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Wednclay, Februnry 10.
Texas has nearly ninety million acres
of public lands.
A total eclipse of the sun will occur on
April 5. It will not be visible in this
Sixty thousand Japanese in Yeddo are
studying the imglish language.
Houston, Texas, contains seventeen
chnrch buildings aud twenty-six Sunday
Capt. Henry J.Moore, formerly a prom
inent Bteamboatman, subsequently an ex
tensive merchant, being a member of the
great pork packing firm of John J. Roe
& Co., died at at. kouis yesterday,
.The Adams Express Company has paid
the Chattahoochee National Bank of Co
Iambus, Ga., $20,000, to make good the
$20,000 of the bank's .money which was
recently stolen from the company's safes
between Richmond and New York.
The operatives in three of the largest
cotton mills at Fall River, Mass., have
struck because their wages were reduced,
and one thousand or tho weavers are co-
ing back to Europe at the expense of the
other workmen,
Tbe case of Mike McCoole, the pugil
ist, charted with killing ratsy Manley,
October 29, 1874, was dismissed in the
Criminal Court" 'at St. Louis yesterday.
and the defendant' discharged for want of
prosecution, tbe btate being unable to
find the principal witnesses against him
Fittman, Tilton & Ca's hosiery mill",
and Eastman'e grist mill, at Laconia, N.
Hi. burned yesterday morning. Total
loos 35.000; ineurance $25,000.
Several shocks of earthquake occurred
at San Francisco on Sunday, causing
some alarm, especially among congrega
tions in .the churches. Ho damage is re'
'The Ohio Senate yesterday pased Sen
ate bills to repeal that portion of the school
law which allows pay to school teachers
while attending teachers' institutes, and
to hx tbe price or legal advertising.
J. E. Hosier, while inspecting some
saw-logs which were unloading at .hm-
ery s mill, East Uhio street, Indianapolis,
yesterday, was crushed in a terrible man
ner by one of the logs rolling over him,
nis recovery is doubtiui.
Daniel Dempsey's stables at Bennett'
Station on the West Pennsylvania Rail
road. wer bnrned at 6 o'clock this morn-
ng. There was a large number of horses
in the stables at the time, and thirty-five
or Ibem were burned to death.
' Fire Sunday morning destroyed Cook'i
block in Lacon, III., togetber with the
contents orthe Odd-bellows' and Masons
balls and F. H. Turner's clothing store,
ail of which were located in tbe build
irsg. Loss $24,000; insurance $16,000.
Tlinradajr, February II.
.On Sunday last, Sally Walker, colored
woman, living at tbe ''cottage" on the
farm of B. II. Brennan, Esq., near Char
lottesville, Va., committed suicide by
shooting herself in the heart with a pistol,
causing immediate death. She lived with
Frank Walker as bis wife, but the par
ties had never been regally married, am
tbe evidence before the coroner estab
lished the fact that they lived together
very jin pleasantly, and that tbe woman
was subjected to severe treatment Her
bpdy presented tbe marks of a recent
chastisement, and the testimony of her
mother was that she had expressed an in
tention.to.take her own life on account of
the ill-treatment received.
William. Cullen Bryant was honored
yesterday by a reception by the New York
C. H. Zimmerman, a well-known lew
elry merchant of New Orleans, commit
ted suicide yesterday, blowing his brains
out.witb a pistol, ihe cause was pecu
siarv embarrassment.
Gov. Ineersoll. of Connecticut, has ap
pointed Senafornelect Wm. W. Eaton, of
Hartford, to nil tbe vacaocy in the United
States Senate (caused by (senator Buck
Ingham's death) for the term endinj
March 4.
The National Grange yesterday agreed
to loan to each State Grange a sum of
tnonev eaual to $2 50 for each subord
nate Grange in such State, which loan
anal. cot be distributed among tbe subor
dinate Grange's.
'Advices from Arizona report that a bill
passed the Territorial Council, Saturday,
providing for tbe removal of the capitol of
the Territory to Phoenix. Yesterday the
a l f . . i
ame paseea me House, .ruceuix lsiiu
miles northwest from Tucson, the old
capital, and is the county seat or Mari
copa county. It lies in the valley of Salt
The first train was run through Hoosac
tunnel yesterday. It was composed of
three gravel cars and a boxcar filled with
one hundred passengers. The passage
was made in thirty-five minutes. The
track isnot in condition for running reg
ular trains as yet.
The Rev. Edward Sullivan, of Trinitv
church, Chicago, preached a terrihe eer
mon last Sunday against Dr. Dekoven
the recently-elected bishop of Illinois.
He predicted an early departure-of tle
brilliant Dekoven to the Church of Rome.
and was unsparing in his denunciation of
the prelate.
The Boston Pilot states, that the Pope
1 7 - 'j . 1 " T . , Tl !
uas raiBea iue xioceees ui xosian, ruiiu
delphia, Milwaukee and Santa Fc to th
dignity of Arch-dioceses, and their re
epective Bishops to that of Archbishops.
Mr. Jphn W. Pennel was murdered in
his own house, about nine miles Irom
Burnet, Texas, last Monday night.
man came to his bouse just after dark
and asked to purchase some corn. Mr.
Pennel sent some boys to the crib for
corn, 'and while they were gone the man
entered the house, followed by three oth
ers. They 6hot Mr. Pennel, and left
Mrs, Pennel was in the house sick.
Dremisca, cjamain uutler entered me
yard, pistol in hand, and, upon approach
ing the, house, was urea ai iy reroi,
through the window, with a shot-gun. the
charge entering his body and killing him
instantly. Captain Culler leaves a wife
and a large family of children, the most
of whom are girls, lie M as an old steam
boat captain, and had an extensive ac
quaintance and many friends. He was a
relative of Dr. Geo. A Cutler, editor of
the Dallas Daily Commercial.
iV young ami nttractive looking lady.
aving a ticket to Knoxville, Tenn., with
an infant in her arms, was a pnstcnger
on the train on the East Tennessee, Vir
ginia fc Georgia Railroad, which rotched
Knoxville from the west a little before
noon Saturday. Before tliearrival of the
train at that city the babe went to sleep,
and the lady, presumably the mother,
carefully laid the infant on the opposite
seat. Arriving at Knoxville. the ladv
gathered her parcels together and left the
car In her hurry she forgot the .baby 1
Conductor Thomas found the sleeping
cherub on the seat shortly after the train
left the city. Arriving at strawberry
Plains he gave the babe in charge of the
railroad watchman there, and upon reach
ing the hrst telegraph station sent a dis
patch back giving notice of the lorgotten
baby. The infant was to be brought back
to Knoxville next day. The police pros
ecuted inquiries regarding the lady, who
had not a charitable presumptipn
found out lfer loss of the baby, and wa
ot to be found. A dispatch from Loudon
was received Saturday afternoon, de"
scribing tbe lady and the child, and giv.
ing the lormers name, the neglectlul
ladv is known, and her residence as well,
her local habitation being some miles
from the city, on the K. k O. Railroad.
tier age is about twentv, and she is be
lieved to be unmarried. There is a mys
tery about the matter now unexplainable.
Dallas county, Texas, has a jail that
costs S100 a day.
In bhreveport, La., the other day, Capt
Joe Maguire slipped on a piece of orange
rind and broke bis right leg.
The Texas Legislature has appropriated
$5,000 to employ detectives to ferret out
frauds in land claims against the State.
In a family quarrel last night, Aaron
Churchill was fatally shot by his son
Walter, aged sixteen, at their residence,
205 West Thirty-ninth street, Now York
lue Merchants Lxchange of St. Louis,
yesterday, passed a memorial to Congress
asking lor the establuhmentof a united
States mint at St. Louis, and the lower
house of the Legislature adopted a con
current resolution to the same effect.
Two hundred horses are in course of
training . at New York stables for the
spring races. This number is to be large
ly reinforced by southern stables, espec
ially many from Kentucky. JeromePark,
it is said, will witness a larger number of
horses at the approaching races than ever
Last Friday night a young woman, liv
ing at the City Hotel. Mobile, Ala, , named
Mollie Hagy, sometimes called Lulu, was
noticed by her room-male, Mrs. Josephine
Christina, to be sufTcring as. if in paiu.
This was about 10 o'clock. She asked
her what was the matter, and was as
sured that there was nothing. A few
minutes after she called for a drink of
water, laid dowtCand muttered something
about her poor little boy. She then grew
deathly sick, when Mrs. Josephine, be
coming alarmed, ran and called Mrs.
Werneth, who immediately sent for a
doctor. But it wa3 too late; the unfor
tunate woman waadead. A small empty
vial, labeled, oil of bitter almonds, told
tho cause of her death, but the motive is
still unknown.
Within the past thirty days not less
than four infants, three of whom were
white, have been discovered at Augusta,
Ga.-, either half-buried in old fields, thrown
into ditches, or floating on the bosom oT
the river.
A. dispatch from Laramie City, Wyo-
ming, slates that as the westward bound
emigrant train was leaving Table Rock
station yesterday, a passenger named
Charles McFarland, of Addison, Ohio.shot
himself through the heart. He was much
under the influence of liquor.
One day lat week" in the city of Macon,
as the Atlanta train was backing from
the car-shed, the Southwestern train
started off at the same time on a parallel
track. Mr. alios. U. McLendon, the con
ductor on the Atlanta train, was standing
on the platform of the rear car. in a
short time after the trains began moving,
he discovered an old white man, of nearly
eighty years, standing on his track,, but
apparently absorbed in the movements of
the southwestern train,- and not noticing
the approach of the backing Atlanta train.
McLendon rang tbe bell to down breaks,
but he saw that the car would strike the
old man before it could be stopped, and,
acting upon this idea, he sprang from tbe
platform, outran the train, and, gathering
the old man up in his arms, bore turnout
of danger before he appreciated the situa
Nnturduy. February 13.
Three boys, while coasting on Smith
street, below Fourth, Cincinnati, Wednes
day mgbt, ran into a heavily-loaded ex
press wagon at the 1 bird street crossing.
and Barney Johnson, aged fourteen, was
dashed against the wagon wheel and was
instantly killed, lwo others on the sled
were considerably, though not dangerous,
ly. injured.
Monday last, fmlip Ulamberger. a ten
ant on the farm of Julius Barnard, near
rontenelle, Nebraska, went to the rail
road station on business, and on his re'
turn found the dead body of his wife, with
her throat cut from ear lo ear. lie had
left her well, and all was quiet when he
wentaway. Ihe terrible crime is clouded
in mystery, and, although an investiga'
tion is in progress, no clew had been discovered.
Archbishop Aleraany. of San Francis-
co, has been sued by a Mrs. McAnally for
funds amounting to Sl.ooa.-la, which she
alledges she deposited in trust with him
about ten years ago. The prelate denies
having kept the money, and states that it
was sent to an interior town, some time
since, at her instance, and pleads, as
Beecher.s lawyers do in his case.
that Mrs. McAnally "carelessly construed
some of his letters about the money,
The case attracts much attention.
The baby left on a seat in tbe railway
car last Saturday by a young and attrac
tive-looking lady, who got on the car at
Knoxville, was brought back to that city
on Sunday and taken care of by the wife
ot a poticeman., 1 he, cherub was-but
month old. Yesterday the search for the
lady' resulted in finding her, andshecame
to the city from a town not many miles
Irom unoxvme to obtain her babe again.
She was only sixteen, the daughter of a
well-to-do citizen, and had loved "not
wisely bnt too well. The babe had been
abandoned in a moment, of frenzied fear
of her shame, btt whenehe received it in
her arms yesterday evening the mother
reasserted her love, and she kissed it pas
eionately. Steps will be taken to right
her wrong, and may be the matter will go
into court.
On Friday, Mrs. Brisentine. of South
Rome, Ga., going cut into the yard, left
her little baby in charge-of an olderchild,
The baby, picking up a screw that was ly
ing on the Moor, swallowed it. The screw
lodged in the child's throat, and could not
be extricated. After much suffering the
child died, being actually strangled to
Mr. .Nathaniel W. Lord, a young man
well known in Charleston, S. C, shot
himself to death with a pistol on Satur
day. On the night preceding the dis
tressing occurrence he requested a voung
man who had been rooming with him not
to remain with him, as he felt very rest
less. In the morning Mr. Lord was dis
covered lying in bed, with bis clothing on
and dead. The bedding was saturated
with blood, which had flowed from the
wound in the temple, through which a
pistol ball had passed. The cause of the
tragic act is said to have been business
troubles, which unsettled bis reason.
Monday, February 15.
In savannah, Ga., on Monday, ten
young women became Sisters of Mercy,
Telegrams from China say civil war is
Hon. C. W. Jones, (Dem.) has been
elected to the U. a. Senate by the Lcgib-
ture oi r lorida.
Hon. Jas. B. Beck, of Kentucky, had
his wrist broken by a tail on the ice last
evening, in Washington, and is confined
to his house in consequence.
A Berlin dispatch says that Bismarck
has given no intimation that he intends to
resign, lie is likely to remain in of tic
as long as his health permits,
Henry Jordan, who killed Galloway in
.Bosque county, lexas, some weeks ago
was pursued bv a body of citizens to San
Saba county. They found him on Indian
creek, and demanded his surrender. H
refitted and was killed.
C W. Weeks, known as ''California
Bill, proprietor of a hash-house at Uock
dale, Texas, was thot on Friday by one
Trlday, February 12.
Big Bow and seventeen followers ha
surrendered at Fort Sill. Confirmation
of the death of Lone Wolf has been re
ceived. He was one of the most desoe:
ate of all the redskins, and led the band
that perpetrated the terrible massacre at
Howard Wells, in tbe spring of 1872. He
una killed by a scout of the friendly In
dians taut summer, who suppressed the
fact through fear of vengeance of his
Cm plain W, C. Cutler was killed in the
vicinity of Kirmilia, Texan, last Saturday
el-emus, bv Mr. John C. PrroL It seems
that the difficulty which led to the killing Newley, a butcher, who took this method
jrrew out ot a t-uit fortbepo-sef-eioiiof the of collecting a debt of 520 for beef furu
place on which Culler who living. The if bed the said California Bill's hash-house,
cuitrts had decided in Perot s favor, and This is the only murder that has ever
Be uau been put in possesion of the been committed in that place,
from S25 to $100. with imprisonment in I hart; Herrcn.who killed the Davenports,
the county jail Irom ten to sixty days. has not been heard from.
The Mayor of Padueah announces the On last Friday evening a Mr. Lester, d
presence of hydrophobia in that city, and young lawyer who a lew weeks since came
orders all dogs to be muzzled. to Henderson from Virginia, was discov-
The Democracy of rulton county, on ered lying behind a pile of lumber at the
Monday last, met and selected delegates to planing mill of J. O. Clore & Co., with
. n. . . ' f T" , 1 . 1 , 11" . 1 . . , 1 . . ., , T.
the State convention, iue ueicguiea were nis turoai cut ana weltering in UIOOU. uy
instructed to cast the vote of the county his side was found a razor, with which he
for . King for Governor and Hewitt for Au- had inflicted dangerous wound upon
ditor. Governor King was present and himself, i he wound was dressed by Drs.
addressed the meeting. I Letcher and Cook, and at last accounts
Death has been busy in Ueorgetown in the would-be suicide was in a fair w.iv to
the past few days. On Sunday three fu- recover. No reasons were given for the
nerals were preached at nearly the same rash act.
boor, and the bodies ot three old citizens 'ihe proposed increase or the tax on
were laid in the tomb; and on Monday spirits has produced a great commotion
there was three additional burials, both among the whisky men of Lexington.
persons having passed the allotted time Up to Tuesday a hundred thousand dol-
three-score years and ten. lars was paid on whisky in bond, and
The vih of January and the vtn ot reo- since that time collector uowman has
ruary, 1875, will long be remembered as been kept busy by persons anxious to re-
two of the coldest days known throughout licve theirstocks from the custody oi tne
Kentucky during the present generation. Government The amount thus far in
On the first named dav the mercury io the I Lexington reaches a quarter of a million
thermometer, at daylight stood at 10 At other points in the district those who
below zero: on the second, a't the same have whisky in bonds are also paying up
hour, it stood at 5 below zero. I as fast as they can raise the money. The
Eight business houses and offices at supply of stamps on hand being msui-
Murrav. were destroyed by fire Sunday af ficient, Collector Bowman has ordered
ternoon. at 1 o clock, lue whole row half a million dollars worth more irom
of buildings west ofthe Court square were Washington.
burned, including Bourland S Williams
From FremSnt to Col. Duncan.
C6 Exciiaxge Place,
New York. April 1. 1869.
Dear Colonel: I reached home last
night pretty near ill, and have not been
quite up to the work to-day. I will need
the rest of the week to carry my work
through, and I propose to do 'it well Our
success abroad has been really splendid,
ana we are- on the road to a great result
and great success. I see that the World's
correspondent attacks us. Pray turn
around and set hira at work the other
way, and don't forget Carpenter. Next week
will be enough for the passage of our bill.
xours truly, J. c. tRMOXT.
Col. Blanton. Duncan.
Casparts, 2Ist April, 1869.
Mr Dear Sir: I very much regret not
to have found you here. It is really of
great importance that we confer together
more frequently, and that tbe point-
which present themselves here as good to
be made be fixed. I think that it teas an
error not to hare arranged with Gen. Wilson,
and you mill find it so. This work is too
heavy to be carried tcithout strong support,
and strong enemies must not he made. Yon
can afford to give, and tf you adopt a dijfer-
and too-deep!y plundered treasury of .
the nation. This thing of condemning
an action because it-originated at the
North and benefitted Northern, rogues.
at the expense ofthe entire, people, and -
applaudmg a similar action" simply be-.
cause it is located at the South, is not
the right thing,, nor the logical thing,
nor the Democratic thing- All the
teachings and traditions of the Demo
cratic party are against" Congressional
subsidies. To approve this attempted
raid npon the public treasury is to con
demn and repudiate a most vital prin
ciple of Democracy; and for Democrats
to approve this sort of tiling would be
unmitigated stultification., -
drugstore, post-office, R. D. Brown's law THE TEXAS-PACIFIC RAILROAD ent policy, you will fail, certainly here. I
enclose you a letter which I havereccired
Pray consider it sen-
office. th corner house belonging to
Quarles of McCracken county, Dr. Sher- Wc lmve been TOtcl,;ng fte manipu- lrom Mr- Re5l,y
wood s dental office, W. T. Scott s office, . . . . . ously.
Dr. Eiker's office, the Gazette office, and lntions ot the gang ot cormorants at To-morrow at noon T prepare to leave
Wears saddle and harness shop, f ire Washington who are endeavoring to for Tarrytown, Hew York, or certainly
supped, to have originated from adefec. I fmm1 thmiml. Hon. Lthe next morning. I should beglad to
gress with considerable interest, hoping there.
tive stove pipe in Brown's law office.
Loss about SlU.UUU, and no insurance.
Mr. Uolloway, clerk in the Agricultural
Statistical Department of the Auditor's
office, at Frankfort, has furnished thcfol-
rowingtolal figures of the Kentucky tobac
co crops of 1873 and 1874: The crop of 1873
amounted to lby,054, 145 lbs.; that of!S74
to learn soniethinjr definite about the
measure, so that, when wo did form a
conclusion, it might be a just one. The
connection of Col. Tiios. Scott with
from you addressed to me
Yours truly,
J. C. Frkvost,
Dr.Wm. Schmoele, 214 W. Logan square,
Diar Beroholtz: Your letter just re
ceived enclosing slips from newspapers.
xou must not complain if you do not get
letters as regularly as you wish. We are
TncslBy, t'ebriiary' 10.
Another relative of Grant has been dis
covered- and his name is Tompkins, of
West, Virginia. Tompkins, immediately
upon being found, was appointed United
States Marshal of Colorado. He is cous
in to Grant, and is supposed to terminate
the long catalogue oi the l resident a re
lations, i
Camels and dromedaries aro.becoining
so plentiful in Nevada, from the stock im?
ported there by the United States Govern
ment some years ago, that a bill, has. been
introduced into the Legislature to prohib
it the owners of these animals from using
them on public highways, sis thev are
supplanting the horses,mules and oxen as
beasts oi burden. 1 hey arc used to car
ry silver and' gold ore from remote mines.
The horse and mule dealers got, up the
uui reierreu iu lur meir aDOiuion irom
public roads. i
ihe interpreter of the American Lega
tion, who has just returned from Syria,
where he has been investigating the. out
rage on American missions,, reports that
the first accounts were much exaggerated.
The ill-treatment by the soldiers is a pure
: 1: 'i-i . - - i . . . i
in veiiiiuii. me question relative to tne
forcible entrance into missionary houses
remains unsettled. It appears that the
house was American property, bnt was in
habited by Turkish subjects.
On Wednesday nigh;, near Favette.
Texas, Deputies Tuttle and Siebreicht, as
sisted by Constable Metzcn, in attempting
to arrest a colored man charged with horse
theft, and named James Sanders, met with
considerable resistance. Sanders "went1'
for Deputy Tuttle. Foiled in the; attempt
to brain that officer, he began to retreat,
shooting at the officers the while. The
latter then fired a volley at the fugitive,
three balls taking effect and passing thro'
his body. He was- hit on the inside and
below both shoulders, and also in the
stomach'. After which he surrendered.
What-is believed to have been a brutal
murder occurred at the South .Carolina
penitentiary on Saturday afternoon. One
ofthe convicts,, Charles, Barron by name,
got' into a difficulty with Corporal Bryant,
ofthe guard, when the latter drewhis pis
tol and shot liarron in the right stdej from
the effects of which he died in about twen-ty'tninutes.-
An inquest was held yester
day, and a verdict rendered that decea'sed
came to-his death by a ball irom a pistol
in, iue nanus oi corporal uryant. The
homicide gave himself up to tbe officers
of justice.
Yesterday afternoon the erring voung
lady whose lost babe has furnished theme
for table talk at Knoxville, Tenn., these
past few days, left- for her home with the
recovered cherub. During the morning
she gave the baby to a colored woman 'to
keep and nurse, but the argus-eved police
compelled the infant's return to its unhap
py mother, then the maiden mother,
getting ready to leave on the train, slyly
hid tbe babe in a room of one of
the servants of- the hotel .in
whioh she was stopping, and was de
murely carrying in her arms to the car a'
bundle supposed to be the infant, when
the lynx-eyed ladies about detected the im
position, and. a search resulted in finding
the helpless babe.-Finally motherand child
were safely started on- the cars towards
home. The poor girl was almost frantic
at the idea of meeting her mother with the
evidence of her shame. Sobbing, ehe said
it would break her mother s heart.
amounted to 167,338,997 lbs.; the latter the thing aroused pur suspicions. Ihey
showihg a decrease from the former of hVerenot allayed bv the fact that every
O 1 JK ha It clinn d ta mnT,(,nnn,l t - -
,UITtl J W J . . b 1,11 UVll.t uv IllVUIIVUtU
that the. crop of le3 in the
statement, ia meant the crop
" " mrasnrn ns nraisnwnrthv nnd fro frnm If - t.. nnv J,f T -HI
1873-4. The statistics oi the crop of L J 7i . r
i.n..i,.t:.n( ! ,. "u fmncl Th nmn-irrTmirnnl. snmwlpd write you. Tell mend Sntthen that I r-
frni,.l, frnm the auditor's l,nnka nntil .t.. i : u r. Ti l.l ved that forty shares of stock all right. If
..,! KVl.ortT,rVJnr.,; luc -e.rjlu"- 111 1W .V"-Uhe needs an acknowledgment Iwillsend.it.
toward the close of the present year. It is t , .i....; e c.it. .11 11 ir:...i -n. ci. 1-
b foregoing Democratic paper in Kentucky save all hard at work, and Ithinkdoing splen
nf K th R5chm0nd ter-cuiorsea the J A trZt
Luwaru iue wuecui iue u resent year, lb its i , , ... t . o .v
Believed that the crop of last year will poverty and destitution of the South,
not exceed 40,000,000 lbs. and portrayed the benefits that would
JJipthena is preva.i.pg at Ohent, Cars t that tjon from th hnmns
A lady seventy years 01 age, now living 01 was gtyat uiuiuujjwmv iu i" j-
in Ghent, which is oh the Ohio river, was jt ai SOunded nice enough, and plausi-
IlCVCi Ull U O .t vuut ..1. 1 v.. t , I .j 1 1. V.
never saw a steam car.
Col. James Wallace, an old and es
tn tr ir . ? 1 t i
. . 1 r I t.i i. 1 . n.A AnUA,t i lint nnnTint tnnph him ThPTt ia nnp
lnmiprv r 1 ti ir v i" 11' t-1 1 .1 1 1 1 1:11 ui " -w -
0 - - I ,!,,. nnA t fliinl !f will li auMua
the monster in its true shape and f u Th' i8 thr and if want risk
less as the most stupendous swin lit I may accomplish it You must risk
.11- 1 1- i, $500, and if you are tcdlmg to risk it, rfo
The Bracken Chronicle tells ofa man in r .W r pol me amount 10 my creau ai ay e
Robinson county who has married his , ... , . .
mL r i. :. i ...!.. Pol Tmt sm-rr. of Ppnnsvlvnnia. is Ncv
.1.- 1. :..: -... :r .. .i.- -i- see you in person. I dare not Bay any
t ,3.71,: I. . J a uie gcnerauaaimo 01 mis uanu ot woum- th; - ,0 ei,her of th-e other,of nr frien(l8
Eleven prisoners started. lor the peni
tentiary at Frankfort, from Padueah,
Monday last.
The grand jury of Marion, county ads
journeu on iue utn insi., alter unuing lzo
Columbus had two fires last week. One
destroyed only a shanty, the other five
houses, lioss J,lHX.
ilr. James W Lair, of Harrison coun
ly, accused of offering false distillers
bonds and notices, was admitted to bail
in the sum of $2,000 by United States
Commissioner Bostwick at Covington on
The docket ofthe February term of the
Circuit court of Ingg county sums up
sixty-eight appearances in ordinary;
twenty-nine equity appearances; onehun
dred and eleven common law issues, and
one hundred and forty-three indictments
for misdemeanors and felonies.
A man by the name of Alfred Boren
died in Trigg county one day last week
from starvation. He had been sick some
time with pneumonia, and on hearing of
his death, his neighbors () then called
in, and found the family destitute ofthe
commonest necessaries of life, and the
wife unable to sit up or walk Irom want
and physical exhaustion.
As much as $100,000 has been collec
ted in Lexington on whisky in bond with
in the last few days, in anticipation 'of in
creased taxes.
The grand jury of Fayette county has
found a true bill against the court-house
as a nuisance.
Several parties were found guilty of car
rying concealed weapons in the Fayette
county circuit Court yesterday, and lined
Mr. Snethen and son, and accept for self.
1 our friend, JUortox C. Hcntee.
Strictly Confidential"
Fortt-first Co.voress,
blc enouch, but then there were those U. S. House of Representatives,
Jfl, if nnnn u-W. rnirments w ASHINOTOX, W.U, Jiarcil
VCAAtV, VVVaV 1 1 V AW O w-
1st instant
The Hon. Thomas F. Randolph, elec
. 1 . TT - J Oi-.... O 1 I XT
teu to tne unueu omies oeinne irom new 1 .., ...... .i :
Jersey, married a daughter of the late hkeness-as the most stupendous.swtn
Nicholas D. Coleman, of Maysville.
UUli UUU UilUlll LU IIIC IIL UUU VIKJIO. I , , , , , . .
.. .... 1 0 . ., ., U nlnnilnmra r in Tllinll Trwiflnrr
on the streets is to oe, henceiorth, the I" v ji
portion 01 impecunious onenaers against Generals SHAXKS and Huxter are
the peace and dignity of the town of Car- I. . -n, ..,TiTTv.i- ;a
rnllton mueu up m iu umuiu.' ouvn.i u
The chief engineer of the Cumberland also there, like a fly m a saucer of su
and Ohio railroad has reported that it will dabber. We are enabled to lay
SKKkfore our readers today some docu- pose for which it is desired. Ifyoudoit,
: .u:.; . ,i. i. i j . . , n... . -n I telegraph me at tbe Metropolitan, r. x.
u " LuL ivTi cauji 1 racntary eviuence umi m Bnd Iran telwraphbttck to preaent cheek.
I shall not be back until Monday or Tues
day. If you think ytu can risk it, I will
bring him if anyone can. .1 will leave-check
for one-half the amount, and not check the
remainder unless absolutely necessary, and
will return to vou. I will leave the check
with the party who will use it for the pur-
Atthelate term of the Bovd county t He true cnaracicr 01 me scnemo nu
Circuit Court, the grand jury, found 52 all right-thinking men.- The first tes
inaicimenis: u large uuiuuer oi uues were 1 .. . -n
assessed, mostly for the violation of the tiraony we will introduce is an extract
whisky lawaaud carrying concealed dead- from a letter written by Jlajor W. It,
Iy ML., o m, t... .1. Bergholtz to Mr. Blasww DuircAy,
jiaoi UMVU J V VI UV IQ 1 I ,
who resides in Howe's valley, Hardin dated "A ew lork, Uec. lo, looJ
county, wasstrucB: oy a laiiing tree, - ShankB had also a long interview
wnicn a hired man on iue piace was i :,k t?, si,ov.-nM il.m
chopping down, from tbe injuries of
which be died on Monday, ihe child
was about ten years of age.
One D. S. ivnapp, who represented
himself as from Chicago, and the propri
etorofa water-proof cement, victimized
several of thegood citizens of Hopkins
ville last week, ihe JNew .bra. lost lour
. . . n 1 ; .
you had more mtiuence in asiungton
than anybody else, in or out of Congress",
and that he would not attempt-to do any
thing -there without your co-operation,
He thought that yourself, Hunter and him'
could carry the measure.
Another letter shows that DuscAn
I am anxious about that, as I wish the bill
all right, and shall avail myself of your
offer. Truly yours," JonN B. Dennis.
The following is an extract from a
letter of Hunter to Berciiioijxz, dated
Feb. IS, 1870: .
Enclosed I send yon my railroad stock
Please transfer to my wife, and forward same
to me at once. 1 send you. power of attor
ney for that purpose.
nicii-rarcED -senators:
The Owensboro Shield la respectful
ly informed that we will leave the Dem
ocratic party when it bestsnrts oa,- and
not before; nor do we recognke its Rrr
thority or ability to read us out of that
organization. It is ju3t such intensely
Confederate folk as the editor of that
paper one ofthe sort who patriotically
applauded hia neighbors and friendu
when they went out to imperil their
lives for the Southern cause, but , took,
exceeding great care to keep their own
precious bodies; out of the way of Yan
kee bullets that are playing thcxlev-
il with the Democratic party in Ken
tucky to-day. There is not a Confed
erate soldier in Kentucky who would
not look with lofty and indignant scorn
upon the Federal soldier who would go
to the polls and vote to reward any
man for his services m the Confederate-
e. Andjthe Federal, soldier who
could be guilty of so debasing an. act
would deserve to be scorned by "all
honest men. We must do the 'dJon-federate-soldier
clement of the Demo
cratic party the justice to say that they
are not tho ones who are precipitating
this trouble upon the party.
A word in addition, to prevent the
possibility of mistaking us on this mil
itary reward question. 'This is our
position, very plainly stated: "We are
opposed to-rewarding- any man for the
part he took in the kte war, whether
on the Confederate or Federal side, and
will oppose any one who may be pre
sented for our suffrage on that ground:
"We do not object to any man because
he was a- Confederate soldier. All wo
ask of any convention is that it shall
nominate men of good character and
frir standing, who shall possess the nec-"
essary qualifications for the position for
which he ia nominated, and. we care
not a fig which side he fought on. "We
have no "Union Democrat" to "trdt
out" "Ve are no man worshipper;
we are no idea worshipper. Vfe -are
aimply a Democrat who thinks a great
deal more of the good name and repu
tation ofthe party and the welfare of
the commonwealth than he does ofthcj
political advancement of any man.
Thi3,and only this, ia te"pcteitioa wt?
occupy. ,
or five dollars' worth of job work on him, imtj proposed a plan to secure tho pass-
davs' board, and all with whom he had ge of the right of way bdl," which was
.. .. . 1 , . , , .1 r it ?
any transactions were tne suuerers. auoptea ; anu uie iouowiug irescnpi
Under the head of "i'ass him rouud, Lw tiW bn lilwrnllv cimnliwl
with means to carry out.hia plana :
Louisville, Dec. 27, 1869.
Lhave received from Col. B. H. Epper
son, President
ing the spring of 18G9, amounting tb
eighty-five thousand dollars, which Jdistrib
the New Era also presents him with a
fifteen-line notice gratis.
An elopement took place baturday
night from Campbell county, which- has
taken many by surprise. Miss Josephine
Human, a young lady or great accom
plishments, daughter of 'Squire Murnan,
contrary to the will of hor father, took it
into her head to marry Joseph Ura
tiana, a man employed on the Squire's
farm for two or three years past, and on
ouiuiuuy mc ,uvui.uj ttcui. wuiu iue , - T -
rpu i i iL.j other certificates amounting to Jorty-five
rmnved their effects to Ohio, where they dollars .for the same purposes, and
I have received in part pay of services
rendered by me to the Memphis & El Paso
T..? Prtmnnns flip nmnntit. nf nnp wr.
appearance at Moorlieid, Nicholas . , r ' ," . ,, , ,
stock, and ten certificates, numbers 468
to 477, inclusive, for ten thousand dollars
each. (Signed) Blanton Duncan.
Epperson's acknowledgment.
Extract from the statement made by
xatQaxiei. Paige, of Washington:
From the sale of tbe bonds in Paris.
Or.iv turned the conversation to the Land
Grant bill before Congress, and asked me.
what I thought its prospects were. 1 told
him that t rem oat felt absolutely sure ol
the. House and also ofthe senate, with the
exception of the Pacific Railroad Commit
tee; that Senator Howard was bitterly op
posed to the bill, and would, oppose it to
the end. Gray said that Howard could be
bad for money, and thatu Fremont want-
, -I pit S'It flflft-tn Rpcnrp h? vntp. hpfGravl
ofthe Memphis fc 1 iraso vv' , j : , 1 .v
. . r " nrail,! nitirnnpp it. And tkp RPf liritv nrxin
Hailroad Company, various-cer- : " . v.Jn.t.... t ti.L
of stock in Washington City, dur- e iron in ew Orleans, I n-
to Fremont. After we had disposed of
Howard in this way, in our conversation.
. ,. t j- j--.. .i j-
eloped, went to Ohio-the
intend to reside.
Grayson county has about COO Grangers.
A mild form of scarlet fever has made
its appearance at Moorlieid, Nicholas
Mr. Coleman Short, a soldier of the
war of 1812, died in Mercer county this
week, aged 86 years.
There is considerable sickness in aud
about Perry ville. Principally pneumon
ia, sore throat, and colds.
The industrious McLean county farmer
is busy prcpanngground for tobacco. In
some instances plant-beds have already
been sown.
The reports from all quarters continue
unfavorable and discouraging to the1
wheat crop. Some farmers assert that
''every blade is killed."
Richard Parks, colored, the oldeet man
in Madison county, died near the resi
dence of Mr. 'Horace Parks, on Tuesday
last, He had reached the remarkable
i i n t
The distillery of T. J. Vandyke, on can. dated New York, Dec. 31, 1869
Salt river, in Mercer county, was burned
on Saturday night.
The Owen Criminal Court, at the term
just closed, meted out exact justice in every
case where the law in regard to selling
liquor to minors, pistol-carrying, and
gambling has been violated. It adjourned
Wednesday fast, after a full term of ef
ficient work.
A man named Dennis Ualev wasarres-
also be a difficult man to control. Gray
immediately replied by saying that Stew
art was one of those high-priced political
knaves, who must have money id hand.
or a huge slice of the Job itself, before he
wouiu move an incu, uou luui uc nuuiu
take him In hand himself.
Senator Abbott of North Carolina, was
also on the Pacific Railroad Committee,
and understood, to be opposed to Fremont,
and in the interest of the Atlantic and ra
cific Railroad. Being very well acquaint-
d with Abbott, I called on. him and en
deavored to secure bis vote for the Mem
phis and El Paso. He spoke, of Fremont
in the severest terms, and of Havs. Pres-
emphis ii rasp racmc ;dent f he AUant and Pacific - the
pany for certam specified Q t fler;ng8a;d the latter hsol
has distributed them accord- . ... ..., :..: r
.11 1 11J OkUL 111 me IUAU AU UHHVUll, v.
which he was President, at one-fourth its
real value, from which ha had made about
530,000, and asked me if fcremont could
do as well by him in the event of bisciv-
ing. nis vote anu using nis inuucnciriuru.19
roaiL. A. few days after this conversation
Abbott called upon me and asked me if I
would endorse his note for ?5,000 for nme
ty days. I said yes, and endorsed it, and
New York, Dec 31, 1S69.
Col; Blanton Duncan has accounted for
the various certificates of stock issued to
him by the Memphis, El Paso & Pacific
Kailroad Com
purposes, and
mg to instructions 130,000.
(Signed) B. H. Epperson,
The following is an extract from TV.-
Next week we will publish;,- the jp-
qluding chapters of 'IMakiA1 Saxon--
evbx" which- will be immediately fok
loWed by a charming nouvelIette,.trans
lated from the-Prench of OcfaveiFeu-
Qlet, one of ther best writers of thej iiay"'
entitled "Led Estray." Atx. the." con-
elusion of thiar we will publiali,an. origi
nal story written -lor us bya-gentle-man
of Qhio, county. Ifia tjur-'inten-tion
to make the ,Hkrat.t tv welcome
visitor to every fireside in the courlty,
and to that end we shall always have. ,
an excellent and unexceptionable story:
running through itacolumns.
A friend at Henderson,; who Is
about as well posted as any gentleman -in
that county, writes, ua under dais of
the 13th inst: "What was said about
Howard Henderson in the Herald
expresses the sentiment of this county.
He will come about as near receiving a
unanimous endorsement as any man
ever did in Henderson county.'-. This
ia good news. Howard JLexdebsoh ,
ia one of those men who honor position;
and in.the elevation otwhom the peopte
honor themselves. .
Epperson says nobody else has given upon my endorsement had it discounted
any receipts ior stocic received lor ser- at tbe banking bouse of liewis, Johnson
vices, therefore did not want you to do so; & Co. At the expiration of ninety days
it was not required. . Gen. F. the note went to protest, and I was called
will go to Washington on the 10th of Jan- upon to pay it. I went to the Senate
uary to review the field. I saw a letter chamber and saw Abbott about it. He
from Shanks the other day to the Gen- said he supposed I would lake up the note
eral, in which he said: "With Duncan and charge it to Fremont. I told him
we can win : "without him it looks very there was no such understanding and if the
doubtful. He must be fixed so that he I note was not paid within three days I would
ted at King's Mountain tduue'l the other will co-operate with us."
day, by officer G. W. Bobbin, by authorU tue white house wants to be rrxED.
yoi a wm irom uovingion, charging Prtim D , a aar. Executive Clerk of ?r V'.: " "
him with complicity in a robbery lately 7 " o" tn Ma;nT hnhni- llou OI "lree uaja i,lc BOle wa8 va,a'
r Covington. He " The above expose seems to us to v
denounce him on the floor of the Senate
in the presence of his fellow Senators as
a thief and bribe-taker. At the e.xpira-
committed in the citv of
is in the Stanford jail.
About three weeks ago Judge Pcrrin
performed a marriage ceremony at the
county clerk's office in Falmouth forClay
Austin and a young lady of the Callcns
ville district. On Tuesday last Austin
applied to Judge Perrin to procured di
vorce for him.
Thomas Daniels, who was shot by
Isaiah Gabhart, in Mercer county, is in a
very critical condition, and is not expect
ed to survive the wound. It will be re
membered that the two Davenports were
killed ntCornishvillcin a difficulty grow
ing out of the proposed arrest of Gab-
expose seems to us to very
clearly and unmistakably establish the
character of this gigantic swindle. It
United States Senate CitAJiifER, (
Washington, June 22, 18G9. f
My Dear 'Majois: A few moments since
I met Uen. llent in the lobby lie asked gtamps ;t with tho game d;e that maiked
for you, and said. "Why tne deiildont hex .. x. ., , .....
come over. We can Ox thinas as he wants other railroad Irauua that has ren
them in ten minutes." I told him I ex- dered the Republican Congresses of the
pected you last week, but could not fore- t infiimous, and made the
that he is going West with Gen. Grant early Republican party a stench in the nos-
next week. 1 thought you might like to trils of the public
.Know mis. ii i ncr c remains an.uung iv uc . lf ,
fixed bv Gen. Grant or Gen. Dent. . "wuucniis, oi au oiucr pcopic, nuyuiu
1 wrntr vnn si lini Inst evening. I cawccuuikiv tuuiiuua uuuui tuuuia
In haste, yours ever, D. W. C. C. ' ingdoubtfid ventures upon the too-loni-
Tne IiitchBeld JbTeraasays our; "last
issue was bu(t over modesty." We
fear the charge ia too true for we, had
the' beautiful blonde maiden of. the
HerxM on our lap,. . ,'"
- -a- :
The Litchfield Herald labors . under
the impression that a ntctionary ia a
Auditor Public Account.'
Fayette Hewitt, of Uanlia county, U eaa
diJato for the office of Auditor of Publio As-'
counts at the Angnst election, 1875. fjabjeet
to the action of the. Democratio ConTontioa
called for May 6, 1S7S.
KrgMler of tne Iand'Offie.
C. J. Ulnklet of Shelby county Is a candi
date for Register of the Land OEo. Sabjeet
tothe action of the Semocratia Party. .
Fashionable Barber and Hair Cutter?
Shop, on Market street,
. - . " -
tiro doors north of
' if

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