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"WVdm'Hiluy. .Tun. J.
Thrw jurors were bagcil joiteruay in the
Tilt-n llecchcr case.
Auutbcr Cuban cxiclition ii reported to be
fitting out in Xcw York.
The annual Mle if pewr in Plymouth Church
(Be-cchtr Iwgnio) last flight, rcaliie.1 $70,0iJil.
An f xplofian of fire dump in a coal mir.e at
Kolhcrbain, England, yietcrJjy, killed ninety
The harbor at Pt. Louis trots last night
jjtn nejrrte-a la-luw ru'u at Ifiuaiiii je-etertliy.
Two tuldicrs I"t t'ai'ir live iu the burning ot
tho ba.rrac'ii' at Ft. Husrell, Wvi-uid,; Territo
ry, funJjy uisht.
A niirricd man named TCring, nm live a'
flreesr, 111., flint and mortally Toumlcd aMir.
Brocmer, at St. I.oui', tail night, lfnuac flic
n-'usel tj dcicrt her buiband and clupo with
0. 0. Carr, a St. Louis railroad clck, killed
himself with murihiac, lait night, tu end a
drunken tprcc.
All tbe burinest portion of Orangeburg, S. C,
was destroyed by Lre yesterday morcin.
The Orinoerais of New Hampshire yesterday
nominated lion. A. II. Hatch lor Governor.
The residence of Kenton Rngg!c;,at Put-in-Bay,
Ohio, was bnrnedlastnight.anihismoth
r, "inter and her child were burned to death.
Xf. S. 'Kelly, aged 68, was caught in the ma
chinery or a Souring mill at (Jallatin, Tcnn.,
yesterday, and torn all to pieces.
J.N. Cohen,. Nashville pcdler who has been
missing for some time, is supposed to have been
murdered somewhere in Robertson county,
Dr. C. B. Adams, of Angotta, Ga, was drown
ed at Gramteville a few nights since. W bile
waiting there for a train to move he unintention
ally walked into the canal.
jit Dallas. Texas, about midnicht of the 31st
of Deeimbcr. Msj. J. P. Uorbacb, of Memphis,
and Mr. U.K. Thoma, tbe agent of the Teiat.
and Pacific railway, two friends, were drinking
torcther and had been playing some game.
Buth gentlecta were under the influence or liq
uor. A difficulty ensued, in which Uorbach
hr.t Thomu throuch the bead, the ball enter
in? lust above one of his eyes. Uorbach was
arrested and lodged in jail.
ThurnUa.v. Jan. V
Eight jurors hare been secured in thcTilton
B. cchcr case.
The entire commercial and non-political
world of New Orleans, includingall tbeclergy,
unite in pronouncing Gen. Sheridan's charge
tb.-.t the white people aro banditti, as infa
mously false.
The bark Assnraeeen, from Pcne-iccla, Fla.,
for London, was lost at tea, and several of
the crew drowned.
Ex-governor R. B. Lindsay, of Alabama,
has become a resident of Denver. Colorado.
The old sell about straightening the negro's
hair has been revived, and parlies aro now en
gaged in certain localities in Texas in selling
some vilo decoction that takes all the hair off
and leaves the head barefooted.
Two white boys on the Gadberry place, near
' Yaioo, Miss., about twelve years old, got into
a fight last Saturday. Their names arc Boyd
Johnson and Green. Young Green
stabbed Johnson with a knife and killed him
Two youths from Sclma, Alabama, named
Charles Street and Frank Roach, were arrested
at Columbus, Ua., the other night, on the
charge of robbing their employers in the for
mer city of $5C0, with which they were boand
for New York "to see tho world." $175 25
wers recovered.
Joe Parker, a noted desperado, well known
in northern and western Tcn, was killed
yesterday by the deputy shcriffol Hunt county.
The deputy called on Parker to surrenner.
Parker fired immediately, the ball grazing the
deputy's bead. Tbe latter returned tbo fire
riddling Parker's head with buckshot, killing
bim inEtaatly.
A private dispatch just received at Memphis
says a party of citizens who were searching
Lee county, Mississippi, for tho murderers of
tho xsornm lamily hare arrested four ncgros,onc
of whom confessed to the crime, and said
there were six negroes concerned in the trage
dy: that they first shot and killed liornm, his
wife and tho negro boy, and then fired tbe
house in a half dozen places, burning alive the
two children, and locking the door to prevent
their escape.
M. L. Murray, agent of tho Singer Sewing
Machino Company in Macon, (Is., committod
suicide at the Brown House Thursday night
ny tailing lauuanum.
Ifridjly, Jan. 8,
One thousand troops sailed from Cadiz; Spain,
jasi ounuay iur ifuua.
The requisite number of jurors in tho Tilton
Beeehtr case were obtained yesterday.
Drunken Zach Chandler has been rcnomina
ted for tbe U. S. Senate by the Republicans in
the Michigan Legislature.
Uanibal Hamlin has been renominated for
the I). S. Senate by the Republican caucus of
rao name legislature.
A negro woman in Pitt county. N. C, recent
ly gave birth to triplets, tbe Oct was n Lite, tho
seconu mulatto, and the llnrd black as a tar
A little darky in Rome. Ga.. stole acakofrom
his grandm&ther,and when she stripped bim for
a wmpping ne ran away, lie was round frozen
to death next morning.
Mr. Charles Albucht, or Columbia. S. C.
while laboring under a fit of temporary aberra
tion yesterday afternoon, shot bimsclf in the
head witha Colt's navy pistol a portion or the
brain being carried away. lie lingeredintil
about 12 o'clock last night, and then died.
lie leaves a wire but no children.
Mr. Harvey Groner, who lived near South
point, Gatton county, N. C, committed suicide
a few days ago by hanging. There seems to
have been no cause assigned by bis friends why
he should havo committed the fatal deed. Mr.
Groner was about forty years old. Ho was a
married man, and left two or threo children.
A colored man named Lucas shot another
named Lawyer Weaver Sunday morning early,
near Bennick's Mills, Ua-, on the Central rail
road, about sixteen miles from Augusta. It is
said Wearer had been living with Lucas' wife
fur the past few weeks, and that he was with
her in his room when Lucas put a gun through
a. window and shot bim, killing him instantly.
It bus now been ascertained from a reliable
scarce that Cohen, the missing I'oluh pedier
from Nashville, was robbed, murdered and his
body buried near Russcllville, Ky., by tbe
county Authorities. His horseand wagon were
soia ny order oi the county court, which will
appoint an administrator cf bis effects. His
paper, accounts, etc., nero all found tn his
body, but the monoy zotl valaailei were min
ing. Saturday, .Tan. it.
Hugh McDaniel, a steamboat captain, was
murdereJ. at Point Pleasant, W. Va.. last Wed
nesday, by Wm Weitzei. McDaniel had been
criminally inliu.atc with Weitzcl's wife.
A d nccidont occurred near Blackjack, Wil
son county, Tenn., Saturday, during Clirintmus,
which resulted in tbe death of Mr. Wm. Burr,
or Krntucky. Mr. Burr and Mr. J. W. (Boss)
Barlicc wero out hunting, and teeing a squir
rel tun into a bole thought to run bim out, and
for that purpose Mr. Barbto knocked against
the tree with the butt-rnd of his gun, nhich
cau,:d it tu fire, the whole charge of shot en
tering the breast or tho anfurlunate Burr,
canting death. Tho parties were brothers-in-law.
The nr;roe in the vicininity of Citronclle.
Ala., have adopted a sew mode to prevent
stealing and other f iiecic of crime a icons their
cloi.T-nt. 4 few days ago two or threo of
thrrn were suspected of stealing and they were
caught, tied to a tree, and after l-eitigeouTpclIfd
to acknowledge the stealing, they wire tcycic-
ly nhu ped by tbe leading urgrnvt. litre arc
plain casa. of intimidation a"nd food Tor the-'
"inresiigallng eoinmittcc."
h'i. heof, of Tate county. Miss made nn ar
rangement to have an egg-ni-pg. and cno of
his len.iiils, George Hunt, celored. bad prom
ied to come up b-fere day and wake- hiin r.p
and In lp Slim to make it. At three oVfork
IScniT was nwakr. a nd coni-hidt-d be nouM bare
(vu: luu cut or llKnt; It' he got o.,,vot k'
sW-luii an.l wirl.lHTn tn ln csliin, and.
nid ecekinj 1t'i barn.Ii or Jiif gun, fired
lmlli.a- li'm-pu-eil. lie then opened Hunt's
d"or ami .n v li.-.l -it liim ni:h bis gim.ono
!i. ml of tiiM-bring di Imrgid, lodging
the I I in i...-. ( IIhiiIV) i.lf. fimn the rfferts :
t 1 ji ii-l l'l n-.it day. Hunt a
tf.ily mr-mm- t the 1 i-t, nnd tcl "ficii
t he fn.l l-cofi" verc, and bal always lecii,
oi !h ivtv I ft of term-: tint lie was i-alijfi-d
ihi! tliefhonting tnii iiorntenm.
Mollie Cirter, ( Jliariutt.-'ville, Va.,
ciiucto an awtul drain in thi-. lranncr: (in
Hlm.l.iy nigl. Me ioturiie.1 tu bor fathers
fiuui a iirty, and took a I imp to rctno to her
room. A she eroi'-ed tht pigo a puff of
wind eaiue through tbe .-.-s.i-;e. causing tho
lr.ni to exj lode and enveloping ' 'r in ftani.v.
Her eriei brought lieriiiolber and ii-tcr ro her
.issitanec, both of whom were sever, ly burned
in attempting to put out the l".r": but not until
Vr i.'ihing wan burned was ti.efi s cxlin
guhhid. heditd of herinjurie? at 11 o'clock
Sunday morning. Min Carter ) only rbout
eigl.t n eari of tige, in the fall biooi.i ' wo-
nanhoo.I, and was an intciligcni itaa amiauic
oung l.t-iy.
3Ioutlity, -rim. It.
Vn Voorbccs is no longer a candidate for the
In liana Senatursliip
Coal mining has almost entirely suspended
in Pennsylvania.
Horace II. Gihbs, a Cincinnati railroad man.
who recently lost his wife, committad suicide
on her grave Friday night.
The cold snati Eitutdav did some devilment.
Jane Anderson, aged fil, was frozen to death at
Cincinnati; John Hogan met with a similar late
at Chicago; and a school-girl at umana was so
ba-ilv frozen that she died.
It is reported at v nsnington mat eerreiary
Fish his tendered and tho President accepted
his resignation, in consequence of a disagree
ment about the nigu-nanded fcuerai outrages
in Louisiana.
Vasquez, the notorious California bnndit, has
been convicted of a score of murders and rob
beries charged against him, .and will bo sen
tenced on tno zora tnsi.
Kinz Alfonso will enter Madrid to morrow.
Tbe Western Hotel, at Sacramento, Cab, was
burned vesterday afternoon. Ihicc men aro
known to have perished in tho flames, and
others aro supposed to be buried in tho ruins.
Frank Rogers, while drunk, was frozen to
death at Urenbam. leias, a tew nignts ago.
Primus Wilson killed his wife in Liberty
county, Ga., last week, by tripping her up and
placing bis knees on her. lie is ninety years
old. and she was but a Tew years his junior.
Last Thursday night abont 10 o'clock the
house of Franky Elli, colored, was burned to
the ground an 1 all the inmates five in num
ber an old man, a young woman, and tbne
children, were burned tu death, in fiury coun
ty. Va.
A few davs azo Mr. W. T. Jones, living on
Buffalo, in Wilkinson county, Miss., found one
of h.3 hozi near his residence badly bitten by
dogs, nnd otherwise ill-treated. Taking his
gun he went to look into the matter, and this
was the last seen oi mm auvc. inyoouy win
found with tho top of his head shot off. Thrifc
negroes charged with tho crime have been ar
rested and are now in jail at Wcodville.
Tho murderer of MUs Emma Vreiker, and
tho attempted slayer of bis own -rCe, in New
l!-aunrels. Texas, some months airo, has been
arres'oj, and confe-ted to having committed
the deed. The came ot the Uend 18 ttllliain
TnnsL Tha wifo of this man, a young girl but
recently mairied, bad taken refuge with the
Ycelker family during tbe absence cf her hus
band, stating that f ho wa afraid to remain at
her home during tha nigh', but giving no reas
ons therefor. Tho Toun-t wile, nating retired
one nicht. oceunvinz the- same apartment with
tho young lady so brutally murdered, was sit
upon by tho fiend, who was reported absent
from the neighborhood at the time, and dread
fully lacerated with a hatchet. Miss Y-clkcr
awoke at the noisfl occasioned, and was ueu'C-
diatcly attacked by the brute with tbe same
i - . r 1 . i! i . 1 i r
weapon uscu on mi wiie. cue uu-u buoriiy al
ter, but the wife recovered from her wounds and
is still alive.
Tnesilny, .Tan. IS.
Among tbo fortunate ones candidates be
fore tho Tcnncssco Legislature. was Miss Em
ily Peyton, daughter of Hon. Balio Peyton,
who was elected engrossing clerk of tho senate
on Tuesday.
Mr. Sam Weaver, who killed Rodger G rem
at Lawrcnccbjro, Tennessee, and who was
being tried fur that offense, was permitted by
sheriff Garner to tako Christmas dinner at
home with his family. He was guarded by the
sheriff and deputy sheriff Austin.
Miss Gertrude Pillow, daughter cf General
Gideon Pilluw, of Memphis, shot a bear near
Old Town landing, Arkansas, last week. The
young lady was attended by a youth named
Charles Mitchell, brother of Captain John II.
Mitchell. Bruin received two loads from a
double-bsrrclcd shot-gun, and, turning over
with a sigh, somewhat akin to a growl, quietly
breathed his last, no was of very large size,
and tbe steaks were juicy and nice.
On Wednesday evening a terrible accident
occurred from the rcckle?s use of Cre-arras, re
sulting in the death of Miss Mollie Jones, of
Milan, Tennessee. Her brother William, on
coming into the house the sanio morning, took
a derringer pistol from his pocket, and, in
presence of his, sisters, Mollio nnd Fannie,
drew the charge'from the pistol and retired to
bed, having been un all the night previous at
a ball. His sisters in a playful manner pro
cured some percussion caps and commenced
snapping them with tbe wcapun. After some
timo a younger prother came in, and seeing
the pistol proceeded to load it with ball and
cartridge with tbe expectation of riding out
some short distance after night fall. He inad
vertantly left the loaded pistol on a bureau in
ono cf the rooms or the house, and the young
la J its, seeing tho weapon apparently in the
same condition as they had left it while amus
ing themselves, thought that the snapping of
caps would give additional enjoyment. Miss
Fannie Jones, thercfore,all unconscious, picked
up tho pietl, pulled the trigger while the muz
zle was in close proximity to her sister's left
temple, and fired. The bullet penetrated the
brain of tho unfortunato young lady, and shu
fill to the floor, dying instantly.
Shelby villc is now lighted by gas.
Tho Bowling Green Republican has changed
its namo to the .Bowling Green Globe.
Jnmcs Monroe, a hore-traincr, fell into a
creek at Lexington, Sunday, whila drunk and
was druwncd.
James Miller uf Harrison county, sold re
cently a trotting colt for $11,000.
Tho Paducah Tobacco Plant has changed jts
name to Furmer's Sentinel.
Tbo Ilarrodsburg 1'coplo is hereafter to be
called the Obscner and Reporter.
The Lebanon Standard says that tbo Ufa
Judgo Hardin had his life insured for $10,000.
Col. Oscar Turner will bo a candidate for
United States Senator, to succeed Hon. John
W. Stevenson.
Henry Kramer, who murdered his brother
in Covington, Ky., on the 27th of last July, was
sentenced to the penitentiary for 21 years, on
the 7th iustaut.
In tho Falmouth Police Court tho other day
a quarrel arose between tho judge and tho
marshal, in which pistols wero drawn but no
one hurt.
On Christmas night, just after dark, threo
prisoners confined in the Owcnton jail mi-de
Ibeir e-seape. Two of tho men wero e-harged
with bursa stealing, the other with carrying
concealed deadly weapons.
The publication of tho Tri-Wce-kly May
til'e Eagle has been duvmlinued. Mr. Green
will continue the publication of tho Weekly
The negro girl shot by KukluY near Clay
village abotit two months ago, has recovered
her streng'h, though the vision or the injured
eye is still defective.
On tho night of December" 24, George Fay,
of Boyd e-ounty, was shot at, tho ball grazing
tis back: He heard a ni.-e at tbe door, and,
on going t) see vha' it uaj was fired upon.
Col. Jre. I). I.illard, of Ontn, is announced
as a candidate for A'timry (ii-r.cral, subject to
ctioa " Uimubratic State Convention
ia Msy.
A terrapin-was recently found in a field in
iriiU it.-oii Manly ailli the following naaies in-scrile-d
or. Its ihill: E. A.beraft". 122; X. A.
Ilratton, Wm. Wwod. IbiS; H. A. Wosd,
K. v. B. V. Mcb'.uM, 1). Is., lately presi
dent oi lit CMBbcilicd I civorajtv at Lil-aimti,
Tcnn., lias aoccjitcil a call from the Cumber-
ami Presbyterian church at Bowling Gn.cn
The jail at Burlington, Il'iono eotintv. a
briek building erected in IS"l,ua4 destroyed
by lire on Monday nizht. It as eet on fi o by
Ml insane prisoner named Thomas Kirkpatric.
Robertson county boasts olu gooso tnentv-
tlreo years old, which raised twelve gosling
this last fpriug, while her owner has made sev
en large pillons from the feathers plucked from
htr gooscship.
A child was born last week in Nelson county.
n the niighborhooil of Bloomfield, to a Mrs.
Guthrie, without arms, having well-formed
thumbs protruding fronl each shoulder, and
with its mouth located on thenzbt side of the
face, below tho jaw-bone.
W'i',V i n Dickson, near Beech flrovu Church,
Oiv.i e.MTty, was hauling with an ox-teim,
ant1 b.i 1 n an overload. Tho dumb brute
tefu-ingt i pull, he piled a load oT fodder upon
he x an 1 ' 'irnt hiia alive. A similar fate
would ha to t;iiod for tbe fiend.
Elder I'.. T. Meyers, a minister oT tho Cllris-
tain Cnnreh in Mason county, eloped with n
young lady liom Harrison county, and was
married to uerut Aberdeen, unio. tno briuu s
rather is said to be a Bourbon counTy farmer
or wealth, and has rung prejudices and pos
itive character; and it is haul bo ba dcclaircd
his intention to disinherit his daughter.
A ton ot Mr. Pat Quinn, of Mason county,
while huntinir on Wednesday of last week, was
accidentally shot by his brother, and killed in
stantly. The boy killed was walking in tno
rear of his brother, who bad tbe gun on bis
shoulder. The gun by some accident was dis
charged, the littlo rellow receiving tbo entire
charge in his head.
At n trial in a magistrate's court near Plum
Point, Fayette county, recently, tho plaintiff,
a negro, was toiu mat no mu.i swear 10 ins
statements beroro they would be received as
evidence. The old darkey hesitated for a mo-
ncnt but straightening himself up said: "Massa
I'se posed to sweann, butciawn tMuit u.
A drove of 2S Costwold sheep, all in fine
order, add belonging to Hon. Geo. W. Crad-
loek, of t ranktort, has been missing since
Monday, December 118. It is supposed that
they have cither been butchered for tho home
market or drives off at night to a distance and
The Taylorsvillc Lodge, T. and A. M. is
sues the following: This notico is to inform
the publio that V. E. Anderson, formerly a
member ot Ibis lodze, has been found guilty
of gross unmasonie conduct, in eloping with
the wire or James Jewell, and saia Anaerson
has been expelled from this lodge, and the
same ordered to be published.
The Grangers of the Eighth District, have
instructed their Representative, Hon. M.J.
Durham, to insist upon tho following points:
Firt Wo demand that tho 5-20 bonds bo
paid in greenbacks. Second That tho
national bank system be abolished. Third
Equal taxation, including bonds nnd all other
cecurities alike. Fourth We ask the co-operation
of nil other Grangers in tho district,
State and United States.
An unknown man was tound dead near
Hanson, Hopkim county, last Menday, The
circumstances attending his Tenth aro un
known, but it is supposed ho set fire to an old
tree, and lying down uy tuo nro went rn ?ietp,
nnd it burned in two and fell en him. Ho was
thought to be a tramp. There was nothing
about him to giro tho faintest clew to his
A suspicious-looking strangor, giving his
narno as Louis Ro?, was arrcstdd in Shclby
ville the other day as a suspected burglar, but
nothine bainz found against him, except
that he had tho alias of Robt. Noyes, bo was
released. He has sinco brought suit in tbe
sum or $10,000 ror damages done his character
azainst the judge, irrrcsting omcers, proccu
Jing attorney and jailer, leaving his interests
in Iho nancs vl ms attorney,
Dr. II. A. M. Henderson, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, h2' been invited by the-
National Superintendent; Association to ad
dress that body at its annua! ooivention, in
Washington City, January 28. He also goes
to Nashville to address tho State Teachers'
Association of Tcnncssco on tho evening f
Janucry21, upon which occasion tho Lcgiila
ture will bo in attendance. On the evening of
the 23d be delivers ono of hi lectures
'Nashville Car tbo becxntTintie n email's :-J
sion Homo:
At tbe rosidenco of Mr. Benham, on tho
Eecch 1'ork, Washington county, on the 23d
of December, a peculiar and fatal accident
occurred, vno ot the youug men winie sinoK
inc dropped a coal upun a paper containinj
two pounds of powdar, and an explosion fol
lowed. Of the five persons who were in the
room at the time, tour were badly burned,
Miss Josic licnham received injuries of o so-
rious a nature that -li died on Saturday last.
Mr. Boblctt was very severely burned but will
recover. An infant child of Mrs. Boblctt,
which she held in her arms at the time of the
cccurroncc, escaped unhurt
Tho easo of thoso Lexipgton city officers,
principally members of the City Council, which
was brought beforo tho I'ederal Court at Lou
isville some time ago, and was taken thenca to
the Supreme Court of tho United States nt
V. ashington, was set lr trial in tn.it court on
the Gth instant. It has been poslponcd, how
ever, to tho 12th or 14th. Hon. IS. F. Buck
tier, Judge of tho Court of Common Pleas, em
ployed as counsel by tho city, is in Woshinz--
ton attending to the case, ttgeth'cr with Hon.
Mr. btansberry,
We are ot tho opinion that our old
friend, Judge McMaxasia, knows a
little more law than is healthy for the
continued existence of the Court of Ap
peals. It looks as if he labors under
the impression that he has been award
ed the contract for performing all.the
work which properly falls to the share
of Appellate Judges. When tho no
tion takes him, he pounces on a decision
of the Court of Appeals, like a jay-bird
on a June-bug, and reverses it before
one can say "Jack Robinson." And
he makes no more ado about declaring
a constitutional provision nnconstitu
tional than Ceockett Bayers docs
about pulling the beam at three hun
dred pounds. Wo pray Mc., to stay
bis rash, innovating hand. The Court
of Appeals and the State constitution
are relics that have so far bid defiance
to the corroding tootli of time, and we
would be grieved to see them stricken
down by the all-conquering arm of the
Cid CAMrEADOi: of the Kentucky ju
diciary. The demands of the lecture field
upon the time of Bro. Gi:o. W. Bain
lcing so great, he has been compelled'
to surrender the editorial charge of the
TemjAranec Advocate to Bro. X. F.
Thomi-son, the efficient G. W. S. and
Tr. Bro. TjioMi-eoN has a head full of
brains, is an earnest, forcible and logi
cal writer, and will keep the Adamite
in the front rank of the temperance
A man in Giles caunty, Tennessee
saw a wheelbarrow for the first time in
bis life, the other day, and he thinks
the necessity for him to join a church
in order to get to ltcavan no longer exist.
ovn political ciikkd.
Wo tiro not of tho latter-il.ty, new
light Ddiiocnicy. With us printriples
:ireprinciile, and expediency vtilne
les a? tho dtit beneath our feet.
When principles are to bo f-acrificed
for the sske of victory; when immoral,
drunken and otherwise objectionable
men aro to be selected for places of
profit :tnd trust, and men of character,
standing and ability arc shoved ugidc,
because of the guppoed or actual popu
larity of the former anion' the ra"-tajt-
aud-bob-tails; when whisky and money
has to be used to achieve success at the
pull;, when all or any of the.-o things
occur, ice sfU'p doim ami ohI of Ihcmnva.
Neither our voice, vote or paper can
be used in such warfare. With us,
our political faith is a religion, and
wo will always endeavor to guard it
from impurity as we guard the faith
upon which rests tho salvation of our
soul from the contamination of infideli
ty. That is the reason why we disdain
to publish a strict party paper. "We
have no idea in advance of the course
our party leaders will pursue. Thev
ate not to b-trusted. They are all
expediency people. Tlmy b.avn gone
into the very heart of the enemy's
camp ami taken their "eluef aiuon
ten thousand," their Saul, tholifc-long
tnd unrelenting cntyiiy of our party
nd its principles, and foisted him
upon us as a .Democratic candidate
for the Presidency. And now they
are endeavoring to steal from the Kc
publicans their principal gun, and
adroitlyjsceking to indoctrinate us with
tho virus of inflation. We'll baveinonc
of this. We would just as soon call
ourself a Republican, and advocate Re
publican principles and support Repub
lican candidates, as" continue holding
on to the name of Democrat and advo
cate principles and support candidates
that arc Republican in reality, only
adopted for the nonce, and it-fed in the
hope that the enemy may be decieved
and ti victory won before they discover
the ruc u-e them as hunters use
wooden ducks to decoy the real fowl.
Wc believe in the principles taught
by Ji:rn:nsosT and Madison andMc-N
r.OE, and practiced by Jacksox. They
embrace the true theory of republican
lemocracy. The' are as immutable
as the laws of nature. They arc worth
living for and dying by. Ever since
the moment the Democracy began to
cut loose from them its fortunes began
to -anc. We have tried tho dodge of
expediency often enough and long
cnoujih. We havo suffered by our
lolly asnnich as we ought tosttfi'er. We
cannot afford to continue rt losing
game, lite tune has arrived lor a re
turn to first principles, And unless
we do return to them let's have as lit
tle as possible to say about "Demo
cratic principles." Such talk, the way
things are going, is worse than mock
ery, it w as it lir.UTUs, wan nis loot
upon the bleeding body of C.tsar, wero
to pronouncD an eulogy upon the vir
tues of the man ho ltad just murdered.
Whatever we be, O Democrats, let U3
not become hypocrites as well as trai
torsto our principles.
Gen. Gordon's advice to the people
of Louisiana is good. The Administra
tion is endeavoring to goad them into
armed resistance to its odious tyranny.
A dignified submission to the wrongs
it is heaping upon them will prove a
defeat more sore to tho President and
his co-conspirators against the politi
cal life of a sovereign State, than would
fifty reverses on the foughten field.
Their hope is to bring about an armed
conflict, and then, under tbo cry of a
revival of tho rebellion, enlist the sec
tional sympathies of the North now
being estranged from them again on
their side, and thus perpetuate them
selves in power. This is their game.
This alone they are striving for.
Quiet submission to any and every
outrage that may be heaped upon them
by the people of Louisiana will defeat
it. Let there be no resistance.
Madison county is putting on airs
hpoiusG it contains the remains of
Boonesborough, Boone's Gap, and a
rock on which is carved the initials
"D. B." About a mile from the town
of Sharp-:burg, m Bath county, on tho
south bank of Stoner creek, there stood
and may r-(;md yet an old beech
tree, on which the name of Daniel
Boone he spelled it "Boon" was
carved nearly a bundled years ago, by
the great hunter's own hand, and Bath
doe? n't think enough of the relict to
mention tho fact.
Military dictation is the undisguised
attitude of the Administration towards
the people of Louisiana, and Generals
Shrridan andDR Triobriand haye
been fitly selected to carry out the
scheme of oppression. Thank God, all
such actions as that of the Federal sol
diery in the Louisiana House of Rep
resentatives are nttib driven to the head
in the coffin of I(adicali.-m.
What the world wants is not a new rc
igion but a return to the old religion
the one our Saviour preached anddied
for the one that is ultimately to bring
salvation to the ieople3 the one that
has been abandoned of men almost
since the moment of the foul and cruel
murder of Cunisron Mount Cnlvarv.
We have too many religions now '
such as they are. There is not one in
tho whole long catalogue of religious
beliefs that will stand the crucial test
of the Bible. They are, one and all.
more or less of the earth earthy. Their
principles, or doctrines, arc the crea
tion of men smart and pious men
they be but still men. "Preaching
Christ and Him crucified" is an inci
dental instead of an essential of our
modem religions. What does a dying
soul care for- sprinkling or immersion
or pouring, for infant baptism, for
works and faith, for creeds and discip
lines or catechisms, for sectarian names
and quarrels? He want3 the manna
direct from heaven, that will feed and
keep life in his soul forever.
"We arc not a scoffer at and despiscr
of the religions of the world. There
is much good in all of them; and also
much of evil. They befog and bewil
der, by their eternal clashing of doc
trines, where they should all be light
houses to guide to havens of safety.
We never knew of a protracted debate
between ministers of opposing sects on
the doctrinal difference between their
respective churches, thatjlid not work
devilish evil in the community, where
it occurred. Both sides would claim
the victory. The adherents of the
several debaters would zealously stand
by their champion, estrangements and
quarrels and heart-burnings would
spring up between friends and neigh
bors, and wc have known oven the
members of the same family divided
among themselve-. The victory in all
such contests really belongs to the
Christ blazed the path to hcavon,and
he made it narrow. Doctrinaires have
endeavored to macadamise tho road,
have widened it out, until it actually
requires a chart and compass to travel
it with safety. There would be no
such danger were we to follow implic
itly the lights of the Gospel of Jisus.
Love of God and our fellow-man, re
pentance of our sins, the precepts of
what we call the "Golden Rule," and
the teachings of the Sermon on the
Mount, arc all the guides wo need.
They contain all of the doctrines and
iliuiW Jaw that v ivant. If we fiptnre
our lives in this world by them, wo will
fit ourselves for tbo inheritance of eter
nal life in the world to come. Men's
doctrines must be purged from our re
ligions, and Christ's Gospel substitu
ted, or we will all give Satan as much
work as he can stand up under some
There is no good reason why a read
able newspaper cannot bo gotten up as
well in a country village as in a city
while there are many good reasons
in favor of the project. If the editor
is lazy or incompetent, then it will bo
impossible for him to get up a paper
worthy of support anywhere. We do
not claim forourself any particular ad
vantage over our confreres of the coun
try press. We only claim that we
were bred to the business of newspaper
making. "Wc have fillsd every posi
tion on a paper, from that of "devil"
iu a country office, through the vari
ous grades of compositor, pressman
mailing-clerk,- associate editor, and edi
tor-in-chief of several prominent and
leading dailies. Our experience at
the business began prior to the day
when the telegraph became the serv
ant and news-bearer of tho press. Wi
think Ave know what the reading pub
lic demands, and our only ambition is
to make for it a readable paper. We
oiler the people of Ohio county Tin
IlARTroRD Herald. It is for them
to decide whether they want our pa
"When Texas doctors disagree, they
sharpen their bowie knives, meander
to the edge of town, and fight it out on
that line. As they know exactly where
to carve tho human anatomy without
producing fatal results, they hew away
like sixty for awhile, and then, covered
with blood and gaping wounds, they
make the quarrel up, shake hands,
walk arm-in-arm to the nearest doggery
and take a drink, dress each others
wounds, and ever after enjoy the repu
tation of being two of the ganiest men
between the sulphur factory and the
iron works.
A romantic story reaches us from
Germany of a plucky American girl
who fooled tho faculty of a famous medi
cal school over there, by putting on
male attire and attending the lectures.
after having been refused admittance
when she made application in her wo-
An epoch of war always palm off
some spurious hero upon tha muse of
history, and hi name in consequence
finds a place in the chronicles of the
nations: while poets and novelist.
lacking historical data to work upon,
invent nightical exploits to which tliey
marry his name not d iring to use
that of any one who has carved out an
honorable fame with his sword, know
ing that detection of their imposture
would be curtain the people catch up
the song or story, it becomes popular,
and after awhile is accepted as veri
table history. Thus base fables, in
time, pass currcn Ifor genuine fact.
These heroes of the' minnesingers and
storytellers aro lucky dogs, in that
they earn their chaplets so easily.
The histori&i of the old world are full
of such characters, and, since tho col.
lapse of our own civil war, American
history can parade a right goodly share.
Notorious among these indeed his
name may safely be placed at the head
of the list is General Phil. H. Sher
idan, who has won himself longer and
more jingling spurs than any carpet-
knight of them all. How? Simply
by wining and dinning into the cars of
a not overly conscientious newspaper
correspondent a fabulous story of an
imaginary rido "where danger hung
the murky air, and death 'buscaded
the way." The story was published as
fact in the New York Herald, when it
caught the eye of the poet-painter, the
late Buchanan Bead, who at once
seized pen and pencil, wrota one of the
most stirring ballads of the war and
painted a picture that made him yet
more famous, and Sheridan was the
hero of both. And yet that break
neck ride through the Shenandoah
Valley, "on to "Winchester town,"
while the legions of Stonewall Jack
eon were a-marcli on every road never
occurred. Not a bit of it not a bit of
it; no more than'our excellent friend,
Judge Gregory, mounted a streak of
greased lightning yesterday, and rode
to Beaver Dam in the twinkling of an
eye! Anil yet, were we to publish so
preposterous a statement a3 fact, we
would not miss the truth a hair's-
brcadth more than the poet did when
he heroised Phil. Sheridan. We
chanced to know something about
Sheridan during the late war. We
know he was 5cnt out to "Pat""
Thomas bearing instructions from the
War Department to the Litter, and
those instructions were to put "Little
Phil." in command of the cavalry
corps attached to the Army of the
Cumberland. The grizzly old hero of
Rossvillc Gap, whoso iron legions
stemmed and turned back the tide of
disaster to the Federal arms that set
in on Chicamauga's fearful field, obeyed
his instructions to the letter, and turned
over the cavalry to the "famous ride;
The consequence was, that in six weeks'
time the cavalry of tTic Cumberland
was the most disorderly, dtsciplinclcss
mob that ever essayed to wear saber
and carbine. Thomas would not stand
that sort of thing, and Sheridan wa
hustled back to the eastward faster
than he came, for those gentlemen
from the army of the Potomac were
slow travelers when their faces were
set to tie southwest. There was
deal of hard fighting down there, you
see. it Sheridan was ever gumy or
an exploit, brilliant, or even moderate
ly so, during the war, it lias entirely
escaped the eyes of impartial fnsto
But he has performed a couple of
brilliant deeds since tho war deeds
that will wed his name to infamy so
long as the world shall stand. He
burned up a small-pox hospital that
contained a score or more of helpless
Indian patients, down with that fright
ful scourge. And the other day, at
New Orleans, he caused a subordinate
to enter the legislative halls of Louis
iana, while the House was in session
and remove therefrom six members.
whose only otienso was they wero
Democrats. And he did not stop
there, but he called upon the Presi
dent to proclaim the white people of
that long-suffering and terribly abused
State "banditti," and give him free
rein to ride them down as he pleases,
We hope that the next time the Presi
dent gets drunk he will comply with
Sheridan's request Then we would
have this military bubble pricked to
some purpose." If he hopes to plunder
the people, he must have forgotten that
General Butler was down that way
once upon a time, and did pretty
clean picking. If ho thirsts for burn
ing and slaying, he will be preity apt
to find it a dangerous amusement.
There are hundreds of men iu the
Democratic party of Kentucky who
can fill any public position with credit
to their party and profit to the State
and nation. Thev arc large-hearted
laree-brained. laree-ideaed men. But
O ' O
they are also modest and unassumin
men. Thev are men who sconi to
sen file for nomination with big-bellied
loud-swearing, vanity-pnffed, sliallow-
brained, long-tongued, blatant, bully
ing demagogues. They are men who
lave no "claims" upon the party.
Your genuine statesmen, your heroes
ct the Senate where ideas are as can
non lialls and speech a saber keen, are
not the ones to button-hole you on
every corner and annoy you with their
'claims upon tho party. They are
not the men to travel the length and
breadth of the State, like bellowing
bulls ofBashan, proclaiming that they,
and only they, are the chosen vessels
to restore the ancient grandeur and
glory and honor of the party. These
roaring beggars after office, these polit
ical lazzaroni, are the very ignorant
and conceited incompetents that
brought the party into disgrace afore
time. They are but croaking frogs,
whose mission it is to sit upon the, banks
of their native ponds, suck in the air,
swell out their sides, and frighten tim
id tadpoles with their noise. These
impudent incompetents must be put
down. "We, the people, the rank and
file of the party, must brush them
.aside as odious vermin,, and call out
our best and truest men our men of
brain and ability onrmen ofstamhfa
and character our men of trenius
and patriotism our Democratic jewels
of purest ray serene, and put them in
the crown of American statesmanship,
whore their radience may enlighten and
their brilliance guide. Too long have
we permitted them to rust in obscurity.
Too long have wecov.ecd them over
with the dust of impudent political ad
venturers, fellows who resemble states
men about as much as the stripes of a
rag-carpet resemble a rainbow. "We
cannot begin the good work of purify
ing the temple of Democracy one day
too soon. It ha3 been usetTas a stable
for jackasses too long already. "With
the broom of T1109. Jefferson, our
grrat Democratic Hercules "Let
the office seek the man" 'et's sweep
the Augean stable clean.
BRI C-A-mtvc.
Komellc-Orlcannaise for Liar1 SlieriJan.
Even Gen. John Fope admits that he
cannot hold a candle to Sheridan.
Mrs. "Woodliull says she loves a liar.
Sheridan is the sweetheart for her.
The Jtory, though plausible, that Gen.
P. II. Sheridan is the author of Gulliver's
Travels, U without foundation.
Glance at the two sap root of General
Sheridan's genealogical tree, find von
will find inscribed thereon tbe names of
Anania3 and Saphira.
What a pity the white people of Lonis-
iana are not all sick women and children
in a emall-pox hospital, so Sheridan
could exterminate 'em with fire.
Sir. Alphonso Barrett no .kin to our
John late of Otterville, III., left a ton be
hind him when he died last Julv who
knew exactly how to console his yjun!
and pretty step-mother. They twain ceU
ehrated New Year's Day bv getting mar
ried. The Cincinnati CrtiuUe compare!) Phil.
Sheridan to General Jackson There is
jtist about as much resemblance be'ween
the little Liar in Blue and graud OKI
Hickory, as there is between the illumi
nated narrative of a lightning bug and the
noonday snn.
The new King of Spain a the identical
babv whose arrival at Madrid while the
late Pierre Sonic, of Louisiana, was tbe
representative of this government near
that eottrt, was laid at that gentleman's
door, and .caused -Mrs. S. to express the
opinion that Queen Isabella was "no bet
ter than she should be.""
One of those sweet romantic experiences
which we love to record as evidence that
this world ia not all a fleeting show for
man's illusion given, that love has lodg
ment here below, and there's truth this
side of heaven, now comes to us from Nor
thern Georgia. It appears that a gentle
man of Atlanta wandered out into the
country to escape che noise and bustle of
tbe busy town, and commune with nature
where brooks babble and fields arc a-green
at the proper season. Among the birds
whose gay plumage delights the eye and
happy sotig3 enchant the ear, he espied
and at once fixed his affections upon a
young pig a tender, milk-white, beautiful
piggy. A few words of business import
with the owner of tbe porcine darling, and
the city gentleman became the possessor
of the object of bis swift-born admiration.
The pretty pig was carefully basketed, to
the immense disgust and indignation of
its fond mamma, and thus transported
from sylvan eccnes and pastoral disport
gns to the glare and glitter, the fashion
and folly, of the crowded city. Next
morning, ere Aurora's roy warning had
bade pale Luna to make room for the
god of day, the crimson banners of whose
marching glowed redly on the gray eastern
horizon, the gentleman, who is an early
riser for a denizen of the town, was attract
ed to his yard-gate by a commotion tbers
ancnt. Imagine hi3 astonishment on dis
covering the motherof his newly-acquired
treasure endeavoring to mate her way in
to the premises that were the prison
grounds of the darling of which she had
been despoiled on the preceding afternoon
Her instinct, quickened by mother-love,
had prompted her to swift and determined
pursuit. It is such sweet and poet
ical episodes as this, frequently occurring
in the aromatic and. sunny southland,
that more firmly fixes in our mind the
conviction that this glorious "land of the
free heart's only home," where truth and
Sheridan together roam, is no longer iu

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