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Stand bjjhe Policy.
Sublime. rXrWIc ??>* IXU?I. and
.tmrrlra Imr ?h? K*?l?l?iil?
of America. Do not sWndou the ?ys
tem whioh gives the roilutry the tiest
Opportunities for it* Farmer*. Median
joe and Young People, they have ever
had ! No Interference witti Protective
Tariff and Repeal!
Trample VpM B??rj
proposition for Unlimited Free Coinage
fof BiWer Dollars which are worth only
7? cents on the dollar. Make tln*m
worth? foil dollar The $145,000,300
of National Bank Not** withdrawn from
circulation sinoe 1881 have l^een replac
ed by over t32r>,000.000 of Silver which
huUu put out Now maVe the peo
pie silver money worth iU face. for your
own benefit!
Kf.frvr ?he Public L?nd?
for actual settlors, and save them from
monopolies and speculator* ! Protect
und encourage the actual settlers .
*? lntprfrrfiirr
Jfcth the propresMve polieieR of the Re
publican party [repeatedly enacUjlinto
law] of building up a New Navyf Pro
tecting the Sea Coants; Pensioning Un
ion veteran*; excluding the Chinese;
Regulating Inter State Commeroe ; de
fending the Common Schools ; Protect
ing American Citizens abroad ; Secur
ma Reciprocity with other American
Nations;deinandiu? Free Erpressioni
of the popular will ii> Election*. ?iid an
Honest Count; Extending American
Commeroe ; Reviving American Ship
ping : Temperanoe ; anil Restraining
- The Hnpsrb Market Reparta
of the New York Trilrane are now posi
tivelv the '.*?>? t printed of anynewBpa
per in New York City. The Tribune is
the only nownpaper in New York which
sends men personally into every market
in the city every day of the business
week to obtain actual pnoes and the
state of trade. Other paper* make up
quotations largely from circulars, Corn
mercial travelers nay unanimously that
THE TRIBUNE'S Market Reports are
the best The Tribune uow bents all
rivals in the accuracy and wonderful
completeness of its quotations. To lie
sucorasful, a practical and level headed
man mUBt keep fully informed as to
Prices and the state of trade. This can
be done by taking the Tribune.
Illlnstratlona of?he
of the day are freely used in the Tribune.
This paper has its own corps of artists
and pboto-engraving plant. It contains
features for the ladies and children;
foreign letters and l>ook reviews, and
many special filatures.
Ho Mailer
whether you agree with New York Trib
une or not, in its sentiments, oanrou
afford not to read its Dollar W eeklr,
regularly, while a reactionary party is
in power and during
These Time- Cl?s|??
The New York Tribune is the ablest
most aggressive, and soundest ad vocate
of Republican policies. What tho Re
publican party intends can be learned
from the New York Tribune. The
Tribune's motto is the Truth and only
tho Truth. The articles of Roswell G.
. Horr, on the Tariff, Currency, Wages,
etc., will be oontinued.
Krmrmber the New York Tribune
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weekly newspaper, whioh invades the
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falsehood, receive your sanction ? The
broad columns and large print of the
New York Tribune majse it the easiest
to read. .',
_ Tlie Tribune has the largest eircula
f tiou of any Weekly in the United States
i isBued from the office of a Daily. We
haveohalleuged the country for a year
with no takes.
..Washington** Farewell."
Wriie for the full, illustrated Premi
um List of the New York Tribune. A
copy will be mailed, free .of charge.
?Washington's Farewell to his Officers,
sn acourate historical picture, painted
expressly for the Tribune by an artist
L of great authority, will be sent to every
' one paying *1.20 for his paper. Other
exceedingly interesting and valuable
articles are included in the Tribune's
Terms ? For - 1894,
Sample copies free. Weekly, ?1.00 j
'emi-Weekly, $8; Daily, including
Sunday, *10. The Sunday Tribune
feparatelv. $2. Tribune Almanac for
1884, ready in January, 25 oenta, all
previous numbers rolipsed.
^ 1.4t SEW YORK.
THE? '
A Religions and Literary News
paper ana Review.
Undenominational, unbiased, and Im
partial. A paper for olergymen,
scholars, teachers, business men,
and families. It discusses
every topio of th?day?
religious, theologi
cal, political,
literary, social, artiftio and scientino.
It contributed articles are by the most
eminent writers of the English langu
age. It employs speoialisto and dis
tingnished writers as editor! of the
Twenty-one Departments, as'follows :
Literary, Science, music,
Pine Arts, Sanitary, Missions,
Religious Intelligence,
Biblical Research,
School and College.
Personals, Charities,
Editorial News oi the "Week.
Sunday School,
Ministerial Register,
Financial. Insurance,
Old and Young, Pebbles,
Farm ana Garden,
A paper particularly fitted for law
Jen, doctors, olergymen, men and wo
men, who read and think themselves.
A paper especially valuable for those
interested in FineArts. 8otence. Husio.
A paper giving valuable information
upoe Fiusnoe, Insuranoe. Commerce.
A paper for Sunday School Workers,
those who nave a Farm, a Garden or
House Plant ., ,
A paper for the family, old and young.
Its yearly subscription^ fW \
or at that rate for any part ?y. vu
of a year. Clubs of five, $2.00 each.
Specimen oopies free.
P. 0. Box 2787, 180 Fulton Street New
York. ? '-4t
Everything in corsets at popu
, ,hr prices at the Bee Hive. 5'2-2t.
?A? .Vl**1 JE1 Af <* Lr*?j y?
A I. N?rt t OWrtete KM NMd It. Um
rODv> I uvncn vlll? iiri1 umI ptt?iii Hmt' luiuii
?owP" win pre* en t (i*r*? m Fowl*
Pow* Powdet* Win ttt-VWM tk? qnanUty of mflt
S* SSS,weoly prr e*ou "*
Toaut Powder* win nn or prevent itaM r?
Dimam to wnirA Horse* end ? attic are nhM.
ss *,t' K*T,wA?n?
nA*XD & ?OUT*. ProprliUl.
For Sale by A. C Rector & Bro.
Consumption Surely Curod.
To Tu Eorroa?PUmum Inform rovmdm
that 1 hare a poaitiTO remedy for ItelbOTMlBld
dUeaae. Br 1U timaJjr m* thousands ofkepelaae
.cumharebeenpermanentlycured. labOteglai
to send two bottle* of my remedy FRIS to aay ?(
yonr reader* who bare consumption If they will
?end ma their Express and p. 0. address. Bespsot?
fally, 1. A HLOCUM. M. <X? 1H Fsari 1L. M. I.
BOOT and Shoe Shop. Re
pairing promptly done. Good
stock, rates reasonable A. S
Wells. One door east of Lowndes
Cures Sick Headache
Anti-bilious or Liver Pills.
Nothing ever known to equal them. Always
sale and reliable.
Plain or Wagar Coated. Said by all tragylsts.
Laughlin's Worm Syrup,
For the Destroying of Worms.
Vtvctabln In its composition; pleasant to the
taste and effectual in its purpose.
Boftms the Gums. Allays the Pain, Seduces
Inflammation, Controls the Bowels, Curing
bummer Complaint. Dysentery, Diarrhoea,
Flatulence, Wind Colic, &c. Hold by all Deal
Oil CCsaSSw
will be paid for a recipe :nabling
us to make Wolff's Acme Black
ing at such a price that the retailer
can profitably sell it at ioc. a bottle.
At present the retail price is 20c.
Thla offer Is open until January tat., 1893. For
particulars addresa the undezslgned.
Acme Blacking Is made of pure alcohol,
other liquid dressings are made of water.
Water costs nothing. Alcohol is dear. Who
can show us how {o make it without alcohol
that we can make Acme Blacking as cheap
<-.3 water dressing, or put it in tancy pack
ages like many of the water dressing;;, and
then charge for the outside appearance in
stead of charging for the contents ot the
WOLTT & BAHDOLPH, Philadelphia.
is toe name of a paint of which a 25c. bottle
is enough to make six scratched and dulled
cherry chairs look like newly finished ma
hoganies. It will do many other remarkable
things which no other paint ran do.
' All retailers sell it ^
UmikruniM, or die lulquor Habit, Poal
VUseiT iuml by administering Br.
llalnw' mutew MpaalBB. .
turedaa a powuer.wHjta can begtvM
01 wreck. It baa been siven in thousand*
d la every instance n perfect euro baa fot*
leree Falls. Tbe system one* Imprecnat*
Bpoolllaat beeomea an utter Impossibility
. or appetite to exist. Our? guarantied.
48 page boo'.. 01 partloulara Dree. Address
JOLLmZn HPItOI PI U COh 1 HiM Hm?n ?U1 InelaaaOP
If you feel woaa
and all worn out take
When you want
Circulars, Cards,
Letter Heads, Wedding
Invitations, Funeral
Notices or
Fine Printing
ofany kind
It will pay you to
try the
Woir sSraboz -W. Va.,?
October 8, 1892.)
Tv Motfiert:?Our baby i? nearly 14
months old. and we bad bought and
given it 7 bottles of "Caatora," without
xsnoh change for the better, and it never
seemed hearty until we gave it a bottle
of Susanna, which cured it entirely.
John T. William b,
Mrs. Mart M. William*.
- - TELEGRAM - -
Good Stock. ?
O Low Rates.
Clarkhkurq it UtuiiuK th? town? of
the State in improvements.
It h?a the beat electrio light plant i"
tb? State. Its anpply ?' natural
m'mB to be iuexliaustiblei
It will erect new Mhool buildings
It ia a raiirosd o-nter.
Its United States' Court Honae sud
its County Court House are both mag
niflornt specimens of wchitflotaiA
Artificial gas and electricity are
uwd for illuminating purposes.
Thi new Merchant* National Bank,
now in process of erection will be on*
the moat Uandaomeand aubaUntial bank
building* in the State.
Cubsbbquo can boast of moat ele
gant private rasideno s.
Thb location of the city deatinea it to
be a commercial center.
It has no artificial growth resulting
from a boom effort and no sickly insti
tutions attracted by bonusoa.
It has three of the best banks in the
It is aurroumloil by one of the moat
prosperoua agricultural regions in the
United State*.
A new union depot and atreet cara
are features that have promiaiug asaur
anoesof materialization.
Ehioratiox from European Russia
to Siberia ia on the increase and
reached 100,000 In 1880.
Thk assets of the life Insurance com
panies of the United States aggregate
(850,000,000. while the gross Income Is
Tiikuk are 88,000 Chinese Inhabltanta
In the chief cltlca of the United States
?94,000 of them In San Franciaco and
3,000 in Now York.
Tub treaaury department estimates
the total coat of the deportation of
Chinese laborera under the Geary act
at ?7,800,000, of which aum ?H#0,000
would be required for the ourrent fiscal
Exciuau is spoken by 90,000,000 of
people; Russian, by 75.000,000; German,
58,000,000; French, 40,000,000; Spanish,
88,000,000; Italian, 20,000,000; Portu
guese. 14,000.000, and Scandinavian,
MuNiiAtx, in his "Balance Sheet of
the World," saya: "Every day the aun
rises upon the American people it sees
an addition of tfi.500.000 to the accumu
lation of wealth In the republic, which
Is equal to one-third of the dally ac
cumulation of mankind outside of the
United States."
Lord Couh Camtokll has turned up
In llombay as a counselor employed to
defend twenty-nine Mohammedana
implicated In the great riots.
. Prof. Cukiso, M. D., to whom Mr.
Gladstone haa tendered a baronetcy, ia
an eminent Irish physician and a pro
fessor in the Quccn'a college at Bel
fast. Hl? daughter married a son of Sir
Charles Russell.
Sib John Gladstone, nephew of the
grand old man, Is described as n tall,
broad-shouldered young giant, lis
ardent a conservative as his uncle In
the reverse, and one of the most ex
tensive whisky distillers In Scotland.
IR. C. Sl'KNCKR. M. 1'.. wears Mil"?
four Inches high, probably the highest
on record. They are made from a
special pattern, never stand more than
one or two washings, and it takes three
of them a day to satisfy Mr. Spencer a
instincts of neatneas.
"I foroot to send you over my new
book of poems. I?" "How thought
ful of others' comfort you always are,
Mr. Scribbler."
"Why don't you strike the man acroaa
the street for a quarter?" Raggs?"I've
been waltln' two hours to see if be
won't come over this way."
"Mr. Loxotalk la doing a wonder
ful amount of good among the poor
overworked people." "In what way?"
"He preaches sermons long enough for
them to get a good refreshing sleep
every time."
"That was an awful mistake Madge
made at the Twiggs'reception." "What
was it?" "She sat and talked for
twenty minutes to a cluster of chris
anthemums thinking It was one of the
guest*."?Inter Ocean.
All is lost save honor.?Francla I,
after Psvla.
I will die In the last ditch.?William
of Orange.
I.Y Europe democracy 1s a falsehood.
Tnz want of Franoe is a Washington.
Im'lKTY is the greatest of" indiscre
Our country, right or wrong.?
Stephen Decatur.
NoTBUfQ Is certain but death and
' Tux English are a nation of shop
Straws show which way the wind
blows.?John Selden.
A man that runs away may fight
Tin czar is amused, it Is stated, at
the spectacular reception accorded to
the Russians In Paris. Czardonio
smiles, no doubt.
Thk family with the longest known
pedigree Is that of Confucius, which
forms the aristocracy of China. Con
fucius lived 550 years B. C.
When the duke of Monmouth waa
executed for treason his duchess or
dered every oak in the park to be cut
on the fateful morning. The new
growth, belonging to Lord Ebury, Is
one of the finest forests In Britain.
Prof. Black?, of Edinburgh, Is
cighty-fonr years old, but he has
never worn glasses, and, in spite of
his white hair, is as lively as a school
boy. It Is said of him that he quotes
Greek to his friends one minute and
?brhland dialect the next.
'-Oh, I am so happy!" said
Johnnie, "because I am going
to the Sunday school picnic."
"And I am so miserable," said
the turkey gobbler." "because I
am going, too."
Tot-th are now wndo of paper.
There are 100,000 tramps in
Great Britain has *500,000.000
l in nur railroads.
Twenty.five thousand horses
are used in the carrying trade of
I London.
France had in 1887 85,545
schools, 136,800 teachers and 6,
308,000 sohotars.
Rapid growth of the finger
na'ls is considered to indicate
(rood health.
A certain forest piaat In Japan
grows to be about six feet high
| in three weeks.
The largest apes have only
sixteen ounces of brain; the low
est men have thirty-nine.
Irish railways carry more first
class passengers than any other
in the United Kingdom.
In Malaga workmen are allow
ed fifteen minutes' leisure in
every hour to somke cigarettes.
Thousands of bushels of wheat
are being fed to the hogs in Cape
Girardeau county, Missouri.
London has inconstant service
a police force of some 12,000 men.
In 1892 the number of arrests
was 84,922.
Wheat that is grown in north
em latitude produces much more
seed than grain grown farther
Miss Rye. the English philan
thropist, has introduced 4,000
English pauper children into
Canadian homes.
One of the wagons abandoned
by Gen. Sherman's army on its
march to the sea is now owned
by a Georgian, who is using it
on his farm.
The British soldier receives
daily as rations 44 ounces of food:
Biscuit, 20 ounces; meat, 14
ounces; peas or beans, 7 ; sugar,
2, cocoa, 1.
Since the beginning of the cen
tury France has fallen from the
second to the fourth place in tne
point of population among Eu
ropean cuuntrios.
Samuel and Simmons Gammel,
of Hickory Flats. Simpson
county, Kentucky are probably
the largest twin brothers in the
United States. Their combiued
weight is 542 pounds.
A shark in Florida waters re
cently undertook to swallow n
400-pound turtle, tail first, but
after getting his prey down as far
the forward flappers was obliged
to disgorge.
In 1892 Ihn bituminous coal
mines of the United States em
ployed 212,893 persons. The av
erage number of working days
was 19. The grand total of em
ployes of coal mines was 341,
The largest fresh water lake
is Lake Superior. It is 400 miles
long. 160 wide, and has an area
of 32,000 square miles, or about
half that of Missouri.
A pneumatic tube connects
Paris with Berlin. It is used for
postal purposes, ahd makes it
possible for a letter mailed in
Paris to be delivered in Berlin In
thirty-five minutes.
$500 Reward !
WE will pay the above reward for an;
cue of Liver Complaint, Uvspepsia,
8iok Headache, Indigestion, Constipa
Ution or Coativcnesa we oannot cure
with West'aVegetable Liver rills, when
the directions are strictly complied with.
They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Hugar coated.
Large lioxca. containing mi Pilla. 25
cent*. Beware of oonntarfeita and imi
tations. The genuine manufactured
only by the John C. West Company,
Chicago, III. For sale by Cunningham
Bros., druggists, Clarksburg. W. Va.
The English papers tell the
following story of a badly mal
formed lamb: Mr. W. Hewitt, of
HarriDgton Mills,' has a ewe
which this spring weaned a lamb
that is certainly curiously and
wondrously made. It has two eyes,
both in the center of the forehead
and in a single socket, both cov
ered with one eyelid. One ear Is
situated at the back of the head
and the other directly under the
lower jaw, near the hinge. It has
no tail, but In the place of that
very necessary appendage a fifth
leg almost as long as' the other
four fully equiped with hair,
hoofs, &c. It was living at last
accounts, being almost 3 months
W. A. McGuirc. a well known citizen
of McKay. Chio. is of the opinion that
there ia nothing as good for children
troubled with oolds or croup aa Cham
berlain a Cough Remedy, lie had used
it in his family for several years with the
Iwwt results and always keeps a bottle of
it in the house. After having la grippe
he himself was troubled with a severe
cough. Ho used other remedies with
out neneflt and then concluded to try
the children's medicine and to hia de
light it soon effected u permanent mire.
\t'i and no cent bottles for aale by Cun
ningham Bros, k Co., and Wella aud
Haymaker. Salem by K. A. Garret
Notioe ia hereby given that the following deacribed tract* or lota ot land In
the oounty of Harrison. which are delinquent forjthe non-payment of tales for
the yeara 18?1 and 1802 will bo offered for sale bv the undersigned Sheriff at pub
lie auction nt the front door of the oonrtbouae of aaid oouutv. Iietweeu the hour*
of ten in the morning and fonr in the afternoon on the 19th of Drrrmlirr,
1N03. Each tract or lot, or ao much thereof as ahrfll be neceaiary. will be aold
for ao miioli caah aa ia auffioient to aatiafy the amount due thereon, aa ia aet foi th
in the following Ulile :
Coal District.
Brown, Jno trustee
Bramer, J W
Fitzhenry. Tho*... .
Parkerahurg C A G Co ?
Smith, Jed W
Smith, FM.
Wolfe. Geo W
Eaulk District.
Boggess, John B
Boggw,' JJtAA B Thorn
Botrgeaa. Jno B.
Hawker, Owen..
Robinson, Chaa A
Sturm, Jesae heir*...
Clark District.
Despard, Gertrude....
Farland 0 A C Co
Grape*, W. M
Nutter, Joaeph S.....
Waahington, Gabe....
Grant District.
Finnell, El
Moffett, Geo W trustee..
Ramsey, W G |
Elk Dihthict.
Fitzpatrick. Benj
Swioer. EH ., .
Wolfe, Marion C
White, J Ml
Ten Mil* District.
Boggess. John B
Boggea*,S. J. A T. J. Harden
Despard, CbaaS
Haney, A H
Ill Dip, Ju B
Randolph, Belle F
Bandolpb, Caroline......
Union District.
Hall, John T
Saudis District.
Allen. LJ
Hunit, John W trustee)
of C A Bramer ?
Pepper, Tboa
Simpson District.
Finnell, Tboa.
Hill, WmE
Eaolx District.
Mclntire. Thos.
McCoy, L
Nay. J C
Peter. Martin
Biblett, Geo k Co
Clay District.
Livingood, 0
Minor, L
t Lot ....
1 Lot ...
1 Lot-It)..
880 coal...
8 lota....
7.', 88 100.
lackson Add.
Lime Stone...
Weet F
1 A
Ten Mile....,
Jone's Run..
Ten Mile....
40 100 A..
40 180 A..
?:i 144J-IU0
i of 182 A.
1 Lot.
1891 A...
50 A
1 Lot....
1 185-160..
1 Lot...
S 48 100
8 A
lli A..,..,
8 Lot*.
818 A
1 Lot
86 A
#7 A... ..
2 A.
lLot... .
Near Clarksburg
Lime Stout
Turkey Bun......
Nutter's Bun
W. E. Biver.
Lost Creek...
Raccoon Bun.
Suda Bun
Elk Creek....
0 88-180
2 A
8 A
Brandy Gap Tunnel.
7. 8. 32, Cherry Gamp..
Grasa Bun.
Cherry Camp
Near Salem. ....
8 A. ..
1 Lot
4 58-180 .
2 Lots.
1 Lot....
2 A.. ..
1 A....
1 coal b'k
2 A
Bridgeport .
W. F. Birer.
? 4 29
5 02
2 80
881 05
6 10
4 00
2 25
24 48
8 28
7 75
11 48
1 05
8 09
4 88
4 SB
10 88
242 04
15 S#
1 IS
12 #5
4 88
48 58
21 00
8 25
1 82
4 48
1 61
1 74
1 75
8 18
44 01
1 68
5 88
86 60
1 86
8 86
8 40
8 18
5 20
1 41
2 44
9 74
1 78
3 21
2 75
1 00
1 12
1 41
1 57
Any of the aforesaid Iraeiw or lot* may 1*. redeemed by the payment to the
underaigned Sheriff before sale, of the amount due thereon.
Given under my hand this 3rd day of November, 1898.
"Only the Scars
Says IIknuy Ilrnsox, of tbo James
Smith Woolen
Machinery Co.,
Pa., who certi
fies as follows:
?? Alliens the
many testimonl*
al* which I ?m
In regard to cer
tain medicines
|l>e r for tnlng
I cures, cleanaln*
the blood, etc.,
none Impressing
more limn my
own c ate.
Twenty year*
ago, at the ago
of 1,8 yearn, I had
swellings coino
on my Iogn,
which broke and
bitcamo run
ning aoret.
Our family phy
sician could do
mo no good, and It waa feared that the
bones would be affected. At latt, my
flood old
Mother Urged Me
to try Ayer*a Rarnapnrllla. I look three
bottles, the sores heated, and I havo not
been troubled alnta. Only the seart
remain, and tho memory of tho
to remind me of the good
Ayer's Sarsapitrllla has done me.
I now weigh two hundred and twenty
pounds, and am In the best of health.
I have boon on the road fo# tho past
twelve years, havo noticed Ayer's Mar
aaparllla advertised in all parts of the
United Rtates, and always take pleas
ure In telling what good It did for me."
Ayer's Sarsaparllla
Prepared by Dr.J.C. Aysr fcCo., Lowsll.lfsss.
Cures others, will cure you
31 LE
Remember, ir u new treatment s you take no
ehanern in buyinti n? yon only pay for the
benefit* yon receive. fur your money in poe.
it I vv>ly refunded if yntiare not cured; always
buy it or our authorised ftgents wl?nr? yon will
always g?t tho usnuiim article and a guarantee.
91 per bos, 6 for |A; wni by mail. Try a free
Medicinal and Toilet should alwnys be luted
in I he treatment of l?lle?. Cr renin, *n<l alt
InnammatlonMnud erupt lonaorthnHkln.
It being highly medic, ted and PerfbiilMi
make* tt tlio mimt exquisite Toilet and Bath
eoep now in u*e.
Prevent ronatlpatlon and 1*1 lea. car* Mick
Meadaelir itiMnnily. email, wasy to taka. one
I'lllnd.NH.. &0 Pills 2&e. <5)
For sale py Cunningham llron., druKilst
Third street. Clarfcaburg, W. Va.
Solentlllo American
Agency for
trade mark*,
'0? end write to
?" ? W| KM UUOAIiWAT, niw TO
l'hotography Is a wonderful nrt. Incred
loio ifi it mny seem, It I* now |m>&hI!)Io by tho
aidut tun curaeru to show tho movements
of u bird :n its flight, a horse at i:i swiftest
HHM||PftOO, or a bullet aa It
leaves tho pun. Vary much
more that Is most marvel
ous lias been accomplish
ed In photography. Tho
publishers of tho renowned
im mmm -r ?renowned
troit, Mich.) have recently
boon experimenting in tbir
directum <?r iapld ami ac
curute roprnduct ion or pho
tographs and now an
hn*T i. ?rw?'| nounco that they aro pro.
. pared to make artistic
~?'copies at a very low price.
They Will sond twelve Columbia I'Wcs
vaiuofl.i*) and Tho Weekly Free Press ono
year for ot.io.it Is nocossury to send a
cablnot or card photograpti with order.
^jemi.Tghnd better send tor a ttiwplo
copy ofl bo I-ri-i< Press and loarn tho por
tlrulars or this remarkable ofTer which
thousand! are taking ud vantage of.
Is noted for ovenness of tone
throughout With the original
method of construction used it is
a GRAND PIANO in an upright
Unequsled for easy action,
quick response to the touch, and
durability. Remember the name.
Factory and homo office, Water
loo, N.'Y.
For Sale bjr
Clarksburg, W. Va.
\^ftLTeK 5eDWICK.
Bus Line and Express.
Splendid conveyances to meet
all trains.
Passengers called for in any
part of tho city.
Elegant carnages for weddings,
funerals. &o.
Accidents Unheard Of.
Only careful drivers employed.
All wool blankets, nice goods,
black and white and black and
red at $3.00 per pair at the Bee
I Hive store. 52-2L

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