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mm.T*EATEO;Br. MAIL confidemtial
MM Ifo ?Uni?f. S?c<J ?(MM la rtMDp* for p*?Uc?Ur? t?
i.w. r.img ?natrtriora ciimi. m.
The Great laitbh Remedy*
Fromotly and oermaiient
rg'y . vr lO^woodWMdttTim^
jjj Sold ft OlarkAbnrgby Clayton & Dent,
H. L. Wells, R. J. Irlss and draggiaU
^ everywhere.
mlngbtra Bros., & C<?.
Go to Lambrecht's when that
-i- ? watch spring breaks. 14.
: Persons looking ' for choice
Wesi Virginia lands, either tira
- ;' ^bered or improved, will And it to
; their advantage to correspond
v with P. I. Lynch, Craigmoor, W.
I Va. 18tf.
vf< y 7TT- ?ij
We have just printed a lot of
;, new blank warranty deeds, with
. the new form of acknowledgment.
They are printed.on triple extra
?t 1-white "bpnapaper. and they have
no superior in the State. Each
;? ' -"How t<r Cure a Skin Disease." ?
r : Simply apply "Swayne'a Ointment." No
Internal medicine required. Cares tetter
*39 ecsema.ltch. all eruptions on the face, hands
; veto.* leaving tbe akin clear, white and
. healthy. lis great healing and curative
' ? pawera are possessed by no other remedy,
t a Ask your drucglst for Swayne'sOlnt ment
al. .' ?' M v
JW you look at the date
'|J 1 on your paper? Did
. yOU gn(j that you
were owing us your subscription?
Kindly pay up as we dislike the
idea of having to collect
?Why pay a big price for sad
. ales and harness when you can
buy them so cheap at Wm.8.
Sumner'* wpnerv west Mninpt
^[ftLTSR JfeDgliK.
Bus Line and Express
Splendid conveyances to meat
all trains.
Passengers called for in any
part of the city.
Elegant carriages for weddings,
funerals, &c.
Accidents Unheard Of.
Only careful drivers employed.
To sell Nursery Stock on Commission.
We desire ulso to onll the attention of
_n . ( Fine Line of
(.Nursery - Stock
that we will have for fall delivery. For
prices call on or address
P. O. Box 60,
Clarksbukg. [25 tf.] W. Va.
I ?s named" after' ]
mousadmlrel who fought tor the e
?* so far
.ore. "? only other ijenera/qlil
?"? wto l??e reoeived these
?.eaves atojr.wohb. ;
tn* smallest tostin grant nw. ?
fow* on the ronmilt of
Scotland. It u the dwsf^S^*
which u nature whm <rfuow,
toteht otZTZihtF ,tufau tha
a farm at danrers, Wa^t^J!?
waa harvested from the tree last J
hard* rt cypress of lom
thousand years old." ^tareflre J
largest, smallest, oldest.
tbreo thousand threehzr^w
f^m|* &M*1 Indta
fantat blr^?^?? ?
female ai* and one-hall ? ** b?
gently over the eyes. ttnd ^
englishmen of note.
of West- i
perseoond ^ odd one-h???u |
tre, ?&?*?
Tint bishop of, Liverpool la one of the
most stalwart members of the Epis
copal bench. Be stands over six feet
high and is, or was, a model of a uni
versity athlete.
Duke CuablesTheodore, of Bavaria,
not only has learned but steadily prac
tices the art of healing, and recently
performed his two thousandth opera
tion for oatarnct.
"A good servant makes a good mas
ter"?and a bad servant also makes a
good master?swear.
"A 8J1AI.L spark makes a great fire"?
and a short "spark" has been known
to make a million-dollar match.
"BonnowED garments never fit well;"
and the samo may be Baid of the gar
ments "made to mcasuro" in London.
"The weakest muBt go to the wall;"
except that in an exhibition of paint
lngs the strongest go to the walli
though in somo exhibitions the rule
apparently still holds.?Puck.
Is the best remedy you can find for
hoarseness, oroup, congh and asthma.
The 35 cent bottles are monsters for the
money. Why cough, hnok, spit, sniffle
and make a noisy nuisance of yourself
wlion so good a remedy is at hand?
Stop that ooughl It may bring yon
trouble. Tako Boroman's Cough Syrup
and do not be tooled into buying some
thing else called "just as good" be
cause the dealer wants a fancy profit
Sold by all dealers.
Cunningham Bros. <fc Co.. Clarks
burg' W. Horuer, Lost Creek; Porine
& Davis, Good Hope: 0. W. Morri
son. Mt Claro: Francis Bros.. Wil
sonburg ;C. A_Sheehy, P. M., Bridge
port; Uarguiu Store, Jarnsville.J. 0.
Bartlett .t Co., West Milford; Mike
Dolan, Wolf Summit: L. L. Bailey,
Beynoldsville; Mrs. W. B. Stephens,
Sycamore Dale, B. S. Ogden, Sardis;
E A. Wilson, Salem ;Morgan & Earl,
Bespect; Griffin Bros.,Cherry Camp;
A. J. Kincaid, Brown's Mills; H. G.
Post, East End, Clarksburg; West
Fork Coal & Coke Co., Furnum;
F. H. Wiloox ft Co., Wyatt; Mrs.
tib Jarrett, at the blind man's store,
Shinnston; E A. Wilson. Sftleni; H.
W. Winter. Flemington; Bailey &
Burnside, Benson: B.F. Stout, Quiet
Dell; Lewis & Queen, Jolintown mid
Bockford; Geo. B. Pulton k Co.,
Tile above 25 agents to be adver
tised so long as they sell 1 .1 z ]?r
jrear at retail, nt our eonlrm t pnii.
The advertising to cease when solo
lor less thou $1 per bottle.
Dr. L A. Davidson,
as West Milford, W. V#,
West Milford
Nor would unp
No doubt I IOC
Aa being born
And relatll
Would era
Would not my
When far and nearaweete*
the dying 4*7,- - &iit$
Whon nature nlocps In Waul
dren kneel and pray,
Then for that rost and n
comfort by my aide,
I lo7e to dream of chllflhooc
the eventide. ? "jJfSSBj
I iee the eows come flllng il
the lea ; ?'
Tboaame sain thoeeolden
plot so free,
The person's smile and gi
Joyously aWoe," .i . i
Are cherished scenes In drei
the evontlde.
?Horvoy N. Bloomer, t
Where the Old T
The rosy lips of monmic
cheek ol aprlng,
The firat bluoblrd of summl
^ ?>??. ? v
Ilia pussy willow. head! i
getitle breeze,
The bods are swelled 10 Jwi
maple troea,
Thewtneofllfela mlnsled
, you take
All nature Is responding
And the resurrection Ufts ?
rolling tide,
Aa you early seek the deep
wear-. |
?bo only
Bow unwrniatfy you left the
season closed;
How jou .labored (Or that
calmly dozed
In the shadow of tho rook
winked the other eyfcv"
MDo you take me for a baby,
a Ayr
Bow dignified and lazy as he
And smelled yoOr scarlet lb
coachman therel jjj ^
How every speckle gllntedft
And you alxpoit got to sirau
, There never was a I
old folks say,
Who caught the bl
get away,-!
And it's just ss true
Yet after all th? sportsman,''though,
catch his fish.
Catches all the life and stnu^t^thfl
heart can wish;
Olft mother nature takes him and snl
wrinkles out
So get your rod and basket, for thti
made for trout:
Ysull go baok to your labor* to yo
musty books;
In your soul a little laughter, of the
the brooks;
In your heart a little singing like th
a bride;
And you got your Inspiration where
IIow Joner WorkwT]
No mas a-Uvln* an* no man dead
Ever pot a minute or a mile ahead
O' old Dill Jones?didn't treat him
He'd git even, if it took ten year!
Run tor oCU, an* he thought he'd h
Town postmaster?spent his cash i
Guv'ment told him he was shore t
An' Jones was ready fer to Jes' ste
But the wldder got tv?twas a doi
But her name was on It when the':
An* they laughed at Jones?hut I
eye :v
An' smiled on the widder when si
An' the upshot of It wns^dtrot <
Jones married the widder?then i
An* he took her sign an' her papei
An' he's now postmaster o* that a
?F. L? Stanton. In Atlanta C
Neveb both be angry;*
1 Never talk at one and
alone or in company. . 3
Let each one strire to yt
| to the wishes of the other. |
Never find fault, unlet* 1
i ly certain that a fault hag
mitted, and always speak I
Never let any. faulty?
mitted go by until you hi
confessed it and asked foro
fever. *****
Hxssr Laboochekb thinks that It
ought to be the custom for women to
make proposal* of marriage. He con
tend* that when a bachelor became ao
quaintcd with'avery charming woman,
he would exert himself, by good oon
duot, to win ft proposal from her.
' Poe ' ?- .
MabyBukton, a coy maid of one.
hundred and one summers, was mar
ried In the Grimsby (England) parish.;
church recently.
Twnts In Glen Ellyn, near Chicago,
lately celebrated the ninety-first anni
versary of, their birth. Their names
are Mrs. Ackerman and Mrs. Christian.
Chasles Revere Ccbtis, who Is still
hale and hearty at eighty, lives at
Rockland, N.Y., and Is a great grand
son of the Immortal Paul Revere of the
famous ride.
VicTon BiJU/yr, one of the few sur
viving veterans of the French army at
Waterloo, recently celebrated his one
hundredth anniversary In his native
village,in the Yonne.
An Irish woman named Mrs. Todd
years. Dneweu reracmwaw :
the stirring scenes of the rebellion of*
1788. "?
paMpafc ?- ? '
Gen. Grant once declined to servo
as president of the Panama Canal com
pany, with a salary of 828,000. because
he thought its scheme impracticable.
! Jultos Steblino Mobton is a grad
uate of the University of Michigan,
class of 1B58. Ho was private secre
tary to Lewis Cass before moving to
Fopjnrr Mkliiorn, .of Smithfleld
township,' Jefferson county, 0., sixty
five. years old, has finished plowing
thirty acres of land, using a team of
horses, each of which is thirty years
David H. Smitii, son of the Mormon
"Thet, Joseph Smith, has been an in
e of the asylum for the insane at
for seventeen years. He
11?it 'man and has written a
and one of psalmii. the
ifes&l' . ?
ui . Auentown, Pa., is re
to have been shot at three times,
each .time her . life was saved by
iAhotheb at PemiBcot, Mo., has four
laughters who bear these euphonious
oames: Beulah May, Ivy Rose, Reoda
Alwilda and Greta Alflcta.
"It will cost you fifteen cents just
the same," are the reported words of a
New York druggist when he was told
that the use of hlB telephone was de
sired in a case of life or death. Of
course the fifteen cents was paid.
All small boys advocate felt slippers.
Tin eye is the thermometer of the
A cynio is a man who must be un
happy to be happy.
A man Is judged by the cigars he
gives to his friends.
A critic Isn't always right, but the
critics are never wrong.
The easiest thing in the world is not
to becomo a millionaire.
SCCctss, like charity and a silk hat,
covers a multitude of sins.
.. Anybody can write poetry. Only a
I great man can criticise it.
The astronomer knows almost as
much about space as the reporter.?
Judge. ?
, Bt all odds the finest attraction at
I' the world's fair will be the American
I giri.?Baltimore American.
J - Chicago will welcomo its visitors
I with on open hand; but let It not be
expected that the hand will remain
open all the time.?Sioux Citv JournaL
J Chicago has done her work well and
I there is no doubt that at Jackson park
] will be gathered the grandest exhibit
the world has ever seen.?Duluth Tril>
| To the creditor's of Elios Swigor de
You are heroby notified that at the re
?ueet of Henry A Swigor and J. N.
wigcr, administrators of the estate of
I Ellas Swigor, deceased, whose aooounts
are before me for settlement, I have ap
I pointed the 10th day of August, 1898, at
my office in the town of Olarksburg,
Harrison oounty, West Virginia, for re*
deving proof of debts or demands
I against said decedent or his estate.
I Given under my hand as Oommis
sioner of Aooounts for Harrison oountv,
1 State of West Virginia, this 23d day of
June, 1803. James N. David,
| 32-0t Commissioner of Aooounts.
| To the Creditors of Gideon W. Sandus
ky, deceased:
In pursuance of a decree of the Cir
ouit Court of Harrison county, made in
a causo therein pending, to subject the
I estate of the said decedent to the pay
ment of his debts, you ara required to
I present your olaims against the estate
I of the said deoedent for adjudication to
I Marcellus M. Thompson, Commissioner
I at his office in said oonnty. on or beforo
I the 12th day of July, 1893
Witness, Henry Haymond, Clerk of
the said oourt, this 20th day of May
1898. H. HAYMOND,
29-Ot, Clerk.
To the oreditors of ? George Long, i
ceased: ? ' . ???!
payment of bis debts, you are required:
to present jour olai ma against the es tate
of said deoedent for ad indication 10 M.M.
the said court, this 18th day of June,
1808. Hexby Hayiiond,
81-Bt Clerk.
jWilliam P.. Long, 8evmonr Long,
Charles Long,. Henry A. Long, Mary
M. Tetriok, Anginorah Hay; Busan
Tetriok, Isabelle Patton.. Louisa Mo
Donald, Anna Sophia Fleming, Rosa
B. Long and Nancy Rfiliston, Plain
tiffs vs.
John W. Monroe, Administrator, with
will annexed of George Long; de
ceased, Charles O. Henry, Executor
of Sophia W. Long, deceased, Mury E.
Dayton, Cora Jenkins, Mury Tucker,-.
net Mary Harrison,. Wil"--1' "----A
wade, John T. Greenwai
edtoouditistate and setl
of John W.Monroe, adminisfa
of George Long, deceased,and ascertain
what debts, if any, of the testator,
George Long, deceased, remain'unpaid,
the character and amount thereof, and
to whom payable what estate, real and
personal, the said George Long owned
athis death, which of the legacies, if
any, under the will of said George
Long, deceased, have been paid out of
his estate, and if. not paid, to whom
payable, and the amount thereof; what
part of the estate of testator, George
Long, if any, passed into the hands of
Sophia W. Long,and how mnch thereof,
remained unexpended at her death, ana
to state and settle aoooants of Charles
O. Henry, executor of Sophia Long, de-'
ceased, and report whether the real
estate of said George Long, deceased, is
susceptible of partition in kind among
his heirs, with any matter required by
parties hereto or deemed pertinent by
commissioner, and perform suoh other
services as are therein stated and there
by required to be reported.' All parties'
in interest are required to attend at the
time and place aforesaid, with such
books, papers, vouchers and evidence
as will enable me to oomply with said
order of court
Given under my hand thiB the 13th
day of June, 1803.
Mahcellcs M Thompson,
83-4t Commissioner.
A Specific
ForHeadaohe, Neuralgia and Ehema.
tism. Thirty-two doses for Fifty
cents. Put up by
R. J. Grass, Druggist,
t-25.] Clarksburg, w. Va.
Hull poller Mill
Clarksburg, W. Pa.
We have recently refitted oui
Mill and put in the full rollei
system. Will guarantee quality
of flour made by us equal to any
manufactured in the State, ot
brought here from adjoining
Bolted Corn Meal,
Choice Seed Oats,
Corn and Oats Chop
Custom Grist Work
A specialty. Satisfaction
Highest market price paid for
We are buying wheat and p&yin*
the highest cash prioe.
Lowndes & Chobpening Co.. .
* ? V.-'vv..
Fresh fish on sale.
Pike Street,' | cTartftbbrs'
" 'v'?"""?nrg
7:68 a. m. ; No. M7.**2B?5i5B!
8:12 p.m.
a i
? Brai Grafton . iS^S
P^i. 7?02Ppmi: N?- 'feii
Ohas. O. Scull, Qeu. Paja. Agt
J.T.Odbl* GenlMa^r"4
0. Aj^jmOT,K A^nt ;
?piIE ltO.V?a?AUELAH. Jt.
?.0""n.ia^r 8unday May la. traini wffl
ran on th? Monongah rr. u follows: * J
? Tram Wo. I s I < | lo

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