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iiafjford, omo cocxit, kesicckv,
it Tin rnics op
JCZTTirj Dollars a 1 "ear in A-leancc'SiS
Job work of every description done with
neatness anJdipitch,atcity price. Wo bare
a fall line or job types, an 1 solicit tho natron age
of the business community.
The putty; .i ecery ey The Herald i"
prepaid fit tkii oiee.
Onr term uf nnbncriptiotk ore : 2 00 per year,
iurarittbly in adconec.
'ShnnLl the piper tK.ptnd publication, from
any canc9 dnriny the yetr, re trill refund the
money tine on mnbeription, or fnrnih mttlncri
bert for the nnerpired term irith any paper vf the
name price they may eclect.
Adcertitementi of bniincti men ore noticitcd;
ercept thoie of naloau. l-eejert and dcilcrn in in
Vyrieatinj Honor, trhieh ire rill not admit to onr
colnmn under any cirenmntancet.
All communication! and contribution for pub
lication mnit lie addreteed to the Editor.
Commnnic'itionnin rejard tondrertiinytand job
irork mnitbe addrced to the J'nblUhcrt.
Hon. James Stuart, Judge, of Otrcnsboro.
Hon. Jns. Hiycraft, Attorney, Dliiabcthtown.
A. L. Morton, Clerk, Hartford.
K. II. Murrcll, Master Commissioner, Hartford.
T. J. Smith, Sheriff, Hartford.
K. h. Wile, Jailer, Hartford.
Court begins cn the second Mondays in May
anil November, and continues four wcjks each
non. W. r. Gregory, Judge, Hartfjrd.
Capt. Sam. K. Cox, Clerk, Hartford.
J. 1. SanJcrfer, Attorney, Hartford.
Court begins on tho first Mondiy in every
Begins on the 3rd Mondays in January, April,
July and October.
Begins on the first Mondays in O:tobcr and
J. J. Leach, Assessor, Cromwell.
O. Smith Fitzhugh, Surveyor, Sulphur Springs.
Thos. II. Boswcll, Coroner, Sulphur Springs.
V. L. Rowe, School Commissioner, Hartford.
Cancy District, No. 1. P. H. Alford, Justice,
held March 5, June 17, September 4, December
IS. E. F.Tilford, Justice, held March IS, Juno
4, September IS, December 4.
Cool Springs District, No. 2. A. N. Brown,
Justice, hell March 3, June 13, .September 2,
December IS. D. J. Wilcox, Justice, held
March IS, June 2, September 10, Decembers.
Ccntreville District, No. 3. W. P. Render,
Justice, held MirchSI, Juno H, September 30,
December 15. T. S. Bjnnctr, Justi'ce, held
March 1C, June 23, September 1 ", December,
Bell's Store- District, No. i Bcnj. Newton,
Justice, March 1 1, June 23, September II, De
cember 7. S. Wood yard, Juice, March 21,
Juno 10, September 25, December 11.
ForJsvillo District, No. 3. C. W. R. Cobb
Justice, March S, June 19, September 6, Decern -
bsr 22. J. L. Burton, Justice, March 2 J, June
7, September 22, December 8.
Ell'u Distrist, No. C 1. S. McElroy, March
S, Juno 21, September 'J, December 23. Jas.
Miller, Justice, March 22, June 5, September
23, December 9.
Hartford District, No. 7. Jno. P. Cooper,
Justiee, March 13, Jane 25, September 14, Da
rembcr 23. A. B. Bennett, Justice, March 25,
Juno 11, September 27, I)c;mbrr 13.
Cromwell District, No. 8. Samuel AuMin
Justice, March 27, June lt, September 2'J, le-
ccmbir 17. Mclrin Taylor, Justice, March 17,
Jum 33, September 17, December 31.
Hartford District, No. 9. Thomas L. Allen,
Justice, March 12, June 21, September 13, De
cember 23. Jno. M. Leach, Justice, March 20,
June 12, September 23, December 11.
Sulphur Springt District, No. 10. R. O.
Wedding, Justice, March 19, June 3, September
21, December 7. . Jno. A. Bennett, Justice,
March C, June 18, September 7, December 21
Bartlett District, No. II. W. II. Cummin,
Justice, March 10, June 22, September 10, De
comber 21. J. S. Yates, Justiee, March 23,
June 3, September 51. December 10.
Hartford I. II. Luc?, Judge, second Mon
days in January, April, July and October.
Beaver Dam. E. W. Cooper, Judge, first
Saturday in January, April, July an I October.
Cromwell. A. P. Montague, Judge, first
Tuesday in January, April, July and October.
Ccralr . W. D. Barnard, Judge, last Sat
urday in March, June, September and Decern
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 15, 1875.
W. It. DONNElt, Local Euitor,
Particular Notice.
All persons indebted to this oflicc, will
please call and pay up, as wc are in urgent
need of some money. Wc cannot run a
newspaper without money, and hence we
are under the necessity of collecting as
fast as amounts full due.
Special Notice
"We have erased from our subscrip
tion list the names of all subscribers
whose tune has expired. We hope
they will all renew.
We will send Tun IIi:n.i,i from now
until the 1st of January next to any
address for oO cents.
Address enclosing the money, witl
name, poit-oflice addrcs.s, county and
.tate, legibly written.
Ixo. P. BincErr.V Co., rcnusiiEKS,
Hartford, Ky.
The old Methodist church bell has
1)ccn transferred to the seminary.
Quite a number of our citizens wii
htart for the Ivouisville Exposition
about the 20th inst.
Our young friend J. D. Crow leaves
in a few days for Ucthany College,
Va. Wc IA him a pleasant trip.
Mr. Ikicbard A. Patlon prcsrnled us
with a nice lot of peaches Monday.
They wi'rMlolic:is, and decidedly the
I.tr;' t vo haw sc !! thi ea-on.
The singing class met at the court
hou? Monday night, but was poorly
- - - '
The merry laugh of the school chil
dren a;c now heard.
Our merchants arc receiving their
arjrc stocks of fall goods.
Tern- Williams and Clarence Hard-
wick arc building an Ajax No. 2,
which we heard they would run from
Pittsburgh to New Orleans.?)
Chills arc quite popular now nearlv
cvervbodv have them.
Five thousand people were .-imposed
to have been in attendance at the Tay
lor reunion Thursday.
Mr. Washington Taylor, of Missi-s-
ippi, and Mr. Alfred Taylor, of Il
linois, attended the reunion last week,
and are still in town.
Miss Gertie Houston, formerly of
this place, but now of I'ockport, Ky.,
was m town Sunday.
The Premium Corn.
Win. K. Wright is said to have the
finest crop of corn in the county. The
entire crop is on the ridge., and was
planted earl-.
Mr. John R. Mocley, of this coun
ty, has a large flock of wild turkeys.
The eggs were found in the woods, and
'set" under domestic fowls. Thcv arc
disposed to wander, but come home
with the tame turkeys to root.
B. V. Go5sctt, of "Texas," is said
to be the finest rifle shot in Ohio
county. To shoot a squirrel through
the head, seventy-five yard, off-hand,
is a feat easily accomplished by him,
lowcvcr difficult it may be to others.
Call and leave your orders with V. C.
Chapman, (agt.) for fruit trees from the
Greenville Nursery. Kruit trees adapted
to the soil and climate nt reduced rates
Also grape vines from Knott .t Chap
man's vineyard, the best variety in the
"state. u3jf2ni.
Prof. J. Kllis Ilavncs, who lias been
the principal of our school for two or
three -car.s, left us last week for Dix
on, Webster count-. The professor is
a teacher of experience and marked
ibility, and made a host of friend-'
while here. Wc wish him succcs in
his new field of labor.
Visitor to the Imposition
at Lotli-ville, should not fail to also vinit
he great Clothing House of J. Winter &
Co., cor. 3d and Market streets. Thci
neir Fall stock is now complete, and all
their own manufacture.
I" aimers are now happy. Wc had
:i good rain Friday, which has changed
the appearance of things very much
Htisincss is getting better, and farmers
now wear smiles over their prospect
for unusually good crops.
L. J. Lyon will have Fresh .Oysters
nest rnday evening.
A Correction.
The local which apieared hist week
in regard to "John I. Uarrctt. of
Louisville, Ky., &c.," was gotten up
tor a joke, but as a great many in the
country believed it to be true, wc
.kl. 1.?, i- . mi
luauu mis correction. j.ncrc is Hom
ing of it. lie is still here and expects
to remain. At the time it w:ts written,
he was traveling for the l'omerov Coal
Company, and was in the city a great
portion of his time.
Lfavc Your .'leasure
and have a nice fitting suit made to order
by J. Winter .t Co., The Merchant Tai
lors of Louisville. Custom Department
on second floor of their great Clothins
House. Cor. 3d and Market streets.
The IlarUorU School.
The fall session of the Hartford
school began on Monday of la.-t week,
with M. Melntyrc as principal, as
sisted by Miss II. M. Foreman. The
principal and assistant arc both fir.-t
class educators, and the school starts
out with very flattering prospects of
Another ItanU Itobbcri.
On Sunday night, September 5th
the Hancock bank of Greenville, Ky.
was robbed of the neat little sum of
thirty-five thousand dollars. For two
or three daj-s previous to ihe robbery,
three very suspicious looking men
were lo Ik; seen loitering around the
bank, and is the general belief that
they were the guilty ones. A few
days before they reached Greenville, a
dispatch was received at Princeton,
Ky., stating that they were bound for
that place, coming from below. Mr.
lu 15. Itatliflj the banker was greatly
excited, but with the assistance of the
some of the citizens, succeeded in
guarding the bank and prevented
them making an attack upon it. They
arc supposed to be regular bank rop
bcrs, and they are up to their business,
as the safe which they opened for Mr.
Hancock had a combination lock upon
it, and they are vcr' difficult to work
successfully without understanding
Tlip Oliio Comity S'asr.
The next meeting of this association
promises to be the grandest afliiir ever
hold on their beautiful grounds. We
hair of a great deal of stock to be here
and compete for tho liberal premiums
offered. The Klizabethiown brass
band will furiiMi music, and every
thing will be done to make the occa-
ion pleasant to thoc in attendance.
I.it Monday evening, while tho
west bound freight train, on the L. I.
& S. W. 15. It. was at Kim Lick, the
conductor, Mr. Chapman, fell from a
box car and received several bad
briiic. Fortunately the train was
not in motion, or he would have been
killed instantly, as he fell between the
If voa want to uuv
rroccries cheap, go
h. J. Lyon's
A Vicious Hnx.
little daughter of Mrs. Guest,
living in Huckhorn, was attacked by a
vicious sow one day last week, and
.sustained a fracture of the collar bono
and several severe bruises. We are
glad to learn that the little sufferer is
in a fair way to a speedy recovery.
A .11 can Act.
Some thoughtless, or rather meanly
;li.-posed person mutilated a fine colt
belonging to 'Squire Win. II. Cum
mins, of this county, by cutting off a
portion of its car. The 'Squire will is
sue a warrant for that chap quicker
than lightning, should he ever fin d
him out.
An Kscaucd Convict.
W. 31. Colfcc, a convict from Ilar-
lin county, made his escape from the
penitentiary at Frankfort, Saturday,
September 4th. He was sent from
Hardin county in August, 1874, for
loise-slealing, for a term of five years.
He obtained an old pair of faded con
vict pants which ho dyed to a dark
brownish color, and by means of an
old pea-jacket, a straw hat, and a pair
of Ihirnsidc whiskers, proceeded to the
front gate, rang the bell and was al
lowed to go on his way without detec
tion, lie is an adroit thief, and a
shrewd criminal. It is thought he
was born in Louisville, and christened
with the name of Jamas Wells, as he
has been heard to saw His operations
have been in Kentucky and Missouri.
He has served a term in the Nashville
penitentiary for larceny. His aliases
are numerous, eollee is said to he
about .'52 years of age, .1 feet 8 inches
high, and weighs 147 pound-; has
hazel eyes, black hair, and has
lost two teeth from the upper part
of his mouth. A reward of 8100 has
been offered by Jerry South for his dc
livery to him at Frankfort.
Transfers o!" Ileal INtutc.
The following translerrf of real estate
have been lodged for record since our last
report, viz:
Grant Johnon to Burnett Johnson ,
101 acres on Panther Creek, $450,
Mrs. Margaret Rummage to John
C. Wcstcrfield, life estate in Jooph
Nelson's land, S'200,00.
A. I). Edge to Isaac Nelson, TiO
acres on Deserter's Fork, $ 100,00
G. W. Patterson to Jeffrey Alexan
der, 52 acres on Green Ilivcr, $800,00.
William Cook to James Cook jr. 100
teres on Parker's Creek, $000,00.
Frank Tichenor lo W. 15. Tichcnor,
5 tracts, 15!) acres. Exchange of land.
Sheriff Smith to J. C. Turns, 100
acres in District Xo. 8, $!)4,5J.
marriage Licenses'.
The following is a list of the marriage
licenses issued eincc our la.-t report:
Sperling Moore and Miss Mar A,
Peter P. Hancock and Miss Ar-
umiuta Yaugcr.
Mi: ltains Lecture.
According to pulished appointment,
Mr. George W. 15ain, Grand Counsel
or of the I. O. G. T., addressed a small
addience of our people at the court'
house. It was unfortunate that 15ro.
Bain's visit occurred just at this time,
for he is a favorite here, and never be
fore failed to be greeted with a crowd
ed house. I5ut just now there i-
scarcely a family in town free from
sickness, hence the light turn-out to
hear the peerless advocate of the tern
pcraucc cause. I lis lecture was able,
of course, logical and convincing. 11
stated facts that are undisputable and
advanced arguments that are unanswer
able His flights of fancy were brilliant
and poetical; his anecdotes pointed,
apt and witty; and his entire speech
was a credit to himself, to his cause,
and gave unbounded satisfaction to
his audience. Wc hope that Brother
Bain will visit u again at some more
auspacious period, when the town is
not cru.-hed under the ban of almost
universal disease.
JleetiiiR 1" Hip Ohio Couiit.y
The next regular meeting of the
Ohio County Council, 1. of 11. will he
on the Friday immediately preceding
the iirst Monday in Octoher next.
U.V. Hock n:, Sw-'y.
Si'ptonilh'r th, 1 s7'.
.i!:x.vi:: jicjh'.xkv tayi.oij.
Novemiiki: 13, 1S."I StUTCMBKR, 7, 1S7.J.
Death lies on her, lifco an untimely frj.t
Upon (lie sweetest flow'r of all tUo tiell.
The subject of this memorial trihute
was one of those rare lovable characters
the good Ooi at long and infrequent in
tervals accords to earth as evidence of the
existence of angels.
She possessed in profusion many of ihe
attributes that we credit to the bright sis
terhood of Heaven, and was remarkably
free from the grosser elements that pecu
liarly mark and mar humanity.
Her heart was a fountain ol love whose
sweet, sympathetic waters ran out to all
lcr fellow-creatures.
Her soul never harbored hate or envy.
Her nature was essentially fymathetic,
and the sorrows and griefs ot her friends
weighed upon her as her own.
No one knew her, but to love; no one
named her, but to praise.
Too pure, too good for earth, in the
dawn of her sinless youth and the radiance
of her maiden beauty, she has passed
away, lihc the fragile tropic flower that
reserves its sweetest incense for and bares
ts snowy bosom to the first beam of the
sun, and exhales into heaven.
In her death our little communily has
suffered an irreparable loss.
Her beauty was transient as the hue of
the rose, and perishes in the gloom of the
Her voice was sweet and musical as the
tones of the fairy-harp hidden in the ever
green branches of the mountain pine.
It rang clear as a silver bell when she
sang, and was soft and melodious as a
flute upon water when she conversed.
"Alas! silence reigns where inasie was.' '
'She is not dead, bnt sleepeth."
Thanks be unto God, the Newer Day
and the Perfect Vision cometh, when we
shall look upon her more radiantly beau
tiful than when on earth she walked "the
center and the pivot of our loving hearts."
Early dead; but not before she had
sought and found "the wav unto salva
Death, for her, had no terror.
In the refulgent light of the Crosi the
rave shone as the gateway to the City of
God, "bright as the morning with precious
jewels more brilliant than many suns."
Let us all who knew and loved her
make her our exemplar live as she lived.
lie as she died that we may meet and
greet her "in our Father's house."
Let us not forget, amid our tears anil
mourning, that though she is dead to us
she is alive to all the beauty and glory
and grandeur and enduring happiness of
And when we sing her favorite hymn,
let us sing it as she sung it, with hearts
attuned to its lofty aspirations, makin
each line a prayer and every verse a sup
Let mc go; my soul is weary
0 the chain which Linda it here;
Let my .piritbend its pinion
To a brighter, holier fphcrc:
Earth, 'tin true, hath friends nho bless mc
With their fond and f.iitliful love,
Cut the hands of angels beckon
Onward to tho climes above.
Resolutions of Kcsncct Adopted
by the Hartford Sabbath School
and 'lioir. September llitli IS75,
Whereas On the 7th day of September,
ISTj, it pleased our Heavenly Father to
call from time to eternitv our beloved
friend and associate. Miss Jcxxik M.
Taylor, it is fitting that we, her survi
vers, feeling deeply her loss, should pay
a proper tribute to her memory. While
we recognize and bow to the will of God
n depriving us of our dear friend; while
we lealizc the sad fact that she no longer
oecupics'her accostomed teat in her class
that the Hush has faded from her cheek
the lustre from her eye; that the joyous
smile has left the lip, and Death's cold
touch has chilled the fountains of the
heart; yet, it is sweet to remember tha
He who said, "Conic unto me," has sum
moned dear Jexxiuto share the joys of
Heaven, and, amid the ransomed throng.
with seraphic millions there to blend that
sweet alto voice in anthems of praise to
God, our Father, our Savior, our King.
Jl titles t That we will ever cherish
the tendcrest recollections for the mem
ory of her whom wc all loved so dearly
llesnlral: That wc oiler to the sorlcy
bereaved family our sincereet condolence
in this their hour of deep eorrow.
HesolccJ: That Tub HAnxroRD Hckaid
be requested to publish these resolutions,
and that a copy of the same be furnishci:
tiie umily ot the deceased.
Mrs. Jcxnie Mosei.ky,
Mrs. Lou. Ciiai-max,
Miss Kva Griffin,
Miss Mary 1'k.nui.etox,
K. T. Williams,
L. 1Sai:i:ett,
Wji. I'm its,
M. McIstyre, J
A Singular Stalk ot Corn.'
Mr. John A. Taylor, living near
Cromwell, brought to this office one
day last week, a forked stalk of corn.
It evidently grew from one grain, :ls
the fork was fully two feet above the
ground, and was a single .-talk from
the fork down to the ground. Some
of our oldest farmers say they never
saw anything to equal it in the way of
a stalk of corn.
Horn, August l!(th, 1875, to
riii:, wife of W. E. Tow.nsi:xi, a lioy
John Coxyf.iw.
Mi:. Ghi'i:lle will leave lor his new
scene of lalwr the latter part of this
week. 'e are indebted to him for
editorial assistance on this i-jlt. of our
cvxKYvif.i.i: ;,-rri:it.
Canevyilm:. ICv , Sept. '..
Editor IIkrald: The busy time
is ovt with our farmers, our common
hools are in full bla-t, and the health
and happiness of the country here-j
abouts is, we claim, excelled by no
cctionin the State. People are throng-
ng from all parts of the surrounding
country, and leaving this place daily
for Louisville to sec the grand display
of arts and inventions.
Bltiford Beauchamp, who had been
uffering for about five weeks of neur.il-
ia of the bone in the right leg, and
ubmitted to the amputation of the
lfllicted limb by Doctors Pendleton
and Tilford on Sunday, the 29th tilt.,
died at his residence on Thursday last.
Mr. Beauchamp was in every respect
a perfect gentleman, and his loss 1st
mourned by a wife and five children,
anil all who knew him.
a m:w STor.Eiiourin.
Messrs. Skaggs & Kennedy, our enter
prising contractors and builders, have
contracted to erect a new storehouse
for W. J. Wil-on & Bro., on the East
ide of Main Street in South Cancy-
and Tiirrv wnnn licked.
Just as wc expected, the Lietchfield
chaps who played a match game of
croquet with the Caneyville club, a
few days ago, on their return home
tvc the Ilcruld a very unjust account
of the game, by recounting the best
which they did one game, but by one
stroke only, while they were beaten
by five bridges in the other game.
Rom no Pixkstaff.
VK.1I voi.vr VI.KA.SAXT.
Toixt Plcasant. Ohio County 1
Ky., SepL 10 J
Editor II nn ld: llainy days have
once more given place to the golden
sunshine, and dewy morn. Crop pros
pects arc more favorable. That part
of our county which was not entirely
inundated during the rainy season, has
revived wonderfully during the last
two weeks, and it is probable that tho
yield will considerably exceed that of
last year. The wheat-thresher is heard
no more within our land; and now
there is but little to break the peace
ful quietude, save the song of the grass
hopper, by day, and the accusations of
the katydid, by night. There is plen
ty of cake and a fair prospect for sor
The patrons of West Point school
met on the 4th inst. for the purpose c f
securing a uniformity of text-lwoks.
11. P. Kowc, teacher in charge, deliver
ed a very pointed lecture on school in
terests, showing the great value of an
education, the importance of uniform I-
ity of text-hooks, and regular attend
ance. After which suggestions were
made by the patrons, in regard to the
best method of getting up uniformity
of books. The most popular of which
seemed to be for the trustees to select
among those recommended by the
board of education, such a hook in each
branch as is most extensively used in
the district.
A choir conducted by S. W. Tiche
nor, makes the air ring with sweet
nui-ic each Sabbath. I he session will
soon clo-e; but it is hoped that another
will soon begin, which will aflord all
who attend a good opportunity to be
conic expert in simrin the songs o
On the .'5d int. the writer was vcrv
much fri"htcncd by tiuttiiitr his hand
on a large rattlesnake, while removini
a pile of old raiN. The snake was
soon killed; but the alarm was after
wards increased by the grasshoppers
which seemed endowed with miracu
Ions jiower of imitation. Xkmo.
Ctirrocteit Weekly I.vWlll. II. Williams.
IlAUTroito, Kr., Sept I", 187.r).
Apple, ilrcil, V- bush S 1 SO I 7."
Apple, green, push..
Hacon, (nide) r! lb.
" (hani") c1 lb
Deans "t( hii.sh-
Brooms, ilo.
Butter, fi lb
Canities, 0 lh
Candles, H
Collee, 'ji tt
CheeM 'r! lh
Crackers. ! lh
Coal oil, ft gal non
Chickens, j( iloz
Corn, barrel
1 2ofVA 1 50
:j 50
15 20
1!5(W -10
1 5U 1 75
3 00
8 II)
C 00 7 00
4 4
5 G
10 121
18 20"
1 25
2 00 2 50
75 1 00
1 50(-, 2 00
S 50lO 00
4 25 5 50
121 20
:; oo
lOfW 50
1 50 1 75
2 50
Eggs, ") iloz
I'loiir, barrel
1 1 ot n i ii v, lb
Hay, "ri 10 lh ......
Hide?, jirecn, salted, f! lb
Hides, dried Hint, H
hard, t tti
I.nr.l oil "('' gallon
Lime, barrel
Meal, unbolted, "fi bushel
Molasses, gallon
Mackerel, f hit
Mackerel, 'h barrel
Nuila. keg, 10J
Ovsters, f( cai
Unions, f parrel
Potatoes, Irish, f hii.shel.
l'caclii'.s. dried, "fl bushel.
Kicc, V lh
Salt, f' barrel
Stiirar, X. . f? lh
.Sugar, C. V lh
Siigar.crusheil poiv,dI't lb
.Soap, V- lb"
Starch, "i1 lb
.Soda, V lb
Tallow, "r lb
Tar, V- sallon
Teas, V lb
Tobacco, inaniitac'd, c1 lb
1 50,. -J
7ti. I
i:aet Sizt-ctl Our 815 Hatches
Takes pleasure in announcing to the eititca
or Hartlotci ana unto couniy uiai ue
Uecciving Daily,
Gents' and Boys' Clothing,
ats, Oapsi
Staple and
AUo dealer in
Leaf Tobacco,
I will sell very low for cash, or exchange
for nil kinds of country produce. My motto
is "Quick sales and small profits. noI ly
sirrn tiiomas
If vou want a good clock at a moderate
price, send for our new illustrated price list
of Scth Thomas clocks. Clocks securely pa.ked
and sent to any address at our risk on receipt
ofpneo and nrty cents auditio-al lor express
charges. .Money may Uo acut lately DJ regis
tered letter or express.
U. 1'. BAKSES & BRO.,
Jewclcrs.Main St., bt. Cth i 7lh,Louisvi!le.Ky.
jTcw Goods! New Goods!
Every department in our stock is full and our
prices arc uonn lo luo
Lowest 2NTo"fcc2lI
We are confident that no other house will Jo
.is uell by you as ours. Wo respectfully so
licit an exauiinatiou of our
before making your spring purchases, believ
mg tuat it will pay you to do so. no latt
1.. J. IA'O.V.
Dealer in
Groeerle.1 and Confectioneries.
Keens constantly on hand a largo assortmcn
of all kiuds of (Iroccries aii'l Confectioneries
nblch ho will sell low for cash, or exchdugo
for all kinds of
I will also pay the highest rash price fo
hides, sheep pclls,cgg, butter, bacon, potatoes;
beans, etc. not it
.Security mill Iiulcmiilty.
CAPITAL, $10,000,000 GOLD.
Cash Assets, ovkr $12,000,000 Ciold,
Cash Assets in U. S., $1,837,1134 Golo.
Losses paid without discount, refer to 12th
Uitiun of Company's policy.
AKBEK .t CA3TLUMAX. fiencral Agents,
Louisville, Keutucky,
tlAUIiLTT A UltO.. Asrnt.i.
m wws mg
Mew G-oods
Ocnf Silver Hunting Key nimlin- Lrr
V.'atelii515. CrntVilter Hunting Sirm-wind-in
Lcvcr-wasthe, Sri. Lmliea llttUl Hauling
Krv-nindin Lever Watehe, $i0. L.niie"
Hold HuntiD Ste'n-niiuliiig Lever Walcbr,
SiO. Ilents (h.I.I Hunting Stciu-winilin
Lever Watchr.', jr.5. Kent' Hold Hunlizs
Stcm-windins Lever Watches $70,
Either of theaborr Wtenc nnt by mail !t
oisr riih on receipt of price anl fifty crnti fir
postage, or by expre j, with bill to eullcct pric
on delivery of wnteh, subject tt eisminntioti
and 3Biroalrif desired, before paying. AH
our watches are warrenlcd either si lid gold or
stdid silver, unc'sent s-ifely By post-office mon
ey onlerrrrsistered letter or by riprcss. Wu
have also a very line assortment of stdid gold
and silver cbjinv which we- are offering at
equally low prices. Wcask especial attention
to oor Cfteen dollar silver watches, believing
them superi r tn any watch at liie price ever
soU in this country.
If yon want a Good TVntcl at Iow
l'rlce send for our new illustrated Trice List
of Col I and Siler Watches which shows iie
and prices of abant fifty differed styles. Xfa
Scad it free to any address.
C. P.BAKXUS A BKO.. Jewcteri
MiiL) Main. st, bL Cth 4 7th Louisville, Ky.
hf.xry a. McntsKV, sav. c mix
.llcltKXKY fc HILL.
Will practice in Ohio and adioining eonnticr
and in the Court of Appe.ls f Kentuky
nut ly.
T. r. MOEI71S-, O. C. WID01MG-.
(Ofllce west of courthouse over n.irilniek .fc
2Calls store.
Will practice in inferior and superior court
of this commonwealth
Special attention given to eases Jo- bank
i . 1'. 21organ is also examiner,- anu wu
take depositions correclly will be readj to-
blige all parties at all times.
CdOectwM PrmuptTif AtlentTeJ fa
0filco oa Market street, over Mauiy's tin
shop. jan20 ly
3ESSE K. roct.it.
Hartford, Ky.
Otressboro, Ky.
Trill pracliee their profession in Ohio ind
adjoining eonnties and in the Court of Appeals.
Office on Market street, near courthouse".
and Real Estate Agent,
Prompt attention given to the collection of
claims. Will buy, sell, lease, or rent lands or
mineral privileges on reasonable terms. Will
write deeds, mortgages, leases, xc, and at.
tend to listing and paying taxes on lands be
onging to non-residents.
(Formerly Connty Judge,
Will practice in alt the courts of Ohio count y
and tho circuit courts of the 5th judicial dis
trict, liu mess solicited and prompt attention
nol la
(County Judge.)
Prompt attention iven to the collection of
claims. Office in he courthouse.
iVC, KC.
Bought at
The llhjhetl Marlxl Price.
Remember the place, nest side publie square
opposite the court house, Hartford, Ky.
nol ly.
Dealer in
Drurp, Medicines and Chemical.,
Fino Toilet Soaps, Fancy Hair ami Tooth
Brush cs. Perfumery ami Fancy Toilet
Articles, Trusses and Shoulder
Garden Seed.
Pure Wines and Liquors for medical purposes.
Pu.'ni. Oils, VurnUhes.Dyc'StvjTs,
Letter-paper. Pens, Ink, t;nvelopes, 01i
Putty, Carbon (jil, Lamps and Chimneys.
Physicians" prescriptions accurately com
pounltd. ni It

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