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ix ibi lows or
at tbc mice or
ST Tiro Dollars a Year in. Adraicc.&S.
Blustrcy last week.
Miss Carrie Jarboc lind a congestive
chill one day last week.
Wanted To know who that mid
night barker belongs to.
Don't forget the Good Templars con
neitaes and llip.tch,at city price. We hare Evansvillc. Indiana,
a fnll lint of job tjpei, ind f olieit the patronage
of the htttUci commanitj.
Counterfeit money U circulating in
The pottage on etery copy of Thb UcitaLD
prepaid at tkie ojfi.ee.
Or term of enbtcrtption are 2 00 per year,
mirtabty in adettnet.
Should tke piper exiptnd pttll teat Ion t from
my camee, dnrimy tne year, we teiM rrfnmd the
money dme om etbeription, or furniek eubicri
here for tke unexpired term tettk any paper of tke
mmepriet tkey may eeleeU
AdrertUementt of bntineee mem. are eolieited;
ojccptlkoee of taloon keepere nnd dealer in in
toxicating Hqnort, jchtek ire Kill not admit to our
o&tnmni under any cuxnm.tanett.
All commnnienttone and rontribnttont for pnb
lieation must be nddreeeed to' tke Editor,
OttmmnmtcMtiomt in regard toadcertitiofjjand Job
ter mnetbe addremed to the i'uhlxekert,
-moiiier uig snow is nuiea lor uw
ensboro, Monday, November 8.
Forty thousand drummers (more or
less), were in town last Aveek.
"We were pleased to meet upon tho
streets last Friday, our young friend
Harrv Bridges.
The present tobacco crop is thought
to be about five times as great as that
of hist vcar.
iton. James Stuart, Jndge, or Oireniboro.
Moo. J. Ilayeraft, Attorney, Elixabethtown.
A. L.M'orteh; Clerk", Hartford.
."R. Momll, Vaster Cooamittioaer, Hartford.
T. J. Smith, Sheriff, Hartford.
E. L. Wilt, Jailer, Hartford.
Coart begin en the leeond Xondayi In May
and November, and continue! four weski each
. ttrm.
lion. TT. 't. Gregory, Judge, Hartford.
Capt. Sam. K. Cox, Clerk, tlartford.
J. 'P. Sanderftr, Attorney, Hartfiird.
Uroecry lor Mule.
Having gone into the hotel business,
I desire to sell my stock of Groceries
and rent my store house. I will sell
on reasonable terms. My stand is the
verv best in Hartford. L. J. Lyon.
The death of W. D. Vcrtrees is an
nounced iu die Elizabethtown Nem.
He died at his brother's near Rocky
Mr. L. Barrett, for some time a
typo on the Herald, severed his connec
tion with this office Monday, and is en
gaged in his old business again col
lecting the tax due thcex-Shcriff. He
is a jolly, good fellow, and may bis
shadow never grow less.
We have received several letters
this week which do not appear, owing
to the paper being nearly up lcforc
receiving them. Such as we can use
will appear next issue. We would be
glad if our correspondents would send
in their favors on Saturday, so that we
will know what to depend upon, as we
can not hold open our columns for
There came near being a fire at the
Crow House, last Thursday morning,
caused by the joint of pipe that enters
the Hue nearest the garret working
down and the sparks catching to the
shingles. It was getting a good start
when it was discovered, but by the
promptness of some of our citizens, it
was extinguished before doing any
We were premature In announcing
last week that Mrs. Gruelle would take
up school last Monday. We under
stand now that it is doubtful whether
she will teach at all or not, as she can
not get as many scholars as would jus
The last session of the Daviess tify her opening a school, as proposed,
County Court ordered that a new bell without taking scholars from the
should be purchased for the court- school already in progress, and that
Ceurt bejim on the first Xontiy in erery I house, and that the roof and fence she will not do
antb. I should be painted.
Begins on the 3rd Mondays in Jaaaary, April,
Jly and October.
Begins on the ftrtt Xondayi in October and
J. J. Letch, Alienor, Cromwell.
. Smith Fitshugh, Surveyor, Sulphur Springe.
Thus. II. Bos well, Coroner, Sulphur Springi.
W. L. Retro, School Comminiouer, Hartford.
Caney District, No. 1. P. H.Alford, Justice,
eta ren a, jane w. acpiemoer , uecemoer ... , .. !, t ,.;.! rMt f .,:,:,,,
It. B.r.Tilford,Juitiee,heldMarehI8,Jane ""b" "t" " o' tv
i, September 18, December 4.
Cool Spriiri Diltrict, No. I. A. Ji. Drown,
Juitioe, held March 3, Jane 15, September 2,
December It. D. J. Wilcox, Justice, held
March IS, Jane 2, September Id, .December 2,
Centtrrille Diltrict, No. J. W. P. Render,
Jttitiee, held March 31, Jane 14, September 30,
DeeiaSer 15. T. S. Bmnett, Jaitiee, held
March 15, June 28, September 13, December,
Bell'e Store District, No. 1. Benj. Newton,
Juitice, Jfirch II, June 23, September II, De
cember 27. S. Woodward, Justice, March 21,
Jane 10, September 25, December 11,
ForJiritle Diltrict, No. i. 1. W. II. Cobb
Jaitiee, X arch t, June 19, September 8, D seem-
bar 22. J. I. Burtou, Justice, March 20, Jane
' 7, Sef timber ,22yliesnibcr'fl
llii Diitncc, No. . C. S. McElroy, March
, June 21, SentcmberV, December 23. Jai.
Mr. W. T. King, of this place, has
The Examiner says the tobacco crop invented a hand-printing machine, in
of Daviess county, is estimated at which he shows considerable ingenui
6,000,000 or 7,000,000 pounds, and ty. It is worked with a hinge, having
the quality nearly up to the average, the timpin on the lower board while
Tr-.-Z wv te impression is made by the top
and Clarence Hard wick arc awful on
turkeys. They killed three fine gob
blers Saturday laL
piece, which is brought over and hits
squarely on the tyie. It makes about
four or five hundred impressions an
hour. Mr. King is TJ. S. Collector,
Some one ought to start a sausage nnd has invented this machine so as to
;s en
years, and not cx
supply it fur 18
haust the stock,
The Grayson County Herald was
purcha?cd last week by Smithers &
Mr. E. L. Wise received a severe Baker, and it now appears as the
cut on one of his hands Saturday eve Gravsou Jourivai. They do away with
while playing with John Col-
It was accidental. -
Miss Alice Leach, of Cave City, ar
rived iu this place Wednesday evening
last, and is visiting her sister, Mrs.
L. J. Lyon.
col. u. x. Johnson, one ot our
most enterprising citizens, has erected
the "patent" system, and print a home
paper. We are glad to see the change,
and hope that all country papers will
soon see their mistake in using them,
and fall back on the old way. Mr,
Ben. b. uobms is its editor, aim pre
sents his readers with a newsy little
We were visited by a heavy storm sheet Our best wishes are lor the
last Friday night. It blew down lots prosperity of the Journal.
nf fpiifiiiT ntnl tlmlior 111 fills mnntv
w I... if ,i fu mt: iianrora t.uicrprne.
Millerj Xaitice, March 23, June S, September J Be "lt 'a
' nr . .: , 1. 1 1 .. I ,.r,i. fi.,,f ... : 1 .:.. :..
Hartford Diitritt, No. 7. Jno. P. Cooper, uura 1.1; uum juu muuvi ...mw! u.vi.uw. "ijs iuuuiihics 111
Juitice, March 13, June 25,beptcmber 14. De I is scarce; that the reason people go I the Urccn luver country. JNlr. John
eembtr2. -A. B. Bennett, Juitice, March 25, J to Tracy & Soil to get their money's S0I1 has three looms, OI1C for Weaving
worth. plain linsey, one for four leaf and the
other for five leaf jeans. It is situated
on Rough creek, in the upper end of
town, and is run by water power. The
looms weaves ninety yards a day
, 1 -w .
uurty yarus to each loom, its run
ning gear is of the best brand, and the
whole concern is indeed a credit to the
In addition to the above, Mr. John-
Caney Sparks, the. man who tried County Convention ol Cooel Ton
10 commit an uuuagcuus. crime uIWn Q Tucsj anJ Wednesday of next
some scnooi B, m tne on pnur . q( QUh coulu
apwv s- ; w"?" wu ty will meet in convention with the
mane mention iiui wcck was tried at Lo,,ge at Hiiilton StaUon, on thel,.,
the Springs fonday, and was fined the p . R w n n All tlio T 1.-,
nice little sum of 881 The young ; tlcounty have been notified of the
ladies are of the best families in the event- aml it u hopcd t,)at a of thcm
neighborhood, and Miss Robinson ,.;,,-,.,,,, a Mnin -.,.
gave in her evidence with tears m her ,mV(J Km n)a1(j to an(,
eyes. Miss Bean was iron-nerved, entertain all who may attend. The
and stated plainly to the court what jjodgc at Hamilton is, we believe, the
this villain had propose to them. He iargcst aml ,nost activc Lodgc in tJlc
was given until one o'clock yesterday county They proposc to mako thc
to niisc the nioiicy to pay his fine, dccgMcs to thc convent;0n feel that
which, if he failed to do, would be ;t wag for thcm to havc
placed in the county jail at this place. there K t Sat,mlav nJjrht. nrelimi-
Sparks is a married man.and we learnc.1 nary to the mcct;Ilg 0f tll0 convention,
resides m the northern portion 01 a public auJres3 wiH be delivered at
Daviess count-. He was traveling rTmium, u w..!!,, nun T a
through this county -when he tried to w. C. T. "of the order iu tho State.
commit this outrage; meeting these d dtlring the session other public ad
young ladies on thc road on their way dresges delivered by Geo. V7.
norae irom scnooi.. -nn; a w n -tt fi. ,1
Anotucr Ohaage. turnout of Good Templars on this oc-
Mr. L. J. Lyon has recently rented casion, and right then and there let a
and is now fitting' up the Hartford revival of the good work in our county
House in. the grandes, style of a ny ho- begin and spread to its utmost borders,
tel in tiie Green River country. Mr. I 111. Time Wax i'-rlon.
lyon lias had several years experience He came from the direction in which
.1 1 t f 1 1
in tne noiei ousmcss, m Knos just igoYa vrf ht . . morn.
how to do'thc-thing satisfactorj' to all. H - horse was covered with
mi tai i ;
111c noiei no now occup es is snuaiea foa, d hc M rf t t A en
m tne ousmess poruon 01 u.c tou, a.iu ; d , nassnd-manv won
commercial men will find it to their doring people, such as "say, stranger,
advantage to stop, wun mm wnen vis- what.g the matterr Quo would havc
iting this plaee, as he can fun.ish them 9Upp05ed from ili3 gpeed that he had a
with large and comfortable rooms in u jrj ,:! :, r., i,;m ,i
v - iiuiiuiviu iiiiib uuiiiut auava 111111. 111111
which to display their samples. The but a fcw m;uute3 to Juake h in He
house is a three-story building, and carried his hat in one baud and
has thc capacity to .comfortably lodge hickory-withe in the other, the latter
quite a number of guests, lhe best 0f which he applied pretty freely
of servants arc in his employ, and His main aim was to reach his destina
will always be found ready to attend t;ou on time, let the consequenses be
to the wants ot travelers. lrs. i.yon what they may. His horse wa3 puf
is indeed a model landlady, and will fiug and blowing like an engine on a'
sec that all the dainties and substau- creased track, but he did not care for
tials the market affords are spread that Ho was thought by some to be
upon her table. e bespeak for Mr. a desperado, fleeing from the peace of
Lyon a success in the. hotel business, ficers, while others whispered, "he's
lis advertisement will appear next n lunatic" He came dashing down
week. Main street and halted iu front of a
Monday morning a young couple . ovpr n i,;.,.,,;,,. nnf,
lrom Aiuhlcnburg county, appiietl at
eVIIU UUAO lit (.1113 IKJi I - 1 1.4.
44 ClljJ JL Hja,l A&Vll 1M
And Ere Glasses are .the beat far failing eizht. Cut and poliihed from the ''Ileal Slnne."
they are perfectly transparent (will cut giaie like a diamond). Being harder than the rI.
tbey recelro a finer polish and alway. retain it. One pair-carefally laited to yrtar eyes will
last aa long ni Are pairs of the best glass, besides preserring the light almost unimpaired all
that time. By our new system for testing the sight,-we are enabled tn suit any eye to seen
rntely that no injurious effects will fo'llow. We repair Spectacles jnd Eye Olass, and intert
febbles or the best Mlass Lenses in ol I frames. Uur lii-roc.nl Spectacles are fur old people
bo require spectacles to seo far off as well as noar by only one pair being required. To per
sons who cannot call on ns ne send our new illustrated Price T,it which ihiwj bow to order.
C. P. BARNES A BRO., Opticas.
' Main St., be. Sixth and Sereflth (Louisrilt Hotel Block.) Looisiilte, Ky.
Juae II, September 37, December 13
Cromwell .District, No. 8. Saeauel Anstin
Justice, March 27, June 1C, September TJ, De
eeenber 17. Melrin TayUr, Jcitiee, March 17,
Juae.3, September 17, December 31
Hartford Diltrict, No. 9. Thomas L. Allen,
Mr. Eil. Bennett and lady arrived
in litis city Monday night. Mr. Ben
nett brought more workmen with him,
JmUee, March 12, June 21, September 13, De. ad the Work on the jail is ill full
ccniber 2s. Jno. Jl. Leies., Justice, .Marco ro, 1 11 .
; 12, September 11, December if.
r. . . . n ..... ...,.. ? . I n r.
nninnnr nnnDFi uinncL. nu. iu. u. u. I -v v . v t .
1 I S ' ----- - , I It- VV I I n..,r Mn.
v . r -r . T r 1- . 1 I II . W. Aitl A J IbbUIIIUU lAIJIIt .4
eaainz, usuce, jaarcu 17, 110 or:jnuiur i s v -
I, December 7. Jae. A. Bennett, Juitice, DUSIIICSS trip to JOUlSVllle last fetttur
Mareij , June 18, SepUmber 7, December 21.1 day. The Dr. is one of our coal kintr.
Bartlett Diltrict, No. Il-W. II. Cummin., d k vimimiislr for tho infers! 011 has llist Completed One of the best
J.itiea, March 10, June 22, September 10, De- J flourimr mills On Roush creek run-
eember 2t. J. S. Yatel, Juitice, Marcb 33, 1 V
Jnae I, September 21, December 10,
Hartford F.P.Morgan, Judge, second Mon
days in January, April, July and October.
Bearer Dam. E. W. Cooper, Judge, Grit
Satnrday In January, April, Jnly an I October.
CromweU. A. P. Montague, Judge, first
Tuesday in January, April, July and October,
Ceralri. W. D. Barnard, Judge, last Sit
rdaj in March, Jane, September nnd Decern
uing three sets of stones, and at a cost
Mr. W. C. Chapman, of this place, not less than ten thousand dollars,
has some of thc finest gourds we havc I The Colonel is a valuable and enter
ever seen. He has one that measures prising citizen, and the prosperity of
four feet one inch and a half iu cir- Hartford would lie mucli greater if we
cumferencc. We think he carries off had more just such men.
t. 1 1 1. '
use iuuicis 011 gourus. r- T-nnj0 R.UVU. on f Ur.
dinsburgh's most fascinating and beau
tiful young ladies, who has been vis
Capt Sam K. Cox and Dr. W. J
Berrv left for Russcllvillc last Mon
1 . f 1 .1
dav.as witness in behalf of the Com- mnB OHr ml,e low wr several mourns
inonwealth arainst Cal. Ramsev for ,e,t lor ,10mc Ja3t inaay niorning.
0 rf I TT a. i. 1 Ml 1 1 1
the murder of a voumr man bv the ner 1,03101 menus wm uceorrj -10 near
name of Cornelius, in Logan county, of her departnrc. She has, by her
I . 1 -! Ill 11
more than a year aeo. I ""t uisposiuon auu lauy-inco man
- " I ... ..... A
ners, won the love and admiration ot
Some time ago two men living at I all. Always a sweet smile and
Pincheco, a small village on thc Crom- pleasant good-morning for every one.
newspaper without money, and hence vie well road, had a slight misunderstand- A cloud of sadness has fallen upon the
- are under the necessity of collecting as hngi d we heard passed a few licks, community, and especially upon the
last ai amounts tan uue. nhmh ratisixl nnrfiirte nnrtieu tn rnfci mi f
......... t . . . . youut iucu. xuen: u u cuiuuiuu hisii
sides, and creating a sensation in that that her stay may be short, and that
vicinity. It is reported that danger- we soon shall welcome her again. But
We were
WEDNESDAY. SOV. 3. 1875.
W. K. BOXNEK, Local Eoitor.
Particular Xotlce.
All persona indebted to this office, will
please call and pay up, as we are in urgent
need of some money. We cannot run- a
Special Xotlce
Wc have erased from our subscrip
tion list the names of all subscribers ous threat have been made on both our friend Jennie has gone.
containing thc following named arti
cles, hc exclaimed
"Want seven yards pink ribun, three
lace collars, a paper of pins, two boxes
hnr-pins, three red har-braids, one bi
pE9pjK asflHejejBesiBBii e.
Will praeticein Ohio nnd adjoining ronn ties
and in the Court of Appejli of Kentueky.
nol ly.
V. I. noRUAX.
,1 TTOHXE Y -A 21 L A II.
' , joii.v cplahektyJ
HAirri't)Ri, ky.
Collections FromjAbj Attended to
Office, on Jlarket street, orer Siattjy's tla
shop. janZO ly
marriage license. The clerk believing
that they were intending to be unlaw
fully married, proceeded to interrogate
them. Hc asked the young girl if she
was twenty-one years of nge, she re-
nltivl flint siho vne' Vrinn1 Afiirwll
didn't believe her, 'and told her what ? "fS' tck coml. t,ircc
. ... v- ni t t I pair sim uura auu luur iiuumis ui cuiiuu
rlin in m vn 1 1 a 11 eui rerlllil lit it elm cirnrn I 1 1 1 A
. w -..w ,ii;i
untruthful sbifpment thnt she 1.
I mi . 1 r . i ii..
would bo indicted by the grand jury, 1 nc propr.ctor iwkcu tne
and sentenced-to twelve months' 5m. cause 01 ins great naste, wnen lie au-
nrisoiinipnt in the Rtnte neiiitpntLnn lacrc"'
' t 1 iiti.. .. 1 ..t.:...i:
He then a-'ked her, knowing the penal- . ' B B .V , S .
tw ZF w.ta -eil O mD" " - 0"
tvj t 1A n lO Bill t 1111111 W O If f 1 t
tl.ntBhowncnfncohotchncnwInntr.mo. Want tl10 fixCn3 for tIlC CiWn, and
- bt O' .!! T .T- A 1
thoroughly convincing the clerk that S" " "s - b'-
he was not. He then propounded Vomc "mcry you uo up incsc tuu.j;.-,
the Usual fiuestion to the voiincr man. 80 1 clin w ou'
.. I ftnt n il j. A ? a.
who said this was his second marriage. 1110 01U mnu was lo n,ccl 1,ml ufc
Mr. Munell then asked him if he had 11 "aIt wai' Il0ua0 a lresu lMKC' 60
a divorce, he said he had. He was 118 to bc on time with theso trinkets
then asked how long since, and where and avoid all disappointment to the
he CO it. Wosniil it. hml boon nlmtit I KirlS,
o - -
...... uU fiuureu ul I IjETTER FHOM AX .EGYPTIAN.
Ureenville. The clerk knowing that
Circuit Court was not in session at that Millwood, Oct, 1st 1875.
time, informed him that he did not be- Fbiend Mkiiemit: Iu my last
lieve a word that he liad spoken, and 1 referred to the fawning sycophancy
further told him that hc would not is- f hn '"g'r classes of Americans to
sue license to him. Natlianiel C. Har- any of tlle titlcd or royal personages of
per and Miss Elizabeth F. Vincent tlic old countries, that chance to visit
were their names. this country. JLIiis is indeed too true
of th aristocracy, but the middle and
A Itcmitrkublo Woman. lower orders are altosether free from
Aunt t rankic flowers is this re- th;3 desrradiuf? servility. Amontr the
t ... a I O O e O
marKaUle character, and is known all. atter ciilsaes the true, genuine love of
twenty years ago, was the hot bed of
Know-nothingism. Those Kno w-uoth-
ings, whose war cry was "Death to all
foreigners" and ""America for Ameri
cans," was foolishly opposed to foreign-
era settling in their' country, as they
choose to to call it. While the excite
ment of party was at its height, vio
lence and lawlessness was the order of
the day, and a great many innocent
ners were massacred or suffered
"reatlv in loss of nronertv by thc in-
"UUJlcu -. "o"!""V I tnm . r .t. tl.l.i.t t
entirely disappeared killed by the dis- K'in store. ....
ease it had contracted in its earliest in: ESSSJtf an--
fancy, ilen arc now ashamed to say special attcntioa girtn to csm In imnk-
. 11 1 i 1. .1? A- I IMI'MiJ - - I
tneyever Dciongeuiosucnaunrepuia- FP Mor?an ,,0 e3timinert an,i wJ l
ble society, and none but a few' old deposiUona c.rreclly will bo ready to
." 1-" . ii r r.uj:- !.- oblige all parties at all times.
logics Cling iu iiic rums ut u i.iuiiu uwi
was truly a disgrace to the hospitable,
proud old State ofKentucky.
The number of professional men
that is lawyers, doctors, and others ot
the nouproducing class who have
sprung into existence is astonishing. In
one little town, with a population of
about one hundred, there are fifteen
lawyers and six doctors, along with a
host of others that live by their wits.
This is a great tax on thc workers,
or producing class, who are bound to
support this host of drones. Out of
those fifteen lawers, about six are kept
employed,' the other nine idling away
their time to the disgust of their more
industrious neighbors,
has taken possession of their brains
that there is more honor in having'
"Attorney at Law' prefixed to their
names, even if the same bc an empty,
profitless title, than "pitching in" like
men and giving the world a fair equiv
alent for thc living that it deigns to
bestow upon them. But they imagine
this would bc beneath 'their dignity,
and look upon thc ones who till the
soil, or dig the mine, with ineffiable
contempt. Contrasting their own soft
white hands with the bronzed horny
hands of the laborer, they say, "Such
fools to delve and dig their lives away,
wheu a little smattering of law would
deliver them from all thc evils of hav
ing to toil for a living.". I don't mean
to run down professional men, for good
professional men arc an advantage to
society, but I want you to understand
Hartford, Ky.
ir. x. swr.isiT,
'Oweasburo, Ky.
Will tiraelieet their nrnfei.lnn ln llhln intl
But the idea I adjoining counties and in the Court of Appeals.
umcc on jiaruei street, near courtnonse.
sod Real Estate Agent.
Prompt attention giren to the collection ef
claims. Will buy, sell, tease, or rent lands or
mineral privileges on reasonable term. Will
write deeds, mortgages, leases, Ac., and at
tend lo luting and- paying taxes on lands be
onging to non-reeidents. . , ,
(Formerly County Judge,
i :i
that those protcssions arc overcrowuco
by some that have mistaken their call
ing; not one in every ten being by na
ture or education fitted for the position
to which they aspire, and who imagin
ing it a disgrace to work, turn theirat-
tcntion to a profession that nature
never intended them for.
You shall hear from me soon again;
until then, may Allah preserve you.
Ali Ben Hamad.
We hope rides.
whose time has expired
they will all renew.
Wc will send The Herald from now
until the 1st of January next to any
address for 25 cents.
They were beautiful maideus one
held the lantern while the other grace'
fully tossed cudgels at the choice Pip
pins. We chanced to pass that way,
forced to utter those painful words,
'Farewell, farewell, kind friend.
G. B. W.
over the Green Riyer Country, cither i;berty that animated their fathers to
personally or by reputation. She hurlin the dust the power of Englaud
married quite young, ana by some in thc ycar 1776 burns pureiy ;t
mistortune, her husbauu received in- did in the hearts of the ones who nobly
juries shortly afler.thcir marriage which bled anddied to gain thatliberty which
has rendered him a cripple to this.day, their sons so highly prize. In fact,
consequently the.-managing of the only for those orders of society, liberty
farm devolves upon- her. During the I would bc an empty sound indeed. But
farming season she plows, hoes, mows I they arc strong, and havc the power to
the meadow, sees after the harvesting keep down thc aristocratic aspirations
of the grain', feeds the'stock, attends for titles, that it would seem, is thc
to thc wants of tlie house, milks the I natural consequence of wealth. Why,
cows and even docs' tho marketing, men have been pointed out to me in
Last Wednesday evening she came to the city of New York driving around
this place with a wagon ot grist to ;n their handsome equipages, with liv-
iavc ground, hut arrived too Jatc m erictl coachmen and footmeir. who, only
Where did I get my new Overcoat?
Why, at J. Winter & Co., Louisville;
is it not a splendid coat T and I got it
cheap too 1 When you want anything
. a I
in the clothing hue, .there is the place
to go.
Tn Sumner county, Tenn., October23.
1875, by Esquire "Mi Cumming, Mr.
Druno Frey and Miss Vashli E. Bryant,
both of this county.
We wish the young couple a long me
TrnuMfeiK ofKciil Estate;
Tlii fnllnwinr. tr.atiHf(rfl nf ri'.al PHtiile
Address, enclosing the money, with , fl f- t tl t f havc beeil loJceJ for rccoril s5nce our Iaet
name, pMtoffice address, county and clieeksare imprinted upon memon-'s report, vie
state. lemWy written. I, n . rr, i . i ii I at. vm. .i.: uerry to mra. . a. .u.
jmi., i.0itnj linn,... I tablet. Thev were lieanties to heboid: In urn .. i t t-.. et
j i nerry, noj acres near Denver uuui, ji,
Villi? w WKsrv! tliA nncrnlt. prontnms In 1500.
Hartford, Ky. ., O C. Slianka to Jolin W.York. 50
I silence.
A fipIeBdleHBTexInicBt."
We will send the Farmen' Home
The Hartford Herald, of Oct.
Journal, price 82 00 per year, and The 2u' s one of thc "latest little papers
"smtuflu ".", w I boro Eramiiter.
year, to the same address lor the small
sum of $3 00 per rear. Send on the
money and get both papers.
Wo are now prepared to furni-h of
ficers with all kinds of blanks, and at
prices as low as you can buy them iu
the cities.
Tnuni and tater now.
inanics, tMrnmer, lor your com
pitmen t. xuc mgu appreciation wc
entertain tor our neighbor compclls us
to say iu return, that the Emminer is
not ouly a neat, hot one of tlic newsi
est exciiaisgcs we receive, and we
await its arrival with almost as much
i l i s i
uesiro a we wouni lor some dear
acres on Elm Lick, 300 bushels corn.
Win. M. Peay to Allen Gentry, CO acres
on Slaty creek, $800.
Henry Tichcnor to Harriet F. Tichc-
nor, 19 acres on Rough creek, deed of par'
Th os. J. Smith, Sheriff, to Win. F. Ac
ton, 50 acres on Hall's crtek, 125 73.
."Tlnrriiige License.
The following is a list of the marriage
licenses issued since our lart report:
Fletcher Pearca and Mies Farleigh
C. II. B.
Co'eman and Mis Ifacliel C,
the evening to receive her grinding
that day. The night being warm, she
spread her quilt and camped at thc
mill as quite a number of men do.
Early Thursday morning she came up
in town to dosomeshopping.and seemed
to be the center of attraction, as well
as a curiosity, to a great many of the
younger ones. She did her necessary
trading and started for home, but her
eccentric ways caused the crowd to
watch her until she was hidden from
their sight. She left in high spirits,
saying that she must go to her old
man, as he would soon lie wanting his
For ii Firl-CInx Still.
Go to a first-class house. J. Winter
&Co., Louisville, manufacture their
own clothing, warrant it to be of a su
perior quality i and sell at a lower price
than anv hotbo m thc city.
a few years ago, were comparatively
poor men; but, perhaps, a lucky invest
ment in coal oil, or some other specu
lation, had suddenly given them con
trol of vast wealth, which elevating
them above the class they were wont
to associate with, cave them ideas of
nobility which would lie almost sure to
break out in liveried servants and bla
zoned crests, in imitation of the nobil
ity of thc old countries. But the dread
of thc common people keep them with
in bounds, and it is not very likely
they will get any further than grand
coats of arms anil high aristocratic no
tions for a long time to come.
Kentucky is famous for hospitality
In no other part of the" world have
ever come across a people who posseo
es this virtue to such an extent. Thc
Will practice in all the courts afOriJn emmty
and the circuit courts of the ith judicial dil
trict. l!u lne solicited and prompt attention
. D. TVAtKia,
k. c. Bciaain.
Hartford, Kentucky.
not fa
; i
(County Judge!
fi.imrrjRD, .v
Prompt attention given tn the. collection ol
1 claims. Office in 'lie ourtliouie. , '., .
J. F. COXL1N.S. '.
UEALIIt la .
and an unclouded sky to its cloet. May. 0H(XjERIEg C'OFECTlOSERIES,
the streams of joy bc ample to drink up UUUU1"U , , . . -.
the drops o( sorrow that may occassional- au lvw'
ly fall.
eaaKKV B1B
We do not like to blow our own trumret so
we have engaged our printer to doit for us.
The likeness is strikingly , if not entirely accu
rate. It will be noticed that he is blowing
very hard, so much so that the photographer
became alarmed for his personal safrty, fear
ing that tho printer mijtht burst asunder and
demolish everything within range, but the
printer assured him that he could not blow on
Tracy A Son's work too hard. They could
. . , i i-t ,i ,i i ! ttand a great deal of wind, and in that ho was
stranger is treated like a brother; al- j.ght frur wotV wm not hear examinaUon
though I am told that this State, some we would not want it talked about.
. Dousbtut. . :..
The Hlrjhett jibrtrf JP&e-,
Remember the nUce. west sideimblfe sonar
opposite tho court bouse, Hartford, Ky.
not in
Drugt, Medicines and Chemical,
Fine Toilet Soaps, Fancy Hair' and Tooth.
JJrusn cs.i ertutneryanuxancj su
Articles, Trusses and Shouldet.
Draees, '. .
. .1
Ourden Seed. 4
l'ure Wines and Lienors for medical purpose
ramts, Oils, Vamisltts, Dyc'Slnf,
Letter-paper, l'en", Ink, Envelopes,- Was
Putty, Carbon oil. Lamps and Chimneys.
Physicians' prescriptions accurately com
pounded. O"1
S. J. I11KT.
3ii;iiitir-.L. ,t hart
No. 172 Main Street, between Fifth and Sixth,

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