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3rTux Dollars a Year in Advanced.
Job work of every description done with
neatness and dispatch, at city prices. We bare
a full line of job typesand toheitthepatronage
orine business community.
The pottage on erery copy of Tue IlKSALD If
prepaid at tnti office.
Our termt of tubtcription are $2 00 per year,
tnranabty m advance.
Should lie paper mutptnd publication, f,vm
any caute, during the year, ire will refund the
money due on tubtcription, or furnith tubteri
bert for the unexpired term with any paper of the
tame price they may ttieet.
Advertitementt of butinett men are eolicited;
except tkote of taloou keepert and dealert in in
toxicating liquort, which ve mil not admit to our
colnmnt under any circumttaneet.
All communication and contribution! for pub
lication mutt be addreteed to the Editor.
Communication in regard to adeertitingtnd Job
trori mutt be addreteed to the Publithert.
The IIlCiLD Printing company contitU of
Wallace uhcellk, Editor, J no. jr. aiabbett
Jlutinttt Manager, and JoHK L. G'ASE, Foreman
of Kevpaperand Job Office. '
Railroad Time-Table.
The down train for Padneah leaves Louis
ville, daily except Sunday at 8:30 a. m.and ar
rive! at
Hone Branch at 1:55 p- m.
Roilneat 2.05."
Elm Lick at 2:15
Bearer Dam at 3:30 "
Hamilton's at 2:40
MeHenry'sat 2:44 "
Rockportat 2:58
Arriving at Padocah at 8:58 "
The op train for Looiirille leaves Padaeah
-daily except Ennday at 4 a. m. and arrive a
Rockport at 8:45 a. m.
McHcnry's at 9:53 "
Hamilton'! at 10:02 "
Bearor Dam at 10:10 "
Elm Lick at . 10:25 "
Roiineat 10:35 -
Hone Branch at . 10.45 "
Arriving at Looiirille at 4:45 p. m.
Hartford i connected with the railroad at
Bearer Dam by stage lino twice a day.
Thete traim connect with Elixabethtown at
Cecelian: with Owensboro at Oweoaboro
Junction, and with Eramrille, Henderson and
Xathrille at Nortonrille.
D. F. Wbiicomc, Superintendent.
Hon. James Stuart, Judge, of Owensboro.
Hoa. Jos. Haycraft, Attorney, Elixabethtown.
A. L. Morten, Clerk, Hartford,
K. R. Murrell, Master Commissioner, Hartford.
T. J. Smith, SheritT, Hartford.
E. L. Wise, Jailer, HartforJ.
Court begins ciuthe second Mondays in May
and November, and continues four iresks each
Hon. TV. F. Gregory, Judge, nartford.
CspL Sam. K. Cox, Clerk, nartfoFd.
J. P. Sanderfer, Attorney, Hartford.'
Court begins on the first Monday in every
Begins on the fourth Monday in January, and
third Mondays in April, July and-October.
Begins on the first Mondays in October and
J. J. Leach, Assessor, Cromwell.
(1. Smith Fitxbugb, Surveyor. Sulphur Springs.
Xhos. H. Boswell, Coroner, Sulphur Springs.
V. L. Roue, School Commissioner, HartforJ.
Caney District, No. 1. P. II. Alford, Justice,
-beld March 5, June 17, September 4, December
IS. John D. Miller, Justice, held March 18,
June 4, September 18, December 4.
Cool Springs District, No. 2. S. A. Daren
port, Justice, held March 3, June 15, Septem
ber 2, December 18. Samnci Shnll, Justice,
held March 15, June 2, September 16, Decem
ber 2.
Centrevilla District, No. 3. W. I. Rowe,
Justice, held March 31, Juno 14, September 30,
December 15. Henry Tinsley, Justice, held
March 16, Juno 23, September 15, December,
Bell's Store District, No. 4. Ecra. Newton,
Justice, March 11, Juno 23, September II, De
cember 27. W. P. Eweil, Justice, March 21,
June 10, September 25, December 11.
Fordsrille District, No. 5. C. W. R. Cobb
Justice, March 8, June 19, September 8, Decem
ber 22. S. O. Smith, Justice, March 20, Jane
7, September 22, December 8.
Ellis District, No. 6. C. S. McEIroy, March
9, June 21, September 9, December 23. H. J.
Hunter, Justice, March 22, June 8, September
23, December 9.
Hartford District, No. 7. Frank Coopsr
Justice, March 13, June 25, September 14, De
cember 29. A. B. Bennett, Jnstiee, March 25,
June II, September 27, December 13.
Cromwell District, No. 8. W. C. Rogers,
Jnstiee, March 27, June 16, September 29, De
cember 17. B, S. Hodges, Justice, March 17,
Juno 30, September 17, December 31.
Hartford District, No. 9 J. Warren Barnett
Justice, March 12, June 24, September 13, De
cember 28. W. T. RIcketts, Jnstiee, March 26,
June 12, September 28, December 14.
Sulphur Springi District, No. 10. A. T.
Hines, Justice, March 19, June 5, September 21,
December 7. Jno. A. Bennett, Justice, March
6, June 18, September 7,J)ecember.2l.
Bartlett District, No. II. O. S. Hamilton,
Justice, March 10, June 22, September 10, De
cember 24. James L. Miller, Justice, March
23, June 9, September 24, December 10.
Hartford I. H. Luce, Judge, second Mon
days in January, April, July and October.
Bearer Dam. E. MT. Cooper, Judge, first
Saturday in January, April, July and October.
Cromwell. A. P. Montague, Judge, first
Tuesday in January, April, July and October.
eralvo. W. D. Barnard, Judge, last Sat
urday in March, June, September and Decem
JNO. P. BARRETT, Local Editor.
Important Questions.
Do you want calicoes at wholesale pri
ces? Do you want bleached or brown domes
tics at wholesale prices?
Do you want custom-made clothing at
wholesale prices?
Do you want dress goods of every kind
and quality at New York wholesale
Do you want bools and shoes at whole
eale prices?
If so. go to E. Sxall's for the next
thirty Jays.
A protracted meeting, under the auEpi
ces of our Baptist friends, began at the
court house on Monday night.
For Rale.
A choice lot of tobacco seed, of all
kinds for tale by W. II. Williams.,
Owing to the inclemancy of the weath
er, which prevented the attendance of the
editress, the "Guiding Star'' was not read
at the Good Templars' lodge last Thurs
day night. It will he read at the next
meeting, and Mr. Gruelle's lecture's will
be delivered on Thursday night week.
The colored Baptist church of this town
has been in a stew of late. It seems that
about September last, one Henry Mcin
tosh, colored, came here, and has been
teaching and preaching for them. lie
represented himself as a single man when
he came, and has been wooing and win
ning the hearts of some of the sable lass
ies hereabouts. It turns out that he has
a wife in Louisville. He has been cut
ting such a wide swath that the church
had him np last week, ane stopped him
from preaching. We know none of the
facts, but give the above as we learn it
from a colored formant
Quarterly Conrt.
The Quarterly court is in the midst of
a two-weeks' session. Judge Gregory has
kept up the docket with energy- and die
patch, more than filling the expectations
of his friends, familiar with all the decis
ions relative to practice. He keeps well
up with adjudged cases, and appears to
better advantage as a Judge than as a
lawyer. Never harsh nor arbitrary, the
lawyers are always at ease before him,
and this will result in a heavy docket,
for the attorneys, control the direction of
the legal business. We hope the Judge
will continue to command the confidence
reposed in him, so that no suit for a sum
less than one hundred dollars will be
brought in the Circuit Court Legal rem
edies should be prompt and expeditions,
for honest men have honest differences,
they ought to have their cases settled
with the least amount of expense possi
ble. This may be accomplished by bring
ing suits in the Quarterly Court, which
has four sessions each year.
Ifo Got Up.
The morning of January 9th will be re"
mcrabered as a very cold one. Mr. E. R.
Ash by, who lives near Walton's Creek,
in this county, left the warm precincts ol
the bed somewhere about the "wee sma'
hours o' the morning" and proceeded to
make a fire in the grate. After piling on
as much coal as he conld get to stick, he
thought the fire so comfortable that it
was a pity to leave it and go back to bed.
lie imagined that daylight was near at
hand, any how, so, spreading over him-
selfalL Jtbe .coat within reach, and
stretching himself out in a horizontal
position before the file, with his back to
it, he prepared to top-off his night's sleep
with a short, sweet,60u1-refreshing morn-
ng nap. Hut true love is not the only
thing that does not run smooth. lie
dozed off beautifully and was soon in the
heart of dreamland. His dreams were
very pleasant at first, but they changed
with frightful rapidity from pleasant to.
unpleasant, from unpleasant to alarming,
from alarming to horrible, and so on to
the double superlative degree of horrible,
till he thought he was in the torrid zone,
surrounded by monstrouslooking, indis
cribable demons, every one of whom
was punching his back with a fire-brand
Then the scene changed, and he was sus
pended over the yawning crater of a vol
cano, ready to drop into it. It teemed to
him an awful moment. He could smell
the fumes of sulphur from the seething,
mass below, and, just as he thought it
was all over with him, he awoke to find
a lump of burningcoal frying away at his
back-bone, and a strong smell of burnt
wool in the house. El. is a good church
member, so, of course, he didn't think
about saying or doing anything improper.
He got vp, though.
Ckntertown, Kv., Feb. 1.
It seem that a great many communities
are seeking a favorabla introduction to
the public through the columns of your
highly appreciated paper. Centertown
has caught the contagion and begs to let
herself be known to her neighbors. Our
little village is situated on the Hartford
and South Carrollton road, about six
miles from your town. We have a Meth
odist Church, at which Bro. Corbin
breaks to us the '-bread of life" once a
month; a blacksmithshcp, where Sam
Morton wields the hammer; a store
where Mr. R. C. Duncan is well fortified
behind his counter with a yard-stick in
one hand and a four pound weight in the
other, and Dr. G. R, Sanders distributes
pills, powders, drops, and aereat manv
other good things, with satisfaction to us
and credit to himself.
We have a post office also, and get
our mail once a week.
Mr. Duncan, our merchant, is decidedly
the lest looking man in town (so the ladies
think), and, as he is a newcomer, per
haps we should give him more than merely
a passing notice. He has been here but a
short time, but, short as it is, he seems to
have gained great popularity, and a lib
eral share of patronage. He is not only
a good business man, but a gentleman
also. We would advise any one in need
of dry goods or groceries to give him a
call. He has not an "oily tongue" in the
usual acceptation of the term, but he is
sociable and treats everybody in a gentle
manly manner.
Johnnie White met with a serious ac
cident last Wednesday. He was walking
over a pile of slack, which was on l.re, at
Thomas Williams' coal bank, when the
crust gave way, letting Vinr through into
- i "i: . t - i i , 1 1
u puui ui uuiiiug wmer,wuicu nau collec
ted under it and became 'heated by the
fire. One foot was dreadfully scalded be
fore his shoe could be removed.
Elder W. P. Bennett, of McLean, ooun
ty, assisted by Eld. P. J. K. Maddox, of
this county, held a very interesting series
of meetings at Walton's Creek Church
quite recently. We cannot tell the
amount of good accomplished, but the
obvious results are twenty-five additions
to the church and several subtractions
from the ranks of the ball-goers of this
community. The new candidates for
membership will be baptized on the 4th
Sunday in February.
The feeling in favor of the Patrons of
Husbandry seem to be on the increase in
this vicinity. We have had a grange at
Walton's Creek since last Spring, and a
new one was organized on the 2nd day of
January at the Eudaley school-house un
der the name of "Stony Point," No. 1499.
It now numbers forty members, within
less than a month from its organization,
and has fair prospects for increase.
We appreciate your paper highly, and
will do what we can in support of it
The independent stand you have taken
cannot bnt meet the approval of all. We
want men of integrity to fill our offices,
and not political tricksters. Leland.
Spring Lick, Feb. 2, 1875.
Since our last, we have nothing strange
or etartling to write. The sacred quiet
ness of our town has not been disturbed by
any unpleasant sensation for some time
Much inquiry is made among our far
mers lor tobacco seed. It is greatly ap
prehended now that the crop will be cur
tailed on account of the scarcity of seed.
At any rate there will be a mammoth ef
fort made to raise the largest crop, this
year, for many years past
for the past two weeks has been so dis
agreeable as to cause all the miJIs here
abouts to suspend operations. It is to be
hoped that "Old Probabilities" will see
fit, at no distant day, to favor us with
pleasant and fair weather.
The Mason's of Caneyville and vicinity
contemplate organizing a lodge in the
new hall, erected by Messrs. Porter &
At the last meeting of Spring Lick
XiOdge, I. O. O. P., tb following offWni
were installed for the ensuing term: A.
G. Rowe, N, G., J. S. Carter, V. G., C. C.
Wilson, Treas., and M. H. Rowe, War
prevails now in this neighborhood, aris
ing from colds contracted during the last
cold spell.
We understand a wreck occurred on
the L. & P. Railroad, last Saturday, near
Caneyville, of a westward-bound freight
train. We have not been ableto learn the
particulars, and cannot, therefore, report
the damage sustained by the train.
Mrs. Phelps.an old and respected lady,
residing in Butler county, who was eome
time ago stabbed several times on her
person by robbers, is slowly recovering
from the injuries received at their hands.
"glad tidings of great jot to us."
We have had the good pleasure of ex
hibiting your paper to many of our citi
zens, and all join in the expression that
they are highly pleased with it, and in
tend to subscribe for it. Please find
herewith a lUt who have already sub
scribed, and in my next I Bhall expect to
send you another list of names. A.
Beaver Dam, Feb. 2, 1875.
Everything has been very quiet in our
litte town this week, the weather being so
disagreeable, and the roads so muddy,
that few people came to town from the
country .consequently trade has been rather
dull. I entertain hopes that the coming
week will be more favorable.
I was the happy rccipent of a copy of
your valuable paper dated the 27th. I
am well pleased with it, and think it
ought to reach the fireside of every fam
ily in the State, and more especially those
of our own and adjacent counties.
In your last paper, under the head of
"Beaver Dam Items," I. M. Doom is
mentioned as being the oldest agent on
the L. & .P railroad. I hope that Mr,
Doom will not take it that I meant he
was the oldest man on the road, for that
would be a slanderous report about a man
that can run fifteen or twenty miles per
hour on a pair of skates, and can talk to
the ladies as sprightly as a youth of gay
Rev. A. B. Smith will deliver a lecture
on the cause of Giangcrism at Goshen
church on Saturday night, February 14th,
at early candle light. Every good Granger
and citizen in the neighborhood ought to
attend. Grangerism is one of the good
causes long needed in our community, and
one that ought to be encouraged by every
body and more especially by the farmers.
Mr. B , I understand, is talking
about bringing suit against the Post-office
Department for a letter that he wrote to
his girl, which he claims did not reach
her. He says that it contained more love
than he can afford to loose. My advice
to Mr. B is, to box his letters up in
a good strong box, and send them by ex
press, freight prepaid, when ho loads them
so heavily with love; and I expect that if
Mr. B will inquire at the office where
he mailed the letter he claims is lost, he
will find it thrown aside as unmailable
matter, as the Post-office Department will
not transfer packages over their routes
that contain so much .
H. P. Daily, (telegraph operator at this
place,) having a watch that he was tired
of, concluded that he would raflleitoff,
at 50 cents per chance, for the amount-of
eight dollars. The project took well, and
at six o'clock this evening the chances
were taken, and at seven and a half
o'clock the raffling commenced, each man
taking hold of the dice-box with a trem
bling hand and anxious eye, hoping every
time the dice rolled out of the box to eee
the three sixes up. So they continued,
the best throw being 40, until Iiaiah the
Prophet's name was called by the clerk.
"His name was last on the list" Isaiah
approached the table, seemingly very cool,
and with a steady nerve threw 41 and
took the desired prize. G. .H
The Herald Endorsed by the Coun
ty Council ol'tbe Grangers.
Hartford, Kv., Jan. 29.
At a meeting of the Ohio County Coun
cil of Patrons of Husbandry, after trans
acting some important business, it was
moved and adopted that this Council rec
ommend to all members of the Order in
this and all other counties,TnE Hart
ford Herald, published by J. P. Barrett
& Co., as a paper worthy of their patron
age; and that this Council request said
proprietors to publish that this Council
will meet at Hartford, Ky., on the
Friday before the first Monday in April,
1875. The Masters of each Grange are
requested to solicit subscriptions for said
paper. J. F. Austin, Pres.
J. W. Barnett, Sec.
Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom has
seen fit by the hand of death, to remove from
oar midst and sphere of usefulness oar mach
lorea brotner, ttobert K. Harnett, and nnercas
ire desire to leave on our record, and publish
for the benefit of others,a testimonial of regard
for our deceased brother, and sympathy with
his deeply afflicted family and friends, there
fore, lletolctd, That in this oar first bereavement
in Morning Star Orange, No. 883, we hare lost
onr Worthy Secretary and faithful member,
and our order in general have lost a sincere,
devoted and faithful member, and the com
munity in which he lived a good oitizen. We
are mach consoled with an unwavering hope
that he entered a blissful immortality beyond
the grave and is now enjoying the rest that
remains for all these that nut their trust in
Jesus the Savior.
Setohed. That we tender to the family of the
deceased our sincere condolence in their sad be
reavement, and as a token of affection and re
spect for our departed brother, one page in our
minute book be draped In mourning and dedi
cate! to hit mam
Jletolved, That these resolutions be entereT
upon our minutes, that a copy be sent to the
family of the deceased,also a copy to The Uabt-
II. D. Hesikitt, "1
J. F- Wallace, Com.
J. A, Sandehfeb. I
Dec. 31. 1874.
COLEMAN POTTS. At the residence of
W. II. Potts, in Cromwell. Ohio county, Kt..
on Sunday, January 31, 1S7J, by the Kev. Bs
t: Jenkins; Sir. JO. W. COLKJIAN to Mis
We wish them a long and happy life.
The new dining glove", lately introduced.
for dinner parties, is soft, flexible, unglaz
cd kid, fastened with one button at the
The Hev.Mr.Par8y of Worcester, Mass.,
chose for the subject of a recent sermon,
"Dead liroke." The beautv and dehcacv
of the hint was doubtless appreciated by
tue congregation.
A singer, applying for an engagement,
wrote to an impressario as follows: "I am
a good musisban. I pla all music at furst
site." "Well," remarked he to a friend,
"she may play by note, but she most cer
tainly spells by ear."
California is famous for remarkable sto
ries. 1 he followinc is the latest: A fine
bay horse was found suspended, one
morning, recently, from a cherry tree by
the neck, and dead. He had been left
hitched to the branch of the tree, which
had grown so rapidly during the night
that it raised him off his feet, and hung
A work has just been published in Eng
land called "Cheraistianity," in which its
author, Mr. J. Carrington Sellara, incon
tcstibly proves that the only true way to
teach chemistry is through poetry. We
have read a good deal of verse that had a
metallic sound, much that was charged
with gas, but chemical poetry is a new
On one occasion, when a visitor to the
late Gerrit Smith had outstayed his wel
come and became a nuisance. Mr. Smith in
the morning prayed for a blessing to des
cend upon "our visiting brother, who will
f his day depart from us." And he depart
ed. Such a pin as that was sham enough
to be felt by the most pachydermatous of
Large and attractive signboards are a
great feature of Chinese shons. and the
words upon them are a strange mixture of
the flowery literature of the land and the
advertising instinct of a commercial peo
ple. Here are some of thesignsof Pekin:
"Shop of Heaven and Luck, "The Shop
of Celestial Principles," "The Nine Felic
ities Prolonged," "Mutton Shop of Morn
ing Twilight," "The Ten Virtues all Com
plete," "Flowers Rise to the Milky Way."
A reporter of one of the smaller iour-
uuiBui j. una usKeu me manager oi a tnea
tcr to give him two seats for a certain per
formance. The manager refused and the
journalist said to him, "Your refusal will
cost you 40,000 francs." For six months
after the paper praised the theater in this
wise: "Monsieur X. is a magnificent di
rector. He has a good company and lm
entertainments are excellent His man
agement is intelligent He knows what
the people want What a pity it is that
the staircases of tho theater arc wood. If
afire should break out the audience would
have but little chance of escape." The
result of this was that the manager was
compelled to build an iron staircase which
cost him 50,000 franca.
Allowed by the Ohio County Court.
Stati of Kintucxt.
Ohio County- Court.
A list of claims allowed by the Ohio
County Court, at the October Term 1874
and January term 1875, viz:
John V. Cooper, taking lunatics
tojaiL -$ 4 00
John J.Leach, pauper coffin.-:.... 5 00
John Jf.- lracy, jailers account... , 164 25
E. W.Truman, pauper coffin....
W. B. Leach, cost in road case...
Stevens & Barnett, hauling on
road T
Thomas 11. Bowe, working on
5 00
2 00
5 00
Jno. E. Pendleton, post mortem.
H. J. Young, burial clothes for
6 00
4 40
James R. Felix, viewer of roads.
2 00
Wm.btewart, viewer of roads....
John J. Monro, e viewer of roads
Josiah Maddox, work on roads...
John O' Flaherty, defending luna
1 00
1 00
5 00
tic, Ac 21 20
I. a, Bennett, plowing on road...
Miles Wright, plowing on road..
John MidkifT, taking lunatic to
W. B. Taylor, plowing on road..
Samuel W. Leach, plowing o"h
A.It. Hoover, plowing onload.
Henry Holbrook, (col.) keeping
4 00
1 50
9 00
4 50
1 50
paupers 18 00
tieo. W. Bennett, plowing on
John SI Grahamplowing oa
Samuel Wallace,plowing on road
John H. Baker, plowing on road
Ford & Wells, drug account......
F. P. Morgan, holding inquest...
Joseph Park
William Griffin
Ben. Newton, plowing on road...
2 00
y -
3 00
1 50
2 25
6 00
2 00
1 50
3 00
39 75
1 00
3 00
3 00
4 00
E. L. Wise, jailers account
Nat Schullz, viewer of road
James Miller, plowing on road...
wm. 1303 well, plowing on road..
W. H. Porter, viewer of road.&c.
Thomas A. Stewart, viewer of
road, xc ;
1 00
0 25
1 00
1 00
1 50
3 75
3 00
5 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
2 00
4 00
3 00
5 00
7 50
1 50
6 50
2 00
3 00
5 00
2 00
4 00
2 00
1 00
2 50
3 75
2 25
2 00
3 00
5 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
2 25
G. W. Ferguson, viewer of road,
M. P. McDowell,haulingon road
W. T. Stevenson, viewer of road.
Matthew Schultz, viewer of road
Geo. Bradfield, hauling on road.
W. H. Newcomb, plowing on
W. N. Stewart, plowing on road
T. II. Carson, hauling on road. .
W. r. Kowe, viewer of road
Clifford Roach, plowing on road
Chas. Sanders, plowing on road
Ben Hamilton, plowing on road.
B. F. Graves, plowing on road. .
W. N. Stewart, plowing on road
W. A. Holbrook.nlowine on road
Singleton Huff, plowing on road
A. B. Bennett, plowing on road.
Humphrey Brooks, plowing on
James A. Farmer, plowing on
Mrs. Nancy Clark, plowing on
H. T. Ford, plowing on road....
J. C. Bennett, pauper coffin
J. W. Payne, plowing on road..
11. T. roru, plowing on roan....
George Wade, plowing on road...
Jas. C. Stewart, viewer of road...
Wm. McShcrry, hauling on road
Jacob Newton, plowing on road.
J. D. S. Mitchell, plowing on road
Thos.Townsley, plowing on road
Anderson Daniel, plowing on
A. C Ellis, hauling on road
Ansil Wilson, plowing on road...
Wm. M. Miller, ploingonroad
Wm. M. Miller, hauling on road
John Blankenship, plowing on
road N
Jo. Ad. Bennett, plowing on road
1 50
S. L. Baird, plowing on road.... 3 00
Sam. Stahl, plowing on road'.... 2 25
L. JI. Roach, plowing on road... 1 50
Sam. Wallace, plowing on road. 2 00
David woodward, plowing on
road. I 50
F. Robertson, plowing on road.. 2 00
Thos. W. Daniel, plowing on road 7 50
G. W. Dbrton, plowing on road.. 3 75
R. S. Moseley, holding!inquest... 8 00
it. o. jjioaeiey, comparing pom- vu
R. S, Moseley, writs of lunacy,
&c. 3 00
R. S. Moseley, Commissioner of
Poor House 25 00
A. B. Bennett, comparing polls.. 4 00
F. P. Morgan, comparing polls... 4 00
James D. Byers, viewer of road. X 00
11. A. ratton, Hauling on road... o w
Robt. Hoover, plowing on road.. 3 00
Joseph A. Bennett, plowing on
road.... a 4 00
James Rowan, plowing on road. 2 25
Geo. Rowei plowing on road 1 5Q
Thos. Bean, plowing on road.... 1 50
G. W. Howard, plowing on road 1 50
T. W. Acton, plowing on road... 3 00
J. M. Bishop, plowing on road... 3 00
J. It Wade, plowing on road... 6 00
J. W. Hock, plowing on road.... 1 50
T. B. Davenport, plowing on
road 1 au
M. Arthur, plowing on road 12 00
Ben. Hamilton, plowing on road 9 00
John R. Phipps, hauling on road 2 50
John W. Hines, hauling on road 3 00
Miles Wright, plowing on road. 3 50
G. W. Bennett, plowing on road 3 00
P. IL Alford, viewer of road 1 00
L. W. Leach, viewer of road 1 00
G. S. Fitzhugb, surveying, &c... 9 00
Jas. A. Murphey, chain carrier. 3 00
John W. Sutton, viewer of.road. 3 00
Dr. J. J. Mitchell, attention to
3 00
Dr. G. R. Sanders, attention to
paupers, Ac 10 00
W. l. Kicketts, viewer oi roao...
John M. Leach, viewer of road.
W. J. Berry, burying pauper...
John F. Stewart, plowing on
IL M. Allen, plowing on road...
Jerry Williams, ground for road
P. Si. Docker, ground for road
J. E. Fogle, defending lunatic...
J. E. Fogle, prosecuting felony
case .-
A. B. Chapman, plowing on road
J. D. Wiliford, plowing on road
W. T. Ashby, plowing on road
Dr. T. Griffin, medicine account
Morgan & Wedding, prosecuting
James P. Stevens, plowing on
T. J. While, county levy for 1872
Mrs. Terra Wilson, on account
of affliction
2 00
2 00
5 00
2 00
2 00
35 00
33 33
7 50
5 00
5 00
4 50
3 00
4 00
7 50
2 25
3 00
25 00
J. W, Benton, pauper coffin 3 00
W. F. Gregory, allowance as
county judge... A.; 500 00
J. P. Sanderfer, allowance aa
county attorney 350 00
W. F. Gregory, assignee negro
pauper claims 99 15
W. Jj. Gregory, attorney lor w.
Hardin, negro pauper claim...
W. F. Gregory, attorney for V. .
Phipps, negro pauper claim
W. F. Gregory, attorney for K.
23 00
73 64
e. m
Dealers in house furnishing good, for general kitchen and table use.
hand, the celebrated
Seven sizes for either coal or wood. House
and baking. It nas no equal
T. Bell, negro pauper claim 117 33
W. F. Gregocy. attorney for W.
C Chapman, negro pauper
claim.... -
51 61
62 48
W. F. Gregory, attorneyfor'Ann
11. Yates, negro pauper claim
W. F. Gregory, attorney "for
Wood Cooper, negro pauper
claim 20 80
W. F. Gregory, atttorney for Da-
rjg4 - .siiel Henderson, negro pauper
4 16
WEGregory, attorney for Sta-
pieton ,xee, negro pauper
52 00
47 44
John P. Barrett assignee -
Garrett Barnard, negro paager .
claim oi U4
Victor Duke, negro pauper claim 4 27
bamuel a. lull, attorney lor U
Taylor, negro pauper claim..
120 90
Jananry Term, 1863.
D. A. Miller, plowing on road ' 2 00
Wm. Miller, plowing on road. 2 25
C. C. Rhodes, plowingon road... 3 75
James A. Farmer, plowing on
road 9 00
Elias Farmer, plowing on road 8 25
John W. Brand, plowing on road 9 00
W. B. Patterson, pauper coffins 15 00
E. L. Sullenger, pauper coffin... 3 00
Joseph B. Taylor, plowing on
road 3 00
Sirs. Ann Rowe, plowing on road 3 00
J. M Bishop, plowing on road 1 50
George W. Green, plowing on
road 8 00
Thomas R. Rowe, work on road 10 00
F. M. Ward, Plowing on road... 1 50
W. W. Austin, work on road &a 8 50
V. V. V. Stevens, hauling on
road 5 00
T. M. Raley, viewer of road 2 00
James Raley, viewer of road 2 00
V. T. Italey, viewer of road 2 00
Jerry U linen, plowing on road.
1 50
11. B. lay lor, plowingon road...
M. C. Dowel, plowing on road...
James F. Black, plowing on
James Sullenger, plowing on
2 25
3 75
6 00
1 50
6 00
5 00
10 50
6 00
2 65
2 75
5 00
1 50
3 00
2 25
16 50
10 00
4 56
1 50
1 50
E. C. Hoover, plowing on road.
J. B. Rowan, hauling on road..".
. r. cenoeii, plowing on roaa
F.-M. Parrott. nlowinz on road
John W. Hocker, plowing on
N. G. Patton,. plowing on road.
James Sullenger, pauper coffin..
Alpbeus Every, plowing on road
W. M. Hunter, viewer of road...
S. N. Tichnor, plowingon road.
T. W. Acton, plowing on road...
T. W. Acton, ground for road...
S. F. Hoover, plowing on road...
T. A. Stewart, plowing on road.
Jacob Hoover, plowing on road
Cornelius Hoover, plowing on
road i so
A. C. Ellis, plowing on road 5 00
Richard Stewart, plowing on road 4 50
Eli Dodson, plowing on road... 2 25
Wm. Crow, plowing on road 3 00
Bruce Myers, plowing on road... 1 50
John Barnes, viewer of road 2 00
W. P. Cooper, viewer of road... 2 00
J. P. Tracy & Son, finger boards 4 00
Richard Worral, plowingon road 4. 50
A. A. Mitchell, panper coffin.,. 5 00
Robt J. Duff, plowing on road... 3 75
Sandy Wilson, finger boards 1 50
Wm. .Lyon, plowing on road 6 00
A. A. Mitchell, plowing qii road 2 25
W. N. Stewart plowing on road 3 75
Stevens & Barnett, plowing on
roao a 00
V. W. Peyton, plowing on road 1 50
Willct Jamison. nauDer coffin... 5 00
John SL Leach, taking care of
paupers 12 00
George Taylor, burying pauper... 1 50
Andrew Balmain,burying pauper 1 50
T. J. Smith, shrifT's fee bill 203 45
It Gibson, services as town mar
shal 2 00
W. L Rowe, appraiser of estate I 50
Ed. Rowe. appraiser of estate... 1 50
James F. Stewart, keeping pau
per cniid oU uu
S. A. Davenport, holding inquest 6 40
b. M. Taylor, plowing on road..i 4 oo
R. G. Wedding, plowing on road 4 50
W. P. MidkifT, plowingon road 3 75
Jesse Megan plowing on road... 2 25
11. Li. 1 nomas, ringer board 1 oo
Frank Fielding, plowing on road 1 50
David T. Ashby, plowing on
road : ;. 1 50
Z. W. Griffin; window glass, &&. 4 75
Thomas J. Smith, sheriff 's ac
count 26 00
Carter & Barnes, merchandise
account t..... 20 00
T. B. Davenport, witness claim 1 00
II, S. Cummins, witness claim... 1 OO
W. D. Coleman, witness claim 1 00
G. W. Hunsakcr, witness claim 1 0
J. H. Smith, witness claim 1 00
Ai M2 Stum, witness claim 1 00
Stewart, Sweeney, & Mosley, at
torney s lee 40 w
Williams Brothers, account for
sash 1 00
& K. Cox, clerk's fee bill 324 40
W. t. Gregory, comparing polls a oo
A. L. Morton, cost of suit 10 70
W. F. Gregory, attorney's lee in
suit M : .. a ao
John W. Sutton, rock Ac. for
bridge 50 00
A. B. Baird. commissioner to set
tle with Benlon 5 00
W. T. Rickets. Commissioner to
settle with Benton 5
George N. Smith, plowing on
road ,.i j
Robert H.- Hines, plowing on
road 1
J. P. Sanderfer, additional allow-.
ance as county attorney.... ... 50
E. L. Wise, jailers account 81
W. B. Render, ground foe road... 25
R. A. Rowan, hauling on road... . 4
JohnD. Miller, officer of election 4
1'. 11. Airord, othcer or election 4
George IL Thomns officer of
election 4
Frank' Allen, officer of election. 5
We keep eonstantly.oo
- keepers are delighted with its 'npemr cooking
any wnere. van ana lee tor yourself. '- 4
S. A. Davenport, officer of elec
tion Samuel Bennett, officer of ele-
tion .
D. J. Wilcox, officer of election
Samuel Sbull, ofiicer of .election
W. 1), Coleman, officer of eleo-'
tion .........
J: E. VSmith, officer of election
W. I. .Rowe, officer of election...
John M. Bishop, officer of eleo
,G. M. Rowe'officerof election..'
A. T. Coffman, officer of election
Thomas Bell, Sr., officer of elec
tion ...........
4 00
2 55
2 55.
4 00
a 60
4 00
4 COm
T 20
4 00
4 00
4 00
2 00
Benjamin Newton, officer of.elec
, tion....... .t-......m. ....?..
Charles Hipsley, officer of eleo
W. P.- Ewell, officer of election
D. J. French, officer of election
C.W. R. Cobb, officer of election
J. N. Hedden, officer of election
James M. Cobb, officer of elec
tion Mason L. Jones, officer of elec
tion C. S. McEIroy, officer of election
James O, Miller, officer of eleo
Jacob Miller, officer of election.
Henry Whiteley, officer of elec
tion )
A. B. Bennett, officor of election
C F. Schapmier, officer of elec
tion .......
Wm. Phipps, officer of election
R. Gibson, officer of election 2 00
A. T. Nail, officer of election
Joseph C. Barnett, officer or elec
tion .........
W. C. Rogers, officer of election.
A. A. Mitchell, officer of election
W. E. Forsythe, officer of eleo
W. L. a Brackin, officer of elec-
J. W.Coleman, officer of election
W. L. Rogers, officer of election
W. H. Mauzy, officer of election
James T. Hill, officer of election
B. E. Richardson, officer of elec
tion John W. Taylor, officer of elec
tion John P. Tracy.officerof election
L. Harrison, officer of 'election
Thomas D. Davis, officer of elec
tion T. J. Barrett, officer of electioa,
A. T. Hines, officer of election...
J. W. Sutton, officer of election,
G. S. Fitzhugh, officer of eleo
Virgil Benfrow, officer of election
G. S. Hamilton, officer of election
4 00
4 00
2 00
2 0f
2 95
4 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
,4 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
w. w. Bartlett, officer of eleo
A. H. Cammins, officer of eleo
tion 4 00"
Marion Yates, officer Of election. ' 5 90
TolaL 13 779 65
Sax.-K Cox.
Clerk of Ohio County Court
The following appropriations for roads
and bridges v. ere rnatie at the January
term, 1875-, viz:
District No. 1.... .................$ 75 OO
District No. 2. 75 00
District No. 3 ............... 75 00
District 2Jo. 4 4i... 75 00
District No. 5 100. 00
Dfstrict No. 6 75 00
Districts No. 7 and 9.
400 00
100 00
75 00
75 00
District No. 8.
District No.
District No.
Total .$1.125 00
Sam. K. Cox, .
Clerk of Ohio County Court.
Dealer in
'DRY goods;
RardvxLresQueensvxcre, .
Sals and Caps, 1j
Boots and Shoa
Also dealers in
leaf Tobacco,
. I will sell very low for cash, et xeBange
for all kinds of country produce. My motto
Is" Quick sales anl srjail profits." nol ly
m Dealer in
Drugs, Hedkines and Chemical,
Fine Toilet Soaps, Fancy Hair and Tooth
Brash s. Perfumery and Fancy Teilet
Articles, Trusses and Shoulder
Garden Seed.
Pure Wines and Liquors for medical purposes.
Taints, Oils, Varnuha,Die'Sbiffi
Letter-paper, Pen, Ink, Envelope, RIui
Futty,jaibon oil. Lamps ami Ch'irurey.
riiyiieianV picscription accurately com
pounded. n&I !y
4 00
2 00
2 OO
6 40
4 00
4 00
2 00
2 00 '
4 0O

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