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" A.dvertisiEL^.
~ ..ill flml the Trlbikam
iS^Tiun. in the United BUte? to
Kuowu ou
[The glorious |
Lie's Party And Whither
| They Are Tending.
L, Tni"**. Jft* J orL]
ke attempt to overthrow
ular government in Kansas
l be so instructive as ereaf
I'tobe set down amonc the
Lings of this passing year.
[7 persons who are actively
Ltred in it are the Governor.
L representatives of the Peo
fe's party in the lower house of
e Legislature.some subordinate
Lte officials who may consider
[eoselves bound by the orders
[ their superiors, and an uncer
L number of citizens. It is
trthcr supported by a part of
[e people of the State-how
Lee a part it is impossible to
Lr but. as all available evidence
[dicates. a small minority,
[eainst it are arrayed the lawful
majority of the House of Repre
btatives. the officers of police
L militia in the capital, and a
Lpulur sentiment which is un
Lstionably predominant in
[aasas, and in the country at
Lrge overwhelming.
[if all these superior forces ar
Led against the Populist revo
Lion were united in an attempt
Cmaintain an unlawful suprema
|y they might succeed, though
|hey would not deserve to. But
Li reility the advantage of num
[rical strength is increased many
kid by the righteousness of their
[ause. and therefore their confi
lent expectation of victory is
Imply justified. Their physical
Superiority, indeed, is a convinc
ing proof that they are in the
light, for the forces on their
lide include elements which
Itherwise would not be found in
lombination. If the Governor
bf the State were upholding con
stitutional government in Kansas
Colonel Hughes and his militia
Iregiraent would not have refused
[to obey their commander- in -chief.
Eis attitude and orders have not
[obscured the fact that a clear
land undisputed majority of Rep
resentatives holding official cer
[titicates of election organized the
[lower house of the Legislature in
[oppositionto thePopulist minori
|ty, and that everything since
[dono or attempted by that minori
|ty has been done or attempted in
[deflnance of law.
I This experience- as we have
[said, may prove exceedingly
[valuable. The party in whose
[ name and behalf these acts of
revolution have been perpetrat
I ed is the so-called People's party.
I It claims to be the only existing
[ agency by which liberty and
[ justice in the United States can
| be saved from destruction. Its
| avowed mission is to expiate
| abuses of power; to take the
I Federal and State governments
and all our civil institutions out
of unclean hands, and to put
purity and honesty everywhere j
incontrol. Through its platforms j
and orators it has had an infinite
ileal to say about the robbery
and oppression of the masses,
about all-pervading corruption,
about bribery and intimidation
of voters, about a vast conspiracy
ajainst mankind, and about the
tottering fabric of freedom. And
it has pledged itself to establish
the reverse of all these alleged
conditions. Ostensibly to this
end it has proclaimed variou#
fantastic schemes, and every
policy of administration which is
not in harmony therewith it has
denounced as an instrument of
torture, devised by thieves and
tyrants to crush the toiling mil
lions. It has given to those who
exposed and resisted it no credit
for patriotism or public morality
of any sort, and with special zest
and satisfaction has described
their beliefs and actions as es
sentially treason to popular
It is therefore, peculiarly in
structive to find the representa
tives of this party iu a great
State, where it had an invaluable
opportunity to vindicate its sin
cerity, giving the lie to all its
professions and endeavoring,
first by fraud and then by vio
( lence, to overrule the will of
'he people and supersede the
fundamental law. Such a demo?
Joseph V. Dory, of Ware**. III., wm
troubled witli rheumatism and tried a
number of different remedies, but says
none of tliem seemed to do him any
good; but finally he got hold of oue
that speedily cured him. He was much
pleasnl with it, and felt sure thatotliera
similarly itfflii'Unl would like to known
what the remedy was that cured him.
Ho state* for the benefit of the public
that it ia called Chamberlain's Pain
Palm. For sale by H. L. Wells. f
sLIPplry" as" an eTl.
Th. Ku.k. That U??d for Twain tasn
In a Woman's Ktamarh.
Bachel M. Moore ia lying In a danger
ous condition at her home in Millville.
N. J., and is not expected to live. Her
case, which is described ?t length by
the Cincinnati Enquirer, is puzzling a
score of physicians. For twelve years
she carried a snake in her stomach, and
on last Sunday the reptile crawled out
of her mouth. Since that time she has
1 been daily growing weaker and refuses |
all solid food. The fact of Miss Moore
having n snalce in her stomach has been 1
known by her friends for years. In the
summer of 1380 sh'e attended a garden
! IL=U
party near Cedarville, where she then
The party Was given on a 'arm, and
in a spirit of fun Bhe drank ontof u
bucket which was used to hoist water
out of the well. She felt something
slipping down her throat at the time,
but forgot the occurrenec until a year
after, when she and l*er friends noticed
her ravenous appetite. She always felt
hungry, and ate nearly enough for two
persons. She soon felt the moving of
some creature within her, and the oc
currence of her drinking out of the
bucket at the well was remembered.
Physicians were consulted, and they de
cided that Miss Moore's body was the
dwelling place of a snake. They tried
by various methods to kill the reptile,
but without success. As she continued
to enjoy good health, and for weeks at
a time was not bothered by the crea
ture, it was decided best to permit na
ture to take its course, in hopes the
snake would some time come out of its
own accord.
Years passed on, but the snake con
tinued to make its abode in the young
woman. Once when she ate honey it
crawled up into her month and part way
out between her lips, its body was not
more than a quarter of an inch thielc,
there were no eyes and the general col
or was green. Her mother grasped the
hideous reptile and attempted to pull it
out altogether, but t lu* slimy body
slipped through her hands and down
the girl's throat as though it had been
greased. Miss Moore frequently ate
honey after that in hopes of the snake
again making its appearance, but it
never came up further than her mouth.
A year ago while in bed she was awak
enod in her sleep by something cold
crawling over her breast. She screamed
and the snake quickly drew itself bock
in her mouth and down her throat.
Late Saturday night she was seized
with a choking sensation, which con
tinued periodically during the night,
and early Sunday morning the snake
crawled out of her mouth several
inches. With great presence of mind
she closed her teeth on the body of the |
repulsive creature and ran to her
mother, who succeeded in entirely re
lieving her daughter of the unwelcome
tenant. The snake was fifteen inches |
long, and died a few minutes after be
ing in the air. Miss Moore fainted scv- 1
eral times on Sunday, and during the
night became violently ill. Her stom
ach refuses to hold food except in liq
uid form. She is CO years old and
weighs 185 pounds, and until the pres
ent time has enjoyed exceptionally
good health.
i Here It the Queer Member Drawn from
i Nature.
The following communication to the
St. LouiB Republic Is dated Rodney. I.
T? January SI. The foot inontloned
therein was duly received and the pic
i ture made from It. The ho? to which
the foot belonged was evidently con
I verted into pork. Ilero is the letter:
"I have noticed within the last threo
months several communications to your
Sous expert menu hare lately been
made by car builder*at Taroiaa, Wash.,
to lent the strength of oaU anil fir timber.
The latter proved one-third ntnuiger
than eastern oak. ami more than one
hall stronger than eastern white pine.
IIorfe* are u clrng in the Idaho uiu
ket. The other day tlfteeu htindred
good yoang acimals were scld in a
bunch (or tiventy-four dollar-it a head.
A writer in a St. l?ouis paper*
a widow to be one who has lost her hus
band and a pass widow to be one who
haa (imply mislaid him.
KxrciuvEMT* recently made in Fn
with a view to discovering the amount
of vitality in specimens of trichina
show that although they may be sub
jected to a temperature of twenty-five
degrees below ?sro for two hours, they
again become as active as ever upon re
turning to normal light and heat.
Ciplt n?d.
She?Am I older than yon think 1
or younger'.'
He?Well, yon look older than 1 think
you are. but yon are older than you
The jtnwd to Wealth.
The colored janitor of a Scilalia (Mo.)
public school saves (40 every month out
of his monthly salary of MS. lie is un
doubtedly the greatest accumulator of
the country.
Allow a cough to rnn until it'get* Ik*.
vond the reaoh of medicine. Could they
be induoed to try Kemp's Balsam, ttiev
would immediately see the excellent
effect after taking the first dose. Price
.10c and 91. Trial size free. At all Drug
Arkansas has another five
year-old boy who can road any
language at sight The boy is
astonishing the natives.
$500 Reward !
WE will par the above reward for any
ease of Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia,
Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipa
tation or Costiveness we cannot cure
with We?t'sVegetable Liver Pills, when
the directions are strictly complied with.
They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to give sstisfaction. Sugar ooated.
Large boxes, containing 30 Pills, 2.1
cents. Beware of counterfeits and imi
tations. The genuine manufactured
only by the John C. West Company,
Chicago. I1L For sale by Cunningham
Bros., druggists, Clarksburg, W. Va.
"I assure you that I am inno
cent of the crime for which I am I
"si-nt here," said the new prisoner.
?'Oh, get out!" yelled the war
den. "Thank you. I shall be |
delighted," replied the unfortun
ate as he started for the door.? |
Detroit Tribune.
In tue best remedy you can find for
hoarseness, croup, cough bud asthma,
file 25 cent bottles are monsters for the
money. Why cough, hack, spit, sniffle
and raako a noisy nuisanoo of yourself
when so good a remedy is at hahffT"
Stop that cough! It may brinir you
trouble. Take Boreman s Cough Syrnp
and do not be fooled into buying some
thing else called "just as good" be
cause the dealer wants a fancy profit
Sold bv all dealers.
To TFtK Public:?We have used "Sul
Manna" with our ohild through epidem-1
ioa of scarlet fever, measles and whoop
ing cough, without her contracting any
disease. The ohild was very deli ats
when we began giving thatmedioine, ut
now she is 1st and hearty. During t e
HOOurne of measles here, our ohild wa
kissed by another child that was break
out with measles. 47-tf.
j Mrs. Jemhh Wiktkb.
A boy living on Indian river}
Fla., has a large pet alligator.
He has trained the 'gator to swim
the river while he rides upon its
back just as he would ride a
horse. He guides the 'gator by
means of a chain. The taming
of a Florida alligator in that way
was never heard of before.
Mr. C. F. Davis, editor of the Blonm
fleld, Iowa, Farmer, says: "I can recom
mend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to
all sufferers with colds and croup. I
have used it in my family for the past
two years and have found it the best I
ever used for the purposes for which it
is intended. 50 oent bottles for sale by
H. L. Wells, druggist. f
Two story residence on Basta
ble street, lot 100x300. Elegant
location. For price call on or
address, Lee H. Vance & Bro.,
Pike street.
Clarksburg, IV. Va,
We have recently refitted out
Mill and put in the full rollei
KVRtem. w ill guarantee quality
of flour made by us equal to any
manufactured in the State, o?
brought here from adjoining
Boiled Corn Meal,
Choice Seed Oats,
Corn and Oats Chop
i Custom Grist Work
A specialty. Satisfaction
Highest market price paid for
We are buying wheat and paying
I the highest cash price.
Lowkdks & Chorpkning Co..
Tw. BoitlMi Carrd Hrr. VI
(UMlkux, Iowa, July. UW.
1 "t tJertnf 10 yr*ni from abode in my
bead, ao much to liuu. *1 Umn I didn't ox poet
to rtoorrr. I took medicine* from many doo
to??,buldid not rmany mUbI ?ntll 1 took t*Mtor
KoMil^'a Nhtvk Tonln. Tta? Moond do** mUortxl
m? mtxii 8 Unite* eond m*. & W. PKCK.
S|_ ^ HAJOumrux*, P*., March, l?l.
w? Ix gan ot|ng Vtawr Ko?nlf ? Nm? TtonJc
foronr i.->.hu.ui>i danghtor (wbo had had
Ul'Ua flu tluoo ?ho vac 5 yvart old) owr a ywar
*1Ul but llttu* hoi?o of auy gvod, aa w? ha<l
boon ao often di?ap]xii nt?l in oih? r iwmadaN,
bat a?- n *'?. r ueinfi thia madid no aba began to
g?t b*ti?<*. and w? bopa that any and all afflict*
*. ? ?* **** t"rriL)l* dlaeaaa wlii try your won
mZlf S!^lLi?8SHS?fi* 3r?ur ??llotoa to
KOENIC MEO CO.. Chicago, Hi.
Sold hy I>ruR?1*t* Ot V! f?e?* Hot Ho. CIVr
+."*&* S&*r\. ?' *l(i' *?'>?? fiif tifl.
lie low we give the names of
our agents iu Harrison county
who have bought and paid for
'?Susanna" and who will supply
the demands.
Cunningham Bros & Co
Clarksburg; W. Horner, Lost
Creek; Perine and Davis, Good
Hope G.W Morrison, Mt. Clair;
J. H. Smallwood. Wilsonburg G
Zents, grocer, Clarksburg; A 0.
Barnes. Bridgeport; Mike Post,
Jarvisville; Bartlet and Dayton,
West Milford; Miko Dolan, Wolf
Summit; T. L. Bailey. Reynolds
ville; Mrs. W. B. Stephens. Syc
amore Dale; R. S. Ogden, Sardis;
P. H. Wilcox & Co., Wyatt; Mrs
Lib. Jarrett, at the blind man's
store. Shinnston; E. A. Wilson,
Salem; H. W. Winter. Fleming
All persons should send for
pamphlets when out. Address
Dr. L. A. Davidson.
30 West Milford. W. Va.
Tessa James.
no pay; no eating oat; no knife. Lo
cate,! at Nicholas Merrill's. one mile
uortli of Oakland. Mil.
50-11 Specialist
? 3T you look at the date
'Ml ft on your paper? Did
y0U find that you
were owing us your subscription?
Kindly pay up as we disliko the
idea of having to collect
West Virqinia Bank.
Clarfcs"b\irg-,TA7" Va.
Tliir<] street, between Main and Pike. I
Discount DayWednesday at 10
J at- M. Lyon Preiidont.
H. Freeman ...Cashier.
TrnnsactH a general hanking busim**,
?iohiu>K<) furnished. Collections made j
at reasonble rates.
Traders' National Bank
Main Street, near Coart House.
Capitai. *85,000
T. Moohh Jaoxsoh President
Db. Funaxa Uovtauu.. Vioe-President
Da Ft.kmino Horal, W?. Hood.
T. Moons Jackson. J. E. Sahds,
W. B. MaxwkvL.
Does a Oeneral Banking Business.
NO. 1.530.
Orgnized - 1865
Capital - $100,000.
10 o'clock a. m.
B. T. LOWNDES President
THOS. W. HARRISON.Vioc Preeident
LEE HAYMOND Asa't Oaahier.
S. R. HARRISON . 2d Aas't Caahier
R. T. Lowndes, T. W. Habiusoh,
T. 8. Spates, A. C. Moobb,
Lmyd Lowndes, A. J. Lodob
David Davidsom.
Ctrefol attention given to all buai
ntM entrusted to the bank.
Colleotiona receive utriot personal at
tention and prompt lemlttanoifcVjri
Aoooanta of Individuals, Merchants,
Firms, Corporations, Trustees and
Banks solicited.
I m. .11 imr:
Sll ?epkrtii]er|t8 ot tl\q Stctfe
Well Filled With
:0::0: ;
Flannels. Yarns, Blankets k Ladles' Skirtings
Made at the Glarksburg Woolen Mills.
13x37- Goods.
Brown Cottons, vl Dress Silks,
Bleached Cottons, Trimming Silks,
Sheetings, Dress Goods,
Tickings, Clothes,
Cassimeres, Jeans
Trimmings, Ribbons,
Embroideries, Laces,
Hosiery, Gloves,
Corsets, Knitting Silks,
Embroidery Silks,
Tobacco, Cigars, k
T eas, Coffees,
Sugars, Spices,
Syrups, Bacon,
Choice Flour, Corn Meal,
Tools, Nails,
Plows, Points,
Oil, Moldboatds,
Paints, Iron.
Wall Papers, Blinds, Carpe's, Oil Cloths, Gents' Punishing Good*
Baskets, Trunks and Valises, Looking Glasses, School
Supplies, Books, Stationery, Inks. Diamond Dyes,
Quoensware, Glassware. Stoneware, Hay,
Brick, Shingles. Salt. Food.
Choice Grass Seeds.
Timothy, Clover, Orchard, Kentucky Blue Grass, English Blue
Best Quality of fertilizers.
Boots - and - Shoes, Hats - and - Caps
Wll be pleased to have you call and Examine
Goods and Prices Produce Wanted.
coie. az water steeet.
Goods Delivered Free in the City.
Wanted I
White Oak Planks,
Walnut, Poplar, Ash Logs and Lum
ber, Staves, Etc.
price & corj
Offloo and Turds near B. A O. Depot. Clarkibnrg. W. Va.
Hursev - Insurance - Afency
LEE. H. VANCE, Proprietor.
All the Best Companies Prompt Payment o?
Pike Street, .... Clarksburg.

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