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Remarks about People joa Know.
Wm. Bark is in Cumberland
this week.
Miss Nellie Owens has return
ed from Pittsburg.
Mr. Geo. W. Mayers, of Mor
ganlown, was here Tuesday.
C. M. Ash was at Grafton Sun
Pat Owens, of Grafton, spent
Sunday here.
Mr. Wm. Jennings, of Grafton
spent Sunday here with relatives
Charley Davis was visiting his
mother here this week.
General Northcott was in
Parkersburg Tuesday.
J. G. McDowell was in Morgan
town this week.
Mike Bradford was at West
Union on business Monday.
Mrs. J. L. Ruhl returned from
a visit to New York last Friday.
Rev. B. B. Evans was in Wash
ington this week.
J. 0. Blair, of West Union, was
here Wednesday.
Miss Carrie Gain, of Salem
visited friends here Wednesday.'
P. M. Robinson made a busi
ness trip to West Union Tuesday.
R. E. L. Bowie, of Monongah,
was here Tuesday.
Lee C. Reed, of Wheeling, was
in town this week.
Rev. Father O'Connor is visa
ing in Parkersburg.
Prank Shu ttleworth, of Martin
Perry, is in the city.
Rev. A. M. Bennett was in
Parkersburg on Tuesday.
Will Nusbaum was in Weston
last week.
W W. Brannon, of Weston
was here last ween: on business.
S. H. Protzman, of Morgan
town, was here yesterday.
Mr. F. K. O Kelly, Mayor of
Morgan town, was here several i
aays last week.
Hoff Sommers spent Sunday
in Parkersburg.
J. L. Floyd was in Parkers
burg Wednesday on business.
Prof P?we11 and daughter
visited Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Smith, of Weston, last Sunday.
u,^fs' w*. Holden and son
?V illie, were visiting in Morgan
town this week.
Miss Alma Sawtell, of New
Orleans, is visiting her sister.
Mrs. O. A. Annan.
Mr. E WoU and daughter left
Wednesday for a visit among
k 'nends at Shennandoah, Pa.
Miss Bird Amiss has returned
home after a successful year's
teaching in the South,
, Kirk Smith, of Westo?, a stu
dent of Broaddus College for part
fi vP?St^eH' left Iast week
for Engle, New Mexico.
Rev. Benj. Stout, of Rockford,
Peasant caller at our office
edfrnm8^' Pe had just return
SlyanTa ne8S trip t0 Penn"
PriJeSSFj ?Fred Kuntz, Matt
^nce and^Cotton Kain, of Graf
wn, attended the dance given bv
?tie Hewes od
Mi&s Emma McCormick, of
Baltimore, Md.. who has been
visiting Miss Dora Powell on
Main street, returned home
Miss Mary Dpyle arrived from
Clarksburg Sunday evening, and
will probably spend the summer
with friends of her childhood in
and around this place.?West
V Union Herald.
Rev. S. Burdick, of West Hal
leek, 111., and Rev. L. R. Swee
ney, of DeKuyter, N. Y.. delo
Sates from N. W. and Central
Association at Lost Creek, were
very pleasant callers at our office
on Thursday. Rev. Sweeney was
pastor at Lost Creek,this county,
from 1879 to 1886, a?d at the
same time was President of the
, County Sunday School Associa
Jay Martin, of Bridgeport, W.
Va., has completed a very hand
some three story business house,
containing six good rooms, situat
ed opposite of K. of P. hall.
The closing dance given by
Miss Rossie Hewes on Tuesday
I evening was largely attended and
a very pleasant time is reported.
Several young people from Graf
ton were present.
The Baptist church, of Mo/
gantown, was sold sometime ago
and will pass into the hands of
the purchaser June 14th. The
congregation will propably be
compelled to hold services else
t thereafter that date.?Dominion.
Circuit Court Proceedings.
John W. Monroe vs. M.D. Bor
ing, 4c. Judgment for plaintiff
for $598.67.
Thomas M. Horner, 4c. vs. N.
D. Boring, 4c. Judgment for I
plaintiff for $361.08. !
State vs. Thorns R. Kearns. I
Recognizance forfeited.
State vs. John T. McDonald. I
Recognizance forfeited.
State vs. Thomas Dougherty.
Recognizance forfeited.
State vs. Thomas Sullivan.
Recognizance forfeited.
State vs. John F. Kearns. Re
cognizance forfeited.
Ingaby Flowers vs. Jackson
Fletcher ; judgment for $500.
M. W. Smith appointed jury
Caroline M. Jackson vs. T. P.
Brennan 4 Co.; referred to Ed
win Maxwell for arbitration.
Martha Showalter vs. Nelson
Peck : bastardy ; dismissed.
Ingaby A. Flowers vs. Jackson
Fletcher ; bastardy ; dismissed.
Horaor J. Davis vs. Chas. W. I
Lynch adm'r, 4c. Judgment for
plaintiff for $407.76.
E. R. Davis vs. C. W. Lynch,
adm'r. 4c. Judgment for plain
tiff for $414.21.
E.Swiger's adm'rs ys.S.E.Mar
tin, Judgment for defendant.
State vs. James Cunningham,
1 case $25.
State vs. William Burk, 1 case
State vs.1 Same, 1 case $50.
State vs. Charles Brown, 1 case
State vs. H. S. Brown, 2 cases
$100 each.
State vs. Charles Brown 4 cases
$50 each.
State vs. R. S. Brow?, 8 cases
$50 each.
State vs. Mrs. Ann Coffee 1
case $25.
State vs. Mrs. John Owens, 1
case $25.
State vs. Fred Pike, 8 cases
$25 each.
State vs. Thomas Brennan, 3
cases $25 each.
State vs. Barney Cox, 25 cases
$50 each.
State vs. Same. 1 case $25.
State vs. W. L. Cox, 2 cases
$25 each.
State vs. Bernie Cox, 1 case, 30
days in jail and $10 line.
State vs. Patrick Barrett, 5
cases, 30 days in jail in each and
$50 fine.
State vs. Thomas Dougherty,
I cases, $25 each.
State vs. Thomas Killeen, 4
cases $25 each.
State vs. Martin Killeen, 9
cases $100 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. J. B. Chorpening 8
cases $50 each.
State vs. Ed. J. Glancy, 11
cases, $50 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. Thomas Gill 16 cases
$100 each.
State vs. John T. Kearns,- 15
cases ?100 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. Thomas Kearns, 20
cases $100 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. George Mulheran, 2
cases $25 each.
State vs. Mrs. Michael Glancy,
2 cases $25 each.
State vs. Pat J. Glancy, 25
cases $40 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. Pat J. Eeenan, 17
cases $50 each.
State vs. Thomas Sullivan, 2
cases, 30 days in jail and $25
State vs. Same, 2 cases. $100
State vs. Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
2 cases $25 'each.
State vs. Same 2 cases $100
State vs. H. S. Brown 1 case
State vs. John T. McDonnell,
12 cases $100 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. Mrs. M. Mulheran, 2
cases $50 each.
State vs. Same, 1 case $25.
State vs. Mrs. John Owens, 1
case $25.
State vs. Pat Dolan, 1 case $25.
State vs. Mrs. Mary Owens, 2
cases $25 each.
Total amount of fines?$14,155
Lost:?Oa Tuesday evening,
in the vicinity of the postoffice,
a gold watch And chain. Finder
please return to the Tbxegram
office and receive a liberal re
Court will adjourn to-day.
The Electric light house is
nearing completion.
The First Regiment Band drills
every Monday evening.
M>-s. Ernest is repairing her
house on Pike street.
Decoration Day at Grafton on
next Tuesday May :iuih.
'Squire Tinsman is erecting a
dwelling house on Mechanic
Nice line of ladies' aud men's
neck wear. Bargain Store. 27-2
The Commencement exercises
of the State University will bo
held this yeai on June 14th.
The annual council of the Prot
estant Episcopal church will be
held at Clarksburg in June.
Only one marriage license has
bees granted since our last issue,
it being Clialmer Mclntyre, age
24, to Nannie Shreve, age 21.
The commencement exercises
of Salem College this year will
be held on Wednesday. June 7th.
The planing mill being erected
by Mr. Dawson on Lee street is
about completed.
Ladeis' and gent's underwear
at money saving prices. Bee
Hive Store. 28-2
Three colored persons were
baptized near the Pike street
bridge on last Sunday.
Mr. Martin Feeney, an em
ployee at the B. & O. depot, had
his foot badly mashed one day
last week unloading a car load
of marble.
Gent's shirts, a big line and all
prices at the Bee Hive Store. 28-2
Bob Anderson fell froih Dublin
bridge on last Sundav and was
very seriously hurt.
B. F. Shuttleworth contem
plates erecting a large two story
brick store room on Main street;
this summer on the site formerly
occupied by the Chinese laundry.
Buy your lace curtains, blinds,
poles and draparies at the Bee
Hive Store and save money 28-2
Three of the McAtees broke
out of the city bastile on last Sa
turday night; but was captured
after a lively chase and placed in
the county jail.
Go to the Bee Hive Store for
silk Umbrellas at all priced. 28-2
The Commencement of thd
Fairmont State Normal School
will he held Thursday. June 15th.
Mr. C. C. Zinn, who formerly
lived in Clarksburg, but is now a
resident of California, was mar
ried recently to a lady of that
The contract has been let to
Williams and Dawson for the
Irwin three story building on 3d
street. Rector Bros, will occupy
the first floor, Photographer Wil
son the second and the third floor
will be fitted oat and occupied by
someof the secret societies of the
The next meeting of the W. C.
T. U. is to be held in the M. E.
Church South. All the ladies
who joined the Union at its reor
ganazation by Miss Varnum, are
earnestly requested to be present
at this next meeting We would
urge them not to turn back,
having put their hand to the
Colonel Jacob Kemple, the
popular orator and humorist, de
livered his lecture, "A Public
Office is a Private Snap, when
you get it," to a select and highly
pleased audience at Music Hall
on last Monday night. The Col
onel has lost none of his old time
jollity and refined humor. His
discriptions and illustrations of
seeking, holding and losing a
government office are both very
funny and instructive. He kept
the people constantly smiling
and laughing.
The first issue of the new Pro
hibition paper, the Corner Stone,
to be published in Wheeling is
expected in a few days. The
paper will be backed by Captain
Frank Burt, of Mannington, who
has abundance of cash wherewith
to toy with newspaper property,
and will be edited by Mrs. N. R.
C. Morrow, of Fairmont, former
ly Principal of the Normal at
that place. Mrs. Morrow is a
talented lady and an earnest
temperance worker. She will
doubtless make the Corner Stone
a strong and influential paper in
its line of work.
Wool wnpird?Ttie Clnrkthnr*
woolen mills vfHlW your wool
tl?l? wn^ou.
Col. Jacob Kemple lectured at
Bridgeport Wednesday night.
Brussell carpets, pice patterns
65cperyard. Cut to match with
out waste. Call and see these
patterns before they are all gone.
Bargain Store.
Itrail Thl?.
It you want to buy a small
farm of 67 acres of good land
with good houses and other im
provements. in one of the best
neighborhoods in the county and
within i of a mile of church,
school house and post office; good
coal underlying?not sold?and
on line of a proposed rail road.
Price reasonable and terms good.
Call on or address
Clarksburg. W Va
I Bargains in dry goods, notions,
Ac., at the Bargain Store. -<?*?
Last Snnday morning Consta
ble Dean Kinney. who had just
drove up with his family to the
Q. B. Church at Central Station,
and while engaged in unhitching
his horse, was assaulted by a
young man named Murt James,
who struck Kinney twice on the
back of '-he head with a pair of
steel knuckles, inflicting ugly
wounds. Kinney turned on James
and choked him, the latter started
to run and after going a short
distance turned and shot twice at
Kinney. A warrent was sworn
out for James, but it is believed
that he has left the county.
James has on several occasions
said ho Intended to kill Kinney
because of some little difficulty
they had some time ago over
some work. James is about 21
years of age and was at one time
an inmate of the Weston asylum.
It is believed by many that his
mind is again deranged.?West
Union Herald.
Hon. John J. Davis has been
appointed by Governor McOor
klu oce of the commissioners on
behalf of West Virginia to the
proposed interstate conference
in regard to the evils resulting
from unlawful combinations
whereby owners of coal lands,
acting in conjunction with cer
tain railroad corporations, havo
put up the price of coal, preclud
ed competition and momopolize
the markets. The conference is
to be hold on the first Monday in
June in Chicago, and will pro
prose such measures as the com
mission may decide upon for the
consideration of the National
Congress. The first move in this
flirection was made by the Min
nessota legislature, which adopt
ed a ioint resolution requesting
Governor Nelson, of that State,
to appoint ten commissioners for
the purposes stated and corres
pond with the governors of all
the other States asking for simi
lar action on their part.
The following resolutions were
adopted by the Salem Baptist
Sunday School and Christian
Endeavor Society, May 82, 1898:
Whereas, It has pleased the
all wise Father to cut down in
the midst of usefulness and the
strength of budding womanhood,
and remove to those beautiful
mansions of,which she so dearly
loved to read, our beloved sister,
Dora E. Jeffers. Thereby ad
monishing all who survive to be
also ready for the final summons.
Resolved, That in the death of
sister Dora, we fully recognize
the fact that we have sustained a
great loss, society a worthy mem
ber, the family a loving daughter
and sister.
Resolved, That while we bow in
submission ta our Father's will,
we will try to imitate the true,
modest and beautiful christian
character of sister Dora.
Resolved. That a copy of these
resolutions be furnished the
county papers for publication,
also the Grafton Sentinel and
Baptist Banner, and a copy pre
sented to the family.
Ella Lough,
Mrs. Rattie Rohrbough,
Mrs. Kate Hawker,
Mrs. Walter Duncan.
Mattie Davis,
KeMlBtlons or Beipect.
-At a regular meeting of Bridge
port Council No. 30 Jr. O. U. A.
M. held May 20th, 1808, the fol
lowing premable and resolutions
were unanimously adopted.
Whereas, It has pleased the
great Counciler of the universe
to remove from our midst Mrs.
Rachel Sheehy, mother of our
worthy past Counciler W. E.
Resolved, By Bridgeport Coun
Highest of all in Leavening Power.?Latest U, S. Gov't Report
The Clnrktbnn Wonlrn nilN
1? pitying Ihf liiulir?i cavil prl<<?
for wool delivered i? lis factor)'.
ell No. 80 Jr. O. U. A. M. that in
the death of Mrs. Rachel Sheohy
an active member of the church
whoso utmost endeavors were ex
erted for its wol/are and pros
perity. a friend who was dear to
us all and a Christian lady whoso
upright and noblo life was a
standard of emulation to her as
Resolved, That the heartfelt
sympathy of this Council bo ex
tended to the family in their sad
affliction and that the resolutions
be spread upon tho records of
the Council and a copy theroof
be furnished each of the county
papers for publication and to the
family of deceased, also publish
ed In West Virginia.
J. A. Douglass, )
C. H. Thompson, ^Com.
R. D. CakkiDo. J
Trlbnto of Reupcet.,
At a regular meeting of Har
rison Lodge, Na. 87. Knights of
Pythias, of Bridgeport. W. Va.,
held May 17th, 1893. the follow
ing preamble and resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, it has pleased tho
great Ruler of tho universe to re
move from our midst, Mrs.
Rachel Sheehy, mother of our
Worthy Past Chancelor, W. E.
Whereas it is but just that a
fitting recognition of her many
virtues should be had. therefore
lie it
Remlved, By Harrison Lodge,
No. 37, Knights of Pythias, that
while wo bow with humble sub
mission to the will of the most
High, we do not the less mourn
our brother's loss.
Resolved, That in the death of
Mrs. Rachel Sheohy, the com
munity laments the loss of
a christian iady who was aver
ready to offer the hand of aid
and the voice of sympathy to tho
ueedy and distressed.
Resolved, That the heartfelt
sympathy of the Lodge be ex
tended to the family in their sad
affliction, and that these resolu
tions be furnished each of the
county papers for publication,
and also published in the Pythian
J. A. Douglass,
C. W. Johnson,
L. C. Fitzhugh,
Decoration Day at Urnrton.
The B. & O. R. R. announces
special trains in addition to regu
lar train service and the sale of
round trip tickets at greatly re
duced rates to Grafton from Par
kersburg, Wheeling, Morgan
town, Keyser, Bellngton and all
intermediate stations, for Deco
ration Day, May 30th. Tickets j
sold at the reduced rates will be
valid for passage going on May
29th and 80th, and will be good
for return journey until May 81st
inclusive, on all regular trains
scheduled to stop at stations
where tickets were purchased.
The day will be a gala occasion,
and every accommodation will be
offered by the railroad company
for the convenience and comfort
of passengers. In the grand
procession will be ten brass
bands, the Rowlesburg Military,
Morgantown Cadets with artille
ry and 500 G. A. R. Veterans.
Col. R. H. Freer will be the ora
tor of the day. Speeches will be
made by other distinguished gen
tlemen. In the afternoon there
will be several trotting races at
the fair grounds.
For rates and time of special
train consult appended table. For
time of regular trains see sched
ule published elsewhere in this
Lkay*, a. m. fake.
Weak Union .... 8 00 1 SO
Smithton 8 00 1 45
Long Bnn 8 18 1 80
Salem 8 88 1 15
Cherry Camp 8 85 1 10
Wolf Summit .8 45 95
Wilaontrarg 855 85
Clarkabnrg 9 05 90
Bridgeport 9 20 55
Flemington 9 40 35
Simcaon 9 41 80
Webater . .. ". 9 55 80
Arrive at Grafton.... 10 00 A. U.
Returning leave Grafton, 0 00 P. M.
Subscribe for the Telegram.
A M. K. Chnroh Service*
A. M. K. church. Rev. W. H.
Pride, pastor. ?
Preaching at 11 a. m. by Rev.
O. O. Skinner, of C'anuonsburgh,
Pennsylvania, after which 1
rights of baptism will bo pe
formed by eminorsiou. G rami
rally at ;i p. in. Sermon D.y tho
Rev. G. G. Skinner at 8 p. m. All
denominations are cordially in
vited to attend.
Mat'ing, nice patterns. I'm- per
yard, Bargain Store. 27-2
Nice line of umbrellas at all
prices. Bargain Store. ' 27-2
1 will sell my entire stock of
millinory goods at cost as I want
to close out my store by the 1th
of July. Miss Belle Dawson,
opposite Lowndes', Clarksburg.
\V. Va. 23-41
Nice line of ladles' spring coats
which wo are going to soli at
cost. Coma and get bargains at
the Bargain Store. 27-2.
A new schemo to prevent trou
sers bagging at tho knoos has been
discovered by a Wheeling good
dressor, and that is to t,ako them
off before you sit down. Young
men who take up this suggestion
should warn their lady friends
before they call.- A'eiw Dominion,
Dr. George B. Morris, dentist,
will be in Clarksburg on the 1st
of June and remain 12 days.
Call early and make your on
gfigements. 27-lt
Wlint Prominent llnxlne*H Men Are
Latnbrecht is still sollin
watches, clocks, and jewelry
all kinds at prices to suit all '
I appreciate a line qualit;
I goods.
! When you visit the
and soe us at the Bargai
opposite postoflice.
To the person of moderate
means, the Provident life offers
protection when death iavades
the family circle. 20-4
Nice Une of trimmings, laces,
ribtyuis, etc., etc., at the Bar
gaiiretore. 27-2
Ladies having cut hair to sell
will call at Mrs. Fred Lacy's, op
posite Holmes store, Clarksburg,
W. Va. 26.
Only two of thoso lots on Bas
tablo avenue remain unsold. Call
soon If you want one. Inquire
of C. Sprigs: Sands or E. W.
The Provident Life ofTers both
protection and investment. Poli
cies are issued on both the life
and endowment plans. . 26-4
Remember that you can got all
the new spring and summer
styles in hats at Mrs. Fred Lucy's,
opposite Holmes' shoe store.
Full line of notions and h;iir
goods. Ho :>m.
In tin' best remedy yon oim Uml for
hoarseness, oroup, cough ami liKtlima.
ru?.S5 cent bottles are mounters for ttir
money. Whyoough, haok, npit. auiOle
and make a noiay nuisance of youinell
wlion ho good n remedy in at hand?
Stop that oough! It may brine yon
trouble. Tako Jloreman's Cough Syrup
and do not be fooled into bayiiig m.iue
thing elae called "jnat hh good" Iw
oause the dealer want* a fancy prulit.
Bold bv all dealers.
The Provident Life I nsurancc
Company of Wheeling, W. Va..
has recently begun operation in
this city. Its peculiar advantages
are, that all members of the
family are included, irrespective
of sex. Policies can be obtained
at a oostof five cents weekly and
upward. All payments are col
lected from the homes of mem
bers by the company's regular
collectors. No initiation fee is
charged; no extra payments at
the death of members. During
the past five years this company
has established a reputation that
commends it to all requiring safe,
reliable life insurance. Death
claims are promptly paid from
24 to 48 hours after obtaining
proof of death. Being a home
company, the Provident Life
merits the patronage of the peo
ple of this vicinity. The manage
ment is under Mr. H. H. Cain, of
Grafton. ? Solicitors will call at
your homes and furnish all
necessary information. Not a
single failure, is the record of all
companies operating upon this
plan in America 26-4

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