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Reltgioa of fruitfulU.
George Washington was a
member o( the Episcopal church
and a great believer in prayer, as
is evidenced by numerous mes
sages. Oue was: "The blessing
and protection of Heaven are at
all times necessary,but especially
so in time of public danger and
distress." He alsa said: "Though
I am a member of the Church of
England. I have no exclusive
John Adams was a Congrega
tionalist and came of a long line
of Puritan ancestors, but was
very liberal in his views as t?
religion. He was baptized Octo
ber. 26, 1535, in the first church
of Quincy, called "The Church
of Statesmen."
Thomas Jefferson's ideas on
religion are difficult to classify.
He was an admiror of the great
Tom Paine, the agnostic, and as
"Godiess a man." but a letter to
Mrs. John Adams shows that he
believed in a future life, where
"we will meet our friends." and
his life was a strictly moral one.
He belonged to no church.
John Quincy Adams was a
Congregationalism like his father,
and wrote a hymn.
Madison and Monroe were both
Episcopalians in^good standing.
Andrew Jackson was notorious
ly irreligious in his eariy man
hood and mature life. As a youth
at Salisbury, N. C.. he is de
scribed as "the most roaring,
rollicking, game-cocking, horse
racing.card-playing, mischievous
fellow that ever lived in that
town." After his retirement from
the Presidency he became con
verted and joined the Presbyter
ian church, his dying words be
ing: "My dear children, and
friends and servants. I hope and
trust to meet you all in heaven,
both white and black."
Martin Van Buren never made
any religious profession, but was
a man of irreproachable morality,
and. according to the orthodox
ones, is now burning.
William Henry Harrison was
an Episcopalian of strong con
victions, which prevented him
from fighting duels.
John Tyler was also an Episco
James K. Polk made no pro
fession until he was on his death
bed, when a Methodist clergyman
sprinkled him.
Zachary Taylor didn't give the
question any thought, but meekly
paid his wife's contributions to
the Episcopal church, Taylor
was very illiterate, knew little
about theology and cared less.
Millard Filmore was a very
quiet but pious man, who affili
ated with the Baptists.
Franklin Pierce was an Episco
pal communicant.
James Buchanan was always
pious, but didn't join the church
until after his retirement from
the Presidency, when he bocame
a Presbyterian.
Abraham Lincoln, according
to Col. Bob Ingersull, was a dis
ciple of Voltaire, but ho ex
pressed Christian conviction and
was inclined to spiritualism. Both
his parents were Baptists.
Andrew Johnson was not a
member of any church, but a
tacit believer in Christianity. He
was unusually handy with his
"cuss words." and inclined to
Ulysses Grant was a Methodist,
and extolled for his piety by his
biographers, though he was
never known to do anything be
yound letting fall a few pious re
Ituthford B. Hayes was a
James A. Garfield was a member
of the Church of Christ, ?r
Campbellite church, and once
tried his hand at preaching.
Chester A. Arthur was an
Episcopalian, who played a good
game of poker.
Benjamin Harrison is a Pres
byterian, and attends church
Grover Cleveland gets his
supply of Christian fortitude to
deal with the pie hunters from
the Calvanistic fount also.
nenton Xcnslels.
Prof. J. W. Bonner and family
are now residents of Camden-on
Married, at Vadis, on Sunday,
by Rer. J. I. Vincent, James
Alford to Miss Laura Money
Mr. Omer S. Goodwin and Miss
Daisy Neely, of Jane Lew, were
married at Jauo Lew. Wednes
day. l'te Democrat extends best
Mr. Frank Moore and Miss
Mary Quina. of West Weston,
were married on Wednesday
evening at 7:*0 o'clock, the Rev.
Varner officiating.
The closing exercises of the
Academy took place at the Opera
Hoase last Friday night. The
graduates this year are Misses
Fannie Tierney.Phoobe Mitchell,
Agnes Cleary and Jennie Danger.
Dr. W. P. Crumbacker, the
new superintendent of the Weston
Asylum, arrived here Monday
morning accompanied by Dr.
Burdette. the newly elected
assistant physician, and they at
once assumed their respective
duties at the Hospital.
Mr. Ralph Patterson will soon
retire from business in Weston,
where he has been prominently
before the public for the past
twelve years. For sometime he
has been contemplating a rest
from business, principally on ac
count of his health, and he has
finally decided to retire from the
grocery trade about the 1st of
June He will remove with his
little family to Moundsville.
David Carson was billed on
Wednesday. at Buckbannon,
while at work in the tannery.
He was caught between the sides
of the elevator and the floor of
the second story, mashing bis
head and killing him instantly.
Carson was a single man about
22 years of age. His remains
were brought here on Thursday
aud sent to Stewart's Creek, in
Giliner county, where he lived.
As naturally results from taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla as personal cleanliness re
sults from free use of soap and water.
This griiut purifier thoroughly expels
scrofula, salt rhenm and all other im
purities and builds up every organ of
the bod;. Now is the time to take it
The highest praise has been won by
Hood's pills for their easy, yet efficient
notion. Sold by all druggists. Price
3S oents.
Fairmont Whisper*.
From our Fairmont exchanges
we glean the following:
General manager C. W. Arnett
is not making up the list of 100
lot3 to be sold at the auction lot
sale on June 1st.
The county commissioners this
?week purchased seven road
machines to be used in the coun
ty. They cost $225 each.
Mrs. M. J. Grove, of Clarks
burg, is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. C. E. Manley.
Mr. Parrens, of Harrison coun
ty, a coal man, was here Tuesday.
Perry Camp, of Clarksburg,
and at one time a citizen of this
place, was here Tuesday.
The spirit of improvement
seems to have broken out afresh
all over town. New buildings
are being erected and old ones
improved in all sections of the
The council is considering an
ordinance prohibiting any person
from coverning a house with a
shingle roof anywhere within the
corporate limits.
Governor Fleming has a force
of workmen engaged in remodel
ing his old residence on Jefferson
street,. Ho will modernize it and
make many nice improvements
to the old building, which will
add much to its convenience and
Clarksburg is about 5,000, and we would
say at least one half are troubled with
some affection of the Throat and Lungs
We would advise all our readers to call
on their druggist and get a lwttle of
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and
Lungs. Trial size free. Large bottleB
S0c uud $1. Sold by all druggists.
The following marriages are
reported from our neighboring
county of Marion :
Charles D. Hough and Flora B.
Draper L. Cole and Rebecca
Harry W. Alford and Florence
Harry Bartholow and Mollle
Winfield S. Hess and Nanny E.
A resident of Harrisville,
Ritchie county, writes to his
local paper as follows :
"We don't suppose there is a
town in this State oi the same
size that cau excel this one for
producing grass widows. We
now have no less than five in ou.
midst, whose husbands have been
suddenly taken with a leaving,
and it is said all the married wo
men in town have a roll call every
morning to see if any of them are
minus a husband.
Hicks h? the Weather t*r Kay all
There Is a marked tendency U>
frost, as a rule, from about th?
10th to 15th of May. especially
when storms occur on or just
preceding those dates. But the
indications for this month are
that this frost period will reach
its crisis at the close of reaction
ary storms central about the 14th.
The new moon on that 'day. and
the equinox of Mercury on the
16th, will increase and prolong
storm conditions, ard add to the
probabilities of frost after the
storms in northerly regions.
From the 18th to 22d falls a
marked storm period, the crisi9
of which will likely be reached
about the 12d. A very warm
wave will pass over the entire
country during the period, and
dangerous storms are liable to
result. Cloud formations and
other storm indications should be
prudently watched. Easterly to
southerly winds, sultry air, with
low and falling barometer are
certain harbingers of coming dis
turbances. After storms pass,
if winds continue from southerly
points, or the barometer sullenly
refuses to rise, look out for a
repetition of rain, wind and
thunder, in cycles of twelve and
twenty-four hours until wiqds
shift permanently to westerly,
and the barometer moves decided
ly upward. About the 16th and
27th there will be another rise in
temperature, resulting in react
ionary storms; beginning, of
course, first in the west, and ap
pearing later at points along their
march to the east. Fix this fact
well in your minds. Tou will
soon learn by the plain indica
tions when the storms are liable
to be retarded, or to appear early
in the periods in you locality.
The last of May is the center
of a regular storm period, which
runs into the opening days of
June. Full moon on the 80th
will tend to hasten developments,
so that a very warm wave well
defined, and on its way from the
west, attended by increasing
storms, by the closing hours of
the month.
West lTnlon.
Mr. Inskip and wife, of Toll
Gate, have agreed to disagree
and separated.
Frank Bond, of Smithton, was
put in jail hera last Friday even
ing on a charge of insanity.
After an examination Monday,
he was released, it being evident
that he had only Deen indulging
too freely in strong drink.
Wm. Harris, son of Dan Harris,
aged 21 years, while on his way
home from Central Station,
Saturday evening, attempted to
take his revolver from his pocket
to shoot a dog that was following
him. In doing so the weapon
was discharged, the ball enter
ing his left breast and lodging
between the ribs under the arms.
Harris' recovery is thought to be
A great many Grafton people
expect to attend tne State Sun
day School Convention at Clarks
Eleven licenses were granted
by the Mayor and county court
to sell liquor at retail and one to
sell beer at wholesale in Grafton,
which enriched the city treasury
$3,400 and the State school fund
gets f3,950.
The bachelors of Grafton have -
been happy since they heard
Belva Lockwood last Saturday
night, and are making prepara
tions to lay siege to and win the
bands and hearts of the fair
maidens, and no doubt the wed
ding bells will be ringing soon?
if the girls are willin'.? Ex.
Many of the girls who mettl.e
foreign naval officers at Hampton
Roads asked them for their epau
lets, sashes, side arms, etc., for
souvenirs of the occasion. The
officers doubtless had their own
opinion of these daring young
Since its first introduction, Electric.
Bitters lias Rained rapidly in popular
favor, until uow it is dearly in tne lead
among pure mcdioinal tomes andnltcra
tlvcs?containing nothing 'which per
mits its uso as a beverage or intoxicant,
it is recognized as the best and purest
medicine for ailments of stomach, liver
or kidneys. It will euro sick headache,
indigestion, constipation, and drive
malaria from the system. Satisfaction
guaranteed with each bottlo or tho
money will lie refundod. Price only
SOo peT bottle. Sold bv Clayton 4
Dent -
Mrs. Geo. W. Pool, has re
turned from a visit to her par
ents. at Clarksburg.
The prospects now are. that
work will be commenced on the
new railroad in a very short
time. Maj. J. W. Heavner, Dr
S. C. Rusmisell and W?. Post,
directors, went over the proposed
route a few days ago and suc
ceeded in satisfactorily arranging |
for right of way; and that 1m
portantwork being accomplished, j
the other preliminary arrange
ments can be completed in a|
short time.?Delta.
There are 3,000,000 bachelors
in this country, and most of them
old. This single thing shows
that marriage is going out of
Miss I. A. Bartlett. one of the
firm of J. C. Bartlett & Co.. of
West Milford, W. Va... has
purchased a large and tine stock
ol millinery goods, and after
several weeks' exeperince and
careful instruction under a com
petent milliner in the east, she
feels sure she can give perfect'
satisfaction in the way of trim
ming nobby and stylish hats.
Her prices will be extremely low
as she will have no extra ex
penses. such as rents, &c. The
friends and patrons of this well
known establishment will save
money and a long ride to town
by purchasing their hats of Miss
Bartlett. Will have city patterns
at the store May 5. 25tf
An English manufacturer says
be mads 838 corsets for men in
one year. Do you call those
things men?
We have just printed a lot of
new blank warranty deeds, with
the new form of acknowledgment.
They are printed on triple extra
white bond paper, and tney have
no superior in the State. - Each
deed is on a sheet 8$x28 inches.
One dozen. 60 cts.. by mail. tf
Dr. George M. Holt. Dentist,
will be in his Clarksburg office
May 1st, and remain 30
days 36-tf
Best Grade Cabinet Pliotogr >plis
well mounted, Artiato Paper, Flue,
Finish?ThomfsohBbos.,Cor. Pike and
There is nothing I have ever used for
muscular rheumatism that Rives me us
muoh relief as Chamberlain h Pain Balm
does. I have been using it for about
two years?four bottles in all?as oooas
ion required, and always keep a bottle
of it in my home. I believe I know a
good thing when I get hold of it, end
Pain Balm is the best liniment I have
ever met with. D. B. Denny, dairyman.
New Lexington. Ohio. SO cent bottles
for sale by H. L. Wells. m
If it is an consolation to wait
ing Democrats we would say
there is plenty of room for good
citizens in an unofficial capacity.
The promptness and certainty of its
onres have mode Chamberlain's Cough
Bemedy famous. It is intended espec
ially for oougliB, oolds. croup and whoop
ing coughs, and is the rnoBt effectual
reu edy known for these diresses. Mr.
C. B, Main, of Union City, Pa., says:
"I have a great sale on Chamberlain's
Cough Bemedy. I .warrant every bottle
and have never heard of one failing to
to give entire satisfaction." SO cent
bottles for sale by H. U Wells. m.
Positive Bargains in Men's
Ladies1, Misses and Children's
Shoes and Rubbers at John T.
Griffin's. tf.
Cures Sick Headache
you ardour*
It is a wonderful remedy, which is alike benefi
cial to you and your children. Such is Scotfs Emulsion
of Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophos
phites of Lime and Soda. It checks wasting in thr
children and produces sound, healthy flesh. It keeps
them from taking cold and it will do the same for you
Scott's Enulslon cares Congtu, fY Ji?
Golds, Consumption, Scrofhln and A?T"/
all Anaemic and Wasting Diseases.
Prevants wasting in children. Al
most as palatable a> milk. Getonlr
tbe genuine. Prepared by 8co? A
Bowno, Ohomlsts, Now York. Sold by
all DrnKrfsts.
PiDNEERWqRKS Sieam Enoines
?' colics cirtr.uLARv
- n
' Saw Mills etc.
coe. ovr^iisr sz steeet.
Goods Delivered Free in the City.
Hursev ^ Insurance ** Agency
' 1 ' * f$] 5?? * ? v hpR
LEE H.VANCE, Proprietor.
' ' VT/T** T~''- 'YT *** * ? "*
All the Best Companies Prompt Payment Oi
Pike Street, .... Clarksburg
White Oak Planks,
Walnut. Poplar, Ash Logs and Lum
ber, Staves, Etc.
Office and Yards near B. & O. Depot. Clarksburg. W. Va.
/jT U I I I * ntmtlnDtK una Invito tlm mwt
?I curt'ful investigation as toour resiionsibll
| | lty and the incrlu of our Tablet*.
I TtrnSom?Lg | Double Chloride of. Gold Tablets
Will completely destroy the desire forTOBACCO in from 3 toB days. Perfectly burin -
less; cause no slckuess, and may bo given inn cup of tenor coffee without tho knowl
edge of tlie patient, who will voluntarily atop smoking or chewing in a few days.
DRUNKENNESS ani MORPHINE HABIT out any effort on tho'purtof
the patient, by the uso of our SPECIAL FORMULA dOLD CURB TABLETS.
During treatment patients are allowed tho free nso of Liquor or Mor
phine until such time as they shnll voluntarily give them up.
Wo send particulars and pamphlet of testimonials free, and shall
be glad to place sufferers from any of theso habits in communica
tion with personswho have been cured by tbeuseof ourTABLETS
HILL'S TABLETS nro for sale by all first-class
druggists ut S I .OO per package.
If your druggist does not keep them, enclose us $ | .00
and wo will send you, by return mail, a package of ?
. Tablet*.
Write your name and address plainly, and atato
whether Tablets are for Tobacco, Morphine or
I liquor Habit.
DO NOT BE DECEIVED into purchasing
any of the various nostrums that are being
, offored for sale. Ask for TTTT.T.Jtjt
TABLETS and take no other.
Manufactured only by
from persons
who have been
cured by the use of
Hill s Tablets.
61.53 A 65 Opera Block
Tjie Ohio Chkmical Co.:
Dear Sir:?I bavo been using your
cure for tobacco habit, and found it would
do what you claim for it. I used ten cents
worth- of the strongest chowlng tobacco a day,
_ and from one to live cigars; or I would sinoke
t from ton to lorty pipes of tobacco. Have chewed
and smoked for twenty-five years, and two packages
of your Tablets cured mo so I have no desire for it.
B.M.JAY LOUD, Leslie, Mich.
Dobbs Febbt, N. Y.
The Onio Chemical Co.:?GentlemenSome time ago I sent
for 91.0U worth of your Tablets for Tobacco Habit. 1 reoelved
, mom all right and, although I was both a heavy smokerand chewer,
they did tho work in loss than three days. Iamcurod. > ?
Truly yours, MATIIEW JOHNSON,P. O. Box 48.
_ V! Pittsburgh, Pa.
The Ohio Chemical Co.:?Gentlemen:?It gives me pleasure to speak a
word of praise for your Tablets. My son was strongly addicted to tho uso of
liquor, and through a f riend, I was led to try your Tablets. Ho was a heavy and
constant drinker, but after using your Tablets but three days ho quit drinking,
nd will not touch liquor of any kind. I have waited four month before writing
i, lu order to know tlio euro was permanent. Yours truly, n,an*i
? ?.ni" Chemical Co :?Gentlemen Your Tablets havo performed a miraelo in my case,
t morphine, hypodermically, for seven yeftrs, and have been cured bytbeuseof
two packages of your Tablets, and without any effort on my part. W. L. lotkgay.
Address all Orders to
01, 83 and OB Opera Block. LIMA, OHIO,
? ???????????????
EUAl. 0

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