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She Clavhisburg <?flcgram
Fkiuai. May 2? 1893
crnc:A.L co-cramr rinn.
gtuart y. Reed - - fiditor
It now becomes the duty of the
Executive to deport the Chinese
?who have not registered. Ac
cording to the last census returns
there were 107,475 Chinese in the
United States. Not more than
5.000 are registered and tens of
thousands of the others could not
comply with the terms of the law
if given an opportunity to do so.
Those on the Pacific Coast would
probably find it impossible to
secure the aid of a white witness
to their identification. Besides
the gross injustice dono to tens
of thousands of hard-working
Chinamen, we are likely to see
similar injustice dono by way of
retaliation to Americans now in
China. The nation will be more
than justified in severing all re
lations with the United States
and excluding all Americans from
the country.?Ledger.
Apparently there need bo no
apprehension of serious trouble
in either this country or Ohina
on account of the Geary law.
There was reason to fear out
breaks on the part of the Chirese
against American residen'a in
China in case the law had been
put intoeffecthere with harshness.
A conference held yesterday be
tween Secretory Gresham and
the Chinese Minister, however,
seems to have set at rest the
question of reprisals by the peo
ple of China toward American
missionaries and so forth.
Our own Government is disposed
to move slowly in the matter,
and the Chinese have no excuso.
for the present at least, for re
sorting.to violence. '
Attorney-General Olney, it ap- I
pears, is prepared to act in be
half ol the government in case
anything is done by the World's
Fair management to open the
Exposition on Sunday. The right
ol the government to act in the
premises is undoubted. The
question whether the Pair ought
to be opened on Sunday is a
totally different thing from the
question whether the managers
should open it on that day after
accepting 12,500,000 from tLe
national government on condi
tion that it should be closed on
Sundays. As honorable men,
managers should feel bound to
return that money before taking
the stop which a good many peo
ple in Chicago think ought to be
taken. The present controversy
is an unseemly one. and to drag
into courts would make it still
more so.
Proposed ConlUcutiou.
As it becomes more and more
apparent that the proposed re
vision of the tariff will not pro
duce sufficient revenue to run the
Government, those who are re
sponsible for the business are
beating about for some device to
supplement thp income. And
there are a good many indications
that that most odious of all the
war taxes, the "income tax," will
be resorted to. During the past
sixteen years the proposition of
an income tax was made five times
in one or the other branches of
Congress, and on each occasion
a majority of the Democratic
members voted in favor of it.
Two members of Mr. Cleve
land's present cabinet?Carlisle
and Harbert?were among those
voting in its favor. Leading
Democratic papers in the "West
and South advocate an income
tax sufficient to supply any short
age in the revenues under a re
vised tariff. The St. Louis He
public says: "Ten per cent or
even 5 per cent on the incomes
of such plutocrats as Andrew
Carnegie and William Waldorf
Astor will give gold enough and
to spare."
Here is a confession that free
trade, pure and simple, is to be
given the go-by, and confiscation
is to be resorted to as the only
possible relief by this party
afraid of its own platform. When
the income tax was resorted to
meet the extraordinary expenses
of the war these Democratic
financiers denounce it as "odious"
and "un-American." But now,
The Oarkalmrg Woolen Mill* will COB tract for a limited amount of GOOD MER
CHANTABLE, UNWASHED MEDIUM WOOL, ut 20 .-.?nU per pound to hp delivered
to them at Salem, Cherry Camp, Bridgeport, Shinnaton, ML Clare, Lost Creek and Jane
Wo want your wool and will pay full MARKET VALUE for it; if prioe and gnuing
ia not aatiafaotory when it la delivered, privilege will be given you to cancel the contract.
The agenta oommiaaion of one oent per pound, in addition to the above prioe, will
be paid to any farmer who will ileliyer liia wool to the Factory at Clarklbnrgbefore Jnne
lat. 1898. Any one having a oontract with ua will hive the right to accept thia offer
which ia raado to aave na the expenan of taking np wool outaide of the Factory.
Our purchaaea are limited, if you ileaire to avail younelf of either of the above of
ten, notify us by return mail, the amount of wool you will furniah, and where yon
prefer to aeliyer it
Clarksburg, West Va.
that they are about to get them
selves and the country into bank
ruptcy by their financial heresies,
the income tax is the only meas
ure of relief they can devise.
Could we have a more conclusive
demonstration pf the fact that
the affairs of the country are in
the hands of a lot of novices,
ignorant of the most rudimentary
principles of finance??Cincinnati
West Virginia Happenings
Culled from Exchanges.
A street railroad is talked of
at Fairmont.
The lax valuation of Point
Pleasant is $775,031.
The proposition to vote bonds
for water works carried at Sis
terville by a big majority.
The town of Elkins is now
seeking to come to an arrange
ment with West Virginia Cen
tral railroad to have that town
lighted by electricity.
Mrs. Sidney Jones, of Elk Gar
den, confined in jail at Keyser on
account of insanity, wns iound
aead in her cell last Monday
morning, having died suddenly
from the bursting of a blood ves
sel in the brain.
Fayette county is in a county
seat removal muddle. Since the
burning of the court house and
jail at Fayetteville, a movement
has been started to move the
court house to some town on the
railroad. Montgomery, Deep
water and Kanawha Falls are the
towns competing with Fayette
ville for the location.
Green Thompson, a white man
was arrested in Covington last
week charged with the crime of
horse stealing, in Summers coun
ty, West Virginia, and was taken
back there Tuesday morning by
Sheriff Byers and B. B. Brown.
There is an organization in
Rowlesburs: known as the Sons
of Rest, the members of which
make a specialty of croquet. The
other night some uncongenial
rascal plowed up the croquet
grounds with a two horse team
and a sulky plow, and the Sons
of Rest are in despair.
Uorgftntonii ltrlefo.
Mrs. Prof. Reynolds, who has
been ill for some time is improv
ing but very slowly.
President E. M. Turner, of the
University will deliver an ad
dross Friday evening at Keyser.
The occasion is the commence
ment exercises of the public
Pursuant to a published notice,
the stockholders of the '"West
Union Bank" met at tho law
office 01" J. V. Blair, on the 13th
inst., and organized by electing a
Board of Directors, viz: \V. Brent
Maxwell, S. B. McMillan, Lewis
Charter. L. VV. Pearcy and J. N.
Markey. The Board of Directors
held a meeting and elected W.
Brent Maxwell. President of the
Bank: S. B. McMillan, Vice
President; Paul M. Robinson,
Cashier; and appointed J.V.Blair
attorney for the bank. The
building committee, composed of
Dr. R. Charter, Paul M. Robin
son and J. V. Blair made, report,
recommending that the contract
for building be awarded to M. M.
& J. P. Bradford, of Clarksburg,
at the sum of $4,384.00, that be
ing the lowest bid. The contract
was awarded to them, and the
work is to be completed on or
before the 25th of August, next.
The safe and vault, lining and
fixtures had been previously pur
chased at the sum of $1,050, and
by the time the batik counter and
other furnituro are placed, the
whole amount invested in ground,
building etc;, will exceed ?G.000.
Insure in the Provident Life
and make provision for the ex
penses of burial. 26-4
The Snmmer term of Scio Col
lege, Scio, O., begins July 18th,
and continues six weeks. This
popular term is designed especi
ally for teachers and those pre
paring to- teach. A delightful
place to spend the summer vaca
tion. Scio College is so well and
favorably known that comment
is unnecessary. A circular con
taining full information will be
3ftot on application. 28-2t.
Brondtlu* College.
Rev. E. W. Winfrey, of Vir
ginia, has accepted an invitation
to preach the Baccalaureate ser
mon to the students of Broaddus
College in the Baptist church
here on Wednesday, at 8 o'clock
p. m., June 7th. Delivery of di
plomas, literary exercises by the
graduates and addresses-will take'
place at the same hour on the 8th
of J une in the court house. Pat
rons and friends of the college
are cordially invited to attend
these exercises.
R. R. Powell.
The 15th annual session of the
West Virginia Baptist State Con
vention will be held in the Mt
Zion Baptist Church at Clarks
burg, W. Va., June 1st to 4th,
1803. Doubtless this will be the
grandest meeting of colored peo
ple ever held in Clarksburg. All
the leading colored men of the
State are expected to be here.
During the day the meetings
will be held in Mt. Zion Baptist
Church?but at night they will
beld in the court house. You are
invited to attend all meetings.
Hours of service: 9 a. m., 2 p.
m., and 8 p. m., at the Co.urt
House. Reduced rates have been
provided on all railroads.
G. A. Madison, Pastor.
Dr. S. M. Hardman,
West Virginia's Celebrated Opti
cian, now in charge of the
eye department of the
Illinois Opitical Co.,
of Chicago, will
be at the
May 29 and 30,1893,
All persons needing spectacles
should avail themselves of this
opportunity. Office hours from
ft a. m. to 10 p. in. Testing eves
and consul tat free. Don't for
get the date. 27.
$500 Reward !
WE will pay the above reward for any
caws of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipa
tation or Costivenes# we cannot cure
with West'sVegetableLiver Pills, when
the directions are striotly oomplled with.
They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Sngar coated.
Large boxes, containing 30 Pills, 25
cents. Beware of counterfeits and imi
tations. The genuine manufactured
only by the John 0. West Company.
Chicago, III. For sale by CunniiiHham
Bros., druggists, Clarksburg, W. Va.
BBIDGEPOBT For the best quali
ty of leather, Oak Harness, Calf,
Kip und Upper, call on
Bridgeport, W. Va.
Can fill all orders within 40 (lays. 25.
1-3. & 13.
on these
Dry Goods
iti'ms^?indeed, owing to tbo LESS
PRICES idea that prevails at these
stores, we are confident there in quite a
saving for you on every yard of Dry
Goods of any kind which you send us
your order /or.
A line of 32 inch
wool Ailing, 15 cents. v
.18 inch
Whip Cords, 50c.
50 inch
Wool Serges, 75c,
53 inch
81.00 a yard.
All of above in full line of Spring
10 pieoes finest quality
all one color?a dark, bottle-green?40
inches wide,
65 cents a yard.
Green is the color this season and you
save just 35 ceuU on every yard of this
CaBhmere?it is the dollar quality.
Very large sale of fine
FrenchOrgandy Lawns,
both light and dark grounds in great
variety of artistic printing.
31 inoh goods
15 cents a yard.
It ir.ay seem early lor lawns, but this
quality never sells less than 25 cents.
And there are many other money-aay
tng items we can tell you about If in
terested, write our
for samples.
115, 117, 119, 121
Federal Street,
Allegheny, Pa.
First in Tires, First in Improvement and
First in the Heartsof the Cycling Public.
Any one desiring a strictly high grade Bicycle can not
make u better investment. Catalogue and general specifica
tions furnished free.
GEO. L. DUNCAN, Ag't.,
Clarksburg, - - West Va.
Noted for lightness, strength
convenience, and easy run
ning and steering
Clarksbcbo, - - West Va
Are Prepare* tm Meet the Spring Trade ?rllh the foUettlng
Rullder'a Hardware ? Com*
pleu? In Variety sua Quality.
Palater'a Bnpplles of every
Farmer's Implements and
Fencing Wire.
Miner's Tool* of Bent Grades.
BrmlmMNlBdloi Paint, white,
wash, scrubbing and window
brashes. Festber and counter dus
ten. Floor sweeps. stable brashes
and Horse Brushes.
A Kcnuilful lot of Lamp* and
Lemp Goods.
a Fine Assortment of pocket
A l.aric?? Variety of Table Cut*
Hardware Store,
('I.ABKABl'C. W. V?.
Carriages, Baggies, anil Conveyances of all kinds furnished on Bhort notice.
Charge* lteas?ii?l>lc. ! Ilendqunricr* for Hone Buyers.
* M. C. CLAY
iSiioccMor to Clayton & Dent. 1
Medicines and Chemicals.
give GOOD VALUE and -proper service to
every customer all the time
The Dovelail hive, as shown
above, all complete, ready
for the bees $1.50. 5 styles
of hives manufactured and
kept in stock. Send for Cata
logue of everything needed
in Apiaria to
Indcpcndcnce, Preston
County, Went Tn.
rfSlrfAikhh afltfSBhfc
She ffiest Virginia
Business f ollege,
Only Business College in the State having University
Powers, and giving a Literary Course. Exper
ienced Faculty. Competent Assistants. Five
Complete Departments. Elegantly Fur
nished. Thorough Courses. Graduates
Successful. Teaches only Practi
cal Methods.Sensible Theories,
Gives the English, Prepara
tory,Commercial or Business,Sten
ographic, Telegraphic^Penmanship,Pen
Art, Drawing and Collegiate Courses of Study.
that will do the most toward making your bov a strong,
honest, conscientious, practical, self-supporting, manly
man, and your girl a pure unselfish, helpful, accom
plished, self-reliant,womanly woman. Harrison County
lias such a school at Clarksburg. It is the
Enter Now. Expenses Low. No Vacations. Day and
Night Sessions. Investigation solicited.
Write for new Illustrated Catalogue for '93.
A. C. DAVIS, President,
We$t Yk. ^

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