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Seriously Embarressed, if not
Bankrupted by a Friend.
Toungs'.'own. O.. Feb. 17.?
Ilobert L. Walker, banker, cap
italist ami manufacturer, has
made an assignment to Hal K.
Taylor, and probably will carry
Gov. McKinley down in the
wreck, leaving him without a
A judgment for $5,050 was en
tered in coart to-day against
Walker and the Young6town
Stamping Company, of which he
is President, ar.d a levy mado
on the plant. Walker imme
diately executed mortgages on a
farm and his homestead to par
tially protect Gov. McKinley and
Thomas Guy. who were indorsers
of his paper for large amounts.
Ascertaining that financial ruin
was certain. Walker made an as
signment, and on application of
creditors. W. C. Hine was ap
pointed receiver of the Youngs
town Stamping Company.
Walker engaged in numerous
enterprises, including the stamp
inn works. Girard stove works,
coal mines at Salineville and
West Newton, Pa., and made
other investments, roquiring a
large outlay of money, that ex
hausted his resources and did
not prove productive.
Gov. McKiuley and Walker
have been close personal friends
from boyhood, and when the
latter desired his signature on
negotiable paper the Governor
freely gave it. having the utmost
confidence in his friend, and be
lieving him to be wealthy. Gov.
McKinley arrived here to-day,
and is trying to ascertain the ex
tent of his liability as indorser.
The liabilities of Walker are
estimated at $250,000, with assets
less than $100,000.
Gov. McXinley said to-night:
"All that I desire to say is that I
will pay every note of Mr. Wal
ker's on which I am indorser and
no one shall lose a dollar through
Figures were obtained to-night
showing that Gov. McKinley is
on $60,000 of the Walker paper.
w?ii,or has a spotless reputa
tion ta the business commuuitj.
Fair Will Be Shnt Snndnj*.
Chicago, III., Feb. 20.?The
battle of the minority against the
majority for the opening of the
World's Fair on Sunday has been
given up as hopeless.
The Christian people of the
United Slates may now rest as
sured that the gMes of the Ex
position will be closed uncondi
tionally and without exception
on the first day of the week.
Rules governing the rates of
entrance and admission fees to
the grounds were promulgated
The first regulation provides
that the gates shall be closed on
Sunday, unless Congress decides
Bequeathed His llenrt to His Wire.
Major Carl Brandt, for many
years editor of the Belleville
Xeltung, the leading German
newspaper in Southern Illinois,
died several years ago. leaving a
?will, one paragraph of which di
rected that his heart should be
sent to his wife in Germany. He
was married in the Fatherland
when a young man. but became
estranged from his wife and
came to this country. He often
said, however, that his heart was
still true to her and that he would
return it to her after death. The
heart was taken out and is now
being prepared for shipment.
The bill introduced In the
Texas Legislature legalizing
lynching is such an outrageous
proposition that it can scarcely
be credited. It grants immunity
to homicides where the crime
they perpetrate occurrs before
their victims have completed
their offense. In such extreme
cases as that of the negro who
was tortured to death at Paris
the offenders may be legally
killed by a mob within sixty days
after the misdeed. The bill pro
vides, of course, for holding per
sons accountable where it is
established that the victims of
the mob are innocent, but this
feature would prove entirely
nugatory. This attempt to
localize popular brutality is a
striking reflection upon Texas
The YnrlMlr* of Till. !?!????? M HAITtoM
Mi"* nsirlnon, .Superintendent of the
Klnd.-rsrarten College In Chicago, tell*
how sh- would undertake to core a
child of lying.
"Lying." she ?#. too often
treated lne?Uy. when it iihoald tic con
stitutionally trcste<L There nr.- almost
as many sorts ofHwi ok oifwerii.
"There Is. for example, exaggeration.
which come* from' excess of imagina
tion. That la to be cored hy teaching
accuracy of observation. Make the
child count all the object* in the room.
Make him hold stodlly to pmved facta
in everything. Then there is the lie of
egotism. which 1* alwaya claiming
everything for Itaelf- Ignore the atory.
Make It seem not worth his while.
"The lie which den lea ia the fault of
older people. Punishment haa been
giren arbitrarily. That ia to bejsoi
rccted In the guardian. Tho hardest
fault to correct In a child, or any one
clue, la the deep lie of Jealousy. the ma
licloua lie. It always oomea fom je?U
ouay, and there s.>em* to he only one
possible remedy. Oct the jealous child
to perform some sorvlce for the otter.
Make him participate in the other a life,
in some way become o partner as it ^
were and the jealousy ceases.'
01 the North to the Everglade* of the
South, druggists are besieged by J*0?'"
with every shade of Rheumatism, in
quiring aliont l)r. Druramonds Rem
edy: "Will it cure me?" AmHhndrug
Ri*t points t<> the fact that the Drnro
mond Medicine Oo? 4?-50 Maiden Lane,
New York. Offers a reward of ?500 for a
ease their remedy will not cure. Tbat
kind of answer is satisfying, and the
enfferer planks down flvo dollars and
goes home and i? oured. Not on ly re
lieved, but cured. Agents wanted. 14-.
The best salve in the world for cats,
brnisea, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, ol.ilblains,
corus. and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cure* piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or mouey refuuded. Price 25 oenta
Sir box. For sale by Clayton 4
eut. 12-1y
A Quick Mind Cl!?o*er.
George?I should certainly have pro
posed to Ethel last night, but for the
fact that sho showed her hand.
Jack?What did you discover?
George?That sho already wore an
engagement ring.?Truth.
The Wrong: JSnd.
Little Dot?There's a lady gettln* up
a typewriter class, an' Susie Smart Is
ffoin' to join.
Little Ethel?The ideal Why, she
can't even play the piano yet.?Good
In saying that Hood's Sarsaparilla
cares, ifs proprietors make no idle or
extravagant claim. Statements from
thousands of reliable people of J*hat
Hood's Sarsaparilla has done for them,
conclusively prove the fact?Hood s
Sarsaparilla cures.
Hoods Pills act especially upon the
liver, rousing it from torpidity to its
nutural duties, cure constipation ana
ubsist digestion.
Found?the reason for the great popu
larity ilH^d'^^ars^rilJaj-Mmgly
Mr. All>ert Favorite, of Arkansas City,
Kan., wishes to gives our readers the
benefit of his experience with coids.
He says: "I contracted a cold early last
spring that settled on my lnugs, and
hud hardly recovered from it when 1
caught another that hung on all sum
mer and left me with a hacking cough
which I thought I never would get rid
of. I hail used Chamberlain's Cough
Itemedy some fourteen y??ars ago with
much success, and concluded to try^ it
again. When I had got through with
one bottle my cough had left me, and 1
have not surfered with a cough or cold
since. I have reccommended it to others
and all speak well of it" 50 cent bot
tles for sale by H, L. Wells. f
Not Much or a Compliment.
She?And won't you be able to come
to my reception?
He?I am afraid not, Miss Rose. I
will either come myself or send flowers.
She?Ah, that is very kind of you. I
do so love flowers.?Texas Sittings.
Her Point of View.
The Man?I am not worthy of your
The Woman?Of course you are not
You don't suppose I'd hove the patience
to be the wife of a man who was, do
Upon receipt of your addresa and
fifteen ceuta in postage stamps, we will
mail you prepaid our Souvenir Port
folio of the World's Columbian Exposi
tion. The regular price is fifty cents, but
ns wo want you to have one. wo make
tho price nominal. You will find it a
work of art and a thing to b? prized.
It contains full page views of the groat
buildings, with descriptions of same,
and is exeouted in highest stylo of art.
It not satisfied with it, after you got it,
we will refund tho stamps and let you
keep the book. Address
11. E. UuoKLEN & Co, Chicago, 111.
Thoso who luivo used Dr. King's Now
Discovery know its value, aud thoso
who have not, have nowtheopportuuity
to try it free. Call on tho advertised
druggist aud get a trial bottle free. Send
vour name and addresa to H. E. Buek
len ,t Co.. Chicago, and get a sample
box of Dr. King's New Lite Pills free,
as well as a copy of Guide to Health aud
Household Iustruotor free. All of which
is guaranteed to do you good and coat
you nothing at Clayton A Dent's drug
store. <
In these perilous days of chol
era, typhus and typhoid fever it
would be weil to vary the old
apothegm aud "Trust in God and
keep clean."
A correspondent of the Poca
hontas Times, writing from Threo
Porks Camp, Webster county,
says the W. Va. & P. Railroad
Co. is having propared. samples
of timber of that county for the
World's Pair. Slabs eight inches
thick, six feet long and as wide
as can be got are being cut. The
finest piece will be a poplar six
feet wide, making a complete
square. The tree it was taken
from, scaled 17,400 feet. The
largest spruce scaled 3,880.?Ex.
Ha snake
? The Serpent Takes Possession
of a Hornet's Ne
Prof. R B. Powell, of Broaddos Col
| lege, while loitering iu (be front editor
ial room of the Tkleoram building yes
terday. related tome interenting rJmi
nenocs of W. tf. White, of Fredericks
I burg, Va., who is gaining a wide refu
tation as a writer of abort atorien. frol.
Powell and White are old personal
Iriendn and at our request. the Prulewsor
took from lua pocket one of White s
papers and read ua one of bis latest
ui?>? fttuiiue, wniuh was as loliows:
He claims that while traveling to
Tappahannook he saw a large biack
make slowly crawling among the
branches of a tree that stood by the
roadside. Following tho snake with
his eyo the observer saw an unusually
large hornets' nest attached to one of
the branches of tho tree, and toward
which the snake was advancing.
When closo to tho nest the snake
coiled itself about a limb, releasing its
toil, ond with it gave several hard
raps upon the exterior of the nest as if
knocking for ndmission. The noise of
the blows and tho swaying of the nest
caused tho hornets to leave their home
and prepare for an attack upon the in
truder. The snake erased tapping
with Its tail us soon jls the hornets left
the nest, uncoiling Itself, and quickly
disappeared, taking the place of tho
hornets within their nast
Presently the snake's head was seen
to peer on t. and Its bright, hlnelr eyes
glis'encd n? he nnticlpatoil n feast from
which the bravest man would shrink
with fear The snake drew his head
within the entrance hole to the neat
nntil nothing win, seen of it except an
occasional forked tongue that darted In
?"'! , "ul n'i,h 'ig'.itning 'rapidity,
i hlnklng tho coast clear the hornets
began to return to their nest, when the
snalte took them In ns fast as they
could enter Watching the proceeding's
for some time our informant r-iaslnded
that all the hornets had her? safely
hived, and he stood nphihisjburi'y.
tapped the nest with his whip, and
awaited the result. H
So hornets appearing. I lis ant wai
then knocked to the irround. opened
and his snakeship dlscovcrc.1 in a torpid
condition, with his size greatly In
creased. The snake was killed and i
post-mortem held, with the follow,?
result: Stomach stuffed with den
Wv?"?..ucms_on CANVAS.
P?1??*r Armed the CbSufti nr ......
with (illlll, |
Tho anachronisms of painters would
according to the St. Louis Cilobe-Dem
ocrat, make a curious chapter in a col
lection of literary and artistic ..dditlcs,
Tho famous Italian painter, .i?:opo Tin
toretto. in one of his most celebrated
pictures, the "Fall of Mannn," when
representing the children of Israel
gathering manna in the wilderness,
took the precaution to arm several of
the men with guns, no was not out
done by Cigfoll, another faraons Italian
artist, who represented the aged Simeon
at the circumcision of the Saviour as
wearing a pair of enormous spectacles.
While Verrio, in a picture ..f Christ
healing the sick, fitted out the by
atonders with three-cornered cocked
hats and full-bottomed wigs. The
noted Durer dressed the angel who ex
pelled Adam and Eva from Paradise in
a gown with flounces, and in his picture
nZ ^yingCMst l&ewritea a
Roman soldier as smoking a long Low
Dutch pipe. The Dutch painters have
been famous fnr their anachronisms. One
^presented the wise men who visited
Christ as wearing cavalry boots, spurs
and long sahers; another represented
Abraham as obout to shoot Isaac with
o blunderbuss. Berlin, In a picture of
the \ rgin and the child, shows them
The* French* n F?I ?****? the vioI,n'
J he French Dubois, in a picture of the
1,Tmf\PPerlP'aCcd on the table a gob
t filled with cigar lighters, while Tar
rant. to complete tho list, represented
na?rC3S1 "I fr?m Et]on'tht' unhappy
pair being driven out into a swamp,
while not far away a man with a gun
as shooting ducks. ?
O?ttloe Help, It Proceed*^ to TunUh a
Cow >Vlilch Had Hurt It.
A cow and a steet?tho latter two to
three years old-were the only occu
pants of the barnyard where an occur
MonthK^ ^'',^ thE 1>0pul',r '^'encc
Monthly took place. A baiting of hoy
as put to them, tho cow taking pos
session. The steer wished to share it,
but the cow. like some higher animals,
whM? ""'Iwas bpnt <?> taking the
whole of It, and as often as he would
maneuver around from side to side to
get a bite she would drive him off at
the point of her horns. The steer was
?o persistent that at last the old cow's
"?.v. and. making ad*
m?? ? ,a,nri "'eious charge on him,
punished him severely, though he was
her own offspring. The steer felt bad
in 53S "0t ?l!'V body bm ' r'd?ntly
S " u t 7h ' *2 imm^iBt?ly "tart
^e tawlJ; Y8rd ?",<1 ,,ff do,v?the
the mt ^.w pasture, where were
, h? 8lock' Wowing ven
geance at every step in a language which
? --'^kahie to the bystander
as j6 mothfr wc" understood,
"ntlv ???if<1uCatln? B"d "'toned in
tently to tho threatening of what wm.
^ theM "lll away n?
C J' ,d~
[ ore th8n hlmMlf- As they op
venwi rumblinK? of rage and?
again heart, which
jjr w louder as they canio nearer Th?
took In the situation at ?ncc and
was now terror-stricken. As her assail
An Old Ilo.. ,11* Tr.n.fnrmml
A som-what dingy old rose silk gown
and a somewhat worn old block law
gown wcru once upon a time by in
genuity made into a charming houjw
draw. The lace had a Tint-like pattern
and was cut into "trips about an inch
and a quarter wide, each (showing the
riney line. Them) were joined to black
satin ribbon of the same width. The
dingy old row silk was sponged and
freshened. The Klightly trained skirt
had two narrow ruffles of black satin
ribbon not on tho bottom and was cov
ered with an overskirt o? the lace and
ribbon. The plain ailk bodioe was cov
ered with a full, gathered baby waist
of the name. Puffs of the lace and
ribbon over the pink reached to the
elbow and were met by a deep plain
puff. The black satin belt was fastened
by a big rosette of narrow black satin
and the old rose ribbons.
Fruit or Flow?n In Jelljr.
A luncheon dish which is a feast to
the eye as well as to the palate is jelly
and fruit or flowers. The jelly portion
is made from gelatine, flavored with
wine, lemon, rone or orange, or some
thing more choice, colored a pale rose,
or green If one chooses, or left tho light
yellow natural to it. A little of the
jelly should be put in the bottom of the
mould, and when it has hardened the
flowers or fruit are laid in and the liquid
jelly poured in to fill the mould. Grapes
in a large bunch, pink rosea with their
leaves, violets, strawberries, or glaced
fruits or crystalteed towers may lie
used. The decoration should be as near
the surface as possible and yet be well
sovered by the gelatine.
Wrinkles One? Mora.
Wrinkles appear because the flno
muscles of the face lose their tone, tho
tissue shrinks, and skin fits itself to tho
depressions which are thus left. It is a
mistake to suppose that wrinkles can
be wholly eradicated, especially those
which are due to advancing years. Let
us "grow old gracefully," and accept
tho inevitable with the best grace pos
sible. A cheerful disposition will do
wonders towards lighting up the faca
and making one's friends forget or over
look entirely th?? signs of ndvanciug
years. But wrinkles frequently come
a prematurely and prove extremely
Papa's Consent.
She? Isn't it lovely? I'apa consents.
He?Does he, really?
She?Yes. he wanted to know who
you were, and 1 told him you were
tape-clerk at Scrimp dfc Co.'a, and he
seemed real pleased.
He?I am delighted.
She?Yes, and he sc-ld wo could be
married just as soon as you were taken
Into tho firm.?N. Y. Weekly.
Her Question.
Briggs? i called on Miss Birdseye the
other day in my now suit, and when I
| kissed her she was quitfc indignant, un
til I told her it was always the custom
i to christen a new suit in that way.
Griggs?Then what did she say?
| Briggs?Sho wanted to know if that
j was the only new suit I had.?Clothier
j and Furnisher. .
Persons who suffer from Ai?aniatism
want immediate relief. It is not gagpb
Hint the pain slioul# be eased, and fie
In. increased. Anything s'u rt
?f inoulv prolongingtorture. 1 .?
'poiHiinous acids in the blood, which is
tho direst pause of Rheumatism! are im
mediately and effectually expelled by
Dr. Drumiuond'a Lightning Keniedy.
Whore it fails to perform a cure, the
price is refunded. If the druggist can
not furniKh it the remedy will be sent
prepaid to any addiess 011 receipt of price,
Eve dollars, Drnmoiond Medicine Co.,
48-50 Maiden Lane, New York. Agents
wanted. 14-2
Bore Bones and a Fall the Fate Which
I'Huallr Befalls a Norice.
There is something inexpressibly re
pelling in the supercillium triste of a
camel as he looks scornfully at you
with his nose in the air, says a writer
in the London Spectator. But 1 over
came my repugnance and mounted one,
after receiving careful instructions how
to retain my seat while the brute was
getting up. It was well enough while
he walked, but when he began to trot
a brisk pace 1 devoutly wished myself
astride on a humbler animal. But how
was I to stop him? There was no bri
dle, only a rope attached to the left side
of the brute's mouth. At that rope I
tugged, with the effect merely of mak
ing my camel trot to the left. I had
been told that if I wished to make him
go to the right I must hit him on the
left side of the head with a very 6hort
stick, with which 1 had been provided
for the purpose. But that was more
easily said than done. Llow was I,
from my giddy perch, to reach the
creature's Head across that long stretch
of neck? I tried it and nearly lost ray
balance for ray pains?no joke at a
height of some ten feet above the peb
bly sand. One of the officers, however,
saw ray plight, stopped, uttered some
gurgling sound, and then the camel,
exposing its teeth and protesting vigor
ously, knelt down, and 1 dismounted,
vowing that never again would I
choose that mode of locomotion. My
deliverer, who exchanged his donkey
for my camel, laughed heartily at my
discomfiture. But 1 had my revenge
speedily, for in the exuberance of his
gaycty he allowed the camel to rise un
expectedly and was pitched head over
heels on the ground. lie was not hurt
and he joined in the laugh against him
self as heartily as he had laughed at
me. . '
A Dumb Hoy.
Little .lohnny?That :i new boy in
achool is awful dumb.
Mother?Doesn't ho know his lessons?
Little .lohnny?lluh! There was
twenty words in the spellin' lesson to
day. and he missed every one of them. I
only missed nineteen.?Good News.
Working on ills SympHthle*.
First Ballet Girl?1 hear your salary
has been raised. How did you succeed
in touching the manager.
Second Ballet Girl?He found out that
I used to go to school with his grand
mother and it awakened tender mem
ories. ?Truth.
\\ HNlril Sympathy.
Aunt Sarah (during her first visit to a
flat)?Mercy! Who's that poor fellow
the janitor's throwing downstairs? 1
Hall Boy (carelessly)?Oh, that's on'y
one o' th' tenants, ma'am.?Truth.
Any I)ay In tho Weelf.
"Have fou heard of Jack Van Arndt's
new motto since he got engaged to Rosa
and swore off?"
"No; give it."
"A kiss Is as good aa a smile."?Truth!
Are you all run down? Scott's Emu
sion of Pure Norwegian Cod Liver 0
and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soc
will build you up and put flesh on yc
and give you a good appetite.
Bcott's Emulsion cores Coofh*,
Prevents wasting in children. Al
the genuine. Prepared by 8oott ?
Bowne, Chemists, New York. Bold by
all Druggists.
We Can't do it
but aro witling to pay for learning how to
mako as good an article aa Wolff's Acmr
Blackiku of riieap material to that a
mailer can profitably sell it at 10c.
Our price 1m 20c.
Tho retailer rays the public will not nay
it. We say tho public will, because they
will alwavs pay > fair price for a good
article. To show both the trado luid the
public that wo want to give them the best
for tho least inoncv, wo will pay
For above information; this oiler is open
until January 1st, 1893.
WOLFF A RANDOLPH,Philadelphia.
Pik-Ron la the name of a paint which
(loos work that no other paint eon do. ?Vew
minted with It lookn llko the natural
wood when It la stained and varnished.
will And It profitable to investigate,
paint stores sell it*
4 II
The to "World! Iffr
a of recruiting health to dlaeoTaraH bA
?Tin* liver Pills*
? In liveraffect -?ns nick headache, dys- Q
pepsla, flatnlc ioo# heartburn, bilious *.
.colic, eruptioi I of the skin,
I trouble# of tho bowcli, tlwlr curative^
effects aro xna rvelous. They aro
rectlve nn well cs a sentle cathartic.
I ooooooooo
Garfield Tea
Cures Constipation
"How to Cnre a Skin IMseuse."
Simply apply "Swayno*n Ointment." No
Internal medicine required. Cures tetter
eczema.ltch, Hlleruptionson the face.nands
etc.. leaving the akin clear, white and
healthy. Its great healing and curative
powers are possessed by no other remedy.
Ask your druggist for Bwayne's Ointment
28 y
, PruntroUon,
) Sick and Bler
J vuu* Headache
5 FIU cte.
After four your*
) treatment by tho
. bent doctors, but
without relief, nave
ureri Nervine for one
I week and havo not bad on
? attack Blu?e. ? Hard C.
Braocus. IleatbTllIe, Pa. ?Your Nervine has
cured me completely of Nervous troubles.
J. M. Taylor, Lotty, Ohio.
Trial Bottle Preo at Sracstote
DR. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Act on a new prlncip le
x-oral ate the liver, stomach
ana bowels through the
n?rtYt. Db. Milxs* Pills
fVt'i'V cur* biliousness,
torpiu liver and constipa
tion. Smallest, mildest,
eurestl SO doses,25 eta.
Samplee in.o at (lruirwiats.
fir. lilies ltL Co, ElUitrt, IaiL
For bi\1o by H. L. Wella.
Blek Headache and relieve all the troubles inci
dent to abllloua state of the ayBtem.suoh a*
Dizziness, Nausea,* Drowsiness. Distress after
eating. Pain in the Bido, &c. While their most
remarkable success has boon shown in curing
Headache, yot Carter's Littlo Liver Pills are
equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pro
ven ting thlsannoylngcoxnplaint.while they also
correct all disorders of the s tomach .stimulate tho
liver and regulate the bowels. ?ven If they only
- head
fAeha they would bo ahnostpricdoas to those whs
suffer from this diaticaslngcomplaint; butfortu
nately their goodnoss docs noteud hero, and thoao
who once try them will find theso little pills valu
able in so many ways that they will not bo wil
ling to do without them. But af tor all sink head
fla the bane of so many lives that here Is where
wemake our groat boast. Our pillaeure it while
others do not.
Cartels LltUe Liver PHI* are very small and
very easy to toko. Ono or two pills makea doao.
Thoy are strlotly vegetable and do not gripe or
purge, but by their gentle action please all who
use them. In vials at OS cents; five for $1. Sola
by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
CARTER ftOtOINB CO., New York.
Oruakranrm, or the* I.tqoor Rablft. Port
tiioly C urpj by ndmlnliiU>rlnc Dr.
llaiaea' tioldcn Specific.
It Is manufaeturodaa a powder, whlsh can be gives
In a glass of boar,a cup or eoflee or tea, er In (boa,
witboatthsfcnowltdroofibe patient. It is absolutely
baralssa, mo wtr i
euro, whether the
an aloohollowreoi
of eases, and in every 1
as page dook oi particular* tree, aoi
SOLllrfl HFTOiriU CO-1tUoo Sc.d
Consumption Surely Cured
To The EDnomi-Ptau. iaf0rn ,mn
that 1 hare a positive remedy for thesbom
dtaeaae. By Its timely tue thousands of hm
cases bare been permsnently cured. Ishallb!
to aeod two bottles ofayremedy FBEBtoi
yonr readers who have consumption If the
send me their Express and P. O. sddreaa. Ba
folly. T. ? tSLOCaiL M.
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ant to w. No bad ^ wll rffrcto. Cnrcn
ind quick. For sale by drpggim, or by nail Si
Piles! Piles! Itch Inir I'M".
Symptom*?Moisture; Intense Itcblni
Ntlimltiv; niOKt xl night; worse by Berate
if allowed to continue tumor* form,*
often bleed and ulcerate ??eeomlnjt wry
and bleeclng bealH ulceration, sod Id
ease* removes tbe tumor*. At druygl*
by mall for 50 cents. Dr. 8wayne d i
Philadelphia. 1
- - TELEGRAM ? ?
Hog 1 Poultry Rem
Used Successfully 14 Ytan
Prevents (lUeose. 8topB cnu?h
creai.es flenb, arrests dta*. h
w?rmH, baa tens matnritv. Form
K. .T. < riss, Clnrk?bnrg, W, Ya
PRICES.?2Mb canB, fliM; i
?1.2.r,, and .10 cents u pacluffe T.
are tbe cheapest
Orders by nmil receive proim
tention. Write for circular. Srai
stamp for ';fogology," a 84 page p
on Bwine. Mention this naner
HAAS. V. 8.. Indianapolis. IdA l
When you want
Circulars, Cards,
Letter Heads, Weddi
Invitations, Funerf
Notices or
Fine Printing
of any kind
It will pay you to
try the
Good Stock.
For Sale by A

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