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"Wednesday, January 13.
Bx-Oovernor Thomas E Bramlette
died at his resilience in Louisville tester
day afternoon, after an illness of several
wccVs dunTtion. lie was born at Colum
bia, tAilair county, Ky.. and waB in liis
SSlh year at the lime of liis death. Gov
ernor Bramlette had been much in pulilic
life, havine r- erred in both branches ofthe
Legudaliiri, on the circuit bench, as a Col-
n J' f I . 1 TT "
net ana ungaaicr uenerai in uie union
nrmy durinc the .late war, and lastly as
Governor of Kentucky.
The convicts of the Nebraska peniten
tiary, at Lincoln, under the leadership of
a notorious convict named Mcwiiatters,
about 3 o'clock Sunday overpowered the
inside guard, jained possession of the ar
mory and then drove the outside guards
from the walls, shooting one Julius Go
shen in the knee, and wounding severely
another, who is reported dyimr. They
fired several ehots at citizens who were
approaching with arms, wounding two,
The warden was absent in the city. His
wife, children, and a female convict arc
locked in the upper part of the building.
Grave apprehensions are felt for the safe
ty ofthe guards and the warden's family,
as the convicts are desperate men. The
warden and a lare body of armed citizens
are patroling outside the prison. The
convicts are momentarily expected to sal
ly forth, having procured citizens clothes
by robbing the guards. Gov. Turner,
having applied to Gen. Ord for aid, a com
pany of Troops left Omaha on a special
train for Lincoln.
Saturdary night a serious cutting affray
occurred at South Bloomficld, Pickaway
county, Ohio, growing out of a feud be
tween J. Ryan, a hotel keeper, and one
Welch, a coach driver. Ryan attacked
Welch with a knife, and the mayor of
the town, after ordering Kvan to desist,
was driven into his -store. Marshal Reese,
when attempting to arrest Ryan, was cut
in the arm, severing an artery. Ryan was
finally felled with a club and arrested.
A special dispatch to the Times, from
- Kankankee, 111., says that there are six
teen cases of Trichina? in that place from
eating diseased pork. Two victims have
died, and several others are in a critical
Lewis Adams, the murderer of Rice
Wilson, was hanged at Pottsylvania, Va.,
yesterday, i tie culprit was baptised be
tore leaving the iaiL While on the plat
form, with the rope around his neck, Ad
ams delivered an incoherent Iiarrangue,
asserting that he had been unjustly con
demned. He said that he had found hope
in Christ and wished all present in heaven
with him.
A small bov who broke intoagunshop in
Lexington, Va., to steal a pistol, is to be
publiclr flogged "by the proper officer.
ilr. Basil Samolewisky, a member of
the Russian Department or Agriculture,
has been sent to Travis county, Texas, to
study the culture of cotton, and will re
main there, several months to acquaint
himself thoroughly with the cultivation of
tbe staple.
Last June little Mary Crantz, six years
old. was accidently snot by her brother in
New Orleans. The charge of bird shot
entered her lace, putting out both eyes.
The wadding entered her right cheek, but
her father extracted it. I ne untortunate
child has lingered ever since in misery,
but death relieved her yesterday.
One Morgan (white) had a dispute with
Hays, (colored,) at Lewisburg, Ga., -when
Hays, witti a large knile, stabbed Morgan
penetrating the sack inclosing the heart
wounding him dangerously, whereupon
George Page (white,) mail agent on the
Southwestern road, shot Hays, inflicting
a dangerous wound in his neck. It is
thought that both the wounded men will
die. lace was arrested ana lodged in
Thursday, Jan. 14.
The floor of an ice house gave way at
Cairo. Ill- yesterday, and a man named
Bashler was crushed to death by tbe fall
ing ice.
The Ohio Legislature yesterday passed
a law making tue bieamng into a corn'
crib, hen-house, fcmoke-houee, etc., bur
glary, and punishing by imprisonment in
the penitentiary. Kentucky needs such
a law.
The Governors of New York, Pennsyl
yania, Texas and Missouri, yesterday de
nounced tue action oi tne Administration
in Louisiana affair?; the Legislature of
Pennsylvania passed resolutions condemn
ing it in strong terms, and similar resolu
tions are pending in the New York Legis
tature. Hon. Person C. Cheeney was yesterday
nominated for Governor by the itepubli
cans of New Hampshire. The convention
denounced Grant's military usurpation in
Louisiana in very emphatic terms.
The body of Frederick Reutz, who had
been murdered the previous night, was
found in Chicago this morning, full of
stabs and witn tne bead nearly severed
from tbe trunk.
Four men were killed by a snow slide
at Big Cottonwood, Utah ier., yesterday.
Three teams and four men broke thro'
the ice on the Missouri, at Omaha, yester
day, and were drowned.
Samuel Vail, of Lewisburg, Mo., com
mitted suicide on Tuesday at Gonzalez,
Texas. Whisky and gambling.
Quite an excitement was created at Fin-
castle, Va., on Saturday last, by an un
petuous lover essaying to take summary
and sanguinary revenge for naving been
deserted by bis former sweetheart, l be
parties belong to the good society of the
place, and the affair set all the town agog.
It seems that the youDg man had been en
gaged to the young lady for souie time.
but owing to the persistent opposition of
tier parents, and perhaps other causes, tiie
engagement was recently broken oil. 1 lug
ro enraged the lover that he is said to
have made dire threats against her if he
ever saw her receiving the attentions of
any other man. It appears that on bat
unlay afternoon the young lady accompa
nied by a mnle escort, j.ired a house in
which the rejected nuitor was. Seeing
them, be went out and opened tire on her
with a Smith & Wt-sRon's pistol, six bar
rels of which were discharged, without,
however, nnd fortunately, any ofthe balls
tiking effect
On Thursday morning Mr. Stone, cash
ier of Worthitigton, Hacklier A; Co "sbank,
went to the store of Messrs. Brown & Har
ding at Greenville, Mh?., and presented
o Mr. lirotvn si note which had fallen due
on a lot purchased by that firm. Mr.
Bruwn rc-fiir-e-! payment of the note on the
ground that the title was not perfect.
Hione i-aid to him: 'You are no gentle
m iii " lit had Plaited toward the door
tin h made the angry remark, it i. raid,
:inl Brown i-nchid for an iron poktr, :i
t' jttkul. "iK'l wu civ I was iii gentle
man?" and Etarted toward him. Stone
turned and replied: "Yes, I said so," and,
drawing his pistol, fired. Another state
ment is that Stone drew his pistol nnd fi
red at Brown while-he was reaching down
ward for -the poker. Be this as it may,
the shot was fired with fatal effect, pass
inc directly through the heart, killing him
instantly. Immediately after the unfor
tunate affair Mr Stone gave himself up
to the sheriff, who commilted bun to jail.
A bloody affair occurred near Gonzalez,
exan. on Sundiv fast, which n-sultcd in
the death of a whi'c man, Mr. Thomas A.
Dixon, son of Mr. Priest Dixon, of Lavao
ca county, and the wounding of Vic. Dix
on, a younger brother, nbout fourteen or
fifteen years of age, and ullima'.eiy in ine
death of two negroc-i bv a mob.
Friday, January 15.
The Kellogg Legislature (Louisiana)
yesterday re-elected the nigger, i'lncti
beck, to the U. S. Senate.
Stokes, the murderer ofCol. Jim. Fisk,
the "PrinceofErie ' made an unsuccess
ful attempt yesterday to secure a pardon
from Governor Tilden.
The trading boat of Jas. L. Meyers,
lying a the foot of Walnut Bend, on the
Arkansas shore, opposite Memphis, was
robbed by 30 armed negroes yesterday.
Nine prisoners escaped from the Mem
phis jail yesterday.
The British steamer Bride founded at
sea and twenty lives were lost
The French Assembly have voted the
heirs of the late Emperor Louis Na-
nnleon 800.000 francs.
The capital of Montana has been re
moved from Virginia City to Helena.
The messaee-of the President to Con
gress on. Louisiana, affairs is wpak, -
ive and disingenuous.
The sons of Frederick Reutz, Chicago,
have been arrested on the charge of mur
dering their father.
A few days ago a little girl in Nashville
swallowed "a shawl-piu about two inches
in length, causing her parents much anxi
ety. Under medical advice no active
measures of relief were taken, and in fifty
hours from the time of being swallowed,
the bin was recovered.
Dr. W. H. Jamison, of Collicrsville,
Tenn.. was accidentally burned to death
veeterdav afternoon. When the son OI
the unfortunate man returned from his
dinner he found his father a room full of
smoke and the Doctor in a dying condi-
A. W. Cady, a widely known business
man and highly respected citizen of Nash
ville, was found" dead in his bed shortly
after six o'clock yesterday morning. His
wife was up at three o clock in the morn-
lUg ttlkCMUIII IU IU ifc OiVH VMtm, mmu
that tune Mr. uauy was awaKe anu ap
tiarentlv well, though for several months
he had complained of symptoms of heart
The conditions, etc.. for a debate at
Sherman. Texas, between Rev. Mr. Ditz-
ler. ofthe M. E. Church. South, and JM
der J. SSweenev.of ihcChnstian Church,
have been arranged to take place the last
week in February. These pulpit prize
fighters are both Kentuckians, Ditzler
from ML Sterling and owceney irom
Several nights since, as Mr. James
Mclntvre. who keens a grocery store in
the country, near Montgomery, Ala , was
counting out some money, he heard a
knock at the door. It being an
unusual occurrence for customers to call
at such a late hour, Mr. Mclntyre sus
pected something wrong, and armed him
self with a pistol and a club before open
ing the door. When he did so a negro
man fired a piftol at him and rushed in,
when Mr. Mclntyre knocked him down
with his club, fracturing the skull. At
the fall of the negro a second "colored
brother" rushed in and was met by a re
ception similar to that received by the
first party, nnd he was soon securely
bound, lie is now safely lodged in jail,
awaiting trial. The first negro is serious
ly injured, and it is thought will die.
Saturday, Jan. 1C.
The protestant journals of Madrid, sus
pended at the time Alfonso wa3 proclaim
ed king of Spain, have been permitted to
resume publication.
The British cutter Lapwing, off the
coast of the island of .Santa Cruz, was at
tacked, captured and burned by the natives
and her crew massacred.
Last Thursday twenty-one men were
frozen to death near Dodge City, Kansas.
Mr. Van Trees, a member of the Kansas
Legislature, while on his way to the cap
tal, had both legs so badly frozen that they
had to be amputateJ.
Proof whisky, plnced out of doors at
Helena, Montana, last Thursday, froze
solid in half an hour. Mercu
ry in thermometers and phials froze up
Four Chinamen were found frozen to death
and some whisky they had with them in
kegs was found to be Irozcn solid.
Tuesday afternoon the daughter of Mr.
Morgan, of Urbana, Ohio, aged 9 years,
was ravished bv a vagabond named Geo.
Ullery. He was captured to-day, confess'
ed his guilt, and was committed to jail.
The committees of conference on the
Dart of the Northern and Southern Pres-
bvterian churches, which have been in
session at Baltimore during the past week,
adjourned last night They failed to agree
upon a basis for the establishment ot Ira
ternal relations.
A daring robbery was effected upon the
First National Bank of Carbondale, Pa ,
to-day. The cashier, Mr. James Stott,
an old man and very feeble, was alone in
the bank, the teller and clerk being absent
at dinner, when two men came in and ask
ed for change for a five dollar bill. Stott
stooped over to comply with the request,
when one ofthe men grabbed him by the
head, pinning it to the desk, and the oth
er jumped over.the counter and bound and
gagged him. The robbers then hastily
gathered up all the currcncy"They could
find, amounting to about $10,000, fortu
nately overlooking a package containing
15,000. They were disturbed by a wo
man coming to the door, and retreated by
the back door. They crossed the river on
the ice, and were seen to enter a sleigh
and drive off.
Something that ought to be contagious:
The body of John Ullman, a bar-tender
of Little Rock, Ark., who had been miss
ing for ten davs, was found floating in the
river yesterday evening, tie nau commit
. 1 tT I I ?.
ted suictde.
rhrce sisters, all of Yadkin county, N.
C, at three births, were delivered of six
There are 1,008 convicts in the Tennes
see penitentiary.
One of the most singular instances of
blindness which it has ever been our lot
to chronicle, is that of a family by the
name of Manly, living a few miles west of
Little Rock. Ark, The mother nnd three
children lost sight of all near and dear to
them on earth in the space otone week
some of them as it were without a mo
ment's warning. They retired to bed one
lit in their usual good health, and, after
n reitlcas Mecp, awoke iu the morning to
find that they were stone blind.
Un rnday night, near Jvl wards ilepot,
Mis-., Willihm Uod.iy, a drunken, worth-
cm urrlch, while unmercifully beating
his wife, was ohot, and killed by hia stci-
son, a young man named Cornelius Battle.
tie has not been arrested, me community
approving the deed.
Monday, January, 18.
John Flyn, tried for the murder of
Thoa. Close at Dontyvillc. Northumber
land county. Pa., was convicted of mur
der in the second degree, Saturday.
McLisIi Simpson, a Uhoctaw Indian,
was hung at Fort Smith Friday. He was
convicted of murder at the late term of
the United States Court.
John Brooks, a prominent citizen of
Madison, Ohio, was killed, Thursday af
ternoon, by a locomotive striking him
while driving across the railroad track.
The steamship Alice, from Card ill for
Constantinople, has been lost at sex
Twenty persons were drowned.
Mr. John Uardin, an elderly gentle
man, was drowned at the mouth ot ohel
ton's creek, Tenn., a few days ago. He
was crossing the stream in a canoe, which
by an awkward movement was suddenly
capsized, throwing him into the ivaler,
and being unable to swim lie was drown
ed before assistance could reach him.
D. Brndley had for some time been
paying Ins attention to Miss JJora, the
daughter of P. H. Thomas. A short
time ago Bradley asked Thomas' consent
to marry bis daughter, which he positive
ly refused. The daughter being of age,
and of a different mind, the couple es
caped and were married. They then went
to the bouse oi a mutual iriend, and a
relative of the bride, named George Head
aiJ i-oaseJ the night there. Early this
morning Thomas, missing his daughter,
immediately surmised what bad taken
place, leftthe house in searnl-rliroTi
bearing wun mm a oouoie-oarreiea snot
gun, stopping at several places to procure
some buckshot for the purpose, as he said,
of shooting a "d d dog" with." After
procuring the shot, and avowing tne pur
pose lor wuicu iney were to oe used, anu
being implored not to do anything of the
kind, he foll07.ed the bride and her unfor
tuhate husband to the residence of Head,
entering which, he leveled his gun at Mr.
Head, commanding him to reveal the
whereabouts of the couple. Mr. Head,
of course, could do nothing but tell him
they were in the next rrora. Bradley and
his wile having seen ber lather approach
ing, and tearing that a difficulty would re
suit if they met, Bradley promised his
wife that he would not injure her father.
Deciding to avoid a meeting, Bradley left
by a door leading into the garden, leav
ing behind him a double-barreled gun
which he knew was loaded, and endeav-
ored to escape. Thomas at this moment
entered the room which Bradley had just
jell, Ult, 44tlU OClll .UiaUtT UUIIUI!
window, started in pursuit. Reaching
the door when Bradley was within ten
paces of the garden gate, and about the
same distance from him, he discharged
one barrel, the charge striking his victim
in the head, and almost immediately firing
the second time, the charge striking him
in the side. Bradley tell, then arose and
staggered to the gate, where he stood a
moment, then tailing to the ground
corpse. Thomas then rode oil home
from whence he tried to escape, declaring
he would not be taken alive. As soon as
possible a party started in pursuit. This,
ot course, occurred in l exas.
Tuesday, Jan. 19.
Gen. W. A. Austin, of Stevenson, Ala
died last week, from typhoid pneumonia.
Hon. Uarnett McMillan, of Habersham
Ga,, the member elect from the Ninth
District, died yesterday morning of con
sumption. Col, C. T.Goode, of Americus,
died night before last of congestion of th
The negroes nrrcsted in Lee county.
Miss., lor the murder and burning of th
Borum family have been turned loose,
there being no evidence adduced to fasten
the crime upon them.
Un the Jlst ot December, a negro wo
man, named Seymore Puttamore, died at
the poor house, Blakely, Ala., at the ad
vancedage ot llUyears. She was noun th
Revolution, nor acquainted with Wash
ington, but she was present at the wed
ding dinner of President Madison.
Bob Smith, who is reported to have
three wives, and has killed eight men
finished his career of crime by killing Dr.
Goodley, of Fostervill, Anderson county,
Texas. He was on trial before a justice
of the peace at Fosterville, and under
guard of three men. On last Friday
night, otu insu, about iu o clock, th
guard was overpowered, and Smith'i
course of crime ended by his being sus
pended to a rafter.
A hostile meeting, in which a few
drops of blood was spilled, occurred
LUiton, via., last Saturday, une man
with an emigrant wagon, which contained
his wife and several nearly frozen chil
dren, stopped his team to whip his wife;
another man, passing by at the time, re
belled at tne wnipping, wnen both men
pitched into each other. The last we saw
ofthe party, the would-be wife-whipper.
with his arms (listened, was calling for a
marshal to preserve the sanctity of his
domestic relations.
A fatal row occurred in Adams' grocery,
near Cochran's Mills, Marshall county,
Tenn., Wednesday afternoon. Richmond
Rambo and a man namod Edmunson, had
been playing cards in a blacksmith shop.
and some misunderstanding arose about
the game. Xhey subsequently went to
Adams' grocery, where the quarrel cul
minated in a deadly contest. Both men
drew their pistols and fired almost simul
taneously. This was followed by a scuf
fle or sort of hand-to-hand fight, in which
Edmunson was mortally stabbed by Joby
Rambo, a brother of Richmond. He
lived only a short time after the cutting
took place. The jury of inquest, in ex
amining his body, found also that the
ball from Richmond Bambo's pistol had
entered bis breast. Richmond was taken
into custody, but Joby made his escape,
and at lat accounts had not been cap
tured. John A. Chumbley was killed at the
Battle creek mines, Tenn , Thursday eve
ning, between half-past two and three
o'clock. He went out hunting with a
shot-gun, and nothing being seen of him
during tho evening, was missed at night;
as he was a night guard over the prison
ers there, and tailing to report for duty,
search was instituted by a party of neigh
bors and guards, who found him about
nine o'clock at night. He was dead, and
his clothes was entirely burned to a crisp.
There was a ghastly wound, where the
whole load of shot had entered the head
under the left ear. The corpse lay on its
back, and the powder-flask and ramrod
were laying off a few feet from the body.
It is supposed he was loading the guii.
as the gun had only a load of powder in
one barrel. The other had been dis
charged. The body was found about two
miles from tbe mines, on the bank of the
The jail of Hancock county has not
had a prisoner in it since the last Septem
ber term of the Circuit Court.
Wilford Twyman of Woodford county,
was found dead in his bed on Saturday
uioruing last.
Hon. James F. Clay, the present State
Senator from the Hendersou district, de
clines to offer his name for re-election, and
the friends of Judge John S. Geiger, of
Morganfleld, are urging thatgentleman's
name for the position.
The Paris Kentuckian notes the killing
of a black wolf on the premises of a Bour
bon county farmer last week.
The body of a man, who had apparent
ly been dead for some time, was found in
tie Ohio river at Carrollton, last Monday.
Harry Mallory, colored, killed Dan
Cheatham, also colored, by blowing the
whole top of his head off with an old
army musket at Russellville, on tbe night
ofthe 8th inst The murderer attempted
to make his escape, but was soon cap
tured and now lies in jail awaiting that
justice which his case merits at the hands
I of the courts and juries.
The grangers of Madison county have
decided to open a store for the benefit of
members of the order, in Ktehmond.
A new Democratic paper is to be pub
lished at Falmouth, Pendleton county.
Col. George Lilly will he editor-in chief.
Uep. John S. Williams lias told tne
editor of the Carlisle Mercury that hecon-
idcr Col. J. Stoddard Johnston and
Hon. J. Q. A. King his most formidable
rivals for the Democratic Gubernatorial
nomination. .
The County Clerk of Grayson issued
marrase license yesterday morning to
Samuel C. Burnett, aged eighteen, and
Miss Xannie Webster, aged twelve yeara.
The editor of the Herald proposes a com
mittee to examine this atlatr, whether or
not it is legal.
A Shelbv-county man collected a debt
Of 55 frour n nrrro -ilvtihv .lay hy.
means of a five shooter pointed at the
debtor's bead. The latter afterwards
swore oat a warrant against the creditor,
who was fined 20 for breach ofthe peace
and held over to answer before the Circuit
Court for carrying concealed and deadly"
Deputy Sheriff Joe Johnson, of Clay
county, Tenn., snot and seriously wound
ed a prisoner named Gibson, yesterday
near Capt. Jim Simmons', in Barren
county. Gibson refused to accompany
Johnson, and proceeded to eniorce his
determination by producing a mnrderous
knife, whereupon Jonnson, without delay
ventured to slop him by shooting him
through the chest
Mr. W. Uscar Barnlnli, residing near
Lagrange, owns a dog that has endeared
himself to his master by his sagacious
usefulness. A few days ago while gather
ing ice, it was necessary to cut it and
move it down the creek about twenty
yards, where it was loaded upon wagons,
After cutting, an ice-hook would be at
tached to a piece, tbe dog then taking
hold of the hook would draw it to the
place of loading. In this manner th
dog alone moved twenty wagon loads du
ring the nay, and appeared still able and
willing tor lurlher duty.
there has not been a murder in Gun
ton county since 18G5, and in that in
stance the man waa hanged.
On Friday last a serious difficulty oc
curred between H. Woodward, postmas
terat Auburn, Logan county, and a Mr,
Keys, in which the former was badly cut
in the head and neck by the latter.
Woodward's wounds were serious if not
ThePaducah News, in referring to th
recent extremely cold weather, says: Last
night was cold enough to Ireeze out tne
tobacco fly in the chrysalis state. The
chrysalis is generally found from three to
four inches under ground and- we think
the grondd must be frozen to a depth of
lully twelve inches, inis leans us i
niiilivlrtljiu tin tubueco worms will 1;
few during the next season.
Mr. R. R. Simmons, of Nelson county
killed a fine buck last week with a small
Smith and Wesson pistol. Tbe first shot
broke the animal's back.
Peter Beall, who died in Covington last
week, was Grand Patriarch and Past
Grand. Representative ofthe Grand Lodge
.t . tt..; . i T r r jy
01 tne unuea oiaies i. j. w. r.
The Grangers of a Madison county
lodge lecently passed the following reso
lution!: That we, as members of this
Grnng, pledge ourselves that we will con
tinue our patronage to such railroads af
may nake arrangements with our State
agents to carry freights at reduced rates,
and that it is expected that all true mem
bers of our order will do the same, and
faithfully adhere to this course in its true
Wir. Bland, one of the rioters of Lan
caster last September, has just been sen
tenced to three yearB' imprisonment in the
penitentiary. A correspondent of the
Danville Advocate, writing of the sen
tence, says: The verdict of the jury sent
a thrill of joy to the heart of every good,
law-abidmg citizen, and in their faces
shone forth the smile or approval as if to
say, "Well done, thou good and faithful
One light last week the house of Mrs.
Murphy, a very old nnd helpless lady,
was entered by a couple of ruffians, who,
with threats of burning the house down,
demandedall the money in her possession,
which was promptly given them. The
old lady was living alone in the house
with her daughter. The next day she
died from the effects of the fright re
ceived Her murderers got but a dollar
and tei cents.
A gentleman riding along the road
one diy saw a man busily engaged dig
ging in the corner of a fence. "What
are you digging after?" he asked. "A
woodchuck," he replied. "What are
you going to do"with it?" "Eat it we
are out of meat." The nomination of
John S. Williams for Governor would
look deucedly like the Democratic par
ty of Kentucky was out of meat and
had to fall back on woodchuck.
If vie could purchase General Wil
liams at his actual value and 6ell him
for what he thinks he is worth, we'd
invest not more than a cancelled Con
federate postage stamp, realize enough
to make every man in Ohio county a
present of a wagon-load of twenty dol
lar gold pieces, and then have enough
left to enable us to live like a prince.
For the poor privilege of osculating
that portion of old "Cerro Gordo's" an
atomy that vacates the chair last, a
writer in the Paris True Kentuckian des
ignates as "barking curs" those editors
who oppose his master's elevation to the
office of Governor. All right. Bow
When the time comes that midges
can be palmed off on the people for
eagles, "Cerro Gordo" Williams will
be elected Governor of Kentucky.
We reiterate that our opposition to
General Williams is not of a personal
nature. "We have lived his neighbor
and have no complaint to make of his
treatment of us as between man and
man, and vc are pretty confident he
cannct complain ot usin our social in
tercourse. As a plain citizen ot Mont
gomery county, we have no objection
to him. He is as good as some of his
neighbors, and not as good as some
others of them. In that regard we are
alike. But because he is a good citi
zen of Montgomery county doesn't nec
essarily qunlify him for the position of
Governor of Kentucky. His friends
may manufacture of him the hero of
two wars. We do not object to that.
Chaatna sons govt, as the good old
French woman said when she kissed
the cow. But suppose his single arm
decided the tide of combat at Cerro
Gordo suppose that, single and alone,
he captured the Halls of the Moote-
zumas suppose that incorrect history
has accorded to Lee, and Joies'stos,
and Cleburne, and Hood, iame
that rightfully' belongs to General
Williams what the deuce has that
iotfo Trith. th Governorship of Ken
tucky? Grant, even General Wil
liams himself can afford to admit, was
a passable soldier, yet look what a poor
excuse for a President he makes. The
truth is General Williams lacks sta
bility of thought and decision of char
acter; he lacks dispassionate jildgment;
le lacks an equable temper; he is in
firm of purpose; he is not a Democrat;
save by profession; he wants order and
method; he is puffed up and egotistical,
he is naturally and essentially an ar
istocrat; ho has no feeling, sentiment
or sympathy in consonance with the
masses ofthe" people; he is the friend
and admirer of GeneralJoiiN S. Wil
liams only. We know these things of
lam: we know mm like a book: we
know him better than he knows him
self. He is the capital "I" in the al
phabet of humanity. And we take
the liberty of opposing him because
we know all this of him, and we are
not aware of any law human or divine
not even in tho General Statutes of
Kentucky that deprives us of that
Father Stack, a prominent and
learietl clergyman of the Roman Cath
olic Church, lias taken a strong and
just ground against the usurpations of
power by the Roman Catholic Bishops
in America. I hey are no more nor
less than tyrants of their several bish-
op'rics. And the laity are arrant fools
to submit to their dictation. In all cc
clesiastical matters, their rulings are
and should be potential with all true
Catholics. But when they leave the
ecclesiastical sphere, and take to in
termeddling with the every-day affairs
of Catholics dictating to them what
social society they should or should
not attach themselves to what schools
thev should or should not send their
children to and all that sort of thing.
then thev become impertinent, and
ought to be treated as their impertt
nance dtserves. And to have an im
pudent little priest come poking his
nose into one's private affairs, obtruding
advice where it is neither asked for
nor wanted, and have them, in case
one did not see cause to follow the ad
vice thus impudently volunteered, to
suspended onefrom practising the
observances ofthe church, is a little too
much of a good thing. .Tt is higl
time that some good priest who can
command the attention ofthe Catholic
public should awaken the laity to
sense of the impositions being put upon
them by impertinent and meddlesome
Bishops and clergymen.
The staunch Democracy of Scott
county met Monday, appointed dele
gates to the May Convention, and in
structed for Stoddard Johnston for
Governor. Keno's correct.
The Paris True Kentuckian, in en
deavoring to manufacture a great man
out of General Williams, has under
taken a feat a good deal like whittlin
a Colossus of Rhodes out of a brickbat,
ErniER of these two tickets would
suit us excellently "well: Stoddard
Johnston for Governor, and J. Q. A
King for Lieutenant Governor; or
B. McCbeary for Governor, and
George Barer for Lieutenant Gover
Brother Haynes, of the Litchfield
Herald, rears back on his "paster-j'ints.
and swears it.twwn'f egg-nog the lady
sent him, which narrows the issue
down to the question: Then where did
he get the red flannel to wrap his eyes
in Christmas day?
It's the fashion to get off this kind of
stuff: "Man goes out into the widej
wide world to battle and die; ana wo
man stays at home to make him glad
of it." Which i3 sheer nonsense. Wo
man stays at homo to sew on his but
tons and darn his socks; but she has
her rcvencc in snankiujc the baby. I
The intelligence telegraphed over
the country yesterday of the new ouj
rage perpetrated upon the sovereignty
of another Southern State by the mili
tary arm of the government, will tend
to exasperate the Southern people, and
re-awaken with increased Intensity the
indignation of the.honest.and patriotic
masses oflhe North, against the extra
ordinary conduct of the drunken fool
at the head of our national affairs.
There is a lesson in all this. Biiaks-
fere furnished us the key to it hun
dreds of years ago when he gave voice
to the sentiment that vaulting ambition
often o'erleaps itself. Grant has but
two governing passions: J;irst, to re
tain control of the patronage of the
government; second, to get drunk. It
was asserted and on Republican au
thority that he was drunk when he
approved General Sheridan's conduct
at New Orleans. That was a most
miserable excuse But the man can't
be drunk always. There was more in
it than the stubborn folly of a drunken
man. There was so much more in it
than that, that we" exhort our Southern
brethren to bridle their just indignation;
to permit their liberties, stricken Ho wn
by this ruthless monster, to lie yet a
little while longer bleeding upon the
ground. Grant is but a tool in the
hands of men abler, wiser and more
reckless than himself scoundrels who
woulk trade upon the generous and pa
triotic impulses ofthe people of the
North, and goad the people of the
South to that pitch of desperation when
reason flees and the brute instinct of
self-defense assumes its vacated throne.
The assiasaination of a creature like
idan would be a godsend to them.
The firing a volley upon a squad of
Federal soldiers would be the very
thing they thirst for. JJa not gratify
them, O ill-used South!
The remedy for such high crimes in
the President and his advisers does not
consist in a resort to arms. Ours is
not an oppressive monarchy to over
throw we have no despot to chase
from a throne. Our organic law af-
lorus as all the remedy we desire or
need. The South has suffered much
and Buffered long. She can afford to
suffer on for another year, and then the
PEOPLe will redress her grievances, will
right all her wrongs. The ballot-box,
and not the bullet and bayonet is the
proper remedy. The ballot is noiseless
astheTarimg snow, anu tails with as
little weight as the thistle-down, but it
wields a power mightier than that of
any crowned monarch, nnd effects revc-
hit ions that trained armies often fail to
accomplish. Let the South abide
with patience the intervention of this
voicelessjbloodless, nvenger.and all will
be well with her. Then, indeed, from
the garden of her tribulation will
spring the flower of joy.
Suttose plain John Smith had come
the bayonet dodge over the Louisiana
Legislature instead of Pinup Regis De
Trobriand. The devil would have
been to pay, and the Federal govern
ment, at this blessed moment, engaged
in heating the pitch. Luckily for us
all, a romantic name U a shield of
Achiu.es that preserves its bearer from
the poignarda ofthe sentimental "ban
ditti" of New Orleans.
The Cincinnati Times is mistaken.
No "high-bom Southern lady" would
be guilty of writing to Siierdoan. One
of the other sort would hesitate before
so disgracing herself.
That venerable wheel-horse of the
temperance cause in this section, Judge
Lawton, has placed us under obliga
tions by furnishing us with the follow
ing document. "Wo want every man.
woman and child in Ohio county to
read it. Especially do wo want every
man if any such there be in the coun
ty engaged in the whisky-selling bu
siness to read it. Never was the truth
more pointedly and forcibly stated. It
is the language" used to a couple of sa
loon keepers, convicted of selling whis
ky to minors, by Judge Reading, of
Illinois, in passing sentence upon them,
He said:
By the law you may sell to men and
women, if they will buy. You have giv
en your bond, and paid for your license to
sell to them, and no one has a right to
molest you in your legal business. No
mutter what the conseouence may be. no
matter what poverty and destitution are
produced by telling according u law.yon
have paid your money ior mis privilege,
and von are licensed to pursue your call-
in!!-. No matter what families are dia
tracted and rendered miserable; no matter
what wives are treated with violence, what
children starve or mouru over the degra
dation of a narent. your business is leeal
ized, and no one may interfere with you
in iL No matter what mother may ag
onize over the loss of a eon, or sister blush
for the shame of a brother, you have a
right to disregard them all and pursue
vonr leral calling; you are licensed. You
may fit up your lawful place of business
in the most enticing and captivating form;
you may furnish it with the most costly
and elegant equipments for your lawful
trade; you may nu it wua an tue allure
ments to amusement; yon may use all
your arts to induce visitors; you may
skillfully arrange and expose to view
your choicest wines and most captivatiug
beverages; you may then induce thirst by
all contrivances to produce a raging an-
petite for drink; and then you may sup
ply that appetite to tbe full, because it is
lawful; you have paid for it: you have a
You may alio" boys, almost children.
to frequent your saloon, they may witness
the apparent satisfaction with which their
seniors quaff the sparkling glfcsi"; you may
oe scnooung and training mem lor the
period of twenty-one, when they too can
participate; for all this lawful. You may
hold the glass to their very lips; but you
.. . ri. .i j i ' v-i
uiushuubjcfc tiicui unuit; mans uniawiui.
Bat while you have all these privileges for
the money which you pay, this poor
privilege of selling to children is denied
you. Here parents haye the right to as
sert a little claim. Here the parent has
a right to say, "Leave my son to me until
the law gives you the right to destroy
una. noianucipaie turn lerrime mo
ment when I can assert for him no further
right for his protection. That will he
soon- enough for me, for his mother, for
nis suter, lor bis friends, and for the
community, to see him take this road to
death. Give him to us in hit childhood
at least. Let us have a few years of his
youth, in which-we may enjoy his inno
cence.to repay us in some small degree for
tbe care and love we have lavished upon
him." This ia" something you who now
stand a prisoner at the bar have not paid
for; this is not embraced in your license.
For this offense JLhe Court sentences
you to ten days' imprisonment in the
county jail, and that you pay a fine of $75
and cQsts; and that you stand committed
until the fine and costs of this prosecution
are paid.
Another Federal Oatragci
VlCKaurno, Jan. 18. Maior Georze E.-
Head with a squad of Federal troops with
fixed bayonets, acting (it is stated) under
orders from General Emory, to-day enter
ed tbe sheriffs office here and forcibly
ejected sheriff A. J. Flanagan, who was
in possession by virtue ofthe recent elec
tion, about the validity of which there is
a constitutional question. His right to
the office had not, however, been ques
tioned by any legal proceedings.
the military appear to have acted upon
army orders alone. Major Head reported
his action to Chancellor Hill, who was
holding court in an adjacent room, by
whom the action of the military was coun
tenanced and seemingly approved.
Slienir Managan also reported the
facts to Chancellor Hill, and appealed to
the court to protect' him in the discharge
of his duties, but was refused. The Chan
cellor appointed W. H. Mcphee sheriff
pro tern , and he was placed in possesion
of the office by the military. McGhee ia
a white republican, and waa deputy under
sheriff Crosby.
Chancellor Hill, upon opening court two
weeks ago, adjourned it until to-day in
order to determine what course he would
take in reference to the sheriffalty. Tfce
members of the bar preseht protested
'against tbe courts allowing and apparent
ly approving military interierence witn
lla oincers. aa in viuiaiiuu ui mn anu uc-
structive of civil governmeut.
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