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? to taMfci,,.
?o*t-offlo* will not (top i
11 A notice to diaoontinne
' Bind by tbe amount due at tha time Will
not atop the paper.
Notice to obange poat-cffloe address
? it give the old aa well aa the new of
;rig announoemenla and obit
irt'be published at reaaontbl*
ne? ~'v
All'matter intended (or publication
" moat be aeoompaniigFby the autbor'a
real name, not for publication, bat u a
guarantee ol good faith.
All matter auHnitted subject to tbe
, editor'eapprovai,
? -.l"! I
3. M. Hagan*...... . .Judge
Henry Raymond.. .Clerk Circuit Court
P. M. Lorn? Clerk Com.ty Court
Chaa. W. liynoh ...Pus. Att'y
3.1. Alexander. ?:.BheriS
i B. C. I) rail am Ikputyfiheriff
B. Hoff " '?
Jease Bagerty.. Assessor Lou
Pieroe Sidebottom'' Upp_
: J. W. Baiiey .Efnrreyot.
Circuit Court oonvenes on the aeoond
fu?sJay? of January, May, and Septem
County Ceurt oonrenes in March.
' ' June, September and Deoember of each
The Fedoral Court holda two sessions
annually in Clarksburg, oonvening in
April and again in Ootober.
a \
Church Dlr.oU.rr.
H. E. Obdbob, SooTn?Rev, David
?on. Pastor. Sunday servioes?
10:80 a.m. and 730 p.m. Clan
Meeting, 930 a.m. Sunday School,
2 p.m. Prayer Meeting, Wednes
day, 7:00 p.m.
Pmsbttkriax OHcnon?Rev. 8. O.
Board man. Pastor. Sunday Ser
?ioea?10:80 a.m. and 8.-00 p.m.
Sunday School, 0:30 a.m. X. P. 8.
C. E. Meeting. 8:45 p.m. Prayer
Meeting. Wednesday 8:00 p.m.
CsimuL Phesbttkiuax Cncsca.?Bev.
. Bobinson, pastor. Sunday aorv
Joes?10:80 a. m. Sabbath School, 0 a.
m. Prayer moeting. Wednesday even
s ing at 7m
Protestant ErtsoorAL Ommca?Dr.
Douglass F. Forrest, Presbyter.
Divine Service on Sunday at 10: SO a
m. and 7:40 p. m. Holy Communion
oelebrated on the first Snuday each
month. Service* every Wednesday
Baptist Ohubgh?C. M. Thompsom.
Pastor. Sunday Servioea?Sunday
"-?"lol, 930 a.m. Preaching,
mwajrjyammt> u. ?u. c.
? Evans, Pastor, Sunday Servioes?
Class Meeting, 030 aan. Preaching
. 10:80 a.m. ana 7:00 p.m. Sunday
, School, 2 p.m. Prayer Meeting,
Wednesday, 8:00 p.m. Epvorth
League, Sunday, 6:00 p.m.
Mi. Zios Baptist Chobch?(Col.)?Bev.
O. A. Madison's appointments are
as follows: Clarksburg, 1st and 8d
Sabbath, at 11 a. m? and 7:80 p. m?
and 730 p. m. 4th Sabbath; 3d Sab
bath, Sutton; 4th Sabbath, Gypsy
A. M. E. Obcech?Bev, W. H. Pride,
ntor. Preaching at 11 a. m, and
) p. m. Sunday School 3 p. m.
Cburoh Aid Literary Society Mon
day 8:00 p. m. Class meeting Tues
day 8:00 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 8:00 p. m.
The Republican party points
?with pride to the record ol Hon.
A. B. White, late Internal Reve
nue Collector. Four years ago
the internal revenue service in
"West Virginia was not held in
very high esteem in some parts
of the State, but during the past
four years the State has been
practically cleared of illicit dis
tilleries. nearly $1,030,000 more
money has been collected than
during the previous four years,
the work has been done without
any friction, and every deputy in
the State is esteemed highly by
the revenue tax-payer. "SVe are
one of the districts in the United
States rated first-class, and
the only district with no taxes
uncollected. This is the first
time for at least thirty years that
this has been done in any} dis
The people of the United
States have lost more than a
billion dollars by the deprecia
tion of securities since last No
vember. Credit is paralyzed.
Confidence has vanished. Indus
trial development has ceased. A
marked tendency toward lower
wages has set in, and the number
of unemployed increases every
day. Unparalleled prosperity
has given place to general stag
nation in many channels of trade.
The discontented mortals are
trying their experiment.
The threat of free trade and
debased currency, and the obsti
j nately unpatriotic policy that has
.been shown up in seven months
under a Democratic administra
ori have been a hundred-fold
than the purchase of silver bul
lion under the Sherman law?a
measure which, be it remem
be red, was enacted solely as a
barrier against the unlimited
coinage of silver,'for . whlch the
I)emocratio party contended.
The American people are with
Benjamin Harrison in the belief
that the Hawaian islands should
become a put of the United
States, and that the key to the
Pacific should be held by the
American Republic, and not by
^reat Britain.
The presidents of the various
district boards met on Wednes
day and selected Mr. L. E. Ben
nett and W. A. Marsh, members
of the board of examiners.
Extra session of Congress is
called for Aug. 7th. We wait
and listen.
Let Them l?eny It.
When Mr. M. G. Holmes made
his final settlement with tho
county court a few days ago, he
astonished everybody, and the
court as well, by showing the
most phenomenal record
made by any Sheriff in Harrison
county in many years. It will
be remembered that when the
office was turned over in 188#;
Sheriff Horner was indebted to
the county 120,346.22, and in
1888 when Mr. Holmes took
charge of the office he beheld the
enormous sum of 821,657.97 still
due the county. Mr. Holmes'
settlement showed that his in
debtedness to the county at the
end of the last fiscal year of his
four years term, was only 1289,
and he stood ready to pay this
sum, but could not find the or
ders. This $289, however, was
no part of Mr. Holmes' transact
ions, but was a part of the old
business belonging, properly, to
his predecessor. So far as we
have been able to investigate,
this settlement has no parallel in
the history of the 54 counties of
West Virginia. The county now
has no endorsed outstanding or
ders upon which large sums of
interest ean accrue as was the
case under the former adminis
trations when the county paid
Out thousands of dbllars in in
terest Such is the record
the Republican party has
made In one term of the sheriff
alty of Harrison county.
Hon. A. B. White turned over
the office of Collector of Internal
Revenue for West Va.,by giving
a magnificent banquet to the
members of his force at his ele
gant home in Parkersburg last
Friday night. The affair was
one long to be remembered. The
officers under Mr. White pre
sented him a beautiful and costly
gold watch and chain and to
chief clerk. W. M. Cox, they gave
a gold headed cane.
In giving up the office, which
he has filled for four years, Mr.
White and the Republicans of
West Virginia, of whom he is a
faithful representative, have the
satisfaction of knowing that he
leaves behind a record of which
they may well feel proud. The
administration of the office dur
ing Mr. White's incumbancy has
been honest, capable and econom
ical, and those business methods
which have marked the conduct
of the internal Revenue system
of the entire country under Com
missioner John W. Mason, also a
West Virginian, have prevailed
?n the West Virginia district.
Mr. White hands over to his
successor the office in a No. 1
order, everything up to date and
no uncollected taxes. Tnis has
taken hard work and the collector
and his efficient corps of depu
ties and clerks naturally take
pride in the result of their labors.
Notwithstanding the reduction
of L5 per cent, in the tobacco tax
two years ago and the striking
off of 6,500 special taxpayers in
the district by repeal of special
taxes (by the McKinley bill) Mr.
White collected in the four years
nearly one million and thirty
thousand dollars more than his
predecessor did in the four years
preceding. This shows the in
crease in collections, by the way,
Whll! ^ iD the cit*
Wheeling, owing to the enormous
growth of the tobacco and cigar
trade. It also shows the efficiency
of the seivice, sincc the cost of
. '
j? trifle
less work was
per cent of odst
been lansfa red
lections in West"
the four years hav<
Trtak Hi
Frank J.Harmisota
erly of this
home in Baltimore 1
was one of the best
in our State and'had i
business interests id West Vir
ginia. being the owner: of large
stores in different towns. Mr.
Harmison was a brother-in-law i
of Dr. Wm. Late, of Bridgeport, j
this county. He Accumulated a
yast amount of money by his
keen business judgment* and had
not misfortune overtaken him,
might hav$ lived years, in the en
joyment of his accumulations.
Mr. Harmison was ever guided
by genuinely good impulses. He
was radical in all his views so far
as he himself was concerned, but
was charitably disposed toward
other people's opinions and views.
One of his distinctly good char
acteristics was his kindness to
young men, to whom he always
lent a helping hand^'fHe was
philanthropic, as may be evi
denced by the dozens of success
ful business men, who wiere given
their start by Mr. Harmison's
helping hand.
His memory will be long re
vered here and elsewhere where
he was known.
That Scrap at Horrantown, Between
Lawyers Starring and Keek.
Morgantown, W. Va., Juno
23.?A very amusing scrimmage
that left many red marks, with
out any blood being spilled, took
place at the court househere be
tween Hon. Geo. C. Sturgiss and
L. V. Keck, Esq. Mr. Keck was
speaking, and used sbme rather
harsh words against' Mr. Stur
giss, and Mr. Sturgiss asked the
Court to stop the use of .such lan
guage. The judge f
no jurisdiction over t
and that they wo
settle it between then
easily done
lunge for hi
pushed him -
into a corner and '
him by the throat. Theifjudge
ordered them to be separated,
and as soon as some men tiad
started away with Mr. Sturgiss,
Mr. Keck grabbed a very heavy
bottle, filled with red ink, and
hurled it at Sturgiss, but missed
him and scattered red ink over
several spectators, the floor and
furniture, and kept a thoroughly
red hand and arm himself. The
judge fined Mr. Sturgiss 135 and
Mr. Keck $15 for contempt of
court, while the spectators had a
hearty laugh. Mr. Keek's father
and Mr. Sturgiss had a similar
encounter several years ago, and
no very warm feeling has existed
between the Kecks and Sturgiss
since then.?Virginian.
Get that old suit of clothes that yon
are almost ashamed to wear and send
them to W. H, Powell, near the West
End Depot He will clean and repair
them, nud yon will be surprised when
you get them baok?almost like new
again. 84-8t
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West Virginia.
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Entries for tho Fair will be made at
tlie Uw offioe ol Maroollus M. Thomp
son. in Clarksburg, W. Vu. Entry books
will be opened August 14th, 189?, and
closed August 21st, 1898, at 8 o'clock- p.
m. In allclasses of trials of speed the
books will be olosed August 19th, 1893,
at 8 p. m No entries will be received
on the first day of the Fair. Make all
entries early, and in writing. Maroellus
M. Thompson, Seo'y. 8Stf
Death Without a Moment's Warning
Occurs In the Grafton Yard.
Geaeton, W. Va., July 4.?
'Without an instant's warning.
and in the most frightful man
ner, W- E. Robinson, yard brake
man at this place, was killed on
Sunday by a freight car pass
ing over his body. He was
walking on the track opposite
the B. & O hotel when his foot
caught in one of the guard rails
throwing him down, and before
he could extricate bis foot and
arise the rear car in a moving,
freight train crushed him to
death instantly. The train was
so near him when he fell that
the engineer could not stop the
train in time to avert the horri
ble accident
His remains were interred at
ihville oa Monday. The rer
brotherhood. He was a single
i and aoout SI years old.
Mr. Robinson was a son of Mr.
Lemuel Robinson, who lives on
Tenmile creek, about 4 miles
from Cherry Camp. He had
been working for the B. & 0. for
about 3 years as a regular brake
man, but was working in the
yard at Grafton when he was
$500 Reward !
WE will pay the above reward for any
ease of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipa
tation or Costiveness we eannot euro
with West'sVegetable Liver Pills, when
the directions are strictly complied with.
They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Sugar coated.
Large boxes, containing 30 Pills, 35
cents. Beware of counterfeits and imi
tations. The gennine manufactured
only by the John 0. West Company,
Chicago, 111. For sale by Cunningham
Bros., druggists, Clarksburg, W. Va.
The Teleoiiaii's circulation during
the last six months, is without u pre
cedent in the history of journalism in
Clarksburg. We do not ask you to look
at the list of names orSgnres only,
but after looking at the names you are
requested to visit tli? press room and
see the papers. Our guarantee is that
we print and send through the Postoflloe
more newspapers than any other pat>er
in the county. tf
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equal rank.
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County. Went Y?.
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12th and 18th.
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CEO. L. DUNCAN, Ag't.,
Clarksburg, - - West Va.
? - M

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