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ccs for each member of the family.
TH U: II li. A I j ). familr of six children, am some of
. i who died leave families equally HBarceVlen the robbery was completed the
IThe ten men will be taken in chargetfyl cuard told him not tostir from Ihe house
the British Consul to-day and will besent 1 m three- hours, upon peril of his life, as
home. I pome of them would remain and wateli.
They then went away in an unkrovrn dt-
TlmrMlnr, April I. rection.
Col. D A. Nutterfield, in a personal lhe bparta (lia..) rianter lias several
AVofliirMlny, Mnrcli 31.
TiipCmiaiiclirs at KeniotlliO have in
Ihfir p n-e--ion a young American wo
ninn KiibiecleJ to the moat heliums out-
rises, whom they nre keeping till a large
ir'iiiiiim is ottered tor her ransom.
.V 111:111 bv the name of Kelly was pur
wil bv a uartv of unknoivn liven and
overtaken near Jan. K. Hiv. 011 Cole
' 1-r.vk-. San Saba county. Toxa. where he
was shot ami killed. He wn charged
with being a thief, butor the irnth orthe
man lieing guilty there have been doubts
Detective Kathbone, of the United
Stales secret service, arrested yesterday
.1 is. Lnwnsberryat.Libertv. lioga county,
Pa., lor the murder of Col. Butler in
lie lias
Messrs. L Hiplev and Aueustns Xew-' .,,,, r -,,.- i nnn mnkinir Jr. n
luii, ui Diauuii, uii. .veic uucsicu vjii 1 ii" atlOUt v) IIUU
cay evening 01 last weeK on
Clearfield county. Pa . in 1804.
hem taken to Pittsburgh.
United States Treasurer Spinner .has
resigned. Tlie usually assigned reason
i that he could not have his own way by
appointing one Frank Jones cashier; here
lie was overruieu. xuc hoi fc.........
iliat old Sninner Las been spoiled by
.revious Secretaries, and crown bo large
that no ordinary pair of pantaloons will
fit him. Mr. John C. New, of Indiana
polis, Ind., has been appointed to the va
cancy. One night last week Mr. Thomas Alh
eon, of Laurenceville, Ga., dreamed that
his brother, John Allison, had been mur
dered and scalped by the Indiana. He
lives in California and trades to Oregon.
The dream made60 strong an impression
upon Allison's mind that he told it to
several parties in town next morning.
That day, when the mail arrived at 12 o'
clock, he received a letter informing him
of thedeath of his brother. He was cross
ing a mountain in Oregon, and the party
una attacked by the Indians and John
AlliBon was killed and scalped. He is
not acquainted with the party who wrote
the letter, but Irom me statements maue,
lie is afraid it is true.
On Sunday morning, the house 01a
farmer named Oolson.at Parker's prairie,
twenty-five miles from Wadena, on the
Northern Pacific railroad, caught fire
from the bursting of a kerosene lamp.
The flames spread so rapi lly that in
moment the night clothes of the father,
mother and five children were on fir
Colson finally dashed out a window and
rescued his family, but in a sad condition,
They dragged themselves to the nearest
neighbor's a mile distant, barefooted and
naked, leaving the track of their progress
in the 6now all the way. The father and
two children have eince died of their in'
juries, and it is thought the mother and
remaining son can not long survive.
On Wednesday. Sam. Brown, Alex,
Brown, and one Johnson, whose Chris
tian namels unknown all negroes stole
a skiff from John Cate, a worthy citizen
of Perry county. Ark., who resides about
two miles below the mouth ol the uad
ron, on the Arkansas river. After rowing
the akitfdown the river twelve or lour
leen miles, finding thev were Dtirsned. th
rascals abandoned the ekiff, landing it on
the north side of the river. They follow
ed the road down the river, within two
or three miles of the mouth of the Pa
larnv where they were overtaken by Mr.
Cate. Mr. John Wilson and Mr. Ware,
who commanded them to halt, but th
negroes, without a word, immediately
turned and fired upon them, killing Mr.
Ware instantly, by shooting him through
the heart The pursuing party returned
the fire, and the negroes tied to the woods,
Late Thursday evening, the two Browns
were apprehended, Aleck being shot with
three buck-ehot, ooe through each arm,
.and one in- one of his hips. Johnson
made his escape, and is still at larec. but
a large party from this neighborhood are
t . . ir -j r. - 1.. 1 j .:n
on uis ir&CK, iuiu 11 us iir uc uupcu hi
bring him to justice.
At an early hour on Sunday, morning
last, a mulatto girl, named Josephine
Mason,- was found at butaw. Ala., with
her throat-cut. and dabbled in gore, yet
in her senses. She was taken to the-hpuse
of Mr. J. D. Duncan, her employer,
where surgical aid could be called, rind'
in? that she was perfectly in her senses,
questions were put to her to which she
replied by signs that she knew the parties
to the crime and mat mere were two.
Various interrogatories, joined with cor
roberative evidence, caused strong BUS'
picion to rest on W. George Bizzell and
Thomas Stagg, and a warrant was issued
by J.. P. Clark Eq. for their arrest. The
sheriff and posse proceeded to arrest th
. parties, who were six miles in the country
at the residence of Mrs. Suggs, mother of
one orthe accused. As they rode in front
' , t J . " I TJ..1
ana rear 01 me iiouse ana inquired 11 1111
persons sought were there, a negative re
sponse was given, and at the same time
'two men were been running through an
adjacent field on foot, their horses being
left in the yard. Pursuit was made, but
the .fugitives took advantage of a foot-log
over a wolen creek and escaped-in the
swamp, while the horsemen were compell
ed to take a circuitous route, and the pur
tilers were thwarted. Dilligent search
was made by the posse during the day
nd also on Monday and Monday night,
but us yet they have not been apprehend
The Baltimore Sun of Monday morn
mg publishes an interesting story from
one of the men rescued from the ice off
the coast of Newfoundland and brougli
to that port yesterday by the steamer X
renberg. The parly are all Irishmen, or
ol Irish descent, and comprise nearly tl:
entire able-bodied male population of th
little town of St Mary's, Newfoundland.
When returning to shore on the evening
of the day they boarded the ice-bound
brig, they found that the ice had parted
about a mile from shore, leaving a space
of half a mile of clear water. With
night, came on a storm of rain, sleet and
finally snow, incapacitating several of
the party, and when morning dawned
eeven corpses were counted. A heavy
liHicultv with one of his employes, was times heard it positively asserted that a
struck 011 the head with a stick and killed, bureau was carried by the tornado from
nt Urn Siiriii-'. o 1 Saturday n slit. Mr. ilassey h place to Mr. Uunn s, a Uis-
. r .V I f T llnnXa aC r n a im I ra ort.1 lnf llin lottiiT-
.inn. Ainrnn. iiieiuiier ii turiiniiicii 1 nuv.c w ..mi. ....w, i.... .en. ... ...w ,u..v.
for Mea.li, is dead, aged C3. He had gentleman's yard. According to reports,
been ailing for some time, and became so far, the loss of life in Glascock county
scriouslv Til in consequence of the excite- was much greater than elsewhere. Up
. . . . 1 . , . r I TT' r. I .. -. . ... V, r, ,1
.taut iri-Miii(pfi lie tni repeni ileum u uu i cuiicounv ihciuimivc itciduud
...i... .. I 1 .1--. II IV.
lilm Miirlml who was lus brot henn- oeen uuneu in. mai county, iinnvv mr
iaw est oaks that had withstood the storms 01
ii,n nn,i nntiirions horse-thief, ages were uprooted in tiia6cocK county
..u. .t n nruitv nice tram nn tlie United I lie small, slim saplings, that would ueiia
States Marshal at Montague, Texas, a few to the ground without breaking, had the
dHVs since. He escaped.lrom his guards, bark entirely peeled on. in a ravine
... . . .. r- . 1.1 . 1 ..J 1 ..J. Hn.l. Malnw a a m
and while they were looKing lornim ne soiik yu imuu ywuo u iucchuui
ioionrt.lv mnnntm tup situ; norse oeionc- 1 an ou-can uuiiercu nuuust mm iuuhu
inc to the Marshal and nas not oeen Dan. ue saw u tuuimwuiiNgc un.cn m
nrim the loint into a cine tree. J. he joint ex'
xr.ahol xinrn ir Fnr th murder ol uosed is nearly two mcnes wiae ana two
AfrsL ftnuliR at Mnnnet. Rockland coun- and a half in length, uravel ami small
fv V y' on the 10th of Anril. 1874. stones were driven with such force as to
was yesterday sentenced to be hanged on
the 14th of May next Murphy protested
his innocence.
Thomas A. Blue, a driver in the em
dIov of S. McKee & Co., contractors,
Pittsburgh. Pa., was kicked to death
yesterday afternoon by his runaway team
stick fast into hard, naked trees. He cut
some out which had -penetrated to the
depth of half an inch. Scattered abou
the yard are dead chickens, the nonse
cat. rats, etc Dead rabbits and birds
were also along the track.
Mrs. Anna Mayer, a Cincinnati widow
He gave chase, and, on coming up with residing at Mam street made a desper-
r,m rp-rivpa r violent k ck in the stom- ate and prooaoiy successiui attempt to su-
ac from the effects of which he died in icide Tuesday afternoon. A young wo-
a short time. 1 man in tne cigar siure uciuw uu.iiu n.u
Yesterday morning about 11 o clock, shots hrcd up stairs, ami running up,
Tildie Leonard, a domestic in the family found Mrs. Mayer with a revolver in ner
of Mrs. Keaton, No. 30 Third avenue, hand and her lace oteeamg. one enuuav-
Pittsburgh, Pa., was burned in a shock- ored to take the revolver irom ner; out
g manner by her clothes taking lire hi the irenziea woman lureaicncu w m
the cooking range. Physicians were im- and she lelt for aid. immediately two
eiiiately sumn.oneJ, nut meir eiions more bnu were iicnru, .um wio.
unavailing aua eue aiea iasi was iounu uu me iiuur uiewmg
I tl.l. T ...! oinf tvil. bOITII M
G. W. Graves and Dr. E. B. Sparham, against her to recover ?i,juu which u
on trial at Rockville. Canada, for mur- party claimed as due him Irom her nus
derin causing the death of Miss Sophie band. This and other financial troubles
E. Burnham on the 28th of December previously encountered are siipposeu
last by performing abortion, were yester- have rendered her insane. i""c are in-
.i fr,,i n;it nA contpnppil in he tie nones ol her recovery, one nas-a lam
V'V In -j r u:i.i l,t i.
IianrraH fin tt0".tt fl .1111V ITaVCS 1 ll ilUU IUU1 WIllUICU, fcw. v.wvo. wu.
.aa nr., I nl mllVl Tip S n.T T- I VPflTS of a?e.
,l.An ,l,a ol.rtrttnr. vena npTlormpd. 1 SDeCiai UlSliaiCll IU iviuiliiiuuu
aiu r - ' , .1 , , ... tt..:.-1
A gentleman informs the Atlanta tfewsuispaicn says me otneers 01 me uuneu
Jackson States secret service made a raid into the
" """ .1 . o ... .1 rn . ,tr; r ll T5
a warrant I
issued by Judge Hill, charging theic with
sending- and accepting- a challenge to
light a duel. Mr. Kipley is oithehrm ot
Ripley fc Tinsler. brokers, and Mr. Isew-
som is of the firm of Coleman ANewsom.
The fact0, as stated by the local press, are
that Messrs Hinlev Tinsley negotiated
one of B. Rye fc Son's drafts for Messrs.
Lath r op & Co., of Savannah, with Messrs.
Coleman & Newsom for bacon. Rye &
Son failed a day or two afterward. Mr.
N. thought the brokerage firm knew of
this, and that the transaction was an un
fair one on their part. A dispute arose,
out of which grew the sending and accept
ing of a challenge, lhe matter cot to
the ears of the city authorities, who have
been shadowing them lor some days, ana
believing it to be their intention to leave
the city that nght for some point out 01
the state, the arrest was made as auove
stated. The affair was very well man
age 1 on the part of the authorities, the
arrests being simultaneously made, and
the parties having no idea that anything
was known of it until they were in cus
tody. As we go to press, the friends of
the parties ore endtavoring to bring the
matter loan amicable and honorable ad
justnrient. We trust they may meet with
county, Ga., the other day, an incident
came under his observation which ue
serves mention. He stopped at a house
where thfc head of the family was engaged
n blacksmithing, his "striker" being his
better half. Uis oldest daughter was
busy plowing in the field, and two younger
girls were piling up brush. The girls are
fewels that would adorn any household.
- . . .. 1 n(, . .".1 a .
A boarding-nouse nneo witn occupants
were burned Monday morning at 1 o'clock,
at Benicia, Cal , The inmates escaped,
jumping Irom the windows, i nree men,
Finnerty, Shea aud A. C. Hanson, per
ished in the flames. Finnerty was a
hrick lavcr. Shea was a collector for
San Francieco contractors, furnishing
stone for the arsenal. Hanson was en-
sraned bv the same parties. He was for
. - r. 1 :
meriv a acanuiuaviau juwycr m nc
York citv.
A special dispatch from Muncle, Ind.,
to the Cincinnati Gazette says that Axley.
Harrison, a farmer residing four miles
west of that place, was shot on Sunday
n'ght while setting beside his fire The
assassin was outside the house, and from
tracks visible had been there some time
Several balls and slugs had penetrated
Harrison s head, and he died about hve
hours afterwards. Suspicions faatenei
upon one Snell, who had been visiting
Harrison s daughter, and had oeen lor-
bidden the bouse. He was arrested
and is still in custody.
counties ofScott, Wise, Russell, Buchan
an. Smvthe. ami Montgomery, in Vir
ginia, and arrested nine manufacturers of
counterleit money. A large amount of
counterfeit coin, bills, dies, plates, xc,
was captured, lhe leader ol the gang
made a desperate resistance, attempting
to shoot his caDtors. The prisoners were
brought to Abingdon and committed to
ail. The other squad ol mounted oin-
cers are to be heard from, and they are
hourly expected to come on with about
twenty more prisoners. lhe unijed
States prisoners are under the direction
of Chief Washburn. The government de
tectives have been on the track of these
counterfeiters for the last eight years.
Friday, April 2.
The yellow fever has again made itsap-
- i ii jr . T"
pearance, ana is rapiuiy eprcaumg, ui a.cjt
West, t Ionda.
The whole ol the business portion of
Ticonderoga, N. Y., waa destroyed by
nre Wednesday moraine, lhe loss is es
timated at $200,000.
Capt. S. D. Robb, a prominent citizen
of Rockport. Texas, who bad been out on
a camp hunt was shot and instantly killed
on Saturday, morning .by one of his com-
. 1.1- r . . -
panions, woo mistoott mm tor a turKey in
the obscurity of early dawn.
Erf-State Senator Robert McKenna, a
leading Tennessee Republican politician,
has been sentenced to the penitentiary for
five yean for marrying his former wile s
granddaughter, in violation of State law.
Un Saturday, a colored woman ana
her infant were1 drowned in the creek near
AnderEon, Texas. The woman was fish
ing, and by some means let her child
drop from her arms into the water, and
instantly leaped alter it, but, being unable
to swim, both were drowned.
The residence of a man named Sedg-
way. near uenoa, Nevada, burned lues
day nient. The owner's body was found
in the ruins next morning; An inquest
showed that he was probably murdered
by Ind ans, and the house burned to cover
the crime,
William Bookcy and James Parker.
two prisoners on the way from Toledo to
the Ohio Penitentiary, under sentence for
burglary, jumped from a train whilegoing
at the rate.of thirty miles an Hour, near
Orange 6tation, fourteen miles from Co
lumbus, lhureday, and escaped,
The tornado picked up a little "nig" on
Dr. Singjetary s plantation, in Marion,
S.C , whirled him through the air like a
top for thirty yards, and leftbim laughing
at the storm. He fell on his head, of
course. A cow was picked up on Col.
' Harrington's plantation, carried about the
same distance, thrown upon her head,
and hex neck was broken,
Three convicts (negroes), who belong to
the crowd of fiends who murdered the
guard on Capt. Duncan's plantation, were
lodged in jail at Houston, Texas, Satur
day evening, having been arrested by a
Mr. Bayneand a party of five others,
about dusk Wednesday evening, near
Pittsville. The murderers were on the
road to Hockley, there to take the road to
Jonathan L. Jones, lately of Washing
ton City, and well known in different de
partments there as an inventor and
bridge-builder, was found dead in his bed
at the Laclede Hotel, St Louis, yesterday.
He had been drinking freely since his ar
rival here, and was much depressed in
spirits, owing to the failure of Congress
mass once twenty leet square lloatedrto pass upon a claim of UU.UOO which
Monday, April 3-
Andrcas Egner, nd Geo. Ruferwho
wereconvicteu ottne muraer 01 nerman
Schilling, at Cincinnati, on the 7th of No-
ember last, were Saturday sentenced to
be hanged Tuesday, July 13 next.
The killing of Col. Holland, in Uolum
bus, Ga., on Monday makes the seventh
man wno- has been murdered ii that usu
Ulv auiet place since Christmas day last,
It has been clearly ascertained that
Mrs. Kimbro. ofSoulh Memphis, Tenn.
whose hatand shawl were found on the
river bank on Thursday night last, did
not commit suicide, but again eloped
with .her betrayer. Moore, whose own
wife eloped from him about a year ago,
The cuiltv nair left the city by boat..
"Uncle Jacob urown, oi i.ouisvuie,
Ga., is an old darky as full of animation
and industry as if he had just .arrived ai
manhood. He is eighty-seven years- old
and is the father of forty-three children
all by hislegitimate wives. He has been
married several limes, and now ua
wife not over twenty-live years old an
the old man seems as proud of it as if
was his first one.
Some time last August lightning struck
a green hickory on Wm. Uarrison's farm
near Thompson's Station, Tenn., and the
tree haB been burning constantly eversince
it took fire at the top, and not more than
half the tree haa burned yet. The color
ed people have a tradition that fire from
c . ' - t I .
ligutning never goes out, ann can ue put
out only by the pouring on of large quan
tities of sweet milk in the dark ot the
On Sunday laBt, two men were found
hanging to a tree abont four miles from
Hutcuins, lexaa. They hau apparently
been hancing for some considerable length
of time. They had their clothes on, but
had been hanging so long that they were
unrecognizable. lhegneral supposition
nt Uutchins is that they were horse
thieves, but nothing definite could be
found out.
J. Holt, negro, bra-tally outraged the
daughter of a Mr: Patterson, aged about
fourteen years, who lives on wney us.
6ery's farm, near Shelbyville, Tenn. He
was arrested and tried betore inquire
Bradly Gambill, and, failing to give bond,
was committed to jail. A difficulty grew
out of this affair between a Mr. Dyzart
and a Mr. Curtis, in which both were se
verelv cut..
A negro boy seven years old, son-of
Tom- Taylor, who lives on the land of Mr.
G. W. Littral, in Carroll county, Va., is a
consideraole curiosity. The boy is a na
tural singer, and can sing any song he
ever heard. His hair is as white as cot
ton and so nappy that it can not be comb
ed without great pain to the boy. He is
ouite small to his age. His father was
offered $2,000 ior him by a showman, aa
he is such a curiosity, and another man
offered $200 per month for htm, but his
father is unwilling to let him go.
Great excitementiorevailes at Yankton
D. T.., Sunday, on account of the arrival
of two men direct from the Black Hills
party that started from Springfield about
the 1st of February. They had in their
possession several nuggets and particles ol
cold taken- from the soil with an ax.
They are fully satisfied that gold exists
there in paying quantities, and havere
turned for provisions and implements.
They will start soon with a company they
intend to raise in Yankton, traveling by
the Niobrara route.
Kale Byers. a well-to-do- colored man
was going from his work in the neighbor
hood of Mt Mourne. Iredell county.
C. on Tuesday last, teited on the back
of a work ox. The ox had a chain
The most marvelous freak of the late
storm that we have heard of waa reported- nround his horns, one end of which was
to the
Liu. . v. -t- uruunu uis iiuru?, uuc cuti ui u,v.u
Forsythe. (Ga' ,) Advertiser 1 being carried by Byera in his hantl.
by Mr. W. H. Thurmond. He negro got tired carrying the chain i
"We have tf-ortb to waste on the
action of the convfl&ion Monday. That
it was a slim gathering the vote will
The masses did not take inter-
About ev-
10 years of age, the son of Mr. Hender
son rarRs, living in Lalloway county.
was playing in the yard, he stepped on
the boards covering a cistern and fell
through. Although the water in It was
but two feet deep, and he had been in ill show.
found. ' 031 enough in it to attend.
. r. ruty nnu jonn iixcn, suspected I ., Tr,..,,, - .
of Horse-slealine. wfe brought to Gray- J " " t-uumy.3
son. Carter countv, Wednesday night in I on hand. Thev were thoroughly onmn-
.in. t :r t.ii.:-i ..ii.i I I a J o
. - . . ' . I Itcut nrwl DnA.hln 1. n . 1 1 .1 3 . 1 .
n jail...M"t morning they were brought i ".- ""h"-1 mm mejr
elore fcgqtures Keffer and Ossenton, and fwere magnanimous withal. After so-
waiving an examination, were returned I
to j-iil in default of Imil in the sum of six I curing the chairman and the majority
uiuireu uoiiars each, luey were doid
citizens of Carter county and had hither
to home good reputations.
On bunday last the house ot Mr. I boa.
A. Dorsey, at Carlisle, was destroyed by
fire. Loss $-1,500. No insurance. The
Mercury, in noticing how peculiarly un
fortunate Mr. Dorsey has been, says.
Dunns the war, while merchandizing, he-
lost two thousand dollars by bad debts,
bad seven horses stolen from him, has I gej yilth what they got.
lost a considerable sum aa security for experience- is the moat valuable. Al-
others. His losses lor the last fourteen , , , . . .
years will dbultless aggregate twelve though we cannot and will not support
thousand dollars. And mere is no more -nr.. ...,.,. t - mwWamr
hard-workinp. man in the county, and I ' ' J
probably no one who has met with more J circumstances, for any office, yet we
h.H I nlr '' I .....
At a negro dance, near Frankfort, last ratnerenjoyeuuiecasugaiionourmeuas.
of the committee on resolutions, they
actually reported against instructing
for Governor. But the madness of the
moon appeared to be upon the friends
of McCreary. They worked for in
structions, and we hope they are satis-
Dear bought
bainrdav night, tnree negro women-ex- ; , Afondav and a nortion of
penitentiary birds-gotinto a row, wnen.i . .
two of them doubled teams on. the third, I which fell upon our shoulders, as we
and while one held her the other inflicted I . , . , . .
upon her eighteen wounds with a razor, acted wun tneuir inougn agamsi our
some ol which, it was feared yesterday itteT iudgment in consideraUon of
evening, mrgut prove latai. ine iwoie-i . ' '.
male butchers were arrested and lodged this lesson it taugnt us au. wnicn may
lu inn iu nwaii lue result ui iueir vicuiu a i , , . J T, . ,
wounds. By the by. the razor seems to prove useful hereaften It is always
be a favorite weapon with the colored to et wei enough alone.
people-whenever oneot them contemplates
The wife is the key'of the house.
A modest woman should often neither
see nor hear. Women and. winds wreck
wisest efforts. Pretty women
near, noon which nine of the party got.
hoping it would drift toward the shore ice,
and they could thus save themselves.
When it had floated three hundred yards
from the ice on which were their com
rades, it grounded, and the unfortunates
remained upon it for thrpe days and
nights, during which time six oftliem
died. All the fool they had in that time
was a small white-fish, which was frozen
in the ice. The eighteen men (remaining
after the nine floated oil) made their way
back to the almn jotted 1 rig. All expect
ed to die on her. and home of them had
bw their eti-e befure reaching her. The
brig moved in the ice for a week in tight
i! IhihI. nii'l lhe li-liermen were on her
Wf !:! T.e - .irmtor an l.e has :i
he had against the Navy Department for
work done under Commodore Porter dur
ing the war. His death was probably
caused by congestion of the brain, the re
sult of hard drinking. '
Wm. Capliener, living in Smith county
Tennessee, was robbed of 1,500 pounds
of bacon a few nights since. While sit
ting by his fireside, the party of robbers,
three in number, rode up and asked him
how many children he had, saying they
had come for his bacon, and were going
to take all, save enough to feed each
member of his family. Receiving this
intelligence, they placed a guard at the
door and each window of his residence,
while others robbed h smoke houee of
iIk1 above amount of meat, leaving two
Snturdny, April 3.
A gentleman in Amherst county, Va.,
on Friday, caught several colored women
stealing rails from his fences. He follow
ed them to liynchbnrgh, and then com
pelled them to carry the rails back and
replace them on the fence. He gave them
all the wood they could carry home, and
bade them "go and sin no more.'
Mr. Daniel Slater, who resided near
Lexington, Tenn., on last Saturday even
ing, while felling a tree, was struck on
the head by a falling limb, from the ef
fects of which he died on-Sunday evening.
He was about thirty-five yeaTS of age, and
left a widow and five children to mourn
his loss.
Mrs. Margaret Reed, familiarly known
to almost everybody in- Wilson county,
Tenn., as "Granny Reed, died at the res
idence of her son, Mr. an Keed, three
miles from, this city, on Monday, at the
advanced age of one hundred and lour
years. Mrs. Reed was probably the old
est person in the State at the time of her
death, and was in many respects a re
markable woman.
Herman Thornton, a respectable col
ored man of Hernando, Miss , had a,
grown daughter taken sick-last week. He
sent for Dr. Shaw, who on his arrival
found her raging with hydrophobia, from
which she suffered until death released
her. In her lucid intervals she told those
around that, last August a puppy bit her
hnger. lhe puppy alterwards died.
The Sypher brothers, on their planla
tion near Franklin, La., have planted
four of the fever trees, which are. now
over live feet bjgb. General Sypher ob
tained them in. Washington City, and
transplanted them to their beautiful farm
a short, time since. They are healthy
and doing well. This tree is said to grow
over a height of 300 feet, and sometimes
reaching a height of 500 feet.
Richard Snellgrove, a very worthy
young man, living in Schley county, Ga.,
a few days ago accidently shot himself in
the back part of his head. It is said
that he started to a creek near his resi
dence to go fishing, and had taken his
gua along with him to kill some game,
Ue was lound dead about dark near a
fence, with a bird in one hand and his
gun in- the other. It is thought that,
while he was getting oyer the lence, the
gun must have got caught iu the fence
and discharged its contents as above slat
Daniel Boone, the famous "hunter of
Kentucky," has a first cousin living in
Caldwell county, N. C, Mrs. Jemima
Setzer now in her 95th year, and she
can sew, knit, spin flax, go to mill and
milk the cows. She rises at five the year
round, smokes her pipe three times a day
and drinks strong coffee at each meal;
has never had a dust of snuff in her
mouth, and there is not a decayed tooth
in her head. She belongs to the Baptist
church and walks three miles to preach
ing two Sundays in every month. She
was never sick but about two hours in her
whole life, and that was caused by eating
a cucumber.
The details of the killing of Col. D. A.
Butterfield, at Hot Springs, Ark., reached
Little Rock Sabbath alternoon. Col.
Butterfield was superintendent of the Hot
Springs street railway, and also interested
in the buildi-ng of the branch road from
Malvern to tlie Springs. At Malvern,
Friday, several of the men of the engi
neer corps desired their pay, but were re
fused by the colonel, who said they could
only be paid off at the Springs. About 5
o'clock Saturday evening, two men, the
name of one of whom was Decker, both
in the employ of Mr. Butterfield, request
ed the payment of certain waes. The
parties had tome hard words, when, as
reported, Col. B. struck one of the men
with a club, and then drew a revolver.
Then it was that Decker picked up a four
foot stick and dealt his employer a death
blow on the head. The deceased lived
until about 11 o'clock at night, when,
without once returning to consciousness,
he breathed his last. Decker tied to the
woods to escape the crowd, but after
ward surrendered himself to DeputySher
iff Fin. Parker, saying he had no inten
tion of escaping.
says that a large hickory tree, about two
feet in diameter, was driven lour irei
leeper in the ground. It is still standing
and can be seen by those who have curi
osity enough to visit the spot. W e can
not explain how" this happened. Mr.
Thurmond, however aesures us that it is
a true tale.
A young lady living in Campbell cown
ty, Va., some six miles from Lynchburg,
whose name is withheld at present, at
tempted to commit suicide yesterday
morning by taking laudanum. Yester
day evening her condition was regarded
as almost entirely nopeiess, ana it is not
improbable that she may now be dead.
A similar attempt on her life was made a
few months since, both of which were on
account ol her love for a youth only six
teen years of age, to whom she was en
gaged to be married, and whose visits her
parents opposed. The families, of each
of the parties are highly respectable, and
the probable sad result ot this unfortunate
love allair causes a deep gloom in ootn
huuseholds, as well as in the entire com
munity in which it occurred).
Tuesday afternoon- ar disturbance oc
curred on the premises of Thos Breedlove,
about two miles south of Hearne, Texas,
resulting in the killing of a negro named
John Cade, by a white man named Willis
Griffin. The circumstances, as devel
oped at the inquest, are that John Cade,
a tenant on llreediove's place, whipped a
negro boy for losing his ax and refusing
to tell anything about it, lor which .breed
love threatened his arrest, and started
away, returnimr in- a' short time witli
Willis Griffin, who after having a dispute
with Cade, struck his wife and daughter
once or twice, and then drew a pistol and
fired at Cade,- the ball taking effect in the
brain and producing death in about ten
hours. A warrant was issued by Justice
Davison for the arrest of Griffin, but he
cannot be found.
The city of Waco, Texas, was thrown
into intense excitement by the sounds of
an affray in the ollice of Dr. O. J. Buck,
Esq. It seems that Dr. J. H. Caldwell
owed Mr. Buck some pioney, and had
gone to his office to pay it over. There
were some stormy words passed, but after
the settlement was made the cause ol the
dispute waa unfortunately reopened The
Doctor used threatening words, and Mr.
Buck hurled a paper weight at him, about
the same instant the Doctor struck with
his stick. After some scuffling Doctor
Caldwell clutched Buck by the throat,
immediately Mr. B. drew his pistol and
fired, missing. Alter tailing on the floor,
the Doctor still maintaining his hold of
the other s throat, Buck fired again, in
flicting a bad looking wound in the tern
pie of his antagonist. This ended , the
fight. The Doctor lay.on the floor of the
office, and Mr. Buck tendered his services
to assist the wounded gentleman. Mr.
Buck immediately gave himself up to of
ficer McGee and was conducted at once to
the sheriff and given into his custody,
and the wounded gentleman was carried
home. The physicians examined the
wound of Doctor Caldwell, the ball was
found to range downward, and in its course
to have passed near the large blood vessels
ol the neck. The ball was not round.
There is no danger except from second
ary hemorrhage. Mr. Buck was taken
before his Honor, Judge Battle, and was
held in bond of $2,500 to appear from day
to day,
in his
a deed of death
Over a year ago, John Hurry, a rest
dent of Johnson county, came to Coalton
in Greenup county, and there received a
sum of money and started to return
Murrv never reached home: his horse
was found not far from Coalton. ureat rarely acknowledge each others merits
excitement prevailed in urn viciniiy ior The heartg of women m weatier.
u nine, ifc was Buppuscu nuw uc n i -li-i
been murdered for his money. Hundred cocks mmeu uy me ureatu ui muia-
or men engaged in scouring the woods for Vomen ften make wise men fools, aud
liia hndv Inra wep.k or more. A number I - . -. . . .
i ..i i ni,.m weak men knaves. AlaiOs aid mer-
r ... ... - I , . -i 1 i .1 1
came near being nung. a lew uays since cnants ana printers may ueruuieu uy
a member of Murry's family received a trustin Hease women's eves and you
letter from him mailed at Cleveland, O. . m , , ,
John nssiirnml nu reason for his strange tickle their hearts. lake heed ot a
.-- ,
freak. widow thrice marneit.
hand, and put the end of it around his
own neck. The ox took fright at some
thing, threw the negro "off, and dragged
him about a hundred yards over a very
rocky place. Both were found sometime
afterwards, the ox standing still and the
negro perfectly dead, with the chain still
around his neck.
Last Wednesday Dr Sam Thompson.
ns;if-ted by Dra. Lipscomb, Evans and
ClirUtopher, remove I an ovarium tumor
from the person ot Mrs. llendonol onei
hyville, Tenrr., which was the most re
markable surgical operation that has ever
been performed in this eommuniiy. The
tumor was removed Irom the cavity of
ihe stomach, and weighed a hundred
pounds. Dr. Thompson made an incision
ten or twelve inches long through the
walls of the abdomen to reach the tumor.
Mrs. Hendon is doing remarkably well,
and every indication points to her recov
ery. This tumor has been growing for
six years, and not until she saw almost
immediate deith was at her door would
iihe consent to allow the operation to be
performed, although she had been ad
vised to have it done' for years
About l'd0 Sundav morning, the Chi
cago expre s train which le t Omaha Sat
urday evening, and the racilic express
train, bound West eollideu between Aibia
and Tvrone (Iowa) on the Chicago, Bur
Iington and Qiuncv railroad, completely
wrecking both engines, and inetaully kil
ling U..L. Miller, conducter of the Chi-
ago express-, bardener. the Amerteanex
press messenger, and Pickle, fireman of
the Pacific express. Engineers Pugh and
Streeter. ami McDonald'fireman, sustain
ed serious but not fatal injuries. One ol
the baggage masters is missing, lhe
wreck took fire, but was quickly extin
guished, Mr. Miller, postal clerk on the
west bound train, was seriously uurnea uy
a.stove falling on him. The accident was
caused by the failure of on operator to de
liver a train OTder. None, of the passen
gers were seriously injured.
Last Saturday morning Pat. and Ed.
Lillis. two brothers of Frankfort, got in
to a serious quarrel and ditnculty on Ann
street, opposite the residence ot uapt. can
ders, in which Pat cut El. 'a throat, in
flicting a severe but not dangerous wound
Pat was arrested and held for Ins exam
No wonmn ol sense nova-days wears
her garters below her knees. Tha
principal vein of the leg sinks there be
neath tho muscles, and varicose veins,
ining trial, which came off before Jude cold feet, and even palpitation of the
Jettand Esquire McDonald m the after- , . , brought on bv n tight
noon, and resulted in his being jiild ior " -
trial at the next term of the Cr.;niial garter in ine wrong piace. am uiu
Court in a bond of $200, which not being mrteT. u fs,atened above the knee, all
fAtJrtAniinr? Ti f waa ronmnif fHl In l.ill I
The difficulty grew out of a law suit about tins pam ana uetormity may Deavoiuea
which, it appears, nas
Tuesday, April G.
Bird, a negro constable, shot and killed
another negro who refused to be arrested
last week six miles from Hempstead,
The trial of John D. Lee and others at
Beaver. Utah, charged with participation
in the Mountain Meadow massacre, has
been postponed.
Ket West, April 4 We have had
four cases of' yellow fever here. There
are none existing now. The weather is
cool and the city healthy.
Health Officer.
A young lady named Anna Grimes was
killed at Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday even
ing from being thrown from a carriage at
the corner of Erie and Superior streets.
She fell on the curbing, fracturing her
skull. The deceased was a resident of
Meadville, Pa.
Fred. It. Foot, agentin Jackson, Tenn.,.
for the Singer sewing machine, absconded
on the 25th of March, leaving behind him
an exceedingly lively number of creditors.
It seems, from the most reliable reports,
that Foote is defaultcnto his company in
the turn of $2,000; to his agents in the
uiu of ?2,000; and to other people to the
Mr. Perry Bryant on Monday brought
suit in the McCracken Circuit Court
against Mr. Eli Rowe' for slandering his
wife, laving damages at $10,000.
The case of Ewell against McWorther
for slander, removed from Laurel, was
disposed ol in the Rockcastle circuit court.
Judgment lor plaintiff for ten thousand
Lexinaton has an old darky, named
Jones, whom it fondly believes is 112
years old.
In the Larue Circuit Court, last week
in the case of Miss Lizzie Miller vs. Thos
Pottinger. for breach of promise and se
duction, a change Tol venue to. Marion
counlv was granted.
A little son of Jas. H. Intsey, residing
on Rough creek in Grayson county, waa
kicked in the face by a mule one day last
week and severely injured, several teeth
were knocked out and the jaw bone frac
Henrv Lee. who came to Grayson coun
ty two weeks ago an entire stranger, and
who was stopping with Mr. Evely, on
Rough creek, wooed and won the fair
daughter of his host, aud on last Sunday
they were married.
A little son of Capt. R. & Triplett of
Owensboro, while out gunning with some
companions last week, had several fingers
of hisleft hand nearly blown off by the
accidental discharge of a pistol which he
was handling.
Mr. T. R. Jones tells the Murray Ga
zette that one of the pupils in his class at
Sunday school, Miss Maggie Miller, a lit
tle girl of twelve years of age, has recited
and committed up to the first of January
upwards of three thousand verses in the
The Bowling Green Democrat has been
informed by a reliable party just from the
scene of the Kentucky disturbance in
Todd, that of theKuklux captured every
one is a member of the Radical party.
The truly loynl will please bear in mind
this significant fact and mournfully la
ment that the Radical vote will fall short
at the coming election in Todd, at least
the number ot votes represented by the
parties now in the Elkton jail.
Another veteran of the war of 1812,
Uncle Billy Kilgrow, aged 82 years, has
recently died in Caldwell county. Uncle
Billy lived in that county for more than
half a century, and for forty-five years
was a member of the church in good
standing. He was a good citizen, a good
man, and had the confidence and respect
of all who knew him.
On Thursday last, as a little boy about
some nrODenv. wuicn. ll appears.
been the cause of ranch serious bickering
and trouble between the brothers.
At Paris, on Sunday mon it:g, a few
minutes after 0 o'clock, Walter Hughs, a
voung man about twenty years ol age. a
tVx exchange pines for Luminosity on
"rosebud parties." We are exactly the
vouth to shed it. A rosebud party on
ly require two guests a pretty 'girl
house painter by trade, and in ifl.e eiuplo; d a handon'ie youngiellow like'vour
ofC. A Daugherty, met his death in Ihe J '
lllimuie servant, uu eycuus uc or-
ninz in pulling nature's rosebuds from.
following mauner. The deceased, in com
pany with two or three, other young men
had been duck limiting during lhe ni-lil
and as it a as daylight when he returned,
i.. . i i. .i r . j.r,!,'.
lie uuurcauucu ua lumiug picv..
barreled shot gun, putting the breech in
the left skirt pocket of his pvercoat. and
concealing the barrel under his coat on
the right side it being Sunday morning,
he did not wish to be seen with the gun.
One of the barrels waa loaded and capped.
and, when turning tte corner at Mrs
Matson s, the tube of the capped
her lips with hi teeth.
KociiESfTEn (N Y.) young1 kdies,.
when on the eve of marriage to young
gentlemen of the- first respectability,
manage to become motuers; anu men
prominent busines men, and family
and men nt that, find it convenient to skip
loaded barrel struck against the corner of ; EMnvl, nf BnKin.W nnrimlrpn hv
.u-i ie i.i.; i.i r.:...:. !.i,' l""" v . j
iiicuuusi; iiuiiii;ii uc w.-u ujh.ui. vi o i , . ... -
nm Tht. mact caused the barrel to the roar of the falls of the Oonesee.
through therightside ofthe faceoblique- SnE was last at the cross-and first
ly up into the brain, producing death in at the tqmb," is tho.stereotyped tribute
abont ten minutes. The young man ... , mltJ '-,i. JWi tonnr.
. i .i:.i .:,.. ,.. ...in ..i . w J
IUIIPI. linicuicii niuiuum I'mgct o mo I . T. ,
hands were still in his pockets when the fair friends. That s pretty, but apoch-
first person came, which wa two or three- ryphal. The plain and unvarnished
minutes after the- accident occurred. 1 - , ., , , T ,
rnnprirenarnev.not bavin-been nuali- Statement of Woman S OlStJ Would reatl
fied, a jury was empanelled by 'Squire j something like tliis: Sfie was last in tha
Hastings, and, after.an innnisition, ren
dered a verdict oi aeatn oy accident.
On JSJtturday, the first day of May,
the people of Ohio county will be called
........ . r. nn.l wilnfl fi Irl nn flTf , OT. t V,
1 r i t. -ii t ii i. breaking into tho pasture where iurs,
results of which will more directly bear 6 r
garden and first at the apple tree. -
A FAitMER near Cromwell ownsa'fine
milch cow he calls ITrs. Trcrpy. His
next neighbor Has-a'bull he-calls Bein
Ciieh. And both men have to watch
night and. day to keep Beeciieu from.
Tiltos grazes.
upon their material interests than any
other contest at the polls they will Bessie Tukseu's story is too attenu-
be called upon to engage in this year. ateA We.d jike tfj seea woman take
The squabble for. Governor doesn't out our bed .carry us up a IHght
amount to a row of pins by the side of Lf and put as in herbed without
it. wakinsrus. It can't be. did, omorc
I . i r
The people of this county have been can rice rersa.
.nmiKimlir nn fro 11 A f A Tt if 'nfA ll tilt I
selection of magistrates, in that they 1 .f", "Z
w oi.... m1 n t, th Elizabeth didn t, doesn tat all-
county court, a majority of whom, for impair the. facilities of this office, for
some years past, have made it their ex- turning out the neatest and cheapest
nress and particular business to divert none ana jac oins in in
a large portion of a special fund, raised Nation.
, , i r ;c- I
oy special taxation, m specuiu pur- . , ft .
pose, unner u specuu uc m sweetheart) eyen if you are
ture.iromiisiegiumaieuses.mucuauce i,nrl,rrl,r.ir the dew from her
of the prohibition of such action in the
Law authorizing the levy and disburse
ment of the special tax and the fund
accruing therefrom; thus forcing the
tax-payers to pay something like fifty
lips with your moustache, to keep it
from getting in her throat and giving
her the diptheria.
If vou want to live long and happily
or sixty thousand dollars on a debt of avoid these-three things, O reader: Do
twenty-four thousand dollars, and the not run to a doctor every pam you feel;
debt is not paid yet.
This is but one erievance. But it
should bo sufficient to cause the people
to exercise careful, circumspection in
the selection of magistrates. Let them
select their most intelligent men, and
men who are successful in the conduct
of their own business. "Were wc ,to
write columns on this subject, we do
not know that we could say more than
we now utter in these few words of ad
vice: If you have any jacks in your dis
trict., take out license and stand them,
but don't make magistrates of them,
unless you want to pay a round price
for the oats thev will consume. j
do not run to a lawyer every quarrel
you have; do not run to the dramshop
every time you are thirsty.
"Wiiex a citizen stumbles into our of
fice late of a "Wednesday evening, and
wants to know if "this b the (hie!)
where the prayer-meeting is," we at
once suspect that he has been eating
boiled potatoes for supper.
An Americus, Ga., editor growls be
cause etiquette forbids his going to seo
his girl on Saturday nights. He be-,
grudges the poor creature even, one lit.
tie nightin the week to scrape and clean
her hoofs.

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