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Wednesday, April 14.
An explosion of a boiler yesterday
morning in the gingham mills, at South
Atl.imti, Mass., killed three men and fa
mily hurt "two others:
The Spanish official dispatches of the
12th instant, report the defeat of the
Carlists at Talosa, with 100 killed.
The grocery store of Alden Thayer, at
Canton, Maes, was destroyed by1 fire
yesterday. Mr. G. W. Dinsmore and
I'aniily.who occupied rooms orer the store,
were burned to drath
A dispatch from Vineyard Haven,
Mass . say the resilience of fhilander f .
Clifford was burned reslerdsy, and his
sick wile, being unable to leave her room,
An unknown man was yesterday run
over and killed by the cars near Union
depot, at Indianapolis. At the time of
the accident the deceased was walking on
the Union track, and, although warned
by the brakesman, be either did not hear
or failed to heed the warning,- and four
cars passed over his body, mashing it to a
At New Orleans. William Lawrence, a'
nerro. convicted of entering a house with
a dangerous weapon at night, in January
Inst, was sentenced by Judge Braaghn
Friday morning. It beine a capital
crime, the sentence is death. Williams
received the judgment without any exhi
bition of fear, and maintained a stolid ex
pression or couutenai.ce.
One day last week, while Mr. John II.
Rollins, of Leesbjire, Va., was eneaeed
in spading in his garden, he turned up
what'at first appeared to be a whitish
looking stone, but which upon .examina
tion, proyed to be a petrified lird. Its
fteeciea'ts not easilr determined, butit is
apposed to have been a swallow. The.
beak, breast, wings back, fcc.. of the pet--j
i it , , ,
ran BoueuiDcc are imiy aeveiopea, ana
it beskiaetrikingrese'mblance to a picked
By-tteamer ilikadb we have Australi-
Ba uticci w jaarcn 10; AUCKiana iv.
The .Messier Helen MfkJregor, on Tier
voagafrom Grafton to Sidney, struck a
reef on which the steamer Urara was
lost, remained on the reef an hour, float
doff and sank in deep water. The pas
eflceri'a'nd crew -were saved in boats, ex
crpt one boat-load of eight persona,' which
was lost, jluereareno hope of tbe 're'
covery ofthe mTssioe boats of the 'steam
r Gottenbuig, lost in-Torres straits Feb
ruary zo. uniy tweuty'.two or .the pas
engers and crew were eared. .All the of-
acers were lost.
On the mornTnc of the 18th ult. Mr.
James fiusick and Solomon Dunham, era-
igrantslrom Illinois, were killed by Indi
ans Dear the old raocLe of Dan Willis, in
UcCalloch county, Texas, while out hunt-iDgthetrnc-rses.
Busies: received seventeen
and Dunham eighteen wounds, all but
- - r J i , -. , 1
oDceeemingiy roaae wuu lances or spears,
the latter. having one gunshot wound.
Mr. Busick had left bis family at .Mr.
Eiley"'Dawon,s, in Lam pas county, while
lie, with his father-in-law, Mr. Dunham,
could go farther 'west and secure a borne
for them. The citizens of McCulloch
rave them a Christian burial.
In, tbe spring o 1866, a, man named
Park Martin, a citizen ofCaroline county.
"Va., mysteriously disappeared he hav
ing been (raced from Richmond, where
be r.ad been on a visit, back to his own
countv. As it was known that he had
gold and silver coin on his person, some
supposed mat he bad been murdered.
The mystery was cleared up last week, bv
tbe finding of his skeleton in the bushes
at Reedy Mills, on the MattaponL and it
is now believed that .Martin was drowned
at that point in 1866, in bis attempt to
cross tbe river, as, tbe river was swollen,
snd Martin when last seen en route was
intoxicated. The parties who found the
body also found at tbe same spot, in the
nand, gold abd silver coin oi about ihe
value of $150.
Pete McCartney, the leader of the re
cently captured pane of counterfeiters.
while beinr conveyed to Waco. Texas.
by Deputy United States Marshal O'Cal-
laban. And detective Duckworth, succeed'
d in malting his escape at Breinond. on
the 7th insL Tbe party arrived there
Tuesday evening, and were awaiting the
departure of the Waco train at 6 o clock
r. x. Tbt shackles were removed from
the prisoner to allow him to breakfast,
and upon tbe return to tbe room which
they were occupying they were notacain
put upon him. be having Uirown himself
upon tbe bed, and was apparently asleep.
McCartney, takioc advantage of this sur-
ceaeeof guard, decamped. A reward.of
mx Hundred dollars bas been offered.
Tfeuradaxj-, April 15.
The. Jesuit College at Buenos Ayres,
South America, bas been fired and de
stroyed by a taob. Three priests were
murdered. Several of the ring-leaders
were wrested. The mob was headed by a
opantsn priest, four persons in all were
Jesee J. Hungate, a livery man of Sa
lem, Ind., sent Thos Brickey to draw a
a couple of drummers last Friday to
Brownstown. Saturday evening about
dark, as Brickey was returning to Salem,
he was stopped on the highway by three
armed and disguised men, who robbed
him of $10,50. aJl-the money he had.
The notorious Missouri desperadoes, the
Jamee boys, have perpetrated another
brutal murder, their victim being Daniel
Askew, a neighbor, whom they called out
of hi bouse Monday night, and shot dead.
James F. Ficklin, a highly respected
young roan of Providence, J.a., was shot
and instantly killed on Sunday afternoon,
by James Thurrell, who was rrazy drunk.
It was an unprovoked murder.
Thomas Gladdon, a young man of 23,
was convicted of the murder of Calvin
Hippy, at the term of the Shelby (N. C.)
circuit court held last week, and sentenced
to be banged on Friday next
Tbe wife of Thomas E. Helm, presi
dent of the Capital Slate Bank at Jack
eon. Mies., died of heart disease Thurs
day nisltt at 11 o'clock. She was appa
rently in tbe enjoyment of robust health
up to the moment of her death.
The last Brownsville (Texas) Sentinel
contains this cheerful item: Last week
there was crnssed into Mexico two droves
of stolen cattle In one drove there was
estimated to be 500 head, in the other
.300. This tAok place in Hidalgo county,
between Roiaria end La Blanco, Below j
berr, in this county, there was a drove
tanrd. It would be fair to estimate that
fully two thousand head have been stolen
and crossed into Mexico within the last
two weeks The thieves and raiders have
(ecome troug and bold. They penetrate J
our country one hundred aud fifty miles
to rub, I'luu&r. tuid Jttroy. In their
own country they attempted to capture a1
train loaded with specie. The next thing
we. expect to.hearf thcy.are notchecked
in their career, that one of our steamboats
have been captured. They have only to
do this, am! then come over and demand
the surrender oi the military posts, to cap
the climax. .
Last Saturday a ''fishinc excursion was
arranged by-a lew. young ladies and gen
tlemen of Augusta, Ga. The place selec
ted Tor the "day's sport was Btirch's mill
pond, about four miles from, the city
The party was a small one. numbering
only hve, consisting or Mr. K. A. Max
well, Miss Maxwell, Miss Sledge, Mies
Dunwoodybd Miss Lawson. They left
the city about halNpafct lOoMl o'clock
buoyant 'witliifeand'youniTiiPspfritsT
A short ride brought-them to Ihe mill.
an I the day's sport soon commenced.
Thy had been, fishing come time when
M.IX8 JJunwoody noticed a boat tautened
to the bank, and expressed a desire to co
out upon the witer. Mr. Maxwell ad
vised her to wait until he could test the
bott and ascertain whether or not it was
safe. After trying it he thought there
wa no danger, he pushed off the batteau
and he and Miss' Dunwoodv padd'til out
together upon the pond. When eomedit-i
tance from the shore Miss Duuwoody
ceased paddling and looked over the side.
In some way she lost her balance and the
boat' dipping, she fell into the water.
Hon l tied at tbe accident, Mr Maxwell
went over to herasMulance. Leaning over
the boat he caught hold of his compan
ion to pullher out of the .vater, when the
hatteau urset, and be, too, fell into the
pono. inr. Aiaxwen was a ppieuaia swim
J r r 11 J-J ;
mer, and could have easily reached the
shore had he thought of himself alone.
Bat he had no such thought. He wished
to Bave tbe young girl who was then
struccline in tbe waves. He swam with
her1 fully fifteen feet,' but it is supposed
that her fright caused her to obstruct the
motion or bis limbs, and soon they both
o&uK logemer, never to rise in me again,
Friday, April 16.
The negro who murdered the Rev. J. C,
Miller id Union county, 8. C, ou Satur
day last, before be committed tbe fatal
deed, told him that he did hot wish to
kill him on his horse, and requested him
to dismount, which, he did, and received
tbe two discbarges in b,is body.
A voting man named. Fred. Branden
burg was found dying from starvation and
exhaustion under a pile of lumber, in San
Francisco.'early yesterday morning. He
stated, before bis death, that he crawled
under the lumber nine days ago, and oth
er lumber was piled around, . stopping
egress, tie was a son oi.Matbias Bran
denburg, No. 6' St. Charles place, Phila'
delphia, snd was aged "about 18.
Yesterday morning a bov named Frank
Kelly leaped 'from a wagon on Poplar
street, Memphis, in order to stop the
affrighted team was stopped. at the toll
uurHee, wuigu were ruuuiug unov. iuc
gate, and several persons who witnessed
the leap from the wagon, proceeded to the
spot wnere tne ooy was lying, iney
were pained to find that be was dead, his
neck having been broken by tbe fall.
Five bnman skulls were found in a cave
on the road leading from Gadsden, Ala.,
to Col. B. B. Whorton's one dav last
week, three of which were, brought- to
town Saturday and left at tbe drug, store
Of Stephen's k LiddelL Some physicians
say they are the skulls of white persons,,
There is hp telling bow long they have
been In tbe cave,' nor how they came to
'be there. Some suggest that they are
tbe remains or victims ot MurrelLr.
The editor of tbe Thomasville, Tenn.,
Times, has been shown a well developed
banana grown under peculiar circumstan
ces. Mrs. Col. Seward, had some bana
nas banked upduring the' winter, and up
on being brought to. light this week.it
was lound that one or them had budded,
bloomed, leaved and fruited under ground.
growing in much the same manner as if
the plant bad been exposed to the open
air. The' leaves, fruit and flowers were
all well developed. Thie may prove in
teresting to gardeners, and those who are
growing semi-tropical fruits, and we allude
iu u ior ineir oeoeut, as wen as iar. me
rarity of th growth.
Monday noon, Peter .Koden, aged 73
years, went to tbe bouse or bis son, rep.
Koden. eight miles down the island from
Galveston, Texas, and assaulted bis
(Peter's) wife. Fred tried to protect bis
mother from his father's violence, when
the bid man, blind with "rage, seized a
vegetable knife andetabbed his son in the
abdomen, just over the left lobe of his
I r . irr 1 . r j
liver, ad uuivcr wbb Ben lur, sou mc
old man was arrested after a brief strug
le. fred. was taken to the Galveston
lospital, where be lies to a very precarl
ous condition.
Mr. Bridges, a prominent merchant of
Jasper, ienn., ls aillicted witl) a peculiar
and terrible disease of tbe stomach, on a
count of which be cannot neither eat nor
drink anything. Food of any kind, or
water, when taken upon the stomach, is
immediately thrown up, accompanied .by
blood and matter. A prominent physi
cian of Nashville has .been called toiwait
upon him, under whose direction neither
food nor drink is taken into tbe stomach.
and life is sustained by the injection of
food and stimulants. Life. ;uoder such
circumstances would. it stem's, be more
terrible than death.
Saturday, April 17.
The Illinois .Legislature adjourned at
poon -Wednesday. ,
Tbe body of John Scbad, a German,
who has. .been missing two. weeks', was
found jn the Wabash river, near Terre
Haute, yesterday evening. The cause of
bis death is a mystery.
J. W. Sneethe, supposed to be the sen
ior member of the firm of J. W. Sneethe
& Co., bankers, San Francisco, shot him
self yesterday at his temporary residence
in Tiew xoric
A man named John Britton, living'
near blKborn. Jeo.. committed suicide bv
stabbing himself in .the neck Wednesday.
Cause unknown.
Advices from San Diego report Apache
outrages' in Soriora. Three men and a
boy with a pack train were attacked
mr.t mi - . l mt -
March ism. ine men were Kinea. ine
boy escaped. The cargo of the train was
recovered by tbe troops. The mail and
escort were attacked on the 15th and the
mail rider killed.
John Sohn halter, Peter Sohnhalter.
Geo. Orrand Peter Adams were killed at
Canton, Ohio, Tbureday, by the falling in
of the earth in & coal shaft which they
were sinking. Anthony llowells bad
both legs broken, but was rescued alive
with much difficulty.
JohnGreary, who arrived in Lif-tle
Rock, Ark.,Tuesday night from St. Louis,
was arrested Wednesday by the United
States authorities, charged with being
one of the Hot Springs stage, robbers
about one year ago.
A German, giving his name as "Jliris
tiah Hunpen. surrendered himself to the
police authorities of St. Louis .yesterday.
raying he killed 'a farmer named Smith
K el lam, who lived about twelve miles
from Waco, Texas,-on the night of July
3, 1871. He will be held until the autbor-
itice of Waco can be ueard from.
A squad of men living in Clay county,
Tenn.. went out one night last week, for
the purposed destroying a liouse of-ill
fame. The kitchen was set on fire and
burned down; then, with a torch-light, a
man by the, name of Odel, waajn the act'
of setting fire to the residence when he
was shot through the head and killed.
The 'negro postmaster at Macon. Ga.,
has imported a white woman from Ohio
to act as bis deputy in the post-omce.
They appear to be a happily matched
pair, and take great pleasure in showing
themselves together on the streets. Let
that foolish darky keep an eye peeled, or
the first-thing he knows he will be ttfe dd
ieiidantin a-breach of-proiniseand seduc
tion eUjtj , r . , trw
A dispatch from Havana, says Wil
liam J. Sharkey the"1 convicted7tnurderer,
who escaped from jhe Tombs in New
York, bad arrived there in .irons from
.San tiago'De 'Cuba. His jailers say he
attempted to escape from the prison there
by digging his way out ot tbe cell, tbat he
made repeated attempts to slip from his
handcuffs while on his way to Havana.
and attempted to leap overboard Shar
key will leave for New York in tbe first
Last Monday, at Bakerrville. N. C.
an ounce ritle ball was1 removed from the
thigh of Rev.-. I, W. Putnam, who' had
been wearing it there ns a rouvenir of the
battle of Chickaqiatiga, For elvven years
it-had caused him severe siifft-riiig.'afniost
without intermission, and n score of un
succersful attempts had becu made to re
move it. ,. -
The little town of Edward, Mfo'., wtts
the scene o( a tatal conflict Sunday, which
resulted in the death ot one man and the
wounding of two' other. It nnnears that
Clarence Kidd, feeling himself aggrieved,
at some wrong at the hands of Sid White
head, the city marshal, met -him on the.
street, that day and commenced an at
iack on him, and alter .cutting' him sev
eral times' attempted to 'escape. Joe
Banlcston, a 'colored man, attempted to
arrest Kidd, when he turned upon him
and cut hhnin the .abdomen, inflicting a
fatal wound; causing afmost instant death.
Lewis Thomas has also slight wounds,
Kidd was arrested and confined.
A vnnntr man bv the name of A. G
Roberts shot himself through tbe head,
near Palestine, Tenn., atMcCrea's camp.
on tbe 2d inst. . Koberts was a young
man well spoken of by his friends, and is
a native of Folsomvilfe; Warrick countv,
Indian. An inquest' Was1 held over his
remains by Enquire D.'Pi McCorkle, and
the decision rendered by th'e jury 'was to
the.effect tbat said Roberta, came to bje
death by a pistol' shot in the right tem
ple from his own band, caused by trouble
and partial derangement from sickness.
Lycurgus, Little, or Frederick county,
Ya.,'was lodged in the penitentiary at
Richmond, Tuesday, to serve a term of
five years on a conviction for murder, in
the stcofid degree, committed in Clarke
county. Dr. Little, his-brother, has been
in the prison for. over.ayear. Lycurgui
was sent for fourteen years on his firs!
trial, btit took an appeal and got a change
of venue, with the' above result. Their
offense was the killing of their brother in
a row which took place at the family
breaktaat table. .
At Jackson, Mies., about noon Sun
day, Jas. Williams, treasurer of Hinds
county, was killed' by .Tazewell Jones,
a colored resident of that city. It ap
pears that there was an old old grudge
between the parlies, and Jones bad been
arrested and imprisoned for making
threats against the life of Williams. Sun
day the' parties met on Main street,
near the corner ot Pearl, and Williams
seeing Jones approaching, tried to get out
of his way, but Jones followed him close
ly, having a large knife in his hand.
While William was running across the
street railway, bis foot struck one of the
rails and fell, and while down. Jones rau
up on him and stabbed him in the back,
inflicting a mortal wound, causing the
death of Williams in a few moments.
Jones was arrested and is now confined
in the county jail at Jackson.
Monday, Aprlll 10,
Nancy Johnson, a colored centenarian,
in attempting to kindle a fire near She
byville, Tenn., Thursday, fell into it and
'roasted her head, death ensuing.
. iravis Harris who murdered Squire
Masterson.his father-in-law.al Commerce,
Mo., on the Sd of last November, was
nangeu bi mtu piocc rriaay.
It is reported at Madrid tbat the Car
lists have seized a number of women and
children in the province of Soria, and
threaten loebootthem unless ransomed.-
Scipio Bryan and Elijah Atkinson, both
colored, were hung at Beaufort, S. C., on
Friday, for the double crime of murder and
arson, iu June 1874. The execution was
witnessed by about 5,000 colored people.
Both murderers made full confession..
On Thursday Mrs. . L Irwin, a high
ly respectable young widow lady of Han
nibal, Mo., tied a clothes-line around her
self and little girt six years old, fastened
the other end into a stake in tbe ground.
and then took the child in her arms and
deliberately walked into Bear Creek. Both
were drowned. Financial embarrassment
and disappointment in love are understood
to be tbe cause or the. act.
John McCallen, Esq., of Brownsville,
Texas, received notice on Sunday from
Mexican sources tbat about one hundred
armed men, are at the. Oharco-Escondido,
thirty-five miles back of Reynosa. Mexico.
Also that the raiders are introducing men
into orownsvuie to nre me 'nouses and
commit robberies. I tig a mere Question
of time as to the assassination of the few
Americans living in the valley of the Rio
Isham Brown, colored, was hanged four
miles from Greensburg, La., Friday, for
ine muruer oi james w. uiinlon, an at
torney of St. Helena parish, ou the 18th
of December last. .Brown was convicted
on circumstantial evidence. The N. O. Pic
ayune publishes the murderer a confession
in which he states the particulars of the
killing. Brown overtook Clinton ridin?
along the road, and shot him with a single
barreled pistol. Clinton dismounted, and
walked to a tree a short distance from the
road. Brown went up to him. when Clin
ton told him to take bis horse and what
he had, and that he would say nothing
abont.it. Brown drew his knife and cut
the horse's throat, and, after giving Clin
ton ten minutes to pray, drew tbe knife
across his throat; took his watch and val
uables, and left. This was on a Friday.
Clinton's body was found the following
Sunday, and the conclusion of the coro
ner s jury was tbat Clinton had lingered
until that morning.
Information has been received at Kan
sas City, Mo., that 800 Cheyenne warriors
crossed the track of the Atchison, Topeka
and Sante Fe railroad Tbureday night, fif-
-frcen miles east of Lakin. They were go
ing north, passing through the State of
Kansas. A company of troops was sent
out of Fort Dodge in" pursuit, and the In
dian trail was followed about twenty miles,
where they broke up and scattered over
the prairies. It is evident that they are
on tbe war-path, and bloody work may
be expected at any day. A large party ol
Black Hills explorers, arrived at Kansas
City on Friday. Carpenter's expedition,
numbering over fifteen hundred, will start
soon, lhey will rendezvous at Cheyenne,
from whictrthey will.'gotQ'a'pointDrTihe
Xiittie Missouri titty miles Irom its mouth,
where rich gold mines exist. .lotense'in-
tereat is exhibited throughout Western
Missouri, and the scenes of '49 will.be" re
peated. ' i
-'Tnesd3-, April 20.
The Carlists have surprised. Fort Aspe,
near Santander. and carried off two hun
dred prisoners and four guns.
it is reported at Vienna that the Inrks
have murdered two hundred and seventy
Christians tin Roumania and" Bulgaria ,
duringlthe last, three" month's,- and -that
me names ot jhe victims nave been com-,
mu mealed to foreign representatives in
A Shanghai dispatch of the 12th says
two steamers engaged, in the local trade
came into collision,. and fhc sudden sink
ing of one caused great loss. of life.
Ai Knoxville, Tenu , shortly after 11
o'clock Monday night, Henry H.'Hol
dren, proprietor of the Virginia saloon,
was snot by James Collins, a bar keeper
of the saloon at tbe flag pond, on Gay
street. Five shots were fired, and Uol-
dren exclaimed that he was shot. Col-
lins iled, though soon after search was
made tor him by the police,, he had not
been found' up to two o'clock next morn
ing. The chances for Holdren's recoypry
are slim.
The stage from Downicville to Sacra
mento California, was stopped .Monday
afternoon by highwaymen. The Wells &
Karno treasury box was taken, containing
$3,500 in gold dust, bars, and coin.
Robert Oorler. of Ellerslie. Ga.. has de
cided that it Hilda nothing to the morality
of a community to sell, whisky in it, and
ban knocked, the bangs put of his barrels,
and' turned tie whisky out .iu tbe road.
William Allen killed hia brother-in'-law,
Lycurgua McCaelin early Thursday
morning through mistake, for a burglar.
-McCaslin had been absent some time; ar
riving at hoirie, thinking not to disturb
the family, heaitempted, to climb through'
.the window, when-Alien rose in his bed
and shot him. This at, Nashville, Tenn.
On. Friday afternoon. Nancy Douglas.
a colored girl about seventeen years of
age, and two or three other, girls about
her.own age, residing on theuiiiCK place,
bear Canton, Miss., obtained permission
from Mt. Jerry Wilson, residing. ,on .the
aajoining piace, 10 Dsn in nts pono.
While thus engaged, Mary Taylor, anoth
er colored, gir). a year or two older than
Nancy Douglas, residing at Mr. Wilson's,
went to the pond and commenced a dis
pute with Nancy. The other girls suc
ceeded, in quieting the quarrel,. and Mary
returned to -the quarters a few yards oft'.
Later in the afternoon aa Nancy was re
turning home she passed near the house
where Mary lived. The latter saw her
and again t commenced the quarrel,
a.bnsing her, in very-bitter terms. .Nancy
continued her way and passed out of the
yard, followed by Mary, who threatened
to whip her. When in tbe road, Mary'
ran to Nancy and struck her in the face,
whereupon Nancy struck back with a
pocket-knife, which it seems she held in
her .band. Mary then turned and ran in
a' circle, and fell within a few yards of the
place where the blow was given. The
colored people who bad witnessed the
difficulty from a distance now approached
the girl on the ground, .and found that
she was cut in the breast. Assistance
was summoned and she was carried to tbe
house, where she, died in about, ten min
utes. Nancy was arrested.
Did you ever belong to the E Clam
pus Vitus,, or 1001, or to tho Sons of
Malta? If so, then you know all about
the Knights of Pythias.
A LfOUisviLLE woman has sued a
lodge of Knights of Pythias for $50,000
for having fatally injured her husband
during the initiation ceremonies.
Tin: town of West Chester, N. Y.,
contains two hundfed and forty-nine
widows. That's the. paradise for Uncle
Peter Asiiby.
The other day, when one of our belles
learned that her "feller" was a teetotal-
ler,she suddenly found that her fears
were all dissipated;
It is in vain to hope to please all
alike. Let a man stand with his face
in what direction he will, he must nec
essarily turn his back on one-half the
"Did you see the sun dance jester
day morning?" is the question which
betrays how the editor of the Oswego
N. Y.) Palladium kept the temperance
pledge the other night.
Take, life easy, and don't always be
trying to beat the sun up. You may
win for a while, but in the long run you
are sure .to be beaten, and some morn
ing it will rise when you dpn't.,
Indianapolis is the home of a young
couple who start off together as though
they intended to enjoy it all at once.
They have only been married a month,
and during that time have separated
ovor a dozen times.
A proxy marriage has got an accom
modating Swiss. into trouble. He stood
for the bridegroom, who was in this
country, and as he happened to be a
married man, he has been arrested for
Even though all the ladies in the
land should be driven to suicide in order
to enjoy a pretty fashion, still, as a faitH
ful chronicler, we feel compelled to state
that a fashionable Paris dressmaker an-
nounces that "ladies shrouds are now
cut decoUette."
"A 8JIART young Bostonian offers
to wager a considerable amount on his
spelling. He says you may give him
any word in the English language, in
common use, or obsolete, technical, or
otherwise, and he will spell it correctly
the first time." Umph! There isn't a
four years old child in Hartford that
can'tdo the same. "It" isn't such a'dif
ficult word to tackle prthogntphically.
It.will be remembered-.what a thrill
of horror startled the country eleven
yearsTago, caused by an, advertisement
which appeared in an'Alabama papert
offering 1,000,000 Ward for" the as
sassination of President En? coi.k. " The t
advertisement first saw the light in the
columns of the Cah'aba Gazette, and
was-the production ot the town drank-
ard; "an eccentricTcreatnfeTy who was the
wreck of one of the finest and most
promising intellects Alabama -coul
boast 6f twenty-fiveyeare ago. 'The'
poor creature has just died, and the sad
story of his life may prove instructive
to the rising generation. '
GEdnoE W. Gayle was born in Dal
las county, Ala., of wealthy and influ
ential parents. He was. given all the
educational advantages that, money
could "procure. In 1832 he was admit
ted to the bar at Cahaba, and such was
the force and brilliancy of his intellect
that hd soon ranked in the front of . his
profession. Gayle was to Alabama
what meteoric' DicK Menipej was to
Kentucky. . Adulation soon spoiled him
however, and in five years after he
made his brilliant debut he was a drunk-:
ard. He soon squandered his portion
of the estate left by his father, and for
twerjty.y.ears has been the eccentric vag
abond of Cahaba, the object to. which
it. would point the stranger, as its
"wrecked genius." Ilia board was paid
and he was clothed by hi relatives.
At the time he published the advertise
menf offering $1,000,000 reward'fdr the
assassination of Lincoln he wa3 not
worth a penny to his name. As soon
as the war closed the editors of the Ca
haba Gazette were arrested for having
published the advertisement In their
examination it was found that Gayle
was the author of it. He was arrested
and hurried off to Fortress Monroe,
where he was confined about fifteen
months, and, after he became partially
paralyzed in his lower limb, through
the intercession of- his wife who had
clung to him through all the years of
his degradation with a devotion of which
a loving woman alone is capablej was
released by President Johnson. On
the 5th instant this unfortune creature
died at Selma, adding one more to the
countless host of those born to be lead
ers of men, but who have become the
slaves of base appetite; and gone down
to their graves the squalid and repulsive
prey of intemperance
TirERE is a young fellow in Hendef-
son whose future happiness depends up
on the result of the Brooklyn trial, be
cause tne girl he" loves has promised to
marry him if Beecttek is pronounced
innocent; otherwise she declares that
her confidence in man will be destroyed
and she will never wed.
The spelling school mania is taking
queer shapes. Li Madison county, LL ,
a-girl has offered herself as a prize to
the one'of her four suitors who outspells
the others. The trial is to-come off id
the district school house next Saturday.
Twenty-five cents will be the price of
admission, the money to go toward fur
nishing a house for thejoung couple.
Here is something that should be
more generally known. It is said that
bed-bugs will live a year without air or
food, if placed in a hermetically Bealed
bottle. Persons who desire to keep
their "bed-bugs over the winter without
feeding them, will do well to remember
this. Tho march of scientific research
is ever onward.
An appropriate sequel to the recent
decision of tbe Appellate Court in the
Jones case, and as something m per
fect consonance with the eternal fitness
of things, would be for the Cth of May
.Convention to adopt a resolution de
claring Hon Wm. Pitt Kellogq, of
Louisiana, to be the first choice of the
Kentucky Democracy for President.
"DuBUQtJE beaux have started the
fashion of carrying their fair charges
across the muddy cross streets." That
has been' the Habit here these hundred
years. When a Hartford couple come
to a muddy crossing, he stoops, hunch
es hisbacklikeacamel, and says; "Now
fly to your roost, dovey." She springs
onto his back, seizes his ears with her
bands, rattles a dainty heel on his ribs,
and he trots off fueling that he wouldn't
exchange that blissful moment for a
week's free range of a sugar;camp.
"WiiEtf you are'given a word to spell,
go through' it at one jump. ' Don't go
feeling along as if you. were on thin ice,
or ddwniyou will go, 80re. Tackle it
in this style: I-n In, with an In, d-i di,
with a di, with an, In, with an Indi, a-n
an, with an an, with an In; with an In
di,, with an Indiaij, a-p ap, with an ap",
with an In, with .an Indi, with an Indi
an, with an Ihdianap, o, with an o, with
an In, with an Indi, with an Indian,
with an Indianap, with an Indiarinpoi
1-i-s lis, with an In, with an Indi, with
an Indian, with an Iudianap, with an
with an Indianapo, with an Indianapo
lis. ' ' . -
New Store at Rockport, Ky
Cromwell.liAVB onnd & nn at -RniV.
port, in Which they propoio to kiisp irfnU'u
lortment of Dry Goodi, Groceries, BtU and
Capi, Soot's and Shots, Hardware Queeoi-
WSre. Notion. PannYY3nntl.sa.nrl In fj.
thing uiaall; kept ia a general .tore. They
Dave oougni -inij slock of good very law for
eash and wllt reJI ths"ame way.
ftll kind! tmkftn in T(.nnfr fnr .nnrt. VTm-
Solicit th nstmnsr. nf ... I. 111
urQi men u goon Darguni m laey eaa
rrtanynhere. - - i
. . , REE. RIVER.
Manufacturer ef Vrarr deserintlon of Woolen
Goods. . . ,
Mt mill has been enlarged' and lorroied-
making tba capacity three times' greater than
f . . ...... ' tr i - i L. f ii .
Clote Dressing Machinery,'
i .
For Cassimeres, Tweeds,'&c..
and are manufacturing a" superior article of
Stockiiig Yarnf &b. .
Wo have lares and socerior Wool Cardinsr
Machinery, and warrant all oar work.
Goodi manufactured by tba yard, or.ln ex
change for wool., . -
Highest market price paid In cub for, Wool.
are soliolted to correspond with .me. I will
make speeiil contracts with jou'and maka it to
y our interest to do so.
notC 3m Ramsey, MeLein Co., KyV
at tho
lias juit receired a large and well selected
itocK or
Mens' and boys'
Ladies' and gents'
jA. T Sf a
of all grades and sizes.
Special bargains in
"VlTlxlto G-oois,
A choice lotof Ribbons at a big discount
With many thanks for past patronage. I
hope, by fair dealing, to merit continuance of
tne same. J2.BUALI,,
.Hay 1, 1875, to April 30, 1876.
The Revised Btatutes of tbe United States,
Sections 3232, 3237, 3233, and 3239, require ev
ery person engaged in any business; avocation
or emnlovment which renders him liable to a
SPECIAL TAX, to procure and place
coaspicaoHHly In bis ctablijh-
mciit or place ersaauen asiAxr
denoting the payment of said SPECIAL TAX
for tbo Special Tax Year beginning May 1,
1S75, before commencing or continuing business
after April 3, lot.
Tho Truces embraced wllbln tbe Pro.
viHion oi ine ijw noove qaoteu are iflo
Follonrlng-, rlz:
Rectifiers....... .... . $200 00
Dealers, retail liquor - 25 00
Dealers, wholesale liquor...... . 100 00
Dealers in- malt liquors, whole
sale 50 00
Dealors in malt liquors, retail. 20 00
Dealers in leaf tobacco 25 00
Retail dealers in leaf tobacco... 500 00
And on sales of over $1,000,
fiftr cents for ever dollar in
excess of $1,000.
Dea ers in manufacl'd tobacco. '5-00
Manufacturers of stills 50 00
And for each still manufact'd 20 00
And for each worm manufac-'
tured i 20 0
Manufacturers of tobacco. 1000
Manufacturers of cigars 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco, firt class,
( more than 2 horses or other
animals) ." 50 .00
Peddlers or tobacco, second class
f2 horses or other animals).. 25 00
Peddlers of tobacco, third class.
fl horse' or other animal...- 15 00
Peddler? of tobacco. 4th classon
foot or Dublic convevancer... to w
Brewers ol.less than 500 barrels 50 00
Brewers of 500 barrels or more 100. 00
An-r nxrion. n liable, who shall fail tO Com
ply with tbe foregoing requirements will be sub
ject to severe penalties.
rersons or arms n&oie 10 pay any vi
Special Taxes named above must apply to,W
T. Ktu, uepuiy uonecwr oi tuwiwiu
nue at Hartford, and pay for and procure tba
Special Tax Sump or Stamps'tbay need, prior
to May 1, 167S, and- WITHOUT FURTHER
i Commissioner of Internal Bersaue.
Orricc or IxnaxiL Rtvasca,
WAsmsQToir, I). C, February l, is.
Wit. HilDWicc, T, aalL.
SXiLlBf 13
. L -
Which we will sell low for cash, or exchange
or country produce, paping tbt highest market
price. . - aolly:,:
, ...
. Mrt HmM Miiu .'DJi. et
------- m -rinr onuennr
eiUbllihment on lbs. ett-l(f ik aonzU
hoas U MriWaU; Id sUnd, mad allK
a shire ot their cwtom. rBoaaeU ui HU
ue, inman,isa npslrwL, 'Trissninf ef
kinds alwsje on kind. TbetatntuhiiBi,
iuietuMj, saa iaa lowest prices.
uenu- .aceKtu suKl ColIarm. -
'rn uu.r j.ti. . w ..
... .- u.. v. uuhvbi. n m win Bospenai
lllimllM ilW 1 Mil ll. .1 1 1 tmL . 1 5- 1
T----' - . fmmw ftBttlliniaf
New Soffds! New Goods!
L. ROSEIia&BEtt1
. ' j- A
i : " Mammoth:.
, sppe m '$niie;
"Erery"departmentln our' stock Is full aad'oaV '
- : . j - '.,!
r 'i i- .' 'in.
Wa are- confident tbat na other bonsa will da
M'well by yoa as eon. Wa xaspootfally sJ- .
licit aa examination of oae -. - -
before making your spring "panbtset,' better "''
Ing that It'WIll py joa to do'fo. nolS t'
T- 31 .-" jt k
c a- . ' I tk c-j i .
i. .': - t I : i - i.
i , ,r BARTFOHD, ET. -ut..- .-.
I . - . . "A ' 4 Hi 15?- - .
.'Prompt attention given, to the collection of
olaims. sOfie'in treeoarthoiisaf ' '- ' '
.Hartford, Ky
w. x-'awsaaar
Ow.nibor, Ky
Will praetic their.pmfession in Otvio,aail.
1joinlnc; conntiriandin tba Court ef Appealr.
Office nn-Markel strrtl.-near eourthouf 1. 1 '
' CdtectwitfProniplly AttritM to'" '
" . -
- OOce on Market street, orer lansy'a tin
hop. jan29 ty
and Real Estate Agent,
Prompt attention given to tbe eollectlnn ef
claim. Will buy, sell, lease, or rest lands or
mineral privileges on reasonable term. Wl t
write deeds. mortgages, leases, Ac, and at
tend to listing and paying taxes on lands ba
longing to non-residents.
Dime nr
Ac, &C.
Bought at
The Highest Marid- Price. t
Remember tbe place, w est'side public sanart.
opposite tbe-court houie, Hartford' Ky. 54 f
notlr- ' ' - " '
r. r. hoboaji, a. c, wkdbixo
(Ofllca west'of courthouse orer Hardwiek'A
Nail's stora.
Will practice) in inferior and seprior'.oourt
of this comnviDwaalth
Special atleatioa,. gien to eases, la bank--.
vtey. !' . .
F. P. Morgan, ia also' examiner, and. wl't .
take deputltioar correctly will bo ready' to.'
obliga alf parties at all times.
. I o
ax. LlUUi,,
ATTOBXBYSi aovxaELLqnkxiiuyr.
Will prac tie la.Ohlo and adloialaf Matrtitw.
and in the.Coort ofAppaals of Kaataeky-. .
c d. wsxxia..
x. e. acBiixfl.
--. i
' ' r
MllS .
(Fonatrl'Coontj Jadgt.) Ij
Will practice hi all tbo courts of Ohio eoaatv
and tba circuit courts of tbe 5th judicial dla
trict. Ba iness solicited and prompt .attention .
guaranteed. ' ' " "
E. F. STKOTHER, , w"
Will praetic In all the courts of OMa ooajol
and tho circuit courts of adjoining conqtiet.' .'.
: OFFICE up stain; p'vix J. WJ. Cawis'.oJd.
'P11-! '. m 'u ' S""
' ' ' .o ai - ' .
aa . '.

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