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Consumption Suroly Cured.
I?x5?? f!nm!~nw**-<?*T. ?*wa?
kMDd tTobo?l?otmrmatmuatotSr^
fSr. T. i. SLOCC**. 0_ ?%%
BOOT and Shoe Shop. jfoT
9 pairing promptly done. Good
itook, rates reasonable A. S
fells. One dooreast of Lowndes
Cures Sick HeadacHe
Anti-bilious or Liver Pills.
Nothing ever known to equal them. Alwan
I safe and reliable. 71
Kl. or S?,,r CMt*. Sold br .11 n ^
Laugniin's Worm Syrup,
For the Destroying of Worms.
I ?,HH?HL,N's?~~
Lm *
Foots* /SSSffJ^.JS^LP^ '* Fowia
ss a^tSpBeangBm
??w "WTWh?? ,,T*
I nAVXD B. POUTS. Proprietor.
Le , , nu.nKou.Kn
or Sale by A. 0 Rector & Bro.
I km Cireftr PIIm. Prlrofl. Oy
I-* ? ?^^WKewYotfccSr.
We Can't do it
Ri ? of cheap iw??s-i M that a
l^lcr en profitably sell It at 10c.
L Our price is 20c.
1 wiCtllfl5aVB tho Pabli? will not pay
I alwnv. '> public'will, because tKy
:c|? f, BV * fair price for a good
1 .ft, 'ho,r both ? trad? ?od the
it"to give them the be?t
?e least money, we will pay
^1?be for the Teleqam,
\^lne paper , in Central
ot .th. patent office. Ewty vhdt re
veal* mm wonderful thought made
?thfbw, but heietufuic unseen. The
beet, model* do not adequately expcea
the intricacies of' the reasoning which
they an intended to eonveyi and *el
dom do they perfectly make manifest'
the oonelusiona reached bythelr au
thor*. The aolid thought* of solid
men, wrought into valuable machinery
for trade and eommeraeor terrible en
ginery for war, are not more interest
ing than the freaks of ingenuity dis
played on erery hand. The patent
office museum 1* a place of Interest for
the philosopher as well as the cardess
sightseer; The amusement and enter-,
tainmant of this wonderful place has
long since passed for me; and itwaa
with the plodding thoughtfnlness of a
philosopher that I went through the
patent office with some friends this aft
ernoon. While thoy chatted and chat
tered about tho peculiar things before
them, my mind was dwelling upon the
fact that this place was a chamber of
Those devices tor flying machines,
for perpetual motion, for aerial naviga
tion upon many plans, and for other
schemes Impractical for the present, are
interesting, it is true, so long as one
does not look away beyond them and
see, in a dark and dingy room, the in
ventor himadf. Put, when we remem
ber that these curious devices emanated
not from untrained, uneducated brains,
but from strong and ambitious intel
lects, we can faintly imagine the disap
pointments and sorrows of the unsuc
cessful inventors. Some of them lived in
attics, in crowded cities, with little rai
ment, and sometimes without food.
They could see before them nothing hut
suocess and consequent wealth. Their
mirages faded away, alas, and In the
sear and yellow leaf of life they either
went over the hills to the poorhonse or
found'final rest, after life's fitful fever,
In the potter's field; unloved, unnoted,
far from home and the loves of early
life, with "unknown" marked upon a
pine dab headstone.
One poor inventor, however, found am
ple success in afterlife; but not from his
invention. Had he depended upon that
one thing, and founded his hopes of life
solely upon that creation of his brain,
as so many inventors do, his life would
have been a failure. But, after placing
his model on file, he turned his mind to
the continuance of his profession and
becamo a great lawyer. The model 1*
in a glass cose along with other devices
which represent life's failure for many
poor people. It is like an accordion,
and was intended to be attached to the
hulls of river craft to enable their nav
igators to float them oyer shoal places.
children of America. lint, as sn In
ventor, US is wholly-unknown.
One of the peculiar devices for navi
gating the waters is a boat to be pro
pelled by a gigantic windmill, but little
smaller than tho boat itself. It never
probably occurred to the inventor that
a calm at sea would render his wind
mill device a delusion and a fatal snare
to the vessel uilngit, and to the passen
gers traveling by that method of pro
pulsldn. Another inventor, however,
believing in the windmill theory, made
an Improvement I?) upon it, by provid
ing a treadmill on deck, .to be worked
by horse power to make the windmill
revolve. This Invention with its im
provement probably represents .the
wasted efforts of two ambitious Uvea,
suggests again the chamber of hor
rors. It is rivaled by another raodol
which provided in the hold.of a vessel
a great engine which is Intended to
pump water into the bow of tho boat,
and pour it upon a water wheel
fixed at tho stern of tho vessel, tho ob
ject being to force tho boat along by
. sVij '.-\fN
?KisAssw.' ?
power in
ren tire genius baa
. I H . ,
ise that powe^Jfer.. the navigation of
pUfroriTOT,, iQ^enaaa pendulum-like
from an inclined maat. "??
back and' forth; *
W-4~ '?0W" **
captured U conveyed to the propeller
by a peculiar mechanism. The Inventor
pre-enpposes that the wavea will always
swing his pendulum with precisely the
aame motion; but he haa made no pro
vision, and can make no provision, tor
a storm at sea, or even an ordinary gale,
which would swing his weight back
and forth through the ship like a ter
rible trip-hammer, amaahing and crush
ing everything in contact with it, and
shattering tho ship to splinters. This
model represents a wasted life and
wasted energise, commensurate with
the wasted powers of the ocean which
the poor fellow vainly strove to bridle
for tho use of man.
In tho glass cases where firearms are
exhibited, there are curios innumerable
and Indescribable.. One singular Inven
tion by a farmer alwaya attracts atten
tion. It was intended for frontiersmen
who were ubllgcd to come in oontaet
with hostile Indians. In the first place
it would h-ive been so costly that no
pioneer could'have afforded one, and in
the next place it could never have been
practically used. Tho beam of a plow
is converted Into a gun. and was in
tended both to fool Indians and to, kill
them. If a hostile Indian came upon a
farmer with one of these plows, he could
see, of course, that the farmer had no
rifle wit]) him. Then, as he advanced
to kill the farmer, that worthy; could
Just turn his horses to one side and
shoot off his plow at Mr. Indian, and go
ahead with Ills work.
stock is a skeleton filled witllc-^,?
It cannot be made serviceable' on ac
count of its great weight, and because
it works too slowly.
How would mother llko to have a
rocking chair which plays an organ,
works an automatic fan and rooks itsolf
by clockwork? How would baby like
that way of going to sloop?. Some
thoughtful fellow of domestio turn Of
mind has invented this homo harmonia
er, but it costs too much for poor peo
ple. and rich mothers prefer to employ
nurses. Hence the inventor remains
poor and unhappy.
Some lazy fellow has sat up nights to
invent a machine which will pick up
sticks of wood, put them on the saw
buck, hold them there with an artificial
knee and saw them into proper lengths.
This con be worked with a treadle,
while the farmer sits in doors, and
smokes his pipe In peace, growing fat
and jolly, whilo he watchcs his wife
cleaning house and baking for the
The "hen persuader" was described
when the patent was applied for. It Is
a long wire attached to tho hen's ankle,
extending backwards. It prevents the
fowl from scratching or moving back
ward and compels her to go forward
all the time, hunting bugs and support
ing herself. Surra D. Fnr.
Squirrel* In Washington.
Squirrels are very plentiful and de
structive in some parts of the state of
Washington. Lincoln county paid out
140,000 In bounties on squirrel scalps
last year, yet but little good effect was
produced. It Is proposed to tax all the
landa in the county to raise funds to
fight the pest, and so make railroada
and bon-resident owners help in the
Urine on Wutc.
Over fifty thousand Parisians, it is ,
said, earn a living by picking up and
making use of what other people throw
away?rags. bones, metal and such
Uroat Stats? Kansas.
Banana eating contests are "all the
rage" at Weir City, Kan. At a recent
banana soiree the winner is said trr have
devoured thirty-two bananas
It Is said that a hornet can' easily
make a mile a minute up hill, if yon get
him mad enough.
On difference between a. wise man
and a fool is. that a fool's mistakes
sever teaoh him anything.
Tnx man who howls and growls
every time hit wife wants a little
money, very often buries her in a rose
wood casket.?Barn's Horn.
Th* chief singer of a choir at Neola,
Miss., is a Mr. Highnota.
. Miss Honnniaix is an applicant
for a post offiee In Minnesota.
A. Cotammtur is the name of a
poultry raiser near Anniston, Ala.
Thb Poppers snd the Mustards are
neighboring famlliot in Sussex, DeL
Ward McAixuteb is the name of a
new foreman of the Santa Fe yards in
TCsntss City. Is the future switchmen
who report far duty after six o'oloek
will appear in evening dress.
7'a 00
*82 BS^ ?~b"- *2 ?
I s^|K2?T.? Jg
UeS. Taylor 88 00
jha Hardeaty 80 00
Tillie Moore ; > 80 00
| U'O. Ovstcr 88 00
L. Cunningham 88 00
i. Hen...... 18 00
V H. Bobey 88 00
?^.Biblett 88 00
u Morris 88 00
JTardeaty 88 00
Aahoraft 80 00
tobinaon 88 00
J: W. Pigott 30 00
J. Ernest Swiger SO 00
James E Dunoan 80 00
W. G. Duucan 80 00
J. B. ObeuTront 88 00
C.<E. Boggeas 80 00
Third mouth?Sallle Denham .. *88 00
Miriam Den bam 88 00
VestaDenham ... 88 00
Nonie & Taylor 88 00
Bertha Hardeaty.. 80 00
Tillie Moore 80 00
L. O. Oyster 88 00
H, L. Cunningham.: 88 00
J. N. Heas.... 88 00
Geo. H. Bobey 88 00
W. EBiblett 88 00
W. E- Morris 88 00
T. S. Hardeaty 88 00
Casper Asboraft 80 00
J. D. Bobinaon 88 00
J. W. Pigott 80 00
7. Erneat Swiger 80 00
James E Duncan 80 00
W. G. Duucan 80 00
J. B. Cheuvront 88 00
C. T. Boggeas 80 00
Fourth month?Sallie Denham.. C88 00
Miriam Denham 88 00
Veata Denham 88 00
NollieS. Tajlor 88 00
Bertha Hordosly 80 00
Tillie Moore 80 00 |
L. O. Oyster 33 00
H. L. Cunningham 81 89
J. JST. Hess 83 00
Geo. H. Robey 88 00
W. E. Biblett 88 00
W. E. Morris 88 00
T. a Hordesty 83 00
?? ..... 80 00
88 00
? i ? ? a<C a ? 88 40
30 00
?famm ?i.i/unoan 80 00
Vf: G. Duncan ? 80 00
J. B. Oheuvront 88 00
a t Boggeas... 80 00
Order* drawn on the Building Fund,
(or the year ending June 80, 1808.
C. D. Bobinaon ooal and broom. $ S 15
M. K. Baker ooal houae and two
outbuildings 18 #0
B. of E. Olay district (or tranaler
ed pupils 88 00
B. o?E Simpson distriot(ortrans
ferred pupils 6 40
H. C. Hedges broom and crayons 80
8. H. Bartlett ooal... >2 00
P. W. 8haw A Co. broom, shovel,
sprinkler ai id orayons 1 80
HndaonCo. furniture 07 00
P. M. Long reoording two deeds, 2 80
Thomas Hawker surveying two
lots and writing deeda 8 00
A. O. Brooke annual report to Co.
Snpt 10 00
A. C. Brooke making out transi's S 00
Central School supply house 78 00
'F. A. Lee repairing hotue 140 00
M. J. Harbert (or building sohool
liouse and 2 out buildings 890 00
O. W. Cunningham ooal. S 60
Erie* Hardeaty painting root.... 8 00
Eaeel Bobinaon ooal 4 00
Will Moore ooal 4 80
8. H. Bartlett ooal 4 81
Lamar Lyon ooal 4 00
Henry Hawker ooal 8 43
Kay A Cunningham mdse 2 03
M. J. Harbert to building sohool
house, outbuildings and 4 aorea
lsnd..: 408 80
J. D. Bobinaon crayons, latob,
pokur. aprinker, bucket, repairs
(or stove and serving as janitor 18
J. B. Cheuvront brown crayons,
Hinges and serving as janitor . 8 00
Olios. Alussy janitor 8 00
Vf. E Morris janitor. Ao 8 90
Vf. A. Clawaon, mdse 4 40
L. F. Nay 4 00
Nay A Ounningham mdae 8 23
Emera Gopenhaver hauling seats
J. Vf. Swiger repairing chimney. ? vu
Boy Shrevee janitor and ooal 0 00
William Smith coal 7 00
Joseph Miller janitor 8 00
M-J.Harbertfreight on fur., trans
I ~^^,!^*Pat.tinBnpsame. 11 70
I ?? P'?^?Oarty 500 ft lumber.... 5 00
Ojffnan b"ilJlDB ?*1 house 1 50
A-. JJartinmdae.. 2 03
John Warner janitor g 00
Ghaa. Harbert janitor, Ac 8 85
M. J Anderson janitor and clean
ing necessaries M
James Hawker ooal 5 no
J-Eg1"'8?l?er janitor 8 00
F. H. Wiloox 4c Co. Triiinn and
oleanlrfg house 8 la
Bom Garrett janitor 8 00
C.P lortneyjanitor 8 00|
Biley Baker ooaL crayon A broom 8 59
Eliaa Moon ooal 7 00
T.W. Shaw mdae 85
O. T. Boggeas janitor 8 00
Amos Hawker fixing floe 4 50
Mat tie Loomaa janitor 8 00
Irm A. Harbert ooal 4 50
Mary A. Bobey janitor, 8 rooms.. 18 00
W. D. Cunningham ooal 5 25 J
Curtia Boggeaa ooal 4 901
A. O. Brooke assignee, J, E Dun
can janitor... 8 00
? O. Brooke ooal and poata f 12 10
A. E-Martin crayons..... 88.
Hudson Co. Furniture -..2?0 00.
8. B. Michael ooal 5 50 i
W. E Swiger reuairs 3 65
B. E Bichardaon janitor, stove I
L. C. re janitor
Morgan A Earl mdae
B, K Da via A Bra, hardware...
J. E-Copenhaver iron roof oeil
Clarksburg is about 5,000, and we would
ray at leut one half are troabled with
some affection of the Throat and Longi
We would advise all our reader* to oall
on their druggist and get a bottle of
Kemp'* Balsam for the Throat and
Lung*. Trial ?ixe free. Large bottle*
No and tl. Sold by all drngguta.
J. Ed Carlin, one of tho best
known young business men of
Wheeling, drowned himself, July
6th, in the Ohio river. Financial
reverses unbalanced bis mind.
Carlin, who was twenty-four
years of age, was married, and a
son of Col. J. E. Carlin, who
commanded the first Union bat
tery organized south of the
Mason and Dixon line during the
civil war.
Will not hobble around on crntcbe*
when he oan cure hi* Rheumatism with
one bottle of Dr. Drummond'* Light
ning Remedy, eostine only $5, but
worth 9100. Enterprising Druggist*
keep it, or it will be sent to any sddre**
on reooipt of prioe, by the Drummond
Medicine Co., 48-80 Maiden Lane, New
York. Agent* wanted. 38If
Rev. J.W.Reger. DJ). of Buck
bannon, aged seventy-eight
years, five months and one day,
the oldest minister of the M. E.
Conference of West Virginia and
one of the pioneer settlers of this
State, passed away at t o'clock
p. nu, July 7. Dr. Reger was
well known all over the State and
beloved by all who new him.
Memorial services were held at
the M. E. church at 10 o'clock
a. m. Sunday. The remains
were interred at the Heavener
Last fall I wu taken with a kind of
?nmmer oompltint, aoeompanied with a
wonderful diarrhoa.Soon after mywife'*
litter, who live* with tu, wu taken in
in the *ame way. We used almopt every
fttng without benefit Thenluid, fit
us try Chamberlain's oolio, cholera and
diarrhcea remedy, which we did, and
tlist cured ua right away. I think mnch
(of it, a* it did for me what itwa*noom
mended to do. John Hertzler, li* th.-I,
Berks Co., Pa. BS and 60 oent bottles
for sale by Wells & Haymaker. j
Our sdverti*ed agent* and all drag
gist* are tnitrnotrd to return the money
to any one who fails to be orned by
Mayers' Magnetic catarrh cure. Prioe
one dollar for t months' treatment
Th? ]
Arthur Bennet, who has been
Attending school at Clarksburg,
is visiting his parents near the
There are many handsome and
valuable buildings under process
of ereotion in town.
Miss Pearl Loudln, wno has
been quite ill,, is Improving.
Miss Lillie Steel returned from
Morgan town, where she has been
for several months.
Cards are out announcing the
marriage of Miss Lillian Pifer to
Mr. U. O. Young, which will take
place at the M. E. Church of this
city, at 12m. on Tuesday,
Carl Pickens, of Quiet Dell,
and Frank Maxwell,' of Peel
Tree, were Buckhannon visitors
the first of the week.
Mrs. Lovett, mother of Rev.
W. Lovett, died on Freeman's
Creek, in Lewis county, on Mon
day, aged 80 years.
Miss Mollie Pickens, a most
charming young lady of Quiet
Dell, has been the guest of her
cousin, Mrs. Kate M. S. Mc
Creery, for several days.
Dr. J. T. Huff was called up
the railroad to Craddock on Tues
day to attend ose of the B. R.
Lumber Company workmen,
who met with an accident.?.Ban
At three o'clock in Jthe 'morn
ing, July 7th, the saioon of Bow
en & Davis, at Huntington, was
forcibly entered, and the money
drawer ramsacked of 11.10. Two
hours latter a young druggist,
who formerly resided at Wheel
ing, was arrested, and to-night
committed, to jail, in default of
$500 baiL His name is Kelley
and he has been out of work for
several weeks, and has been
drinking hard.
tad I now bar# h1h> baai
on* could with for, being chai
erer, from blonde to dark bro
" AfUr t fit of alcknaaa, ray
out In combfulla. luted two
Ayert Hair \
tad new my htlr It orcr a
tad rery full tad heavy. I hi
mended thU preparation to o
llkt good affect."? lira. Bid
MOO Bagina St., Harriaburg, P
"I hare aaad Ayw* Htlr
MT?nl yatta tad tlwtyt obta
factory rato)ta. I know It I
preparation for the hair that
Having made arn
with a responsible firm
prepared to farnish 01
for funerals, weddings
on shortest notice.
W. Nosbaum,
For rale py Cunningham Bra
rhlRl a treat, Clarkafeurg. W.V?,

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