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Willie Till brook
Skin of
Mayor Tillbrook
or MeKer.purt, Pa., had a Scrofula bunch under
one car which ilio phyelean lanced anil then It
became a running sure, anil wai followed by
ery.lpela?. Mra. Tillbrook care him
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Uie sore healed up, he became perfectly well
nml In now a lively, robust boy. Other parenn
whoie ehlldren lulTer from Impurs blood
Ntiould profit by tills example.
Hood'? PlLLS ?i? HaMtaal CoutlpaUoa by
rMtorlnf parl.taltic icllon of the ?llmanUrr ???
|i" Hdooestku
WCorroapondent* must write all
proper name* plainly. VVo can ffuww nt
almcmt anything eicept a proper numo
And have hopes of being correct
l*>ng letters concerning unimportant!
Matter* will not Iw published.
most reporter* think tlloy raiiBt write
a long letter or none. Sucli make a ?e
riouH mistake.
If you only have one item and that
aeiid it on and
clon t try to add a page to it.
Always sign your real name gome
We want yoar letters not Inter tlinn
? wlncmlay.?Ed.
Wood Hope.
Alvin Uottrill, teacher of the
Isaac's Creek school, is still very
Prof. E. G. Smith, of your
city, passed through this village
? last Saturday.
Born to Mr. arid Mrs. [fetter
Smith, a sou.
I&v. Kine's meeting is still in
progress atXTichenal Chapol.
?, hulrni.
Earnest Randolph who has
been sick tor about six weeks is
again on the street.
Richard Bond, of Ritchie Co.,
lias been spending a few days
with his son Luther and other
friends hero.
Miss Gertrude Randolph, of
Salem college, is giving a series
of lectures on art before her
class, which are said to be very
interesting and instructive.
R. L. Townsend. of Webster
county, who. with his family,has
been spending some time here
returned home Monday. Mrs.
Townsend and little Lilliu will
remain a few days longer.
Miss Ida Warner returned to
Salem Monday from an extended
visit to Doddridge county.
Miss Versa Davis went to
Clarksburg Tuesday evenina on
her way to Flat Woods to visit
her sister^ Mrs. B. Kenny. E.
Did any one ever hear of a
vacant political office from Do"
Pelter in Harrison countv to
President of the United States
tnat some one didn't make Nathan
uou a.candidate for it '-Par
ifersburg Sentinel.
The people have often named
Judge Goff for office, have elect
ed him to several and ho has
been appointed to numerous
others. Only one was ever stolen
from him. however.?Ritchie (!??
Go to Lambrecht's lor jewelry.
Go to Adler's for bargains in
Tbosick people at Broaddus
College are all improving.
The West Virginia Business
College leads the procession.
We are receiving large orders
in advance tor the coining
World's Pair Teleoiiam.
Dr. A. O. Flowers, of Wyatt
?will locate in Clarksburg, it is
said, at an early day.
Mr. Ernest G. Yates, of Lin
?coin, Nebraska, was the gi^est of
the Misses Smith, of College
street, a few days last w^en.
Secure your space in the
World's Fair Telegram soon or
you will be left. It comes out
on the 22d.
The question of the hour is.
shall we have a city charter and
put the license business* in the
hands of the people of Clarks
burg alone ?
The city financial statement
for 1892 appears elsewhere. It
will be observed that two of the
water loan bonds have been paid.
The tines for the year amount to
6602. There is a balance to the
credit of the city amounting to
over 82,000. Taken as a whole it
is a.very good showing.
enow gffiGER.
The United States About to
Acquire New Territory.
A I,Hill) Ilial Flown with Milk mill
llonry. Do we mint tin- Sand
nlrli ImIoiiiIh !
Exciting debates have been
going on for several days in the
Congress of the United States
concerning the annexation of
some very fertile islands in the
Pacific ocean. Therefore the
jealously existing between other
nations of Europe, especially
England and France has made it
impossible for any of those
foreign powers to lay hold on the
islands. The United States,
however, occupies an independ
ent position and can do as she
pleases in the matter.
There are thirteen Hawaiian or
Sandwich islands, and eight of
them are inhabited. The only
one spoken of in this country is
the largest?Hawaii. The whole
! business of the island centers at
the capital. Honolulu, which is
2,100 miles and six days
s^il from San Francisco.
The Hawaiian islands are like
a poet's dream in wealth and
beauty. Edwin Arnold has call
ed them a paradise, and nearly
every othor writer who has been
there has said the samo thing.
They have made thousands of
people rich and thousands of
others happy.
When Capt. Cook visited the
islands in 1776 he estimated their
population to bo -100,000. This
is thought to be 100,000 or 200,
000 too many. With proper cul
tivation. it is safe to say that the
eight inhabited islands will sup
port 4,000,000 poople.
On a small scalo Honolulu could
compete with imperial Rome her
self for distinction in the matter
of motley population. Kepresen
tatives froir. every nation under
the sun are gathered there. The
native race of the Hawaii, which
is certainly superior to any other
native race of the Pacific islands
is rapidly decreasing. Liquor
and the low stale of social mor
ality explain this decrease.
The total area of the inhabited
islands of the Hawaiian group is
6,0-10 square miles. The area of
Hawaii?the largest?is 4,210 j
square miles. The. capital city
has a population of 20.487. The
natives of the islands are closely
related in blood ti the Maoris of
New Zealand. The islands are
to a great extent mountainous
and volcanic, but the soil, as has
been intimated, is very fertile.
Besides sugar and rice, the staple
products, coffee,, hides, bananas
and wool are raised and exported.
The chief imports of Hawaii are
groceries and provisions, cloth
ing, grain, timber, machinery,
hardware and cotton goods.
One of our good friends in the
country is not pleased with the
Telegram because it fails to
publish long communications
from his "tcck o' wood," as he
calls it. He says we publish all
about the Clarksburg people,
their visiting and da'ily move
ments and then cut the country
communications short. Our
friend is right only in part. We
do chop a lot out oi' our communi
cations every week. We never
cut out anything that we regard
as important or that will interest
our readers generally. It may
interest a few little boys some
where in one little nook of the
county to see in the paper such
an all-absorbing, conscience
awakening announcement as,
"Fred Hall lost a shepherd dog
last Monday." -Sam Crow killed
three rabbits on Thursday.
Sam's one of our boss hunters."
"One of Jerry Simpson's old
ewes had her eye knocked out
on Friday," "John C goes
over to Little Hog Camp every
few Sundays."
Such items as these_are always,
if possible, cut out of every com
munication in which they appear.
We have no use for them and it
would be unprofessional in us to
let them be inserted in our
columns. The visiting of near
neighbors?something that oc
curs everywhere throughout the
county on Sunday?is not proper
news. Hut if the visitor is a
stranger in the community or if
some one goes on a distant visit
the fact might then be mentioned.
The "weather" is another topic
that we observe is taken up by
I correspondents simply 10 make
the ''letter bigger" when |hey
ought to know that the editor's
ambition is to give the very great
est amountoj news in the forest
words. The weather is generally
about the same all overthe coun
ty. The Telegram aims to fcive
a large amount of Clarksbuii;
news and We think our country
friends ought to understand why
it does so. Our books will show
that while we get 110.00 in sub
scriptions from a small county
office, the subscribers at the
Clarksburg office will have paid
113 $500.00. We get several hun
dred dollars each year for adver
tising Clarksburg business men,
and of course we expect nothing
in this line from a small distant!
village. The account ofan event
that happens in Clarksburg will
frequently be read by thousand
people (for many papers are read
by more than one person) who
know the circumstances and the
people connected with the evtnt
A similar item, sent to us from
some other point, will probably
not be rend by a dozen people
who know or care about the item.
On the other hand the editor be
lieves that subscribers all over
ihe county will be interested, in
Clarksburg news. It isthe county
seat?the town where all the
courts aro held, the place they
come when they are sent to jail.
But. friends, remember that
along with the Clarksburg hap
penings,we want the county news,
in fact we are reaching after it
and we want it bad. but we want
straight news, not small gossip.
The following may bo interest
ing to the curious. We print It
us it went the rounds of the press.
The controversy is in regardito
the number of the forbidden
apples Adatn and Eve ate.
Some say Eve 8 and Adam *2,
a total of 10.
Eve 8 and Adam 8 also, a total
16-?Boston Journal. ? jaj
We think the above figure^ are
entirely wrong. If Eve 8 and
Adam 82, certainly the total will
be 90. Scientific men, however,
on the theory that the antedilu
vians were a race ot giants and
consequently great eaters, reason
something like this: Eve 81 and
Adam 82, total 163. -Gloucester
Advertiser. :
Wrong again. What could be
clearer than if Eve 81 and Adam
312, the total was 893. - Lou-rev, e
American. '
If Eve 811st and Adam 812,
would not the total be 1023?-1.
Boston Journal.
I believe the following to be
the true solution: Eve 814 Adam
and Adam 8124 Eve, total 8938.
? Veritas.
Still another calculation is as
follows: If Eve 814 Adam, Adam
81242 oblige Eye, the total will
be 82056.
We think this, however, not to
be a sufficient quantity, for
though we admit that Eve 814
Adam, if Adam 80,81242 keopEve
company, the total would be
8,082,056.?A'. Mail.
Mathematicians, you are all
wrong: If Eve 81421st tempt
Adam, Adam 81242 XL Eve
Total 812.502,471,-Port Chester
Come off the roost, boys, none
of you appear to be "in it." Even
if Eve 81012X cite Adam so that
when he 8081242XL Eve? Total
Indigestion, and Stomach disorders, nso
^iMlo?kooP,t- ? bottle. Genuine hoi
UHe-mark -md rnwd red Una on
"I feel for you my boy," said!
Cumso to his disobedient son.,
"I feel for you every time I am
compelled to punish you." -'You
find me. too." replied the boy, as
he rubbed the chastised-portioh
of his anatomy."
"What if I were one of thos<J
husbands, my dear, who get up
cross in the morning, bang things
around, and raise a rumpus be
cause the coffee is cold?" asked
he. "Jim," she answered sweetlv
"I would make it hot for you."
WUnt a Comma Cost.
Let us not overlook the import
tn"es- In mental, spirt
ual and temporal life thev make
and iinmak*. advance and retard
carry forward to successor drac
~, ai,Ure' As an example
worth ? ie.1Ds'?nificant may be
W ?' \ ars and cents- the
staS l rocer cites the in
government aCOmmaC0St our
? Possibly the smallest, and an
parently the most insignificant of
all blunders was the most exoen
siveoneof the kind ever K
It occurred in a tariff bill more
a o r?;v-cuuujviOTMjU^ nunii
ides should bo admitted free
j of duty. Among tbe many &/?
liclea specified were "all foqgjfe#
frult-plants."etc., meaning plants
imported for transplanting,
propagation or experiment. The
enrolling clerk, in copying the
| bill, changed the hyphen in the
compound word -'fruit-plants,''
to ? comma, making it read, -'all
foreign fruit, plants," etc. The
consequence was that for a year
?until Congress could remedy
the blunder?all the oranges,lem
ons. bananas, grapes and other
foreign fruits were admitted free
of duty. This little mistake,
which the most careful man
might easily have made, cost the
government about $2,000,000.?
We presume that nearly all the
boys who read the Telegram
have heard of the ocean telegraph
line and know that It Is to one of
our great Americans, Cyrus
Fipld, that the world is indebted
for this grand system of com
munication. Th6 story of Cyrus
ar.d ihe cable was told in verse
by .1. G. Saxe in Harper's Weekly
of 1858 and we consider it worthy
of a place here.
Come, listen nil onto my song;
Is is no silly (able!
'Tis all Bbont the mighty cord
They osll the Atlantic cable.
Bold Cyras Field, lie said, says he,
"I have a pretty notioD.
That I aan ran a telegraph
Across tho Atlantic Poena."
Then nil the people langhed and said
The'd like to Hit- him do it;
He might gut hulf-seus over, knt
He never could go through it.
To carry out his foolish plan
Ho never would be able;
He might as well go hang himself
With his Atlantic cable.
But Cyrus wns a valiant man,
A fellow of decision ;
And heeded not their mocking words,
Their laughter and derision.
Twice did his bravest efforts fail,
And yet bis mind was stable;
He waeu't the man to break his heart
Because he broko his oable.
"Once inoro, my gallant boys!" he
3 "Thru timet I?you know tho fable"
"(I'll make it thirty," mattered he,
r"Bnt I will lay tho cable.")
Onoe more they tried?hurrah Ihurrah!
What means this great commotion?
The Lord be praised! the cable's laid
Ac. las tho Atlantic Oceau t
Loud rings tho hells?for, flashing
|| tbroueh
Six bandred leagues of water,
" Old Mother England's beuison
Salutes her oldest daughter.
O'er all the land tha tidings speed,
And soon in every nation
They'll hear abbot the cable with
: Profoundest admiration !
Naw long live James and long live
And long live gallant Cyrus;
Aad may his courage, faitli and zeal
With emulation fire ns.
Aud may we honor evermore
The manly, bold and stable.
And tell our sons, to make them brave
How Cyrus laid the oable.
Fair Telegram.
i Jambs Mi Rohky )
vs. InChuucery,
Clat Koiiinbon, )
Douglass F. Koblason, Alice Hodges,
f Burnice Barnes, Clara A. Robinson,
H. C. Hodges and James D. Hornor.
The parties to tho above suit will take
notice that on the
at my office in tho town of Clarksburg,
Harrison conuty, West Virginia, I will
proceed to execute the order of refeieuce
entered therein by the oirouit court of
said county, on thelSth day of January,
18113, wherein I as commissioner, nm
directed to ascertain and report the real
estate of the defendant Clay Robinson,
the liens on sncli real estate, tho dates,
amounts and priorities thereof and rents,
issues and profits of such real estate
and whether such rents, issues und pro
tits will bo suflioiont to pay such lieus
their interests and oosta of this suit in
flve years, ond perform such other ser
vices as are therein stated and thoreby
required to be reported. All parties in
interest are notified to attend at tho
time and plane aforesaid with such pa
pers, vouchers and eviaenco as will
enable mo to comply with said order of
Given under my hand this 30th day of
anuary. 1803.
lS-td. Commissioner.
To all persons holding liens by judg
ment or otherwise, on the real estate, or
any part thereof, of Clay Robinson.
I In pursuance of a decree of tho circuit
court of Harrison county, made in a
I cause therein pending, to subject the
real estate of the said Clay Robinson to
the satisfaction of tho lions thereon.
I you are hereby required to present all
claims held by you and each of you
against tho said Clay Robinson, which
are liens on his real estate, or any part
of it, for adjudication to me, at my office
in tho town of Clarksbarg, Harrison
oounty, West Virginia, on or before the
27th day of Fobruary, 1803.
Given under my hand this 30tn day
of. January 1803.
12-td. Commissioner.
I ? I? E/hZ'
I I tolaa'oot of it.'
[ k Th? chronic
I VffS?&t^ woakneiiM,
pWW^M^BSaaa functional de
| ,?|, I, I-,. ralift-'inents, and
painful disorders
rruliiir to Tour m. can m taken away.
Ko ono unfailing rcltwly for them is Dr.
Piereo'? Favorite Prescription.
It oorrocU, curat, and builds yon op. it
lmprovm digmtton, enriches the blood, dis
pels acbes and pains, melancholy and nerv
oujmo*-, bring, Wdiin* deep and radon
health and strnnttb. For periodical pains,
internal inflammation and ulceration, weak
baclt, leucorrhen, and all kindred ailments,
lt'i a positive specific?one that is puartuv
U it fafla to five (attraction. In any cue,
the money paid for it in returned.
A little book, on "Woman and Her Dis
eases," sent to any address, moled from ob
KrvatUm, on receipt of ten cents for posv
**Address, World's Dispensary Medical As
sociation, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, S Y.
Fair Telegram.
STOLEN :?From a barn on
Jones' Run, a black seated, roll
back, almost new saddle, light
skirts, and small wooden stirrups.
?20 reward for recovery of sad
dle and arrest of thief. Address
William Hei.dreth.
8-2t. Brown's Mills, W.Va.
We have just printed a lot of
new blank warranty deeds, with
the new form of acknowledgment
They are printed on triple extra
white bond paper, and they have
no superior in the State. Each
deed is on a sheet 8?x28 inches.
One dozen, 60 cts., by mail. tf
!m 'S'ixB ?n jSoApwAT. KnTVoit.
Imoi> j a uotioo fttu tno at ctSSnKS
??. ^ (91
TI*EE of LIFE and
Two Paintings 19x20 Inches..
?B-Klne1y l.ltbograrbrd In Klne Cok>r?
men. The Gr?ud?t una Mixi suttl?r;>
Illustration of
iSSSS^S^ Rev J-A-Hammond.
10-211 ? West Union. W.Y?
The property of th<- iate Dr
A. K Barnes, at thy North IV,,)
Railroad crossing, consisting 0'
the dwelling house and ser^n
acres of land, is offered for slie
For terms apply to Henry Hay
niond. ltf Nov. 15,*H?j-j' ]
nu, CUM "T lit. MM
N ew Goods.
Fur Gapes,
A Choice Assortment of
Dress Goods with
Fashionable Trimmings.
Latest Styles,
Largest Assortment.
Gloves, Corsets, New Wall Papers,
Hosiery and Underwear. Window'Shades
And Curtains.
All bought for cash down,
and sold cheap.
?he Mm Virginia
Business College,
Only Business College in the State having University
Powers, and giving a Literary Course. Exper
ienced Faculty. Competent Assistants. Five
Complete Departments. Elegantly Fur
nished. Thorough Courses. Graduates
Successful. Teaches only Practi
cal Met hods,Sensible Theories,
Gives the English, Prepara
? tory,Commercial or Business,Sten
ographic, Telegraphic, Penmanship, Pen
Art, Drawing and Collegiate Courses of Study.
that, will do the most toward making your bov a strong,
honest, conscientious, practical, self-supporting, manly
man, and your ontL a pure unselfish, helpful, accom
plished, self-reliant,womanly woman. Harrison County
has such a school at Clarksburg. It is the
Enter Now. Expenses Low. No Vacations. Day and
Night Sessions. Investigation solicited.
Wkitr for xkw Illustrated Catalogue for '03.
A. C. DAVIS, President.
^ We$t V&.
Carriages, Baggies,
Charge* Reasonable.

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