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jxo. i itAitnirrr, F.inr.
w1:d.nmd.Y,nfpt 12. i77.
Iro Itoun iMitillrO
Thcrf arc, In nil localities , n class or
people who seem to think that every-(
tiling was create.!" for lltclr tvptvial
l.et.efit,an.l that they are not cxioctel
, a 1 ,
to hharo r.nvrt!ic luiroensantl reion-
... .,. 1
Mliilitiw .t a public nature. I o make
a town or eoliu lity proier, the citl -
mi: thereof mtis-t woik together for the
public gixHl, ami he who i m .- elf.-h.
hi mean as to refuse to contribute his
quota for the general gool; lint ready
to avail hiiu-elf if the advantages, nml
pither the fruit" of other ineu's lalmr. ,
is imwortnr the name of a man. IILi'micU cattle as him fnnn the shuns nil
miuIm mi little, that if placed in the
hollow of a nuittard seed, fillotl with '
water, ami allowing that it could Hwim j " ' '
as fast in ..roporlton to Mic" a n lok Tl, Mwl AT ,I!W two m",M,, "P
,...,,, arailn.Litirul.ltn,nlii3 1,1 11)0 trorcriM of Dr.
take that ,ul a thousand ycaw to swim
the diameter of that nnwtar.1
to teal thcadvantngia that arc dcvel
lied. nnd iilaecil In reach liy tlie enter
prise of others. Wc hnd nither he a
Uairiou Crow, and subsist on the rnv
nges of an internecine, war a par ora
land, than to feel tliat we had never
ns.-i.-tal in promoting the prosperity
and public welfare of the community
in which we lived. Everybody should
lieconic interested and labor for the
good and prosperity of hu (section of
couutry, for by mi doing ho pnn
motes lib own interesU as well as that
of his neighbor. Tlrosc who do noth
ing for the public good shouk) turcly
expect no tevon from the public, and
ought not to receive any. They ought
to be allowed to remain iu their little
fhcll of selfishness all alone, and patri
otic, philanthropic men ought not to
intrude upon tbcui in a business way at
least. Wc have no one in view in
particular, and' surety nialico f6wahl
no lxdy; but, if our town is ever to be
anything, every man iu it.ougbt to sec
'that hereafter at least ho is not ono of
the class wanting in public enterprise.
The o'lly regret wc have in not !
ing chotcn a'niembcrof the next Leg
Mature is, that wc wanted to pass a
law making it a felony for a man to be
ever and eternally croaking about hard
limes. Sec a man from any part of
the count, awl ask him the
news, and with an elongated
countenance and a creaking
voice, he rest onds "Hard time?, and
wits a comiu.' Long faces, peevish
grumbling nnd gloomy brows make
hard times. This cvcrlrsfing cant
aliout hard times, "nnd foreboding of
evil for the future, make times harder
than they otherwise would be It
causes the miser to clutch his purse
ftrings tighter, and it prevents the
timid from putting into circulation
money that otherwise would be chang
ing hands, and renders business stag
nant that would otherwise tavc an air
of prosperity.
Give us men of cheerful,- hopeful
natures, with confidence in thcirjiwn
strong arms, and times will improve at
once. Away with the croaker, ridicule
him out of your community. Load
your shot guns with cheerfulness, put
on n cap of hopefulness, pull the.
trigger of energy, and give these chron
ic liard timers a broad side" thalw ill
wake them up and open their eyea tt
they may see aright. Tp oouctale,
the man who is conlintuHy bburbu
ing 'hard times," is an enemy -to the
nrosneritr and welfare'af the commb.
i 4 J -j -
-.- 1 L -II 1 i .
liny nucrc nu is aiiuweu 10 ',ei.
not live, for such an one has not a "suf
ficient idea or life to know what Irving
is, he merely exists.
H. LyttlctMCoek. .
TTon-arLritlplnn Onob. obb of tlie
RcpresjSutives elect from the, city of
lxuisme, uaa large .expeneoee as a
legislator; is a maa of high culture
aud possessed of a. thorough knowl
edge of parliaraentary law ; a gentle
man of the geaHwe type, and is- a
scholarly read, man, a life-long. Demo
crat true and tried. In a word; he has
all the qualities of head ani heart so'
necessary to a wccessful presiding of
ficer. And amongst 'the many emi
nent pen tl e eweiSTTF diVKea
lucky Jj6i(klataK, which W to. "meet
firtt ef Jteaaryi 'Bebae Is better ca
pacitated to jtreeide overMtf dfpatch
ihehMsincss .of hnl honorable.' body
than Lyttlcton Coo'xt and sk take
pleasure in suggesting his native for
that highly responsible position. .
We clip the above deserved Compli
ment to Hon. Lyttleton Cook from
the Glasgow Times, and titsirlily en
dorse all tliat it contain. Among the
members elect to the, next House of
Representatives, wc know of no one
better fitted by nature ami education
to preside over that body than the
gentleman whose namo heads this ar
ticle. He has every quality of heart i
and brain to insure popularity, and
we would select him as pre-em
.cel. Hartford has whole-nld, ,.uh- "f " t,r .1, as wcmiiy o .he U.chmoml Mn.e, t ha.
i , ' they a way have nuHin-ight nights in l" cn hy ewnl ciiwciw, and fl.ot at
.ifthem, and, wc are sorry to admit, j Iicri. hirt .. bllt lUcy u.fIIf;c ,0
hhc ha.i t-crcral of that class who aim i ' run it, ami as there is no tun to him in
inently the man nt this crtehtolcoslrfiou notion?, mid yon will iherehy
graee with ability .thia : lbi!
orable tuition, and we kuow wilh 1
. I
hUvast fund of parliamentary knowl-i
cdze aud practical good sense, that .his
rulings woul.l be based upon justice
and equality, and tliat up other selec
tion would give greater satisfiction tot
the majority of the Kentucky Democ-
1 Tin I'msiicr! Iiir iSio lictiiot-riitft
li Cunt ml iIip .-t Nciiiifr
Nl relict Iiciim.
, J
It.rxingtin Ulnener. !
.. , , !
Senator RiiUwm, of .Ninth C a.o- (
linn, one .if the gaii; of carpel bag,
thieve', has come to i-iif at 1 i!-t. Ho i
' !s:i 1k.vii iii'lictiil liy the courts, which .
t,hw him between two Hips. If he'
g,,. ,.uk to tan.l hit iu ho has a j
f.,;r pn,.eet to Mrve the State in "the
"pciii.ntiarv, instead of tl.e Senate, ii'
: - . ... , 1
he ictuses toirn, he will have to stand.;
. . . . .1' J
inveMiitmn liy a L,)ngre.s,ional. com-
1 inittee, with a goixlhoiv of lioiiigl
lionncol out of the Senate. The
' ch ancos are hetwecn the two that the'
eonatrv will he riil o! a thief, anil the ,
Statu he iniMvproent will have n
chance to eleet a citi.en of her own to
ivjiriM-nt her, instead of importing
M.me northern .Stale., to ..hinder ner j
coirer.-ami lilaeken hex fair name, I
1)ralw n'"1 I'mfiwor HoKlcn. D-irk
T . .. .1.. 1 T..v ....
; -j -j
Mr. John Duncan, formerly editor
oftjie Farmer's Home Journal, has ac
cepted a 'tosiiion as agricultural editor
of the Daily CouricrJourn.il. He if
a man well fitted fortius position. He
will also commence the publication of a
monthly on the l.-t of OctoW, the
title of which will le "Farmer's
We can very plainly see Ziba'd tracks
all over the "H iilway Mail." In fact,
we could tell that he was about "thar"
even if we did not know he was con
nected with it, YouM better reckon
it's a spicy little sheet, published at
No. 80, Fifth street, Louisville.
Rollout Knit C'ottInK on Top.
California went Democratic last
Tuesday, nnd chose n Legislature thnt
will be Democratic on joint lwllot by a
Ftnajority of '18. Thus is another Demi
ocratic United States Senator secured.
The followiug is the official vote of
the Stato for State Treasurer at the
August election : James W. Tate,
(Dcm.) flG.824; S. F. Trabue, (Ind.)
21,018. Tate's majority, 75,8015.
The Louisville Exposition opened
last week under very favorable pros
pects. The general feeling is thnt it
will far exceed in interest any of the
preceding exhibitions held in Louis
ville. The Henderson Reporter has "put
on'' city airs and sent out a supplement
with the hist issue. That office must
bc-tloing a iimJt-ing business..
Brighnm Young, the much married
'President of the Latter Day Saints, U
dead. lie was getting quite old; but,
strange to say, the large number of
wives made widows by his demise, each
and cverj one of them arc Young
Ilrighan Young, the Mormon leader,
died on the '29 tit insL He was bom
at Whiltinghain, Vermont;-June 1st,
ISOl.nml has lieen President 'of the
Mormon church since the death of Jo
Smith in 1S4L
Why don't somebody start the
Murphy movement in Ilartl'or.r?
"Paf," where arc.yow, that you dp not
kelp your nainc-takc, Francis, in his
great enterprise by building ono of his
Societies here. ?
4. ... -.U
LThc Kecly motor is about to prove
success after all. A very successful
pujilic test was given at Philadelphia
u . . .
The working men of Louisville re
pudiate Blanlon Duncan as a leader
and his paper as an' organ.
' Brighnm Young was the father of
fifty-six children, and left pcvcnteen
wives, sixteen sons, and twenty-eight
"Had have," is the way tho Win
chester Chronicle puts it.
Attention Jlrrrlinnl.
Wnrrni S. Fate, the popular ami lib
eral salesman of the great clothing
Jipyje ol Stix, Krone & Co., Cincinnati.
4)ipOilia opened out a complete line ol
of sample of .clothing of every
variety at the Louisville Hotel, ami
will remain Thirty Days. Rrcansc of my
ntiiliiy to cell ehcacf than clothing mer
chants of Louisiillc, and inconsequence
ot linving had remarkable sncccsa in uel
ling in Louitrille by sample, a lax of
200 Uollnrn hae hern impoccj upon me
for the priritegc of sel'ing there thu
thinking to hut mc out, and force mer
chants to liny ol Lonii-viile men, Viut, ren
assured, I will be on hand nnd se.l goods
chrncr than ever belore, nnJ I call on
all my old customers to stand by me, and
solicit the favors of as many new ones as
may see ibis advertisement. 1 will be
there during the entire mcnth of Septem
ber am part of October, anJ will sell, it
I have to sell at or beloy cost Do not
fii'l I o look at my lb:e ofsatnpleo, n it
- ? for your-elres whrtlirr 1 nm not nhle
10 " l!U-rgoods for Iws money
... i At mm utd.i l r m.m Pain 1 . n
J" t :
j iruatc li'Jtuoimt iiuiri.
W.8 Vate.
With Stix, Kr.ousr & Co
vTsti:d To cxcl-nge a lirst class
$70 .Sen ing Machine lr n good SjO
.horse. i VAVuur,
ltor!t)ii l I Inn,
handle (ictorv U not n thiiij:
merelv on paper, but a reality :ictiwill
, " . r i .11
Iutc anil riiiiiiuiir. Can hear the buzz ol
h. M ,i)ng
Mr .,, j,,.,,,, wi, 8,lortlv 11(,-vp
Mock of .Irv jrnods from Nelson Creek
Station to this place, And Mart bin-ities-"
in ilie Iiohm" lormcrlv occupied liy V. A
5Ir ' K,,lin wil1 "le""P a heavy
',K,, "rrMiille lwi the
2oth of September, linstock here mil
, , , 1 ,, ,
"c dosed out 'regardless ot coit.
MiM M-lJe o. Mlllllw,,W5
r,,nlTi j, here, isiiing her siur Mra
Dr. ttronn.
Our kcliool in goiti on. Mr. Harper.
teacher. as.-i.ded by hi wife. There i
a giMM atte;iiltiicc, una great mlere.sl
iiianilefteil liy lmlli Iraojiers ami ;iiiilHs
Mr. II. .1. Yomii has Itoit-lit a lot in
thii place from Mr. Aniler?on, of C'eralvof
IJxIS.'i leet for SHOO. Cm any ot our
ur,sllwilIi; ,01W1S Wal liH ,
Imrd times ? I am told he intern!
le llie-e
Ih ImiliU
in a lirick loru house. I hope more ot
ut will awake from our Itip VatfNS-'iiikle
bleep, niul htiilil 'honnes like we inteinleil
to rtay here and make n town.
l'liere israid to be a panther in the
a hunt without hia homuU "tt out," be
left in tlisgm-t.
Jim Barrett arsaultetl Den Gary a few
lays ago, in the bottom above towi, nml
clubbed him pretty severely over the head.
Uarrelt was arrested and fined $.1.
I regret lo inform you that James
Torrcnce.of this place, died September (",
al - o'clock, after along illness. He hna
pawed peacefully and calmly away.
Fmle.1 ns fades the leaf. All who knew
It tin lored him He has left ubiiiulant
testimony of the power of redeeming love.
M llMti'a .Willi.
Witsoa'a Mills, Sept 7, 1877.
Editor Herald:
Wc hear reports from every quarter ol
much sicknem. Wc are happy to chron
icle the fact that the same is not true
with regard to this neighborhood ; neilb
er are we bothered with that pest, the
hog cholora as yet, and from present In
diciitions we may calculate 011 pretty
plenty of hog and hominy for another
year at least.
Oar people are generally industriousi
sober, genial, hospitable, pcacable, und
we might ndJ upon the whole, a church
going eop!e. Her. Jo. Bennett, of the
Caneyville circuit, preached at New
Barmiia on the first Sunday in this
.mouth, (which is bis regular day here)
to a large and appreciative audience.
Subject: Faith, Hope, and Charity.
The subject might be said to be obi, yet
it was very interesting withal.
You may write about your beauties
from Hnynesvillc or elsewhere, but if you
will just come over to New Baymus, on
meeting day. you will simply l dumb
founded, if you arc any judge of beauty
The Misses Acton, Misses Bennett the
Misses Wedding arc beauties rare to be
found. Mios Mary Hale, Wedding is un
doubtedly the queen beauty of all this
Oreen river country. But we are run
ning away. However, it is a true saying
that out of the abundance of the heart
the mouth spe.iketli, although - Mich
writing is not expected of I. X. Qurk.
AKrlriittiiral E'ntrs.
The following sensible article on thin
subject is k practical and pointed nii-l
tiucrthnt we clip it from the columns of
the Yeoman and oiler it as our own sen
timent in stronger and more terse Ian
gunge tliaintecati express it:
Among the great auxiliaries to the de
vclopeinenl of a country, a chief agency
is foniid in the annual lair. Nothing
contributes more to the social nnd physi
cal strength of a community, than the
amiable rivalry invited by these periods.
The exhibits of products or the soil, ol
live stock, and of articles of manufacture,
are all calculated to encourage invest
ments, labor, and genius. The successor
one man in any particular branch of in
dustry is sure to impel another man to
greater cxtrtiou, and society at large be
comes tho beneficiary. Experience, which
is by far the best teacher, has shown
that in sections of the country-where these
fairs have been held for any length of time,
the farms are more productive, the farm
ers more prosperous, the breeds of slock
fiixr, mechanics more nctive, and every
branch of industry and art in better con
dition, than in sections where such an
nual meetings arc not held.
It not only educates, refines; and im
proves a people in all other respects, but it
Is sure to eniich them pecuniarily. lVo
ple never appreciate the advantage of
their surroundings until tliM procrss ol
development begins, nnd the avenues of
advancement and profit are laid bare to
them. Kmulation is the principal agency
by which a country becomes cither poor
or prosperous. Examples of industry or
indolence are alike to be followed, and
much' drpend uhdii the character of a
few persons in any community. One good
man who thrives by his own exertion,
ami who maiiifctsany ptiblicxpiril, is npt
10 stimulate his whole neighborhood, and
becomes the foundation of its success.
We favor the supiort of every fair in
the state, ami we hope thnt instead ot dc
creasing in number, as they bare been do
ing, it will appear to the advantage f
every county to hold an annual exhibi
tion of its industries and products.
Ho! fur OicKMONltlwii.
The Padiicah and Kliznbethtown Rail
Koad Company will sell round trip tick
ets nt Bearer Dam on Mondays and
Wednesdays for $7 75. The Monday's
tickets good to return on until Saturday,
und the Wcdncs.IayV tickets good until the
next Monday. They will sell round trip
tickets to Cccilian Junction every day nt
$4 95, good for ten days. Tickets sold al
other otlices at corresponding prices
Now is your chance to go cheap.
Ladies' and gent's hats, latest styles, at
IIauuuicic ic N'all's.
n 11k v 11 1
'! i-li-pt iiii-t ilri-iiiuril tliat tiff him tic.iiily.
I wiikn ami Iniiml lli.it lite .n iluiv.
Being weary in body mnl mind, 1 threw
iint-olf iimiii my couch and soon Mor
pheus threw hii I'l-i-iuating charm. about
me and swiftly In-re me to the laud of
I In-held life arrayed iu all it.- benutv
as the misty veils of the' future seemed
drawn a-iile,
1 saw many per.-ons wainletiug o'er
the broad fields ot spare, trying to gath
er in. from "Flora'n jeweled casket' the
riche-tt gem joy and gladness.
Yo.ilbliil buoyancy in the horizon ol
lite, is ever linked with goMi-u dreams ot
beauty : laney paints upon the caiiva-sot
futurity, glowing colors but alax, bow
often it in, tiny arc nt-n-r rc.i'iir.il I
I raw m) riiuls of radiant being', fair
brow, beauty nnd happiness beamed
from their countenances, mid it seemed
ns it every thought wan pure mid litn
cnly. I dreamed that if their fond t
hopes were realized, ihey would glide o'er
tlio arena, of lite like the gentle moon
beams, shedilirg rajs of love, kindness,
und beauty on ;ll Mirroumling objects.
- There was jn the happy company I
nw-those of nil ages, the innocent chil
dren ai Well as tho-e ol mature life. It
seemed to me that the "Pearly (lutes"
would indeed be thrown open upon their
entrance to Heaven. Sweet zephyrs .of
every clime played among each leaflet oT
nature, and llowers diffusing sweet odors
bent idly to the soft music of the iniiri
tnering fountains. The rays of the bright
rising sun penctrnlcdthrougb thecatem nt
still damp with Lunars dewy tears and
awoke me to find that all was a dream ;
and I heard a "still small voice" echoing
through the dim aisles of the pat :
"Human pilgrimage is not a dream."
Life is real as well as earnest, but we
nhould realize that we arc travelers on
ihef anda of time, aud that life has duty
as well as beauty, and thnt jewels were
not made to be concealed in the casket
forever. It is an undeniable fact, that
without the performances of our iniior
lant duties, wc will neither have wealth,
fame, nor honor. The bntllc of life has
to be fought, and if not courageous and
armed, to proceed forward, our names
will never be enrolled upon the records
of times honored chronicles. Wc can
not live by inaction, Xowton, who wrote
his name amoug the stars, did riot.
Washington was a man of action or be
would never hf-vc liberated his country
from the chains of oppression.
It will not do for us to imagine that
our pathway through life will be a
smooth and flowery road, if wc dj, we
will find in the journey that wc often
rise to mountain tops and again descend
into the valley. Our tile is like t lie
beautious sky studded o'er with starry
gems, but before we have time to admire
it, a Hash from heavens artillery covers
the blue concave. The cup of joy is
mixed with sorrow all along the stream
ol human life.
Thus it was that I dreamed in youih
that life was beauty, but I awoke in ma
ture life and found that life is duty.
Bi:vkk Dam, Sep. 1877.
IIaktkord, Kv., Sept. 8.
(ien. John S. Willi vMsAvir S7r:
We have been duly accredited and au
thorized by th Ohio County Fair Com
pany to extend to you the privileges ol
our next annual fair, which commences
llie 23d of October next, and will continue
five days, coupled with a rerpic.-t that you
will favor our said company and your fel-low-citizers
generally, of this county with
an address On the subject of agricultural
and mechanical interests upon a day, best
suited to your convenience
By your acceptance of and compliance
with this request, you will confer n favor
on our said company and your fellow-cit
izens of this countv.
We arc personalty, and in behnlf of
said company, very respectfully, your
obedient servant.
John P. Barrett,
C Hakuwick, Committee.
It. S. Moselbv. I
Horxr Ilrnueti I.tter.
IIorsu Branch Kv.,Sept. 9.
Kverything is quiet around here.
Dr. M. W. Duvall was thrown from
his horse last Friday and wns very badly
hurt. His fritiids don't think there is
any chance for his recovery. Drs. Rains
and OolV think there is a little hope for
his recovery yet. He has many friends
and is well thought of by all who know
A little boy of John 1'". Ferguson was
climbing alter a squirrel Inst Friday, and
fell about fifty or sixty feet and broke It's
arm in two places Quit climbing after
squirrels, little boyB.
The school commenced at Salem Sept.
3-1. vnder the control of Miss Sarah
Ueavern, the number of scholars being
twenty-five the first day. Very good for
district No. 31.
Wc want Mr. ltowe to come up and
give ns a lecture before cold weather
comes on. X Y. Z.
eontUtlng of
Dress Groods, Shawls,
A It dutiful lino of
- . J-r
SJT(i:ro us a Call. No Trouble to'Sboir
L. Kosenberg & Bro.
Moyl Oolossttimi, Aquarium
Gigantic Double Circus.
The Standard Show of America.
Peerless in its Appointments. Time-tried in the Crucible Public Opinion
Mntc.lileHti in Orandi-iir. A Veritable Volcuno of Attraction. The Outgrmttli ot
Untold Wealth. The Acme of Rxcellence.
allcl. Strictly First Cl.iea in all its Details, A Cornucopia of Wonders Features
Its Specialities
More Aiitmiiln ntitl Wild Itenxtn! .More Marvel In Its .Museum!
.nor Performer?! lit the Arciiul .More .Men nnd llorac I
And uniUestiouablr the finest outfit of nny
vronL Its reputation i worluwule. Always goou, lint this jeiir liclter than ever
A Striking Giant Among the Pigmies!
The air. the forest, the sea, have contributed freely A Moving Lit im: Lcnctic o
(Irniiilrur, Costly Chariot", Princely l ump. Oriental hiIemlors 1 lie only chow oi
earth tliat monopolizes the Ilircst Zoological Wonders obtainable
On Exhibition in Ameiicn. The lkdiumotli of Holy Writ.
Twehe feel high. The only specimen of this rare exotic Antelope on this Continent
Transported, jn Massive Iron-boiinil Tanks cf Sen Witter.
'And an Endless Array of Forest Brutes, Birds and Reptiles.
A tTi.i, fi,kix;i:u
In which are latroduccd the f port? and pxaUror; of
the ancient Human;, ns exemplified in tho.pnlmy
iIais oftbe Koiaau Kinpirr, presentrd in alt th
pump and mngniSji-uco uf Oilaatal SptepiVr .lut)
jurticipnted in lij troupe from
Twelve in Nnmber.
Five in Number. The
Fourteen iu Number.
A Troupe of French AcrobntsA; Voltigeurs,
.Seven in Number.
Eiglit in Number.
In addition to the above and Fn o t all the Pa
tron of the Kurojiean Contolidatrd ShWJ, nny bo
seen the great
aso j
The taoit com leto exhibition i-f Arenio Triumphs
ever auciapicu, einuracin g
Better BareHack Riders, Better Lcapers,
Better EcjuilibrisLi, Better Posturers. Bet
ter CIou iw, Better Trained Horses, Better
Femnlo Riders, Better Vaulters, Better
Athlotiw Ttnttpr Tnnihlnrs. BittnrT rn in ol
Dogs, Goats aud Monkeys,
And the Most Ktejmtly Appointed
Doors open at 1 ami 7 1. M.
None Equal It. luelf Its Only Par
show in Ainer.ci. I's name ih:i household
I'erforniancc one liour later.
Kml.rnrl'c tltrl.rmt
llltlnrMH 1Ioin- i
mill .MiiuitliirliirlMK i:lnlll-li
im-iils iu l.oulHt llie.
i i i.. hiii ii-iifcK UU. ru rtnut
o It 1
JL , l!jd A Oi., Doilern
niiN. hore shoe, anri
In Iron, JMetl I
anrlN, aie, boll
IhniiMe kcin and rpring 309 W. .M.in S,
'cCMIMl. DAY .( CO.
11 it- iw.hu ucaicr in
Foots and'Shee:
E i!ern and Curtoin made, Ni, 271 and 273
.Main tiret. between 7 and S. Ortltrt-'Allrircd.
Manufacturer of liar. C.i! riL
I'lnlfurin and eouriler caler. Ui an.l !-..
team. Al" truck, atore and itagvu kid,
Ac. 26'J neat .Main jtrwl.
WT. i-yxk;
.Millwright and mill furnLher; all
kind of tiinclitnrrr ; portable gril and aw
ni Hi. fend mill, btllinir. Ac. A rariatv ..tirr.
und hand m:ichincr;. 427 ant Main trcit
J. M. Alt MSTftONfJ Je0X. "Tower
I'alare," I. cn and b-.T ehuica Clnthinr. IT.
Icr Klock) No-. I3 aud I0J W. Jtffr.-n .t.
. lioi.k.clkr and Statlonrr. fl
Ast-nl Kr. CmtU Lli.rrit, ii r .i..ii
Junc-jgih. Ticket. $10. batrrs ii. u,..t,Z
S.'.jO. iSind for circular.
Manufacturer Hill II tor In Prlra I
tii rc. U,. l,,, j, ,a Jlajrr.ie;e!o Cant-.
Oil-clothsand Window Shade. Noi.l9aoJfi7
" ft Market Strrct.
I'OOI. A i-O.V, "
, Importer and Dealer in Italian Mar
Ue, and Scntrh Ur nitt-.M..nii,rr.i. ku w Jr
frrn St. ain-lt and Wurk-ih
Italy. '
UbotrM'e and retail dnkp In r
and Doineflio Ilrj ttood. 101 Market sirtM.
bet. 3rd and -llh, I.nui?ir. Kr.
f.n V,,ron,'. '' 'le .Vpeelaele, Ifacter
t 3ealljr adjuteJ by Ur. Kinllo .Vincfr nllld.
il: bend lor jmf.hlct which will lell Vu h
la-gel re!ief.jl20 Maiii Su (
A ijreat arrr i.f fuel and and a rmil
c-nireuieuce. U'htn trieJ. iu umti .Z
ki.o.Ielr.1. Il reilutiunitc w-ukina; ami
neatln- in Imiur. A. K. Suird.81 .,n
St. Ssrnd lr circular.
i-J Make the trtaiuiei.1 f the Y.m, Throat
-d K,r 'P'eiallj:: Oflier. I.tl IV. W!,.nt Si
W M.Jo.NESiiO..
11,i V"ra,n'"I"n..J,,r,:h"n"' nleat.
"rai,. .Nu.l,i H. Main Street. L0Urill..
-s .Mtinr.cturertlf bet ijrlc Staple fur
niture, Matret.r. Itr,l,nK and Chairi tiffin
and WareruouuS.u.Sutet.Utween Main nnd
T N. Yl7r7
yt. , Tlira,bi..-i.r.lrFurniher.an.IMan.
'- r l ine lr.. Shirt. No. 71 4lh St,,
LouIrille. Il.adijnarl.r, -fcr While Ve,t.
tiuiMl cnt un apprural.
T.I lUIIITT.t S0..
1 J. (iriic-rj and 1'rurM-m ilcalrr. JI.i. 72
, Jmel Si , 1-ciKttn Second and Ibird.
Bl Main tt Wlwe-n 7th and 8lk,
-huli-rak- manuSclurer of Sn-ldlr-. It.irnc.
. am l.athrixbl' patekt S'a ldt.s anil
lll;nrj rntl di-ilrr nnl.
Ci f. ron ri:u's
, I'nrl .Milllnrrr Hone, rCn'. 118 an.
2'l K.-n.'h rmnr.end- nunuel. Itatsltii
Ul .iN..,l Wre.i!lii. .Mnurnirj; Unnnrt an
XelN.Ae C. 0. V. o-. appmv-tl. r!- nd fcr eir
f i. lt.um.K.
V N. Ml t-Vutih A--.
M iiitii.-etur r r rni-r-. .!
i-id. Ae.. and dalT ii. Z- pbjir-, CanTa, ant.
laurr (J.-h.-j. Ex. r d:.fninl nierrhant
TT tirtiixsox x r.t uar.
1 JU .M:mu:aclurrr i.r a.dlcs .harnet. cjI-
III an.l idillrrr l.ardxaiv. Ile.i-I(vartcri-
...uii.ui j-iurni .in.TT.in i-ie a-lttl' am
haino addle, 207 M-lu St., bet. 7lh and
un -rrvi.
, 11..U-0. 1M Writ
Tuwer l'alaee Carpn
Fiucrt rari.et Iiiiiim In the nrt.l l..,.t
11 liJII.N01(l. SKH IXI MACItlVF. 5t5
X-lVujeil. J.CIarjr tleiivrul Arnr, Thirf
St. 'ulirit urder f-i Ul ihnlri, aent and
club lor the l.i-;ut Jtunnin-'Udircrjal Fjvur
T II. KYAX A Cl .-hee nnd SadilY
ri 'ailicr. Shoe and Curri t"l. b titan
iur'il, No. 2S5 We-t.Vain itnet. Countr.
inl-r pn-mpllr atlrndrd In.
MADAM C. J. OI.IVEIt. Im(-iier an.,
dealrr in lace, ruikruf.bric. glutr, Jce
Wcdilini; lrni.oju and in-.uruin fwnlr
pecilty. Iiri- and ctuak making to order
TAItEZO. K IKK Kit millWriSht. build and
t lurnlfhc pi ll nnd tii.ll luachioery. En
Sjnc. hafiings pcllir wheel it, fcr nle.
Norlhnet corner uf IDth and MalnStrtrt.
J Itcnte .avin. plini, ealhn Ac.,
reuioiev jne nnncn witnoul Ulster'.njf..
Send for a eireularlo J, W-Murrill A Co., Nm
3I5, Mam St., Loulmlle, Ky wholeiale and
etall ngnt.
Solid Coin Sil.-r Tea Spoon, ffl pertct
?cit to any addrc C. 0. D., rnhject U ex. m
ii.itlon before i-arini:. Send for illnitnted
ci.e'osne Si-vrr-are and (lock. 3n iage.
iw ii rn-. vno ii . j. i iTrv, jcerirr, loo
Fourth Aenuc ; Louurille, Ky.
I'll II ES TOM',
A terdr. rafo and rtliablo trimdr fci
chills and Icrvr.
PairK, $1 ran B-iTir.a. rmci-Ascp bt
lt.A. KOBINSO.K .(: CO., DrargUt.
Loci-vill, Kr.
Sold 1-r Druggiil and Merchant generally.
WUltACH A SC11ULTZ. Wholrfale fancy
grocer, eonfrctionera and fruiterer 9i
W. MaikctSt. Anew firuicaUMijhcdaf.tr
the recent withdrawal of J, I. Wurach from
Wnrach A Bergreen.
"TTTM. ROtBEKT Jk CO , hol-ale groeer
YY Commtlon merchant. ReeUfien and
dealer in domedle wine, liquor, tobacco and
elgarr, No. 330 W Main it.
Al. CLORE Uroccr. Produce and com
niitiion merchant, and dealer in pure
spirit, 118, Market, bet. Uroek and First,
LouitTille, Ky.
PEIIKY .x COSuceeiorto Janny i Perry,
Mfra agent and dealer in rubber good,
croquet, children' carriages, toyi and fancy
good, ltemorcd lo 1!2, 4th St. near Jcflcrion
F. FITCll'd NEW Siore. No'. 170 and
(I72 Fourth Arenue. Ladles' furnithing
goods, (ilk and fancy dreis good, fan para
ol, umbrellas kid glove, Ac.
TTTM. KENDRICK .t EON. 110 Fourth
YY Arenue. Dealer in Watche, Clock,
Diamond, Jewelry, Silverware. Table Cattery
Ac- Term to fuit the time. Special atten
tion to order-
er ot Trunk, Vali es, Traveling bag and
Horse collar. Sole right to ue V. AG's Pal.
Tray Hinge and Spring. 1SS Weil Main SU
JOHN P. MORTO.V A CO. 2fookeIIer,
Stationer, printers and binder, bank
book manufacturers, Louisville, Ky. All or
der carefully and promptly filled at lowed
rote. nIO 3m
G ROOKED bout and hoe can bo straight
ened as good as now, and new boots can
be kept straight, by using the Metalic" If eel
titTcner, which may bo applied by any one.
Tho uc of them cure the habit of running
orcr the boot or shoe at the beel. Worn by
men, women and children. Price, per
grois, 141 pal: , S15. Sample doien pairs as
sorted, by mail, $1 50, Ample pairs by mail
25 ct. Address orders to INQALLS A CO..
Mantifaiturcrs and dealer In Boots and Shoe
273 West Main St. Louisville, Ky.
business mm
bnlnulr dt.4l- ti It IkmiIm an I nm
, Hum n-K a rpvciauj. J-o anl.rtt
lilfl printer. N.i. 2U2 Main stlctt. So.-.
cial illductlilebt tu CJb bujeff.
I -V t1tl(f.i... .. .. . . .
I - ,,rt'" -1 vtiitrs in iKi'i ana'
dt" u fJrminK iinpleuint. Avery
P1"' t'riniey plon. ele atnt for the
arifr:it-- .a.u-jrinjicr nsgDi anil UIITfr
ellllUlt plow. .
. i II.lIITI'OItl). JiY.
W. L. HAtt'KIXS Pai.Nciwt,
Miss I'HUDIE BAIKD. . . . Assistist.,
Firtt teinn nf fir mnifi eortrnn
Monday, Stptrtnt er, 3, 1877.
Primary drpartineut ......... $9,ta
Iiilimtdtate $10,00
llliher brincHe ....... Al?en
Ono fourth nf the tuition fee dje 'at begfnn
ninjj. One-t-iurth at mi Idle of eion. Tha
mil at end ofichovl. Patronaze loikited
tS?"U'e mil seiuf llie Milnrday Evening
L'oetand Hnrlfonl 1Iei:.i.d, for one ymr,
on receipt of 52 3. To those who arc
already aubse'ribers tf llie IlER.Ll,ne wifl '
sen.l the l'o-t on receipt ol'sl 50. Adilrtss,'
Eilitor IlKKjLO, Uartford. Kr.- ,
Man knowTlijtrir.
l)t. E B. Fiiote'a great ineHicaf work
'Common ?cnse"or "Ilain Rome Talk'!
one of the beat tnetlicnl works ever pair
lisheJ. Resnlnr tinblislier's rtrice-S3:23r"
For sale by W. II. Griffin, at the Dfog
store, for the small sum of 2.5XX
TO n a y k nonu nra ltii thi r.irra
For ioi;l. e JJr I3e rAttrHi. New r!.
DlL v. e. m:o vs.
Physician and Surgeon,
TenJrrs Ins professional erviees to the
people of Kock port anil vicinity.
r-.j-n-.JW ly
.Patent Inter-lock Steel Spring
Cheap, Durable and Easy.
We nlih it dlitlnctly undrrloU hy all who,,
read thi that onr Patrnt In'er-loek Spring ,
Bed llnttem aro all that we claim for Ibcut.
They hare been luuit tbomoghly teled, aal
anlfrjioo iho rrrrrrt criticism of all wh--hare
tried them. and. after b'inj uel fcr fuur.
year In llote'f , un Sleaailmaia aad in Private)
Ileiidtncer, the grnrrat T-nlict i, that fur Da
rabilily. Ea.-e and Eeonomy; thry areuneqaal- -ed
by any the'r tld Dolt'um iuale. TUry (9
-vlapled to tl e nfe -T aiy k-r d ufMairnr
Straw Tick, cd warrn:c-I a Vtti-VtfM, '.
and not to arp ur Ueaken. A trial oftbeta i
a'l (k for.
U.V.l. EUDY.
Lnnifrlltr, Ky Manuretunr.-
Mstcr Citiitui!oiicr'H Not Ire.
Oht Cirrnit CWurt.
lame M. II nt" A-liu'r ,l'ta'u".'
Asainit Epiity.
Jame M. Hurt Heirs Dct'l, j
Notice i hcrrby si'en l-i tho mliliK-s nf'
Jamr M.tlart.dreerd,thithr uud-rira it..
Cmmiiinrr of I he Ouio ''i o.l Wuurt. un-lrr
on Ordrr in theabare ty -2 e.iu". will a? tin 1
at hi ulSce. in llar'fcrd, front 'Ik-date hereof
un'il the I3th day i-t Oelob- r, l.S. ;.t.. lecrtve
and hear prooC i.f cl iim agjinr r.iA I)eee
dent ; and that all etai-n tit reit-il tn hiat i
and proven a reijulrid by laar.wiibinthn pek
ified time abere. kIIH-b direrer barr-d.
E. It. J UltltELL, it. I. O. C. C.
Auj;. 7, 3j.' .- . .
uslcr t'omini.HlbtibrV-otIei
, Olfio Circhit Court.
Lewis L Smith's AJin'r. Ha'tr. )
Acaimt Eqitiiy
Lewis L. Smith's Ileire. DePt. j
Notice is hereby given to ire Creditors
of Lewis L Sniilb, ileceiifeil, that the
umlersijrneil, Coiiiinissi'iner of llie Ohio
Circuit Court, timler an tlr-Ierin jbenliore
styfrtl cause, will uttrtil st his offiee. in
Ilnrtfuril. from the dale hereof, until tber
1st day of October. IS77 to nceive'an.I,
hear proof of cJaiius nirainst sai.l De
cepdent; and that all claims not imeiit
ed to Ijitn and proven as required by latv
'within the time npecitled above, . Will be
foreVer barfpl.
July IS 3m. ,
aster CouiiuI.H.sloiier'M Xetlre.
Ohio Circuit Court.-,.
W.II.McCoiincirs,Adiii;i, ria.'ff 1
Againut Jviiiilr
W.U.McConneirsJIeirs, Deris. i.
Notice in hereby piret) to th tr Creditors
or W. II. McConnell deceased, tlial tlie?
undersigned, Commissioner of the. Ohio-.
Circuit Court, under an Order hi tlt'c
above styled cause, trill attend at bis Of
fice In Uartford from the date hereof, un
til the 1st day of October. "1877, lo re
ceive and bear, proof of claims against
said Decedent ; and that all claims not
presented lo him and proven as required
by law, within the time specified above,
will le forever IarmL t" '
E. K. MURKELL. iL C. a 6. C
July 133m.
jynstcr C'oHtuiI.t.Hlouor's Xotlce.
Ohio Circuit Court
K. T. Bell s AUm'r. Plainlitr.
B.T. Bell's 'fleirs, Dffendant.
Notice is hereby "iven lo the Creditors
ed" It. T. Bell deceaseil, that the under
signed. Coicmisaloner of the Ohio Cir
cuit Court, under an Order in the abort-
styled cause, will r.ttend at his Oflice. i
uarltonl. Irom the date hereof, until the
1st day or October. 1877. to receive and
bear" nroor of claims a-rninst raid Dec-'
dent; and that all chums not presented to
in iiim piuacu iis rciuirru uj law, wun
in the time specified above, will be for
ever barred.
E. It. MURRELL.JI. CO. err
July 18 3m.
A trial Bos of Dr. Kin.r' rt.1rt
Coniumption Powders will be sent free, by
mail post paid, to erery uflercr from the above
dUeaae. This is the only preparation kn-wn
to cure or benefit the dNease,
x-ricr jar large box Three DeUars.
So Fntton Street, Breoklyn, N. T.
i; oft ?GMt s
M, rrnnarn nraW i 'I
Or the Best land ia AMERICA, near the
f2. IT..:.. -r . . i. i i
u'' uuioii lucuic iiauroau
In easy payments with low rales ofinterest '
Full informatran sent free, adJrrss
. V. DAVIS, Land Agent, V. r. R. R.
' -
: r
y - 4 ,
f 1
" . T
- i

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