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roperty of the late Dr.
irnes, at the North Bend
; crossing, consisting of
lling house and seven
land, is offered for sale,
is apply to Henry Hay
; ltf Nov. 15. 1892.
; on the*i
)ry Goods
indeed, owing to the LESS
ES idea that prevails at these
we are confident there is quite a
; for you on every yard of Dry
of any kind which you send ns
A line of 32 inch
lling, 15 cents.
Whip Cords, 50c.
ir i 'wSt
Vool Serges, 75c,
scotch seEGes,
$1.00* yard. ,
of above in full line of Spring
10 pieces finest quality
ie color?a dark, bottle-green?46
? wide.
65 cents a yard.
wn is the color this season and yon
inst 85 cent* on every yard of this
nere?it is the dollar quality.
Very large sale of fine
IAi.I aluo offer tbe IiEST Duties ou the
at lowest priccs.
HA.Y TEDDERS and Thomas and
HBEST 8-rEffc.lt roofing at
:f:?s $2 per Square,
(noils, tin, caps and paint F1SEE.)
Pike Street, CLARKSBU11G, W. VA.
Tin, Iron, Steel, Felt
Roofing, with trim
DnnCIMP. mings; and tools to
IIUUNNU lend,or tools to keep.
Can be laid by ??ny
body ;shipped every
' : where.
red and black, for
PAINT metallic roofing.
TAII1I Creosote Preserva
tive for shingles,
posts and woodwork
t h a t shorten or
i AnncnQlcnst,e?;for tin"
LHUULnO ners,< urpenters fruit
growers, etc.
heavy building, for
'PAPER sheathing houses,
rArUl lining rooms and
; floors.
nniprP low. Circulars and
rniULO quotations by ad
m WM. A. LIST & CO.,
'104m- Wliwl'iif, W. T?,
i IX. J It r,n-r- , ? w- IGnt'
I Dusibesir maa^at OllTton Mills,
Preston comity. ww arrested
II - ? .... yhargig of iorg
iingher sister;
Lilly, returned
borne last Saturday.
Dr. Obas. A. Slnsel and family.
andMr. and Mrs. Ira. E. .Robin
son, spent Sunday at Mr. Robin
son's father's, near Pbilippi
Miss Mary Slnsel bas returned
from a very pleasant visit with
relatives in Virginia. .
Fred B. Gould, son of Trans
fer Clerk W. M. Gould, of West
Graftou. got back home a few
days ago from Rochester, N. Y;,
where he had just completed a
course in the .Rochester Business
University. We understand that
Fred graduated with much credit
to himself, and is to be congratu
lated accordingly. W. C. Mor
rison, of Clarksburg, also of the
same school, accompanied Fred
Friday evening while Miss
Anna Gerkin and her brother
Jbhn were driving on Main
street, the horse took fright near
the'SwiMneZ office and ran down
the street. At the corner of Ma! if
and St. John streets the horse
turned up the latter and over
turned tbo cart, throwing the
occupants forcibly to the ground,
but fortunately they were not in
jured. The horse also fell, and
before he could regain his feet
be was caught by Dr. Warden
and held until he became quieted,
and wis then driven to the
Joseph J. Robinson, who had
been working near Philippi for
some months, came to Grafton
Monday and in payment of a bill
tendered a counterfeit silver'dol
lar. Be was arrested and taken
before Commissioner W. R. D.
Dent for a hearing on Tuesday.
He showed to the satisfaction of
the commissioner that he did not
know the coin was spurious, and
was released. The coin, when
dropped on the floor, broke into
a dozen pieces.?Sentinel.
^Positive Bargains in Menjs
''5Vl'Westbfi WalTSr
Mrs. Floride McClelland re
turned last week from a pleasant
visit to relatives in Clarksburg.
Miss Fannie Simpson's popu
lar visitor. Miss Anni4 Berry.de
parted last Monday for her home
in Braxton county.
Messrs. Lon Kelley and Char
ley Bland, of Sutton, the two
young gentlemen who made such
splendid records in the law de
partment of Washington and Lee
University, at Lexington, Virgin
ia, this year, are here to-day
paying there respects to Weston
A telegram announcing the
death ol Mrs. Kate Butcher, wife
of the late Gibson J. Butcher,
who was for many yea-s Clerk
of the Circuit Court of Lewis
county, was received here last
Sunday. She has been living
with her children, in Kan
sas for many years, but died in
California. The cause of her
death was heart trouble.
I John E White, son of Marce}
lus White, of this county, who
has been in California for several
years, arrived here Wednesday
accompanied by his young wife.
His friends, who met bim at the
station, were surprised to learn
that he had been so fortunate in
the far west. It was the first
intimation they had of his mar
riage.? Democrat
Mrs. JanobKoblegard and sons.
Masters Rupert and Thorn, re
turned from Clarksburg last
Wednesday. Miss Mamie and
Bert Koblegard returned from
school the same day.
The case of Wesley Brown vs.
S. M. Hardman for $10,000 dam
ages came up in the circuit court
last Thursday, and has created a
great deal of interest. Up to
time of going to .press all the
witnesses have not been exam
ined, and it will not probably be
given to the jury until Thursday
at noon,?World.
"My little boy was very bad off (or
two months with i3;ni.Ucon, We used
vicious mec*:nincH, also callrd in two
doctors, bnt nothing done him any
good until we turd Chamberlain's colic,
eholem and d'nrrhma remedy, whiok
gave immediate relief aud soon cured
him. I consider it the liest medicine
made aud can conscientiously recom
mend it to all who need a diarrhesa or
oolio medicine." J. E. Hare, Trenton,
Tex. 23 and 50 cent bottles (or sale by
Wolls & Haymaktr. j
at last to prostrat<
can industry at 1
Britain! " The r
In the South Is being l
lesson of.hatred to the i
the defenders of the country.'
the unhoir alliance wil
futile now, as It proved 1
the past The seeming
<Jf the free traders will
prelude to their overthrow,
Amerlpan poople haye^1
memories than some of
who are trying to deceive
appear to .imagine. The lesson*
of the past were too dearly
learned to be readily forgotten.
8. H. Clifford. New Caseel, w!s?w
troubled with nenralgia and The
tiim, bii itomaoh was dbordei "
liver was affected to an alarming
appetite (ell array, and he was
reduced in flesh and strength
bottles of Eiwtrie Bitters on
Edward >'iepherd, Harrisb
hada running sore on his leg
years' standing. Used three b
Electrio Bitters and seren
Bucklen's Arnica 8aWe, and hi* H, __
sound and well. John Speaker. Catawba,
0., had fiy? large fever sores on "Ms
leg, doctors said he was inonrable. One
bottle Eleotrio Bitters and one box
Bnoklen's Arnica Salve cared Uim. en
tirely. Bold at Clayton k Dent's drag
,tor& ?4 ? ? - 8
The swift change from pros
perity to depression and gloom
shows that the inteUigenc<??.en
terprlse and thrift of the nation
put no faith in Grover Cleveland
and his free trade Congresfej ?
Clarksburg as well as the handsomest,
and others are invited to call on .any
druggist and get tree a trial bottle1 of
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and
Langs, a remedy that is selling entirely
upon its merits and is gnaranteedHo re
lieve and cure all ehr t.io and Ajnte
coughs, Asthma, BroncHtls and Con
sumption. Large bottles 50 eta. and tl.
History and facts are cry!rg;t
aloud today that the bravest-and
grandest political organization
on earth is i
Read What Mr. 1>. K. Smith ha
Mayer Drug Co., OaJlan.:, Md:.
OsMXKvai?I wish to
appreciation of the merits of your:
tarrh cure." I have suffered
catarrh for 8 years, and can trUl^
that it has given me more relief
any other medicine I have ti:'
will undoubtedly, effect a
cure. lean recommendJ?t
cure to any of my friends.'
? Nissan
heavy dtichargeb of
bottle is guaranteed t<
oure yon, otherwise no c ?
by all dragaists, or address
Drug Co.. Oakland, Md. Prioe $l.*gold J
by M. 0. Clayton and Wells A Hay
maker; H. B. Scranage, Bhinnston;
John Dunkin, Bridgeport.
There are signs that the Kan
sas Populists are hoeiner more
corn and talking less politics
across the fences.
When Baby ?u sick, we gare her Castoria.
When she was a ChBd, she cried for Castoriiu
When she became Miss, she dung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
The Chicago platform, with the
Democracy In full control of the
government, has cost the peo
ple one billion in the decline in
the market price of their personal
ForUalaria, Livar Trou
ble, or Iridigeatiort, use
The American woman is nothing if
not sensible, and most of the extreme
fashions have to bo modified in order
to be well received by her.
Mrs. Phcebe Hearst, widow of Sena
tor Hearst, proposes to establish a
home for destitute boys on a farm of
four hundred and fifty acres near San
Miss Marios PiiELrs, only daugnter
of the ex-minister to Germany, is en
gaged to bo married to Dr. Franz Von
llothenburg, under secretary of state
of Germany.
Of Mrs. Olney, wifo of the attorney
general, the reporters have been able
to learn little, except that she belongs
to a fine old New England family, is
exclusive and has two married daugh
Mrs Susaxxah Chadwick, of Empo
rium, Pa., is a revolutionary pensioner
and receives twenty-five dollars per
month. She is seventy-four years of
age and the daughter of Lieut. Elihu
Chadwick, who served'in the New Jer
sey militia.
The chances are that the most of us
will yield to the pressure of public
opinion and when we see our neighbors
going to Chicago will go too.?Buffalo
NORTHWESTERS* university has 2,500
students, and has added eight new pro
fessors this year.
The University of Michigan has 600
women students, two Japanese girls
being among tho number.
Of thp 00,000-students in the Ameri
can universities and colleges, Ohio has
one-tenth, New York ranks next, then
Pennsylvania, fourth Illinois.
Russell Saoe of New York has ap
proved plans for a dormitory which he'
proposes to erect for the Troy female
seminary. It will. cost *100,000.
. n
rare .dr.
horse at
* i-estbn county.
J frightened at a raiting C
an umbrella and ran -off. Th
ma^waa 'thrown >tot and..both I
wheels passed over his body.
The'efiild was thrown oat by its
mother, and caught in the wheel
and was dragged' quite a distance.
The .child's nose is mashed, the
woman haid two ribs broken and
is thought to be hurt Inwardly.
The old man is a mass of cuts
audi bruises. I Physicians say
they are all dangerously hurt.
Mrs. Past, whose husband was
killed in a well in. f alatine some
time ago by bad air, was placed
in jail "Wednesday, insane. She
has been at the poor house for
some time....The many friends
of Granville Shaver will regret
to learn of his serious illness. He
was visiting friends in this coun
ty recently. but last week was
removed to hlshomein Harrison.
He has been ill for some time.?
TVest Virginian.
' ' . - ?m : ' ?;
Old friends, are best, no doubt,
but a young friend of the other
sex. if she be beautiful and amia
ble, is a very good substitute for
an old one.
It is a Matter Earthy of Attention
The season is now at hand when the
consumption of Ioe is quite largo, and
when thnt article is not only a Inxury
hnt in many cases a neoessity and en
ters tbe homes of the poor an -well as tbe
Too much eare cannot tie exercised in
(rotting ice that is alwolutely pare in
every particular. Ioe that is taken from
stagnant ponds contain ttya germs of
disease and is dangerons to the heslth
of the consumers. Artificial ice -when
properly made is free from all impuri
In the cholera epidemic in New York,
lost year the most prominent Physicians
recommended the use of artificial ice as
it is devoid of all elements of danger
and none hut pure water wss allowed
to be -used. Ice inspectors are being
appointed in the larger cities of the
country, and ail the ice taken from
-ponds that are stagnated and impreg
-u-itli impurities, is condemned
de prohibited. Itis the dut
-'Beer# to: Jook
visit to theplant'&T the
, J Company, one of the
riterpriges of the city and agood
.. . iy agent in point of the purity of
Thfr company has spent several thong
Jid dollars this season in improving
their property and it is now one of tbe
most complete institutions of the kind
in the country, with a daily capacity of
from 13 to 15 tons of beautiful ioe.
The water used in the manufacture of
their ice is pureolearspring water. This
in turn is distilled before being frozen
and it is absolutely impossible for any'
impurity to regain after the water has
gone through this process. The water
is then conveyed to vats and frozen into
blocks weighing 200 pounds each. This
water does not oome in contact with
ammonia as is claimed by those who ore
not acquainted with the process of freez
ing, but is in iron pipes under freezing
vats. There are no seorets aliont the
works and any one who is in any way
skeptical about any of these points can
have access to the bnilding at any time
and if they had never R?jn an ice plant
in operation the visit could not help
but Ming an interesting and instrnctivo
? one.
The company commenced manufac
turing ioe March .7, and besides furn
ishing their customers arc storing the
remainder and now have several hun
dred tons in their storage house.
The demands for ortifical ice is grow
ing constantly and the company will
fill several out of town contracts. 35-tf.
considers it extremely. dangeEons
why did they not call an extra
session of Conjrress and repeal,
it?. The Republicans would "not
M dJi-'T 'f-'' I''
Are you all run down? Scott's 3,
sion of Pure Norwegian Q^^Liyer
and Hypophosphites< of Lime, arid f5
?11 1 mi * WK?Ti . n 'liijsP??
will build you up and put nesnfon
and give you a gocja appetite.- ^ . .
? ? ?< whSHH
Bootfa Emulsion cures Gonfb*, . a. T ?
Colds, Consumption, Scrofula mad 8 W AflTI
aUAnaamleaniWasiiagOiwaaM.- i^iJI|l
Presents waiting in children. AI- J^wWW
?mi as palatable a* milk. Cetonly V'OfTS m
the ?canine. Prepared by Scott & | J
Bowne, Chemists, New York. Sold by M ,1 III I HC ? I
an Druggists. Mmmmmm lftli 1
Cour?r? ponding to tho*e In the Collee*. Flip for arimUidon to leading Collei
RpeHai AdvAn' iff** to tho?e not able topurvue and advanced education* Best Liter
Training. Personal comfort, social nnd-moral life of ?tud*m? carefully looked alter,
vantrxes of College Libraries. Gymnanlum aud Athletic grounds. ,. . ffiBBBB
Marietta College for Women
Foil Acadcmlo end Collegiate floors^ . D#pari menu ?f Manic. Elocution and .Fine, i
Good bulldlttv. u?e of College Llftbrarla* and Gymna?lnm. Rxp#rlenoHl Teachers. 8p<
attention paid to comfort and ha\lth of nupil*. Beautiful location. Expenses loir.
Fall term In alLdepartmeot* b*gln? September J2tng I:
?;.For Catalogue* and Information. *Hr*? . *;:?rykmi
I ft ft H
6. W. & H. M, SHUTTEW
i .
si ' 1 --ire-- ?%!#'''? sfi' ?' ''iSsB" ' SSSrc
: I
cose. :MjfcLXiKr|<ss ?wa.tee:stebbt,
Goods Delivered Free in the City,
1 ??!???!?
nCIVlLlviDLII and invite tho most]
carciunnvcstlgatlon tin to our responsible1
lty and tho merits of oar Tablets* I
] Double Chloride of Gold Tablets
Will completely destroy the desiro for TOBACCO In from 8 toft days. Perfectly harm |
less; cause no sickness, and may he given in a cup of tea or coffee without the knowl
edge of tho patient, who will volnnturily stop smoking or chewing in a few days.
DRUNKENNESS aM MORPHINE MBIT out any effort* on?tho' part^of**
the patient, by the use of our SPECIAL FORMULA GOLD CURB TABLETS.
I During treatment patients are allowed tho free use of Liquor or Ii
I phine until such time as they shall voluntarily givo thom up.
1 We send particulars and pamphlet of testimonials free, and shall
be glad to place sufferers from any of these habits in communica
tion with persons who have been cured by tho use of our Tablets,
> for sale by all kbst-clam
% HILL'S TABLET8 are foi
druggists at f | .OO Per package.
. If your druggist does not keep tl
-fyour druggist does not keep them, enclose us S I.OO
' and we will send you, by return mail, a package or our
I ^Tablets.
Write your name and address plainly, and state
whether Ablets are for Tobacco, Morphine or
Liquor Habit.
DO NOT BB DECEIVED into purchasing
any of the various?* jjggg
?Voffered for sale.
| TABLETS and take no
Manufactured only by
various nostrums that are being
Ask for TTTT.T.'S
worth of tho strongest chewing tobacco a day,
and lrom one to five cigars; or x would waow'1
om ten to lorty pipes of tobacco. Have cheweai
and smoked for twenty-five years, and twopackagei- |
of your Tablets cured me so I have no desire forIt.'
B. M. JAY LORD, Leslie, Mich.,' I
Dobbs Fnsr.S.T^'''J
The Ohio Chbxigal Co. -Gewtlemek Somo time ago I
for fl.ou worth of your Tablets for Tobacco Habit. lv*e
them all right and, although 1 was both a heavy smoker and c
they did the work in less than three days. lamented. _
Truly yours, MATHEW JOHNSON,P. O. Box 45
TnBOmoCnxmCALCo.:?Gsntlimeb:?It glres me nleuuro to I
? ? -? ?5aiot?I,totb^?
a was strongly ad
7 your Tablets. Ho*
word of praise for your Tablets. My son i
? _ liquor, and through a friend, I was led to try ? _
S constant drinker, out after using your Tablets but threo days ho quit drinJ
r ? and will not touoh liquor of any kind. I have waited four month before***
you, In ord??r to know tho euro was inirmanont. Yours truly, ^
_ - HHMMPHL,-,-H CiNcnniATi,
r The Ohio Chexioax. OoOewtlemew Your Tablets have performed a miracle In my <
I hav* used morphine, hypodermlcally, for seven years, ana have been cured by then
two packages of your Tablets, and without any effort on my partTpjl' tM W. L. LQTEGJ
Address all Orders to
01, 03 and 00 Opera Block. LIMA, OHI
r (In writing flwi msoUoothls paper.}

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