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Mr. luaaa Aber
Of Vienna, N. J.
"I g)ndl7 teetlfj to Uia following tub: I
f ave been a Tory groat sufferer for Uw laat flrn
years with troubles of Uio I.aa(s ul kiah
a?ji and Uio irorit suce ol
From Badjo Worse
rv< Complication of Diseases
Hood'8 Sarsaparllln Cave
Strength Just In Tlmo.
I could Bcnrtely eat anything because of the In
tense pain In my stomach. I wan also at ono
time covered with ?nl? rheum, and roy cough
weakened mo no that I could scarccly walk. I
had several attacks of bleeding at the lungs.
My breath became so short that I was unable to
work and was obliged to give up my business,
which Is that of a mason. 1 could not evon
walk about much. So I kept going from bail to
worse. I then had nn attack of tlio shingles,
which, with all my other complalnta, confined
me to my room lor three months and
Nearly Took Away My Life.
I had heard of Hood's Sarsaparllla as a good
medicine, so I bought a bottle. When I had
taken It, I louml It4ad done me some good, so
I continued till I had takon three bottles. I Im
proved so rapidly that I could walk out of doors,
and have steadily | lined till 1 am at work
again and uso my ltnmmer and trowel once
Hood's x Cures
more. The physicians told me five years ago that
I would not llvo throe years, and all the neigh
bors think it a very strango tiling to see me at
work again. It Is the strength given mo by
Hood's Barsaparllla which enables mo to do it"
Ibaao Alien, Vienna, Warren County, N. J.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills, Biliousness,
Jaundice, Indigestion, Sick Headache. 250.
WCorrespontlent* must writ* nil
proper named plainly. We onn gue <s at
almost anything except a proper ntme
and have hopes of being correct.
Long letters oonecrniug unimportant
mutter* will not lie publinheil.
Moat reporters think tliev mnat write
a long letter or none. Such make a se
liona mistake.
If yon only have one item and that
only makes three Hues, send it on and
don't try to add a page to it.
Always sign your real name tome
We want yonr letters not later than
Wedncsdhy. Ed.
The literary society at Shions
Run.near here is quite a success.
We have some good debaters.
The Elliott school taught by
VV. E. Morris has been abl con
ducted. Mr. Morris is an enter
prising young man and will at
tend the West Virginia Business
College when his school closes.
Woir Summit
The school taught by Miss
Susie Ritter will close Friday.
We will miss her from our neigh
borhood very much.
The protracted meeting at
Point Pleasant will begin this
The oil well on Hall's run is
about completed.
The faithful boys who hauled
the coal, will then give it a rest,
and Jerry will then be compelled
to use water to grind.
Who is the biggest liar on re
cord ? We know of two others
who want to register.
Cherrj Cum p.
Mr. P. M. Gump gave a re
ception Tuesday night in honor
of his son Frank and bride, who
were married Sunday evening
at Worthington.
The drilling at the oil well on
Judge Goff's farm still continues,
notwithstanding the fact that a
small amount of oil was struck
last week. When the drill reaches
the Gordon sand something bet
ter is expected.
Mr. Erank Dulin started to
Center Point Saturday.
Capt. Ruftrs Haymond went to
Pruntytown to attend a meeting
cf the Board of Directors of the
Retorm School, Monday.
O. I. C.
Mr. Daniel Morrow, of Fair
mont, will move here soon and
occupy Jeremiah Shinn's fine
residence as Mr. Shinn has de
cided not to move until fall. Dur
ing this time Mr. Morrow will
erect a house to suit his taste.
Aunt Ptiebe Hall is dangerous
ly ill.
Mrs. Julia Gould wife of Geo.
Gould, of Enterprise, was buried
at the Masonic cemetery on the
Mrs. Andy Ice. of Barracks
yille is visiting at Mr. Allison
Mrs. Augusta Wyalt's little
girls clothcs ignited from a fire
in tbe crate and while she was
oxtinguishlng the flames her
hands were badly burned. The
child escaped injury.
The Baptist meeting conducted
by'Revs. Coffer, of Parkersburg,
and Kinsey, the pastor closed on
the 20tb with good results.
Report says that Mr. Camden
will build a rail road up Ten
Mile creek this spring to con
nect with his Huntington and
Wheeling road.
Mr. Frank Gump a brakeman
on the M R. was married to Miss
Nanna Martin on the 19th. They
left immediately for Piedmont
the home of tbegroom's parents.
Colwell Randolph, of Walker,
spent Saturday and Sunday with
his father, L. F. Randolph.
A son was bnrn to R. W.
Young and wife the 19th.
The Seventh Day Baptist have
been holding their, quarterly
meeting. Elder S. D. Davis was
present, and did part of the
preaching. Meetings wili con
tinue day and night through this
Mrs. M. W. Davis has gone to
Lost Creek for a visit.
Dole Randolph and wife, of
Morgansville. spent Sunday,
I with Mr. Li's parents here.
Miss Ester Merideth, of Ritchie
county, is visiting her sister
Emma, who is stopping with
their aunt, Mrs. P. P. Randolph.
Mrs. Jemima Hoover an aged
lady died suddenly Monday morn
ing. She Lad been quite feeble
all winter, and her death though
sudden, was not wholly unex
R. L. Townsend. son-in-law of
the Hon. J. F. Randolph came
from Washington last week sick
but is some better at this writing.
M, H. Davis started Tuesday
morning, traveling fora boot and
shoe firm in Baltimore, His
many friends wish him success.
J. Randolph and son Thomas,
traveling agents for the Rives
ville nursery aro at home for a
few days.
Ashby Wilson, wife and son
are home from Baltimore.
S. O. Davis, of Jano T^rw, it in
town. K. E.
Two large sales of personal
property will be announced in
our next issue. One at the John
G. Coffman property near Lum
berport April 4th and another at
flhe Corbly L. Wright place on
Twolick March 17, 1893.
The contract for the location
of the Farrow Arm's Co.'s manu
factory on the Building and In
vestment Company's addition to
Morgantown has been signed.
It Produce# n Komnrkuhlo Dlseaio In an
Indian:* Woman.
Many months ago the press of the
country gave the particulars of a pecul
iar cause nt that timo occupying the
attention of the management of the
control insane hospital of Indiana.
The patient was nn-1 i.i Miss Bridget
Pcndergast, who was admitted to the
hospital in September. 1800. but whoso
peculiarities first began to bo studied in
July of that year. Little of her history
is known, save that she is supposed to
hate been disappointed in love. Nearly
all of her relatives live in Ireland. Since
the original article was written, the
woman's condition has remained prac
tically unchanged. Shortly after her
reception into the hospital she began tg
refuse food, and in February. 1891, she
utterly refused to swallow anything.
About that timo she sank into a pro
found sleep, and she is still asleep. Her
eyes are continually closed, and the ap
pearance is that of quiet, peaceful
slumber. Only twice since February,
1891, has she opened-hor eyes, and then
but for an instant, smiliog sweetly
each time.
The pupils of her eyes remain con
tracted. The light does not affect them.
II or mouth is constantly closed and gen
erally frco from salivn. while her teeth
arc pressed tightly against her upper
jaw. Sho is pale, but h.ie has not lost
flesh to an appreciable extent, and her
skin is healthy, warm and moist. Sho
is fed regularly, from sixty to ninety
ounces of milk being given daily. This
is fed through a tube .In her throat, for
in no other way can sho be forced to
take nourishment. If she is placed ina
chair she will nil up for a time, tat will
gradually fall into n re 'lining attitude.
Placed in a standing position, she will
topple over, nnicss told very decidedly
to stand, when she will stand for
awhile with her 'eyes ahut and finally
fall over In any direction that the body
may be at the time leaning.
The cr.se in exciting the greatest at
tention of the medical fraternity.
Supnrinten'lent Wonglit reports! that
little is really known as to the cause
and offcct. nor what might euro, but
one similar ease has been recently re
ported. thntof u patient in the Kingston
(Canada) hospital, who lived thirteen
years under similar circumstances.
That patient diod In 180L There is a
possibility that it Is "African lethargy"
or "sloeplng sickness" with which Miss
Pendergast is afflicted.
A MARKL4SE took place'at New Dig
gings, Wis., the other day at which
soma singular physical changB^Hes
were noted. The bridegroom stood six
feet and two Inches, bride three feet
two and one-half inches. The officiat
ing clergyman had tat one leg. The
witnesses were a man without arms
who signed the marriage contract with
a pen between his teeth, and a woman
who weighed three hundred and fifty
pounds, and a man seven feet six inches
tall. Tho bride was fifty yean old and
her grandmother, aged ninety-eight, at
tended the wedding.
The Sbah't Little Joke.
"In an art exhibition of London,"
wrote the shah of Persia in the journal
he kept during his last visit to Europe,
"we were looking at a painting repre
aentlng an ass. I aslced: 'What is the
price of this painting?" The director of
the exhibition, who was a corpulent
man, with a white beordj looked up
the price-list, and said: 'One hundred
Liglish pounds,' which arc equal to
tvo hundred and fifty Persian toman.
I answered: 'The price of a live ass is
ai the most five pounds: why should
tl Is be so dear when it is only the pic
ti re of an ass'" The director replied:
'It,'cause it causea no expense and cats
neither hay nor oat?.' I said: 'Although
it causes no expense, it can, on the
other hand, neither carry burdens Dor
give a man a ride.' Wo both laughed."
Stamped out?
blood-poisons of
every name and
nature, by Dr.
Pierce's Golden
Medical Discov
^t's a medicine
that starts from
the beginning. It
rouses every or
gan into healthy
action, purifies
and enriches the blood, an<l through it
cleanses and renews tho wholo system. All
Blood, Skin, and Scalp Diseases, from a com
mon blotch or eruption to the worst Scrof
ula, ore cured by it For Tetter, Salt
rheum, Eczema, Erysipelas. Boils, Carbun
cles, Sore Eyee. Goitre or Thi< k Neck, and
Enlarged Glands, Tumors, and BwellingB,
it's an unequaled remedy.
Don't think it's like the sarsaparillaa
They claim to be good for tbo blood in
March, April, and May. " Gohlon Medical
Discovery"works equally "well at. all Reasons.
And it not only claim* to do good?it guar
antees it If it doson't benefit or euro, in
every case, you have your m< >ney back.
" You pay only for the good you get
Can you ask more f
f2 hope to
.. .. .. department of great
value to our readers. If you do
sire to buy, sell or exchange any
thing or liavo any generaK'in
nouncement to make it will be i
I inserted in this column at the
one time or two times for |5 cents. 1
Additional lines pro rata. Cash
must accompany all uotioee. j?
WANTED?Girl to do general house-!
work. Apply at Central Telephone
office, Clarksburg. ,
WANTED?Purchaser for a thorough- j
bred Clydesdale mare, two-years old
in May. Registeied. Pedigree excep
tionally good. Address Box 22, Prunty
town, \V. Va. 18-2t.
A general meeting of the stockholders
of the BroadduB College Trustees (cor
poration) is hereby called to l>e held at
j the College in Clarksburg, West Va,,
on I
at 7:510 o'olook p. m. At said meeting
the following propositions will besub< I
nutted for consideration, uamely :
To make repairs on the real property
of the company to the amount of not |
exceeding $1,000. il
To make permanent improvements to*,
the real property to the amount of not
exceeding $1,500.
To sell the reul estate now owned by
the company,
14-4t Stockholders.
Jacob Snyder vs. Charles J. Goff, Zoll
Manufacturing Company, Henir A.
Perkins, William S. Perkins and Brax
ton W. Campbelle, partners as Perkins,
Campbelle & Co.
The purties to the above suit will take
notice that on tho 13th day of March,
181)8, at my office iu the town of Clarks
burg, in Harrison county, West Vir
ginia, I will proceed to execute the
order of (reference entered tnerein by
the circuit court of said county, ou the
21st day of January, 1893, wherein I, as
Commissioner, am directed to restate
the liens and the order of their priority
upon the land of the defendant Charles
J. GofT, together with such other mat
ters as may be deemed pertinent by said
Commissioner, or that may be required
by any of the parties to this cause.' All
parties in interest are required to attend
at the time and place aforesaid, with
such papers and evidenoe ko. as will en
able mo to comply with suid order of
Given under my hand this 15th day
of February, 1893.
Harvet W. Haumer.
14*4t Commissioner.
To all persons holding liens by judg
ment or otherwise, on tie real estate or
sny part thereof, of Charles J. Goff:
Jn pursuance of a decreo of the circuit
court of Harrison county, made in a
cause therein pending, to subject the
real estate of the said Charles J. Goff to
the satisfaction of the liens thereon,
yon ore hereby required to present all
oluitns hold by you and eneli of you
against tho said Charles J. Goff, which
are liens on his real estate, or any part
of it, for adjudication to me, at my office
in tli<' town nf Clarksburg, Harrison
n uIlly. West Virginia, on or before the
13 day of March, IMPS.
Given nnder my hand thia 15tb day
of February, 1893.
Habtet W. Barker
1-Mt Commissioner.
To the Creditors of Elmiu H. Swiger,de
In pursuance of h decree of the Circuit
Court of the County of Harmon, mud.)
in ? cause therein pending, to sulijeot
tho estate of the said decedent lo the
paymeut of hin debts, yon ore required
to present your claims against the es
tate of the said decedent for adjudica
tion to Lewis 0. Lawson, Commissioner,
at bis olltoe in said countv, on or before
the 91st day of March, 181)3.
Witneas, Henry Haymoud, Clerk of
the said Court, this 8th day of Febru
ary. 1803. Henri Haymo.il>.
13-61 Clerk.
State of West Virginia, vs. I>halien
Ash, Esom Robinson, W. P. Stutler,
Newton Bailey, LemuelE. Stout, Isliam
Peering, N. W. Powell, M. D. Martin,
Myro II. Camden, Guy It. C. Allen, anil
the unknown beirs-st-l*w of Edgar C.
Wilson, deoeased, and E. P. Chancelor,
deoeased, and Edwin Maxwell executor
of Hurtou Despard, deceased, and John
J. Davis and T. It. Camden trustees.
The parties to the above suit will take
notice that on the Tth day of March 1893,
at my office in the town of Clarksburg,
in Harrison county, West Virginia, 1
will prooeeil to execute the order of ref
erence eutered therein by the Circuit
Court of said county, on the 27th day
of January, 1808. wherein I as a commis
sioner, am directed to inquire into and
report upon tho things tiud matters set
forth in this bill, nud answer of Edwin
Maxwell, executor etc., filed in this
cause, and particularly the amount of
taxes and interest due and unpaid on
each tract, lot or parcel, or part
of tract, or lot of land mention
ed in tho lull in this cause, in wlioin the
legal title to the said lands, or lot or
tracts of land, so mentioned in said bill,
was at tho dato of the forfeiture of the
same,if that fact etui be ascertained, iu
whose name and for what cruse the
name was forfeited, and tile lacts in re
lation thereto; what portion, if auy, of
snoh real estate is claimed liv auy per
son under the provision of section 3 of
article t3 of the Constitution of this
State, the fauts in relation to every such
claim aud the bouudries thereof, and
shall ascertain aud report such other
matters herein as may be required by
the Commissioner of School lauds, or
any part hereto, or who may be inter
ested in any of such lands or the pro
ceeds thereof.
All parties in interest are required to
attcud at the time and place aforesaid,
with such evidence etc. as will enable
me to comply with said order of Court.
Given miner my hand this 7th day of
February 1803.
Harvey W. Haiimf.ii,
18-41 Commissioner.
Sherman C.1 Deubam, administrator
of( Edmnnd Denham, decesBed. vs.
MichielK. Baker administrator of Lewis
A. Kishbaugh. deceased. Adeline E.
Kishbaugh, J. Phillip Clifford, trustee,
Clias L. Hall, George Dye, James F.
Dye, Jesse N. Swiger, J. A. Swiger, Z.
W. Wyatt, John I . Dye. Wesley Robin
son. J. M. Boguess uud Paul M. Robin
son gua'diau ad litem ot' Myrtle and
(joraon \ishbaugh. Iu chanccrv.
The 1 artk-H named above, and all
.uterested in the above styled
suit, will take notice that I will on the
18th day of February I803.tttuiy office in
the town of Clarksburg, proceed to exe
cute tho order of reference entered iu
said cause on the 28d day of May 1892,
wherein I was directed to take any
further proof that might be offered by
tho defendant, Wesley Robinson, as to
any debt or demand on bis part against
the estate of Lewis A. Kishbaugh, and
make any needed or proper corrections
that may be found iu any former re
port, either as to the account of said
Baker as such administrator, or as tn
the snm reported in favor of said Rob
inson, at which time and place suit!
parties are hereby notified to attend
with their proof. C.W. Lynoh,
ll-4t Commissioner.
To the Creditors of Theophilus W.
Mot lee, deceased:
In pursuance of u decree of the Circuit
Court of the County of Harrison, made
in a cause therein pending, to subject
the estate of the said decedent to the
payment of his debts, you are required
to preseut your claims against the
estate of tho Biiid decedent for adjudica
tion to Harvey W. Hurmer, Commis
sioner, at his office in said county, on
ar before the 27th din- of March, 1803.
Witness, Henry Haymoud, Clork of
the said Court, this Otli day of Februnry,
1803. Henry Hayhokd,
18-0t Clerk.
To tho Creditors of Sarah A. Combs,
In pursuance to a deoreo of the Circuit
Court of the County of Harrison, made
in a cause therein pending, to subject
the estate of the said decedent to the
payment of his dobts, you are required
to present your claims against the estate
of the said decedent for adjudication
to Harvey W. Harmer, Commissioner,
at his office iu said county, on or before
the 3d day of April, 1893.
Witness, Heun* Haymoud, Clerk of
the said Court, thiB Otli day of February,
1893. Heniiy Haymosd.
18-Ot Clerk.
To tho creditors of Claude H. Meatb
rail, deceased:
Iu pursuance of 11 decree of the Circuit
Court of the County of Harrison, mado
in a cause therein pending, to subject
tho estate of the said decedent to the
payment of his debts, yon are required
to present your claims againstthoestate
of the said decedent for adjudication to
Harvey W. Harmer, Commissioner, at
hisoffico in tbeBaid oounty, on or before
the 20th day of March, 1803.
Witness, Honry Haymond, clerk of
the said court, this Utb day of Fetmiary,
1898. Henry HaymoSu,
18-6t Clerk.
Notice of sale of real es
On the 15th day of March 1893 at 10a.
m.at the front door of tho Court house in
OlarksbnrE, Harrison oounty. West Vir
ginia, the undersigned administrator
with the will annexed of Alpheus W.
Johnson, lute of the oounty of Marion,
and State of West Virginia, deceased,
will offer for sale by public anction to
the highest bidder, the surface of that
certain paroel of land lying on New
Creek, n drain of Tenmlle creek in
Harrison county, adjoining lands of
O. H. Lee's heirs, John J. Strother and
others, known as the William Williams
land containing 214 acros, more or less,
exoept parcel thereof oontaining IS)
?erej, which the ?aid dnoedent in hiii
lifetime sold to Benjamin Strother. re
serving to Joseph Jenkins and liis
grantees the right to mine the coal and
other mineral)* in and under said laud,
including air shafts, water ways, and
whatever right* and privileges may be
necessary for the convenient und healthy
working, mining and removing the coal
and oilier minerals from said lauda.
Teiimh or 8iU:-One-tliird of the
Bnrcbnse money to be paid in cash on
jo day of aula One-third with inter
est thereon to be paid one je?r there
after. And the reroaimug one
third, with interest thereon
to be paid two years thereafter. The
purchaser to execute his notes to the
undersigned for the deferred payments,
with good personal security, ind a lien
reserved for the amount of tbn same up
on the said property to furtlier secure
the payment thereof.
Henhy B. Mono ax,
Adm'r, Ac., of Alpheus W. Johnson,
Bivesvillo, W.Vh.
Feh. 1.1893. 18-4t
Jawu M. Bobey )
? ? InChanoery,
Clai Robinson, )
Douglass F. Robinson, Alice Hedges,
Kurn'co Barnes, CJlara A. Robinson
H. u. Hedges and James D. Horuor.
The parties to the above suit will tale
notice that on the
at my office in the town of Clarksburg
Harrison county, West Virginia, I will
proceed to execute theorderofreference
entered therein by tlio circuit murt of
.lire. !..! " """anilta,,,.
? - ? .=?" ? *? commissioner"*
1 directed to ascertain and report lb.,
i .-state of the defendant (Jlur !v tl,'
I the liens on such real estate, uj, j
amounts and priorities theren(,nj?
issues and profits of such re?l
mid whether lucli rents, i-suts .
\ttts will be sufficient to pay mc|1
their interests and costs ol thj,,QiIa
five years, and perform such otbw Lrl
viot-s a* im* therein statoj und tb?nj!*
required to be reported. All
iuterest are notified to att. ua at tk
time and place aforesaid with inch ^
per*, vouchers and eviueuce u ?5
enable me to comply with said onltt a
Given under my hand this30th d?j*
January. w haRMEB. 1
12-td. Commissions.
To all persons holding liens by
meut or otherwise, ou the real enute
any part thereof, of Clay Robiuon.'
In pursuance of a decree of the ciro
court of Harrison county, mads in,
cause therein pending, to subject tV
real estate of the suidUlay Robinson t<
the aatisfoctiou of the liens therms
you are hereby required to present lil
claims held bj; you and each ol ,J
against the said Clay Robinson, vbigfcl
are liens on his real estate, or an; put
of it, for adjudication to me, st my ofi*
iu the town of Clarksburg, U.mic*1
county, West Virginia, on or before tkl
27th day of February, 189a
Oiveu under my hand this 30tu Htj
of Jauuarv 1898.
harvey w. harmer,
31. Sot one Mistake in 31.
R. J. CRI5S,
Drugs and Proprietary Medicines.
A Full Line of Pure
Drugs Sold Reasonable.
Because he does not
Pay Expensive Rents which
The Customer always pays in the END.
Main St, 0pp. Lowndes', Clarksburg, W. Va.
She Ifest Virginia
Business College,
Only Business College in the State having University
Powers, and giving a Literary Course. Exper
ienced Faculty. Competent Assistants. Five
Complete Departments. Elegantly Fur
nished. Thorough Courses. Graduates
Successful. Teaches only Practi
cal Methods.Sensible Theories,
(Jives tlie English, Prepara
tory,Commercial or Business,Sten
ographic, Telegraphic, Penmanship, Pen
Art, Drawing and Collegiate Courses of Study.
that will do the most toward making your boy a strong,
honest, conscientious, practical, self-supporting, manly
MAN, and your (iiri, a pure unselfish, helpful, accom
plished, self-reliant,womanly woman. Harrison County
has such a school at Clarksburg. It is the
Enter Now. Expenses Low. No Vacations. Day and
Night Sessions. Investigation solicited.
W bite for nkw Illustrated Catalogue for '93.
A. C. DAVIS, President.
We$t Vk.
Located on Pike Street.
0? to
? tfi
Carriages, Baggies, and Conveyance* ol all kinds famished on short noti*
Charges Reasonable. | Headquarter, for Horse Bayers.
.. "Kftffijasaar'

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