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Act on ? new jirlnclplo?
rwUUA Iba llTor, Mninuh
asd bovtla throvqh tin
turtti Vn. Mar.s Pan
For ?al? by H. L. Wells.
"* ?rrt 1h* IWI.IMII.1^ u:- W.!fMM? Ike IM (to M I*
_ ... .. rSZlCX.T2Jjt hi..... ja in n U ii in I
"How to Cure a Skill Diseuse."
% mplv apply "8wray n*'* Ointment." No
Internal jnedlaine required. Cures tetter
err.emn.itch. allerupttuuson the face, bunds
I? etc.. leaving the akin clear, white and
||? -healthy. Iu great healing and curative
> * v j>*wer? are posseted by no other remedy.
A?k your druuglKt. for Hwayot-'s Ointment
_ ?1
If You Have One of the Following
Ii a Mkfa and reli
able remedy lor
Palpitation of the,
Heart,Painin Bide.
New J.fliFE.
?imolil? for Hjmtoria, Dlr zintm. FLU. Nanralsia. Head
achfl. Nervoue Prostration caused br alcohol or tobacco,
Wnkefnlnww, Mwjtnli?oj'ri*?lon, Softening of Brain,
canelng insanitr.mieerr, decay, death, Premature Old I
Aaa< Barrennma,Xq<Hiof Power in oitnermZjlmpotanRr.
I*acorrha?a iind all Pomaln WeakneMae, Involuntary I
LtmmSpermatorr h out cauned by ov?r-n*nrtlon of brain
Heir-?ntMo, orwr-Inualtr^ncw. A month'* treatment. (L I
B for (At by mail. WoGtiarentAOPlxboiMtocure. Each
Cunningham Bro*., A Co.
Attention Ladles.
Miss Maggie Tricket makes a j
specialty of teaching the National
Garment System and dress mak
ing of every description. The
ladies are cordially invited to call
at hor rooms attheChapin home, I
opposite the Episcopal church I
on Main Street. Clarksburg,
W. Va. 53-ly.
you look at the date
on your paper? Did
you find that you
were owing us your subscription?
Kindly pay up as we dislike the
idea of having to collect.
?Why pay a Dig price for sad
dle* and harneHS when you can
buy them so chenp at'Wm. &
Sumner'n tennorv wept Mair.jit
Bus Line and Express
Splendid conveyances to meet
all trains.
Passengers called for in any
part of the city.
Elegant carriages for weddings,
funerals, &c.
Accidents Unheard Of.
Only careful drivers employed.
To se 11 Nursery Stock on Commission.
We desire also to cull the fttteutiou of
Tn , ( Fine Line of
cNursery - Stock
thnt we will have for fall delivery. For
prices call on or address
P. 0. Box GO,
Clarksburg, [25 tf.] W. Va.
Mayor's Office, I
May. 15,1801
I. Samuel R. Steel, Mayor of
the Town of Clarksburg, in Har
rison county. West Virginia, in
conformity to the law in such
cases made and, provided, and
pursuant to an order of the Coun
cil oi said Town duly entered, do
proclaim that an election by the
qualified voters of said Town, bo
held in said Town on
JUNE, 1893,
to decide whether they will ratify
?r rfJect an ordinance adopted on
the 12th day of May, 1893, by the
Council of said Town, in the
words and figures following, to
''An Ordinance. Jor the issue
0 -r?.?D *or $1? construction of
a Filter Plant.
Whereas, It is necessary and
expedient ^r the comfort and
well being of the people of the
Town of Clarksburg, and the
protection of their health and
lives against disease, by using
the water of tne West Fork of
the Monongahela river, for do
mestic purposes, that there should
be erected therein without delav
a suitable Filter Plant; and
Whereas, To carry out the
tain L '??, exPedient 'hat the
town should issue and sell its
bonds for money sufficient for
tnat purpose.
Therefore, Be it ordained by
burg?U ?f Town'of Claries
'hnn,i=^hfuS?,id town d0 issue its
i 'he denomination of one
th?f l0llars and multiples
thereof, fog a sum in the aggre
fate not exceeding five thousand
olmrs, each bearing date on the
first day of July, 1893, and pay
?hb'V?b?,ar9r ^enty years after
thf ? , 'hereof, with interest at
the. ate of five per centum ner
lan.?u"- Payable annually from
said date, which said bonds-shall
contain a provision expressed
liablp't i:hat they shall not be
ind th^ ^atl0n by said town;
riH,J -0n'D shah have the
right at any time after ten years
from the date of said bonds to
e'?0,a?d discharge itself from
said 1? M llabili,y arising from
?r any Pan of them
by the payment thereof of the
nnlD%hi and'"terest due there
on. {That each of said bonds shall
be numbered and attested by the
seal of the town affixed thereto.
and be signed by the Mayor and
?h I?1?61'- u After said bonds
shall have been so issued no more
of them shall be sold than may
be necessary to realize therefrom
f ?u? su?c'e?t for the construct
u i?(. Filter Plant, and none
shaU be sold for less than par.
?It is further ordained: That the
payment of the principal and
interest of said bonds shall be
unnn"t? for. a special tax
TnlV . property of said
Town not exempt, until the inter
est and principal thereof are dis
charged. The election to decide
bttber the qualified voters of
said Town will ratify or reject
Thl? agreement made thin 17th (toy of May
lHft't between Arthur K Thorn, of the first
part and Columbia E. Thorn, of the second
part, both of mild parties being resident* of
thetowu of Clarksburg. in the county of
Harrison, and State of Went Virginia.
Wltnessth, that said parties hereby agree
i to form a copartnership under the name
and style of A. K. Thorn and that said A. K.
Thorn party of the first part is to be a general
partner and the said Columbia E Thorn a
special partner in said firm; that the said
Columbia K. Thorn is to contribute the sum
of three hundred dollars (S300) to the capital
of said Aim or partnership ; that said firm is
to transact or carry on the business of deal
ing In Produce, that Is to say. in Poultry,
Jive and dressed. Eggs and Butter. Melons
and Nuts in season, and said business shall
be carried on or transacted in said town of
ClarksburR and said partnership is to last
twelve months from the time the same shall
be formed underthe laws of said Slate.
Witness their signatures the day and year
above written.
SUite of Weft Virginia, County of liar
n'ton it# :
I. Marcellus M. Thompson, a Notary Pub.
11c In and for said county of Harrison do cer
tlfy that Arthur K. Thorn and Columbin E.
Thorn whose names are signed to the forego
ing agreement bearing dnte the 17th day of
Mav l^C). have this day acknowledged the
same before me in raid county.
. Olveu under my hand this IHth dav of May
Notary Public
State of Wat Virginia, County of IIarri?on,
I, Marcellus M. Thompson, a Notary Pub*
lie In sod for wild county of HarrNon iln
ccrtifj that Arthur K. Thorn one of the par
ties named In the foregoing agreement be?r
Inu date the 17th day of May IKW. this day
ma-ip *>ath before me In stiid county, that
Columbia E. Thorn the other party uained
In said agreement lias actually paid In cash
to the capital of the firm or co-copftrtnershlp
named In salt! agreement the sum of three
hundred dollars (SfcUO.)
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
18th day of May l*i?.
27-0t Notary Public.
?? ?? i,r/,!?V /V*4#?V ?*?*?"??? /? ?V,J?V
?? ? ?*??? /fjv'y/tVV'.i /#*?'
West Milford
U 1 *,*!?** *j j?; 'i?.m i?j ????.?? ?jj ? ? ???
The popular remedy for children.
It is a positive euro for cholera in
fantum and nil summer d'arrhcoa. A
preventative and cure for scarlet
fever. A cure Tor dyspepsia and all
stomacli disorders.
Below we give the names of our
ageuttf in Harrison county who have
bought and paid for "Susanna" and
will supply the demands.
Cunningham Bros. & Co.. Clarks
burg- W. Horner, Lost Creek; Perine
k Davis, Good Hope: Q. W. Morri
son, Mt Clare; Francis Bros., Wil
son burg; A. O. Barnes, Bridgeport;
Mike Post, Jarvisville, J. 0. Bartlett
& Co., West Milford; Mike Dolan,
Wolf Summit; T. L. Bailey, Rey
noldsville; ^Irs. W. B. Stephens,
Sycamore Dale, R. S. Ogden, bardis;
I. H. Wilcox & Co., Wyatt; Mrs.
Tib Jarrett, at the blind man's store,
Shinnston;E. A. Wilson, Salem; H.
W. Winter, Fieimngton; Bailey &
Bnrnside, Benson; R.F. Stout, Quiet
Dell ; Lewis & Queen. Johntown and
Rockford; Geo. B. Patton k Co.,
Dr. L. A. Davidson,
*3 West Milford, W. Va,
this ordinance, shall be held and
conducted, and the result thereof
certified, returned and finally de
termined under the laws in force
in this 8tate.on March 11th, 1893."
Provided, however, in the event,
at such election, this ordinance
be ratified, no ordinance authoriz
ing the issuance of such bonds,
or appointing Commissioners to
supervise the erection of snch
plant, shall be passed by the
Council of said Town, until after
a majority of a Commission ap
pointed by said Council, com
posed of not less than three citi
zens of said Town, hot members
of the Council thereof, shall ex
amine the various systems of
filtration and report favorably
to said Council, and recommend
a filtration plant or plants, which
can be constructed within the
sum to be so appropriated, and
secure to the citizens of said
Town, a pure and healthful water
And I further proclaim that
the aggregate amount of indebt
edness issued and authorized by
said Town, existing at the date
of this proclamation is forty-one
thousand five hundred dollars,
with interest thereon from the
first day of October. 1892.
Said election will be conducted
by the Commissioners herein
after named and bo held in the
respective wards in said Town at
the places following:
First Ward?Nutter's Hotel
It. R. Barnett. Lloyd Nutter,
James Price.
Second Ward?Hoffs Tannery
?G. W. Shuttleworth, George
Wine. E. L. Stealey.
Third Ward?D. H. Cutright's
office?A. Cay wood, Harrison
Cork, Matt Ogden.
Fourth Ward?Will Thomp
son & Co's. store?W. E. Hursey,
Final Arrangement!! for the Sale or
Tickets, Tin. the It. & 0. R- R.
For the benefit of those desir
ing to attend the World's Fair
tho Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
will sell excursion tickets, to
Chicago and return,at all stations
on its line, at low rates. Tickets
will be on sale until. November
1st, and will be valid for return
journey until November 15tb,
1893. They provide for a re
duction of 20 per cent, below
regular rates. These tickets will
be valid only for continuous
journey. Tickets at higher rates
?will be sold that will permit
holders one stop-over privilege
going and returning.
Pullman accommodations may
be reserved in advance of
journey. For rates and informa
tion apply to nearest B. & O.
ticket agent, or Chas. O. Scull,
Gen'l Passenger Agent, Balti
more, Md. 25-4t
A. S8.25 Biuie Ball Outfit Free to
tli? Hot*.
The Cincinnati Tribune, the now daily
which has had a phenomenal growth for
a paper only three months old, and
which already ranks among the ablest
and best newspapers of the country, an
nounces a great premium offer to boys |
which will doubtless still further in
crease its rapidly growing circulation.
The Tribune otters a genuine Spalding
$1.00 Boys' League Ball; a pair of
Spalding's $2.00 Catcher's Gloves and
a 25 cent Bat to any boy or boys who
will send in Six New Subscribers to the
Daily Tribune for Eight Weeks at 12
cents each per week or $5.7G for all.
Full particulars can be had of Tribune |
agents everywhere, or sent to aay ad-1
dress by the Tribune Company, Cincni
nati, Ohio. Address Premium Depart
ment. Cincinnati, Tribune, Cincinnati,
A Few Pointers About Chicago.
. As a great many rcadora of the Tele
gram will make their first trip to Chica
go during the World'sFair.afew point
ers regarding the geography of the city
will be appreciated. In the first place,
tlx firmly in your mind the fact that
Lake Michigan forms tho eastern
boundary of the entire city, and if you
stand lacing the hike with |>?th arms
outstretched, the lelt hand will point.to I
the North Pole and the right hand will
poijit straight down the tracks of the
Big Four Route to the World's Fair I
Buildings, situated at the southern end
of the city. Paste this in your hat and
you have the key to tlieentiresituatiou.
Coming into Chicago on trains of the
Big Four Route, wuiich is the only rail
road having an entrance on the south
side along tht? lake front, where all the
hotels and boarding houses are located,
you will find yourself passing practically
through the Exposition Grounds and a
magnificent panoramic view of the Fair
is obtained.
At the World's Fair Station of tho
Big Four Route, if yon step off at the
right side, you aro at tho entranoe gate 1
to the Exposition and can begin "doing",
the Fair at ouoe; if you step off on the
left side, you will find yourself in the
finest residence portion of Chicago, and
right in the midst of the World's Fair
hotel and boarding house district The
chances are ten to one you will be within
a tew minutes walk of the very place
you have selected for your headquarters.
If you prefer to go down town, ten
minutes ride will bring you to the new
Twelfth Street Station in the heart of
the city. Now bear in mind the mani
fest advantage of entering Chicago on
the Big Four Route. In the first place
you avoid entirely the bother and
trouble ot a tedions transfer across the
city, which is necessary via all other
lines, being landed directly at the Ex
position Grounds, an advantage offered
by no other line; and in the seoond
place you can so Qx the geography ef
the city in your mind that you will at
once become as familiar with Chicago
as yon are with your own town.
Another point in favor of the Big
Four Route is found in tho fact th'at if
you enter Cincinnati on the Queen &
Crescent Route, Louisville k Nashville
R. R., Kentucky Central Ry., Chesa
peake,*; Ohio Ry? or Baltimore & Ohio
S. W. R R., connection is made in
Union Depot, avoiding tho disagreeable
transfer necessary via all other tinea.
For full information address General
Passenger Agent, D. B. MARTIN,
Cincinnati, O.
Will Thompson, Jesse Money
Fifth Ward?Mayor's Office?
A. S. Criss, A. C. Seaton, John
In witness whereof I have here ?
unto set my signature, this the
15th day of May, 1893.
, Samtjel R. Steel,
Attest: Mayor.
MarcellusM. Thompson,
Last week two West Virginia
lads started for the World's Pair.
They rode on freight trains, but
only progressed as far as Grant
Crossing, this side of Chicago
Here. according to their own
slory, they were compelled to
rest by the police. They say
there were fully 500 tramps in
and around the village at the
crossing, and all the police can
do is to keep them from making
inroads on the inhabitants. The
boys tackled another freight and
came home.
You should go to the Indian
village now at Clarksburg, and 1
have a good laugh.
A Morgantown boy a few days I
ago called his big sister into the '
wash house to see her pug kill a
mouse which he had in a box.
The lid was removed, puggy
made a dash for mousey and
mousey took refuge?no matter
where?but people who were at
-tracted by the high and lofty
tumbling indulgedin for the next
five minutes are willing to be
qualified that the gymnasium is a
success.?New Dominion.
O * ?
The famous Kickapoo Indian
Mcdicine man can be seen at the
Indian village for a week or two
Dr. George M. Holt. Dentist,
will be in his Clarksburg office
May 1st, and remain 30
days 36-tf
Clarksbnrg remarked to a frit-nil the
other dny that ?ho knew Kemp's Balsam
[or the Throat and Lungs was a super
ior remedy, as it stopped her cough in
stantly when other uough remedies had
no effect whatever. AuvdruggiBt will
jpye you a sample bottle free. Large !
bit ties 50c and $1.
Best Grade Cabinet Photographs
well mounted, Artisto Paper. Fine,
Finish?Thompson Bnos., Cor. Pike and
Stuart F. Reed, of the Clarks
burg Telegram, was elected
president of the State Editorial
Association, for the ensuing
year, at the annual meeting in
Martinsburg last weeir. Mr. Reed
is a good newspaper man and
takes an active interest in the
Association, hence the selection
was a gooil one.?Hampshire
Persons looking for choice
Wesi Virginia lands, either tim
bered or improved, will find it to
their advantage to correspond
with P. I. Lynch, Craigmoor, W.
Ya. 18tf.
The best salve in tlie world for outa,
bruisos, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or 110 pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
Sir box. For sale by Clayton &
ent 12-ly
For Malaria, Liv3r Tr ou
ble,or Indigestion,use
Mrs. Criss. ?f Peel Tree, has
an elegant line of notions and
millinery goods at very low
prices. Call and see the great
display at the Racket Store and
you will buy-no other place.
Have you visited the wonder
ful medicine man now located at
Clarksburg? If not, do so now.
Mr. E. 0. Russell the proprie
torof the Bridgeport pottery, has
a factory that turns out a line of
stone ware of which any merchant
or dealer might be proud. "We
advise any one needing goods in
his line to write to him for prices
and lists. He is a cordial gen tle
m an and if you deal with him once
you are sure to go back again.
Lots of fun at the Indian vill
age. Change of program every
W. P. Varner an ex-teacher of
Harrison county, now pastor of
Trinty, M. E. church, Pittsburg,
was married on the 16th instant
to Miss Jennette McClintock, of
Emlenton, Pa. Mr. and Mrs.
Varner spent a few days of last
week visiting his mother, Mrs.
S. A. Varner, of Salem.
Subscribe for the Telegram.
the best local paper in Central
West Virginia.
for Infants and Children.
Canto rl a cures Colic, Constipation,
Eour Stomach, Diarrhea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and ptemotes ?.
Without injurious indication.
"The use of 'Castoria U *o unirersal and
Its merit* so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it Few aro tho
intelligent families who do not keep Castoria
within cosy reach.1'
Cjjujob JUirrrs, D. D.,
New York City.
The Ctxrxca CoxrAjrr, 77 Mrniur Stmtr. New Yomc Cttt.
" Castoria is?o well adapted to ddldren that
1 recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to roe." H. A. Aacnro. 3L D?
'ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
"For serenil yoora I hare rfcoramrnfird
your'Castoria,* and Aall always continue te
do so as it has invariably produced bentflcul
Enwra F. Pj itncc, 3L D.,
125th Street and 7th Are., New York City
More Lumber for Sale.
I have on hand about 100 M
each of poplar and oak lumber,
seasoned, suitable for planine
mill work. Also frame lumber,
llooring, ceiling, patent siding
common weather boards, wains
coting in W. O., RO. ash, chest
nut and butternut, single and
double surface lumber. Any onq
wishing to buy building material
will please call and see my stock
on Saturdays at my place of
business. Th\nking the public
for past patronage. I remain
Very Truly,
D. B. Hankey,
20tf Quiet Dell, W. Va.
SEASON '93."
One of the best' bred sons of
Dictator, clam Gossamer (dam of
Sarcenet 2:16J) by Princeos, all
producers, of extreme speed, a
grand individual and a trotter
himself. Will be allowed a lim
ited number of approved mares at
the extremely low price of ?25,
the season, with the usual free re
turn if the thare proves not in
foal or slips.
Grenadine can be found at his
.own stable on Sycamore all of
each week during the season
except Fridays and Saturdays,
when he will be at the Fair
Grounds, Clarksburg.
For extended pedigree, dis
cription, etc., call on, or address,
M. C. BELL. M-g'r..
Sycamore Dale, W. Va.
A Specific
For Headaclie, Neuralgia and Bhema.
tism. Thirty-two done* for Fifty
cents. Put up by
B. J. Ciuss, Druggist,
t-25.J Clarksburg, W. Va.
0. M. HART, J. It, STEEL, 1. B. HABT,
Point Roller Mills
Guaranteed the most Complete mill in
West Va., embracing all modern im
provements. FULL HOLLER and
Centrifugal Bolting System through
To the Flour Trade we offer:
Brand for Boiler Patent
For Straight Boiler Process.
WCustom work will bo given beet
Bolted Granular Meal. Mill Feed
always on hand.
Highest- Prices - Paid
For all kinds of Grain.
Steel & Hart,
Clarksbure. W. Va.
lull poller Mill
Clarksburg, W. Va.,
We have recently refitted oui
Mill and put in the full rollei
system. Will guarantee quality
of flour made by us equal to any
manufactured in the State, 01
brought here from adjoining
Bolted Corn Meal,
Choice Seed Oats,
Corn and Oats Chop
Gustom Grist Work
A specialty. Satisfaction
Highest market price paid for
We are "buying wheat and payint
the highest cash price.
Lowndes & Guokpkninq Co. .
, . Jf
Fresh fish on sale.
Poultry bought.
Your patronage solicited,
l'ike Street, ! Clarkfeburg, \V. Va.
Yfkvelei^ Quide
B. <5i 0.
CJotnmcnoIni? Stay 4. 1893. trains l
depart from 01nrk?burg nhfollows:
No. 603, Cincinnati nnil St Lams
Express, 10.-28 o. m: No. 001, Midni
Express for.St Louis, 12:23 a. m.
No. 071, ParkersbnrgAocommoditii
7:58 a. m.; No. 047, Accommoi' "
3:12 p. m.
No. 002, New York Express, 5:04 n.n
No. 046, Grafton Accommodation, 10:*
a. m.; No. 072, Grafton Accommw
tion, 6:24 p. m.; No. 604, New Irak I
press, 7:02 p. m.
Chas. O. Scdll, Gen. Pass. Art.
Baltimore, Jli
J. T. Odell, Gen'l Manager.
O. A. Annok. Agent ,
Claiksburg, W. Vs.
Gypsy Grove
. Monongah.
Train No,'
Gypsy Grove'"I....
Nob. 1,2,8, <fc 4 are passenger train*
and 10 way freights.
Whi n traveling between WttsbnWiJjJJJJI
lug. Morgan town or Fairmont and ur
burg. WbBton. Buckbannon, Parkennui
Charleston, the "Monongah Route o
the shortest and quickest line. Clos? ?
neetlons made at for all points Nortn?
West, and ai Clarksburg with B. 4 0.anflj
Va. a P. R. B. /or all points Eiut.8oathin"
West. Ask for through tlckeW vis '
Monongah Route. HUGH G.BOWW5
Gen'l Sunt. Monongab. w.
On and after Sunday; May 12,
senger Trains will run as follows;
tDally except Sunday.
No. 2 No.8
a. ra.
10 48
11 18
11 68
12 15
Lv. Clarksburg.. ..Ar
Mount Clare....
..Lost Creek.
...Jane Lew...
Trains leave Weston for BncL
at 12:20 p. m. and 5:05 p. m-tfo
torn at 8:45 a. m. and 1:15 P- *?vof,,d
Leave Btickhannon for PicieD?1]
7:10 a. m. and 1:50 p. m. ,
Trains leave Weston for SnttojM
7:00 a. m. and 1:40p. m., an d arm?
Sutton 12:00 (noon) and
Train for Camdtn-on-Gauleyoon ^ j
with early Sutton train at Fiatwood* *
B:45 p. m.
On and afr*r Sunday May 12. trains wiB
ruu on the Monongab R R. as follows:
' Train No. . I i TTTl

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