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An Excellent
Advertising Medium
the Clarksburg telegram.
The People's
Favorite Faper
When Passenger Train Crash
es into a Freight Train on
a Sidetrack.
I Mil red Have to Be Chopped
Out of the Ruins of
the Trains.
!??? :i persons arc dead and at least
fifwn reriously injured In a wreck
, h occured this morning when
Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton
passenger train from Cincinnati ran
ihrotigh an open switch into n
if ^ht train on a siding at Irving
tnu. a suburb. The dead are:
r liuhoit and wife. Albert Alien
:,! or La* Angeles; Brake
niaii Itrrt Wiilte, Indianapolis: Jos
eph I. I'aimor, El,aw, Tenn.; Charlie
and John Chancy. .Mrs. Clifton
Cliaiiev. Chester Chancy, ot Jackson.
i'i ('. T. Grundlieoffer, Cinctn
naii. \i lloy!e, who had a ticket to
Chicago; Conductor Karl Wiggins.'
l.ii-ago: Kngineer William Sher
fcev. (*. Itiiig. fireman, and an uni-|
dent iTied boy.
The wieck took fire but was ex-!
mulshed by firemen.
The wounded were imprisoned in
wreck two hours until chopped;
Of the National Guard of This ]
State is bocated Here
at Present.
II. O. Cramer, sergee.nt instructor
?' the national gunrd of this state,
aligned from the Thirteenth fed
? ral infantry, has his headquarters
lure now. lie is instructing tliei
variotn companies in this pnrt of
the state and he holds school every
Monday night for Company K here
? iid drill every Wednesday night.
lie will ho here three months.
Court Completes the Recent:
Election Returns of i
That County.
I'A R K KRSEURG. Nov. 13.?The
Wood county court has -completed
'anvasring the returns of the election.
Hie canvass resulted in r.o great
?hangis in the results, none of the
flcures upon the principal offices bc
ii ? altered. The prohibition amend
ment lost seventeen votes in the
"> intv bv the official canvass. The
? Seal totnl vote of the county for
'he Important officer* is a sfcjlows:
\Yil:i>i|, 3,704; T;ifi, 2.."iCS; Rcosc
v" IJR44. Thompson. 370S; Hattielrt,
Moss. 4.146: for the amendment.
??"7; against the amendment. 3,212
Governor-Elect is at Homej
at Eckman Suffering
from Lagrippe.
"cory. local attorney and personal
" >nd of r?r. II. D. Ilatfield. governor
' of West Virginia, received a let
yesterday from Mrs. Hatfield stat
that the governor-elect is serious
n It hough not critically III at his i
1 one ai Kelt man.
I'r. Ila'lleld is suffering from la
? r ppo which Is supposed to. have
n brought on by exposure during
<a inpaign.
^ 11 Me Built from Webster
Springs to Pickens by
Col. .McGraw.
GRAFTON, Nov 13.?The I'lekens
'i'i Webster Springs Railroad Com
? >. recently chartered with a cap
stock of $.">0,000, purposes to build
railroad from Webster Springs to
'* <ens. John T. MeGraw and other
? of the West Virginia Midland
road, arc the tuckers of the pro
Wtn. F? McCombf and Gov. Wilson (taken since election).
Official Returns from Thre
Qounties Cut Davis's Vote
More Than 200.
Langhlin Duvls
l-ewis county ;
Harrison county.. ;i7f
Broolte county... .305
Hancock county.. . tUG
Marshall county,
(incomplete) 7JS
Ohio county 98
N.tze! county. 1,0?S
Marion county.... 792
Totals 1,3SU J, 177
Davis's major Iy i;<7
Owing to < rrora in lhe reporting
or election returns and ilie failure in
some precincts to report ilie progress
ive vote in addition to the ttcpubUcnn
vote, there in * onslderab.e iloubt at
present uh.'thcr John \V. l:avl? was
re-e!etced to congress Ironi the First
Wcs; Virginia cistrct.
Although the official vote ha? been
reported from only tl.:ee of the right
coiiutlc* in t!i** district. i.aap
po?cd n.ajor ij has I n t- :accd '
fronk_fcome:IiIaov< r -Ii > to nlj 197
voles vvi-.ii chacois ttr Laughlin
will have a small majority li>-n the
ofli' lal vote* are reported from ihe
other live counties.
Thus far the ofl'.clal voifs of only
Broolte, Hancock and Jowls (o.mtiei
have heeu returned and in each ot
these counties Mr. I-a'.ighitr. made con
siderable gains considering the clcsc
nes* of the vole in the district. l-ewls
county first reported a majority of ."A
vote* for l)ai is. but the oiliclal can
vass of the return:-. which was com
pleted thi re ynt rd. v, i iows tha',
I-aughlln earr.f.; the (ointy by 7.".
I votes over Davis The exact figure*
the I.aughKn 2.US4 and l>_vls 2.01!.
; la Brooke counv.% l-i.ichiln sained
four votes and in Marshall, whore (lie
canvass of. (he returns i? proceeding
slowly and where seven precincts are
yet lo he counted Mr. l-aughlin gained
;41 votes.
| The Ohio couniy canvass Ir also
proceeding* slowly, only Washington
I and Clay dlstr!s;s having Iki n rcni
? ple'.od. Lausblln is credited with a
majority of 9S votes In tha' county
but on the faee of the returns, and it
is stated that the PnHK^iivi* ballots
In several precincts will materially
increase his lead there.
Wetzel county's vote has not been
officially canvassed, but newspaper
reports from New Martin vllle tire lo
the cflfeet thsit II re will be a con
siderable change in all the votes In
that county. The eontetbetween
Blair and Morris for circuit Judge is
now declared to le In douhl.
Tlfe Marlon cocnty co: rt ? ill not
*" (Continued on pago four.)
Of indictment Seems to Have
"Caused Editor to Com
mit Suicide.
lUirVt-I). Kas.. Nov. 13?'"The
struggle under competitive system
isn't worth while; let it pass. j
This note was found in the room
of Julius A. Wiyland. the owner "? j
the Appeal to Reason. the Soclal.stl
organ, who committed suicide in hist
home Sunday night. He went to his
room and shot himself with a re
volver. dying two hours later. Al
though the note left by Wtiyland in
dicated that the failure ot the So
cialitls to gain ?n>" victories at tne,
recent election caused hint to kill
himself, his close friends deny this.
The fact that Monday the grand
jury convened at Gorl Scott to in- ?
vestlgute charges of criminal lihel
against the newspaper Is believed to
hfctu inllnencrd Way land to commit
Make Gain in Their Vote in
the County of Berkeley,
This State.
MAUTlNSr.i'ny.. Nov. 13?Berke
ley county complete returns give Hil
ton, Social if. t IS'-, gain of about iwenty
per cent over four v.-ars ago. .lefTer
cn coan y. Ilil'on. Socialist. flfty-five.
ir.ss of twenty per cent Morgan
county, Hilton sevctity-flvc. slight
imivix; rt'MJS.
The Her. l>r. l?on V .Nic'tiol*. of
1 larksonville. O. .is iv.-nding the week
here In tii" Interest of Wejleyan Col
lege a1 IJuekiitnnon doing the work
of a i. :d a .tent ar.d raising money for
the insiltutii-i's endowment fund. He
may become pi rmanently identified
with the liistittttion. lie Is a s?"*t
of Mr. and Mrs .Harvey \V. Hariner
' The county court has completed
live of the ten magisterial districts
In S!'j canvass cf the election returns,
namely, ("lay. Clark. Coal. Eagle and
!"U AH <!?>' tomorrow will be re
quired and the canvass may extend
Are j Given the American
School System by a
Princeton Professor.
BALtlMORR Mu.. Nov. 13?The
American school system was severe
ly criticized by Prof, ltoyal Meeker,
' Princeton University, in an ad
dress before the Congress of the
Prison Association here. Pror.
Meeker's subject was "The Connec
tion of Our School System and Ou>'
Prison System." He tried to show
how the population of the prisons
eou'd be reduced by reforms that
began in the schools.
While he acknowledged that onr
j schools pay. he declared that they
[ should pay better. "Hut." he said.'
j "I think it probable that we could
j gal all t'i.' fiood results achieved by
I our schools for lers than one-half
I what we now pay.
j "l think." continued Professor
Meeker, "the supposed influence of
our schoo's upon our morals is
greatly misunderstood and some-,
what exaggerated. Ignorance fs
commonly used synonymously with
Immorality, vice and crime. Some
of the eighteenth centtity writers
thought that man could he redeeme.i
from sin and crime by the A, B."
C's and the multiplication table. We
now recognize that mere information
his little to do with right conduct.'
Those famMiar facts of our child-'
hood. "The bug is in the rug." and
?Seven times nine is fifty-three or,
sixty seven,' whatever it may he, do,
not incite to deeds of high moral (
emprise. I doubt the efficacy or
those excessively moral yarns con
tained in the school readers aboutj
George Washington and the cherry^
tree, and the bad little boy who stole,
apples from the old apple woman
and years afterward died a miser-j
able death in the workhouse as a re
sult. It may he that the ability to
read does make some more virtuous .j
I am sure It makes some more friv
olous. more worthless, more wicked
by enabling them to feed ?poa(
trashy rending matter. Neverthe
less, onr schools do promote moral
ity much more than Immorality.
"The greatest vuluc of the public^
school consist* In Its democratizing.
influence. They give us a common !
medium of Intellectual exchange?j
the English language. Without a'
common spoken and written lan-'
gunge, union and democracy would
be impossible. Of course, we are less
savage, more sympathetic, moro
truthful, more honest, because we;
have a common literature, a com
mon morality, common laws. Som.
of the democratizing effects of our.
schools are, however, clearly in-1
jurious. Communal whooplng-l
cough, measles, chickon-pox, diph-1
Vheiria and the like: democratic ly
ing. profanity, ohscenity and other;
immorality are undesrlable by-prod
ucts of wholesale democratic educa
tion in the public schools. It will
probably be impossible to eradicate|
these evil Influences without eradi
cating the public schools. If we had I
no schools, plainly the schools coul.t
not be blamed for these evils. It Is
often charged that the public schools
spread contagions diseases and im-,
morality. Would these evils cease if,
the public schools were abolished? j
Certainly tint! They would *>e dis
seminated from other centers. The
schools did not Invent Immorality j
and personal uncleanness. They
found these eviis existing within the;
community. The worst that can be
said of the schools :s that they have,
been nnable to eradicate these ev'ls.
Who can doubt that our schools have
lessened tlieni? We ought to be
i careful in criticizing otir school sys
tem to make it clear that we ar'
comparing our present system with
an Ideal or approximately Ideal sys
tem. We do not compare it with
no system at all. When I say that
our soJiool system Is inefficient, tin-,
nconamlcnl and rotten. I do not
mean that it Is absolutely bad. I
mem It is. compared with n system
which could he maintained for thej
I same expense, relatively lnefllclent.
: relatively rotten."
Is Still Slightly Ahead in Cal
ifornia with Five Pre
cincts to Hear From.
? Returns from all but five voting
precincts In California enrly today
gave Roosevelt a plurality of twenty
. four voles over Wilson.
j .c K#tch?m, Ycie Center.
A battle will .age within a battle wlicn Yale and Princeton play their
I annual football gumo un Nov. 10. Kctuham and Bluthcnthal will light it
tout for center of *' o All-America team.
I Kctcham. Yule's centcr. made the All-America laat year, just nosing
| cut the Princcton stAr. Tills season, however, Bluthenthal ha? shown
marked improvement and apparently has the edge on his Yale opponent.
Are Returned against Several:
Persons by the Present
Grand Jury.
Wednesday morning the iriminal
court grand jury this lorni made its
first report.
Claude Wilcox was indicted for
the theft of rope junk from V. W.
iJ'.V.man and jj. A. MfVoy vnltted at
Carl Williams, Fred Rymor and
Fred Wier3 were indicted for break
ing into a freight car.
Karl SaodgraE-s was indicted for
forging the name of C. C. 3nodgras<
to a chrck for 11.200 and having the
same cashed.
Pasco Uoiaano, Pohn Savtnsky.
Pete I.ai? o and Rrniii Meleeke were
indirtcd for br>.iki:is into a freight
Meyer Ro3ensliiti" was indicted
for carrying on the business of it
junk dealer without a state license.
Tiie trials of Curl Williams and
Fred Weirs, A. 1. Delaney and Pasco
Uoinano nnd otbeis wi-ie. set for Mon
Revolvers Are Used by Some
Italians on One of Their ?'
MARIiKSBUBC:. Nov. IS.- Bccota
ing angered because he had been se
lected o\er them to jto on a mission
for more workmen by the foreman.
Rafael 1)1 Costinzo. Nicola Glocoma
and Nlcollnl Tanllzo, Italian work
men employed at the south quarry and
standard lime aaH stone called An
Relo Cc^aao, a fellow workman to
his door and opening, fired upon him
w'th automatic revolver* shot him
to death before thc!r victim could re-'
Rain the shelter of his home. The
murderers then tried to shoot another
Italian living in Costatos house, tout
the latter kept inside. The three
men fled and wore closely pursued
all day by Sheriff Kettering, and more
than a score of deputies. Although
the murders were not captured at a
late hour last night. It U believed
that they cannot escape.
FAIRMONT. Nov. 12.?The first
; train has he*n run over the Hsu khan
j n?n & Northern railroad. entering the
I ktcal station of the Baltimore and
Ohio Hallroiu! Company. On the tratn
were the officials o* the S^ckhnnnon
and Northern. th? Ba'.tlni^re and
Ohio, and a few from the Pennsyl
vania railroad.
HTNTnrtWOX. Nov. IS.?Calmly
informing her friftid.i that she had
I taken ;i drink of deadly acid. Sir'
N'ora DavIn. t< years of ntte. died be
fore their effort" could-aave h>r life.
I He.pondeney ovr-r ft health and fin in
| rial matter* It is s;i!d. induced her to
end her life.
By William A. MacCorkle, a
Forma- Governor of
West Virginia.
? ?
William A. MaeCnrkle. ex-governor
of tho state, thinks tbat Virgil L.
j Highland, of this city, will be chosen
by the legislature to succcod United
States Senator Clarence \V. Watson.
A New York dispatch has the follow
ing to say about MacCorkle's belief
in this respect:
Former Governor MacCorkle, a
Democrat and a partner of United
I States Sertator Chilton, came to New
York two days after election, and,
In melancholy tones, lameuted thai
with an overwhelming Democratic
victory the country over West Vir
ginia should fall down in local af
fairs and lose a worthy senator like
Watson, let alone a long list of state
officers. Governor MacCoritle perked
up some later ou during bis visit and
derived tome satisfaction in declaring
that Republicans will have 11 terrific
fight over a senator, and might -event
ually compromise 011 a modest, but
wonderfully capablc Republican like
Virgil L. Highland, of Clarksburg,
who has been the chairman of the ad
visory committee and the hardest
working member of it throughout the
campaign. The MacCorkle view is'
that Highland has kept clear of any
factional troubles and stands In a
good position to tinaily unite the sup
porters of young Elkins. William Sey
r.:our Kdvvards. and Brier Kox Daw
son, who has had senatorial designs
ever since he left the governor's
ofluc. The possible projection of
Highland Into the senatorial scrap Is
rather discouraged by his friends at
this time, but MacCorkle Is a wlBe
old bird in West Virginia affairs, and
heed will be given to his wisdom even
by Republicans in time of stress.
! For Ten Days and Her Con
| sorfPaysa Fine of $10
and Costs.
Convicted of assembling in a Glen
j ICUc hotel for an Immoral purpose and
also of dtunkenness, A. D. Cumber
! ledge and Jennie C.I11 were lined <10
{and costs each this morning in the
police court by Mayor Frank R.
Moore. Cumberiedge paid his fine
iind was released hut the woman couljl
' not and the mayor sentenced her to
! serve ten days In jail. \
Another man was convicted of
drunkenness and was fined IX and
costs, but he could not pay the re*
quired amount and was remanded to
jail until c\enlng. when be will be sent
out of the city unless his flue Is paid
I "by that time.
skm.s >Kwsp vrmi.
SPENCER. Nov. 18.?E. A. McKown.
former state senator and editor and
owner of the Spencer Times, has sold
the newspaper to S. A. Simmons,
crfibler of the Traders Trust and
Hanking Company, who is now man
aging It.
On a Train When She iMis
takes rhe Latter for a ,.
, Robber. |
Object of Their Visit to the
City of New York j
? She Says.
piHLADEURau. r?.. r?T. 13?
Mistaking her mother ror m robber.
Miss Glady Myers (hot and killed
her on a Pennsylvania train as It was
passing through Bristol, Pa., this
The girl and a passenger named
. M. R. Cuthbert, are being held by
; tho Tronton. X. J., police pending an
I investigation.
According to a statement made at
:i hospital In Trenton, Mrs. Myera
was the wife of J. R. Myers, a hotel
proprietor, of Greensburf, Pa.
The mother and daughter were
on the way to New York to purchase
i a wedding trosseau, ahe said, as she
ia to marry J. Hlalr Dlllard, of 3a
i lem. Va.. where a son of Mrs. Myera
lives. Thoy left Pittsburg yesterday
for New York.
Cuthbort declared that he almply
rendered the wounded woman and
daughter assistance.
? HT
Confronting the American
Federation of Labor Are
Being Discussed.
ROCHESTER. N. Y., Sor. .13?
When president Gompera of the
American Federation of I>abor called
that body to order today, the an
nual convention had disposed of a
voluminous roport of tho executive
council, and It proceeded to a dis
cussion of problems that confronted
it- . .
ITeciI" ;
Canvass in This State by the
County Courts is Proceed
ing Very Slowly.
The canvass ot the election returns
Is progressing very slowly through
out West Virginia, and few. If any,
changes were found yesterday. . In
Marshall county George A. Ijaughllti
gained 41 votes.
In the Second congreslonal district
the vote between Conley and Brow*
is close and It will take the canvass
to determine the winner. Hatfield'*
majority remains practically un
nTght TIns *
_________ TT-* ? ?"?*
Between Clarksburg and
Pittsburg is What King Be
lieves About It Now. <
II. V. D. K'ng, secretary ot the lo
cal board of trade, recetved the fol
lowing wire from A. W. Thompson,
third vice prelFdent of tfc^Baltlmore
and Ohio Railroad Company last
"It has beea decided to give yonr
city night sleeper service to Pitts
Mr. King has Information today
that leads him to believe that night
trains will be run, 6ne leaving here
at 9:4r. o'clock and the other leav
ing Pittsburg about midnight. He
hopes to ascertain definitely before
the end of the day.
r -
Is Man in Steel-Making Busi
ness after a Life-Time
Service. . /|
H '
j PARKKRSBl'RG, Nov U.-Joh*
Stephens, for seven years anperlntes
dent of the Parkersburg Iron and
I Steel Company's plant, has resigned
and will retire from all business ac
tivity. He has been In the steel
business flfty-four years and for
thirty-four years was superintendent
or various steel planta. He ahd his
family will move to Indians Harbor*
near Chicago.

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