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jL 1st, 1893.
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?JUnn' VcMra mwlllc.
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Subscribe for the Telegam,
' Ivest"^'11^ PaPer 'n Central
An {nascent Urnmmer.
He bade his wile a tearful
good by.
"My love, my only one! The
time will soon be here when I
shall be in a position to snap my
fingers as fate and set up as my
own boss. Then we shall have
no more of these cruel partings."
"And you will be true to me?"
'?As I always am," he re
sponded. "You did not forget
to put that photo vou had especi
ally taken for me in my 'grip
sack,' did you?"
"Oh, dear, no! Are you sure
you will look at it sometimes,
'?You wicked little doubter; you
know I should be wretched with
out at least such a precious sem
blance of my pet to look at daily,
Draw the veil of charity over
his grief and the treachery of
one In whom he had unbounded
confidence. In brief, she, his
only love, his pet, his wife, had
secretly planned to make him
' 'wretched." She had taken that
photograph from his gripsack,
an l was gloating over his misery
when he should discover that
only memory remained to him,
for the time being, of his darling's
"The dear follow, how he will
scold me for the trick," she
thought; "but I will send him the
photo in the very first letter."
Thus appeasing her conscience
she waited for his first letter. It
came from Chicago.
"My heart's delight," it began.
"Got here O. K. this a. m. Have
been wrestling with the trade all
day, and a tough time I've had of
it. Weary and fagged, I have
retired to my room, shut the
gilded atmosphere of sin that
envelopes this terrible city, and
taken from my satchei yoar
sweet picture. It is before me
as I write. I shall kiss it when
I have said my evening prayers.
It will rest under my pillow. It
is my one solace until I hold you,
my sweet wife, in these faithful
arms again."
Thus far had she read, then
she toppled over on the floor.
What comfort she found there
it is hard to say; but a great de
termination rose within the
stricken wife, who went out an
hour later and sought' a tele
graph office.
Her husband had been saying
his prayers abroad that evening,
and when he got to his hotel
about midnight his spiritual
emotions received a rude shock
by a telegram from-his "only
love." It was elaborate for a
dtspacth; but under the cii/cuin
stances one could not expect an
outraged wife to transmit her
feelings by the slow mail. The
despatch read:
"You are no longer the only
drummer who is not a liar, as
you have always claimed. Let
the fraternity make you their
chief in the art. Had you taken
the pains even to look for the
photo you say your prayers to,
you would have discovered that
I had?to tease you?removed it.
My faith in you is dead, dead!"
The husband clutched his hair.
"What the devil did I write to
her, anyway?" he muttered.
After a while his face cleared.
"By Jove! I must have been
piling on taffy. That's what a
man gets tor trying to make a
woman feel good! Poor little
dear, what a fume She must be
in! Lucky for me she gave her
grievance away. What geese
women are! Bless her little
noddle, her faith shall be resur
rected." , Forthwith he tele
graphed to a knowing friend:
"Send, me, first mail, photo of
my wife. Beg, borrow, steal it
somehow. Mum's the word.
Will write particulars."
About a week later, a drum
mer. in dignified martyrdom,
stood face to face with a stern
but very wept-out wife.
She expected to see him meek
and humble, but he gazed upon
her with scorn, and then parsed
into his room in crushing silence.
She was amazed. With quick
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inpulse she foupwgfcf, thanking
heaven he had not locked her
??Well!''she began, with waver
ing courage. "what have you to
say for yourself?"
Coldly, cruelly he looked at
her. "I?" he queried.
"Yes, you."
Woman, if it were not for the
over mastering love I bear you,
I should never, never look upon
you more!"
His face was convulsed with
tragic suffering that was balm to
her heart to witness, but she
onlv sneered.
"Can you explain the deception
you tried to practice on me?"
Can you obliterate the insult
put upon your husband in that
unwomanly despatch? A woman
with so little confidence in her
husband had bettor live alone.
For my part I am not only dis
gusted bnt disenchanted."
He turned sorrowfully away
and bowed his face in his hands.
She approached him and laid the
letter, which had caused her
such grief, right under his eyes.
"Read that; knowing you had
no picture of mine, what was 1
to think?"
"What any intelligent, right
minded wife should have thought;
you would have said to yourself:
'He is incapable of deceit; he has
my picture anyhow.' I
"But you did not have it"
He looked at her with sad,
resigned sorrow.
"Oh woman! without an atom
of faith!" Then he vut his hand
in his pocket and produced the
"Oh! darling! Forgive me!
You had my picture!. The old
thing taken before we were en
gaged! Why. I didn't know you
ever had one of these!"
The restored confidence made
her pretty blue eyes swim in
tearful joy. She put her arms
around him, asking his pardon,
caressing even his coat collar!"
'?My dear," said he, looking
into her face with grave but lov
ing reproach, "let this be a
warning. Never doubt trie again,
no matter what appearances may
be. I can always look you
squarely in the eyes and say, I
am innocent." And she believed
him. ? r > t I. "? ??VJ
Clarksburg us well as the handsomest,
and others are invited to call on any
druggist and get free a trial bottle of
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Lungs, a rnmedy that in selling entirely
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cough s, Asthma, Bronchitis and Oon
sumpt ion. Large bottles 50 ots. and $1.
The National "Bankrnptcj" Delusion.
If the editors who are assert
ing that the Nation is on the
verge of ''bankruptcy" would
take the trouble to acquaint
themselves with the situation
'.hey would quickly discover the
baselessness of such statements.
The National debt of the United
States is only about a third as
great now as it wa9 at the close
of the war, while population of
the country is double what it was
then, and its ability to carry a
debt without feeling it triple as
great as it was at that time. In
public and private indebtedness |
of all sortsthe tendency is stead
ily downward. Men do not owe
as much as they did ten, twenty
or twenty-five years ago, and the
interest which they pay on what
they do owe'and the general ex
pense of carrying it are less than
they were in the past. Moreover,
men can carry a debt more con
veniently than they ever could
before, because the general
wealth of the community is larger
than it evel- was in the past, and
it is more widely distributed.
Wages are higher than they
were in 1805 or 1870, and these
wages, in proportion to their ex
tent, will go farther in supplying
the Individual wants than they
would then. The average worker,
that is to say. gets more dollars
for his labor than he got twenty
or twenty-five years ago. and
each of these dollars will buy for
him more of the necessities and
luxuries than it would at those
dates. The wealth of the coun
try, if divided up equally between
its inhabitants, would have given
each man, woman and child 8514
in 1860, $780 in 1870, 8870 in 1880,
and about $1,000 in 1890. The
figures.of the deposits in savings
show that this growth in wealth
is shared by the poorer as well
as by the richer classes in the
community. The number of de
r ipally or the factory and
laboring element of the popula
tion. is growing faster than the
aggregate of the inhabitants. In
surance figures which give the
number of small policies that are
being taken out tell a similar
story of the increase in the com
fort and prosperity of what are
called the poorer classes.
The heavy gold exports and
the recent financial flurry are all
evidences to the pessimists and
featherheads that the country is
in a bad way at this time and
growing worse. Gold goes out
chiefly because the balance of
trade is against us for the time
being, and one reason of this
condition of things lies in the
unusually heavy imports. The
fact that we are buying largo
quantities of goods abroad and
are paying for them promptly is
not necessarily an indication of
poverty. Indeed, it might, in
certain exigencies, be an indica
tion of prosperity. The princi
pal reason why money is low in
the Treasury is the placing of
sugar on the free list, by which
the people have been saved be
tween 150.000.000 and $00.000,000
a year. Poverty is not brought
about in this way. Let the
grumblers and the demagogues
take an intelligent look at the
situation and they will find that
their vaporings are out of order.
The country, on the wholo, is in
as prosperous a condition as it
was in three or four years ago,
and is much more prosperous and
solid industrially and financially
than it was in the "good old
days" of 1865, 1870 and there
abouts which the agitators and
the impracticables are so con
stantly talking about?St. Louis
While Mr. T. 3. Richey, of Altona,
Mo., im traveling in Kansas he was
taken violently ill with cholera morbus.
He called at a draft storo to Ret some
medicine and the drugaiM n"0?
mended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhtca Remedy so highly bo
concluded to try \t The result waa
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Special Notice.
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winuu r," ??? n
Saturday night. May 2<th
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ordinary ease. Sold by druggists. Trice
$S for large bottle, or sent by prepaid
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New York. Agents wanted. 23tf
The Republicans carried Cum
berland by an average majority
of 281. and elected four council
Money Well Spent.
When you buy a bottle of
Sagwa. It will renovate your
system; place your liver and
stomach in a healthy condition
and make you feel better than
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you what it has done for him;
everybody praises it; for sale at
the Indian village, Duncan lot,
Main street, Clarksburg.
l,ook Here!
A beautiful present will be
given to the handsomest iady and
one to the homeliest man at the
Indian village, Clarksburg. Satur
day night, May 27th.
A prominent New York journal
says'that there lives a man in
Webster county, W. Va.. by the
name of Whorton, aged 89 years,
whose hair and beard are turn
ing from white to black, fie is
said also to be cutting a new set
of teeth. His appearance is said
to indicate a man of about 40
years instead of one nearly 80.
The New York reporter seems
to know more about West Vir
ginia than our own people.
The Teusobau'b circulation during
tbe last six month", is without a pre
oedent in the history of journalism in
Clarksburg. We do not ask you to look
at the list of names orfigures only,
hat after looking at the names you are
requested to visit tl>a press room and
see the papers. Our guarantee is that
we print and send through tbe Postoffloe
more newspapers than any other paper
in the oounty. tf
m i ?
' Another grand exhibition will
be given at the Indian village
next Saturday night. A lot of
new features will be introduced.
The Telegram's Weekly Com
ments on the
Baptist churoh Frid?j night, Juno 2,
Mr. J. It. Adauis. leader; Presbyterian
churoh every Buuday waning at 7:80
p. m.
T?mc.-BIW? U?1 of rliamcUr. Prov. iiil
The Bible is not only a book of faith,
but al?o of practice; not only a book of
doctrines. but all*) of moral* and of
principles. It illustrates ideal charac
ter*. It also describes thctn. In our
topical referencon we huve two such de
scription*. Tlie first is the description
of an ideal wife, in which an ideal char
acter i? portrayed. Hie second la con
tained in Paul's advice to Timothy,
"Study to show thyself approved unto
Qod, a workman that needeth not to 1*>
ashamed, rightly dividing the word of
truth" (II Tim. ii. 15).
1. Tho true fonndation of character,
by the Bible ideal, Is in God. This truth
is contained in both tlie descriptions lie
tro ns. The ideal wife is described as
io who "feared the Lord," and Paul
exhort* Timothy to study to show him
self approval unto God. The highest
and noblest ideal of character can never
bo reached without n firm faith in God
and adosireto be like God. Man's high
cat duty is to servo God, and character
can only be high aa we fulfill our high
est duties. More than this, if duty to
God is faithfully fulfilled, our other
duties, those to onr fellow men, in all re
lations will also bo filled. No man can
be true to God without being true to all
men. "Fear of tho Lord," therefore
may well be called tho truo foundation
of human character.
3. The essential qualification of char
acter by the Blblo Ideal is tho faithful
performance of duty in the various rela
tions of life. Tills la also Illustrated in
the examples before ns. Tho ideal worn
an was faithful to her God, faithful to
hor husband, faithful to her children
faithful to tho needy and helpless about
her, faithfnl to her homo duties and to
tho duties of all business relations. Paul
exhorts Timothy to bo faithful to God
and to His ministerial work. Faithfnl
porformanoo of all tho duties we owe
God and man ennnot bnt develop a true
character. Such faithfulness will re
quire lovo, charity, humility, justice
honesty, industry, strength and honor
and fear of God.
8. Tho results of such a character by
tho Blblo aro pralso and just reward.
Of the woman It is said: "Her childreu
ariso and call her blessed; her husband
also, and ho prnlseth her." "A woman t hat
feareth tho Lord shall bo praised." "Civo
her of the fruit of hor hands and lot her
own works praise her in the gates.
Thus wo bavo praise, honor nnd reward
set forth aa tho result* of such a boauti
ful character. So it is today. The world
admires nothing more than a truo char
acter. It is readier to praise and honor
nothing more. Let us therefore imitate
tho Bible ideal of character, especially
ns exemplified In the only peritoct inodol
man ever had?tho charactcrof the Lord
Jesus Christ.
Bible Beferences?Gen. vi, 8; Dent, vil,
0; I Kings 8, (1; Ps. xv, 2; cxix, 1; Prov.xvi,
9; xxvlil, 1; Isa. llv, 18; lvll, IS; Math
8-12; Luke il, 25; John i, 47; Acts, xxvill,
2; xxil, 12; Horn. x\i, ID; Col. 11,5; U Cor.
1,12: vl. 8:1 Pet. v, 0; I John 111, 8; Bov.
17, 4.
Good Manner* nnd Good Moral*.
Good manners aro closely allied
good morals; therefore proper behavior
ought to bo enforced in Sunday schools
Your anniversary or festival or regular
servico is often marred by rude scholars.
They think It shows "smartness"
mako comments so loud aa to be heard
for 20 feet aronnd, to set cat calls
various outlandish noises going at
very time when tho attention of the
vout is centered tipon some sacred truth.
These boys perhaps do not really mean
to make themselves obnoxious. They
are such bores that they cannot oonceivn
how odious their conduct is to those who
arc accustomed to the decencies at least,
if not the refinements, of cultivated so
How ought such boys to be treated?
Some would meet them with public and
sovere rebuke. But it Is bettor to reach
them by a private and kindly word.
Show them that to mar the pleasure of
others Is really theft. These boys are
presumably honest. They would soorn
to rob any one of a quarter of a dollar,
but they stool the time, patience and
nerve force of teachers and hearers.
Good manners are thus a part of hon
esty. Tho bore may prove to be also
thief.?Sunday School World.
What the Junior* Should Know.
An Important fact to place firmly In
the mind of the children is that many
good thing# are to lie had without money
or price. Help them to think of and
name some of these, such 08 loving fa
thers and mothers, brothers nnd Bisters
and good friends, a heavenly father's
love and care, tho beautiful earth and
sky, the birds and other natural beau
ties and most of all an honest heart,
willing hands, good principles and all
that makes a true man or woman.?
Golden Rule.
Prayer Mooting Notebook.
Jot down the themes for the next three
month* in your notebook, giving each
th*me a page of its own. Fix the sub
ject and Bible verse in your mind a
week before the meeting. Turn it over
and over. Enter the thoughts and Bible
passages in your notebook.?Christian
Throw on my pathway, Lord, a ray of light;
Thciw heavy clouds shut oat Thyblmed sun.
And thus I stumble when I fain would run
On Thy dear errands. Lord, clear Thou ray
Muko plain ray way?before the coming night
Wrap* me in utter darkness, work undone.
Ko purposes fulfilled, aovlctory w on.
0 Clod of mercy, lead Thou me aright!
Dear Lord, no light! More patience, then, X
For bitter circumstance surrounds my life,
Itarring all progress. Hero I stand and wait
thy bleated wtU. 1 know If Thou but Bay
One word of peace, this barrier of strife
{lust powerless fall. Dear Lord, I stand and
r '/. wait.
? ?' ?New York Observer.
a Aiuvwvruu r?mrAtrrtcv torn
Oldest liuri-nu fur rccurln
. t i(.<nt taken our. i>
tiWpUbHOb/ftUOUOO glTU
rouM>ti. tH'fnro
olutrKa la tho
For Sale!
The property of the lute Dr.
A. P. Barnes, at the North Rend
Uailrood crossing, consisting of
tho dwelling houso und seven
ocres of land, is offered for salo.
For terms apply to Henry Hay
mond. lif Nov. 15. 1892.
Here We Are.
We have them alwnvs on hand
Needing: Blanks, Deed", Warrants,
Executions, Trust Deeds, Slibpie
nus, Summons. Ahsract of Deeds,
Forthcoming Bonds..1 ustice'sStay
Bonds, Notice to Take Deposi
tions; Constable's Sale, Notice to
Trespassers, can be aceommo
dated at the Tki.kuuam office.
Our Blank Deeds are on Triple
Extra White Bond Paper. Try
them and von will use no others.
Solentiflo American
Agency for
A now nod Complete Treatment oodkUUsk of
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IIoim of Ointment. A never-fjuHnK ('tiro for
film of every nature ni id den m-o. it in nieo and ex
cellent Iletuedy f..r ?Vninlo U?<akneMiirff
nnd NPrvoM* Debility and iftAlwAyftolwneflt
to thoftenorul health. It tnnkew on operation with
the knife or injection* of c?rl>olin ntud, which ar?
painful and expcuftivo, und *ehlom a permanent
curonndftoinetimefi remitting In death, uoummm*
nary hereafter. Why HUfffr from thin ter
rible dlNeiwft when Wf xnarantcn 8
boxen to enre any etu?c If Yon only pay for
tho benefit* yon receive, $1 per box, 8 for $5.
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eating. *'?*?? lu the Sblo, 4c. While their moat
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?mitlug thi?orjuoyinKcGrapla?nt,whitetbeyala?
liver aiwlrogulatutbo bo welo. ErenlXtbejroolj
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puiV*, but by their gent'.o action ploaaeali wha
one them. InvialaataScenta; lire for $L Sold
by droggiata everywhere, or acnt by saalL
CARTER MroiCINB CO., New York.
Wolf's Summit, W. Va., '
October 3. 1881,
To Mothm:- Our baby is nearly 14
moDtbi! ol.l aud we liiul bought ami
given it 7 bottle* of "Cnntoro," without
much change for tbo better, and it never
?eemea hearty until w? gave it a bottle
of Susanna, which cured it entirely.
Jons T. Williams.
Mbs. M.uiv M. Williams,
Having mad?' arrangements
with a responsible firm, 1 am now
prepared to furnish cut flowers
for funerals, weddings or bails
on shortest notice.
W. Nusuaum. Agent.

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