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OrifTraiiciciit n.Ufrtvciiunts
a'u lor in ndt nitre.
must be1
Charges fur yearly advertisement will
be collected quarterly.
All advertisements inserted without
perilled time will be charged fot until
ordered out.
ltirgx uniler head of 'Preferred Lo
ra'a" Ten Cents er line.
Announcement ol Mnrr.ior Deaths
nut exceeding live lines, niul notices ol
Preaching published gratis,
jajfOliilmiry Notices, ItfKolittioin of
lift pec t ana outer Mtuilnr notice, rive
Cents per line.
- Jb work of every deerlpttnn done with
nttlnni anddi.patch,at city prier. We hare
a, faltline of jrtbtype,n. Milieillhe patronage
of the buninrr- community.
Arrival and Departure of the
The Weftern Mini leaves nt 9 u m.,
and arrive at 4 p m.
The Eastern Mail leave at 1 p. tit ,
anil arrives nt 1 - m
Sulphur Spring. Fonlsville, Ilnyties
villennd Pelliitle leaves every Thurdny
nt C p. in. and arrive Saturday at 3 p. in
The 0veindrn mail, via. Rnla, Bn
ford, rieaoant Hidfe nod Masonville
leave on Tuelsv nnd Friday at 7 a. m..
niul arrives Monday nr.d Thursday at f
p. m.
The Centertowu mail arrives at Irt a.
Jii., nnd depart al 1 1 n. :n. Wednesday
CI. I.AWTON. Potmater.
General Loral News.
I. W. Ford -is agent for the Dortiian
Rubber Stamp.
Blanlou Duncan's daily, the 'Worker."
lias ii it working.
Kd wards At Fowler have just received
I,(00ll, of bacon.
John K. William, here's to you for
those excellent cigar.
Edwardr.V Ftwter have juet received
S"f ill stock of iiructrie,. omlrrlioncriea,
At. Arc.
II. M. McCar'y ! the Elixnbcthtowj.
News, is a candidate tor-Door KtepeT of
(he next Senate. '
If you waul to cut a n-usible caper nth
ecrihe at once for vour county per, to
January let, 1S7.S lor 50 cts.
Mi&tes Kill n nnd Xollie Taylor, ol
thin place, left last Friilay morning, to
vieit relating iii Union county.
J. C ThoMftH &, Bro'n kivp on hand
ths lanrrvt hikI "left aw)nrted stKk of
adille, Iinnir". A-c . in ton.
Call nnd get ) u I'ew, iine Mlit from
V. P Ad iiiriloii, mil ol hi plendiil
stock of new nice eaiKHtiiue.
Diso Sntutday, Seiteiiiler S. IS77
Klorenrr. imam ilnu;-hirr of tlenrv and
Marf.nrrt A. Hurt, axed 9 mouths.
It uyi.t tn:ioid fXvaX. pent, Mlb
cril"rat orre for the Hurt lord II:KAt.n,
fioiu nou to lit .Inniiniy lK7Str.riO ct.
Mr. Is, J. I.vou, t the Lion House.
and her ditugl-ter Mi v. ritumed home
lnt Saturday from n viMt" to Cm vr City,
The election in Mnit;e lat JJpnJay.
wrnt largely Hepuhlicau a usual, Conner
wa re-elected goieruorhy about 8,000
Tlie eililor, typo, and "devil" tendtr
Jas. T. Uoore, clerk of the Hartford
House, their thanks for a large roll ol
very choice Havana cigar.
j ' . ... .
Onr better half i fiom home now, vi
ilinj; frirtxl and relatives in the Liberty
church neighborliool, hut ami the nights
got much longer very suddenly?
JTardwick & Nail arc rcccliing a fine
1st of clothing direct from manufacturer
in Philadelphia, which they will sell loo
tor caeh. Call and examine tlicm.
That prtlty little story on Our first page
nbout K. Clay Crawford and O-man
Poaha i all Kiled, as it tnrns out to be
a mistake, Osman being a native of
Asia Minor.
Our office was honored by a visit from
JJiw Sallie Kahn, of Cromwell, last
week. We found her to be quite a pleas
ant, agreeable and intelligent young
VMt. J. B. Stevens an old and respect
-1 .... , ., ...
eu citizen a tew nines north or town is
quite low with dropsy of the heart Mr.
Ed. B. Ellis i still very low, with but
little hope of recovery.
The serenading parly or las; Tuesday
night return their thanks lo Miss Maggie
King for the hospitable manner in which
the were treated choice apples and
pears, cream and peaches,, cake, Kcllr
Island W well, this is sufficient.
Mr. Henry Small of the famous Trade
Falace, left for Louisville last Wednes
day. Uncle Ilenry is the jolliest old
nan alive. He left our handsome young
relative, ur. uross iv imams beuind tlie
counter while he was gone. lie returned
jesyrday. ,
The ApeetlcsTof the Mormon Church,
and J. W. Young and D. II. Well, late
counselors of Brighain Young, have held
a caucus with the Lor J, and according to
their published circular, the Lord has
named John Taylor as Brigham's suc-
i cessor. ... , .
in . m
Mr. Henry Harrison, of Calhoon.Ky.,
representing the firm of J. T. Welch &
I Co., called to see us last Saturday and
; left his name and money for a copy of
: (he Hekild. We hope that niany of our
ioM friends of McLean county will fol
: low suit
We are again lor the hundredth time
probably, placed under obligation to Mr.
I H.K. Wells, of Millwood. This time.
j as oWce before, it is for a box of nice, jui-
icy, luscious, ripe peacues. we iiavc no
I language adequate to express our nppre
elation of thote little favors, nnd kind-
nesse we hare from lime to time rc
ceived at liis hands. His tsoul is na largd
Ins a meeting bouse. Many, roaor
thanks Bro. Vtla. Mar you lire lopg
and die happy.
I I'pon lirri'ltlnc n Itpnudnil rjitiiinel.
i How wcet to know, cn life's ilrrcrt plain.
An oii netlr 'inlilthe l)urnh)) fninl ;
inire nowcr btui.in.nnj dic.lmt l.Im.m again,
And perpetual tcmuicrrmilri upon tho Ian J.
And there, amid the fiarrnl l leavr.,
Thalragrant air and gry hunt llwerj.
An angel, ure an the sweet tl e brcathrF,
Wamlcrr, a a dream, In the gc'dcu buncri.
A ilrnt stream bathe the banding tree,
i.iko a iurk-lilue nblmn, edged mtli guld,
Ar.t rparktcf. at the bjlruy brereo
Hippie itt brcart, a. it onward roll.
And thero. abinir that f.itry .troim:
llrr laughing rye barn charmed the flower
1 III Inn diini'lrj hand nf my Inn J heirt queen
Had cutl'dlne Inula Jrrmi the beading bewT.
And IxmuJ them, in their lovelincM,
With running hand and elictk aglow,
And gave there me! oh, cnrarUrinc bli
With tbe emblem of puiity a ribbon or.miw.
h. 11.
The Fair at Cyntbiaj.iu clenwd $1,300
Let lie see ii the Ohio County Fair cen
not Lent it. What do you my ?
Maetrr Henry Mcllenry left last wick
lor Louievillr, where he will remain for
a while a a pupil in the hili echool.
Mr. T. F. JoIiiikm, of Wilson's Mill
vicinity, brought us n nam pie of hie tier-
man millet Inst week. It is decidedly
the Ixst we have seen.
Oh, if on nnt to act with r-ense. jnt
send u in. your 50 cent; and have the
IIliiald sent to you, until thin year hu
gone clear through. '
Bakvl ork and beau in rann, dt-li-ciotig
and economical for futility luneluou
excursionists, A'c, nt
Wastkii To secure the use of n good
saddle horse for about two iiiouthri nt a
reasonable rate (Sood care u ill be takvn
of the horse and the use will be lery
moderate. John P. 13ari:ltt.
Mr. W. M Stone, conductor on the
train from Cccilian to Loniswllc, in one
of the uiorit accommodating and attentive
Con luctors we have ever met. Me is
the right man' in the light place.
If Saiunrl Gain
lla got fume b:aln,
It if not polite, '
Nor exactly quite right,
For him to make lixht
Of the j.ortrr we write.
Avici s.
u m. Combs, of Oartletts incinct.
killed .ten rattle enakea in one day, not
long Miice, on the Haneeville and Hnrt-
foKl road. It wasn't a jiood day for
.snakes or he might have "yanked' in a
few more
The marriage of Mr. Drake lo Miss
Fowl took place one day Iat week in the
uptr -ortioii of the county, nnd our
Satanic Mnjeaty remarks thnt they will
soon begin the rearing nl youn onltiy,
a the neet cgj; lias iloi.e been "eot "
If von arc unfortunate enough to et
burned, scatded or cut yourself severely
lo nut delay, but go nt once to . Wayne
(Srifliu and procure a Kittle ol CrookeV
Electric Oil, which will give ou .eed
relief and nil carlv cure. Onlv 12.) centH
I will jirenc'i the funeral of Mrs
Arnold at Mount Olivet, on the fotirth
Siind.it in .September, nt II o'clock a. Ill
On Saturday provioun to ihe fourth Sun-
lay, at "J o'clock, I will preach nt the
.'itnc place.
Ilnv. (JrosoR W. Lbacm.
Mr M. J Heid, of Itocko t, sihmiI
last Sabbath in town. By the way it ha,,
been a mooted intention n.i to whal
BobeV" rtligioua proclivities were, but
it id generally conceded now by those
who know him brt that he tins an in
clinalion lo become a "Millerite."
'And they say f!. ,M ltonc ii. Co , .at
Centcrtowii has pot one of them' mam
moth Mock too."" "Well I don't know
about Ihe mammoth Hocks that thrv nw
ways get from the cart, but George M
mi get a lot of new goody, nnd a little
money will get a heap of them.
Squirrels arc becoming very plcnlilui
n our forerts and some of them even
deign to get into the cpm field occasion
ally, whercuoii out devil fcliot oil';
Eairrolt are the preltiett Urde,
Pre aoen cineo 1 ew born;
They cmne into the new ground ficlji,
At.d eat np all the corn.
We have a curiosity in our oflice,
brought to us by Mr. Tho. II. Crawford,
of Sulphur Spring. It is a conglomcr
atcd mass of hbles thrown together in
thape like a hornets nest. It is nothing
unusual torce conglomerated pebbles, but
we are nt a loss to explain how this got
tself into this peculiar shape.
"One by one the roses fall," nnd one
by one the number ol Carpenters, in
Hartford decrease. By reference to our
last issue it will be seen that one of them
concluded to be a Carpenter no longer,
and has embarked in the housekeeping
business, in partnership with Mr. Mc
Uhec. Mr. S. Schneider, of the popular firm
of Baer Bro. & Co., has just returned
from the Eastern markets, where he
purchased one of the largest and best
asserted slocks of clothing, dry goods, &c
ever brought to tins market. They are
now receiving and opening them. Give
them a calL
As an evidence of the fact that horso
racing is not looked upon by tbe religion
world now in the same light it was a few
years back, we find the following posted
up by the steward of the Methodist
church in Hartford, on his shop door:
Ten Broeck's time: I mile, 1:391:2
miles, 3:27; 3 miles. 5:26J: 4 miles
Tbe Trained AntmnlM.
A characteristic feature of the Europe
an Show is the trained animal depart
ment. It embraces tlie greatest number
and variety of trained animals ever seen
n any one exhibition, comprising trained
lions, tigers, leopards, hyenas, giraffe,
elephants, camels, horses, ponies, dogs,
goats and monkeys, all of which have
been brought to a degree of perfection
bordering on the marrelous- Exhibits at
Rochester, Saturday, September 22d.
Ifarttyrd, llopday. September 24th , Liv-
eruiorjs, Tuesday, September 25. Do not
Ww the opportunity of seeing it.
Opens September 4, 1877. Closes October 20. ;
IvaNi-iuils niul
Mail Stun mors
will carry i;Ktir
gors to the JCxpo
eitioti nt reduced
American Studios, and present the finest contribution to Art ever .ex
hibited in the West or South.
THE NATURAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT will surnars in value and
interest that of the Cfnternial Exposition.
will be greater than ever beiore.
and FLOWERS will contribute to the eniovment of visitors, whila
t 12.: T r
iMovuiLies never ueiure
I Tl JE O JErZ. "37
" iPigs for Sale, by tho Imported Vrize EEogs
English Crown and Sir Archie.
I Guarantee Satisfaction on Examination to all Purchasers. IPrice Hist
trent Jb'ree on Application- A.ddress
The Tire Fiend. I
On labt Wednesdty evening just after j
night-fall, the residence ol Mr. do B.
Bennett, .ot No Creek, wan discovered to
be on fire. All effort to put it out were
unavailing. The house nnd near out- ,
buildings were a total los. The fnrni- ;
lure iVc., in the family room nnd parlor. .
was principally saved, butall ihe bulanee j
'- ln.t inrln.lin,' nroviaioiis and a lot .
.. of--' i
of wheat. Mr. Bennett is one of the best
men of his community, nnd ia now (ev-enty-two
years old with a family to '
care for and he Ihe only male person in j
the family. He was burned out once be-.
fore about seventeen years ngo. He is !
now disabled by paralysis, involved finan
cially, and deserves the help of his neigh
bors and friends. It is proper to say that
his finnncia! troubles out Hide of Uiis
misfortune, grew out of his liberality as
a public spirited man. Will not every
body help him a little. We write this
without consulting with him. His loss
i full $3,000. Old, infirm, no help, no
money, unable lo work himself, no where
to live, will not liberal hearted men in
tins county help him some? He has al
ways been willing to help the needy and.
unfortunate when able, wb'Ich'has been
nearly all his life.
We are poor nnd hard run'Ra all news
paper men are. but we will start the list
with $5 00. Who will follow tiit Do
not delay, for winter is coming on, and
he ought to have help to build a house
at once. It is supposed that Ihe house
caught from a spark falling back alter
leaving the top of the chimney.
lien XoIc'h Ride.
Mr. Nole, Mr. U. A. Hodges, Dr.
Fought and Charles Wallace led him to
Mr. James Drake's melon patch where
Mr. W. A. Wallace, Geo. Martin and
Drake were watching for them. All un
derstood what wns up but Nole, nnd they
came in, when Drake, Martin, and Wal
lace firod on them. All run, and Nole
made for his horse and aimed to cut loose
all the horses but failed to have a knife.
He aimed to unhitch his horse but could
not, and jerked the top of a bush out to
get him loose. He mounted nndlitout,
for he had no time to spare, as Drake,
Martin and Wallace were close after him.
He was three miles from home, and
made it in just seven minutes, over the
roughest road in Kentucky. The water
melon rogue ia broken of sucking eggs,
lie was tbe worst scared man 1 ever saW.
Stewarltiville, Ky. 0. W. IL
will contain Masterpieces of tha Foreijrn aul
U't-Ji-J ii. Vj.-'
exiuoiteu in uie cuuntry
33 jFL
Unpjiy l'npn.
A young lad- came to the residence of
our County Judge, W. '. Gregory, last
halunlay evening. 1 lie .Judge lias proi
lered lier a home turner n:s root, mic
was rather bcamily dree?td but has been
,lr''3 cJ l,y ra,,,il.v ' ,1,e height of
1'ishion. Although not entirely grown
he was furnish.. 1 long dresses. The
Judge wns so eliltcl over the nccefMon
to his household, thnt ho came down
town and wanted to. whip our popular
grocery man, E.T. Williams. Tho-Judge
has an abhorrence of anything to eat or
drink, but upon an occasion like this he
had to visit all the restaurants, saloons
&c, and "set cm up,1' and when he had
completed the circuit, and started for
home, our special arti.'t met him and
took n miniature sketch of his manly
form and here it is, a fac simile, loo.
liny the Semonin & Dixon boots and
shoes of IIardwick Jc Nall.
Nwlnglnjrlitto Klernlty.
Trip Thomas, a rather trilling fellow,
(but good nntured and good humored
with all), who usually loafed around Jas.
A. Thomas' palatial residence came to a
sad death, hist Wednesday evening. He
was playing with Master Owen Thomas
in his fathers' yard. Owen had n rope
around Trip's neck and concluded to tie
him awhile which ho did near the yard
Tence. Trip got tired of waiting for
Owen to return and loose him, and hav
ing enough rope, he got up on the fence
and it is supposed he accidentally fell
over on the opposite side, and the rope
was too short for his feet to reach the
ground and terrible to relate cobodys at
tention was called to it till poor Trip was
gone to nnolher world, having been
choked to death by the rope. Owen is
quite sad over the accident to his friend
and playmate.
T. S. We had forgotten to state that
Trip wns a descendant of the canine
Thomas family.
Fro.-li Atlrni-
hum piovMeil for
i i i
lslu" uccu, ami
1'lor.tl Diephtys
every TlinrstUt.
-ii rr i -r.
win anora interestma,
33. Hi 3Z 3ZS IO.
jf. js. uiviiir r, iiexington, &y.
A Terrible Mlttnke.
We learn .ifoni Mr. L. W. Gates, ol
Cdthoon, who reached here yesterday
evening, that Mr. A. J. Aycr.of Calhoon,
by mi-stake took on'j.csterdny morning a
die of f-tryclinino, thinking it was
quinine. Mr. Gates left a whorl time after
the mistake occurred, and hence we do
not know how it will terminate, but the
imprison was, that he could he saved.
We hope eo.
A fresh and large stock of fancy gro
ceries received to-day at
K. T. Williams'.
Wastkd. 5.000 dor. fresh cgg-i, nnd
20,000 bushels choice wheat.
S. W. Anderson,
31-tf o: . Ccralvo, Ky.
Send your ahildrcu to school right off
Tho first thing is to get books and slates
for them of ' - G! M. Kowk & Co ,
Cenlertown, Ky.
All persoiany.jvay indebted Co J. W.
Tnylor.anduN.rnylor, Exr's.,of Sarah
Spanglcr, tle88d are rcqnestcd-to come
forthwith ritHilacttlo and save cost
A good mare for sale by .
V. P. AnnixGTON.
Rend! Jtenitl
I will take pay for anything due me in
any way, in pood corn, oat3, or wheat, at
the regHlar market price, and will receive
subscriptions to 'the Hkkai.d payable in
the snine way until further notice.
Jxo. P. Barhett.
All per son 9 having clnima against the
estate of tlie late Hezekiah Ward, de
ceased, are hereby notified to present
them, properly proven, to the undersign
ed, at his farm on No Creek, or to Mc
Henry & Hill, at their olilec in Hartford,
on or before the 2ji!i of December next,
or be forever barred.
This Sept. 3, 1S77.
K. A. Ward, Executor of
Hezekiah Ward.
Fresh .Heat.
I will have nice fresh menta, mutton,
beef, bologna and all other kinds of sau
sage, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday morning at my shop, which I will
sell ns cheap 3 can be gotten anywhere
u town. Loris Kumjiuseu.
IS??. Jpejkws ms '
1 w
i nr s
Its competitors receiving only an award for some special feature of Uicir machines.
le IftrenoM Won Mle Sewing Made
Uii Unlimited Capacity to do all kinds of Family Sewing snd Manuflttarln J,
ITS PATENT AUTOMATIC "CUT OFF" on tho hand Tfhccl preterits the ma
chine from ntnnlus- backward?, and ululates tho necessity of lallng-tk -work
from the machine to wind thread on tho bobbins, which mint bo done Ttilh all
other Senilis Machines, to the greet annoyance of the operator, especially la
tacking, hemming; and rnflliutr. It docs ouc-Milrd more work in a given Icngtb
of time than any other Senium machine.
Tire. Vihca Mm sill do as mil wcrk in ess day n hvs ol.:?
It requires no special instructions to use it; an Illustrated Direction Book Is
furnished with each machine.
A properly executed Certificate is furnished with each machine, guarasteeiBg
, to keep it in repair, free of charge, for tlvo years. Machines sold oa easy
terms of payment, and delivered, free of charge, at any Railroad Dewt ia tho
United States whero tvo hare no Agents.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue,
rur iuu pamcuiurs aaarcas
827 Broadwix, HEW Y0EE HEW 0BLEAH3, LA-t er, CHIOAQOj IXL.
Fur Sale by l'.. H. .Muni.-on, II yt.e.vjle,
DKAI.KUS IN AM. KI.N'l'rj 01 -
in i mil I
ii rirrnu it wmi tiij:
Ono V:tli Knik-r, One Stow Pan, Otio
Sheet Iron ran.., Two Puts Two Skillets. Two Griddle, One
Iron Heater, Ono Gridiron. Two Pot-covers, One
Cover-lifter, Two Joints of Pipe,
One Ellww .
No. 7 Farmer
With tho AIkiV2 Ware,
We Import Direct lYoru Potteries nlPOttr Uhitn-wnre, nnd sell it as ChKiP
as it can bo IJottcht anywhere. - A largo
stantly kept in store.
We regret te record ihe death of Mr.
tlia Cox, which occurred fit her home'
ii Owcnsboro recently. She was the
Only daughter of Mr. Steele, ol our town, I
and was a very niuiahlc woman. Hhe
leaves a husband and two children.
(Scene, Hartfurd lloiwc Time, last
week Young man badly struck Star-
ng at object of attraction Beautiful
young laity ctiscrvwg tnc gaze oi inc
young man. Don't Mt staring at me in
that way, if you fove me just say no, or
f you tire too barhful to tell me so just
squeeze my hand . 51. jumping up
and going towards Y. L. Well, just hold
icr out here and if I squeeze as hard ns
l love, there wont be a whole bone left
n it
1 box ol fresh lemons at
E. T. Williajis". .
. 'ouiiH-rrvilerl.
We learn from good authority that
the notorious counterfeiter John Evans,
who wns arrested nnd held in bond by
U. S. Commissioner, O. C Wedding, and
gave bond and "vamosed;" has bcenju- i
rested nnd W now i"n Jail in Owenaboro, I
We learn that Jlr. 'I'aul AlfCiin was
arrestedrin Owen.-t.orr, one day hisfweek. I
for jassmg countyrleit silver. e have
not henrd the particulars, but hope ne is
innocent of any wrong in the matter.
School books of every variety and kind
at Ford's.
Tbe Ijirgmt Yef.
Mr. Thomas Hamilton, living about
eight miles below town, in the direction Hill nnd other, will deliver pnblic ad
of Calhoon, brought- 'o our olnce a leaf j drc-ses. A small price will be charged
of his present crop of tobacco. It is . for dinner, the proceeding of which, are
, 1 , , ' , . , ' lo lm ucd for charitable purpose
more than half cured, and measured J . f, Ae(ii p,,
inches wide nnd 41 inches long, allowing Ewing MorrN, J.T. Kenfro,
shrinkage for curing, as other leaves in
our otlice have shrunk, and wc estiina'c
(lint it was 30x4.j inches when green.
Let our exchanges dry up abo:it big
tobacco. This leaf has been measured
by more than twenty different persons.
Colt Siiurr.
Fersons wishing to compete for the pre.
mium ottered bv V. B. Morton and S. S.
Stahl. will have their Mock at the Fair
Grotinds.il) Hartford on Saturday, Oct.
7 1S77 Premium SI0
' '
l'yr.SIe orTraile:
Several fecotid-liaml
and Buucies.
d F Yauek.
VX-Vt.3t aXa
w Jlceata Wasted.
Ohio county, Ky.
3 34-9m
rou.owisd.wAni:: "
CufTfo Uoilcr, One Tea Kt tllo, Three
or Palmetto
stock of linwaic and Hardware con
. A key that will wind any watch at
X. W. Ford.
IlrlcK rorSnlc.
100,000 brick for sale, at reasonable
price, by W. B. Leach, near Elm Lick.
JI tl. P. O. Address, Rusinc.
Clrcnt Harsnin.
1 have light elegant chromos, and five.
beautiful steel engraving, framed in
beautiful style, for sale lower than ever
before. Call at once and secure bargain?,
Jou.v P. Barrctt.
Wntsi To exchange a good Sewing
Machine for hav. -d. S. Vaccut.
Head Tills.
' .All persons indebted to me will greatly
oblige by calling and settling their ac
counts. I have to pay lorlny goods and
cannot keep a line line unless you pay
we." . W. II. Muhrell.
JJeaver Dam, Aug. 13.
; ' t
Having traversed the entcre Stale of
Texax, Irum Itcd Itivec to the II io
(irande, lam prewired to furnished in-
tlic j,,,,,,. friar SlalL- A havcTn prt my
formation to all those -seeking homes in
travels and olwervaliotis 'w'lricli Xvilr-be-
oui in a icw uiiya. mr maps ami pnnipu-
lc,s ""T m i'
Mnin .siroeis., Uuisville. Ky.
31 If N. C Tilfoko.
Kairvicw Grange will have a splendid
barlircue at Kairview Church, near Stew
art A Martin's store in the north-east
art of thii county, on Saturday 'A
day of September, 1877. Hon. S. E
T. M. rJoii;:herlr.
no. SO, 2t. 9 Managers.
D. B. Frost, Adra'r, Pl.f)
against Equity.
.7. J. Pltimmcr&al Defs)
NOtlCK ia hereby given lo tho Creditors
of Cwcn I'lmniufr, ilrcaa'dl. that the
utiilcrslsnnli Comuiiii.'iancr i f Ihe Ohio Circuit
?""r u"',!f , f'le.r ' '"J lh' bo" '.,le.',
Ky.. from tho date hereof until the 13th tUv of .
October, 1377, to receive and htar proof of J
claims agaimt raid Ptiknt. and that all
claim not presented lo him anil pruren nj ro-1
luirea Dylaw.wi.tm the lime .peciaed above, pij-p l)jtY Jj; BI.TJE BOXES
will be forever barred. SOLD DY ALL DRUtJGIsTS.
E. K. Mt'RR Khh, M. C. 0. C.C. I f. j;. CRITTENTON. 7. Sixth Avenue Y, P
u -C 4t 1 x. F.-nrKMIAJf.S "l,7t
" - 11 1 .
1. 1:
ll.-l.-l. Ii r ...I dritrM tl- !'"
i-M.ni-. r a...i hri IV ii. ik 7- A. 7a
l l-Mrr',lirii., !,.! mi I'c ll lir.l
Line Hi. all. I .In-. - f -
r v. Ml
'i i;s
Mil 111 K.
Ilcil Kuilll rlrrrl Tllitll ",. 4
"n Jtar'crau. it .lr In in Wol'li'. P 'j f
vr hi.iI 1'lairtl wMir. luit'viiar i,wi- if'
t,.ftieitr. s
y ' ' i
J ? T.erre, d.atriH. J
tfl. J.neln , D-lllJ
I . -u ..r.ii
B"el.t,. t hr.u..r, v.-i, e.
I -
KuHUin Ajua r; tineiiinali. Iitaiirii. ruii.fr
Y urtl aal '!rre. if i. I .., wtt k.
.1. I 0.-K.N.IK
hlrel r. u i .rw , urr ! sU WtjAf
tout and l.L.iii.i.llo Ki.iklr-. AWw
I JanJn4 f..r c!iil.!n-ii' .iiu.'S-i' "t,Ti,'.Uj
I'ffi a.3fiM AVr. Mll, M . f,',iS;.ll.
n.tv,.v ,
! iM Wall .... r ant'winW a' .L-,, 111
Main ttrrrt. t hoIdimI', (Hi ItVi uuj 1.1
MMdiin flrer. IWmni.i..!iv. "
A LFKKH WI fr. . '
luiHirirr r HM.Vnr.,. nli The;lrTae
aii-l cbn Int r Al-n'iiiint ai. larne.
in Ibo w rl-l. Kf . li.uiil ri.ll IiIia
"Jinir. .rt up aqjahuc rin, V. 551 7
n . nrm si
A,rA.Tl. UN.lKl.hl i8t.A.TyAjLg.
XiJL. Km I.. r k A m.l-u.Sur rf
I .ianirii.u ir.i ucam 4e, . tu-l
J5 Eln arta-i ('in. rtiih..
JI.NUKJl.V.NA.M.'CA-l'uu.i'. '.
J ilir. Uvtl-iu. niro uiirfiiUt ti
i .f Vi.r ,.Suiheii. aid Vi:i briinrrt
I ... . L . . .liA'.lv .
wurtiouui u.-nrri nmitii i. wjtnjw.'rvaiv
. .mi.i.iip UJaicr. a4ii.l X.r eirru!-r
I . : 1 -
XU i'laetic
tical MachlnWt inventor aa.l Iai-
i luvt'C of tl lniv-irtl J inrm tr Unm tfd '
i fixil ixiwcr. All km U .f wacbii.". io"Winit,
LI I .: .: I i I. - . ... .
Rui.cvni. II I ir u'la, Ulc lull. mw trww "- t
tiplr, S. U. cuiDcr s'ic.iii.1 m., C-imatAvri.
. - i t-m
IV. To.N. E. com. r or Miveinii an., 1 i
tir. V-....nallT ..f irtinr teeth nilhuotpain.
Fir.h RAf iljily, lu had 11 j,at rx.wine;
and tlitre a o UiIOt) OJiue of paliruU u Li .
rc;i.ler. -
rr BUOS S: ro
iV Iniportcr of Fancy Rood and Tuy Cult,
lerj, Slalionerj. UruggUl, Suudrirf, Mu.ical.
arf, Suiokct. articlai, Ua.trU. Silirr, t'bin
an I lloheinian glx'.wjre, I37 'rt FuutU at,
I'niiui allentiiiu l rifra ly mail.
RIVET A-rAUUiflDilE. . i
Importer and ilcalrr In Dry (londr(
Ladieii, 3llrr and children'. hi. MUlcuo
lined and .VutioB', HT and 149 Wflt tixilth '.
idicei.'xlwrrn Kaco sod Klin. c!ieapet liotla
in Cincinnati.
OncraticJl aud MrchamcAl Dcntl.r, 17
Wet-llh f I ret I, Cineiunati. A mJ act of
teeth for
1 Sewing MactHno ha. olf-tting needier
.clf-thrpadin; .hulile. arir.rrculalincntions
ami U tho IlrsT. ,Vo. 177 Weil Vunrla itlcct, ,
Cinciunati, 0!ii.
. fchirU mad lo order and ready mad
Send for circular i:h cut of tjl or hfn.
eolarj and eufl. 1'rlto li't and mininta Tor lf
mcajuremrnt. K.eor. dUi rnd Walnut.
, Imiiurtcr and nholc.ilo draltr iu
Freoch china, Forrien i;laarx. Uru-ii.
French and Engli-li Fancy guvd, 72 anJ 71
Wcjt Fuurlh ttrcei.
Ol'EAItiCO. :
O WliolMato dealer in Lautp.; Chandilicr
lUlI-righl, IlrackrU and Lamp lock. pclru-
Icnm Uuiil, cvl oil, itotw, lauipf, Ac. 165
XV SIfr uf Boo harnn leathrr d Jc-alr..
iu leather, f hoe piod. hide and oil. JIi.'j 171
and 176 ilaia itrect brtwoen 4th ami Slh;
Mfr nf paUnt ulf-vcnliUting llcfrisra'
tor, Ice chotti anil fleer cooler. tSuarantcctt.
tho heat and theapejt made. Depot 211 IV,
Fillh ttrcct.
Importer ajd aannfacturcr or looking
Elat.e and picture frame of every Jecriplinff.'
made to order, Eboay, Mora Antiquo foaj.
and pafjpartuU for photosrapa, . No, 70 w
Fourth itrret.
J --3 Uo people clothier, corner Fourfi anil
Vine itrcetf, Tho larger ciuiaiug emMin-u
in tho ll'etl. 6'amplc and rule lor intaaurw
ment lent free.
5.TllOJlo. i CO.
. AVhuIcMle and retail carpets and oil
ctotli', window lidv, laco curtain Jbe, A
largcan lncll (glectcd itock alaay uu hand,"
"No. 172, 17S and 177 Main, near Fourth.
I Manafjcturer and importer of Silk,
Dm gnodj, Velvstf, LaJieV Suit, Cluak,
Shant, Situ Trimmiof and laee. AIo,
Dreu-making executed with dispatch at lo-r
prieei. 120 Wait Fourth at, Cincionaii. O.
New Advertisemts.
fj with nam Re Pust paid. J. E. Hur
led, N.jjaa, N. V.
Thoso wlhnjr Relief and Curo for Kcrrnas
hnnld contult Dr.V. A. Sherinair, 113 Broad--1
way. Near York, or rend fur hi new hcuk,
with Photographic likeume of bad ca.es to
furs aud after euro. Ecwarc of chrata wh
pretend tn furni'b Dr. hera.an tteatmenf.
Oncoftho.o fellow, a Rerinan clerk, now
tailing himiclf Dr. W. O. CVrmpien, i Indict
ed on complaint of Dr S., and await trial fvr"
forgory and ombeixlement.
UI38Eui It
iuelsa Koae Varal
(Set, t,MIA"Hht
SO eetc la Cm- 1
rency or ucn)p.
pi u m:,-
A uruia ud acre - (nit. -tt
I-nrge Heduetloq lor Price. A t:UI oottlo
Mr'. I. A. PaoLLrxcKn. Lal'ortc. Indiana.
JJoxlOra. (Formerly Mrs Pr. S. D. Collin.).
Tho only combination of tho
true Jamaica OInrer with
khoico Aromatlca and French'
Brandy, I a delietou, harutr,
lei and ftrenfthening n&-
stitnts for all kind ofatlmn
lanti. It promptly relieve''
Dypepia. 0pnre,inn after
Eatlnj;, and tverv ncie-i of
T " ' fndigestion. corrrct- all dij
turbance of the Bowel, atad
ieure Crmp, Chilli, Fevert"
(and Malaria. Ak tut Sad-
OS ifords (USHER-
ggr--f eliomnwey or .Son I t'liarralnc.
U How cither arz may Faacinaio an 1 gain
flho Lnvo and AtTretion tf any penon
they choose, lostanlly. TMj art all can on
.e,, free, for 3SieeBt-rf.togetheTwllh a
Lover'tlluide, EgV pllan'Ofacle, Drem;llint
to Ladie, A'e. 1 ,000.000 ld. A cpaecrbook
T. 7n.u.s A Ol, Pub. Philada.
Revolver and Gartridfs fsr$3
A Sne nickle plated, 'even tkoi, pocket to
voivcr: a Crrl elas artirle, rent (. O. D.. or
on receipt of price. (1 W WIELIS, V O line.
2.71-1. N Y.
a ture retnolv nr rOUJ WS, and all ilicae,
of the TIIK0AT. LtXtiS, CHEST am
. -i -

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