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B9Tranelcnt advertisements must be
paid for jn advance.
Charges for yearly advertisements will
1 collected quarterly.
All advertisements inserted without
specified lime will lie clinrgcd for until
ordered out. '
Notice under licad or Frcfcrrcd Lo
cals' Ten Cents per line.
Announcements of Jfarrinpes or Deaths
not exceeding five liner, and notices ol
Preaching published gratis, .
Je20bituary Notices, Resolutions of
Repct and oilier bimilar notice. .Five
Cents. per line.
Job work of every dereriptlon done wllb
neatnen and Jlfpatch.at city prleea. Wohavc
a fait lino of job typci.and rolicitthc patronage
of the builoraa community.
Arrival and Departure of the
The- Western Mail leaves at 9 a. m.,
nnd arrives at 4 p n.
The Eactern Mail leaves at 1 p. ,
and arrives at 12 in.
Sulphur Springs, Fordsviile. Unynes
villeaml PclUille leaves every Thursday
at Cp. m. and arrives Snturdoy at 3 p m
The Owcnsloro mail, via. HcMa. Bii
ford, rieasant Ride ami Masonvillr
leaves on Tucsdav and Friday at 7 a. m
and arrive Monday and Thursday at 6
p. in.
The Ccntertown mail arrives at 10 a.
In., and departs sllla. n. Wednesday.
C. .1. LAWTOJf, ToMmai-ter.
nv a cnrsTr oi.ii lucmiorc.
Who tries the matrimonial state.
Will mourn his folly when too late;
That man true dignity will find.
Who pours contempt on womankind.
RKiniuNOKD nv a iiaitv ueseuict.
That man true dignity will And,
Who tries the matrimonial flnto;
Who pour contempt on womankind
Will mourn his folly when too late.
Wc nrexlad to chronicle the accession
of another family, to our -town. The
one referred to is, the family of, Prof. W;
L. ' Hawkins. eeniMin or wile anil
daughter, ,Miba Annie., Ihcy
have taken "rooms at the t.jou Mouse.
The Prol lina'ch'nrfie of the school here.
The members of Uartford Lodge of
Good Templars were tlatcd last f liurs
lay niL-lit bv a viftt of thirteen member
from Hamilton LoJge. Wc tender the
hanks of the LoJgc for their prisoner
and hope to be favored witlr another
visit ol like manner, soon.
If you will fifty cri(ls expend, ,
To von the IlKaAUt we will sciui
To nny ollice 3011 may sav,
From now, until nrt New Vear'a; day.
Or, if ou will expend at once
A dollar, wc II send it ror six n onius.
For a dollar and a half, if jou don't care,
e ll scud iL to you one whole y ar.
Rev. J. A Humphrey will preach imxl
Sunday At Mt. Vernon church at 11.
o'clock a. u.
General Tocal TSTews.
WEDNESDAY, SEP1'. 2G, 187".
The show has done come, did it and
gone again.
Boots end shoes a specialty, at llol
brook A Rogers', Bnford, Ky.
Comforts, hlankcts, iteibnrcails ; the
cheapest line of jeans nml water-proof
at , . E. Fmai.i..h.
W. T. Kolierts has len npointed gen
eral sgentof the Odd Fellows Insurance
Company with headquarters at $owlinj!
Greer. Kintncky.
Hardman's Picturt.Oar will remain all
this, week at Mclleury. "Will gp t
Rock port October 2, and remain twelve
days! 5 pictures for 50 cents.
.lohn Braund, an old Engliahmnn liv
ing near Romiic, in this county, died on
Sunday labt, and was interred at the old
Cannon grave yard. lie was near seven
tyfiveTcars old.- .
Call on Holbrooke Rogers. Hiiford.
Ky.. and get the Bschelor brogan.
Mr. John Klein, the cheap Move and
tinware dealer of this place, will accep
onr thanks for tavora ealrrday.
II the gentleman (?) who eamd m
coat on" yesterday will eiid my IpxiI
and papers back. 1 will be much obliged
it he cannot pare the coat,-
J. F. Yaoi.i.
Uartford, Ky.-Sept 2-V 177.
The " Fair a.' Owem1rn commence
WJnefday, October 10th. 1S77, and will
continue three da s. Thanks to Col
II. Mclleury, Secretary, lff a eompli
mentary invitation.
Parents hnc canfe to b protl.J ot
the good looks of their bnvs when the
nre tlreecd in one of those Hylirli ami
cheap suits piirchaf-ed (ruin -liiliis Win
ter & JCo, S-E-cor. 3nl ai:d Mitrkct St.
Louisville, Ky.
New goods of every ilcscrlplion, nt
the mammoth Trade I'a!aJ of
. E. Small.
Wc in ite the attention ot our readers
to the Educational column of our paper,
conducted tiv Prof W: L. Hawkins
The column will be interesting to the
readers of the county, and "particularly
interesting to teachers and trustees if
The hazcl-cYetlftiul vivacious beauty
of Cromwell, Missi5allie Kalin,' is pay
ing Miss loggie Jviug, .of UiCjllart
fonl House, a ylnt . 4
Mr. Sandford Tichcnori'oTCeiitertowii
District, brougkt to" our oilico a iaapU
of bis present cropqd tobacco, 'the larg
est leal, meusutui-"thirt)-one by forly-
one iuchex. This is next to the largest
leaf brought to us this year, the . large!
uicnuuriug thiny by forty-five inches, and
rai ed l-v Thomas Hamilton.
W. W. Austin mu3 before .his honor.
F. Gregory, County Judge, last Sat
urday, charged with mistreatment of his
brother jJhn, bo- isj'.nr feeble-minded
voting man. i he case as Hiiumitteil to
n jury, who gave Mr. Austin n gentle
hint tLat "he mutt not do that way some
more" by asaeesing him i-erenty-five did
lars and copti1.
Mr. David Rogers, of the firm of llol-
brook k Rogers, Bufonl, Ky., has just
returned from the Eastern markets and
they are now receiving and opening one
of the largest, cheapest and best selected
lock of rood er brought to that mnr-
ktL Their lock connnts of dry goods.
lothing, boots mid shoes, hats Ac , and
every article ustiitlly kept in a lirat-clap
tore. Give thtm a call.
There was a tremendous large crowd
in town Monday. When a circus faib
to bring 'em you may just mirk it down
that there has been a death in the fainiU
or the whole country is down with the
0Ut . -
Mr. J. W. Fonl, br this town, has an
pphj tree, tltat has already borne a croji
of apples this season, and is now in full
bloom for another crop, but we apprehend
that old Grey Beard, Winter, will gather
the tecond crop before maturity.
Julius .Winter & Co., S. E. cor. 3rd
and Market Sts., Louisville, Ky , cannot
cure rheumatism but they can make
a good shape out of the most ill shaped
person ""by" putting one of their stylish
suits of clothing on him.
Mr.JL W. Truman brought to our of
fice lastSstnrday a specimen of his pres
ent crap -of -street potatoes, winch are
very hsrJ to best. -One is of the South
ern Queen variety, and the others are
Bermuda's. We rarely ever see such
large potatoes.
The circus' JdonJty caught all th
boys, and now you can see them three
deep-on goods boxes wondering how in
the "deuce"-they will work it on John
Robinson when he comes, as their last
nickel "has been squandered. , But then
they'll work the old gentleman tome
A moet magnificent free oyster enpper
was served last Thursday night by Mr.
John R. Collins and his handsome clerk,
Mr. Pryor Uaden. As we don't like
'em much we didnt partake very freely-
only three dozen fried, and about the
ssae Busober rare, while those etewed
were "done" in tike proportion. Thanks,
ti r "11 1 r ...
vvcju, lurjuur rciiiciuuriuibc vi un,
Brad "Hardware's" letter and you will
get all the news about Fordsviile.
"fellah" like him that feels enougli
ieteseet .is a -county enterprise like the
HtsXvD 'to furhUh it all the items ol
newt, is the kind of wart we like if he is
a little hard.
Mr. IT. J. C Lindler, of the Point
Pleasant neighborhood, many years ago
got out a lot of fence posts for his yard
and garden. They were of the catalpta
wood, and were split in halves and quar
ters and put endwise in the ground, as
fence posts usually are, but strange
say, several of them grew to be good
sized trees, And are living and flourishing.
' to tills day.' This is no snake story, but
a positive reality.
The finest and largest stock of mens',
boys and -youths' clothing, just re
ceived at E. SMAix a,
is rnri:n rr with Tin: rou.ovixj w.mu: :
One Wash Boiler, One Stew Pan, One Coil'ee Boiler, One Ten Kettle, Three
Sheet Iron l'uns, Two Pots, Two H:ilIeK Two (..riddle., Uno
lion Heater, One Gridiron, Two Pot-coven', One
- - - Cover-lifter, Two Joints of Pipe,
One Elbow .
No. T Farmer "or Palmetto
With tho Alwvc Ware,
We Import Direct from Potteries all oiirUhina -ware, and sell Jit .n Cheap
us it can he Bon-lit any where A lnrce stock of Tinware and II anlwr.ro eon
slant ly kept in stoi.
Dickinson Furniture Manufacturing Compcny.
, ' , Warc-rooni3, Sixth street hetweeu Main and Market,
adm ixa vriMToirs xotick.
All pcrons indebted to Audrcu
Duncan, deceased, or W.G. Duncan A Co ,
.ire liereliv roi'itsteJ to come foruani
ml otitic their notes, nccoutiM. Ac
3i.3S.4t V. 0. Duncan, Adtn'r.
Miliiglr. u li.I (o:l.
I have my t'huigtc machine now in
.perat.tou, and am now prepared to make
shingles to order, o shingles for sale.
md will purclwifc yellow poplar bbeks.
My coal,iianlc is low running audl nm
preparnl to till all orders fcr coal, and
will i-elt at b'nt.'k or delivered nt nnv other
p'aee in the iciniiy, My thiugle ma
chine is Rt my con I bank three miles be'
low Hartford. linu.NO Frkv.
I.4M.1 'oa.
About four mnntbs n"0, a sow about
i-ixti-en mouths obi, will weigh about onr
hundred nnd fifty pounds, famly color,
marked upper t-lope oil' of the right ear
and split in ibe left. Any information
thankfully received and liberally reward
tl. A.Kliess, .1. V. Orecnwood.
, . . llartfonl, Ky.
Dress iraoda of all kind?r black
caslimeres a specialty, at- lower-prices
than ever Offered in tins ranrkctat
Died. At Fordsviile. Ohio, county",
September 21st, -1877, of flux, ..Leone
Josephine, daughter of Barton and Dul
cenie Whitley, aged two. years and five
months. The funeral sermon will b
preached the first-Sunday in November,
at Mt pleasant Church. Ohio county, by
the Rev. Charles B. Phillips.
"She died in beauty, like a rose
Torn Irom its parent stem;
She ditd in beauty', like a pearl
Torn from sonic diadem."
Owcnsboro Examiner please copy.
teller rrom I'rlneelou.
Editor Herald: '
1 am much, obliged indeed for your
kind notice of tny paper the Temperance
Advance. It is receiving great encour
agement. It will lea grand success, I
most confidently believe. As "one. good
torn deserves another, you may -add
that for two subscribers and $11 will
give as a premium "The Work and
Sphere of True Womanhood," by Rev
W. U. Felix, to which you referred in
your last issue, and whieh you had the
kindness to stale that lam agent. Again
you may also add thai I have made ar
rangemcnts to give a beautiful picture to
subscribers fcr the Advance for one year.
In your little editorial' notice of my
short but euecesstul visit to Hartford in
the interest of my paper, you say I. have
a host of friends there who wish me suc
cess in tny enterprise. This I heartily
believe. In fact I know it. I cannot be
deceived in this. The people of Hart
ford gave too convincing evidence of their
fidelity to admit of doubt. Fifty sub
scribers in lees than tweutr-four hours
Think 1 Is this not proof enough for tb
most incredulous 1 I only aik the pnv
lege of expressing as best I can (for
words are inadequate to fully express
the eushinz era t 'nude of my inmost
heart for such kindness. Long live every
citizen of dear old Hartford, be that citi
zen male or female, old or young, black
or white. God help them all.
T. E. BicnEV,
Ladies' Shawls and skirts; a ful
line of millinery coods, the latest styles
... 1 . ?...,.-
just rccciyeu at jv. ojiaujo.
Buy all your Furniture, Chairs, &c,
Dickinson Furniture Manufacturing Company,
Ware-room., Sixth street., between Main and Market,
lioulsville, I3J y-
fiKO. KI.K1N -- - .ISO. M. KI.EIN
in 1 mini isnnaA77Bi
uuui inn
ill IIS I!.!!
m 0
ens September 4, 1877." Closes Oetobe-r
in x
If .1; -
r-ii no ii oxjse
4. ,
M.fl. SXX 5 """XS
ftliltfalt i.r srtl ilvIrr ll Pro
la'i-n, ui i) riot Kr Ik. bH.; X tt
VUr tttte-, llwsu S.iot.t jbJ ft-rt -Irwf-I'luc
ni.nti. cl.ii. "
I i:
j.t mi.. . 5?
ui... t:- -wr i a pur hh, sii
tt ivl Im.Ui arr. til.Kr tltli-
. J C Kui.,
luiilmad. r.ml
Mail Steamer.
will rarry ):ih.-eir
gers to the Kxpo
Vition at riduccd
l.-r I
Vnri". nnA hrt fir i. t. . itVKTi
Ult. K.1.0 tNi..
Klfri. tpniMtr iiifff..
ft . .ICa Wf.r 'iil Sf, flBlnn.tu - '
Frcnh Atrrac--Tons
)roviiled fir
litich week, and
Floral Displays
every Tiiun-da)',
ImiKittrr of rroiiara-iilL Tt lrftr
I no'l rhl Ij.t f itfMttt anrf 3lln.
Aln IV fr-rt. rrroi' .RooM U(f
tHejinx. !!t BjanjwhTt rsrx Xk'J.'rH?
TITS ART GvLLERY will contain Masterpieces of the Foreign avd
American Studios, and present the finest contribution tb Art ever 'ex
hibited in the West or South.
will be greater than ever before.
Tovcltiea never before exhibited in the country .will afibrd Interestmsr.
TnchmnHwo smnonxr nnflrfoinmonte ' ' ' T?nQAfi-
and i?L0"W&RS vili contribute to the oniovment of visitors, while
a mteres
cnnpiKlin of
Dress Goods, Shawls.
Blankets, Tinsovs, J eans
B ixx axx2. 33oys OlotliisaS",
Boots ciiacl SSlaoos. HCats iiiici Ojp--;
A Beautiful Line of
Ladies, hisses' and Children's Hats,
sGive us a Gall, no Trouble to Show. Goods.
G t: Bl
Fine Dressirg-Case Suits
Ware rooms, Sixth street, between Main and Matkct,
A Start in Business Life.
Teach your sons and daughters that which they will practice when then be
come men ami women;
All person interested in BUSINESS EDUC ATION sliouM examine into the mer
its of the EYANSVILLE COMMERCIAL COLLKdE, located on the corner of 3r.l
and Main Streets, over Drui: Store. Evansvillr. Iti'l. Tina is not a college of a "btilible"
reputation, but lias been in successful operation (or twenty-seven years, nnd to-day it
stands ns the LEADING BUSINESS COLLEGE ol the united Slates. Everybody is in
vited to call nt tbe Collece and examine the mode ol instruction anil tbe thorough in
mill Practical Course of study the students receive. It is the only College in 'tbe
Wist that is conducted on the Actual Business plan. The patronage of young men
nnd ladies wishing to obtain an education in a snort time at a small expense le re
spectfully solicited. Time to complete the entire course is from three to four months
Is the most complete institution ol tbe kind in the country ; it is first class in all
its appointments; is (Hied up in the most thorough manner; Us instructions Arc
practical ; it has' more instruments than any telegraph office in the West ; its pupils
receive the same practice as if in a regular telegraph office; its graduates are com
relent operators. We will send specimens of plain and ornamental Penmanship,
Circulars. Catalogues ami Currency issued in our Banking Department, to any one
sendinz the adilrets otuitccn vouug men ot ins acquaintance. 1110 address ot each
. i . . i .ti . . ... i ..
vounz man musv uc wriuen piaui, kitiiiz iuii iiuiiic, uuxiuiuce, uuumy mm nutie.
" John J. Kleiner, Address WRIGHT & SPENCER,
Mayor of Eansville, President Managing Principals.
v3-n28. .
Fordsviile Item.
Fokdsville, Ky., Sept 22.
Editor IlcnM:
Fordsviile is not so large as some
cities I have seen, but a very nice little
village,and the people sociable and kind.
We have three stores dry goods gro
ceries and drugs, and all seem to be doing
a very good business. One saddler's
shop, carried on by Mr. T. J. Smith;
also a blacksmith and wood shop. Three
regular practicing physicians, who have
won the confidence of all who have been
so unfortunate as to need their aid.
The sale of intoxicating liquoisis pro
hibited here, therefore we have a 6ober
people, and Fordsviile will doubtless im
prove. The now vacant blocks will
perhaps at no distant day be occupied by
enterprising men, who will help those
who are here to make this one of the
most business places in Ohio county.
Several deaths hare occurred at and
near Fordsviile recently. A great deal
of sickness in this vicinity. ,
Several ol our good citizens have re
cently been reminded that the bankrupt
law is still in existence.
Mr. II. T. Ford, living ncsr this place
hns an almanac that was printed in the
year 1834, and a chair that was made in
the year 1801, making it 76 years old
and, strange to say, every joint is strong
and solid.
Mr. Rothchild, of Owcnsboro, passed
through rordsvillca few days ago, with
dry goods and notions, which he was
selling very low. lie and Mr, J. T,
Smith are very intimate friends.
wonder why Mr. Smith refused to tak
a little toddy with his old friend this
I regret to chronicle that Mrs. Dabney
Gains has been very low with typhoid
(ever for some time, but under the kind
treatment of Dr. Lightlbot, it is hoped
she is convalesce nt now.
Boots and shoes of every kind at
prices to defy even bard times, nt
E. Small's.
THE NATUItAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT will suruass in value and
ntcrcst that of the Cnitci nial Exposition.
MliiuiSft art-
,... AH'wnr
- -. i .
,yi:kki.A l.'ltn-
V."l i. h. r-u t Win-low .lJ, JCt?
Main rt"rt. I'irrinnl)r Ohio Stt tad IZl
Miliun Mr.t. Uringn. Ky.
Maxtlkav EXAMKI.M' mulr',;.
Wm ii."trkm Jt-C.. mlr-rT
f .Minlfb.cn-i.i.l'-l Urate Ac, Jku'. 9t
9u h!iu . Cln. Obi".
'I .MjKM.O Jr .VU.N.V i,juo.
X-t 'trw. -r Cji-;a. n-t apriyht v- -
vin.i.. ?nw V-ri,ouikcruod Wt-lViofcrtiwfc
Wt.i VnartloUCiatlD'iikitOhlo.
r. Lla-I man. ow-r, fnJ tr iiU. i-
.lKN.it 1ASE, ' V
JCi 1" kHoI MacbtiiMl mrtr o
.iuvr nt ib Uaivrrnl J'iatin fr '
rufpwir. M XiifU afnwcS'uiw. aulcniie.
loirc .itl Irking tiitj. M.iclil l " vr '
(irirr, S. . eoinrr S.eiui .i.rCntral Jtvr;
T N. K.nmT MfgTrB-i ! K4 t:
Ir. F5j-rcaliJ dllrralimlMth withatml.
Fri-'h g iUily.1 ' 13 jrr.ripTl'iet!i
aa.l ihri a. t 2i,'0 aaiata f a-itcjtlli.'as htaj,
rrEi.ler. -"""
I x
S H 3D lH 3D HI jEZ.
iacrsT iiftrttf rn.,
IV lBirtrf ( faacy oJ asd Tb.T'S1
Itj. 8fai!i.rj. I'nigxitr Sa4t, Maiinil
ir. Smuk.r. rtifU, Ba.VrH. SitiT, Chiaa.
a4 nohmln gtwrr, 137 Wrl loath, U
t'ron.t atinl.n to orJar fcj aiaiL, "
Iv Jroportm aud dcakr In Dry UnoJ;
Ijm1:c, M !. and ehlllr'B'h.MiIIie-T
iicd aad Sli til and 149 Wet rwrih
tirrt.ttlwrtn Raee ttd.Elm.' eUwpMt hoiu
n cinclaaati. i
fill IlilHI IIIIiHil lOil
"UK XEW AMERfrAS . . .
Fewins Maehiaeliaa ialf-ilrini fledf-
eir-ihrradlng .hutlh'. lr-ri;uUliiif: IcafMaa
and ! the BT. .Yo. 177 Wt Toailli ftisef.
CTocinnali. Oain.' . - - .
. ... 1
A J. CLARK. , ' ..
?n.l for etrealar a oi f jIm of.ahrrta.
e..!a and anff'. Pt f- "' lrH
meanrm.nt. S. K. er. ! v "
Ir'igs for Sale, by tho imported I "rizo IIog
-English Crown and Sir Archie.
I Guarantee Satisfaction, orr Examination to all JPiorchasea-s. i?jice List
4 J I J i.. A 1 y aA. w a .
P. B. BRYANT, Lesingtjou, Ky.
" m . -
aaaaaaaaaaaV Tl Tlf " yv tk RV'H
i uiujm 1'Uti naa
Thev have a lanrcand yarieil Stock of Good of the Latest Styles and now
est fashions, inst Irom the Eastern market where thev purchased for ca-'li cxclu-
. . ,., t. till
ively, at tho very iqwest pneo ,o,nu mey are ueiotraincu :o fcu incm me same.
Their nrices are as low for the same classes of good, as can be found anywhere.
Their Mammoth" Stock consists of a fine lino of Ladies and Misses Shoes, JGen-
tlemcns fine "Boots, heavy Winter Boots, Mens bhoea, coaiso and fine. A f
assortment of Clothinc of every kind, OverercoaU in every Style, Gents Fnrni
ing Goods appecinlty. Dr"ess goods lo suit, the most-fasjidious tastes. Alpacas,
Cashmeres, Staple and fancy- goodj in" aBuptlance. Kptjons and whi goods iu
endless varieties. Furs to protect the fair ones from tho chilling winds of winter.
Ladies Hats, uew and nobby, alarge lot of Jeans and Linjeys, a nice lot of Car
pets, Mens Hats, uapsi-ana iilanjteu.
is complete. Trunks mid Valises. Queensware. Glassware, Cutlery; 'and mnny
other articles too tedious to enumerate. Call for anything you v a it In our line of
trade and wo can furnish it '
Wc only ask a trial and we will provo our ndvcrtisetficnt trneV Cull and see
, V 1 .1 . . T t .L. ..I 1 l l. l.i
our roods wneiner von nurcnase or non iienicnincr-inu iniicv, o. 11. uvna tun
Stand, Hartford, Ivy.
AJ llAZkEnuvtf.a. i.
. Orrali.r and Mcebaaitat DaatWt.tl?.
Wl 4ih trwi, Clpciunjti, .A gti at
t-eth f r . ,
draVra in
and whnleitte
Voueh fh.na. Fur-isn gfa,aare. rmn
Frri.ehand Enali.b yaacj xaoda, t.
Weal Fanh Mne'.
Vh.lca!o dealera in Lamp'! tninmucra
llall-lirht.. Uraekrt and Lamp aliKka. jxim-
Ifum flui-t, eoat oil, I to fee, lamp,
Walnut l r t.
Ar. 16
Jlfu "f Una hrnM leathfr nd;ljalr.
In lrathrr. afcna g-l: Md' "d H.
ad tlo Mn 'rel o-twatn ';.
TO.r:rll W'AIXK.
aj Mfrt f ratcnt rU"-Tntiltln- EtMser
tor,Ier cheats and flctr collar.. fiorantfl
tho bet and eheapeit made, Prpot -II W,
Hfih slr-et.
Y Importer aad awnafaeturar wflooklnz,
-Ues ami ri-tnia iraniraei "J
mlalo.rdrr, Eboty. Mr Anliq t"
aad pasipartuU for ph-tirapu, So, i
Fourth itrtti.
t) The peotdra elwtbirr. ctirnrr ionni amt
Viae tre.t. Tho larjtnt cUibin mprlm
la tbe H"rU .Samiilei and lU'n lor nuaiura-
mrat aeot fret.
. Wbulrf jI and flail earntj and oil
clotu', winii'iw .h.ilrt, las eartiini Ac, A
Mr?c and wall a;.ei-i ! aiaay. on nana.
Not, 173, It J an t IIT Mam, near Fomib.
aiatnfteturera and Importera of Silk,
Drera eood. Va'rtfl.LadUa .Suit-. Cloak',
Sbanb, Drta Trimtnm-a and heer. Alan.
Vrttt-mUnz executed wlthjllapateb at 1
prtee. 120 VTet Fnr-b tl., Cinaianatl. 0.
New Advertisemts.
2K EI.EGAXT CARDS. Slwo alika
O with nam IVe. ft-st paid. J. B,Uai-
led, XatiaorX. V.
"buss wi.hlnc Italitf ami Cora for ScrrrBS
huld roDu)t Dr.. A. rrnunt243 Broad
way, New York, or aend for bl new book,
with !'hnto?aibie Hkerejsta of bad ewe l
rure and artrr euro. Beware of ehrmta wba
j.rt.'c-id tn furni.-h Dr. Sbi-rman'a treatmeal.
Oapiiftha.-o Ml-iw, a german clerk, now
calling blinaolf Dr. "V. I, (.'r.wnien, la indict
ed m eomUinti.f Dr. S., aad awaila trial for
forl'ity and embcizlenoal.
USIM Cattail
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reney or Suras.
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Largo Redaction In Trice. A t.-il bottlo
Mr. I. A. PaoniMUR. Lapnrtr, Indiana.
Box 10M. (Kormerl' Mra J-r. S. B. Colli at.)
To The I'nbllc.
We propose to resntnc, on WeilnesJay,
November 7, 1S77, the publication of the
Frankfort Commonwealth, as and Inde
pendent Newspaper. TliU journal is to
be issued. Weekly, nnd will contain thirty-two
columns of matter, comprising, iu
as condensed form ns po.-eil)le, all tho im
portant news of the day ; state of the
commercial world ; with such comments
upon public events, State and National
as may be suggested by the interest of tbe
people: and will favor all internal im-
provements, which we believe to be ben
eficial to the State at large.
The Commonwealth will be essential
ly a newspaper, nnd not an organ. It
will ally itself distinctly with no parly
but. while supporting such men and
measures in the existing political organi
zations as appear to be deserving popular
approval, it will as readily nnd inde
pendently censure and condemn either or
both, where tho facts warrants such a
course to be most proper. In a nord,
the Commonwealth will endeavor lo fos
ter and represent as faithfully as possible
the bent interests of the people of Ken
tucky, in the new ageilial nmgnilirs the
individual welfare of every citizen of ev
ery party. A, U. IIodues.
Frankfort, Ky. Sept. 14. J. A. Howies.
For a Single Copy, per annum, in
advance, (postage paid) $2 00
For a Club of five (5) copies, and
an extra to getter up of Club $10 00
For a Club cf ten (10) copies,(pos-
tnge paid) , $17 00
For a Club of twenty (20) copies- S30 00
Advertising, rates as reasonable as nny
! paper published in the State.
(CrowJod -.Ith people ij and nibi.)
They have the largest STOCK in the
Green River Country.;
l-v- i
Tbe only combination of tho
true Jamaica Uinger with
choice Aroraatlea and French.
Brandt, la a, dalicino. harm
lei and itrontthaniag nW
tita'a ror all kinds ofaliaHjk
lanta. It protnpIlT rtliTrT
Djfiieptia, Oppiaulon aflar
Eatiujr, and avarr tpeclea of
ndinttioa. eorrrola all dia-
tnrbanee of tba'Bowal, aad
caret Cr'apf , Chill, Fcven,
anil Malaria. Atk- for Baa
tjTiyelioninnrj- or Kont "liarnilna;.
U Huw itkcrx may Keluaieanl gala
flbe Love and ASVction f aaj pertaa
they ehooao. Inatantfy. Til art all can not
ft, free, fnr 23 centa ; tnjrrtbef with a
.uver'aUuide, Egrptian Oixrtr, Dreamj.HInta
to Ladiea, As. I.0U0.CC0 aTd. A oaeerbook.
T. Tatuus A Oi., Puna, rhilida.
Revolver and Cartridges for$3'
A fine n!ekle platr.1. aryrn almi, poekat rw
voiver; aCnl claaa artirle, aent (. O. D..ti
v . . , .i-i on receipt of price. Q V WILLIS, P O BjX
JJltlj lAHl, tl illltt tTJ tllVIt liltC-, ; 2, 3, t I.
x ne genenu tats u inai, uiey are usi!)
a, aro remedy for tOUlWS. and all iiuu
of the THKOAT. LUMiS, CHEST and
'C.N.CKITrESTOJf. 7. SUlh Avrnne
X. r. BVKXII.r&'M U7"
than nny other store In the whole
country, ami to be convinced that
this ia true, you only have to
TRY them

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