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fcSTrHnirit advertisements must l,c
Jaid tor in udmnre.
Clmrcc f.ir yearly Bdmtirmcnt8 will
be collected iiinrtcrly.
All ndtcnirt-tiients inserted without
prritird lime will he charged for until
Ordered out.
oiico under head of 'Preferred Lo
cls" Ten Cent r line.
Announcements of Mnrrmceoor TVutha
hot exceeding five linen, and notices ol
Preaching ublifliJ Rratis,
Sje-Obituary Notice, Resolution" of
Bepect uml oilier similar noticcn, Five
Cents per line.
Jab work of every description done with
neatnrM and dispatch, at city prices. We hare
a fall line of job type, an i solicit the patr-magr
Of th bufintM community.
Arrival and Departure of the
The Western Mail leaves at 9 a m.,
and arrive at 4 p m.
The Eaotern Mail leaves at 1 p. m ,
and arrive at 12 m
Sulphur Springs Fordsville, Karnes
villeand Follville leave every Tluit'day
at Cp. to. and arrives Saturday at .1 p m.
The Oweni'l'Oro mail, via. Red. Hn
ford. Pleaant Nidge and Maonville
leave on Tuesday and Friday at 7 ft. m.,
and arrive Monday ar.d Thnrday at 6
p. in. ,
The Ccntertown mail arrive at 10 a,
., and depart at 11 a at. Wednesday.
C J. HWTON. lWmai-tcr
General Hooal ISTows.
WEDNESDAY, SKIT. 19, 1877.
Show Monday next.
An infant daughter, (one day old) of
Albnio Stevens, dud on last Wednesday.
Mr. Wm. Cux, of this place, is recav
ing from a nevrre attack of fever.
Remember the great European show
will pitch it tent her next Monday.
Miss Helen Foreman will please acceil
our thanks for a baaket of nice, luscious
Mr. Jerome B. Wells, of EliiaWthtown,
formerly of this place, is visiting friendr
Mr. Ed. B. Elli is laying very low
at the residence of his brothsr, Mr. A. C
Ellis, with consumption.
v The approaching fair, it is thought by
all, will be the most iuirres ting and sue
cessful one ever held at this place.
Rev. W. W. Cook and wife left Mon-
Jay evening for Henderson, to le present
at the coining Conference which will be
l.cld in that city, commencing the 2Cih
Jerry Williams is ju.tly entitled to the
honors on killing squirrels. In an hour's
hunt an evening or two ago he bugged
thirty-six of these little cum hcarlers.
The wife of Mr. Warren llincs living
on Hall's Creek gave birth last week to
twins, both bors.one of them died Thurs
day night, and was interred Friday n the
grave yard at Mr Milton Taylor's.
Tli Sdibsionary alitUuu to which W.
0. Beuton gocsie Kiu Kiang. China. In
announcing it in last week's issue, wc
uia.de a slight mistake, and make the
correction so his numerous friends here
way have his correct address.
Mairud. At the County Clerk's office,
In Hartford. Ky.. September the 1 4 (It
1877, by Rev. G. J. Bean. Mr. John.C.
Ilocker and Miss Helen Austin.
Uncle TVtu. Foreman, of color, killed
a Ttry large copper bend snake last Sat
urday on the Hardmsburg road, near Z
W. Griffin's farm. It was about four
lest long, and large around in proportion
Mr. Dick Kceenberg has returned from
the Eastern markets, and is now opening
his mammoth stock of fall and winter
goods. We refer you to hie double
column advertisement for particulars.
Mr.Armiitead Jones, who for for sev
eral months pail kas been a member of
Qur town, Los taken charge of the school
at Fordsville. We wish him success.
. Mr. U. B. Kinsolving. clerk ol W. C
Murioa's grocery establishment, has bee
fro in Lis post of duty for several days
past, occasioned by sickness of chills and
Quite a nice time was experienced, by
the young people of this place at the res
idence of Dr. J. E. Pendleton last Friday
night. The occasion was a dance. We
regret very much that urgent business
prevented as attending.
The Courier-Journal is the pride of all
Ktatncktans, and is ths "boss" news
paper of the United States. Yesterday
she was double size. We are going to
make it profitable to us in more than one
way after reading it we are going to
paper the editorial room of the Hbkild
establishment with it.
Mr. Allen Swain, near Cromwell says
ha wiir run his sorrel raare at the Ohio
County Fair, against anything on four
legs .in this Senatoral District for $1001
premium. The race.to be a dash of one
tbosrand yards or one mile.
Iter. T." E. Richey, Editor of the Tem
perance Advance, paid Hartford a visit
last week, and secured over fifty sub
scribers here to his paper. He has a
host of friends here, who wish him euo
ess in bis enterprise.
After purchasing a suit of clothes of
Julias Winter 4 Co., S. E. corner Third
and Market streets, Louisville, Ky., go
to the Exposition, then to the theater to
Btt Miss Mary Anderson, and our word
for it, yon will be a truly happy man.
The annual election ot Kejstone Chap
ter, No. 110, Royal Arch Masons, held
September 10, 1877, resulted as follows
A.B.Baird, U. P.
Malcolm Mclntyrc, K,
Dudley Ford.S.
John Riley, (X II.
David Rogers, P. S.
Sam JE. Hill. R, A. C.
John W. King, M. 3 V,
John D. Holbrook, M. 2 V.
O. J. Bean, M. 1 V.
H. Weinsheimer, Secretary.
Wayne Griffin, Treasurer.
W. H. Moore, Guard. a
Tlii- tfra:rk( koUn-ilutJ
Visiting Hartford, but tLat don't tiislter!
ith Edwards & Foster, they mill urn-
tinuc to sell groceries cheaper than any
body. 1
he wife of Mr. W. H. Motrio, who
been quite low for some tiuie past in
improving, with pronpects of final
rectornlion of health.
The Temperance Advance, is u new
paper Hurled by Itcv. T. E. Urehey, of
Princeton, Ky. It in a uimi-niontlily, bn
ing issued on the 1st and loth of each
tuontli, and a four paged, four column
papvr. Its columns ore filled with very
appropriate mutter for n paper of its
class. We wish the Editor success.
Jtev Q. J. lleau, ot llii place, lost nn
over-coat from his dwelling somo time
last week. The person that bcnvtrcA
without his consent, mny labor under
he vain delusion that he is not known.
but still, if he knew what was. berth r
him he he had better drop it somewhere.
where the owner can get it.
As promised last week, we started the
subcciiplion liel lor the benefit of Mr. .1.
B. Bennett, and several have lollowed
our example und wc hope many more
will still do so The paper is at E. T.
William's grocery, u here all can haven
chance ot helping the old gentleman in
bis hour of misfortune. Go and sub
scribe liberally.
. a.
Mr. D.nid Itogern of the firm of Hol-
hrookA; Hoccrs. Uuford, Ky., etnrtcd for
Louisville, the lilh int,, to attend the
Exposition, and to puruhasoa large stock
of Dry Goods, .Notions, Ac. All persons
wanting anything in their line would do
well to await his return.
Squirrels were never more plentiful
in this county than now. Some farmer
arc nctually oflcriug to furnish gun, miii-
unition nnd board to anybody who will
hunt aronnd their corn-fields ami stop
them from destroying their corn.
I have used several bottles of Sim
mons' Liver Regulator, ond you may re
cord the fact, that my feelings arc so fa!
ohaned that I can eat hearty, and am
more like a well man than I have been
for years past. I have suffered four
jcare end am grateful for relief.
J. Kaitcctt, Periodical Store, 1S0S,
Market St. Phil.
The "Work and Sphere ol True Worn
nnhood" ia the title of a neat little pan.-
phlet of 50 pafiei. l.y Rev. W. II. Fdix.
postor of the Firot llaptirt church, Cov
ington, Ky , and ultihed hv Capertfn
Jt Caies, Louieville Trioe 1. cents. It
well orth a reading. Anil manv times
the price naked for it. ltev T. K Kichey,
clitor of the Temperance Advance, is
agent far it.
Beo Newton, of color, living hetween
here ud I.ivertuore, neur V. C. Rowans.
caught one day last week a live tattle
anake. He mnimgcJ to ptt it iutt) the
loop of a string end took it in his lion J
ju-t behinrijiu head, and carried it home
ittiJ now Ii:;h it in a box. Hii enuUechip
uA -oien rattks on the end of hi iia;
rative. Our friend and pn iron, 0orge Klein,
haa about completed him A nerr and ele-
gaut little horn jmt oppo-it A. I. Mor
ton's. The grate setting and plastering
hoh done by Mr. Wm. Steele, and upon
inspection, we pionounce it well done.
The grate ia the parlor is one of the
nicest in town ad all the grates are net
n a scientific workman-like manner and
throw out heut well. Mr. Steel claima
to be No. 1 one in this kind of work.
The Willard Hotel, Louisville, Ey.,
line been thoronghly refitted end re.ur
i.iehcd from top to bottom, aod painted
up all ready for the fall trade. There is
not better .2 SO houbc in Iioniaville. Mr.
Wm. Ingram, of Uccdereon, ia one of
the clerk, and Mr. Al. Chile, of Lex
iiton, the other, both of whom arc po
lite and attentive to gucsto of the Houee
deaeredly popular. Try the Willard.
Mr. W. L. Row of our town haa re
centlf exchanged his town property for
the well known Allen Taylor farm in the
Point Pleacant neighborhood. We re
pret to loose ao good a citizen as Mr.
Rowc, hut our loes will be the gain of
another vicinity. Mr. H. will move "to
his new home sometime in October next.
The lady who purchased clothes for
bereix boys at Julias Winter & Co' 8., S.
E. corner Third and Market aUeets, Lou
isville, Ey., left their store with head
erect She bad money enough left to
buy each of her. girls a new dress.
A young gentleman has for some time
uast been ravine very devoted attention
to a certain young lady, and has frequent?
ly been heard to call her a wingless
angel, but the other day from some cause
or other she "jilted" him, and he has
handed ut the appended stanza, saying it
puts forth bcr real disposition:
Her g It it bat iweet ilitetn,
And a little angtl ih did ieem,
But when we tried her all but that
She proved to be a "dinged" wild-cat.
Mr. Z. T. Iter, near Beaver Dam, had
been taking the Hiiuld for a year. Ilia
time expired in Gugust, and money was
so scarce he ordered it stopyed ; but he
came in laet week and got the back
numbers and received his subscriptions,
saying that his oldest boy would not be
without the paper for $10 a year, and he
added, "I believe it is of that much ad
vantage to him.'' Correct.
Mr. E. W. Hutcherson, from the
''North side of Rough," came to town
last Wednesday and got a little too joy-
tui ana lost tns pocicot booic, wnicn be
said had about $15. in currency In it,
but he was too badly befuddled with
whisky to tell anything about it. lie of
fers $5. reward for the recovery of the
money. He seems to be a. poor man
and this is the way he gets rid of his
hard earned money, he is apt to remain
Special Bates.
The Louisville WeeklyCommercial and
Hartford Uxralo, both for one year to
one address, for the small sum of (2 50,
cash. Now is the time to seenre cheap
peas September 4, 1817. Closes October 20.
HaHi'Diiils mid
Mail i? t on in e r tfy
wilt carry psiM'ii
gpra to tho Kxpo
fitio!) ut icilticcii
THIS ART GMiLBRY will contain TIastorpieocs of tha Foroign and
Aiuerican Studies, and present the finest contribution to Art ever -exhibited
in the West or Boutli.
THE HATTIEAL HIST0E.Y BPj?AHT5p)NT will eurpass in value and
interest that of tae Centennial lizposition.
-will be greater taan over besore.
HcvoHies never before ezhibitoa in the country
Instinctive, and Amusing enter tafcrnianta.
& 0)
i iPigs for 6alos b3T tho Imported Prizo JrJogs
English Crown and Sir Archie.,
T Guarantee Satisfaction
Temperance is attracting tnttch atten-j
tiou, showing itself in looal opiion laws,
societies, crn?ndrs and nvtrirtions npon j
liquor proluction -, hut Willi all these el-
foil, the couwumption u enormoas. and. '
undoubtedly Uie rtaon is because there
ia nothing strenuously advocated to re-
Here and destroy the craving for stimu-
Una. But, if the disease was treated ra.
tipnally by aroncing the torpid Liver
ith Simmon' Lirer Regulator, the
dispirited drunkard would find his crav-
ngs ponn disnipated, and with cleared
head and active Liver, he would not
want liquor.
Jnlint IVlnter A Co.
We take pleasure in calling the atten
tion of onr readers to the advertisement
of the above firm now appearing weekly
in our local columns. This is one of the
most extensive clothing firms in the wt,
and they can be relied on to give good
work, good fits, and al reasonable prices.
Tber have an immense slock to (elect
from, and the moet experienced cutlers
that money can obtain. Only try them
one time and you will be convinced. We
hare been acquainted with this firm nine
years, and they have filled all our orders
for clothing during that time, and have
given satisfaction every lime.
"There is music in the air'' since the
reorganization of tho Cornet band, fend
you can't imagine how it tickles us to see
them play. While we do not wish to
make invidious distinctions, we desire to
speak of the drummers. Johnny Collins
beats the tenor, and indeed he ''crawls
all over it'' always comes in on time.
Wm. Phipps is "bosa" over the bans, and
he handles the stick and cymbals with
great accuracy. Whenever he makes
ont of those oveishand licks we feel like
he was going to knock a half-grown
sheep right out of the institution, and
that's what tickles us.
Diid. At Fordsville, Ohio county,
September the 14th,. 1877, William
Lafayette, son of James L.nnd Mollie E
Davidson, aged one year three months
and seven days. The funeral sermon
wee preached September the 15, by Rev.
Calvin Boyle. After services the re
mains were interred in the Graveyarn of
Mr. John Jones, Sr., at Fordsville.
Mother, hth the dove that nettled
Lovingly upon thy brett
folded op iti little pinloni
Asd la derknen goas to reit.
Brcckenrid.;e News please copy.
2 A IT
on Examination to all
i-eo on Application- -A.cldi'esa
P. B. BEY ANT, Lexington, Ky.
Knrrlngo ct Mr. T. I.nrSilii OrlOln to
jlufl.li:o l'aylor.
R!vrly jfon(jny morning tho hundreds
of fmnd, p( 5j. Bnil r, j. Wayne
(Jriran recc;vcd ;nT;tAtioris jn the way of
i,,.!!,. ?TnlCl CM&t requesting their
prcencc 0i jo o'clock, t. to witncea the
,.;. T;.i,,. nr Hnrhter Mi
Sallie.to Mr. T. Larkin Gridin, the first
0. 0 ,j ,
clerk of the popular Trade Palaco.
By the appointedtimc scores of friends
had gathered, and the joy that pervaded
could hardly be surpassed by so many
angels if dispatched to conduct a freed
roul to the golden City above.
The bride ia the purest of earthly be
ingg, and is greatly beloved by every
body, while the groom is all that can
be expected of an upright, high-toned
honorable and first-class business man.
The bride was attended by Missed Eva
Griftin and Mary Pendleton, two of tho
rarest flowers yet left in the garden, and
whose queenly and ntceful manners are
indeed enviable.
After the rights had been duly solemn
ized, Bro, Cook being tho officiating di
vine, the numerous friends were invited
to one of the most bountiful and elegant
repaxts ever placed before so many eyes,
to which ample justice was don amid
fnany wishes of a happy future for bride
and groom.
At 1 o'clock, in carriages with quite a
host of friends, they were conveyed to the
depot, where they took the cais for Lou
isville, in which city they will spend
several days. -
The Heuld wishes them much joy
and a long nnd prosperous life, and when
the cruel band of death shall snap love's
link, may they be ablo to say that their
union was a step in life they havo never
Jnit Observe tbe Difference.
I dhrink mini
I drink my Lager
Beer elsewhere, and
it's no good.
Cin, Lager Beer at
Edwards & Foster's.
Wijitbd To exebeoge a first-class
$70 Sewing Mnchinef for a good $50
horac. J, S. VatTorii.
I'rcnh Attrnc
ions pruvidoil for
'itch week, ntii!
tftH t.'l. 1 T"? I
r iui.u lvirjimy
vorv ThitrMi.iv.
vrill anord Inferestmg
Purchasers. 3?Yice "List
W.th Piof. William Itodcn as leader
the Corn.rt Bind has reorganized, an,)
will f.irnish the muic for the next aoiiu
M Ohio County Agricultural and Me
chanical r'air. As a iu luteal instructor
Prof. Kowden stands unaurp-iurd hy any,
and judging from the progrees the boys
are mtkinnf they will, by the time cftht
fair, ruuk jiuioii the first banJi of the
6iate. This is the order in which the
play : v. tiuam liutv.Jen, 1st cornet ;
Clarence irirdwick, 2nd cornet; Jerry
w iliiams, 3rd oornet ; L. i", Condlct, let
alto; Harry Jarboe, 2ud alto;
W.'A. Gibson, 1st tenor; E. P. Thotuaa.
2nd tenor; B. T. William, Ut bass;
L. Gucnther. 2nd bass; J. R. Collins,
tenor drum; Wm. Fhipp, bass drum
Th hand makes very creditablu music
already, and we are really glad they havt
been secured, as we feel confident thev
will give as general aatifactiou aj any
band lull could have been obtained.
Some three weeks ago James Eaugh
living 'near Horse Branch, this county.
Hold some water-melons to several differ
ent persons, principally to the bands
working up stave timber for Chess A Wy
roond. Several took sick, and tbe indi
cations were similar to those produced b
poison. Finally, one negro, Curtis
Sprowle, died- Suspicions of poison grew
bo atrong that tho Coroner was summoned
and Dr. Bean, of Sulphur Spring was en
gaged, the body taken up, examined, an
inquest held and the jury gave a verdict
of "death by poison. The )roof tends to
show that some one had been robbing
Baugh a water-melon patch and he had
poisoned several melons in order to kill
the theif. He must have either suspected
the parties to whom he sold the melons
"as the ones who had been etealiug his
melons, or he mado a mistake in getting
the melons he sold, and got hold of some
of thoso he had poisoned, by accident.
a warrant lor his arrrest was m.ued and
he skipped out, and up to this writing has
not been heard from. The other parties
who ate of the melons are all alive yet,
with hopes of the recovery of all of them
Their names are Columbus Bratcher and
Hiram McMellon, (white) and Luke
Barrett, (colored).
All persona any way indebted fo J. W
Taylor and N. Taylor, Exr's. of Sarah
Spangltr, deceased are requested to come
forthwith and settle and save cost
3SlSrEJlS.3r MMa WOVE"
Ono Wiw'u Boiler, Otic Stow Tun, One ColJVo Butler, Ouo Ten Keith, Three
Sheet Iron PunH, Two Vuti, Two Skillet. Two Griilill., One
Iron Il&iler, Ouu Gridiron. Two Pot-covprn, Ono
Cover-lifter, Two Joints of Pii',
One Klliow .
Mo. 1 Farmer or Pa!mettot
With tho Above Waro,
Wo Import Direct from Potlcriea
as it can lw lioug.it anywhere. A hirge
slnntly kept in atora.
HHEmM srN'vwieV B flKi!!i3eH
.HBftjIL!.l Mk-r 'ijuV JleM-Ma-y-k'iffie,1Nifrjf ffrB-Ki
Its competitors receiving- only an awtrd for soma special feiturs of thtlr midvlftfai
0b forltoomei Wilson Slattle Seiii lacMie
Bu Onllmlted Capatlty to da all Mods sr Tisatly Sewla J aad Htny&ituria,
ITS P1TE5T i-UTOXATIC "CUT OFT" snthe bud wbeel prerentt the mo
dilne from running backirards, ebrlates th aeclty of tat.lig tlM work
from tho machine to Triad thread on the bobbins, which m&st be Homo with all
ether Sewing MacMnea, to- tha great annoyance r Um operator, espedaDj la
tncllng, hemming and ruffling. It doea one-third more work In a girea bafts
Of time than oay ether Senlar machine.
Xaa Wilun Vufan Till .0 u m hmlqu feu iitem
It requires no special Instruction! to use It; an Ulutrated Direction Book kt
larnllbed wlth.efieh machine.
!- rr caiiot err on or ordih, ud thx asjofrvzsn ia uuavtia.Haneti
A properly exeeatei Certifleate b firulsied with each aiacMie, gumteebg
to keep it la repair, free of charge, for Ire years. Jfaehlaea.selUm easy
terns of payment, sal delivered, free of charge, at uy RiOmi Dsfa't U tha
L United States where we hare no Agents.
Seat for niaxtrated Catalogue. -0 Adnata WaataeL 1 1
For full peutloulam addrea
837 Sn&nj, VST YOSSi HW OSLSASS, XX or, CSUJLv Xh.
For Sale by B. If. Moirrljon, INyecsrillo, Ohio county, Ky. 3-31-Ota
consisting of
Dress Goods, Sha-wls.
Blanlcete, X,inseys, J eans3
on ctzxea. Boyo Olot3ana:,
Boots tnd Slaoeiii JEHsvtm axxxS. Oap.
A Beautiful Line of
ladieB., Mis3es' and Children's .Hats,
aGive us a Gall, no Trouble to Show Goods.
Docta efBr. Eranett Nlevens,
On Monday. Sept. 17th, it was the mis
fortune of this community to lose one
or its most prominent and useful citizens
hy death. Mr. Sttvtns died from dropsy
of the heart. In the death of Mr. Ste
vens, the agricultural interests of this
county will he severely felt. He naa one
of the largest, most energetic and pro
gressive stock raisers in the Green River
Country, and the removal of a man of
his experience, at this time is a calamity
to the whole county, lie was loved by
the numerous connections of the family
and respected be everybody and was an
honest, upright, generous and just mam
and though we regret his death, we
doubt not ths change is inSnitaly a hap
py one. Ur. bterens was scventy-cdil
years of ttgs.
Hutldon Denth.
A little three year son of James Henry
Brown, of Hoggs Falls, died last Wednes
day uiominjj very suddenly. He was
taken sick the previous evrning, and tlit
nextmorning beseemed to be so bad that
a doctor was sent for, hut the littie fellow
died before medical aid reached, him
Colt Show.
Persons wishing to compete for the pre
iuni offered by V. B. Morton and 3. S
tabl, will have their stock at th Fair
rounds, in Hartford on Saturday, Oct.
1877. rrcniiuni, ?10.
nil our China-ware, ami sell it aa Cheap
stock of 1 in ware mid Ilnrdwaru con
tablnglr nt Coal.
I have ray shingle machine now it
operation, and am cow prepared to inakt
shingles to order, alio shingles for sale.
and will purchase yellow poplar blocks
My coal bank ii now rurrnio; and I an
preparrd to fill all orders fcr coal, am
will sell at bank or delivered at any othv
place in tbe vicinity. My shingle ma
chine is at my coal bank three miles b
low Hartford. Uan.-to Fbky.
Lwt Kogr.
About fuur mouths ago, a tow abou
aixtreu months old, will weigh about on
hnndred anif flfly poauds, sandy color
marked upper dop off of the right en
and split Tn the left. Any iuformatioi
thankfully received and liberally rewarded-
Address, J. W. Gcsixwoon.
Hartford, Ky.
Fairvicw Orange will have a splecdit
barbveue at Fairview Church, near Stew
art & Martin's store in tha borthseas
part of this county, on Saturday 22iic
day of September, 1.177. Hon. S. E
Hill and others, will deliver nubile ad
dresses. A small urice will he clia.ro.
for dinner, the procredin ol which, art
. i... i . t
H. M. Alleni G PhelpsT
Ewing Morris. J.T. Rcnfro?
T. M. Dougherty,
no. 2t. Managers.
II i iXi I JtX til IUA TOKY
OT '-'f
I ai.iti.-4h llr:-r J irlori i In Pfl
VHn t.frr , h(t fl-ct'.J nJ.iT3ri .nU
;iDeiaa:l. OM.i. ' - j
Jc. utnitt.
ira Wxt iri, CtalauaU,
iMo, Jir n itjXst la Si 17au:B.
fr inj Plaw-1 a. f'L. mlr uliu
fiveii to tte t9ir of Tmir au4 Ja Ut.
'jm;n hj CKvr aioRt,
JL J C. Pwrr. d, tr U Jw.!rj, l)oll,
DiMitt,, C&ict-, B.ik, Ic. 73 anl 0
FouduIo Siiaart; CinoinaitU Branpi. erar
F-nrlh an J ilnnu I're.i., Loaltvitle, Ky.
DR. K. hu.K.VZIK
Elilro-niutorio eu far alt Modi of nr
vaiu anil Uaabiatia rilicaiw. Abtlo'amat
Bjit !asj fr ol.iMru' ttcair ccaptaiaU
OCirt, sea ytmi Ma h Sl, Ciofinmtl.
lVI rt.,,p.r. al WiaJo" alaJet, '189
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i!r. J. A. UxoLliaaxR. LePcrte, Indiana.
Box 1318. (FoiturrlT M. Br.6. B.CellU.)
Tbe only eomUoatlen of lie
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r. WiLLLiaa t Co., Pube.TbiUda.
Revolver and Cartridges fer$3
A fine niekle plaUJ, tvo ibul, puektt r
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ob receipt or price.
1.718. N T.
THim.NU "
i tare reaiedv fur COUflW. and all d!reM.i
at the IHR01T. LU(.-8, CHEST uU
O. y.CKITTEXION. T.Sltth Av.ene Y. X.

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