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'' ' ? Jfn W. O. Allen '
. Of Attain*, Georgia. tiuUnoi thai he wu af
flicted with ?fcaimraiUae, tbolntUM
poln going tronTono put of the body to Mother.
; After taking tertn bottlM of Hood'* Bamj*
rllU be wm In good-health. la two months
ho toonmed from 123 to i?g poundiln welghl
Hood's Plllo nrr purely vegetable. Mo.
Miss Bessie Martin and her
guest, Miss Mary Leeds, went to
Monongah last Friday and were
the guests of Miss Flo. Martin.
We are sorry to note the ill
ness of Mrs. F. E. Nichols, of
West Fairmont, with typhoid
fever. >
John Baker, a boy 14 years
J of agej the son of Jas. H. Baker,
deceased, fell from a skiff in the
J Ohio river Saturday and was
drowned. He was a bright, ac
f tive boy, and sold papers in Man
nington for several years until
last spring, when his parents
moved to "Wheeling Island.
. Will Bell, a teamster, met with
a serious misfortune Tuesday. A
lrilling stem about 80 feet long
fell on, his. leg near -the .ankle,
breaking and crushing it soTjad
ly that it may have to be ampu
tated. Dr. M. F. Hamilton dress
ed' the injuries.
The excavation for tne Baptist
church, to be erected on the
South Side, was begun on Tues
day. This will be one of the
prettiest and best arranged edi
fices in all this section. W. S.
Mayers drew the plans of the
structure. Work on the building
will be pushed rapidly.^-/ndex.
The members of the G. A. E.
Post are earnestly requested to
be in attendance at the next regu
lar meeting, on Saturday August
12th, 1893. The object in mak
ing this earnest call is, that the
vigilance committee may have
their hearty co operation in pre
paring to meet the assault that
is now being made on our order
by our enemy. We are about to
receive marching ordei-s, and
each one will bo expected to fall
into line or take his stand with
the enemy. There is no neutral
ground now. By Order
Mrs. Amanda J. Wilson, ol
Gre'ensburg, Fa., is visiting her
brother Isora Vornon this week.
The coming term of our school
will bo taught by Miss Estoliu
Fleming, of Sh'ianston.
Thomas Vernon returned home
a few days ago from Straights
ville, Ohio. j
The Farnum ball team will
play the Monongah team at
Gypsy Grove Saturday.
J. H. Griffith will give a ball
and ice cream supper thi 9 week.
Mrs. Sarah A. Randall has re
turned from Worthington. **.
Welt Jtllfori.
Miss Lizzie Pyle, of Coving
ton, Ky., is visiting her sister,
Mrs. L. Lee.
Miss Lela Dew, of Salem, is
visiting Miss Lucy Hoff.
Mr. and Mrs J. W. Young,
spent Sunday with relatives at
Peel Tree.
Miss May Vandervort, of West
Union, is the guest of Misses
Emma and Ella Holmes.
Mrs. M. A. Hoff and Miss Cora
Calvert hiave returned from Par
is visiting relatives here.
0. W. Wolfe has returned to
mS. Tetrtck, of Enterprise,
spent Sunday with friends here.
Raymond Reynolds "has return
ed from Kingwood where he has
been attending school.
Success to the Telegram.
' ? Rexpohd.
The belt aalve in the world for onto,
bruises, tore*, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
?oraa, tatter, ohapped hands, ohilblnim,
oorns, and all akin eruptions, and poai*
tl?ely onrca pilea. or no pay required.
It ia guaranteed to give perfect satiafao
tion, or money refunded Price K oanta
per box. For sale by Clayton &
bent 12-ly
E. 0. Young superintendent of
the Tongue Eureka Pipe line has
moved into the new bouse lately
built by M. C. Wagner.
Cecil Towis, of Clarksburg;
was in town Friday.
Mrs. John L. Smith, of Mor
gansville. came home with her
mother Mrs. Maragaret Davis,
for a short visit.
Miss Ida Brown, of Clarksburg,
was calling on her friend, Mrs.
R. W. Young Saturday.
James W. Herald, of Wallace,
was calling on friends here Sun
George Trainer and wife, of
West Union spent Sunday with
friends here.
Mrs. Estelle Dolan, and daugh
ter Bessie, of Wolf Summit,
visited her father, Robert Gor
don one day last week.
Kay Randolph is home from
the World's Fair and reports
having had a grand time.
Miss MaggieBartlett was home
from Clarksburg Saturday.
Moses and Willie Van Horn,
were here, for a day or two' the
last of the week past.
Bence and M. A. Sommers, of
Ritchie county, were here over
Saturday and Sunday.
Eslie Randolph, of New Mil
ton, attended church here Satur
J. F. Ebert has gone to Ritchie
Miss Gertrude Randolph clos
ed her summer school of Art
Monday eveningJ with a recep
tion, which was a very pleasant
affair. The work of the class
was artistically arranged about
the rooms as decorations.
Miss Elsie Davis wbo has been
spending some weeks with her
friends at Salem, and on Buck
eye Run, starts for her home in
Alfred Center, New York Wed
nesday, accompanied by her
brother Gifford Davis, Esq.
Mr. Thomas Lowther, of
Market, Doddridge county, came
over and was calling on friends
and relatives here. C. E.
Elder S. S. Beaver, of MoAUiaterville,
Juuiatta Co., Pa., says bia wife is sub
ject to cramp iu tlio stomach. List
summer she tried Chamberlain's oolio,
cholera anil Diarrhoea remedy forit, and
woe much pleased with the speedy re
lief it afforded. She has since ua'ed it
whenever nooessary and found it never
fails. For sale by Wells & Haymaker, j
Mineral Springs.
Miss Ruth Swisher will start
for Chicago in a few days to at
tend the World's Pair, and visit
her brother at LeGrange, 111.
Miss Kate Davis will spend a
few days at Lost Creek this
Mr. Romine's house caught
fire last week but was discovered
before much damage was done.
He will proceed to roof it at once
with tin.
Mr. Strother who has been
quite ill has about recovered his
usual health.
Estelle Davis, of Mt. Clare, is
i visiting home this w.eek.
Blackberries are very scarce.
Mrs. Davis lost a fine young
colt last week.
? Ui . p | m inn, i jr ,
Piarce'i Golden Medical Discovery is a cer
tain remedy. But it most be taken in
Wild Rose.
^Ijhftuentioi' the
sreon for the
maSEWStsCt c-is> *?-:?
In the County^
non-pay mei
No Proper
ty Found.
oardlt District.
Aihoreft, CalWn...?
A?h, Robert L
f?j?. Wm
Ash, Nelson
Allen, W.
Aahcra/t, John B....
Ball, Henry W.
Bennett, A.
Ball, WH
Outright. O
Cunningham, B H...
Cunningham/G. W..
Cunningham, GO...
Cunningham, GB...
Owfft J M.
Urdun, W
Crdera, G 0.. ......
Carder, CO
Cardor, JO
Craig, 0
Cunningham, J
Carder, Bicharrf
Outright, WE
Cunningham, G
Dawson, Win
Dye, Robert E
Dye, Urah
Dawson, FW
Davison, A.
| Davison, B
Flanagan, W
Flanagan, W N
Flanagan, MB.....
Sower? V
Fittro, J
Gilford, AW
Gilford, J A
Green, John
Gurard. BL
Gain, J
Garrett, EE....."
Gilford, A,.
Hurst, Q L
Hurst, i'hos
Harbert, AL.
Hall, F M
Hall, J
gaii, ls
Heldretb, B
Harbert, N
Harbert, A
Hannah, L...
Hurst, g l..
Hurst, L '
Hurst, BB
Hn?t. W
Harbert, Wm
Johwon, H.........
Justice. A
Kemper, T....s
Lonohaiy BL
Lambert. Joseph
Martin, David E.'
Moore, A..
Morris, b....
John F
48 1 42
!.. X 00
,.. 1 00
171 80
... 1 00
05 100
211 80
18 1 24
... 1 00
... 1 00
70 00
12 00
Man ear,
Marsh. TL?
Martin, L
Molntirc, G GK?'.
Pitcher, J J
Plant, G
Plaut, W G
Powell. A E
Bittenhonse. H
Bittenhonse, E
Boger, L
Roger, E
Bwiger, Jasper B?
Swiger, Gore
Swiger. W
Swiger, 8 L.
Shaw, Jas W.
Smith, G E
Smith, L O
Strother, D S
Swiger, T
Strother, LI
Swiger, S
Swiger, John B
Straight, Wm
Stroutfcer, N
Smith, G B
Swiger, Aabeny
Underwood, Wm
Underwood, Martha
Whitemau. E
Williams, L
Webb, FN
Wetiel, John J
Watkius, J B
Yoater, Reasun
1 08 11 20
1 06 2til 88
1 00 ....
1 11 80 1 00 41
1 00 ....
1 00 ....
1 00 ...
1 00 ... 1 00 ....
1 00 ....
1 00 ....
1 00 ....
1 02 OS 00 00
1 00 01 1 08 02
1 48 1 58 2 85 1 78
1 00 .... 1 00 ....
1 00
1 08 11 1 10 12
1 08 081 15 10
1 00 .... 1 00 ....
1 00 .... 1 00 ....
1 10 321 50 80
1 00 1 00
100 ...
"" ? 1 00 ....
???1 00 ....
1 00 ...
1 00 ....
1 00 ....
i'ooJ 22
21 08 ? n
1 02 05 , 5S 00
15 00 04
4 00 01
475 00 1 19
82 00
25 00
200 00
15 00
Continued Next week.
Cherry Camp.
\Vm. S. Stevenson, represent1
ing the South Penn Oil Co., and
Judge Goff were visiting the oil
well on Judge Gofl's farm last
AVe regret to say that Capt.
Rufus Haymond has resigned as
president of the Board of Educa
tioti. Capt. Haymond was an
excellent school officer.
yj Miss Gertie Starkey is very
ill with typhoid feyer.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Coffman ra
turned Saturday from a visit to
Upshur county.
Miss Ida Brown of West Graf?
ton, was visiting here last week;
The district Sunday School
will be held here Sunday, July
30th. O.I. C. .
A young lady wants a Western
editor to tell her how to make!
"not enough" out of the -word"
"enough.'" This is very easy,,
he says. It is done by trans
posing the letters and arranging
them into words. Take the
third, second and first letters fop
the first word and the sixths
fourth and fifth for the second
and y ou have something that la
not enough for the average g\rL
Subscribe for the Telegam,
the leading' paper in Central
West Va.
The Olrl They Like.
Good old fashioned home peo
ple like:
The girl who doesn't lace tight.
The girl who prefers a cookery
book to a penny novelette.
The girl who is not in the least
ashamed of a healthy appetite.
The girl who dosen't think
every pretty one "makes up
I The girl who doesn't pinch her.
I feet into shoes a size and a half
I too small for her.
1 : The girl who .will sing under a
I trifle less than three-quarters of
Van hour's persuasion.
I The r'.tI who doesn't want to
I stop and stare into every other
shop-.window she passes.
The girl who can purchase a
I packet of pins and a yard of
calico without turning over,
everything in the shop.
I The girl who can receive a little
[polite attention from a man with
out at once jumping to the con
I elusion that he is in love with
I her.?Selected!.
I '-In the lead!'' So everybody
I says. What is it? The Malclm
fliove Piano and the. Waterloo
i Organ. 36-tf.
f ;,uSlipper8 ior 25 cents are a low
[ Quarter shoe.
? "?*
Wade at the Clarksburg Woolen Mills
. , -,CT - ,y^r?misw5k
Kentucky Bine Grass; ]
zy sf-E^ertiUzers
Timothy, Clover, Ore!
Beet Q.*u
Boots - and
'. ... -Vi.. -
Wll be pleased to have you call and Exai
Goods and Prices Produce Wanted,
Steam Pumps for ?use in Mines,
Fresh water, Special Boiler Feed
ers, Heavy Presure Pumps and
for all kinds of duty.
lOfr) j5 ' DEALERS IN
j^E9Ri Steam and'.'
Jam ?gfLfr <^=^3 L Water
. ??
Special pumps built to order for all kinds of duty. Specialjat
tention to supplies for mines and coke works. Write for catalogue
5teg^8S7>\ ?~" rmrm
sj?l?^lj>7l '.??? ?_<&?? a\hb^v ^jwffcy/y?^ should order
'?"r " <? ifwi u hill Mill f ??Buooris,
3^?=^ i4 C&MmmZZWy.TW-. ft* -***- carriages,
, wagons or harnsss:'
m.v,'?5 ??r ??io until you tmaa.
q^^c^^ii^r^aoip'??"*'??. ?w> pri?. of ?hidm
. 'it -i'. ?,
Walnut and Poplar Logs, White
Oak Planks and Poplar Lumber.
- - WEST YA.

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