ran' were
bit hunting and were
x'.rvbrush- ?ne ?
Willi ? en by some means
ilhaiK sgun wasaccidently dls
charged. The l0;ld of sho[ enS
ereu the "eshy part ?f Rickers
rk u! rUS'?"apainful a?d se
gun w^ r" The b0y whosc
= was hred fainted when he
nililmi tnrrencjf Indications.
Two bills providing for a sys
tem of State banks are pending
in the Legislature of North Caro
lina. They were introduced in
anticipation of the repeal of the
prohibitory tax on State bank
currency by the new Democratic
federal government. Their pur
pose is to put the local banks in
shape to flovd the State, and
perhaps itsneighboringcommon
wealths. with wildcat notes at
the earliest possible moment
after the Democracy has redeem
ed its pledge to cut away all ob
stacles in the way of a return to
the fluctuating currency of ante
bellum times. As movement to
the same end was started in
Georgia some time ago. It will
undoubtedly become general
throughout the South if the 10
per cent, tax on State bank issues
is abolished by the incoming
Congress. Free trade was uot
the only pernicious policy that
triumphed in November.?N.
- m ^ ???
Mr. Charles Shuck, aged about
eighty years, was burned to
death near Mt. Ida. Sowell dis
drict, Fayette county. W. Va..
recently. Mr. Shuck had lived
in a house by himself for several
years, tie was seen by one of
his neighbors on Monday, Jan
uary 16. On Tuesday afternoon
some person went to the place
und found the remains of Mr.
Shuck lying on the hearth, his
face badly burned, his clothes
nearly all burned off, the tire out
and the body frozen stiff. It is
supposed that he fell into the
tire and was unable to get out.
Hon. M. D. Post, the brilliant
young Democrat of Harrison
county, who made quite a reputa
tion for himself during the last
campaign, and who was one of
the Cleveland electors, has de
cided to locate in the city for the
practice of law. His office will
be in Prosecuting Attorney How
ard's office for the time being.
No dout Mr. Post will make his
mark as a barrister.?Wheeling
Llkins will soon have electric
lights. It will be built primarily
for the private use of Secretary
Elkins. Senator Kerens, Ex-Sen
ator Davis, and the railroad
shops, but will be used ia light
ing the streets of the town.
Typhoid fever is raging in
Elkins. The epidemic is at
tributed to the water.
? N life's threshold
ft stood it sculptor
I bor,
"With bis marble
< block before him,
It And bis laoe lit np
j with a smile of joy
' As an aagel dream
I paused o'er him ;
He carr'd the dream
on that shapeless
With many a sharp
incision ;
With heaven's own
light the sculp
_ tnre shone?
He hod caught that angel-visioc.
Sculptors of life are we as we stand,
With our souls uncarved before us,
Waiting the hour at God's command,
Our life dream shall pass o'er us ;
If we carvn it then, on the yielding sloni I
With many a sharp incision. I
It* heavenly beauty ahall be our own,
Our lives that angel-vision. ,
?Jliahop Ikxinr.
We consider this the prettiest
poem that we have seen in look
ing over our exchanges' this
It is next to impossible to teach
a girl to whistle. When she gets
her lips properly puckered, she
looks so bewischingly tempting
that the teacher ordinarily loses
his head, and forgets the ob
ject of the "lesson.
Wanted ! Names !
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Weekly : Constitution,
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are sorry that we cannot S J
do all these little favors
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West Virginia. ntl
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of Edmund Denbam ,U?',lu,ta<
Dve, Jesse N. Swiocr j oWg
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son. J. M. Boggess unci p,lui $ fe*
son guardian ad litem o( tigSSS
Gordon Kishbaugh. In el,au?n "
The parties named abore. an',1
persons interested in the abort7w
suit, will take notice that I will n?I
18th day of February 1808 athivnfti
the town of Clarksburg,
cute the order of retLZ ^&f
said cause ou the '23d day of M?v 1#
wherein I was directed to takVi
further proof that might be nSLili
the defendant,
any debt or demand on his part W&
the estate of Lewis A. KishlmuglC?
make any needed or proper cor&tfi
that mav bo found in any formed
port, either an to the account ot uj
Baker as such adminutrator, or ?
the sum reported in favor of said Ro
inson, at which time ami place ?
parties are hereby notified to ?tta
with their proof. c.W. Lyncb,
14t Commissioner.
or. w. FTswisi
Graduate of Uuirersity of Marvlm
Baltimore, Md., tenders bis profeseii
III services to citizens of West Milfoi
and vioinity. All wills will recti
prompt attention. Office at resiilen
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Open To Both Sexes
Collegiate Normal, Business, Telegi
pby, Music, and Art Departments,
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tion. Cheaper rates thnu anv other
Sohool of Equal Bank."
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