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Hood's Pills cure nil llrer Ills. Mllounm,
Jaundice, lniligMtlon, sick headaclio. SGc.
A Boy's Terrible Experience
Clvon Up by Physicians
Considered a Con
firmed Cripple
" For the benefit of other sufferers wo state
the ease of our boy. who was token with hip
disease five yours ago, when three years old.
The trouble began with stiffness and severe
pain In his knee, which suddenly went to his
hip. Tho doetor pronounced It a genuine case
of hip disease, and said If he lived he would
Always bo a Cripple.
Imagine our feelings! Charlie was entirely
helpless. When wo went to his bed to more or
turn him for rest, he would scream as though
we wero murderiug him. After two months, I
happened to rend of a similar case cured by
.Hood'sSar?npr*-,,,~ 2|'?? ?
say that I
tie. This
awl In July igPli r?-?.. ? SRP
and broke. When wo hnd token a bottle and a
half of tho Sarsaparilla we saw that his general
Health Was Improving.
Ills color was better. In fact he was better in
every way. Tho sores entirely healed up. We
got him crutches and ho walked with them for
nearly two years. Ho grew stronger, and now
for two years has had no sores, and has .not
used a crutch for over a year. He limps a little
Hood's is Cures
but Is In the best of health, goes to sohoot runs
and plays Just as lively as any of the boys; ho
walks over half a mile to Sunday school and
roturn evory Sunday.
"My wife and I think there never was such a
medicine mado a* Hood's Knrsaparilla." Ibaao
W. Frasr, Connersvllle, I ml.
^Correspondents mint write all
proper n?m? plainly. We can guess at
almost anything except a proper name
and have hopes of being correot.
Long letters concerning unimportant
matters will not be published.
Most reporters think they mnst write
a long letter or none. Uuoh nmko a se
rious mistake.
If yon only have one item and that
only makes throe lines, seud it on and
don't try to adil a page to it.
Always sign your real name some
We want your letters not later than
| Editii Wiijjs Linn in the American. |
It may not bo our lot to bear
The shield and sword in life's great
It may not be our fate to wear
The golden crown of honor bright.
For us in Tain the harvest yield.
And flowers that deck life's broad
Our feet may press some fallow field
For many sorry, sunless days.
But if our souls are sure and strong,
And work in unison with good,
And wage the fight with sin and wrong,
That come to tempt our angle mood;
The will of God shall be our will;
The now and then shall blend in ono;
All doubts and qnptionings grow still,
And what is best be gladly done.
And, oh! bow sweet if we oan hear
The reapers, when life's sun drops low,
Singing in joy as home they bear
The harvest we have toiled to sow.
cm: it it r vamp.
We are sorry to report the
death of Mr. F. M. Davisson's
little daughter, who d>ed last
Saturday night*, after a brief ill
ness. The family have the sym
pathy of the entire community.
W. M. Gump, of Pensboro, was
here this week.
S. J. Davis and lady went to
Walker Station Tuesday to go to
housekeeping. His father Mr.
Randolph Davis is quite poorly
yet O. I. C.
Chalmer McTire met with a
sad accident while repairing the
incline by a heavy timber falling
on his foot, mashing it badly.
R. Sidebottom has been very
poorly for several days, and is
no better at this writing.
Harry Shanks has returned
from Morgantown where he has
been visiting for the past week.
Farnum mines suspended work
a few days this week in order to
make some improvements on
their incline, but will, resume
work about Wednesday.
O. K. Randall has moved into
his residence opposite Farnum.
Our school will soon close, and
we can say we have had a very
successful term taught by by C.
Holden. N
Baptizing at flepzib&h church
fourth Sunday in April by Rev.
A Sunday school will be or
ganized next Sabbath.
weighing Iff pounds, wnue nsn
itig recently. **
Rev. Thompson assisted by
Rev. Langford immersed several
of our young people Sabbath
On Monday, march 20, little
Lizzie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
L. W. Baxter, died very sudden
We are glad to welcome two of
our teachers home. Miss Fannie
Boyles and Susie Taylor, after a
winter's absence.
Miss May Mines is taking a
Miss Minnie Taylor visited the
Misses Davis, of Salem, Sunday. |
Woman's suffrage was ably |
discussed at Lyceum by Messrs. |
L. W. Garret, Rev. Langford, I
M. G. Sperry and T. Gore.
An improvement to the town
is the placing in position of the
new church bell. Hill.
Our village [was saddened by
the death of Prances Sprout,
daughter of Henry and Jane
Sprout, who died on the 18th,
after a brief illness.
Rev. Richmond will hold a|
temperance meeting here on
April 7th. at 6i'o'clock p. m.
Married by Rev. Taylor Rich
mond, Will Riblett to Miss Jen
nie Wrighf., March 26th.
Jaqses Nay and family, of Hal
den, Mo? .are visiting relatives
Mr. B. W. Boggess and daugh
ter, Dora, of Clarksburg, are
visiting here.
Mr. George Sprout,of Farnum.
has purchased a lot and will build
and move here this spring.
Jeff Ashcraft says that new
boy at his house will not be
named "Grover."
Reports say that William Lucas
has sold 1,000 acres of land to a
Pennsylvania company for $125
per acre. Joe.
Our public school gave an in
evening, from which they real
ized over thirty dollars, which
will be used towards purchasing
a library. The Primary depart
ment gave a free exhibition Fri
day afternoon, which was highly
enjoyed by those present.
Prof. Clarence Davis, of the
West Virginia Business College,
spent Wednesday night with his
sister, Mrs. Will Ford, attended
Chapel at the college Thursday
morning and made a speech in
behalf of education.
Rev. Huffman is holding a
series of meetings on Buckeye.
Gordon Kennedy, of Lost
Creek, has been spending a few
days wit|i his sister, Miss Eunice,
of the college, and other friends
Grant Davis, of Clarksburg,
was calling on friends here
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Ann Davis, of Buckeye,
mother of Mrs. Tom Ford and
Mrs. Smith Varner, was buried
from the S. D. B. ChurclVFriday
Mrs, Harriet Smith, of Mor
gansville, was visiting her
mother, Mrs. Margaret Davis,
the last of the week. E.
west 'uxrox.
Chas.Cheuvront.of Good Hope
was here this week aiding his
father in his divorce suit.
Porter Maxwell, of Peel Tree,
Harrison county,was in town this
W. Brent Maxwell, Esq.. has
been in town on business this
Prof. L. E. Bennett, of Clarks
burg, was in town Tuesday look
ing after the interests of the
West Virginia Business College.
Trospect \ alley.
Mr. E. L. Pigott passed
through our Valley last week on
his return home from the We3t.
Miss Emma Hardesty, from
near this place, is visiting rela
tive near Farmington.
Miss Rosa Ogden, of Salem,
and Miss Susie Ritter, of Wolf
Summit, were pleasant callers at
V. B. Ogden's last week.
W. B. Ogden is still very sick.
Messrs E. B. Hardesty and
Essel Robinson are attending
school at Wyatt.
S. H. Chalfant will visit Wheel
' ing soon. Joseph.
In Colored Circles
Rev. G. T. Jones, of the West
ern Theological Seminary o f
I Alleghany city, spent Sunday
Come to the Literary at i
E. Church Monday
8 o'clock.
We hope the parents of the
school children will read the
Public School Mirror sent them by
the superintendent.
Miss Anna Lowry is ill with
typhoid fever.
I Messrs. Isaac and Mintor Jack
?in, of Jane Lew, and 'Squire
McCann.of Harrison county, are
on a fishing trip to Burnsvillo this
During a recent visit to Weston
Mrs. L C. Woodford Smith, of
Cleveland, sketched Stonwall
Jackson's boyhood home and the
old mill standing near by. The
painting will be exhibited at the
World's Pair.
On last Saturday night, at 'his
residence a few miles below WesJ
ton on the West Fork river, Noah
Flesher, one of the old land
marks of Lewis county, passed
away. ?Democrat.
Rev. Father O'Connojll of
Clarksburg, one of the most dis
tinguished Catholic clergymen in
the-State, was a prominent visitor
to weston this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bennett,
who have been traveling abroad
for several months, will return in
Miss Katie Balentine departed
for Nebraska last week.
Mr. W. L. Dunniag'ton.J
has for many years occu "
leading position in Westot,
ness circles, is now having
provements made on his
Mr. Thomas N. Barneu
gining work upon his nev
dence on Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey JE|res
returned to Shinnston Monday
after a few week's visit tq-Mrs.
Shore's father, Mr. John Luke,
of this place.
Rev. J. A. Tracy's new bricU
business building is neat
We understand that Rolia .
den will go into the insur
business at Parkersburg.
Rev. FatherO'Kane, ofC.?.?,-.
burg, assisted Rev. Father Tracy
at the Cathoiic church last week.
-Weston Times.
foe trtttmonials frequently published
in this paper relating to Hood's fSurs
nparilla. They are from reliable people
leXRot^ nnti show beyond a
doubt that Hood's cures. Why don't
Slod's me? Bs8ure 10 Bet
and all tronbleswith the
digwtire organs and the liver, are onred
ner pill 8 Unequalled as a din
A sport, in speaking of a friend
who was in jail, said it would
take $5 to get him out on one of
these here habitus criptures.
What he would have said was
habeas corpus.
TakeW^oml'?1?)?d "houl,1 ^ Purified.
Sarnapanlla, the best
spring medicine and blood purifier.
An instrument called the
telautograph was perfected by
Prof. Gray, of Chicago, this
week. By its use one can record
his own hand writing over a wire
hundreds of miles, the pencil at
the father end writing the same
thing simultaneously.
A 1 ooman 4n*n
dflum," overwork
MdI debilitated -
that's a woman
g?t Dr. Pierce's
Favorito Pre
scription is Tnwrla
for. It gives
h?r health and
strength. All
_ woman's weak
SgSSj are cured'byit 152 a S
gThiit, bocause nothing else i. ?Jurt ?
something I
He means that if. hotter for him.
More l.umbrr for Sale.
I have on hand about 100 M
each of poplar and oak lumber,
seasoned, suitable for planing
mill work. Also frame lumber,
flooring, ceiling, patent siding
common weather boaras, wains
coting in W. O. 11 O. ash, chest
nut and butternut, single and
double surface lumber. Any one
wishing to buy building material
will please call and see my stock
on Saturdays at my place of
business. Thinking the public
patronage, I remain
Very Truly, y
0fu, D- B- Hankey,
-?tf Quiet Dell, w. Va.
larly has had a severe attack of
rheumatism recently and writes
us as follows :
I will be unable to fulfill my
engagement in Clarksburg March
1st, but will be there June 1st, if
all is well.
15-tf. Geo. B. Morris.
tr Torn HACK ArBKit,
It will o-.e you, clenn** yam liter, and gi**
? a cn.jd *jipett?*
ClarkHburK Markets.
? 8
ft::::::::::::::::::::::::: g
Flour. * bbl 3.7ka< 76
Lard, * ?> U
wlilen. vtD.) I*
Hhoulder., VCountrjr II
Ham?, I It
h?H.V bbl ; 1JB
Wheat : ?0?S5
Tallow, 4
Corn, ?T0
M?*?l .... ffi
Green Apples ... 1.00
Potatoes .. "5
Hay wo
Turnip* 40
OijIoijh 1.25
Turkey, drewed 12J4
Firlcd Apple* ?
Dried P<?aoheK 10
Timothy need 2.60
? lover 10.no
Kentucky Blue Gran* 1 23
?sngllnh a**
orchard 17*.
Tlio undersigned M. O. Clayton and
J. O. Dent doing Vusiness under the
firm name of Clayton & Dent, have this
day dissolved co-partnership; the Baid
Dent having sold his interest in the
said business to said Clayton in whose
name it will hereafter be conducted.
All debts owing said firm to be paid to
said Clayton j and all indebtedness of
said film to be paid by said Clayton.
.T. 0. Dent,
M. C. Clayton.
March 15th, 1893. 19-2t
The uudersigued J, G. McDowell and
P. 0. Harlan who have heretofore been
doing business under the firm name of
McDowell Ss Harlan, have this day dis
solved their co-partnership. All debts
of said firm to be paid by saidMoDowell
and all debts dne and owing said firm
to be paid to Baid McDowell.
j. g. Mcdowell,
March 0, 1898. 17-4t
Charles Dangerfield, plain tiff vs. Pol
lux Lowery anil William Mackey and
others, deiendant, in the circuit court
of Harrison county, State of West Vir
To William Matkey, a mm-raident of this
Take notice that the deposition of
Charles Dangerfield, J. It. Adams and
others will be taken at < the law office of
Lewis C. Lawson in the town of Clarks
burg, in the county of Harrison, and
State of West Virginia, on the
between the hours of 8 a. m., and !> p.m.
to be read in evidence on the hearing of
the above cause, in behalf of the said
Charles Dangerfield.
If from any cause the taking of the
same shall not bo commenced, or being
commenced, shall not 1m completed on
that day, the taking of the same will be
adjourned from time to tima, until they
are completed.
This the 6th day of Maroh 1898.
By Counsel,
Lewis C. Lawson,
Counsel for Plaintiff. 17-4t
State of West Virginia:
At rules held in the olerk's offioe of
the circuit oonrt for the county of Har
rison, on Monday, the 0th day of March,
Charles Dangerfield
Pollox Lowery,Wil- In Chancery.
liam Mackey and
The object of this suit is to have set
aside a deed made by the said Pollox
Lowery to said William Mackey, on the
18th day of Sept 1892, as fraudulent'
and to have the landB mentioned in said
deed subjected to the payment of the
claims and demands of tuo said Charles
Dangerfield against Baid Lowery. And
affidavit having been made that said
William Maokey is not a resident of this
State, the said defendant Mackey is re
quireded to appear within one mouth
after the date of the first publication of
this order, in the clerk's offioe of our
said court at rules, to be holden thereof
and do what is necessary to protect his
interests. And it is ordered that a copy
of this order bo published once a week
for four successive weeks in some news
paper published in Harrison county,
and lie posted at the front door of the
court house of said county for twenty .
days before decree is rendered.
A copy. Teste:
Henry Haymond, Clerk.
Lewis C. Lawson, Counsel. 17-4
?11 ?epkftmei^' ol tl\q gtoi^e
Well Filled With
Flannels. Yarns, Blankets & Ladies' Slim
Made at the Clarksburg Woolen Mills
13x37- G-ood.s.
Brown Cottons, Dress Silks,
Bleached Cottons, Trimming Silks
Sheetings, Dress Good
Tickings, Clothe!
Cassimeres, jeani
Trimmings, Ribbons,
Embroideries, Laces,
Hosiery, Gloves,
Corsets, Knitting Silks
Embroidery Silks,
Tobacco, Cigars,
T eas, Coffees,
Sugars, Spices,
Syrups, Bacon,
Choice Flour, Corn Meal,
Tools, Nails,
Plows, Points,
Oil, Moldboards,
Paints, Iron.
Wall Papers, Blinds, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Gents' Funishing Goodi
Baskets, Trunks and Valises, Looking Glasses, School
Supplies, Books, Stationery, Inks, Diamond Dye6,
Quoensware, Glassware. Stoneware, Hay,
Brick, Shingles. Salt, Feed.
Choices Grass Seeds,
Timothy, Clover, Orchard, Kentucky Blue Grass, English Bta
Best Quality of Fertilizers.
Boots - and - Shoes, Hats ~ and - Caps
-AND -
:0::0: ;
Wll be pleased to have you call and Exami
Goods and Prices Produce Wanted.
Steam Pumps for use in Mines
Fresh water. Special Boiler Feed'
ers, Heavy Presure Pumps ant
for all kinds of duty.
Steam and
Brass and
Special pumps built to order for all kinds of duty.
tention to supplies for mines and coke works. _ Write for catai g
stAndardbked horses.
(Sire of May Day 2;27i.)
Sired by Red Wilks, with 83 in 2:30 list. 1st. dam Dixie by Dictator with 43 in 2:30 list.
Dictator the sire of the dam of Nancy Hanks the fastest mare in the world 2:04. Domin
ion will make this season at his his owners stable at Bridgeport, at reduced fees, so as to
suit all. * v '
h" w' 'J"V ?'ec^'oneeri the greatest Sire of the day. 1st. dam Penelopy by Alburn,
o". jec. "WILLIS,
Bridgeport, West Va<

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