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L ' ' . ' ? . ? I 1' | ? .*f ,.
was at Tnnelton
Tj='.v'5(W-'- ?v ">"-"??' .*?? -;V.i - ?-?
Miss Carrie Gola left Saturday
for Washington, D. C.
Bev. Simington. of Fleming
ton,' -was in townlaet Monday.
John Moore and Mr. Wright,
of Bnckhannon, were in the city
last Monday.
Mrs. M. E. Hartman and Mrs.
Cook snent Sunday with Bridge
port friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Buhl are
attending the World's Fair this
Mrs. J. A. McConnell is visit
ing parents at Smithton this
Miss Laura Jennings, of Graf
ton, is the pleasant guest of
Miss Bossie Hewes this week.
Mr. P. W. Dolin and wife, of
Staunton, Va., are the guests of
Mr. Thos. Dolin.
John Hugill, of Brownsville,
Pa., is visiting his parents on
the "Point* this vfeek.
Miss Mattie Thompson, of
Quiet Bell, is visiting friends
and relatives at Brown's Mills.
Charley Klnnaird visited his
friend (s) in Marietta, Ohio, last
Mr. John J. Martin. mayor of
Monongah, was in town on busi
ness Wednesday.
Mr. L. M Allen, of Sardis,
. was a business caller .this week
Miss Fannie Late, of Bridge
|?ort, was^shopping in town last
Lowe, a pleasant
wami' li
three or four mont'
Prof. Charles Bennett,of Bnck
hannon, was visiting friends in
the city-Wednesday and Thurs
F. H. Sturm, of Mahomet, I1L,
formerly of West' Milford, this
county, was a very pleasant call
er at our office this week.
Miss Mollie V. Smith, Miss |
Estelle Fowell and Master Dun
can Boughner returned on Thurs
day from Montreal Canada.
Mrs. James Dunn, of Sutton,
W. Va., who has been visiting
friends and relatives here for
several -days,, returned home
Misses Jean and Yidd Baird,
two of Wheeling's most popular
young ladies, will be the guests
of Miss Emma Post, during the
month of August.
Mrs. Daniel Bassel, of Lost
Creek and Mrs. Allen Simpson,
of Bnckhannon, were the guests
of Mrs. J. H. Stuart last Wednes
Mr. Herschel Wadsworth, who
has been quite ill for several
weeks, is now regaining his
health slowly and is able' to go
abou?; '
Mr. M D. Zinn, formerly of
this State, but now a promin
ent citizen of Colfax, Bl. was a
pleasant caller at this office last
Fiday evening,
Mrs. A. Duff and Mrs. W. L.
Cole have returned from Mount
ain Lake Park, where they have
been spending the summer, much
improved in health.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. T. Cun
ningham left Monday for Cam
den-on Gauley, where they will
spend several days. We wish
them a very pleasant sojourn.
Attorney Thos. G. Yates, of
day.-, ..
ginia's promising' young attor
Misses Nellie and Pearl Post, of
the East End, and their charm
ing cousin, Miss Estelle Fowkes,
of Bnckhannon, were very pleas
ant callers at our editorial sanc
tum last Monday evening.
Bev. S. L. Maxson and family,
of Broaddns College, started for
Chicago Wednesday evening.
After spending a week at the
World's Fair, they will visit
friends and relatives in the north
ern part of Blinoisand Missouri,
and other parts of the West
Ira Goff,
awiuie freeman and Lloyd Reed
departed Tor Chicago on a trip to
the World's Pair Tuesday morn
Mr. 0. E. Wilson, oar genial
photographer, will leave for the
world's Fair on Monday. He
l.will attend s national gathering
of photographers at Chicago ere
he returns.
Misses Cora Smith. Man Coff
in an. Tena Prim. Myrtle Leach
man and Mamie Prim and Messrs.
E. F. Garrett. Louis Deison, C.
Quill Stout and R. P. Cullison
left yesterday to attend the
Union Sunday School Convention
at Phillppi.
There is certainly no financial
depression in Clerksburg. Every
schemer that comes along gets a
donation. The library man is
said to have gone away happy, a
picture canvasser came next an!
gathered a number of photos a^d
collected 50c. in advance on each
one. ' Then a fellow with an ad
verttoing and Qounty directory
scheme gathered up several good
two dollar bills. Our people are
still apparently in a pleasant
mood and if there is another fakir
in the State he should visit
Clarksburg at all hazards..
Rev. T, DeWitt Talmage's ser
mon's will be a feature of the
Telegram in a very few weeks.
We are making arrangements to
give our readers the bee '
of the foremost Americi
T. J. Blake &c.,trustee. to O.F.
? _
sq. p; Grant . ?
T- F- Randolph,
8J. j" Davis', oom'r to Ann Dun
kin, 1-5 int in land; Clay.
Eliza A Fisher to E. D. Steel,
1 lot; Grant
L. D. Hagerty to Eli Hagerty
&c.. coal; Sardis.
N. B. Richardson &c. to Kill
Long & John S. Douglas, 78.17a
coal; Clay.
John Richardson to same,
15.75a coal; Clay.
C L. Gilford &c. tosame.74J.0a
coal; Clay.
Martha J. Mclntire to same,
48.60a coal; Clay.
George W. Janes to same;
170.23a coal; Clay.
Elias Sapp to same, 69.64a coal,
J. M. Janes to same, 54.87a;
R. W. Coon to same 79.15a coal;
M. C. Glfford to same, 59.45a
coal; Clay.
H. H. Roaabaugh to same,
40.74a coal; Clay.
W. H. Janes to same, 14.48a
coal; Clay.
G. W. Southern to same, 62.80a
coal; Clay.
Charles H. Hartley to same,
86.60a coal; Clay.
Samuel Southern to same,
89.69a coal; Clay.
David Slocum to same, 221a
coal; Clay.
H. M. Rector to same, 55a coal;
C. A. Rector to same. 87.47a
coal; Clay.
A Nuzum to same, 58.40a coal;
T. S. Glfford to same, 45.82a
coal; Clay.
W. F. Sees to same; 128.94a
coal; Clay.
John G. Thompson to same,
172.75a coal; Clay.
Michael Sees to same, 64.86a
coal; Clay.
Henry Rodabaugh to same,
70.65a coal; Clay.
Isabella Robinson to same,
18.96a coal; Clay.
4a; Grant.
Joseph Miley to Rachel Miley,
4a; Grant.
RachelMiley to Joseph Miiey .
4a; Grant . I
tion about'Sept 1st
The large brick .buildings, on
the corner of Main street, facing1
the court house, are now being
torn down, and the work on the
new building ior the Merchants
National bank, will commence
soon. The design selected for
the .banking building is. pro
nounced very elegant and attrac
The colored people of Clarks
burg and vicinity should be proud
of the efforts of Rev. G. A. Madi
son who is laboring.so earnestly
to make their church meetings
and picnics interesting and en
joyable. "A very large audience
will no doubt be present at the
Gypsy Grove meeting of the Mt
Zion church on Sunday. It
promises to be a notable gather
ing of colored people. Prominen t
orators have been invited and
every effort put forth to insure
its success.
At the regular, meeting of
Clarksburg Lodge No. 89, K. of
P., the following officers were
elected: Chancellor Commander,
P. J. Ernest; Vice Chancellor,
C. H. Towles; Prelate, S. H.
Fittro; Master of Work. A. T.
Redman; K. of R. and S., Frank
Horner; Master of Finance, D.
K. Reed; M.ofEx., Chas. Ernest;
Master of Arms,'James G. Smith;
Inner Guard,Chas. B. Chambers;
Outer Guard, Clarence A?h;
representative to Grand Lodge
at Martinsburg, Dr. J. W. Bow
cock; alwrnate, O. Q- Owens.
In this issue we commence the
advertisement of Messrs Sprigg
Taylor & Co. , of Baltimore, who
stand among the leading .ex
porters of logs and lumber of the
eastern dties.- Tneir representa
tive in this part at the State is
Mr. J. j. Flanigan, of Salem,
who wlU be pleased at* all times
to answer questions and visit
wHre informed1 frL^iLliSle
for fair and upright dealing and
that they are always ready to I
ly to the appearance, a. well as
the accommodations. The new
track is the best third in the State
and the coming races will an
doubtedly excel all former
achievements on this track.
Why should a business man
take in his sign because "busi
ness is dull." This is one of the
great mistakes many people are
guilty of making. The men who
have succeeded in business have
been those who pushed aheadin
times that other people regarded
as "slow." The very time yon
should advertise and solicit trade
is when your neighbor has taken
down "his sign" and refuses to
advertise because of 'hard times.'
Miss Hallie E. Taurman, of
this city, was thrown from a runa
way horse on last Monday and
rather seriously though not fatal
ly hurt A broken; limb and
several bruises however will
keep her confined to her room
many days. She was visiting
her former pupil and friend,
Miss Ethel Carle, at Volcano
Junction at the timo of the acci
dent We are informed that Miss
Carle and Miss Taurman were
out riding and their horses took
fright at a passing train, throw,
ing both ladles. Miss Carle was
only slightly hurt but her com
panion was not so fortunate.
Miss Taurman has many friends
in Clarksburg who will regret
the occurrence. She was one of
the most popular teachers in
Broaddus and had intended to
visit the World's Fair before she
returned to this city.
D. S. Griffin died at his home
onPikestreet Sunday July 9th
between the hours of 10 and 11 a.
in this county, and has been
janitor at the Custom House and
post office for the pastfour years.
He was always found at his post
and performed his dudes to the
entire satisfaction of all, until
some time last winter, when he
was stricken down with typhoid
fever. From this spell he' never
fully recovered but. was able to
go, about town and seemed to be
skiwly recovering. He was go
ing about as usfial on Sunday
and his death took place at his
home where he lived alone. He
was found lying on the floor
wherdhe appeared'to have sud
denly fallen and expired, no one
being present at the time.
A great many people are some
what disgusted with the tactics
employed at some of the modern
"church festivals." The ques
tion of the future is, will people
continue to patronize church fes
tivals that practice the "skin
ning" game? People who attend
the vestivals generally expect to
patronize them, and, as ? matter
of fact expect to spend some
money before they go away, but
the practice of prodding the visi
tor from the time he enters the
room "until he leaves, is very dis
agreeable. it frequently hap*
pens that the visitor is asked to
invest his money, before he has
an opportunity to do so volun
tarily, thus leaving the impres
sion that he would not have pat
ronized it at all, had he not been
forced to do so. ; People go away
feeling that no one appreciated
what they did for'the success of
6ru< Umm
An open air conoert will be
given next Monday evening, July
17th, at 7:80. by the First Regi
ment Band in the court house
yard. The following programme
-will be rendered:
March, '/Crown Prinoe" .Bennett
Medler "Blaok BriMde" Dmr
mit*. "imweHMti#!':... artey
March, "Color Ourd" EoUi^n
mt f EOS'*
? * & ^ftl
. ?
Highest of all in Leavening Power.?Latest U. S.
every day. ?
The Telegram has
ranged to begm the pal
greatest humorists In
These letters vrill be
the same week they ?
New York
They are
copy righted and can Only at pear
In those papers that purchase
the right to use them.
m m
X Ntcturaal 9?l
Some people call him a "pole
oat" but the proper name for the
Mm in any part of Clartaburg
last Wednesday night. It wis I
prayer meeting night and it may I
be that it was banting' a suitab1*1
place to worship for he unque
tionablyN'took in" the town. I
has been in the suburbs of Clarli
audacity of a government mule.
He entered the St. Obarlea hotel a
few days ago and remained until
everybody baft deserted the place
and then he walked leisurely out
and down the pavement Last
Wednesday night he was seen by
the boys several times and hun
dreds who did not see him ''nos
ed htm." He walks along the|
street as majestically.as a Broad
way banker and no person evert
presumes to Interrupt him. The j
police are powerlbss. The "v
mint" practically has taken i
town and- everybody
sion on un. i/eu ??? u uu
several others. We hop. ?
sake of peace and- morality, that
he will soon bid as farewell and
betake himself to the Jungle. City
ways don't agree with him' and
we have had enough of his pres
ence. Policeman Lyon,, where
art thoa ? Arise and cast him
over the outer wall.
Mirk The IMffercsee t
Speaking of the crowd at Fair
mont the day John Robin?on's
show exhibited there, the Wat
Virginian gays: Twelve arrests
were made' and seven unfortun
ates" were pat in the lock-up and
held for trial until the following
morning. Two or < three' were
dharged with 'fighting?all the
others with plait) drunks. Mayor
jjmettheld court nearly all fore
noon of Tuesday, at the conclusion
of which it was fonnd that the
fines imposed aggregated aearly
In Morgantown the day prev
ious, the circus was here, and
there was not a single disturbance
and no arrests. Fairmont is a
whisky licensed town; Morgan
town has no licensed whisky shops
Mark the differmot. And yet 0om9
people prefer the condition of af
fairs at Fairmont, "because it.
makes business." Yes ^burinesg"
for the police and whisky sellers
?nobody else.?ir<rrgantouni Post
Clarksburg Has "no license"
and like our good neighbor, Mor
gantown, we had an orderly
crowd here at the show and at
the races on the 4th. The whis-s
ky traffic does make bnsinness,
We, l&e^anderi
front door o
Harrison co
to the highe
following "
one share <

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