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Glmtetowg $eUgraw
B FbidjiT. FanatiAjit S4 IMS.
?smcx-A-x, cotn-iTx x'^.nszs.
gtuart 7. Reed - - Qditor!
(Payable iu Ailv.iuco.)
SinRlncopy, 004 vnir . <1 (50
Single copy, nix inontliH 7.11
Buglo copy, three inoutliH SO '
Sulir?;rib?irn ilf-niring to disoontinuo <
aunt puy all arrearage.
KWiifung to t?k<> the paper from tho i
post-oftiee will not Htop charge* from j
A uotioi to dinoontinuii not accompa
nied by the amount due at the time will
not etup tlm paper.
Notion U> oliaugo poHt-offloo nddretw
mnnt give the old aa well aa the new of
Wedding- announcement* and oblt
mrit-K will Ihi publinhed nt rouitonable
All mutter intended (or publication
mnat be accompanied TJy the antbor'a
real name, not for pnbliustion, but um a
guarantee of good faith.
All mutter oiil-mitted anbjeot to the
editor'H approval.
I HEKEHY unnouuvu myitolf us oandl
I diito for County Superintendent of
Frixi Bcliuola at tlm election to bo held
on tha 16til day of May. 1893.
T hereby announce myHi>lf h naiididatn
lfor tha office of Oonnty HuDorintend
nnt of Free School* of HkrriHon county,
to Ixi voted on nt tlio dlectiun on |fie
fcird Tueadiiy of May 1HB3. If elected
I promiae to ili?cl>ur[(ii the ilntioaof aaid
euicc faithfully mid impartially.
Ubobob 0. McKinlet.
The appropriation recom
mended to run West Virginia for
1H93 and 1894 amount to about
$700,000 for each year. Let 'er
CO gallaher! The peoplo seemed
to want Democracy and what
does it matter if it comes high?
Gov. Tillman, of South Caro
lina. who thought he was a big
ger man than either Judgo Goff
or Judge Simon ton, of the United
States Court, lias concluded to
chango his opnion.?N. Y. Mall
ami Expremt.
The talk of lowering the taxa
tion in West Virginia is all 'or
?fleet. Nothing will como of it
Look at the report of the appro
priation committee, published to
day in this paper, and behold the
Democratic idea of economy. A
bill to reduce taxation was offered
some time ago in order to get
the people of the State to think
ing that this Democratic Legisla
ture wanted to take some of the
burdens off the people?but it's
all for effect. The people will
continue to have tho pleasure of
hearing Democratic" politicians
preach economy and seeing them
practice extortion.-State Journal.
Mr. Henry Waterson wants
every shred of protection weeded
out from the Tariff immediately.
TheDemocraticnational platform
takes the same ground and
Grover Cleveland stands on it.
But here comes a leading Demo
cratic journal, the Cincinnati En
quirer, saying:
it is claimed by certain ex
tremists that the duty on every
manufactured article should go
with the repeal of the duty on its
raw materials. We have no
?ympathy with that doctrine. If
such a policy was enforced at
once it would prostrate many im
portant industries, and drive
those engaged intnem into bank
ruptcy and ruin. To do so would
bring disasters upou the country
which would annihilate the party
responsible for them,
Mr. Cleveland, although ac
cused of it, has never proposed
any such folly. The Democracy
has never proposed to ruu the
plowshare of destruction through
any of our manufacturing indus
tries, butwould encourage, foster
and enlarge their boneticence.
The Democracy of Mr. Cleve
land's school look to a reduction
of taxes, the removal of heavy
burdens from the shoulders of
the industrial classes, the re
striant of greed encouraged by
unjust taxation, the destruction
of trusts and combinations
"brought into existence by pro
hibitory imposts. They seek to
promote the interests of the en
tire population, producers and
?consumers, those who supply
raw materials as well as those
engaged in converting them into
articles of utility. Because of
their hostility to class legislation,
and of their advocating the equal
rights of all, and the granting of
special privileges to the few,
they are accused of being the
enemies 01 American industry.
The changes in our tariff sys
tem must be gradual. If the
changes are affected by wise
statesmanship itwilljresultmthe
preservation and encouragement
of all our industries and in every
?way promote the general good.
How strange! The Democratic
orators were afraid last fall that
the people could not live until
the wicked tariff was put out of
existence. Are the Democrats
afraid of their platform?
Career Of An AU-Around
Paris of the United Mate*.
For the Tklkoram.]
He used the mails in the furtherance
ef a fraudulent scheme.
Such, in brief, is what landed Harry
A. rierdman. with seveu different
aliases. in the Indiana penitentiary,
north. The full story of this man's
way of doing business and the manner
in which his arrest was effected has
never been published.
The operations of Ucrdmon extend
all over the country. Not confined to
one city or state, but the north, cast,
south and west can furnish an abnn*
dance of evidence. Thousands of poor,
unsuspecting victims in search of em*
ploy men t did he fleece. The aggregate
amount of his swindling is not known,
but, judging from the list of his victims
found In his valise, he surely netted sev
eral thousand in the few months he
was in the business.
Daring tho early part of 1803 Herd
man devised a grand scheme which
would net him handsomely without la
bor and with a very small capital. His
first scheme launched on the market
was the " Western Furniture company,
of Englewood, 111/' He ordered a larce
Oar eaauM rctil r?*'U - . i. u ?n lorn
and ore furnlslicd "t *&?? lowest price. A busl
DCMiniQ can obtain of us quotatiocs fur one
branch of p|te In but one state, or In as many
M ho may require. while of other concerns bo
will be compelled to pay for all branches of
business. most of wblca bo cannot um, an 1 for
every state Woaro the only linn t::at guar
antees the accuracy utoum : r \
lu making collections we "ur cleats a
surety bond covering the araoir.t <>f co.u <.t:ons
Intrusted to um. Ho 1h thua ? rt ia . f no lor *
through our dishonesty or in kct VVe Id turn
take a bond from each of our employes. and ire
ourselves tbus protected V. c u > not care
*bat company supplies the bond, so that
It Is s responsible one. Wo bsive a i j-' dal con
tract with the 'Anglo-Amcrican Bcrcty com
pany. which gives u'* tbu low. a of f.? 4 We
pay for all bonds obtained fr -n tbr m. To any
other compnny wo will pay u-? much as the
Anglo-Amcrican's fees would uroouut to. and
our emplOTCS WOUlJ pv/ t!:? rest. This fee is
112 peril.(XX) for the Urn t year and 18 per year
for subsequent years. Under ?<? Uruj!n*ta:iocs
will we evi* accept a private bond-it Is never
satisfactory At the tincoof making tlfti appli
cation half of thij fee tnuBt be uoat to the sure
ty company. As soon .ss'^ihwHmaats far
nlshed we pay tbo remaJnUerof,t:.f- f.<| and ro?
lmburse the agent. If your record is such that
no one Has confidence la yoti do nut apply to
ft&e snrety company ss your applloatlon would
txi refused. 1 he remittance of half the fee Is
to cover the expense of lovestlgra3?fyou, so
that if your record is unworthy a l oad tbelr
actual expenses will bo provided. Instead ei*
cash the surety oompaoy will accept a letter
from any bank In good standing that they will
poya sight draft to cover whatever expense
tbo surety company incurs in Investigating you
Dishonesty Is the fault which will c jtine one
troubio in obtaining a bond; so if ho doubts bis
application boing favorably acted upon, ho bad
not b- tier wasto the'.r timi and our time. If
his friends speak well of him he In all right
We want no one to regard the Win? of a bond
as a reflection. We ask no more of you than
we supply our clicnta
The proposition wo mnko to all agents Is the
same, hence do not ask for any more liberal an
As tho "manager of a branch ofllce"
would make collections it would be
supply of letter paper with a very in
viting business card printed thereon
purporting to be manufacturers of fine
furniture. He next inserted in all the
leading papers in all the leading cities
all over the country an advertisement
for a bookkeeper, manager of branch
office, clerk, salesman and men to fill
other oqually attractive clerical posi
tions. Of course he received hundreds
of answers. To these replies he would
send a hektographic circular letter. In
order t. show the magnitude of his
scheme it will bo necessary to give this
letter in full as it was sent out. This
letter read as follows:
& L. Cubuv, Proa. J. B. Rctmbbt, S?w>
Ehoucwood, III l?
D*An Sir: Your reply to our advertisement
has been favorably received. We expeet to I
add to our list of branches for the sole of our
foods, two in your city Your duties will be
managing ono of these, employing help, keeping ;
up stock, watching collections, etc As this Is I
all under the dlroet supervision of our traveling
manager, experience In this lino is not neces
sary. Your salary will be 1100 per month: tnis
position to continue during good behavior. As
soon as your efforta warrant, this salary will
bo increased.
As vou will handle our eash and control our ,
goods, we expect you to provide an Indemlty
bond for S1.0&) from somo pood guarantee c im
pany We will repoy you tuo cost of procuring
this bond to the extent of the charges shown
by the InclMod application. T company's
chargcs are the most rnasonnb'.*. .w Unow of.
As a private bond is never satis. ory. don't
ask it To Insure the position we will expect a
boud filed with us Inside of ton days
Advise us at onco when you can be at liberty
and make quiet investigation for a vacant store
in a good locality, so that our traveling mana
ger. whon he seos you, can be prepared to start
at once
This being confidential betwoen us, address
your reply to the writer and mark "private."
Box 334. a L. Ctjrrv.
As will be seen every person who re
plied was accepted on the condition
ho fill out the bond which was
inclosed, and return the same to
the "National Guarantee company,"
who were located in Rooms 7-11,
No. 188 and 190 South Clark street,
Chicago, III., "together with a fee of
ten dollars." After doing this he would
hear nothing further from the Western
Furniture company nor the Ouuranbee
company. This application for the bond
was drawn up in a business-like way.
Itpurportcd that the company had a
cash capital of 1100,000 and that W. Ii.
llaync was president and II. 8. Seovillc
secretary, ilcrdman, in person, was
the president, secretary and everything
else connected with these two conccrns.
No Western Furniture company existed,
only in the imagination of this man.
Nor was there a National Guarantee
company, of Chicago. One was as
mythical as the other. Ilerdman's ob
ject was to get the ten dollars. After
once obtaining this he paid no further
attention to inquiries from the same
source. At one time there was a con
cern in Chicago doing business under
the name of tho Western Furniture
company, but they assigned On the
reputation established by this house
I Herd man practiced his deception. It
| was thought by many, no doubt, that
; the old firm had revived and started up
under a new management.
A short time after starting his first
game he saw a good thing in it, anil
branched out into another schcme on
about the same swindling order. He
rented an office at Toledo. O., and or
dered a good supply of letterheads pur
porting to be the superintendent of col
lections for the American Credit com
pany, of New Yorkl In this he gara
the name of M. V. B. Stewart, superin
tendent. To understand the nature of
ihis second grand schcinc it will be nec
essary to peruse "Circular 23," which is
published here in detail and. is as fol
The American Credit Co vim orrrtinlzcd to
ifurnlflh quotations, showing iho capiu.1 and re
<sponslbUlty of Ru-rchantK. manufacturer* nnd
other bustncHs men; and alto, to rnako colic o
j tlons of all kind*.
\ Having agohii In ?? clt'.cs of this country
rand Canada, and rapidly cat vbltubiaq other*.
? we have facility* for making colloctlqns, aud
(obtaining quotations that arc uncrocllcd. An y,
I thing anyichrre on tarth In what we accomplish,
i B%<J and out tawed debt* are our delight
! necessary to furnish a bond with some
first-class surety company/ Personal
bonds would not bo accepted. To this
end they had arranged for special terms
with the Anglo-American Surety Co.,
of Windsor, Canada, which, the appli
cation stated, had a cash capital of
$100,000. These rates were six dollars
as first payment for a 81,000 bond, the
amount required. As in the first
scheme the entire aim was to get! the
price for the bond. After that-no word
would Iks had from either concern. II.
,A. Hanson was the secretary^ of this
latter surety company. Many letters
?were received *t Windsor addj&ssed to
Ifatison, also to the <:ompa,n>y "-Timse
were permitted to accumulate for a
jfew weeks, when Herdman w/nild call
at Windsor for the mail or order it for
warded to some address in the states.
I Throughout. Canada he was known un- j
icier the name of John Wood ?nd W. C.
Several weeks after flerdraati's
scheme had been set in motion com
plaint reached Capt. James E. Stuart, j
inspector in charge at Chicago, of his
crooked dealings through the mails. It j
developed that the Western Furniture j
company had rented a post office box at
Engl ewood. III. There was no such I
furniture company at this place, conse- j
qucntly their advertising was fraudu
lent. They remained there liut a short j
time and when they left requested all !
mail be forwarded to Toledo, O. This
matter was then referred to [[Chief |
Ucarss, of the Cincinnati division, who \
detailed Inspector Lawrence Lether
man on the case. i
By chance Post Office Inspector
Letherman learned that a person by
that name had been arrested at Indian- j
apolis, lnd.. for cruelly beating his wife,
j to whom he had been married but a
short time. Letherman took the next
train for Indianapolis. On his arrival
there he found that Herdman had
1 pleaded guilty, was fined, paid the same
and was alxmt to quit the room once
. more a free man. .lust as he stepped
out Inspector Lethcrtunn tapped him
on the shoulder, saying he wanted him
j for using the United Stales 'mails in a
S scheme to defraud. This was on May
: -Hi. last. Herdman accompanied the in
spector. and after a hearing before the
| United States commissioner was taken
. to jail to await the action of the grand
| jury. By this lutter lx>dy ho was in
, dieted. 11 is trial took place recently in
j the Indianapolis (Ird.) federal courts,
I ending aiftcr a bitter light'of two (lays,
j He was. found guilty, and in sentencing
! him to eighteen months in the Indiana
! penitentiary (north) and fining him$500
| and cost;*. .J ulge Raker said he rogret
j ted that the law would not permit him
I to inflict a more severe penalty on one
j who so richly deserved a big sentence.
; To even up mavtcrs Herdman was given !
| the full extent of the law.
Bt virtue of a deed of trust executed to
me. Wilson O, Fowler,trust?e.lw Wesley
Robinson and his w ife.CeliuE.Robinson,
dated on the 2d day of JamiHry 1888,and
recorded in tbe office of theiclerk of tbo
county court of Harrison county. West
Virginia, iu trust deed book )G', page270,
to secure the payment of t iree curtain
promisory notes, each for the sum of
three hundred and thirty tl ireeand one
third dollars, bearing date in the 2d day
of January 1888, the tlrst doe and pay
able mi tbo 31st day of October 1888;
the second due sud payable on the 28th
liny of November 1890, and the third
i due and payablo on the ISth day of
February 1893. sud eaoh bearing inter
est thereon troni their respective dates
thennl, which said notes were olid said
date executed by said Wesley Robinson
i" V. :i. Hitter, guardiflnlof Wm. S.
and Hester J. I'rum, and which are ful
Iv (U at rjlml nud mentioned in said
'hi iI, and default having been made in
lie payment tbereol, and being
Rittcr, tbo
id Wilson
ri qniieit so to do by the i
I older of said notes, I, thoi
C. Fowler trustee, will on '
25111 DAY OF
between the hours of 10
and 4 o'clock p. m., at the
H, 1803,
'clock a. m.
rout door of
the court limine of ssid Harrison oountv,
Went Virginia, proceed to sell, liv way
of public iiuction, to the highest bidder
therefor, the property conveyed by said
deed of trust. the same l>eing real estate
comprising HI HManitlutMon Middle
Run, u brunch of the right linnd fork of
Tmuiile, neiir the town of jWuMOCL in
the district of Hard is, couuty of Harri
son. State of West Virginia. These said
IojuIm are well watered, and in a very
good state of cultivation, a dwelling
iiouse and out buildiugs thereon, and
well situated lor a place of residence.
XngM or Hale: - Cash.
15-H Wilson C. Fowler,
Eels 2Jd. 1803. Trustee.
Wra. H. Young and Eleanor tonug, bis
wife, Joseph W. Shoemaker and Clara
Shoemaker, his wife, v?. Lemuel D.
Jarvis in bis own right and as admin
istrator de tumii non with the -will an
nexed of Robert McOee, deceased, and
as administrator of Tbeophlis W. Mc
Oee. deceased, Jesse V. Martin and
Etta Martin, his wife, Charles Donald
son and Sopbia E.Doualdson,his wife,
Edwin Maxwell in his own right and
as executor of Burton Despard, de
' ceased, and John W. Monroe.
'1 lie parties to the above suit will take
notice that on the
27TH DAY OF MARCH, 180.1.
at my office in the town of Clarksburg,
in Harrison county. West Virginia, I
will proceed to execute the order of ref
erence entered therein, by the circuit
court of said county, on the 22il day of
September, 1802, wherein I aa commis
sioner, am directed to ascertain and take
proof of and report the debts and liabili
ties of Tbeopliilns W. McGee secured
by the 8rd clause of a deed of trust exe
cuted by saidMoGeeto iiurton Despard
aud Edwin Maxwell, trustees, on the
4tb day of Octolier, 1882, other than
those reported, if any, by Thomas W.
Harrison as Si>ocial Commissioner.
All parties in interest are required to
attend at the time and place aforesaid
with such papers, vouchers and evi
dence as will enable me to oomply with
said order of court.
Uiven under my hand this 18th day
of February, 1808.
15-4t. Commissioner.
1). It. Stout vs. Francis I Combs, John
M. Combs, Luther M Combs, Thomas
Com if, James Combs, Henry Combs,
Worthy Combs, Aaron Combs, Silas
Combs, Nathan Com l is, Stella Comlm
aud Flora Combs, the last named nine
being infants, und M. G. Holmes, ad
ministrator of Sarah A Combs, deceased.
The parties to the above suit will tfcko
notice tlmt on the 3d day of April, 1808,
at my otlloe in the town of Clarksburg,
in Harrison county. West Virginia, I
will proceed to execute the order of
refereuco entered therein by the circuit
court of said county, on the HJtli day of
January, 1803, wherein I, as com
missioner, am directed to audit, state
and settle the accounts of said M. G.
Holmes as suoli administrator of said
Snrali A. Combs, or as far as it is neces
sary to ascertain, whether th< re is any
personal estate of thu decedent applica
ble to her debts in bis hands to be ad
ministered and what Bum, if any, in his
hands, lielonging to said estate. Also
lo ascertain anil report the debts of said
decedent, the iiiiiouut thereof aud the
priorities thereof, aud also the real
estate, its location and value which said
decedent owned at the time ol' her deutn
and the liens, if any thoroon, and their
priorities an* also the debts of whatever
kind against said estate, and perform
such other services as ore therein stated
and thereby required to bo repotted;
All parties in interest are required to
attend at the time and pluee aforesaid,
with Bin b papers and evidence as will
enable me to comply with said order of
Given under my hand this 7th day of
r elirnary, 1803. Harvey W. Harkkr,
15-4 Commissioner: |
M. 0. Holme*, administrator of Claude
H. Meathrell, deceased, vs. Lucy H.
Johnson, Jolin C. Johnson, John J.
Davis, trustee. E A Peak, John E.
Meathrell, Jnlia EL Meathrell, Robert
L. Meathrell, and Lovia Davis, ad
ministratrix de boiiit mm ol James
P. Davis, deceased.
The parties to the above suit will take
notice that on the
at my office in the town of Clarksburg,
in Harrison county, West Virginia, I
will prooeed to execute the order of
reference entered therein by the oircuit
court of said county, on the 12th day of
January, 1893, wherein I as commis
sioner, am directed to audit state and
settle the accounts of said M O. Holmes
as such administrator of said Claude H.
Meathrell, deceased, and especially so
Jar as may be necessary to ascertain
whether there is any personal estate of
the decedent applicable to the payment
of his debts in uis hands to be adminis
tered. Also to ascertain and report the
debts of said decedent, the amounts,
character and priorities thereof ; also
what real estate said decedent owned at
the time of his death and the liens
thereen, and priorities, if any, and per
form such other services as are thereto
stated and thereby required to be re
ported All parties in interest are re
quired to attend at the tiino and place
aforesaid, with such papers, vouchers
und evidence as will enable me to com
ply with said order of court
Given under my hand this 7th day of
February, 1898.
15-4t. Commissioner.
N. A. Shuttleworth vs. M. G. Holmes,
adui'r of Elmus Swiger, Angeline
Swiger, Maude H. Swiger and George
Swiger, In chancery.
In pursuance of a decree of the circuit
court of Harrison county, Stat'e of West
Virginia, made and rendered in the
above styled cause on ti?e 17th day of
January, 1893, all persons interested
are hereby required to take notice that
on the
21st DAY OF MARCH. 1893,
at my law office in the town of Clarks
burg, in said county of Harrison, I will
froceed to executesaid decree by which
am required to audit, state and settle
the accounts of M. G. Holmes, Sheriff,
and as suoli administrator of Elmus H.
Swiger, deceased, and to ascertain and
report what amount of personal estate
is in the hands of said administrator be
longing to said estate, the debta against
said estate, their amounts, and to whom
owing, what real estate said Swiger died
seized, of the lions thereon, their
amounts and priorities, and to whom
owing and any other matter deemed
pertinent by said commissioner or anv
of the parties in interest, and at which
time and place all persons holding liens
by judgment or otherwise on the real
estate or any part thereof, of which the
said Elmus H. Swiger died seized, are
hereby required to presont all claims
held by you and each of you, against
the said Elmus H. Swigor, which are
liens upon his Baid real estate, or any
part thereof, or which constitutes a
claim or olaims against his said estate,
for adjudication to ae at my office in
said town, in oounty of Harrison, on or
beforo said date.
Giv?n under my hand this the 20th
day of February, 181)3.
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