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The Clarksburg telegram. [volume] (Clarksburg, W. Va.) 1874-1926, August 04, 1893, Image 1

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teminisoenoes of -th<BFiirst
? ?V *
The following persons were re
ceived by letter from other
churches, viz : Phineas Chapin,
, Elisha Hall, Eleanor Wynn, Eliza
Davis, wife of John Davis, Nancy
Hurry, Nancy Lefever, John
Garrett, and wife, John Reed and
wife, Catherine Armstrong and
Jane Stein. The members then
proceeded to the election of rul
ing Elders, whereupon the fol
lowing persons were unanimous
ly elected : John Wilson, Jr ,
Phineas Chapin and Jofin Hursey.
Eliza Davis mentioned above was
the mother of Hon. John J. Davis.
She joined the church in Phila
delphia at the age of twelve
years, and brought her letter to
this church from the Morgantown
church. John Garrett, many of
whose decendants still live in
this county, brought his letter
from a church in Ireland, the
following being a copy of the
original :
"That John Garrett .is aisingle
person of good character, a regu
lar member of this congregation
and in full communion," Certified
at Dramara, this 12th day of May
1816, by order of session.
James Birch,
Clerk and Mod.
The first adult baptisms were
Mrs. Margaret Wilson, wife of
John Wilson. Jr., and John
Hursey, on the second Sabbath
of October 182fl. On the same
day the first infant baptism oc
curred being Benjamin. Bray
Wilson, and John James Wilson,
children of John and Margaret
Wilson. Within the next few
years we find among the names
. of the members, Albert G. Flani
gan and Elizabeth, his wife,
Catherine P. Harper wife of
James Harper; Joshua Bosworth
and wife and Joshua|Bosworth,
JrM Thomas A. Hornor, 1
Hornor, James AJJuncwu 3
Haymond. EUeuStewart,
Carter, Jacob M. Bib, Benjamin
F.Barr, L P. Chapln. Andrew
Mearns, James Oampbell. Leroy
Gaston. Prudence Duncan, Wile
of E. 8. Duncan, Catherine Wil
liams, Marlah Elizabeth Moore,
Jane -Purgnson, D. A. Oopliu,
Martha Werniger. A. Werntger,
Rimiial Moore, Preston Moore
Adams, Arthur Sparhawk; JEllsa
Owens, Patsey Wilson,' Harriet
B. Jackson, wile of W.L. Jack
son, John Davis, and George
John Davis
I J.J.Davis.)
iith, wifel of Abel T.
A. Stein, Matilda
?, P; Bartlett, .J*ohn
amden, - William A. -Harrison
_ ? ?. . ?_
lisle and N ancy uarnsie, jwbwi
Robinson, Warren, Julia C.,
W., and:Bmma Morgan, Harr
_ . ' ?' i ' a ItSVlM A ..HitM TVtnn
CrisiTllr. A. M. Austin, Thomas
P. Reynolds and wife, of Lime
stone, John Johnson and wife,
William W. and Hetty Young.
Dr. A. P. Barnes aw! Adalto
Barnes.- (John . C. McCaulslon,
Hannah Minor.
. Some of the-members did not
always walk orderly; for we find
some cited to appear for '?con
duct' unbecoming a Christian. '
- KAin? at . fthbrch fOf_8) i
Wilson, Jr., one of the chu--_
elders loaded his boat, and the
session cited him to appear, "be
ing accused by common tame of
employing divers hands, and
teams and did himself engage in
labor wiih said hands and teams
in moving goods, chattels, furni
ture, grain, boxes, and various
other things from the farm, late
ly owned by him, to a boat pre
paratory to floating down the
West Fork river. In direct oppo
sition to the solemn injunction
contained in the 4th Command
ment."- On June 7th, ot the same
year, he appeared before the ses
sion and plead not guilty and this
is the record. -Having heard the
statement of the said Wilson.is of
opinion that the said Wilson from
his own statement didengtvgem
labor on the Sabbath day at the
time specified and did consequent
violate the 4th Commandment.
It. however, appears to thei ses
sion that the said Wilson did not
under the circumstances consider
laboring on that occasion a viola
?on of the Sabbath. That he
felt perfectly conscientious "1
what hehaddone.it being con
sidered by him a necessity and
duty. It is. therefore, ordered
that under all circumstances of
the case (there being noJ.ten
t ion on the part of the said Wilson
Violate the Sabbath) the oflense
be passed over." .A verdict of
guilty andnot guilty; both in one |
The erection of a church was
begun about 1834. The old sub
scription paper is a curiosity.
Very littlemaney was subscribed
and there are many such eitrfes'
as "112.00 in shingles;" '16.00'in.
lathing and shingles;'! so much"
for "board and lodging." Vfaldo
P. Goff "820.00 in goods," Daniel
Wilson "10 sheep," another $5 in
blacksmithing." another $1.00 or'
8 bushels of corn,"
' In 1884 Robert Wilson, of
Greene connty, Pennsylvania,
agrees to make for the church in
Clarksburg, Va., "80,000 merch
antable brick at 75 cents a thous
and, $50 to be paid in money and
the rest in store goods."
Rev. Asa Brooks was the iirst
close their doors on this day be
tween the hours of 1 and 4 o'clock
P. M. D. Davidson, -Pres.
li. D. Camden, Sec'y. $S?
December 24,188*. ' r: ' :
Many sacred memories' cling
around the old church. The men,
and, women who founded it were
of the highest type of character.
Some of their children and grand
children are among the best citi
zens of the county, others are
scattered to all parts of the coun
try, and are honored where they
live. Memory brings back the
time when their fathers gathered
them into the prayer meetirig^the
Sabbath school, the church, and
they craned their necks to look
up at the miiister in the old
fashioned pulpit, standing half
way between the congregation in
the pews, and the one in the gal
lery. Here they listened to words
of wisdom from such men as
Brooks, Quillen Russell, Fair,
child, Stoneroad and others. May
the men of this generation, who
are erecting a new church build
ing, gather into it persons of
such sterling character that the
glory of tne latter house may be
equal to that of the former.
- J. N." David.
One dollar (or a three months' treat
ment and an absolute guarantee (or a
euro is what the Mayers Drag Co., of
Oakland, Md., offers to sufferers of ca
tarrh, lia; (ever, eta Ask you drug
girt for a bottle of Mayers' Msgnebo
catarrh cure. It has never failed, and'
will cure you.' For sale by M. 0. Clay
ton, Wells A Haymaker; H. B. Scran
age. Shinnston, W. Va.; John Dunkin,
Bridgeport; R J. Criss and Cunning
ham Bros, Clarksburg; or address the
above firm.
New York, Moxdat, Atjo. 1,1883.
Extra ...t5S5? 5?
Good to prime 4 90 ? 5 -18
Fair to Rood. 4 70 ? 4 80
Common to medium 8 SO @ 4 68
Tsxans and Ooloradoe 8 OS ? 4.40
Oxen and stags 3 00 @ 4.40
Balls and dry cows 2 00 @ 8 SO
Average'to-day, estimated 4 08 & ????,
Extreme range of prices.. 8 05 ? 8 45
Good to .prime steers sold one year
^ Pr,0e
?BEEVES ? Beoeipta lor two day*
were 818 can, or 5,218 head?817 oars
consigned direct to slangbterera?87
oars ior export alive, and SB cars far the
market, of wbich 51 oara. were at Jersey
?ity. ??
There have been five negroes
.lynched in the South within the
.last two weeks.
not hobble around on cratches
he can cure his Bhennntiiim with
Ottleof Dr. Drnmm6nd's Light
. Broed^co^ng onl^ ^jVnt'
it,*or it will Iw&entto any "tdfitem
oeipt of price, by, tbe Dramxnond
oine Co., 18-flO Maiden Lane, Now
|A?ents wanted. :,. ?W
Horgantoirn. 1
Mrs. Cornel ia Davidson left for
her home in Bridgeport Friday,
after a stay of three vreeks with
her sister, Mrs. Sarah Wood,
s The Regents appropriated
S500 for the equipment of a boat;
house and boats and $200 for a
bath room in the gymnasium.
This is certainly a generous move
on the part of tho Board; ?
Profs. A. L. and President D.
Bi Purinton, the former of Nash
Shlnuston.aud 01
The report oft
tbe Traders Nat
Clarksburg is soj
friends to, be pro
Mr. Garlow, of Fettern
lor cpunty.?Frtt Prat
Miss Alice J. Ohley,
mout, has been tendeve
accepted the position a
in the public schools o
burg ; the coming sph
Miss Ohley is one of
successful teachers, ahi
mend her to the people <
burg and wish fair her t
ful school year. /
It U to be seriously!
that Dr. L O. White, >
he was appointed Ch?
the Jury on Mines and
at the World's Fair, H
ill and was compelled/:
his position. His'slO^
not of a dangerous char
mnnn l

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