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~0* Correspondents mnst write all
proper names plainly. We can gneas at
? almost anything except a proper name
and have hopes of bang correct.
? Long letfauR oonoerning unimportant
' ; - Batten will not be published.
. Moat reporters think they anst write
* long letter or none. Bnon make a se
rions mistake.
. If yon only hare one item and that
S'; ,; -only makes three linea, sent! it on and
5;' . don't try to add a pngu to it.
jjPV,"" Always sign yonr real name some
We want yonr letters not later than
t Bltehie Sew*.
Col. Stewart, the oil man. has
a stcck of over five million funuy
stories. He has only told about
fifty thousand of them in Harris
' ville.
Married, on last Friday,
Ulysses G. Ban-old and Miss
Catherine J. Swadley. by Rev.
L. W. Roberts, at the M. E.
parsonage in Harrisville.
Mr. Lorenzo Reed and Mis.
Laverna Jones were married by
Rev. E. J. Wilson on Monday,
J.ane 21st
Dr. Wm. M. Rymer has had
four wedding' paties at his house,
and there is now only left his
? son Homer.?Gazette.
Went Cilna.
' - We hear that Albert West of
Auburn. will soon start a new
^.livery business here. The trade
in that Hue has become so great
here that there is room for an
other business of the kind.
Rev. Jesse P. Snodgrass en
tered the marriage relation the
third time last week when he
united in holy matrimony with
Miss Bettie Strosuider. of Center
i Point The strange feature of it
is that the Reverend's three wives
are all living, he having been
divorced from the first two.?
Mrs. Alton Powell and child
ren, of Clarksburg, are visiting
Mrs. Powell's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Holmes.?Herald.
Bnckhaanon Britfe.
Miss Mabel Fleming returned
Monday to her home in Shinns
ton, after a pleasant visit here of
two weeks.
Attorney G. M. Fleming was
up the railroad to Alexander and
Newlon on legal business Tues
day and Wednesday.
Rev. Dr. Lacy will preach at
the Church of the Transfigura
tion Friday evening of this week.
He will preach his farewell ser
mon next Sunday evening.
Miss Addie Flanagan, who at
tended school here at the Acad
emy several years and was a
great social favorite with our
people, was married at her home
at Toll Gate, Ritchie county, on
the 21st to Dr. H. M; Rymer, of
that place.
Teachers' Institute is in nession
here this week at the court house.
Prof. F. H. Crago. of Wheeling,
. and Prof. H. A. Darnell, of this
county, are the instructors.
There was an enrollment of 110
on Monday, the first day.
President B. W. Hutchinson
returned last Friday from the
Ohio Wesleyan University,where
he is a member of the Board of
Trustees. He left for Flatwoods
Saturday to dedicate a new
Fairmont Iteaii.
One day recently a little son
of Martin Wagner, while playing
with some other boys on the
- porch around the Barnsville de
pot was pushed off the porch
and broke his arm between the
wrist and elbow.
Miss Jennie L. Sutton, of Wil
office, were married at 740Ttiir.l
street northwest, at 8 o'clock
Thursday evening.?Washington
Mr. Eeed U a son of our towns
man, Frank E. Reed. His many
friends here extend congratula
The Baptist Sunday school, of
this place, is contemplating hold
ing a picnic at Gypsy Grove on
July 4th. All the members and
scholars are requested to be pres
ent next Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock and complete the ar
The assembly of the National
Union of West Virginia met hero
on 8unday, eight councils being
represented. B. H. Tackston, of
Huntington, was chosen presi
dent of the meeting, and Charles
Morningstar, of Wheeling, secre
tary. Prof. Thomas C. Miller,
of this place, was elected senator
for West Virginia for the ensuing
two years in the national organ
ization. whose next session" will
be held in Detroit, in July.
A very quiet wedding was cele
brated at the residence of Mr.
William B. Holbert In Grant dis
trict. on last Wednesday evening,
at which Mr. Flavins J. Pepper
and Miss Ida B. Holbert were
made man and wife.
It is reported tbat an Italian
was robbed of $300 on last Mon
day by a shell man. He was un
able to give a very intelligent ac
count of how it occurred, but on
Tuesday he swore out a warrant
before Justice Fisher and ac
companied by a -constable he
started in pursuit of the show,
hoping to get hold of the thief.
Not much sympathy is felt for a
man who will be caught in such
an old and well advertised game.
In this case it is claimed that the
money was not bet on the game,
but was taken out and exhibited
at the table when a fellow grab
I bed the roll of bills and made
away with it?Index.
~ ~
Without a Mother.
What a thrill of saddess pre
vades our hearts when we read
thesfe words, "without a mother!''
Such is the home of Rev. D. M.
Simonton. the well-known postal
clerk on the branch. Sunday,
July 2d. Mrs. Simonton retired
as one in perfect health ot 10 p.
m.. and as the silent hour of mid
night drew near death came to
the bedside and placed his icy
Angers upon her. "She sighed
and ceased to speak." In less
than twenty minutes the house
hold jewel was taken away, heart
failure being the cause. Thede
ceased's maiden Dame was Re
becca Jane Hart, and was born
Oct 15th, 1853. She was mar
ned March 4th. I860, to Rev. D.
M. Simonton, wus converted and
joined the M. P. church in De
cember. 1860.
At 9 o'clock. July 4tb. the old
Baileytown church bell swung
to and fro; but how unlike the
peals of the old Liberty Bell
which the day co memorated'
Remarks were made by Revs
Wade. Weese. Bailey. Yoke and
Conway at the church, to per
haps the largest crowd that ever
assembled there on a like occas
ion. But words of man can add
no luster to her name. The pure
lifo she lived tells the whole
story. It needs no comment.
has fallen asleep to awaken
to greater joys.
She was the mother of seven
children, all surviving her
Mother is dead! But her works
still live and will grow brighter
and brighter as the years roll on
The friends of the deceased have
the sympathy ot all. "Grieve
not as those without hope."
F. ? , c utties oi tl
air August 22-23 and 24. tf
_ A Fkie.vd.
'' V?'' Ju'y 5'h. "93.
Remember the dates of the
All* A ?>?") 1 _ 1 .
D. B. chu
(All denomt
10rt &
Officers andt__n
Scholar*, 725. ^
Total membersh
Average (
Monfcyse _
the past year.
Amoant cont
lent or missionary*)
Amoant contribt.
and county Sunday
sociations, $4.60.
Number added' fc
from the Sunday s
The following1;
elected for tne <
W. Youne. Pn
Reynolds, Hiram 1
Talmam; D. L. Pe.._
J. M. Holmes, Asb't i
[Post, Treasurer.' ;L
Executive Commitfc
Boring C. C.
Post. George McKinli
ley Sommerville
Delegates to count,
school convention:
Homer Waters, E. D .
J. W. Young, C. C. Ta
D. L. Perine. ' \
Interest very good. %
The convention was1
tamed by the good ?
Respectively Subr
D. L. f~'
Brown'* JHili. -j|
Corn is a little short
looking very well. The
is looking fine and thai meadow
grass is extremely ligh
The apple and pe?
going to be small and
Rood quality.
The auction which
going on here for a
brings quite a crowd
to our village.
G. W. Fenton and .,i
were married this s
agreed to disagree ?
takes two hoases to
There have been i
ber of letters sliped i
office lately
and some
good chat
Prof. S. B. ]?
in our town several MM4ca
in the interest of his profi
Grade Cabinet Hioto.
well mo mi ted. Artiato P.rviTV"';
HI|T Hnffalo. ' ;;
We have mail now six davs
every week.
The Yerkey band ha2 gone to
Avon to furnish music for the
Sunday School Convention to
day. which is in session.
The wheat crop is depriving
some of celebrating the 4th. ex
cept in the field.
The funeral sermon of James
Maddoi was preached by Rev.
Hess at Ml Olive U. B. church
last Sunday. g ^
Iu Colored Circlet.
-Mrs. Smith and little son, of
Buckhannon. are visiting her
E* *Irs'J" L- Jones, on Mon
ticollo Avenue.
Miss Jessie Boll left Wednes
day morning for Weston.
th?I?liSandy I,enders?n. ?ne of
the oldest citizens of the town
died at his home last Thursday
evening and was buried Satnr
rh!Ir'^VilIiam Lower<r has pur
property on Mechanic St
Mr. Taylor, of Bridgeport.^
in the city Tuesday.
Jfotlct to Trachrrn.
There will be a special Pea
body Institute at Clarksburg,
?Inly 1< to 21. Hon
Houeh and Prof. A. J Wilkinion
instructors. A teachers' ex
amination will be held at Clarks
burg. July 24 and 25. "
P. M. Harbert, '? >?'
County Sup't
Narrowly Escapes.
* . ?? -
The sad news reached this city
on Wednesday of an accident
that resulted in the death of
George Fairfax, who was well
known here and attended Broad
das last term. Ho was
here on a visit about three weeks
ago and attended Broaddus com
The calamity that caused his
death happened while young
Fairfax was driving in a buggy
with B. M. Despard, Esq.. of this
city. The horse ran away and
threw both the occnpants out,
stunning Mr. Despard. while his
companion had his skull crushed
and both legs and arms broken.
t*eorge was about sixteen
years old. and was a son of Gay
Fairfax, Esq., of Reedsville,Pres
ton county. His parents are
prostrated with grief. They had
a pleasant home where Mr. Des
pard was often a welcome visitor.
Mr. Despard is not seriously
hurt, and is expected home this
evening. Young Fairfax was
highly esteemed by all who knew
Elder 8. 8. Bearer, ofMoAlliiterrille
Jnniatta Co.. P- hi^fi
ject to cramp 10 the stomach. Lwt
summer she tried Chamberlain's ehliV
?'^e\y Ynnx, Monday, July s, 1808.
quotations or beztk
Common to medium .... 4 flora ? iw
Texan* and Colorado* 3 <B in 4 as
Oxen and stag* ? ui ?? I <5
Bulla and dry cowa 2 50 44 8
Average to-day. estimated 3 00 @
aVen,8e prioe
BEE Via ? Beoeipto' were 849
dSreofJn5,8^ 241 can consigned
toMi to slaughterers?36 ears forex
SXd73 ,or th? market
?? ? ? exception
offering all went to the
boose on Daily
shannon nvenue,
ft Clarksburg. West
salre in the world for onto,
uses, sores, uloera, salt rheum fever
5&S. hMkfcSuuSS?
?52i " "options, and pogi
0r-no P*/ "quired,
it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Prioe 2.1 cento
box. tor sale by Clayton &
Atnan named Harry Kecher
orKorker. a harness-maker of
Mays" lie, Ky., aged about 27.
and claiming Newport as his
home, made a desperate, but un
successful attempt at suicide last
Sunday eyening. He cut his
throat from ear to ear. partly
severiug the trachea and inflict
ing a horrible wound. He used
a razor and his escape from in
stant death is almost miraculous.
Remedy for Rheumatism has
the unqualified en<oEe?"t^M
SffaSilkS1* " a safe and re!
or sent by pretSid
Agents wanted. 23tf
A Wild Boj.
Tiie town of Livermore, Cal.,
has a wild boy that eats grass
lives on roots and herbs and does
all sorts of strange things. For
years this wild boy has lived in
his father's pastures, and has
been as contented as any ordina
ry mortal would be in a well
Xurnished and comfortable home.
The unfortunate lad has a name
and a home, but he does not re
gard either as much as any ra
tional being would. He prefers
to frisk around in his father's
grain fields and chase the fright
ened children of the neighbor
hood down the country roads.
John Worth is the wild boy's
name and he is about fifteen
years old. His father is Harrison
Worth, who lives on a little tract
or ground a few miles out of Liv
ermoro. fhe boy has been a
terror to the neighbors for a long
time Ever since his birth he
has been an imbecile, and all at
tempts to teach him even the ru
diments of understanding have
been but dismal failures.
Goods and Prices Produce Wanted.
Steam Pumps for use in Mines,
Fresh water, Special Boiler Feed
ers, Heavy Presure Pumps and
for all kinds of duty.
Steam and
Brass and
Special pumps bnilt to order for all kinds of duty. Special at
tention to supplies for mines and coke works. Write for catalogue
Flannels. Yarns. Blankets & Ladies' Skirtin
Hade at the Glarksburg Woolen mills
JDiry CS-ood.s.
Brown Cottons, Dress Silks,
Bleached Cottons, Trimming Silk
Sheetings, Dress Go
Tickings, Clothes
Cassimeres, Jea
Trimmings, Ribbons,
Embroideries, Laces,
Hosiery, Gloves, .
Corsets, Knitting Silk
Embroidery Silks,
Corn Meal,
Choice Flour,
Tools, Nails,
Plows, Points.
Oil, Moldboards,
Paints, Iron.
iiaU'JV- SB ??-H? ~f!- m
Wall Papers. Blinds, Carpe?s, Oil Cloths, Gents' Funishlng Goods
Baskets, Trunks and Valises, Looking Glasses, School
Supplies, Books, Stationery, Inks. Diamond Dyes,
Quoensware, Glassware. Stoneware, Hay,
Brick, Shingles. SsJt, Feed.
Glioice Grass
Timothy, Clover, Orchard, Kentucky Blue Grass, English
Best Q-ualit3? of
More Lumber Tor Sale.
I have on hand about 100 M
each of poplar and oak lumber,
seasoned, suitable lor planing
mill work. Also frame lumber,
flooring, ceiling, patent siding
common weather boards, wains
coting in W. O., R. O. ash, chest
nut and butternut, single and
double surface lumber. Any one
wishing to buy building material
will please call and see my stock
on Saturdays at my place of
business. Thinking the public
for past patronage, I remain
Very Truly,
D. B. Hankey,
20tf Quiet Dell, W. Va.
To My Patroas.
On account of some of my cus
tomers objecting to the use of
creek ice. I at once proceeded to
fill my ice honse with manufact
ured ice and will deliver all or
ders promptly. Mail orders
given strict attention. Wm. Burk.
Only two of those lots on Bas
table avenue remain unsold. Call
soon if you want one. Inquire
of C. Sprigs Sands or E. W.
One of the best bred sons of
Dictator, dam Gossamer (dam of
Sarcenet 2:16i) by Princeos. ill
producers of extreme speed. ?
grand individual and a trotter
himself. Will be allowed a li*>"
ited number of approved mares&t
the extremely low price of I26<
the season, with the usual free re
turn if the mare proves not in
foal or slips.
Grenadine can be found at his
own stable on Sycamore all of
each week during the season
except Fridays and Saturdays,
when he will be at the Fair
Grounds. Clarksburg.
For extended pedigree, as
cription, etc., call on, or address,
M. C. BELL, Jfg'r..
Sycamore Dale, W. Va.
For Sale.
A good spring wagon
platform springs, very stro ,i
As good as new. Will be
at a bargain. Enquire of "?
Morris. Hoff block, Clarksburg,
W. Va.

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