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Plain Cluthes Men Employed to **?
WW Parlolnint i? IjOC&I
Retail Stoi ' "
Merchant* Take Pn,ft"C
Themselves From Klepto
inaniacs anil Others.
Shoplifting, of whi< .?! -'?e was so
much in this city la- ? ar during
the holidays, will nut lerated by
the merchants this y-a-on. Fifteen
special plain clothes d*-ectives have
lw? a?orn In for du' from now
on until Christmas.
These plain clothe .J-'-ctives were
Placed ?>?> !>"<>'
Monday. They will ? 'ationed In
the principal retail ' or the city
and some of them ? ike regular
beats from store to - and a sys
tem of observation ? '>e followed
ont that win male -*11 nigh im
possible for the |.!"..-:ng of mer
chant** stocks by ^.????lifters this
season a* last.
Merchant.* Forced To It.
The merchants v. r- forced to take
cone protective mea.?ure of this kind
this year because of 'be great cost
shoplifting has been to hem and the
present system of private police was
decided upon only after a careful in
vestigation and consideration of the
matter, a meeting of leading mer
chants of the city was held a few
days ago to take action on this shop
lifting business and the session re
sulted in an agreement to institute a
private detective system in the stores
of the city during the holiday rush.
A fund was provided for this pur
pose and each merchant subscribed
to pay his pro rata share of the ex
pense of the police system.
Will Save M<?uey.
It to believed b ythe merchants
that the expense of maintaining this
detective force during the holidays
will be mnch less than the loss that
the shoplifters would cause. In
fact, they will save a considerable
amount of money if last year's shop
lifting may be taken as a basis of
Shoplifting, or plain thievery as
It is better caller, has become to be
A Regular Pa-time
among a number of people in this
dWfpn-the rush times at the local
0*W?&' *t i? surprising to what ex
is practiced. it is chiefly
practiced by women and merchants
are astounded to know - har women
who would usually he considered
above suspicion indulge in it .
(wight Tn the Art.
Last season a number of women
and children were caught in the very
act of purloining unices from
coimters and shelves of city- stores,
but for the sake of their t -mflies and
in the hope that it wouid ;>?? a les??>n
that they would remeni r the facts
were not made public
There are numerou- ways and
methods in which shoplifting is
practiced. One plan is to have a
confederate who engage he atten
tion of the clerk while ?!> other con-1
reals articles in a ch;i-?!afne has.
-SoiBe have
Various Hidiim rt.i. rs
tor their stolen articles sometimes
?lie articles are thrust : -he bosom
of a dress. Xot frequently smaller
articles are slipped into t! ?? stockings
Of women who retire behind the end
of a counter or to a . :ier under
*b? pretense of fixing "n-ir garters.
Some bring wrapped up undies that
are in reality a box wi a a
-x. Conrfal?>d Trap lioor
in one side through ? he plun
der is thrust. Some#, ; have ex
tra largo pockets m !? in their
skirts that rre artfnlh I^n from
view. . Sour" have pockets
sewed on the inside ir skirts
near the bottom to l>. ! as a re
ceptical for their bum.
The fact that somt -ons steal
articles froin stores w hey are
actually able to puroha them in
the usual honorable \v;i -ads some
ot the merchants to .-ve that
: hese are afflicted with
tnatirresiBtible propensi: to steal
whenever the opportuni- is offered.
However kleptomania do-s not con
stitute legal irresponsibility and
ihose who are caught to put up
this excuse they will he informed to
this effect in a forcff way. Other
persons steal and purloin deliberate
ly and with malicious intent. These
are in the great majority and it is
chiefly for these, although it is for
the others as well, that the mer
chants have concluded -o protect
themselves against th^ir lawlessness
this Monday season.
Can't look well, eat wen or feel
?well with impure blood r-eding your
body. Keep the blood pare with
Burdock Blood Bitters. Eat simply
take exercise, keep cl<-:m and you
will tu^Jong life.
of T.iimberport,
night in the city,
'ett w h?re Tuesday
on, of Gl?n Falls,
spent TtMfitafM? th- city.
Well Known Urown Citizen Succumbs
To Paralysis At the Home of
His Son-bt-lAW.
The deatii of William O. Bennett
took place at the home of Ma son
in-law, Claude M. Thompson, at,
\damston. at 11:50 o'clock Satur
day night and was caused by paraly
sis. Mr. Bennett was 68 years of
age and formerly resided at Brown.
The funeral was held at 1 o'clock
Monday afternoon at the Thompson
residence and interment was In the
Rlttenhouse cemetery DoIr
wife, two daugbter >?r
vive him. "r a-e Mrs'.
Thonjp uston: Mrs. Flow
ers oia, and Harland Bennett,
of California, is the son.
Xew Directory of the County Gives
Enumeration of tbe People
Residing in Them.
A new directory of Wetzel coun
ty has just been Issued from the
press and the population of the
towns of that county are given as
follows: ??
ureater New Martinsville, 3.027,
TXew Martinsville, Brooklyn and
Burlington); New Martinsville,
2.213, Smithfield 924, Folsom 827,
Brooklyn 745, Lltleton 726, Jackson
! T>urgr 553. Pine Grove 540. Hundred
479, Burton 349, Paden City 260,
; L'niontown 201. Proctor 196, Reader
192, Plaey 177, Wlleyville 153, King
134. Pricetown 106, Hastings 85.
Burlington 69. Earn aha w 67. Steel
ton 60. Potters Falls 51; Total pop
ulation, 9,106.
Hives, eczema, itch or sale rhennt
sets you crazy. Can't bear the touch
of your clothing. Doan's Ointment
cures the most obstinate cases. Why
suffer? All druggists sell it.
From E. W. Clonston on the Ground
of Desertion?Sait is Brought
in Huntington.
Mrs. Lou Clouston. who is locat
ed in this citv In charge of Dudley's
branch flower store, was is Parkers
burg Monday, to attend the taking
I of depositions in a case in which she
:s interested. Mrs. Clouston recent
ly instituted suit in Huntingtora for
a divorce from her husband. El W.
Clouston. who for a number of years
was a resident of Parkersbtirg. a^id
was deputy circuit clerk, but nf late
years has resided at'Hnntington. The
drvorce Is asked for on the ground's
of desertion. Mrs. Clouston Is rep
resented by D. D. Johnson, of Park
flnrkslxit;; People MH.-t liccogniw
and Heed It.
Kidney ills cotue quietly?myster
Bu' nature always teams you
thr^i :h th" urine.
Xoticc the kidney secretions.
See if t ht- color is unhealthy?
j If there are settlings and s?>di
j njent.
Passages too frequent, scanty,
It's time then to use Doaa's Kid
ney Pills.
To ward off Bright's disease or
Doan's have done great work in
\V. B. Gandy. bookkeeper hi Cen
tral Meat Market, residence 520 W.
Main street, says: "The results re
ceived from the use of Doan's Kidney
Pills compel met to place great faith
in them. At intervals for rears I
have been subject to kidney com
plaint, indicated b.v trouble with the
kidney secretions, they being some
times irregular and at other times
distressing. Doan's Kidney Pills at
tracted my attention while reading
newspapers and from the statements
of others who had made use of the
remedy. Procuring them at Wells
& Haymaker's drug store, I took a
box. The results received warrant
ed me in continuing the treatment,
and I bought a second box. The use
of five boxes in all thoroughly cured
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. t Foster-Milbnrn Co., Buffalo,
Yew York, sale agents for the United
Remember the nam??Doan's?*
and >ake no other. ?
m W v fa ?* ?*
ut hi &m *
Btotfer Trouble.
Kidnev trouble preys upon lhemiad,
ness soon disappear
when the kidneys are
cot of order or dis
eased. .
Kidney trou we has
l>ecome so prevalent
that it is not uncom
jp man for a child to be
T born afiicted with
-eg. ?? weak kidneys. If the
.l-iendnpon it. the cause ot thediffi
the kidnevs and Madder and not to a
habit as roost people suppose. .^
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and blamler tronMe.
and both need the same great ^?ed>
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. **,ls ??"
by druggists, in fifty
cent and one-dollar
size bottles. You may
have a sample bottle
bv mail free, also a ?
pamphlet telling all abort Swamp-Root,
Including many of thethousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & to
v v Vwa ?iro and mention
Bingham ton. N. Y.. be'sureand motion
this paper. Don't make any mistake,
bnt remember the name, Swamp-R<>ot,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on every
Antlers were placed upon the
heads of a baker's dozen of candi
dates at the meeting of the Clarks
burg lodge of Elks In the lodge
rooms on Third street Tuesday even
ing after which a social session was
held In their honor. The new Elks
are John Carney, of Salem: Howard
A. Young, ot Berea; F. A. Parrishj
of Wallace: William F. Morgan. D.
M. Yerkey. J. F. Brooks. Guy F.
Gregg. Weston: Dr. James McClung.
Rich wood; Dr. W. P. Newlon. Sut
ton: W. Guy Tetrick, W. Roy Byrd
and Charles G. Coffmafl. Clarksburg.
The social session was featured by
a nice lunch which all enjoyed
Crow's orchestra furnished music for
the occasion and there were several
interesting addresses, impersonations
vocal and instrumental solos. W.
H. Cole was chairman of the social
session committee and the other
members were A. J. Scbulte, F. J.
Welch. D. A. Godfrey and William
L. Geppert. _
A literary and musical program
followed by a social will be rendered
by the fourth and sob-departments
of the Epworth League of Go#
jlethodist church Friday evening in
iB* church. The entertainment will
begin at 8 o'clock. A production, of
vie versa of woman's rights will be
siven asa feature of the evening.
Frank H. Rhodes has charge of the
fourth department and Miss Alma
i Swiger of the sub-departmeat. A
collection will be taken Instead of
an admission price. The evening Is
expected to be one of murh real en
\nnouncement is made of the en
gagement of Mr. Walter L. Bartlett
and Miss 1.1 da'G. Fagan. Mr Bart
lett is a son of Nathan G. Bartlett.
of Quiet Dell, t*is co-waty, and Miss
Fagan is a resident of Spartanburg.
S. C. He is a cl^il engineer for the
South & Western? railroad in the
Carolinas. The wedding will take
place some time next .spring. Mr.
Bartletr Is now visiting his parents
and ftfs many frien-d's air glad to
hear tlrar he is getti/ig- along nicely
in the South.
The Friday Afternoon' Small
Bridge Whist Club will be entertain
ed by Mrs. T. M. Jackson Friday af
ternoon this week at her home- on
West Pike- stret.
By (he Xonrrgfm Parliament ami Is
Valued at About Forty
Thousand Dollars*
TBy Associated Press.]
CHRISTIANA. Norway, Dec. 10?
The Norwegian parliament today
eonfered the Xobel peace- prize upon
President Roosevelt in recognition
of hfs services in ending the Rosso
Japanese war. The Kobe? peace prize
is part of a bequest ltefit by Dr. Al
fred Earnhardt Nobel, a Swedish
scientist, who died in 1896. By
his will a large portion of his for
tune is devoted to line annual prises
each valued at about J4#,00(V.
[By Associated Press.]
HERKIMER. N. Y., Dec. 10?
Chester Gillette was today sentenced
to be electrocuted some time ^luring
the week beginning Jan. 28, for the
murder of Grace Brown.
M. D. Garrison, of Quiet Dell, was
In the city Wednesday. He holds
tbe championship for having butcher
ed the largest hog reported this sea
son. Mr. Garrison killed a hog Mon
day that weighed 57S pounds dress
ed. It was but a week or so over a
year old.
Mrs. James T. Robinson was here
Wednesday from Salem shopping.
Laco Young was here Tuesday af
ternoon attending conn.
J. T. Boggess has returned from
Elmer F. Goodwin came home la??
night from Fairmont.
M. H. Wilson has been in Fair
mont on business.
O. H. Stewart, who spent Tuesdt,
in Fairmont, has returned home.
James W. Robinson has been com
missioned a notary public by the
Miss Edna Trick ett, of Fairmont,
arrived here today to be the guest
of friends a few day's.
M. Hamilton. Traveling freight
auditor of the Baltimore & Ohio,
in the city from Parkersburg on of
ficial business.
John Moore, of Bridgeport, spent
Wednesday in the city.
-General S. B. Baker returned
Tuesday night from a business trip
to Charleston.
Mrs. Agnes C. Stuart and daught
er. Miss KaChyrine. left today for
St. Lucie. Fla., to spent the winter
Wilbur Miles, colored, joined them
from Birmingham. Ala. Mrs Sta
art raised him and on that account,
as he requested to be t&lcen along
she granted the request
P. C. Thornhill. a former Clarks
burg resident, later looated at Wes
ton. was in the city last night from
Weston enroQte to Philadelphia,
where he will again locate. He dis
posed of his marble and granite
works at Weston before leaving.
Rev. Wayne K. Stalnaker, pastor
of the Methodist Episcopal church at
Sbinnston, was the guest of the Rev.
Dr. S. K- Arbuthnot Tuesday after
noon, gf v
Boyd E. Hornor. of Lumberport
spent Tuesday night in the city.
Mrs. Charles Camp and daughter
.Miss Ersie. of New York, will spent
Xmas with friends in London. They
l<*ft Wednesday at 10 o'clock oa
the Celtic, of the White Star Line.
Mrs. Camp is a daughter of Mrs.
John McGowan, of this city.
A. H. Kunst. of Parkersborg, is a
city visitor.
L- M. Elkin. of Parkersburg. is
a visitor in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Elliott, of
Parkersburg are visiting in the
J. R. Trotter, of Buckhannon, was
a husniess visitor here Wednesday.
Silas Fittro was here Wednesday
from Salem.
J. W. Williams, of Marshville.
spent Wednesday in the city.
W. D. Bryan was here Wednesday
from Shinnston.
J. B. Inuis, of Bristol, spent
Wednesday here.
F. M. Davisson. of Salem, attend
ed court Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Alexander
and daughter, of Charles Town, are
visiting friends in the city.
Henry E. Reeder. deputy internal
revenue collector, went to Fairmont
Tuesday morning ro attend to of
ficial business.
A. W. Davis, of Mineral, spent
Tuesday in the city attending cir
cirir court.
General S. B. Baker is in Charles
' ton loekinfr after some business mat- ,
C. H. Cumniings was a prominent
visitor Sere Wednesday from Lost
R. E. Cnrrer. of Delphi. Nicholas
county, was a business visitor here
J. H. O'XeiTl". president of the
Southern- Pfne lumber Company, is
In the eiiry for a short stay to look
after business matters to connection
with the company's branch here.
Samnel E. Barr. of New York
City, one of the prominent lumber
dealers of the country, warn In the
'?ity Tuesday and Wednesday visit
inc the local lumber men.
John D. Sutton, who vfsited rel
atives here over Sunday, who vfsit
ed relatives- here over Stenday. re
turned to Martinsfrnrg last night.
James Bameardoer is here from
Ame Martftey. of Salem, spent
Tuesday fir the cfry.
C. P. SVint was here Tuesday
from Weston.
Dr. E: B. FTtrtrw. of Salem, spent
Tuesday 111 the ctty.
SamueT A. ETTfett, of McAlpin, was
here Tuesday.
Miss Anna Francis, of Wilson
burg. was here Tuesday shopping.
M. Camon. of Littleton, Is in the
city teekfctg after business matters.
or the B. ft O. Will Go Into* Effect
on January 1st.
While no official announcement
has been made by President Oscar G.
Murray, the new pension system on
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad will,
likely become effective January 1st.
All data regarding the employes on
the numerous divisions of that sys
tem was sent to Baltimore several
months ago. and the general offic
ials have completed their work in
the matter. It is believed a circu
lar will be issued from the general
(jfflcps this week announcing details
in connection with this, department.
Coitrea#* In its Begolw^ December
Term With AU Its Mem
bers Prwent.
! And Various Other Busing of the
County Is Attended to By the
* Court First Day.
The regular December term of the
-ounty court convened Monday morn
ing with all the members present.
Wiiilam H. Taylor was granted a
certiflcite to practise law.
In a notice of contest between J.
' T. Y">ung and E. B. Robinson rela
[ tive to the election of a consts Me la
J Tenmile district Monday. Dec. 17.
j was set to hear the same. J
George H. Gordon qualified as
justice of the peace In Coal district.
Frank Abruxrino qualified as a
notary public.
L*wis F. Nay qualified as a juc
tice of the peace in Eagle district
George X. Kollman qualified as
justice of the peace In Simpson dis
Ellis H. Rogers resigned as con
stable in Clark district and R. Ed
ward Kldd was appointed to the
vacancy. , n,,?i
Albert N". Wagner was exonerated
from the payment of one dollar spec
| ial road tax.
j. H. H. Davis was exonerated of the
! payment of taxes on one thousand
j.c'o'iars worth of property in 8alem.
W. B. and R. E. Fleming were ex
| jn-ra-ed on property in Salem val
| n*d at $6,050.
J. W. Flanigan, of Adamston. was
granted an exoneration of 73 cents.
Harry W. Flanigan was exonerat
ed from the payment of one dollar
special road tax.
James M. Criss qualified as con
stable in Simpson district.
The estate of John S. Carlile tu
committed to the sheriff for admin
| istration.
An exoneration was allowed
Charles Little and James Criss on a
certain property, also to the Nation
27 Snop'y Company.
B. Brown Stout qualified as a
commissioner of the county court.
C. M. and J. B. Hart were exon
erated on property valued at $2,200.
R. E. Kidd qualified as constable
in Clark district.
The second will of Mrs. Charlotte i
D. Lowther was probated.
At Tuesday's session of county
court C. B. Wolverton qualified as a
- >*ary public.
?The Robert W. Kyle Company was
awarded a contract at $2,375 to re
construct the heating system of the
rourr house.
Exonerations of taxes were allow
? : V. H. Lewis. I. F. Lawman. W.
3C. Corn well, A. S. Carr, Porter S.
Day and J. I. Cofllndaffer.
D. D. Britt. Alison Bartlett and
FIranus Reynolds were appointed to '
vl??w ? proposed road through lands :
"Tcraatts. Reynolds.
Book of Fifty Pages Giving Many
Fine Awards Including Sil
ver Cups Issued.
The prpmium list of the third an- ;
njnal exftfbitlon of the Clarksburg
Poultry and Pet Stock Association
which will be held in this city Feb.
f>. 7 and S. T906. have been issued
from the press and are being dis
tributed by Secretary W. H. (Lewis
and the other officers of the'asso
ciation. The list Is a book of 52
pages and the offerings It contains
are quite attractive, indicating that
the coming exhibition will be the
largest and best ever. There are J
many cash and other premiums and j
thirty silver cups to be awarded for
exhibits. T. E. On. of Bearer, Pa.,
one of the foremost poultry udges)
of poultry and pet stock in America, j
will judge the exhibits.
Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Goff are In
Burton M. Despard Is In Philadel
William E. Sears, ot Parkersburg.
is a city visitor.
The State Poultry show will be
held at Buckhanon next week, he
ginning the 17th and continuing un
til the 2lst. the public to be admit
ted the last three days and nights.
The prospects are that the meeting
will be the largest ever held.
nature. Whatever the cause the blood be- ^
comes steeped in poison and a cot, braise, i
scratch or other wound often develops into
m asore. fed and kept up by these imparities.'
? causing it to eat deeper into the surrotmd
,, - *??: tissue, inflaming, festering and cans
PURELY VEGETABLE ing pain. External applications can only.
keep the sore clean; they cannot cm* the
trouble because they do not reach the blood. S. 3. S. cures Old Sores by
going to the vsy bottom of the trouble, driving out the impurities aod -
poisons and purifying and bmldingnp the entire circulation. When S. S. S.
has lemoved the ennse the blood becomes rich and healthy, the sore'begin*
to heal, new flesh is formed, the place scabs over and is soon permanently
healed. Book on Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice free.
What Hi* to Be P?id For 1?We
Things 1b the
The following reudl price* prevail
in the local produce market:
Eggs, 35c dozen.
Country bntter, 30c lb.
Creamery bntter. 35c B*.
Irish potatoes, 80c bo.
Sweet potatoes, 35c peck.
Applet, 11.20 bo.
Cranberries, IBe at.
Celery, 10c stalk
Cabbage. 2c lb. _
ffnntng pears, Mc peck.
Country onions, 40c peck
Chicken. 18c !b dressed; 12 %c n>
undressed. _
Turkeys, 20c tb dressed. 15c Tt>
Quail, 25c each.
Oysters. 40 and 50c Qt
For Here.
rhe following prices are preralUn?
in the local grain market:
Corn, new yellow, wholesale 4S%.
retail, SO. . 44.
Corn, new white, wholesale, 4S.
retail 65.
Wheat, No. 1 spring, wholesale.
90; retail, 1.??- .
Wheat. No. 2 Red Whiter, whole
19.75: retail, 22.00.
Dorsey W. Cork, of Mt Clare,
spent Tuesday in the city.
T&* annual meeting of the stoc
haWers of The Merchants Katio^l
Sank of West Virginia at Clarks
burg. for the election of seven di
rectors. will be held at its banking
boose Tuesday. January 8. 1907. a
10 o'clock a- m. ?
The annnal meeting of the stock
JL or a.
Bank will he held at its banking!
house January 8th. 19?'- a
o'clock p. ?- tor the election of at
rectors for* the ensuing
any other business tnat may proper
* come before them. ^
Cashier j
j To the Sheriff of Harrison County,
^Yofare hereby commanded to
summon Amanda S. Teel to appear
bel,re the Judge of oar Cl^tC^rt
of Harrison county at the C>f
office of our said court, at rules
held therein for said court.onthe
first Monday in December next^o
answer a hill In Chancery exhibited
against them in our saidcourtby
Keuben F. Teel. and have then there
th wiSs. H. W. William* Clerk of
our said Court, at the court^ouse of
the said county, this
November. 1006. and in the 44th
vear of the State. .
H. W. "WILLIAMS, Clerk
At Rules held in the offi^g^
County, West Virjinla. at
1906. the following order was
^Renben F. Teel, Plaintiff.
vs.?in Chancery.
Amanda S. Teel. Detente*
The Pure Article.
This addition to the M. Frost &
Company's Family Liquor Store ad
vertisement on another page came In
too late to use In Its place this -week:
Ask for these brands.
As the holidays approach nearly
everybody is beginning to contem
plate the quality of the litle whis
key the family win want for that
period, especially for uses is gas
tronomic preparations. Vo~ ' ?w
less special hospitality
and nearly all basts, like
bnrton, "lore to
the very
For these purposes, as well a
medical adaptations, the Clark
tilling Company's
tinctly prepared.
pure mountain
with care felly select
lately clean distillation.
tag with Time's own
climax of
For all
spite of
strain t,
I leges of
ieast harmful.
The object of this salt is to dis
solve the bond of matrimony now
existing between the plaintiff and de
fendant and to secure for the plain
tiff a divorce a vinculo matrimonii.
And It appearing from an aSldaTit
filed in this cause. that the said de
fendant. Amanda S. Teel. is a non
resident of the State of West
ginia, it is ordered that she
here within one month from
of the first publication of
to do what is necessary to protect
her interests in said salt.
Witness. H. W. Williams, Clerk of
? said Court, at the Court House
of the said county, this the 3rd day
of December. 1906.
H. W. WILLIAMS, Clerk.
Counsel for Plain tiff
Reuben F. Teel,
Amanda S. Teel.
In the Circuit Court of Harrison
County. State of West Virginia.
Take notice that the depositions of
Reuben F. Teel and other witno??
will be taken at the law office of Will
E. Morris, in the City of Clarksburg,
in the County of Harrison, and State
of West Virginia, on the 27th day of
February. 1907, between the hours
of to a., m. and 6 p. m., to be read
in evidence on the hearing of
above cause in behalf of the plaint
t he said Ren ben F. Teel.
If from any cause the taking
the same shall not be commenced,
or belni commenced, shall not be
> completed on that day. the taking
of the same will be adjourned and
continued from time to time unto,
they are completed.
Tours, Ac.,
By Win &. Morris, Counsel,
The Original L?xr rive Congb Syrup containing Honey and Tar. Aa
Lass ani Bronchi; 1 Remedies. .PIcsssum to the taate and p->ad alike. _
w?r*. c*nrai?inz ? ?niarei eonsHpste tlx bcv?is. ?tee*s I .-x-.th# Heoev -j 7 r ??
- .res. 1-T^ryJ. bj- VrT-: INE COMPANY. CHK
to tbetaate and p-iod ilike.for yoohj and nUL AIL c
f* ill' Qtl I

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